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Found 70 results

  1. APEX DLC purchased but not in game ?

    Hey guys, I'm extremely new to the game so bare with me, but after purchasing and installing the base game and some DLCs I noticed that it seems like the APEX DLC I bought and installed is not there ? I contacted steam and they said they can see it in my library, I guess I'm just not sure how to access it ? do I need to progress further in the SP or ? PLEASE HELP
  2. This script requires ACE3. This script uses an APEX DLC vehicle. Demonstration: https://streamable.com/nodw1 Version 1 links: PasteBin MixTape HasteBin Usage: copy-paste the script into init.sqf or debug console. Ace interact with a friendly unit and ride him. Ace self interact to get off. Notes: This is just a simple script with no customization. Feel free to use this for inspiration, modify it at your own leisure. Credits: Tennessee Timmy - script nigel - ideas / assistance computer - assistance / QA
  3. Hi, I'm a longtime player and I have a few recommended fixes for the game. Blackfish (armed) - The 40mm side cannon needs to have automatic reverse lead compensation on the gun. You are forced to aim way to the left of your target in order for it to impact where you want it. This feature seems to be present for the 20mm cannon and 105mm cannon so I assume the logic can be copied from this seat. Tanks - All the tanks seem way too vulnerable to all of the hand held Anti Tank weapons.
  4. Hi, I'm a longtime player and I have a few recommended fixes for the game. Blackfish (armed) - The 40mm side cannon needs to have automatic reverse lead compensation on the gun. You are forced to aim way to the left of your target in order for it to impact where you want it. This feature seems to be present for the 20mm cannon and 105mm cannon. Tanks - All the tanks seem way too vulnerable to all of the hand held Anti Tank weapons.
  5. Volition Servers Invade & Annex Game: Arma 3 Map: Tanoa IP: Location: Dallas, Texas Slots: 40 Privacy: Public Welcome to one of the very few I&A servers running on Tanoa from the Arma III Apex DLC. Here, you can finally experience persistent close-quarters and long-range combat in the lush and vibrant environment based off of the Horizon Islands North-east of Australia. This server is running the Invade & Annex Apex Framework released publicly by Quiksilver featuring flushed out performance improvements, enhanced AI behavior, comprehensive objectives and even a customizable radio system to clean up the clutter of public chatter. Source: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212240-apex-framework/ *Invade & Annex is a persistent mission making mod for in-depth Player vs Enemy experiences* Automatically generated missions with a variety of foes and rewarding objectives! Just hop in the server, pick a role and navigate to the front lines with the help of your comrades in arms! The Invade & Annex Apex Framework persistently generates all of the following: Main AO populated with enemy CSAT forces and complete with multiple sub-objectives to weaken the opposing force and strengthen your chances of victory! Forward Operating Base that can be resupplied and maintained as a respawn point supply depot and vehicle service location for all ground forces! Secondary objective that can vary anywhere from rescuing a friendly behind enemy lines, escorting valuable resources in a convoy, securing enemy intel and even engaging enemy forces under the ocean! Aircraft Carrier that provides 1 friendly CAS pilot a fully armed Black Wasp II jet and UAV drones for reconnaissance and precision destruction Main Base complete with the V44-X Blackfish VTOL plane capable of inserting a fully loaded Marshal IFV behind enemy lines in minutes, large capacity helicopters such as the CH-67 Huron and UH-80 Ghost Hawk to deliver supplies and reinforcements as well as a plethora of ground vehicles from the powerful MBT-52 Kuma tank to the amphibious AMV-7 Marshall Recruitable AI that can be actively commanded to assist in battle! Briefing: You are a member of the NATO BluFor forces. CSAT military has been working with the local Syndikat militia to establish control over the Tanoa region. Primary Objective: Your mission is to completely drive all of the enemy forces out of the region and cripple the foreign control over the island. The enemy has established fortified defenses and communication. Utilize any and all assets to neutralize the enemy defenses, destroy their means of communication and once they are weak and vulnerable, strike directly at their headquarters. Secondary Objective: The region has become war torn and the local populace is not without suffering. Assist IDAP personnel and delivery valuable resources where needed to assist the neutral bystanders in this time of crisis. Tertiary Objective: We are in need of reinforcements but good help is hard to find. Recruit your friends and fellow comrades to join our forces on the frontlines. Rules/Administration: You must be 13 years or older to participate on any assets provided by Volition Servers. Nobody needs to tell you how to behave. You don’t need a set of rules or someone holding your hand. Administration reserves the right to penalize anybody with OR without a proper reason. We’re all friends here, as long as everyone’s having a good time, then there isn’t a problem. Join us on Teamspeak @ VolitionServers.Teamspeak3.com Or Discord @ https://discord.gg/hkKBHgg We provide other servers as well, get to know us! www.volitionservers.com Thank you for reading!
  6. I bought this game ages ago and didn't think to buy the digital deluxe and only bought apex as itself when it came out. For various reasons having a high quality version of the maps to use for planning stuff out etc. would be very useful and I can't find a way to get them without searching online and downloading them off some dodgy website. Apparently you used to be able to upgrade in the steam store https://support.bohemia.net/arma-3/activation/96 however I see this nowhere anymore, perhaps I'm blind? If anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. APEX Keystone Mission - Music

    Hello forum, I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask but I have been searching everywhere without success. I am looking for the name of the song (or a youtube link/file URL) that is triggered when playing the Keystone-Mission when crossing the road. In this playthrough you can here it The video starts at 11:00 where the main theme of the song plays although the song's beginning is roughly 40s earlier. I hope someone can help me <3
  8. Apex released a jungle terrain, and gave CSAT forces jugnle camo skins. Meanwhile NATO received only a single vehicle with jungle camo skins, the prowler. Any mission with NATO ground vehicleson Tanoa would look pretty bad without mods, since they would all have a bright sand color/arid camoscheme. This seems to be the last update, they even added jungle camo nets to most AAF ground vehicles (and AAF doesn't belong so much on Tanoa, but I appreciate the camo and the flexibility it gives for making missions). They did, thankfully, give pacific/olive/green skins to NATO armored vehicles.. buuuttt... It doesn't seem like they plan on finishing the reskins. The hunter and all HEMMT truck variants are still in dire need of a fitting camo color. They gave us a jeep with a 5.56mm mounted LMG, but they can't give us properly colored NATO MRAPs that they should have given us when Apex released??? The way they word their release candidate notes, specifying "armored", makes me think that Arma 3 will be "finished" in an unfinished state, and hunters and HEMMTs will just never belong on Tanoa without mods.
  9. This is a new version of the terrain with APEX vegetation and modified ground textures. You should not run the older version and this one at the same time as they share some configuration parameters. I had to use proxies during terrain creation and as a result some objects might be misplaced (on roads, coliding with buildings or too high/low) it's difficult to do better until BIS releases the ressources for terrain building. The map is 15 x 15 km of dense jungle with many major and smaller rivers. I made this map to do recon/sabotage/COIN missions, like SOG or LRRP did in vietnam. also like the SAS intervention in Borneo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia%E2%80%93Malaysia_confrontation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-range_reconnaissance_patrol Throw away your GPS, and enjoy good old map and compass navigation. Presentation Video : Images : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/kezzeixnsb9n60t/%40SongBinTahnV2.0.rar Dependencies : APEX, As well as CUP terrains (Separate Download). Known errors : There's no rain sound. You may choose to not use pja312_sounds.pbo if it's raining. Credits & Thanks: Shezan74 for worldTools. "Le GOS, faire autrement" Clan réaliste français http://www.clan-gos.fr
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1229944898 I decided to create a series with each mission focusing on one specific type of soldier/task, this one entry is EOD. I used the AAF to give it a more modern day feel while keeping it vanilla. Used Tanoa to give it a vietnam flavor. Steam description: Step into the shoes of a soldier in an EOD unit during operations on Tanoa. The AAF have been engaged with Syndikat and remnants of the former dictatorship's loyalist army for the last 8 months. The guerrillas have access to large pre-overthrow stockpiles of anti-tank and anti-personell mines as well as improved explosive devices. Because of this our EOD unit has been kept busy during the occupation. During today's operation we will be escorting a tank platoon along a main supply route and clearing any minefields using our mine clearing rockets from the bobcat. We have multiple infantry units currently executing various missions and raids accross the island so be prepared to get tasked away to help them clear any explosives they encounter. Vanilla mission, only requires Apex. (Although from the latest update all Arma 3 users now have Apex assets so you may be able to play it, just with the expansion purchase advert in the corner.) (Mine Clearing Rocket script by John Harvey https://github.com/john681611/detcord.VR/releases ) Let me know of any bugs or issues and feel free to give me feedback for suggestions for this mission or how I can better accomplish things for future missions.
  11. ArmA 3 apex alternate download.

    I recently purchased Apex, but I don't have working internet at my home. Would I be able to download apex elsewhere, throw it into a flash drive and put it into the arma dlc folder?
  12. Monument Valley - Old West Map Description: Since my first attempt on creating a map wasn't successful, I've started working on a new, working one map for my Wild West sandbox - Old West. Monument Valley - namesake of a place in USA, Arizona and Utah. It's size is 2048x2048 m. It takes place in the mid 19th century, in a time of Wild West era. Geography: Terrain is mainly consists of desert. Other half of it is mountains and plateau. It will have little towns, farms, villages and also some of the Native American tribes when I'll finish working on a topo relief and flora. Plans: Finish making topographical relief Update new sat map to a high-quality one (very boring and not necessary) Map mask can be changed too, but is good already Add foliage Add buldings and other objects Release it Requirements: Apex DLC CUP Terrains - Core Mattaust Buildings Pack Maybe something more in the future Snapshots:
  13. Hello Script gods and Kings, My question is whether you can restrict a "apex-Holdaction" to a zone or triggers eg. If "Soldat A" runs into the trigger, he gets a "Holdaction" to read traces. The whole should be as a bit like the "BIS_fnc_initLeaflet" by BIS with pictures and text which are then shown, and of course easy to change eg. ["init", [triggerarea, "picture.paa", "text"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet, The whole would then be in the multiplayer mode and should not be syncronized there, it is only as an indication for the players. and now the question: Can someone help me? ps: got "BIS_fnc_initLeaflet." already tried in bloodstains but apparently does not work. MFG: xrammyx Forgive me my bad English, it is not my main language
  14. Arma III APEX Gear List

    Hello there fellow Arma Player, since I could not find any complete gear list for the Apex DLC (in a List-ish style), I simply created my own. This is a List for all the equipable Gear (Weapons, Uniforms and so on) from the Apex DLC. Like I said i didn't find any list like this one in the whole forum and not even on Google, so that's the purpose of this post. Fell free to add stuff to it if I've missed something. I also will put a link to an .txt file in here for you to download. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8o397e4pmavndi/Apex Gear List.txt?dl=0 (No need to register or Login) Sincerly, David Morningstar. APEX CONTENT WEAPONS [Weapons - Rifles] Ak-12 AK-12 GL AKM AKS-74U All CAR-95 Rifles All CMR-76 Rifles Cyrus 9.3mm GM6 Lynx (Green Hex) LIM-85 M320 LRR .408 (Tropic) MX 3GL (Khaki) MX 6.5mm (Khaki) MX SW (khaki) MXC (Khaki) MXM (Khaki) Protector 9mm ALL SPAR-16/17 Rifles Type 115 [Weapons - Launchers] RPG-42 Alamut (Green Hex) RPG-7 Titan MPRL (Green Hex) Titan MPRL (Tropic) Titan MPRL Compact (Green Hex) Titan MPRL Compact (Tropic) [Weapons - Pistols] P07 9mm (Khaki) PM 9mm GEAR [Gear- Uniforms] Bandit Clothes (All) Casual Clothes (All) Combat Fatigues (Tropic) and (Tropic, Tee) CTRG Uniforms (All) Fatigues (Green Hex) [CSAT] Full Ghillie (Jungle) [CSAT] and [NATO] Gendarmerie Uniforms (All) Ghillie Suit (Green Hex) [CSAT] Ghillie Suit (Tropic) [NATO] Officer Fatigues (Green Hex) [CSAT] Paramilitary Garb (All) Recon Fatigues (Tropic) Special Purpose Suit (All) Sport Clothes (All) Summer Clothes (All) Syndikat Uniform [Gear - Vests] Carrier GL Rig (Tropic) Carrier Lite (Green, No Flag) and (Tropic) Carrier Rig (Green, No Flag) and (Tropic) Carrier Special Rig (Tropic) Gendarmerie Vest LBV Grenadier Harness (Green Hex) LBV Harness (Green Hex) Slash Bandolier (Green Hex) Tactical Chest Rig (Coyote), (Green) and (Olive) [Gear - Backpacks] Assault Pack (Tropic) Bergen Backpack (Hex), (MTP), (Tropic) and (Digital) Carryall Backpack (Green Hex) Field Pack (Green Hex) Viper Harness (All) Viper Light Harness (All) [Gear - Headgear] Assasins Helmet (Green Hex) Beret (Gendarmerie) Booniehat (Tropic) Crew Helmet (Green Hex) [CSAT] Defender Helmet (Green Hex) Enhanced Combat Helmet (Tropic) Light Combat Helmet (Tropic) Military Cap (Gendarmerie), (Green Hex) and (Tropic) Protector Helmet (Green Hex) Skate Helmet Special Purpose Helmet (All) Stealth Combat Helmet [Gear - Facewear] Stealth Balaclava (All) [Gear - NVG] All except NV Goggles (Brown, Black and Green) [Gear - Binocolars] Laser Designator (Green Hex and Khaki) [Gear - Insignia] CTRG (All)
  15. We are happy to annouce that we are starting new Exile server Currently we are beta testing and would like your feedback,the map is Tanoa from apex DLC which is required to play, server has 40 slots, the difficulty is set on medium we are planning on adding mods in the later stages of tests. We also offer TS3 server to talk to other players and your friends currently we only have 20 slots but if needed we are going to increase it. Exile IP: Teams speak IP: blackshark.net-speak.pl
  16. hello to all, I have doubts about the objects of tanoa. As far as I know, on May 30 bohemia has released the objects of tanoa to be used in your land. The problem I have that using the x-cam I can see and place the objects but when passing them to terrainbuilder these do not appear. I have seen that the files are not seen because they are in .ebo and it is necessary to pass them to .pbo some tutorial of how to do it? any other way of being able to enter those objects on my map? Sorry for my english
  17. Good day, Great forum and hoping someone can help, I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist. Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy. Thanks Sandstorm
  18. Hello Every One Today I present two Projects And I Need Help With one of them. MASTER EFFECT FOR 64-Bit: Since Arma has been Updated To 64 Bit Executable Most of the Presets were outdate with only remaining were Real light etc I present to you Master Effect Reborn For Arma 3 64bit exe It includes and excludes from many other presets old and new It has a small amount of DOF too but not too much that it is difficult to see. Better Color saturation actually Colorfulness is more or less like Real Light V7 but not that bright which makes Rocks Glow. For this Master Effect I will provide you the settings you will need to achieve the beauty. Here some Screen Shots I know they don't look First class but Effects are great compared to vanilla game as Images were not able to capture light DoF. See The whole Gallery. HISTORICALLY INACCURATE CONFLICTS: HIC(Or HIA/Historically inaccurate armies) is More or less Adding new Factions To Arma 3 HIC takes Resources from Several Other mods such as NI Arms for Weapons and Multi National Pack/FoxFort for Uniforms these mods are Required As a dependency. Again A picture is Worth a thousand words Some of The Armies are Down to the core Realistic like Iranian Armed Forces and Some are Historically Inaccurate as The 33 States US army( Modern American Civil War is a possibility) Right Now My focus is only on Infantry as I don't know anything about Modding If we can Make a small Team containing Texture Editors, Coders and Mission Makers I can release a road map for the Future. DOWNLOAD US FORCES: DOWNLOAD N.R.A: DOWNLOAD Iranian Armed Forces (Basij only) Here are some screenshots. An Iranian Team Leader (Basij) calling Artillery Fire on Enemy Positions. An Iranian Rifleman G3 (Basij) Shooting at Fascists Armed Group (NRA - Historically existed but timeline is inaccurate) An Iranian Machine Gunner Firing at 33 States US soldiers In the 1st Floor. 33 states US soldiers Assaulting Rebel Check point. 33 US soldiers Guiding Pilots. NRA Fascists Planning an Attack on 33 US FOB
  19. Okay so, weeks ago I played the Laws of War story campaign. There was a segment where... So yeah, I really don't get this bit. Was this talk of...
  20. Controls Wont Save

    As the title says. My controls wont save. I'm not a fan of the layout of the ArmA 3 Apex controls. I've always used the default ArmA 3 controls. When I load up the game it sets me on Apex, so I switch it over to the other preset. And I click OK everytime. And I set up my keybinds. And I click ok. and I play. The next time I start the game up. It's back on Apex. And I have to redo the whole reset keybinds EVERY time. Help me the hell out. I reinstalled the game. I validated game cache. I made new profiles. Nothing. I'm the admin on my computer. My profile files keep reverting to "read only" After changing them. please help me.
  21. Download through steam workshop. *You will need the Apex DLC for this map* This Georgetown Cash Heist Mission is heavily inspired by the game PAYDAY 2. You will have two ways to finish the mission - stealth or loud. You will have to find your way to the warehouse and steal all the cash you see. No mods are required for this mission, but feel free to add any addons to enhance your experiences. There are no fancy opening and ending animations, for now at least. This map is still in beta version, so please expect some issue/bugs. Also, feel free to send me feedbacks by commenting on the Steam workshop (This is my first ever map created). Features: -Plan A Stealth/ Plan B Loud -Support up to 4 players at the same time -Equivalent to the deathwish difficulty in Payday 2 -Mission fails when everyone in your team dies -Zeus supported for team leader -Random patrols -Stationary guards -Payday 2 theme music -Enemy attacking in waves -A challenging mission Change log: Ver. 0.1: Updated AI movements Ver. 0.2: Support up to 4 players Ver. 0.2a: Minor bug fix Planned content for update Ver. 0.3: -Changing HQ name into Bain -More detailed markings on the map -More sound effects -Bug fix DISCLAIMER: All Payday 2 related materials including photos and music were found online, and I do not own them. If it violates any community rules or creator's ownership, please do tell me and I will remove it asap. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1112027742
  22. Good day, Great forum and hoping someone can help, I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist. Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy. Thanks Sandstorm
  23. Hello since I have bought this game, it has crashed frequently, at least 3 to 4 times a day, while playing the apex missions and I was wondering if there are solutions to this problem?
  24. Hello, Task Force 1776 is proud to offer a new Tanoa Domination mission for Arma 3. We have all the new equipment & goodies plus all the great features of domination for the new Tanoa Map in Arma3. If you are not familiar with TF1776 we have been running Domination in Arma 2 since 2011 and still have pretty much the only active domination server left in Arma 2. We offer a unique twist to domination that most players have come to identify as the top version of the mission. Please visit us on the server and let your friends know about it. We also have a teamspeak, so feel free to hop on with a few of your friends and use a room to communicate. Thank you, Task Force 1776 Representative Ministry of Bureaucratic Administration and Activity Oversight Compliance Division www.TF1776.com Teamspeak: TS3.TF1776.com
  25. Players must quickly assault a Syndikat held town as they search for a stolen file that has troop movements for the area. Using the cover of night, silenced weapons, and night vision players will have to get the drop on the bandits, if they allow themselves to get bogged down the superior numbers will overwhelm them. Ambushes and roadside bombs are common tactics of Syndikat. Features: -Enemy Faction: Syndikat -Player Faction: Russian Armed Forces -Map: Tanoa -Dedicated Server Compatible -Required DLC: Apex -Required Mods: CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, TFAR, CBA. -Playable in Singleplayer on a LAN server. Special thanks to Mulluskan, 417, Scorch052, and Robodog for helping me test, learning how to script, and giving me feedback for this mission. Any and all feedback is welcome. Here is a link to the workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1087600510