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Found 7 results

  1. Let me start with saying that I love this dlc. It really is a joy to play for me, but it looks great as well. Now, I'm stuck in the single player campaign. I'm in that chapter "Carpe Noctem", with the mission "Relevation with Alien Entity" and the task "Communicate with alien entity". So it is probably the end of this chapter, but I can't get passed this damn communication thing. The ship is hanging there in the sky and I am supose to communicate with the radio thing. I have tried it and but nothing is changing. Yes, beside the main golf there apear first one and then two other radio golf, then three small radio golf, then all gone and only the main one again. I tried several combinaitons of communicating, but no result. Please BI, what are we supose to do here? This is were you dropped the ball I think, it is not clear. I don't mind thinkwork and I'm no idiot, but this silly thing has no clues.
  2. Mod Version : 0.1.1 (29/10/2019) "They didn't come here to make contact, it's a goddamn invasion!" Invaders is a light addon for the Contact DLC and adds a dynamic spawn system for Alien Drones. Aliens spawned by Invaders will use scripted behaviours designed by BIS and react to hostiles : left alone, they will wander around and investigate our world, but if you are spotted, you'd better run fast... The module can be found under “Modules>Invaders”, it is easy to use and designed to work both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer. More informations about Alien Behaviour can be found at : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Alien_Entity_Behavior#List_of_available_behaviors Known Issues - Spawned Alien Drones are excluded from the “Antenna System”. - Vanilla behaviour prevents Aliens from engaging vehicles : this has been tweaked in Invaders – to some extent. (fixed with Arma 3 v1.96) - The Alien AI is significantly more demanding than the average Arma 3 AI : don't use too many of them. Changelog Download Link : Invaders 0.1.1 How can you support me? If you want to support me, enjoy the content I make, or simply would like to buy me a coffee (or a beer), you can donate any amount you want, no matter how modest it may be, or support me on Patreon. License & Credits Invaders Mod by Haleks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on request. Using Invaders Mod on monetized servers is strictly forbidden. Thanks to Bohemia Interactive for their passion and commitment to making unique games. Special thanks to everyone supporting me on Patreon!
  3. Introduction A singleplayer, semi-randomized open scenario for Tanoa. You're an alien nanite swarm-based entity survivor, for now in roughly humanoidal shape, that crashed on the deadly planet - water everywhere, very toxic. Your mission was to recon for the Swarm, if your race should invade and consume the planet, or leave it be. But now the first issue is to survive long enough to hunt down The Hunter, rogue sub-entity of The Scout, that caused the crash. The Hunter will try to neutralize The Scout as well. Next task is to clean up all debris from the crashed starship, if doable, to leave no trace of your tech while avoiding detection as long, as possible. Lastly - transmit any recon data and evacuation request to finish the mission. Requires APEX expansion. Download Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Dropbox via Orangedox) Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Steam Workshop) Notes and advices I'm open to good ideas, feedback is appreciated and mission may be enhanced with new features; Recommended settings: >1000 meters of object draw distance for intro and outro, enabled post process effects; DT gameplay differs from typical milsim scenario. Player gets new tools and HUD elements instead of usual soldiering stuff. These are simple to comprehend, but not always self-explanatory, thus I strongly recommend to read briefing entries before first play; The basic tools are: the Probe (action menu), Nano Stroke (melee range, 360 degees attack, free of charge, via LMB (basic shooting action)) and Nano Shot (ranged attack, holding and releasing RMB (temporary zoom action)). The attacks will be disabled, when player uses normal weaponry; Under 0-8 support menu one can find few settings: rate of time passage, autosaves, detector sounds switch; Scenario is highly randomized (in main part in quite peculiar way), thus regardless of initial settings, each gameplay difficulty may differ; GUI font is not very readable for purpose (should look alien at first glance). Don't worry, important informations about discoveries etc. are stored as diary entries with standard font; Combinations of some techs may prove very useful against The Hunter or if you wish to play the Predator; Brain scan tech is crucial for understanding local tongue, but also important as mean to gather valuable recon data, that affects the outcome; The only obligatory tasks are neutralizing The Hunter and Transmitting the signal. All the rest is up to you, but situation, you leave will affect the fate of the planet; You can sprint all the time, if terrain allows, fatigue doesn't apply to The Scout entity; Think about The Swarm as about a super-mind, where each specimen, temporarily separated, independent subswarm entity, represents a thought or pending consideration. Thus the same Swarm or his subswarms may generate subentities of contradictory goals, which represents a mind in doubt, during decission making or cognitive process. Thus we have The Scout and The Hunter, while The Scout has a task to convince The Swarmm to change its mind via new data; Chances for further mission development depend on level of interest around this scenario, which is indicated by amount of feedback. Especially proposed ideas and bug reports are appreciated; Known issues: due to Arma engine limitation, for "NAKED VR" avatar Active Camo tech may work only partially, if The Scout and The Hunter will use it simultanously. To Do waiting for requests and ideas... Changelog Terms of Use
  4. Hello everyone! Today, I bring you FIRST CONTACT. The idea came to me a few years ago when I was playing Zeus with a few buddies, and decided to surprise them by bringing in "Aliens". What I did was use existing CSAT equipment but make them look a little Alien-ish. That's where the idea came from. In this mod, I re-purposed existing CSAT, BLUFOR, and Civilian clothing/equipment to somewhat make it look like an extraterrestrial force has invaded Earth, and humanity responded by forming the United Nations Space Force. This is still very WIP, but so far I have the essential units for both sides. Each unique in their own way. Later, I plan to add more unit classes, retexture BLUFOR vehicles for the UNSF, and to add variants of existing CSAT vehicles but with Alien crews. DOWNLOADS: Steam Workshop Hope you all enjoy!
  5. Summary: With the new mine detector beeping more than your favorite astromech droid I'd thought I'd give it a more alien twist. This script "converts" the mine detector into a basic motion detector. Warning, do not use in conjunction with actual mines... or do, your choice. Features: -Beeps and boops (Credit: BIS) -Lightweight -Group members are detected but not so beepy. -Only locomotion is detected, not waving away flies or checking your gun. A standard crawl will avoid detection though. -Detects motion of vehicles too, not that you'd miss them at that range... Known Issues: -"Motion" can be a bit twitchy on the detector HUD. -Friendly AI may spot and reveal their "motion trackers" so they won't beep. You can get around this by executing: {_x disableAI "MINEDETECTION";} forEach allUnits; Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Should in theory work for both. I haven't had the time or manpower to test properly in MP. Let me know if you find any issues. Install/Usage: 1. Create "motionDetector.sqf" in your mission folder, for contents see below. 2. In init.sqf execute that sucker like so: 0 = [] execVM "motionDetector.sqf"; 3. Put a mine detector in the player's hands. 4. Profit? Future plans: None, I threw this together real quick just for fun. If you want something added post the suggestion and we'll see. Files: motionDetector.sqf
  6. ******************************************************** UN-COM ******************************************************** (Formerly known as ETA/EXT - Extra Terrestrial Adversaries) more info: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=386095175
  7. Along with my Command & Conquer mod, and the Army Men one (though the progress on this is a tiny bit halted, but will definitely continue it. Just have a lot of time constraints), I've always been curious at how a War of the Worlds mod could work in the engine. It would probably be extremely difficult to get the Fighting Machine (Tripods) to not topple over unless they're weighted properly. I've always had a hangup about there not being any good period accurate movie adaptations (set in 1898-99, which the books were written), and the only close thing we can get to this is Jeff Wayne's Musical Version - which is amazing, but I would like a non-musical movie set in this time. Also there's a very...low-budget, poorly acted movie I've seen. The mod here would feature British military with gear appropriate to that of 1898-early 1900's (so early 1900's would be acceptable too). And then there'd be the gray ironclad "Thunder Child", which is AN ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT, and maybe some generic ones. The Tripods, or Martians, however, are a different story altogether. This is all left to interpretation, and would there be smaller ones too to give the Martians a bit of unit variety? Also as to the design, I am not sure what description or picture reference we'd go off of. There's the book, some various art pieces for said book, the 1953 movie (set in the U.S...which, is not the aim here, but that's fine...and it IS a good film and a classic, but you know), the 2005 Spielberg film (those Tripods were actually really wicked looking, and still creep me the heck out), Jeff Wayne's versions (which are, I'm sorry to say, a bit akin to a walking pair of breasts, but are also still freaky, so don't get me wrong...if I look past that [someone mentioned it once, and I couldn't unsee it], it's actually a really cool design), and then a couple of versions from some...not so great adaptations (namely the one with Jake Busey...I like Jake Busey but it's not a great movie, sorry). I'm uncertain as to what versions of the Martians to go with, but maybe in the end one could use any version they'd like. If you'd still like to go with a more modern take on it, I'd still suggest the modern British Armed Forces - it'd be interesting to see a group of Challenger 2's going up a hill to fight off the awaiting Martians, and one could use the UKF mod folder in conjunction with the Martians. Of course, the Martians' heat-rays would absolutely wreck anything thrown at them. But I have been imagining an OFP/CWA campaign of missions as either a civilian or a soldier trying to survive the Martian offensive. Still, a period accurate mod is more interesting to me, and I'm mostly typing this to see if anyone would like a mod like this in the future (if I get tons better at modeling, scripting, etc). There is that Space Invaders mod and it has the 1953 "Manta"-type Martian in it, so not sure about what type of Martians should be involved here. I would love a proper Martian War in the game and I think ultimately this would be a great idea if it can be pulled off. I'm interested as to the discussion of a mod like this.