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Welcome to the official Bohemia Interactive forums. Before starting any conversation and engaging with other users, please review these Forum Terms. The use of Bohemia Interactive forums is regulated by these Forum's Terms, Bohemia Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy. By logging into the official Bohemia Interactive (BI) forums, you agree to follow these terms.

Have fun!

At the end of the day, all of these rules are here to help keep the forum community accessible, fair, and honest for all of its users. Use your best judgment and keep the conversation civil when posting with others. Most of all, have fun exploring discussions, sharing knowledge about games, and more with our vast communities.

Posting Language

All communication must be written in English on our forums. Avoid writing in other languages, any kind of slang, or "short text" (e.g. "wtf") speak. This way, users can ensure they understand one another clearly.

No Spamming

Communication in threads or replies should be civil, constructive, and relevant to the original topic. Content that has no real worth, irrelevant, useless, and offers nothing to a discussion is considered spam. Your post/topic should solicit or sustain an in-depth conversation. This also applies to other areas of the forums, such as leaving visitor messages on people's profiles. Messages of banned members are also considered spam.

No Trolling or Flame Baiting

Disruptive users who create threads or replies with the sole purpose of causing unrest, making off-topic discussions, or making posts to insult or gain a reaction from other users will be punished or removed accordingly. Any kind of personal insult, flame, or intimidation attempt is also not allowed. Users should simply report these posts. Responding with insults is considered equally unacceptable, regardless of who started it. Discussions should always remain civil and constructive. There is no need to turn disagreements into heated arguments, as doing so will result in moderation intervention.

Search before posting

If you have a question, please use the forum search function before posting to ensure that it has not already been asked and answered. Searching the forums before posting will help prevent duplicate posts, which may result in you being able to find what you are looking for much faster.

Post in the right forum

Please ensure you make new threads in the correct and relevant forum. If you're unsure which forum to post in, contact a moderator to assist you.

Do Not Cross-post

Do not post duplicate threads in more than one forum, and do not "bump" threads simply to get an answer or gain attention to your post quicker. This will be viewed as spam.

Posting in Old Threads

Inactive threads older than four (4) months should not be responded to unless something significant is being added. If in doubt, you may contact a moderator. Old threads will remain open but can be closed at the moderator's discretion. Do not post duplicate threads in more than one forum.

Online Privacy

Do not post personal or identifying information, such as your real name, email, postal addresses, IPs, or UIDs on these forums. It is also prohibited to post such details about other individuals. Do not post private messages or user pictures. We strongly recommend you do not arrange to meet anyone from these forums. Always consult with a parent or guardian if you are a minor.

No Advertising

Advertising any commercial or personal project, product, or service on these forums without approval is prohibited. Chain letters and pyramid schemes are similarly prohibited. This includes the Personal Message service and clan recruitment outside the designated Clan or Unit Recruitment forums.

No Duplicate Accounts

Having multiple forum accounts is strictly forbidden. If you want to have a new account, contact a moderator. If you wish to change your name for any reason, we will be happy to do that. However, if you discover you inadvertently ended up with two accounts, we can merge them. Be sure to inform a moderator, or you risk being permanently banned. Additionally, users found making new forum accounts after being permanently banned will also be removed.

Remove Images/Videos from Quotes

If you quote a post that contains an image, please remove it, or if it contains an embedded video, remove it so that the image of the video is not shown in your quote. This will help keep the thread tidy and easier to read.

Rule Violations

If you see a violation of these rules on the board, do not reply in the thread but use the "Report Post" link instead, or if needed, contact a moderator. Replying in the thread will be considered spam. Reporting posts contributes to a well-structured, well-disciplined forum that benefits everyone.

Signature Regulations

The signature is limited to five (5) images max, and the maximum size a single image can be is 600px x 150px. Do not stack images vertically if the stacked images end up taller than 150px in height. 150px is the maximum height for combined text and images. There is a max number of ten (10) URLs and within a maximum of ten (10) lines. Anything that is in conflict with these Forum Terms is prohibited.

Posting content without permission

For many years this community has been known as the premium addon/mod-creating community. People work tirelessly and in great detail to create fantastic addons, mods, missions, and campaigns to release for free so that everyone benefits, including Bohemia Interactive. You must get permission to alter someone else's work, to mirror it, or to use it in any way other than for personal use. Without permission, please do not edit, mirror, add to your mod pack, or edit and share around your private squad.


Unfortunately, we cannot control what people do outside of these forums. However, on these forums, you must follow this rule, if an individual or team posts a thread to share an addon/mod using content from someone else without permission, and we receive a complaint, the mod thread will be closed until the issue is resolved and further action may be taken. Participation in this behavior comes with the risk of being permanently banned from these forums. Get permission by communicating with the original content creator(s).

Do not post official content spoilers

To not spoil the fun for others, please refrain from discussing or sharing specifics of any official campaign or content outside designated forums or threads. Also, be sure to utilize spoilers and include a warning to alert users who don't wish to see it.

Follow the Instructions of the Moderators

When a moderator or Bohemia Interactive staff member asks you to do or cease an action, please follow their instructions. Forum moderators are often volunteers who intervene only when needed and use their best judgment in uncertain situations. If you have questions, complaints, or comments about the forum or moderators, please Private Message them to a moderator. If you have an issue you feel cannot be solved by another moderator, contact Community Manager Nillers to explain your situation.

Moderation Discussion

Unless in a designated thread or forum, there will be no discussion or debate regarding the moderation or operation of these forums in a public thread. If you have questions, complaints, or comments about the forum or moderators, please Private Message a moderator. We will do our utmost to reply to any that we receive. If you have an issue that you feel cannot be solved by another moderator, contact Community Manager Nillers who will be happy to look into the matter.

Moderation and Appeal

We reserve the right to edit, move, hide, or delete threads or replies as needed without notice to maintain these forums. Breaking any of the rules contained in the documents regulating the use of Bohemia forums may result in a warning, infraction, or posting restrictions to the offender for a set period or even a permanent ban and suspension from the forums. Accounts may be banned from the forums either temporarily or permanently if found breaking or bending any of these rules. These punishments may be distributed at the discretion of our moderators and Bohemia Interactive staff members. If you feel you have wrongfully been given a warning or punishment and would like to appeal this action, contact Community Manager Nillers with the details as to why you feel it was done in error.