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    Community Profile #21: “POLPOX“ - Full Interview Meet the person known for creating the popular POLPOX's Artwork Supporter!
  2. "Livonian R&R: A Graphic Novel" Mods: POLPOX's Artwork Supporter, Whiplash Static Animations, Virolahti - Valtatie 7
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    Thread catch-up: Community Profile #11: "DiabloHelmetCam" - Full Interview Community Profile #12: "Leopard Alter" - Full Interview Community Profile #13: "Shermanator" - Full Interview Community Profile #14: "RKSL-Rock" - Full Interview Community Profile #15: "Bludclot" - Full Interview Community Profile #16: "Asaayu" - Full Interview Community Profile #17: "Farsight" - Full Interview Community Profile #18: "Nillers" - Full Interview Community Profile #19: "Flash-Ranger" - Full Interview ... and an all-new profile! Community Profile #20: "ToxicSludge77" - Full Interview
  5. Mods: POLPOX's Artwork Supporter, ReColor, DIREONE's Relax and no combat poses
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    Catching up the thread on previous Community Radars. If you haven't had a chance to read through them before, I'd definitely encourage it! Community Radar (COMRAD) #06 Community Radar (COMRAD) #07 Community Radar (COMRAD) #08 Community Radar (COMRAD) #09 But wait... There's more! Our latest Community Radar has just been airdropped, and once again we're looking at some of the most recent ongoings of the Arma 3 community. Community Radar (COMRAD) #10
  7. Since much of what has been discussed on this topic was sent privately, I'd like to reiterate publically some details in response to this post to clear up any misunderstandings. We have carefully reviewed this issue and let us assure everyone that using somebody else's content without their permission is the last thing we would want or were able to do. In the original Feedback Tracker ticket that you have already mentioned, you submitted several direct localization suggestions with desired translated text that should be used for fixes regarding the Bootcamp and Karts data. By doing that, you had already expressed your permission for us to use these suggestions of the desired translated text in our game the moment of publishing your report – otherwise, the whole purpose of the report itself would be void. As such, we have fixed these mentioned sections of our game based on the direct suggestions from yourself. In relation to the localization mod, which you added to the Feedback Tracker for our reference, we would like to assert that this was an open project; specifically, the Google sheet that was linked, referenced, and used in the making of the mod. Anyone who got access to edit this sheet could edit the localization stings, and as we have stated privately and you acknowledged, one of the contributors for this localization mod happened to also be our Associate Producer (Roy) who worked on this mod as well. When Roy polished our Japanese Arma 3 data even beyond the scope of your reports on the Feedback Tracker, mainly with a focus on enhancing the Bootcamp experience for our Japanese players, he did so in a similar way as previously in the mod. Therefore, there are many lines in a similar or the same way, since he worked both on the mod as well as the official Bootcamp translation enhancement. We did not use this mod in its entirety. We used all the provided information and suggestions that you submitted via the Feedback Tracker and then Hiroya edited the rest on his own, independently of the mod itself. In summary, we have made fixes based on the report we received on the Feedback Tracker, and the reporter summarized all the fixes they wanted in as a Google sheet and mod which are clearly stated as an open project. We worked on it based on these suggested fixes, also changed some lines, and our Associate Producer who worked on these was also the only other known contributor. Therefore, to our knowledge, all authors of the mod expressed permission to do so. If anybody reports on the Feedback Tracker and suggests fixes and states a reference from open content, we consider it as a prompt and permission to use this content, in goodwill to improve the game and enhance the experience for everybody. We do thank you and are appreciative of your contributions. If in the future you wish to only point out some issues via the Feedback Tracker but do not wish us to use your fix suggestions, please do not state such suggestions in the Feedback Tracker issue report. Thank you.
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    Full Changelog and SPOTREP
  9. Thank you, @killzone_kid! That worked perfectly! I really appreciate the help!
  10. I've been stuck with a mission I can't finish without your guys help. I know some basic scripting but I don't want to spend days overcomplicating something if there is an easier solution. So here is the simple explanation of a script I'm going for: Let's say there are 10 blocks. Each are called block_1, block_2, etc. Now, after every 60 seconds the script will randomly select one (1) of the blocks and delete it. Then, this script will repeat after another 60 seconds by identifying the remaining nine (9) blocks and then selecting from one of those to delete. This process will continue until only 1 block remains. There is no probability needed, it just needs to remove one block repeatedly in the given time inputted until only one remains. I did find this script posted by Dreadedentity in my searches, but it's based on a probability of each object all at once. Then even if I add a loop to that script there are times where no objects are deleted. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. One of our latest missions.
  12. Could you add other series uniforms? Like DS9, TNG, or Voyager? That would be sweet.
  13. The 19th Special Forces Group (19SFG) is a tactical group that currently plays ArmA II's ACE/ACRE mods with plans to move forward into ArmA III in the future. We seek to engender a light realism environment reminiscent of the military experience. Missions and operations are planned throughout the month for culmination in a bi-weekly fashion, where everyone comes together, if they can, and participates in a harrowing training or real world operation. Our leadership staff is largely experienced military veterans and prefers a relaxed operational environment. You will not be yelled at, demeaned, or "smoked" by our ‘officers.’ We are not going to put you through some poor simulation of basic training. We're quiet professionals and we expect the same attitude and behavior from our troops. Mentoring is the touchstone of our training environment, with respect both given and expected. Operation play is anything but limited. With a top-notch development team and mission makers our mission nights are exciting and dynamic. Have an interest for leading a squad one day and just sitting back and being a medic another day? Great! You can do that. In the 19SFG you will never be limited to one position like some groups force upon their members. You don’t have to have the most skill in the world or the most knowledge. Our calling card is simple, to be – “Quiet Professionals.†Requirements: - 16 and older. - Working microphone. - Full version of Arma II and/or Arma III. - Willingness to learn. If this sounds like the kind of experience you would enjoy or learn more about, we encourage you to seek us out and chat with us, participate in some good fun with us, and eventually join us at an operation. Check out our website at www.19SFG.com! Also, check out an example mission on my YouTube channel below youtube.com/user/Nillersification. Also, if anyone has any immediate questions or just want to talk to myself or other members of the 19SFG, our Teamspeak is: ts58.gameservers.com:9312 De Oppreso Liber / "To free those who cannot free themselves"
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    Taser Mod

    Is there anyway to get this to work with ALICE or ALICE2?