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  1. Put your addon requests in this thread (and hope for the best). Use this thread for: 1. Sharing your addon ideas with modders - OR - 2. Trying to locate a mod or addon Please don't make new threads for these purposes. If you have pictures of your suggestion, please limit them to 3 max. The rules of content posting and all other rules also apply. If you have previously posted an addon request (before this thread was opened), you have a one-time invitation to report your old post and to crosspost your suggestion to this thread.
  2. Heavy Ordnance Works will use this thread to provide information about future updates to the Creator DLC RC Branch of Spearhead 1944. Discussions about recent updates to the Creator DLC RC Branch should happen in the relevant discussion thread:
  3. Heavy Ordnance Works will use this thread to provide information about the future updates to the Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944. Discussions about the updates are welcome in the relevant forum thread: If you have any questions about Spearhead 1944 make sure you visit our FAQ page.
  4. The purpose of this thread is to discuss upcoming updates of Spearhead 1944 incoming to the Creator DLC RC Branch. Please stay subjective when posting in this thread as Heavy Ordnance Works will use this thread to look for feedback about their RC-Branch updates. Please keep in mind that actual reports of issues should still happen via our Feedback Tracker. Thank you.
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  6. In collaboration with Heavy Ordnance Works, Bohemia Interactive is proud and excited to present the Arma 3 Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944. If you have any questions or would like to share any suggestions and feedback regarding Spearhead 1944, please feel welcome to use this thread. You can find this CDLC on the Steam Store currently. You'll find all the available information in the following links: Website: https://spearhead-1944.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeavyOrdWorks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeavyOrdnanceWorks Discord: https://discord.gg/Gnt9r493He Find more information about Bohemia Interactive's Creator DLC project: https://arma3.com/news/arma-3-creator-dlc
  7. Changelog Important information for modders and players! Modded helicopters may not work as intended since some networking changes have already been branched into 0.9.9. The community used unfinished components to create their current mods, which we no longer support. As mentioned in the last Dev Report, we introduced major updates (0.9.8) that included changes in the server configuration structure and parameter names. It was mentioned that there would be backward compatibility until the next major update. However, in the 0.9.9 update, this backward support is no longer possible, and server configurations must be updated. You can check the wiki on how to host servers to find out exactly what changed in the server configurations.
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  11. You folks are quick! So for clarification, yes, I should have specified that this is using layers created in the Eden Editor. I've been trying to create a new layer (i.e. Camp1), make a small camp composition (i.e. tents, cache, some units, marker, etc), repeat that a few more times, then randomize which camps are revealed every time the mission loads. Something that might look like this (this is simplified for concept): The end goal is to start with this to get the idea and then add more and more to it in the future. For example, having 5-15 areas of potential operations, but only 1 or 2 will be selected at the mission start. I think, based on your examples, I have an idea of where I need to go, so I'll give it a shot and report back. Thanks again!
  12. Hello everyone! I've been stumped on a project I've been working on and need some help. My goal is to create multiple layers of objects/entities and then have a script that can take those entities, randomly pick two out of three of them, then hide the third layer (or remaining layers). I know it will involve the idea of creating an array based on the name of the layer plus using getMissionLayerEntites to globally hide or reveal them, but I can't seem to fit them together. An example of this would be I have three locations for rebel camps, each separated in their own layers (camp1, camp2, etc), but I want to use an array to then pick 1 or 2 randomly a mission start to reveal the markers and other compositions. Then the rest get removed or remain hidden. Wondering if anyone has an easy solution out there. Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.
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