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  1. Please don't dig up old threads, especially when the thread was originally opened in 2017. Also please make sure to follow our forum rules, we don't tolerate:
  2. R0adki11

    Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting (Dark Theme)

    That is could be so, but I have updated the first post to point to where the addon is still been maintained. So I feel that the thread is still relevant.
  3. R0adki11

    Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting (Dark Theme)

    Original post updated, to remove outdated Armaholic link.
  4. R0adki11

    RHS: Status Quo

    English please, as this is an English speaking forum.
  5. R0adki11

    RHS: Status Quo

    This is an English speaking forum, please type in English. Thanks
  6. R0adki11

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    I have reported your post so one of the Community Managers can investigate for you.
  7. R0adki11


    I believe these are all in the Soviet Airforce pack on steam.
  8. You do realise you just dug up a 6 year old thread. There was no need to do that, it would have been better to have contacted the CUP Team with your suggestion. - Closing
  9. If you check the authors forum profile you will see that they last visited this forum in October 2017. So I am afraid to say its likely you won't see this in Arma3. Please don't ask for further updates, as asking for such updates is considered spam on our forums.
  10. I assume you mean on the Independent side. By having them on the Independent side as they could allied with either BLUFOR or OPFOR. Or fight against both, for example you could have a three way battle.
  11. R0adki11

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    None of the images are loading for me either. I suspect Google is preventing you from embedding the images from their album.
  12. R0adki11

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Please don't ask for updates, we consider it a form of spam on these forums.
  13. R0adki11

    Controller Configuration

    If this is for Dayz you need to post this on the Dayz Forums - https://forums.dayz.com
  14. R0adki11

    1S91 Fire Control Radar

    Closing per request