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  1. ANZINS Terrain

    Also what are your graphics settings at as that can have an impact?
  2. Most IFA3 have been ported from IFA so they will be all work in progress, perhaps offer to help them to make them better. Perhaps we can return to the topic in hand.
  3. There is lots of resources in this section: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/165-arma-3-modelling-o2/
  4. ANZINS Terrain

    Could you backup your statement with a screenshot? As this will help the addon maker identify the issue.
  5. Official Arma3 Discord - has a modding channel - https://discord.gg/Tr9ktmA You will need permission from all authors.
  6. How do I use this script?

    Thread Closed @HazJ@GEORGE FLOROS GRplease don't tag moderators in posts, please use the report post feature on the forums.
  7. Please don't ask for release dates, its considered a form of spam on these forums. Updates will be released when they are ready and not before. After all addon making is a hobby.
  8. Vigor doesn't work

    Do you get any error messages?
  9. B52 Project Delta - Unsung Operations - Update Sunday Nov 18th Air Cav 1965 Operation Line Backer Following the work by SOG the previous weekend the Air Cav were tasked with drawing the NVA across the border in Cambodia into Vietnam and then cutting off their reinforcements once the enemy were across the border. This operation really relied on the mobile operation of the Air Cav, as this was our first Air Cav operation we had to get used to having no traditional front line. As Air Cav brought the fight to the enemy. As always a great job done by our Eagle Flight (Helicopter pilots). A pilot’s eye view: Sunday Dec 2nd. Second SOG Op' of 1965 This mission required stealth as SOG was tasked with eliminating a recon base, then to sneak into an enemy base and blow everything up. Although the first element went without a hitch, the attack on the enemy base didn't go as planned. Sunday Dec 9th. Air Cav 1965 Month 2 - Operation Red Wedge This mission required the Air Cav to finish what SOG tried to do the previous Operation. Air Cav assaulted the recon base, then proceeded to assault and destroy the heavily defended enemy base. This was no easy task with limited pilots and boots on the ground. The task was completed but not before the group had to withdraw urgently before been overrun by the NVA battalion bearing down on them. Upcoming Operations Sunday Dec 16th. Air Cav 1965 Month 3 - Operation Eagle Contact Details: If this sounds like the sort of mission you would like to play, then contact us via the following: Our teamspeak: teamspeak.armanam.eu Discord group: https://discord.gg/FhJDb7J Arma3 Unit Profile: https://units.arma3.com/unit/unsung-project-delta
  10. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    It would be fine normally, but @il_padrinohas already stated he is not planning to release them. Which means they would always stay as a "private" or "personal" content rather than "wip" content.
  11. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Well there lies the issue, you made the animations but you haven't released them and i assume you don't plan to release them? The policy exists to stop users posting "private" or "personal" content which we found in the past usually incorporated stolen or ripped content from other sources. I am not saying this is the case here, however we have forum rules for a reason. As long as you abide by our forum rules, you will able to post here.
  12. [SP/MP] Old West - Wild West Map

    This looks perfect for a Western Inspired Ravage Mission.
  13. May have found a bug in the Dev Branch

    Have you reported it on the Feedback Tracker - https://feedback.bistudio.com/w/ft_a3_howto/?
  14. Please post addon requests in the correct area of the forums:
  15. A very interesting project, regarding getting the mechs to walk. You may want to contact the Lost Dragons Mod -