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  1. R0adki11

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Please don't ask for updates. Doing so is consider spam on these forums.
  2. Well actually it wouldn't be BI a decision. As Savage Games Design made the CDLC SOGPF, it would be their choice as they created it.
  3. R0adki11

    Banned by Game Developer

    Thread has been cleaned up due to several forum rules been broken.
  4. I have just released an update for my Cold War - Nogovan Armed Forces - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2423760500
  5. R0adki11

    IFA3 liberation [WW2]

    Several posts in this thread have now been removed as they violated the forum rules. I can appreciate that there maybe different sides to this story, especially when a DMCA is involved. But there is no need for the flame-baiting and insulting comments from both sides and from other members of this community. Any further issues, will see this thread closed and infractions issued as appropriate.
  6. R0adki11

    East Wind Rearmed

    Well actually if you check out the authors profile they were active in the last 24 hours. I would have said look on Armaholic, but unfortunately that is closed now. So you may need to search on these forums.
  7. It would be nice, if you could pick up or drag wounded soldiers. I am unsure if that would be feasible though?
  8. I have pinned the thread so its easy to find.
  9. Thread was last updated in 2016 so likely not supported by the author.
  10. Well the thread was last updated over a year ago. I would PM the author, as it looks like the addon has been removed. Also as your new here, you should check out our forum rules
  11. I can see your new to the forums, the thread was last updated 4 years ago in 2017. So it maybe that this will not work. Please consider to PM the author that reiving a dead thread.
  12. R0adki11

    Armaholic is gone

    Closing - please see the following thread for answers: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/234791-armaholic-website-not-working/
  13. Nogovan Highland Rangers on Patrol
  14. R0adki11

    The W teleporter

    Well the thread is 7 years old. It was created back in 2014, so I am not too surprised the link is dead.