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  2. The possibility of dragging the wounded is in the mod from the very beginning of its creation)) I do not plan to add new features. Now only fixing bugs if they are found.
  3. Gunter Severloh

    Secret Weapons Reloaded

    Hey Sab question for you, working on my new mod for SW Reloaded here, and theres something i been wanting to try out and or do, but i cannot for the life of me locate the file or the sound for the 37mm Gunpods for the Ju87. What im interested in doing is changing the firing sound of the 37mm gunpod to another sound that was a real sound from the actual 37mm gunpod used in WW2, again i cannot locate any references, line of code, or even a sound file for this gun. 😞 I looked in Flying Legends (not all files), and even SWR files again not all the files just those specific to the Ju87 but nothing, how is it done?
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  5. Janez

    Make snipers great again , my idea how to make it in arma4

    Does it also affect their hitbox?
  6. joostsidy

    Make snipers great again , my idea how to make it in arma4

    I mostly play single player and AI are partly buried at a distance. It definitely decreases their visibility. Probably human players are not partly buried because that will be confusing and interfere with their playing.
  7. Gunter Severloh

    Arma3 Videos

    Story - WW2 Shorts I'm part of a Soviet infantry squad, we are moving towards this small village occupied by German infantry, we have one T34/76 tank and a 251 halftrack with mounted mg for our support. We get about half way to this village about to cross the road, and all of a sudden out in the distance on our left flank comes flying a Ju87G (Gustav) this isn't just any Ju87, this is a G variant, this thing has 20mm forward wing cannons, and 2 flak18 (37mm Gunpods mounted under each wing)! The moment we seen him in the air and very low to the ground, we seen 20mm tracers headed our way, a few of which hit a couple of our comrades, after what seemed like minutes, the plane followed up with some loud explosive fire engaging out tank, hitting the tank with a few loud cracks! As the plane flew over the tank, the tank was smoking and starting to burn, as the plane flew over just above the trees the tank blew up in front of us, make us turn around and head back to where we came from! Our halftrack still alive remained in place until the ju87 came back around flying lower that the trees in the open field and hitting the halftrack with its 37mm guns, one hit from one of the guns and the halftrack went up in flames, the two that were crewing the halftrack lost their lives! As the plane flew past and over the village where the German infantry were dug in, the plane came back around and strafed us with it's 20mm cannons as it flew past its rear gunner was spraying us with his machine gun. That day for us was a sad day as we had lost many in our little squad there, we headed back unable to capture the village to report the news of a new variant that the Germans had and used effectively to dismantle our squad in our engagement and attempt to capture the village from the Germans. ==================== The Ju87G was actually me flying 😉 if you want to know how i did it, where i was able to fly and watch myself fly at the same time, check out my tutorial seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzG4-WZv5rs
  8. Hi, It I'm building my first little addon. If I create the PBO with BI addonBuilder everything goes well but I need a command line tool to build the addon, so I'm trying to use mikero's. If I build the addon with mikero's makePBO it gives an error for missing files. Missing files are icon picture in a subfolder. The addon line is: icon = "ric_zonedefiner\data\cp.paa" The building command is: and the output is: I tryed to change backslash to slash: mikeros compile well and produce the pbo but using the mod on arma3 give an error for file missing. Thank you for your help.
  9. Firewall233

    showGPS false

    I looked up this "enableInfoPanelComponent" command.Seems that it will prevent left or right panel to show up.But it's not exactly what I'm trying to do.My idea is that, your GPS will show up with correct information like you position and direciton at beginning. And suddenly it will display some incorrect info,such as wrong position and time,maybe with wrong minimap displaying.And sometimes later or when some conditions met your GPS will back to normal and show up correct information.You will always find out you do have a GPS item but it just don't work properly. After look up "GPS" as keyword in forum,I think maybe the only way to realize my idea is to configure some GUI to override GPS display.But I can't figure out how to do it.T_T Thanks for your suggestion anyway.^_^
  10. sneek24

    Unable to access Zeus

    I was playing in editor all day setting up a mission and all of a sudden no matter what i try I'm unable to access/be Zeus. Ive tried all the different ways I can find to link the Zeus/game master module to a player/Steam ID. It just all of a sudden stopped working. I've been using it all week with no issues then all of a sudden poof, no Zeus.. Halp! I am getting a "[BIS_tnc_respawnMenuInventory] No respawn inventories found" Error and a "[]: 'bin/config.bin/Cfgpatches/ctab/' not an array" message. any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Im only a couple months into this game so please be specific. thx.
  11. Update Its that time again, time for an update, Happy New Year btw! New additions - Forum Threads Mission Editing & Scripting AI reacting confused to Attachto objects AI Chat, Dialogue, Interaction, & Speech AI Ambient Voice AI Spawn & Respawn How can I make AI units move in MP sector control game with respawning? AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting Behavior AI not attacking player after disembark AI CAS, Helicopters, Jets & Planes Helicopters AI Helicopter spins in circles after waypoint created [SOLVED] AI Ammo, Equipment, Gear, & Loadouts Gear How can I tell if AI are running low on ammo? AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting Shooting How to make police units point their weapons but not shoot? AI Driving - Boats,Tanks, & Vehicles Vehicles AI check when transport is full AI Triggers & Waypoints Triggers Spawn IA in random pos inside a trigger New Additions - Scripts Special Actions & Behavior JBOY Ambient AI Interaction Framework New Additions - Mods Added my All Arma 3 Steam Workshop AI Mods Compilation List to the top of the section.
  12. Ok I’m back in. Sorry locked my account out for a bit. If you want to send PM me a Google drive link to your project I can take a look tomorrow when I’m off work
  13. I think it is, I'm not really sure how to check that. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d7qUcC_ipIfgjstJR-ZQ24LAwtAqbe2x/view?usp=sharing this is my current config.cpp
  14. Is your island config inheriting from a bis terrain? if not it most likely would be best if it was. Especially if this is your first terrain.
  15. So this is my first attempt at making a map and I've done a decent amount of work to it. But I found this problem I keep running into. The sound of ocean waves when there is no water present. I have an airfield all set up, and right outside the airfield is a little checkpoint, which is about 700m to the nearest water location. But whenever I am at this checkpoint, I just hear waves clashing against the shore as if I am sitting on the beach! I've tried looking for help online whether it be youtube or google and I am at a complete loss for how to fix. Any help or ideas for how to fix this would be fantastic. Thanks in advance
  16. Yes but tell me would it be that much more work to add the functions into mod but if you were going to add the wounded drag function then adding carrying and loading functions should be straightforward within the script/mod scope. Just curious great mod hope that behemia puts in some type of system between this and Ace in the next Arma. I can't understand why they took out the function from arma2.
  17. Huck___

    Portable Signal Detector just to often in use

    None of that is what I am even talking about lol. I simply mean there needs to be a better balance. As it stands veterans have a pretty severe advantage and that is what hurts the game and drives new players away. It’s not the weapons so much as it is those two consumables, PSD & armor that need to be either early access white plans for new players or removed entirely to have a much more level playing field. Fights when they occur then will be more reliant on player skill based along with a little good or bad luck. If a hunter is dependent on a PSD then he/she isn’t much of a hunter anyhow so just remove the stupid things.
  18. RCA3

    showGPS false

    This seems to do the trick, GPS panels still work on vehicles with GPS (e.g. Marshall) and mine detectors also still keep working: player enableInfoPanelComponent ["left", "MinimapDisplay", false]; player enableInfoPanelComponent ["right", "MinimapDisplay", false]; Edit: That seems like a different issue.
  19. There's a link above under Browse -> Staff. I believe you can contact Nillers for help.
  20. Yesterday
  21. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If by work together you mean merger, that is not going to happen, not in A3 lifetime anyways. If you mean mods working together, they sort of do, but still, considering we use real data, and CUP uses vanilla data for most of the ammo, there might be some differences in terms of how both armor and ammo performs (both character and vehicles) if you mix match the 2 mods Mods are a hobby, not a business. I would wager that both mods produce outstanding results anyways. Collaboration is happening between most old farts modders that have stuck with Bi games for quite a bit. Just because they don't put out a product together doesn't mean that doesn't happen behind the curtains. cannot talk about CUP, but If you wanna support RHS development, we have a patreon page, you can find it in my siganture. also, afaik, neither CUP, and surely not us, wanna get involved in the current cDLC program BI put together. Maybe in a future title, but we'll see what happens if/when we'll get to that There is no definitive guide for arma modding, considering modding for A3 has a lot of facets. For models, google/youtube is can render a lot of good free results for you. One of the best tutor is still arimus3d if you ask me. Please, stop sharing this self entitled blender guru bloke. There are a ton of other (a lot better) people on the interwebs, but this guy surely aint it. Again, Arimus 3D (old time max user) has started making blender content
  22. No, there is only a general adjustment for all units. Theoretically, when you make a mission, you can try, in the unit settings, turn off damage for available units. Then the available units will not die immediately after hit. But this is far from the best solution, because there will be no damage from any explosives, grenades and so on. Carrying the wounded and loading them into vehicles is not planned. The mod has the ability to drag the wounded.
  23. harismor1

    Rooster Teeth new series Rage Quit

    Thanks for sharing more info
  24. Larrow

    Dialog error

    What's in here CustomControlClasses.h ? As it's included at the top it will add extra lines to this file, only then can we work out what line 398 is. Otherwise, I'm not seeing anything in the file you've shown. Please use forum spoiler and code blocks when posting large code segments. Just makes life easier for everyone.
  25. Drej_X_Army

    co10 Escape

    Ok, now I figured out that if you changed the difficulty and then connect/login as admin, I can change parameters (mostly). Trying to do the new Dev Test of SOG, but getting errors when trying to connect with DLC off and with the DLC on. Has anyone gotten the SOG maps to work? If so, what did you have to do? Thanks. PS - If I dont ask, I will never find the answer, but if I do ask, then Karma rewards me...
  26. my system isnt the best but its all i have it runs arma 3 vanilla just fine but when i get online with mods and such it lags like on 15th meu liberation server it does fine in some areas/maps but in certian situations the fps drop gets so bad its pretty much unplayable im guessing they are all the same thing but i am hoping for more answers Processor: AMD FX 8350 RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 Motherboard: Asus M5A97 2.0 Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 bit Video Card: EVGA GTX 1060 3GB
  27. Same problem, bro. How can I change my nickname? Who should I write to?
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