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  2. Arma 3 - Possible Console Idea

    Hello Gamers and Devs, I had an idea based off of Dayz coming to console. As it is merely a idea, I feel as a gamer that many others would love to have Arma 3 come to console just like Dayz. I have played over 3,000 hours of Arma 3 across my multiple accounts and loved playing the Arma 3 Altis Life RP mode the most. The sense of having the Role-Play and either being a civilian, EMS, or Police officer was awesome. I don't know how many people would love this on console, but I do know that there are limitless supporters of this game that would love to have that aspect running smoothly on a console as well as still on pc. I know it would be a long process, but it would also spread the support of the game and rack in more money for the company. I believe gamers on console would support this idea. Let me know what you think. As I said, it's a far fetched idea, but if it happens, I believe it could work. Especially if it had a cross platform to it.
  3. The icons themselves do not affect the position. Do they? Wouldn't make sense, just an icon... I personally don't use modules so can't really help much except for code snippet above. There might be some module option that does the same.
  4. Disable the Task Types: Actions Set the icon to disable which is at the top of the list, your currently using the land task icon. See what im referring to here -----> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Tasks_Overhaul#Default_Task_Types:_Actions
  5. This is probably the same issue that was fixed very late into OA by Ondra but maybe not merged into A3. Another problem here he fixed/changed from what i recall may be that at mission start all units get (a little) awareness (of all vehicles?) - engine running may push knowsAbout then high enough for real unit knowledge.
  6. no message like that, working fine for me. confirmed TFAR beta and old version.
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  8. BMR Insurgency

    Hehe, real job takes lots of my time now, but still working on Insurgency plenty. WWII Green versions fork is complete. Lingor terrain update was released today. No major rework was required to mission only a couple of adjustment. More landmass was added and also potential places for a few more grid zones. Unfortunately the Dingor counterpart was not updated so I'll have to not add more grid zones in order to keep Dingor compatibility for now. I might get a chance to test some of the ACE compatibility features on a friends server this week. Looking to 1.49 release this next weekend hopefully. 1.49beta Altis updated with a few more fixes some are ACE related others not. In bon_recruit_units\init.sqf bon_dynamic_list = true;// Select false if you want to use a a static unit list. You can customize static lists in recruitable_units_static.sqf
  9. Music Recommendations

    Band Name: Wolfsheim Title: The Sparrows And The Nightingales Country: Germany Band Name: Motorama Title: Heavy Wave Country: Russia Band Name: VNV Nation Title: When is the Future (brand new release) Country: GB/Ireland
  10. GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Well, since you asked.... Politics. Id always wanted a politically driven CTI that is dynamically driven by events actually taking place on the BattleMap. So alot of Civilians killed by OPFOR during Artillery strike and spotted by Neutral UN type force -they take a financial hit and perhaps stop using that sort of attack for a while at least in that area. This could lead to alot of cat and mouse games trying to lure the enemy AI into a major political mistake via military action. Different AI general leadership personalities could be fun too (Ruthless, Cautious, Fruity, Hasty etc) Lets be honest, modern day warfare rules are determined daily by what is reported and how it is interperated by the world population. Wars have alotta perception rules unless your sadly in Syria when the OPFOR just dont care.. Yeah its be a beast to code but i play the everlovin sex outta it
  11. Large Static Models

    Thanks TeTeT, I use sublime(Poseidon I think) and I have PBO maker which can PBO, what I'm asking is for the directory, I will keep poking around... or are you saying its the jdg_carrier.pbo in the Jets addons folder? Thanks again! Nvm found it!
  12. Getting into an occupied enemy vehicle.

    YES. this is information critical to me. I have an idea, I can have a "Vehicle boarding station" at the base HQ. 8 triggers, one for each player, placed over a helipad and marked on the map. Triggers activation condition: "synchronized player present". On activation "P_1 setCaptive TRUE;" On Deactivation "P_1 setCaptive FALSE;" The work around is that when players are in the "Boarding station" they are captive and not sideEnemy. So they can get into vehicles with one another. Thank you Pierre. Testing now. update soon........
  13. Getting into an occupied enemy vehicle.

    Hi, yes. I have done that here. The why is renegade units are sideEnemy and cannot use drones or get into vehicles with anyone else. I know it's a headache but I feel like a solution is just around the bend.
  14. [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    Loving it, the BTR-80 is new. Didn't know that was on the list.
  15. Looks amazing from the couple of mins I had to try it. One glaring issue I found though is the road up to the church on top of the mountain is ridiculous. It's almost like trying to drive up stairs at some spots. I'm sure that'll all get sorted though. Congrats on what looks like an amazing map. I can't wait to start making mission on it once the bugs get ironed out.
  16. [ACE SP CO-8] Combat Den

    Update v3.0.0 Added support for RHSAFRF Added support for RHSUSAF Added support for ProjectOPFOR Added Takistan terrain
  17. I guess we have all the information we could possibly need, then. (Your mission.sqm is code)
  18. As per the discussion in the link @pierremgi gave you in his first reply,,,
  19. Primary design is community play so MP is the focus but with the recruitment feature, it can be played as single player just not through the single player menu.
  20. CQB Training mods- RHS USAF, Recolor, Direone Combat Poses, Task Force Aspis, Military Gear Pack, NiArms Hk416, 3CB Equipment
  21. Check the Z parameter of your task module. It must be less than the depth (positive value) to be displayed at the sea level. You probably moved your ship from deeper sea to shallow water, then moved your task module accordingly. The why it's too high. Simple as that.
  22. These functions are "getter" functions, returning true/false along with the allegiances. The only way to change these allegiances is done by setFriend command, for whole sides. The only work around is to setCaptive the vehicle or the crew, to jump into it. That doesn't imply all the side(s) btw.
  23. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, Thank you! Did you try to launch your modified version as an host with debug activated? And check if the cache position works in your version? Cheers
  24. What is the task name? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination ["yourTaskName", [getPos aircraftCarrier select 0, getPos aircraftCarrier select 1, (getPos aircraftCarrier select 2) - 50]] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; Where aircraftCarrier is the var name of it. Not sure how it gets the position. If it uses getPos and it still is positioned in the air then it is related to the box model I assume so you will have to offset it. Not tested!
  25. Making a trigger repeatable, but more than this, running on each list modification: - a simple repeatable trigger will fire, then run the code once when activated, then will wait to be deactivated then activated again to run the code. example: a BLU unit enters a trigger and matches the condition, the code runs and no matter if another unit matches the same condition at his turn, the code will not run again till the trigger is deact/act. Te second entry is not taken into account (except within a 0.5 sec slot from 1st one). (I hope it's clear). For an "updated" code, in a repeatable trigger: on Cond.: isNil "aVariable" && yourCondition on Act.: your code; aVariable = true; on deact.: 0 = [] spawn {sleep aMoment; aVariable = nil}; That's equivalent to a while true loop. unitsBelowHeight is not fine for landing on top of a roof (using an ATL position). Use getpos someUnit select 2.
  26. This is phenomenal. Is there a non-module version that can be dropped into mission script folders? I'd like to customize it for use with UNSUNG.
  27. anti ship missiles searches ships as it is an anti ship missile like the name states anti ship
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