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  2. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Thanks for the response. The issue seems to have resolved itself though. It may have just been a glitch caused by a mod or A3 itself not loading properly or perhaps something else. After a computer restart and reload of A3, everything seems to work fine now.
  3. pioneer

    Arma3 Videos

  4. Dedmen

    Mission File Error

    huh? the stuff on pastebin is clearly a binarized mission.sqm You can't really copy-paste a binary file, onto a text hosting site. So please maybe upload the file somewhere and link it here. Have you done that? if you did we can spare us the time and effort, if you manually edited that stuff in a text editor, you unfixably destroyed it. I hope you have backups (as everyone should)
  5. eddy1988

    Ausstehende Updates

    Moin, das Comunity Base Addon bräuchte n Update . Vielen Dank im Vorraus ! Gruß
  6. Dedmen


    Thats a mod with illegally ripped/modified arma 3 models. The models are also very badly packed (which you can see on the barrage of errors about it in your RPT) I suggest you remove that mod and try if it still crashes, if yes, then please upload the latest RPT and mdmp of that crash.
  7. Gl R Lau

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    Is this.everything.any word on server.stability issues.like.force disconnect causing you to lose your weapons??
  8. Dedmen

    Return case name

    No. But you could maybe make a macro?
  9. Terrain objects are streamed in/out. Even within a mission it might just disappear at any point. And the engine also doesn't save every terrain building into every savegame as that would just be a waste since they are always there.
  10. Dedmen

    Is this game even playable?

    https://www.projectargo.net/blog/uncategoriezed/unofficial-argo-servers-support-only https://www.projectargo.net/blog/uncategoriezed/an-update-on-argos-future Argo is basically not supported anymore.
  11. @pierremgi the cmd is useful for visualization of low level pathfinding, and to debug issues, to find what is best waypoint placement and so on so this lowl level insights gives a lot of option to make use of in creative ways
  12. Today
  13. Oldninja

    Rooftop control

    My view Fred, is that they are making themselves targets. It's hard to find cover once your on a roof.
  14. physics, checking which objects contact/penetrate which other objects.. Arma is doing physx calculation in seperate thread, that point that takes 50+ms there is "wait for physx calculation thread to be done with its work, and get the results" so for some reason, that takes a veeery long time. I assume you have some blob of physx objects flapping around somewhere on your map. I had a similar bug once, was about 200 dead ragdolling units at 0,0,0 coords flopping around in eachother in a huge blob. After deleting them fps went from ~10 to 50. in the profiling output you should be able to see that instantly if you look at it in the gui and see the long "px3" scope running in a seperate thread. The scopes in that thread may give you a better idea about whats causing the issue. Actually I wrote this before I scrolled up, you can already see it in your screenshot above. Dig down into the px3 scopes and see if it has any diagnostic info about what is taking so long. dynamic bodies maybe? 2160 sounds like alot. What is inside that dark blue px3sim scope from your screenshot? won't make any difference, Arma is using its own physx version, and it never does physx calculation on gpu, so moving to cpu does nothing as its already on cpu.
  15. Pyrit.

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    Fixed: It's no longer possible to peek through walls with a revolver Changed: Lobby multiple boosters - Player can buy multiple boosters of the same kind - new feature (Insurance is not influenced, only Better Crate and More Loot) Changed: The Better crate booster is now cheaper (From 45 to 30 Crowns) Added: New weapon PKM machine gun
  16. Dedmen

    achievements vs performance

    The difference would barely be measurable. So why take the effort. I think you can kill these scripts by yourself, I think I have seen them in the diag command listing scripts, so if you can find how these scripts are spawned (probably some preInit CfgFunctions) and if the script handle is stored in a variable, you can kill them with terminate.
  17. Screenshot says The message packet that is sent via steam query, which includes mod names and signatures has a max size. If you get above that max size (mod foldernames, mod names, signature names, number of mods) then it cannot transmit the data to the launcher, and the launcher cannot verify the signatures which is why it shows them as verification failed. That has nothing to do with spaces in foldernames (besides them making the names longer), or missmatching foldernames to start parameters.
  18. Fred Oskar Ottershagen

    Rooftop control

    What do other players think about players controlling huge areas with running around on rooftops with sniper or lmg? (Happens most in duos but solo too) this is new to me and I am a bit sceptic.. What do you think?
  19. Its a binary file, you cannot copy-paste it into here. I have some time right now at work to look at it.. Sadly you are on exactly the arma version that I don't have here. I have the one before and after the 1.94 hotfix, but not the hotfix itself, which is what you're running. I have it at home, and it just so happens that my home NAS also doesn't work for some reason... Maybe tomorrow then
  20. Fred Oskar Ottershagen

    Disable party chat in solo mode??

    Yeah its complicated... But I, with faint, memory of some games forced u out of partychat into game chat early Xbox 360 days or something.. dont remember wich shooter..
  21. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I guess I should record that video on some non VR world because from what I've seen, transparency/blur is more visible on regular terrains. Nevertheless, I've tried to increase blur for the inner part of the hole to make it slightly bigger but now I got feeling its bit too much. I pushed it to svn anyway so people can test it so we will see how feedback goes.
  22. Oooh, hello. Something new to play with! Thanks kzk
  23. Janne Narkilahti

    Disconnects cause item loss

    I have faced many times that kinda of issue and send this kinda of message to Bohemia many times, but nothing real answers so far. Issues like crashes ,freeze etc.. Problem is we are new players so we lose most of our resources because of that. Example our best weapons what we cannot craft yet and materials etc etc. So fast calculation is that I have lose few Suomi Kp`s , few M2 Carbines, few Es16A2 etc etc, few Aurs and ADRs and thats bad for all of us.. Thats bad because I dont have plans to craft them and weapons like Pa md.86 what I can craft I have lost about 5-6 pieces. Then bullets and consumables... Cannot remember how much. So totally I have lost to much of materials and I can't get these back.. These are just few examples - > https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/70b33f5a-234f-4964-a6cf-5c4305c25296 https://xboxclips.com/jannena77/f82c22ca-1281-4650-81b3-ac171b1de415
  24. See Example 3 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/calculatePath
  25. If they work, then there is probably scripting involved. Since pylon weapons are "just" magazines (not even weapons), there is no way to add anything in terms of functionality to a plane or chopper unless you script it
  26. Xaphan Misanthrop


    great update, every time a match starts you land to play press start screen Now it happens for the fourth time in a row...It's just annoying and honest, I prefer to watch a round of Netflix....🤮🤮🤮
  27. infinitystonesquare

    frequent disconnects

    I get disconnect very often even though my internet connection is stable and wired. Sometimes it takes me 5-6 tries to even get a single game running. Sometimes I get disconnected from within the game but usually I get disconnected in the shelter or while sitting in the lobby, waiting for a game to start. What can I do to check my internet connection or what can I do to prevent this from my side? Any help is appreciated at this point, even though I doubt it's my connection. Maybe it is a congested server? I am playing from Germany, Berlin. The disconnects go up to the point where I am losing interest in the game. It also prevents me from buying any coins as getting disconencted that often makes no sense. you boost a crate and get disconnected. Not fun, even though sometimes you get the coins back. Any help what I can do from my side to improve the situation is welcome. I have nothing ging on, no downloads/uploads, the connection should be fine, even though it isn't. I have a 200mbit down/50mbit up setup. Thanks in advance!
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