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  2. Congrats to the thread & THX for the work shown bro!
  3. Final balaclavas... .....more "frithed" assets to follow.
  4. Hi skruis, nope. We just want the map with the ability to write on it on a second monitor/device. We try to play realistic as possible and usually people don't have a gps. Or we know the map good enough that we don't need a gps :-)
  5. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @il_padrino From what mod are those faces in your pics?
  6. What do you mean by this, like armored plates that are welded on? Similar to this? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSdsJZ9-hPllF2zdkKEqth4rHNvTcg559br6fj_YxyIBRqWBwGjQg
  7. I took a launcher where the reticule didn't actually correspond to the ammo it was firing. I found the .paa file for the reticule. I fixed the lines on the .paa file - saved as a new one. Now i want to replace the texture on the launcher's scope with my new one. Only I can't find the line in it's config that points to the reticule texture. I was expecting something like scopeOptic = addon\data\myReticule.paa How do? Cheers, Law
  8. Hi Sgt_Kelly please, can you post here some screenshots of the issues you has encountered? Thank you
  9. Today
  10. @Janter SOF4, first of all I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm towards the mod itself. As for a release date I am unable to provide you one, nor willing to do so due to the complications it may or may not create towards the development of the mod in the future. As for the question remaining, I am unable to understand what you mean by this. Would you perhaps like to rephrase the question?
  11. This is my list with the classnames I am looking for: iV_radioObjects = [ "Land_Communication_F", "Land_TTowerSmall_2_F", "Land_TTowerSmall_1_F", "Land_TTowerBig_2_F", "Land_TTowerBig_1_F" ]; I think I have to use typeOf but I don't get it working.
  12. Thank you. I missed the PBOPREFIX part
  13. Probably it's best to take tour on the wiki, start with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/PBOPREFIX and remember $PBOPREFIX$.txt to assign arbitrary paths to your pbo namespace.
  14. That was the problem! But I did not fully grasped the reason? Is prefix in \camp like the name of my .pbo file or what? And if so? Do I need to kinda dynamically add it when packing an addon/pbo ? Because in my mission I cannot use this prefix - the path is invalid for it. I saw ALiVE Mod using file paths like "x/addon/functioname.sqf" but I assume they replace the "x" with a proper value for either addon packing or testing in a mission, aye?
  15. AI convoy. Best practices?

    Thanks mate. Good call on the little sleep. I actually have my homecooked fnc_spawngroup that contains the iittle sleep. :)
  16. Sorry for the double post: bad benson's result array brought up a last question: There's a way to remove the brackets so that the array looks like this, isn't it? ["hgun_P07_F","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag","FirstAidKit","B_AssaultPack_rgr_LAT"]
  17. I know it's been a while since anyone posted here, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I've got (most of) these scripts working on my Exile server, but one feature that doesn't seem to work correctly is the flashbang. If you stand on it when it goes off, you do indeed get flashed, but the entire server gets flashed too. Any ideas why this might be happening? It's an awesome feature to have, but I can't really have people trolling the entire server just for the hell of it... Cheers!
  18. bad benson, yeah, that did the trick. Many thanks, man! To summarize the thread for mission designers that might have the same question: With this code you can create an array with items, magazines, weapons and backpacks that are laying on the ground in a trigger area: //Code by bad benson with elements of Schatten's function: _trigger = trigger_0; _stuff = [[],[],[],[]]; _objs = (nearestObjects [_trigger, ["WeaponHolder", "WeaponHolderSimulated"], selectMax ((triggerArea _trigger) select [0, 2])]) select {_x inArea _trigger}; _objs inAreaArray _trigger apply { (_stuff select 0) append (weaponCargo _x); (_stuff select 1) append (magazineCargo _x); (_stuff select 2) append (itemCargo _x); (_stuff select 3) append (backpackCargo _x); }; To show the array: hint str (_stuff); @bad benson's code creates an array with classname strings for each individual item. E.g.: [["hgun_P07_F"],["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"],["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"],["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"],["FirstAidKit"],["B_AssaultPack_rgr_LAT"]] If you need an array that looks like this: [[["hgun_P07_F",1]],[["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",3]],[["FirstAidKit",1]],[["B_AssaultPack_rgr_LAT",1]]] then you can use @Schatten's function: SCH_fnc_getStuffInsideTrigger = { private _allStuff = [ [], [], [], [] ]; params [ ["_trigger", objNull, [objNull]] ]; if ((isNull _trigger) or {(typeOf _trigger) != "EmptyDetector"}) exitWith {_allStuff}; private ["_className", "_classNames", "_index", "_quantities", "_quantity", "_stuff", "_stuffOfType", "_weaponHolder", "_weaponHolders"]; _weaponHolders = (nearestObjects [_trigger, ["WeaponHolder", "WeaponHolderSimulated"], selectMax ((triggerArea _trigger) select [0, 2])]) select {_x inArea _trigger}; { _weaponHolder = _x; { _classNames = _x select 0; _quantities = _x select 1; _stuffOfType = _allStuff select _forEachIndex; { _className = _x; _quantity = _quantities select _forEachIndex; _index = _stuffOfType findIf {(_x select 0) == _className}; if (_index >= 0) then { _stuff = _stuffOfType select _index; _stuff set [1, (_stuff select 1) + _quantity]; } else { _stuffOfType pushBack [_className, _quantity]; }; } forEach _classNames; } forEach [ getWeaponCargo _weaponHolder, getMagazineCargo _weaponHolder, getItemCargo _weaponHolder, getBackpackCargo _weaponHolder ]; } forEach _weaponHolders; _allStuff }; Show the result / call the function with: hint (str ([trigger_0] call SCH_fnc_getStuffInsideTrigger)); Many thanks to you both, guys.
  19. ArmA 2 Animations To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3

    A2ATA3 | UPDATE 0.9 - READY! CURRENT VERSION: 0.9 # This version is fixes most of animation issues with sounds and mismatches in configuration. (Getting closer to modular animations yay ) ## Also, don't forget about this mod page on GitHub and GitHub Dev Tracker ### Oh, almost forgot: be sure to check out new trailer -
  20. Eagle Wing Campaign Remake

    hey there! been having a.. smol issue regarding the mission, i cant seem to get the 2nd mission to work, after finishing the first mission, it kicks me right back to the main menu
  21. People teaming up and no gamertags to report

    It's actually easier than you think. All you have to do is queue up for a game on the same map, at the same time. Chances of both players ending up in the same match is actually pretty high.
  22. Have you tried rolling back those driver updates?
  23. The multiplayer servers aren't popping up for me, has this happened with anyone else? EDIT: nevermind!
  24. I know that this issue isn't uncommon for games that you are running through Steam such as Arma 3 & Elite Dangerous but any solution I find isn't working such as disabling the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support in Steam, which wasn't enabled in the first place for me. I've tried a lot of different things to attempt to get Arma 3 to detect my joystick and just am having no luck so I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. The odd thing is that Arma 3 is detecting my Throttle but not my joystick when just six months ago it was detecting both and working just fine. I've also just updated all of my drivers and even reinstalled the new device manager from Logitech that you're supposed to use. Please help! Thanks yall.
  25. xbox insider

    El mismo problema, ¿alguien sabe una solución?
  26. Yes and no, currently in Arma there exists no way for me to implement the mechanics I would require in which I would want to release it. In the interests of clarity this might see the light of day in a future engine or if features are added to RV that enable the implementation I desire, until then I will have this thread locked.
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