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  2. TPW MODS 20191215: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7w3b1h0l0834un/TPW_MODS.zip Changes: [ANIMALS 1.58, CORE 1.78, FOG 1.80, SOAP 1.52] Added Virolahti, Esseker and Uzbin Valley. [CORE 1.78] Hidden houses ignored for all ambience. [SOAP 1.52] Added car stereos to civilian traffic. Hi everyone. My apologies for the long time in between updates. The last few months have been a professional and mental health shitfest for yours truly, which further weakened my resolve to play and code for A3. To be honest I've spent most of that time playing around with clutter/environment/lighting/sounds/vegetation on my favourite official and mod terrains, to try to make the environment more to my taste. So I'm now sitting on a large number of config patches and vegetation replacement scripts for a range of terrains, including: Cham, Svartmarka, Ihantala, Khoramshahr, Kujari, Livonia, Lythium, Ruha, Uzbin Valley, Vinjesvingen, Weferlingen. If anyone is interested I may release them at some stage. In the mean time, here's a version of TPW MODS with a few improvements. I'll work on some of the bug reports from the last few months and will release fixes for them before too long hopefully.
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  4. I noticed since I started playing on Arma3 (contrary to Arma2), every time I tried to change formation (especially from "line" to "file") the AI initiated this "dance" that took forever to form a complete formation (watch video). Apparently I just found a way to stop this (I don't think this is documented anywhere else). This subject is also related to at least these two topics (1, 2). I'd like here to alert to the existence of this problem but also this apparent simple solution and to ask BI (as mentioned as a possibility on the links given) to no remove the option of "Hard formation" in the future, because now, by enabling it the AI maneuvers as it is supposed to and much closer to Arma2's behaviour. Thanks. Solution: 1st part is default, 2nd part is not.
  5. All I get is cease fire while shooting at them. I had another ai standing right beside and no announcement that I killed the guy. I didn't edit your script at all just copy and pasted it in.
  6. gogsworld

    Some servers working with BattlEye on Linux

    I'm the first on your list and am on Windows. Not Linux.... 🙃
  7. Yesterday
  8. accuracythruvolume

    Kujari: PMC ops

    Sounds more like you should consider joining our group of casual Arma players and get in on some of the multiplayer shenanigans. I'm thinking of giving the players even more things to do, in the form of side missions and bounties. Bounties will be offers of "bring me some of XXXX". Say like 3 enfields. Or a couple Lost legion uniforms. Side missions will start with talking to a random civilian in a town. I'll explore doing some kind of NPC dialog system in order to support this. Side missions will be multi-part to separate them from the main missions.
  9. Hello there, Bambies and Bandits! Now with Livonia assets available to terrain creators, we decided to spice up the well beloved Chernarus to new visual glory. To celebrate this iconic terrain and also Bohemia Interactive's 20th birthday, we'd like to announce the "Chernarus 2020 Screenshot Contest". The mods that allowed for the contest are CBA_A3, all CUP mods and static animation mods only. The winner will receive a free version of the "Contact DLC". Last accepted submission on twitter and our discord contest screenshot channel will be Jan. 4th at 22:00 CET, and the winner will be announcement on Jan. 11th 2020. The weekly updated public dev build of "Chernarus 2020" can be found on our workshop page, as well as on our Website http://cup-arma3.org/
  10. Be better off quitting now mate... since the 1.2 updates the game will go down in flames.

    Music Recommendations

  12. Erik24

    Amount of loot since update.

    It's all pay-to-play now.. better off just deleting the game and save your money!
  13. Just add an initplayerlocal.sqf in your mission file including this code and test this. It will change the values of resting and deployed to your custom , so as you can see : you can add your own. 0 - 1. There will be also notifications in the systemchat about the numbers and if is rested or deployed.
  14. I have been playing the game for a few months now and loved the whole survival type of game where you can run-n-gun, wait for the crate, or wait until people leave the map and pick up scraps. The new with 1.2 updates simply trashed the whole game has turned into a run and shoot everyone and run out ASAP before the radiation kills you instantly. Why are game devs so scared to just be their own game and always just try to copy other games like Fortnite? I will assume these changes are all profit-driven to just push people in and out of matches quickly and drain their resources, so they have to actually buy a game pass even to play at all. What a damn shame it was the only game I loved since it was different. Uninstalling is my only option now!
  15. Sorry, I'm just asking, since I don't know much about scripting. What would that do, exactly? Anyway, thanks a lot for the help 🙂
  16. Erik24

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    All these new changes have entirely made the game trash at this point. Just to name a few: Whoever thought it would be a good idea to turn up the radiation speed needs to be fired. When in the water it's so loud I'm sure everyone on the map can hear it. The new Transmitter, Alarm Trap, is just coddling the crap players and makes it more unrealistic. The MOST important... not one word about fixing the junk servers and all the crashing. Maybe instead of making the game look dumb with Santa flying around, fix the game servers. If there is anything to take from this, its stop trying to be Fortnite and adding all this dumb cartoony trash to the game, and for god sakes TURN THE RADIATION SPEED BACK DOWN!
  17. I haven't tested any further with mods or such and i wrote this yesterday a little bit fast so i haven't really check this.
  18. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    Will be in the next Update.
  19. cry me a river kids

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    there are laser based IRCMs? How do they work?
  20. Beta 0.3 NL South-middle "Middle Brabant" Terrain Data: 42x42km in 5m cell cize 1.4 million Objects All main roads hundereds of landmark objects (mainly wind turbines and Antenna poles) Some hotspot parsley populated with houses and other objects. Update/Additions: - hunderds of thousands of trees generated - hunderds of kilomters of roads generated - dozens of Wind turbines placed - over 200 antenna poles placed - Sleeuwijk area updated - Gilze-Rijen in overhaul - Rucphenseheide/Roosendaal/Seppe area in overhaul The main effort will be in Biesbosch/Altena area, Rucphenseheide area and Gilze-rijen Airbase. Licence: - Do not upload to Steam Workshop - Do not use on Monetised servers - Do not use for Life servers - Do not modify this mod without written agreent of the original creator (me) - Future reconfigs are allowed specifically when an update to the base game breaks or degrades this mod. Any modifications shall stay within the intent to fix the issue. - Reconfigs specifically to clearly improve the mod (ie. spelling errors, lighting/sound improvement, etc) is allowed and can be released but all effort to contact the original author must be proven. Anyone who is up for it can take part of this project, simply with your Arma3 Mission editor. Let me know if you are interested! In that case, making your own hometown is perfectly fine. DOWNLOAD 0.3 BETA: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U9SA21IvV69lz0DacFhIrZ9Y1rgeaFkS @foxhound feel free to update Armaholic
  21. So I'm trying to make a zone restriciton area with this script: https://www.tacticalgamer.com/forum/simulation/armed-assault/arma-development/script-bin/1797607-zone-restriction-version-2 zoneRestrictor.sqf: I have a trigger with conditon and on activation It works perfectly for infantry. But whenever I drive a vehicle or a helicopter in the zone, it wont activate. I've tried changing the condition to "this && (vehicle player) in thislist" but that didn't to the trick at all.
  22. AH-64E Fix: Mod.cpp error New download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z1QfhXKX3psexcQavbxdKdnjHZA1qWuq
  23. 1 month ago I downloaded Southern Wardak, Afghanistan by Drifter. The map was amazing. Even tho it was WIP, it had the same quality as a completed map. The map had massive detail thanks to it's small size. However, there was one thing. It was broken. Broken because of the APEX Visual Update. So just like I did with my Improved Lighting mods, I decided to fix this map. I gave the map brand new lighting (not vanilla, the same one used in my Improved Lighting mods) and a new skybox. After taking permission from Drifter, I decided I upload it here. Download Link (don't be afraid just because it's anon, I was too lazy to create an account for it :D) https://anonfile.com/Zb4f82F5nd/Southern_Wardak_Afghanistan_rar Screenshots https://ibb.co/YRVrJQL https://ibb.co/syj7Pm1 https://ibb.co/F43rN87 https://ibb.co/3kjTx7T https://ibb.co/SnPntVt https://ibb.co/ypsxxSv Requirements JBAD
  24. mikero

    Mikero Convertwrp

    turn on noisy option and after crunching again,. view->output. Buried deep in that output, you will find that message adjacent to the line in the config.cpp that it's upset about.
  25. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

  26. Hi, has anyone here figured out how to use this command properly? supressFor = Force suppressive fire from the unit, will force soldier1 to do suppressive fire to known enemies during 10 seconds. So that means the unit must know about the enemy its suppose to suppress, how can we accomplish that? I want something like this below since i have an Ai group patrolling the area and if knowsAbout _target it will start suppressing it. doSuppressiveFire command is not what i'm after here. if (_group knowsAbout _target > 0) then { { _x suppressfor getposASL _target 10; }count units _group; }; Do we need to reveal target first? _group reveal [_target,4] ? {_x reveal [_target,4]} count units_group; or do we need something else, like doTarget? {_x doTarget getposASL _target} count units_group;
  27. Same here. But if you download the workshop version for non-owners you can still use it (as a little workaround until this is fixed)
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