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  2. I can't join any servers and the "Service states" keeps appearing with "bohemia backend initialization error" and 999+ ping. This issue is recent and never had this issue previously. This is getting ridiculous.
  3. Yamrock

    Shadows of the Motherland

    Hello guys, Is this campaign still available somewhere?
  4. Grotham Valley 13:00. Senirobi,monika#8480,kingkarcsy07,on3 Ghost,skelly#8002,downtownpk24
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  6. Hi PsychoBastard A couple of lines from the AIS setup config are not working correctly. Such as "medical education" and "3D markers". 3D markers false still show. and med education = 0 wont allow AI to heal(player can) if AI has no FAKs left. also, im not sure this is intentional, but i have it set to "allpalayables" , this works mostly, however if i the player get incapacitated,non playable AI are still coming to heal me. it shouldnt work that way correct? they cannot go into a revive state if shot however.
  7. Ive been playing Reforger with out any major issue for around a year, and today when i started playing my game would stutter after about 5-10min then freeze completely then after another minute or so my RAM usage would skyrocket until i closed the application from task manager. After closing I verified files then re-loaded the game and i would get the same results but even sooner. I also uninstalled the game restarted my pc then fresh install and go the same results. Havent changed any of my settings my PC specs are Ryzen 5 2600x, GeForce 2070, 32GBDDR 4 RAM and ROG strix x470-f gaming mother board. Should also be noted steam and Reforger are both installed on an SSD. Any help would be great thank you.
  8. I just tried with a blank inventory and plenty of space.. take a look
  9. The thing is I just wanna open the arsenal menu, I know how to make room for stuff when I dont have enough space for it..
  10. derViid

    User mission requests!

    I hope im in the right threat but anyone happen to have the ArmaA 2 OA "Armory v3" mission? Ive lost my PC data and so to the file went missing. Thank you!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Its not a problem, you just have no space left in your inventory, you got to lose some stuff to add whatever that is your trying to add. All your vests, backpacks, shirt, pants are full, look at the white bars below them their all over to the right.
  13. Yes I understand better, too bad the "all" command doesn't exist, it would have been cool. Thank you for your answers.😏
  14. You can use this instead: ([unit1, unit2, unit3] findIf { _x inArea thisTrigger }) < 0 There is no command all.
  15. Yes, you're right about findIf, it's not the quantity. The trigger will activate only if all three mentioned units are absent from its radius. I am using this condition: !(unit1 inArea thisTrigger) && !(unit2 inArea thisTrigger) && !(unit3 inArea thisTrigger) But if I want to use a command like this one: x_ inArea thisTrigger to do the same thing. I had thought of that: [unit1, unit2, unit3] all {!(_x inArea thisTrigger)} Unfortunately, it doesn't work...
  16. I have changed the saved data from the server's profileNamespace to missionProfileNamespace instead. Just a better idea all around... you can use this system on multiple missions without it interfering with each other, or even share if needed you can use allVariables command on it to collect all data for deletion. I have changed the data from a single var for each piece of information ( e.g KIB_#_Pos, KIB_#_Rating ) to KIB_playerData_# ( where # is the reference to the player, as per previous either varName or uid ) which is an array holding ALL the data for that player. Makes it easier to find/delete without having to poll multiple vars. I have made an action menu for the logged in admin so they can manage the data... "Show Admin Menu" - Will display the options below "Delete Players Position" - Will delete the position data for the current player you are looking at "Delete Players Rating" - Will delete the rating data for the current player you are looking at "Delete Players Data" - Will delete all data for the current player you are looking at "Delete All Players Positions" - Will delete position data for all currently connected players "Delete All Players Ratings" - Will delete rating data for all currently connected players "Delete All Players Data" - Will delete all data for all currently connected players "Delete ALL Data" - Will delete all data EVERYTHING that has ever been saved "Close Admin Menu" - Will remove the options above other than Show Menu just so you can clear the clutter from your action menu Again totally untested, let me know if there are any problems.
  17. Please ,Can you add strategic bombers, based on https://free3d.com/fr/3d-model/b-52-cockpit-8112.html ?
  18. Be careful, findIf returns index of the unit found, not quantity! So your condition, ([unit1, unit2, unit3] findIf {!(_x inArea thisTrigger)}) isEqualTo 0 will be true if only the first unit is not in area.
  19. Here is a youtube link to show you the problem (double clicking left first then using the middle mouse button)
  20. I appreciate this one: ([unit1, unit2, unit3] findIf {!(_x inArea thisTrigger)}) isEqualTo 0 or with the opposite effect: ([unit1, unit2, unit3] findIf {(_x inArea thisTrigger)}) isEqualTo 0 😁
  21. Hello I'm facing problems with the tab menu (inventory) When I'm close to some storage (bags, trunks, arsenals, etc.), if in the tab menu I want to open it (double clicking left or middle mouse button), it doesn't work since I have bought the game (2days). If someone could help with it, I would definitely appreciate it ! Thanks
  22. abudabi

    DLSS and FSR2

    This, but I'm struggling on 3440x1440, lowest settings, 1080ti which is ~~3060 not enough, Other games like cod warzone and tarkov both have AMD FSR 2.1(DLSS), which is almost double my fps on performance preset
  23. Hello everyone, i have a big problem with my arma reforger map, when i launch my gamemaster scenario, my game crash a few seconds later, i tried to remake the tutorial but it's worked, here is my client log and the crash popup text, thanks you Error file: https://pastebin.com/Rs4tF0zH Console File: https://pastebin.com/FXmP4Rbu Crash File: https://pastebin.com/mrDPQBk8 Script File: https://pastebin.com/UzupWWp6
  24. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    AH-1Z RC9 - Adjusted hit points LOD https://drive.google.com/file/d/118OF2710g5xKiZrKP3wE3woQ3GcclhMw/view?usp=sharing
  25. Slight improvement: (thisList findIf { (objectParent _x) == CHINOOK }) >= 0 😁
  26. What if another unit appears? Better solution: ([unit1, unit2, unit3] findIf { !(_x inArea thisTrigger) }) < 0 😉
  27. Hey guys, I have a problem with Arma Reforger Workshop. If i play the normal vanilla game, it works fine. If i want to join any server with mods, it will download them. But after about 20 seconds of downloading, my internet crashes, and all downloads turn into errors and no mod is safed. So does anyone know a solution, does anybody of you have/ had the same problem, what was your troubleshooting? By the way, the mod folder is into my One Drive folder, now its full, is there any way that the problem is caused by this? How can i switch file path to a normal folder? So you see maybe i am a little caotic and i have only less knowledge of this computer stuff, maybe if you have a solution you can tell it to me in a "idiot safe" version... Thanks to you
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