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  2. soldierXXXX

    Finding UXO's

    Hi. You tried to assign array instead of string so the command did nothing. Try it like this: Nuxos = position player nearObjects ["mineBase",10]; I assigned parent class, so you don´t have to look for every type of UXOs in your array and it automaticly finds all mines in player´s 10m area. If you wish to list only UXOs and not other mines, you could do it like this: uxoType = ["rhsusf_uxo_blu97","BombCluster_03_UXO1_F","BombCluster_02_UXO1_F","BombCluster_01_UXO1_F","BombCluster_03_UXO4_F", "BombCluster_02_UXO4_F","BombCluster_01_UXO4_F","BombCluster_03_UXO2_F","BombCluster_02_UXO2_F","BombCluster_01_UXO2_F", "BombCluster_03_UXO3_F","BombCluster_02_UXO3_F","BombCluster_01_UXO3_F","rhs_uxo_ao1_1","rhs_uxo_ao1_2", "rhs_uxo_ao1_3","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_1","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_2","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_3","rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_1","rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_2", "rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_3","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_1","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_2","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_3" ]; private _Nuxos = position player nearObjects ["mineBase",10]; ArrUXOs = []; { if (typeOf _x in uxoType) then {ArrUXOs pushBack _x}; } forEach _Nuxos; //ArrUXOs now contains only objects near player that you defined in your array uxoType. But there is one important notice. If you placed your UXOs from editor, they change into diferent type. You can find these types in cfgAmmo. That is, if you place UXO, which Editor shows as type "BombCluster_01_UXO4_F", then when you hit play, it changes to "BombCluster_01_UXO4_Ammo_F" and will be ignored in the code above. you can test it with: //insert this code into debug console (or your script) and in editor make a line of UXOs you want to have in your mission each only once (to not deal with duplicates in result array) private _Nuxos = (position player nearObjects ["mineBase",50]) apply {typeOf _x}; systemChat str _Nuxos; copyToClipboard str _Nuxos;//insert result into your uxoType array (remove brackets if you expanding original array) I hope these informations are usefull for you. 🙂
  3. nikiforos


    Looks absolutely amazing 😀
  4. mansigomez

    OFP Addon request thread

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  6. Strom40

    Vigor T-shirts - no XXL size?

    The black and red t-shirt - the tomato one has XXL. Would order today if I could get it XXL. Thanks!
  7. Rimsiakas

    [SP/CO] Force Through Game Mode

    Oh, neat! Yeah, to make RHS units spawn you have to hack into the spawner module logic a bit. Some time ago I did a port to Chernarus with RHS units, you can use it as reference: https://github.com/RimantasGalvonas/Arma-3-AI-vs-AI-Battle-Scenario-Template/releases/download/1.2.2/ForceThrough-ChernarusAutumn-RHS.chernarus.zip Note the SpawnAI_module_RHS_adapter trigger and faction variables being set in the init field of the Spawn AI and Spawn AI: Spawnpoint modules
  8. haleks


    Hey people! It's time for a quick SITREP on Remnant : there's a major update coming soon! \o/ As previously mentioned, the next instalment will focus on Altis as a scene for more ambitious showcases and game modes... Working on a bigger terrain has proven to be quite challenging given the scope of the project, but we're finally getting there. The most demanding systems are ready and run butter smooth, one of the AI/Faction population systems is almost done (yes, there will be others - each faction will have its own goals, behaviours, schedule etc), and I finally feel like I have enough content to start assembling the bricks together, so to speak, and start working on proper gameplay loops and mission structures later down the road. Given the size of Altis, some of the tasks assigned to the player will involve driving around or escorting Delivery Drones; scavengers and other factions will use vehicles occasionally as well. Roads being sometimes littered with wrecks and the AI driving skills being what they are, I had to write a new AI driving script - the one I made for Ravage simply didn't cut it, and trying to make something playable and fun with the vanilla AI will drive anyone crazy... But boy oh boy, does it work good now! The new approach is much simpler and efficient; on the last couple test runs, I had only one collision on a 2 km trip - right at the beginning, the AI hesitated on the first spawned obstacle and bumped into a wall, but once it went, on it went! That was one critical problem I needed to solve before going further with the rest, and - goes without saying - the new script will also be implemented in a future Ravage update. 😉 With that solved, I can bring the finishing touch to the scav population system (car patrols being the last remaining feature before "completion")... I'm quite happy with the way this one is shaping up too - it is much more detailed and organic than what I've done in the past. Each group has an actual camp present on the terrain, and a set of everyday routines : once a day, a team will go on a scavenging hunt while the others guard the camp, they'll try to find shelter if it rains, adjust their behaviour if it rains strong enough to spawn phantoms etc... Some of those routines are accounted for in the dynamic spawn system too : scav patrols spawn position for instance are based on the time of day (they will spawn at their camp at dusk/dawn, or right in the town they're scavenging at mid-day). The next update will showcase all that stuff in an introduction mission to the final game mode. And there's definitely going to be a bike : See you on the beach! o/
  9. Thank you @7erra, I will try this out as soon as possible!
  10. Like the title says, now when playing with my friends doing some missions they either; Cant get out of the vehicle at all, and are stuck in there unless they respawn (i cant teleport them out with zeus either) On their screen they get out of the vehicle, but for everyone else they are still in the vehicle. We can kill them by shooting at them in the vehicle. They can shoot us as if they were not in the vehicle, but are invisible to everyone. I am not sure if this is a mod issue or not, but we have been trying for a while testing each mod and still to no avail. Tried with a friend hosting and still the same issue, which leaves me stumped. Any advice/help is appreciated 🙂
  11. mansigomez

    FFAA 2.0

    Could you share the link? I think the other one doesn´t work anymore
  12. Tango hotel


    Can you include fh77b 155mm for arma 2 operation arrowhead
  13. Tango hotel


    Can you just make fh77b 155mm
  14. Gunter Severloh

    Enemy AI Behavior

    Hello DennyFrontier, Welcome to BI forums! So your using mods? if so whats mods? If the base, vanilla game the AI respond as you described then the mods your using is altering the AI's behavior. Something else you can take a look at if you need some perspectives and or other information on the subject of AI behavior is to take a look at the category AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting in my AI Compilation list under the threads section and open the Behavior spoiler, you should find some threads there talking about what your concerned with. Hope that helps.
  15. mansigomez

    OFP Addon request thread

    Yep, but that one is the 1.0 that I already have and lack some of the "final" features, so the version Im looking for it´s the 2.0 that I´ve heard on another thread
  16. I have refactored this to be easier to add to your mission. It still works the same as before. https://github.com/diwako/ACRE2-Custom-Signal-Calculation
  17. Version 0.6.0 released * Added support for CDLC or mod firstaid/medkits by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/54 * Added adjustable bleedout timer color by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/60 * Added armor simulation modes for both standalone and ACE medical modes by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/58 * Added options to auto hide UI elements by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/59 * Updated Chinese translation by @mihuan-0 in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/61 Downloads: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523439183 https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/releases/tag/0.6.0
  18. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Update for version 1.9.3 Added: * Add Nametags Rank Name Style by @jokoho48 in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/200 * Added setting to sync units in a group by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/205 Fixed: * Attempted fix for Error: No Object by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/205 Translations: * Russian translation updated by @estim in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/204 * Add Turkish Translations by @654wak654 in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/203 * Update Spanish Translations by @diaverso in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/202 Downloads: https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/releases/tag/1.9.3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1638341685
  19. Linux huh, got to say I haven't tried it with linux my self. But in linux the file names are case sensitive, so if you changed the folder from FOW to fow then that's one problem (And the reason it doesn't find initMission.sqf) Edit: not sure if that's a problem... i didn't know linux server doesn't like capital letters... Wish I could help you more but I know so little about linux servers. One thing I can do for future releases is to change the mod folder name to lowercase please let me know if you need any other changes. thx!
  20. UnsafeMutablePointer

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    Hi This is maybe the wrong place to ask because I guess it is more a server problem than a problem with your mission, but I would appreciate some help. I tried to run your mission on a dedicated server with Ubuntu. Server is crashing with the following error: The mod itself got loaded properly, but I needed to rename it due to Linux-Servers not liking mods starting with capital letters and I just renamed it to "@fow". The mission files and mod were both downloaded from steam and copied to the server via shh. Looking at the error message itself, Linux probably also does not interpret the "\" as a subfolder? Any ideas what I could do?
  21. Vdauphin

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello! The Hearts and Minds mission 1.21.8 hotfix is here! Now H&M requires CBA and ACE3 only. Changelog : Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed. FIX: Towing a vehicle freeze the game since 2.06 (@Vdauphin). FIX: Loaded UAV in ACE cargo don't have crew (@Vdauphin). Have fun!!!
  22. Updated Australian SOF - Added AMCU uniforms, equipment and units/groups - updated unit's loadout
  23. Steam updates almost daily. Every time I start up my computer Steam needs to update. I don't think that is a part of it. However if it downloads an update whilst it is running, either whilst you're in game or your system is idle it will always give you the prompt saying it needs to restart and show you the changelog etc. It wont just apply the update by itself. Nor do I believe its caused by ArmA trying to update whilst its running - that is a Windows block to stop files being altered/changed whilst they're "in use" so I don't think that is down to Steam. Much in the same way if you try to update a texture file whilst ObjectBuilder/Buldozer are running, Windows wont allow it until you've exited Buldozer as the file is "in use by another program"...As with everything though I could be wrong.
  24. Jackal326

    Broken helicopter autorotation.

    Pretty sure it didn't. Perhaps you used to use mods that added the effect (perhaps ACE?).
  25. veneth siju

    hotels and resorts

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  26. If you're not a Linux player, just buy a legit copy of Arma 3. That's it. We offer no support more than that for such pirates.
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