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  2. They were confronted about it, they claimed Gnat is dead and was the uploaders brother. When told that thats nonsense they started throwing racist slurs and banned the guy who was confronting them. Its just some racist kids on a power trip...
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  4. I want to override some CargoTurret classes of vehicles but the properties aren't overriding in my attempts. class Heli_Light_01_unarmed_base_F: Heli_Light_01_base_F { class Turrets; class CopilotTurret; }; class B_Heli_Light_01_F: Heli_Light_01_unarmed_base_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class CopilotTurret: CopilotTurret { //works }; class CargoTurret_01; class CargoTurret_02; class CargoTurret_01: CargoTurret_01 { //Doesn't work }; class CargoTurret_02: CargoTurret_02 { //Doesn't work }; ... }; };
  5. No way. Arma Cold War Crisis 1.99 Linux/Mac edition (Steam version) - is other game.
  6. I want to make the subtitles look COD style (with a blue name and the rest of the subtitles white). Is it still possible to do that? Thanks.
  7. gwenchlan

    Trolls and "red chest"

    Thank you for your answer ! I will try to get some trolls tommorow 😄
  8. Beyaco


    This one is shooting me an error. 0:03:06 Error in expression <+ random 30, (_jump_alt max 200) + (12 *_index)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit selec> 0:03:06 Error position: <_index)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit selec> 0:03:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: _index While I am content with my generic non-scripter workaround, I will try anything that you post and give you whatever feedback I come across. 🙂 Thanks, Brian
  9. If this is a campaign mission then either you aren't supposed to be able to enter it (a restriction that's forced by the campaign) or you haven't completed a previous task to allow you to get in it, if there is any. There are mission editor/scripting options to lock vehicles to prevent players getting into them, depending on how the mission designer has set things up. So that's probably what's going on here.
  10. Hi so this is my first day in game and I can't board vehicles I can check my inventory using space (default action) but can't board the vehicle how Am I supposed to play further into game ,I even tried to restart the game or the whole application nothing changed . So I checked different campaign option and in none m able to board a car (ground vehicle ) I was able to board a helicopter as I was not driving it
  11. I am going to do that, but I have mods that seem to conflict with themselves. For example, with chernarus redux loaded I get "Conflicting addon DSHouses in 'CHR\chernarusredux_buildings\ds_houses\a2_housev_3i3\', previous definition in 'CHR\chernarusredux_buildings\ds_houses\a2_housev_3i4\" Potentially also being the cause of crashing. Could this be a RAM related issue? I messed around with a-xmp profiles and with xmp1 or xmp2, I get crashes with the same modlist. On the default ram speed, I get no crashes. I know it all comes down to mod conflicts, but as I said, it seems with the new upgrade of ram I did, arma 3 is more stable when I set my ram speed to default.
  12. johnnyboy


    Great news! Vietcong was a great game.
  13. Just pushed v1.33, a small update that includes Russian localization (thanks to barman75 -- sorry for the long delay in merging your pull request!) and a short one-time message. It's available on the Steam Workshop and via direct download.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Yes! If getting into the ArmA hobby, I HIGHLY suggest using Notepad++ for coding. Its Free and easy to use. You can also get a plugin to colorize the ArmA (sqf) code... Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ KK's plug-in http://killzonekid.com/arma-2-arma-3-hybrid-syntax-highlighter-for-notepad/
  16. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    UPDATE: v0.6.0 ============== ADDED: Player Radial Menu (experimental) SHIFT+D UPDATED: Upgraded the Long Range Support Radio UPDATED: Hit/Damage Event Handler UPDATED: Lost/Dropped Gear UPDATED: Rewrote about 95% of CORE UPDATED: Official Name Changed to: Zero Dark Zero FIXED: Tactical Throw This may get worse before it gets better. This is the first of several updates for the summer. I'm in the process of rewriting the entire project. I added an experimental Radial Type Player Menu that's gonna be specific for this. Let me know what you think. SHIFT+D (default, you can change). Its only partially functional as its going to tap into all player click-options once all files get converted into the New ZDZ system. Currently only CORE has been rewritten. Note: Click the center Icon to go back one-level. Example: To use the Long-Range Support Radio (LRSR), place Transceiver into Backpack, and the Accessories into Gear Slot #3 (radio). Press SHIFT+D to pull up the Menu. Click on "Gear" then the Radio Slot (gear slot #3) to pull up the Radio Dialog (don't forget to Place the Module of course). Default Range is 5km to make a call. Extend out to 10km if adding the LRSR RadioPack Backpack. Press the R/T (Range/Type) Key for more options specific to the Channel/Support you are calling, for example: If using a Jet Strike, you can select the Direction of the Strike Run. Super busy right now with other home projects and getting into the Unreal Engine, so not sure how much time or effort I can put into this. I would like to at least see the full rewrite of all files and a few expansions. Onward and upwards.......
  17. Getting white terrain and see through any fixes?
  18. 4-325Ranger

    C2 -Command And Control

    For squad member AI AT to fire; look at target through gun sight or binos, select AT guy by F keys, then by default hold H key while looking at target, line up the diamond target marker, and release the H key. Pretty sure you can rebind other than H if you want. For focus group see this vid
  19. target_practice

    Blank UI? Blank/empty window?

    I suggest you try pasting it in something like Notepad++ first, see if that helps. Bloody hell you beat me to it. To corroborate with @Von Quest though, given that you seem to be enough of a scripting novice to not even know how to really use your code, we'll need to know exactly what you desire to achieve here in order to give the right advice
  20. Hi all! I am currently looking at the old classic camera script - the one that uses the Buldozer controls. I've been using it to capture footage of multiplayer gameplay, but unfortunately none of the spoken audio in radio mods is audible, since the player physically remains at their location when calling the camera.sqs script. I would like to edit the script so that it attaches the player to the camera so that as the camera moves around, the player can continue to hear whatever other players are nearby. This would be great for video production. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Camera.sqs For now I am using _this attachTo ["_camera", [0,0,0]];; on line 43 in the script fn_cameraOld.sqf. When calling the script, the camera opens like normal but the player does not move with the camera. Perhaps I am using the wrong objects or strings. Does anybody have any knowledge of that? Hoping Moricky might have knowledge of this. If anyone else does, please give me a shout! This could be an opportunity to make some cool videos. Thanks all for taking the time to help a novice at scripting, and have a very nice day. Sam
  21. npmproductions13

    Model deforming when rotating.

    No there isn't a reason to have it there I was under the impression you just had to label all selections as bones but obviously I'm wrong. I'll try removing those later this week.
  22. What exactly are you trying to do? Start there. Do you just want a blank empty screen while playing (realism)? You can turn Off everything in the Settings. You can run code from numerous places. It gets complicated... You can run code from .sqf files in your mission folder(s). Some Examples: - init.sqf (runs automatically at game start) - anyname.sqf (needs to be called to execute - example from a Trigger, etc) - Triggers can run code right inside them, by themselves - Objects have a box you can insert code into (double-click to open) - Debug Console (press ESC, paste/type code, then press Local, etc) - Mods/Addons (way too complicated to explain here)
  23. I'm testing an addon that adds things to a campaign I'm working on. At the moment the config.cpp file only adds one character to the editor and one vest. It looks like this: I have everything in its current state in a folder labeled "@Test_Mod" and inside is an addons folder and within that is the pbo titled "Test Mod.pbo". The mod shows up in the launcher and when I open the game it shows up in the bottom left corner of the main menu, but neither the custom unit nor the vest show up in-game. I'm still very new to making configs, so it's incredibly likely that I missed something, but what would it be?
  24. Barba-negra

    building with leaks

    Oh seriously? I did not know thanks my friend, I thought that property had nothing to do with it
  25. Now work perfect El' Rabito, thank you very much 🙂
  26. genesis92x

    AnimationName of door

    I am not the best at this - but I am assuming you want the code that will open the door? Or do you just want the door name? Or the doorsource name, in order to make it open/close? Here is an example of how I find doors in one of my scripts. I am sure there are better ways, you will have to adjust the scripts below to your needs. This code below runs in a loop - constantly checking for doors in buildings, and then executing code once a door is found. private _SelectionNames = (selectionNames _building); { if (["door",_x] call BIS_fnc_inString) then { private _doorPos = _building selectionPosition _x; private _WorldPos = (_building modelToWorld _doorPos); if (player distance2d _WorldPos < 3) then { private _Door = [_x, "dDoor_0123456789"] call BIS_fnc_filterString; if !(missionNamespace getVariable [((str _Building)+_Door),false]) then { private _HandleObj = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal _WorldPos; _HandleObj setpos _WorldPos; [_Building,_Door,_x,"Door",_HandleObj] spawn INT_fnc_DoorDraw; }; }; }; } foreach _SelectionNames; Code snippet from DoorDraw function: This part adds the door, among other things, to an array and adds a displayhandler that will allow the player to open/close a door by using their scroll wheel. I am assuming the way to get the door sourcename is what you are after? Look at the variables _Doorsource and _DoorNoSource. private _DoorArray = [_Building,_Door,_HandleObj]; INT_SelectedDoors pushback _DoorArray; _INT_SlowOpen = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseZchanged", { params ["_displayorcontrol", "_scroll"]; { _x params ["_Building","_Door","_HandleObj"]; if ([player, _HandleObj, 0] call BIS_fnc_isInFrontOf) then { private _DoorSource = format ["%1_sound_source", _Door]; private _DoorNoSource = format ["%1_nosound_source", _Door]; private _p = _Building animationSourcePhase _DoorSource; if (_scroll > 0) then {_p = _p + 0.4} else {_p = _p - 0.4}; if (_p > 1) then {_p = 1}; if (_p < 0) then {_p = 0}; _Building animateSource [_DoorSource, _p]; _Building animateSource [_DoorNoSource, _p]; }; } foreach INT_SelectedDoors; } ];
  27. Beautiful, now you just need a deuce or a M939, or both...
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