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  2. Hi All, I have a question regarding the status of reading in variables into a Description.ext file for a mission, specifically a profileNamespace variable that a player will have saved in the mission previous. What I am trying to do is have a dynamically updating ORABT class/module system that illustrates vehicles based upon if they were destroyed in a previous mission. During the first mission, the play can choose to destroy or leave enemy vehicles alive, and at the end of the mission a variable is created that saves all existing vehicle entities into an array. This array is then filtered (using joinString) to remove the "" (String elements) and essentially make it into an array of objects (plain class names) each separated by a single comma (,) mark. In the next mission, the Description.ext file pulls in this variable and attempts to pass the variable in place inside the CfgORBAT class - specially for the assets[] array in a sub-class. This is what the Description file looks like, explaining what i mean by passing a variable. I want it to illustrate the passed in vehicle classes int he ORBAT viewer, however it just displays NO vehicles instead. I don't even know if this is allowed, which is basically why im posting it here. Edit: LINK https://imgur.com/a/PinvUcN Am i just wasting my time? Hopefully someone can help me here. Cheers, Tom.
  3. redarmy


    well i have it working IF i use the default key binds,i guess the issue is something to do with setting a custom keybind or using an Xbox controller to temp zoom. Kind of odd. yeah i CAN confirm custom keybinds are working on keyboard but if the temp zoom is set to anything on a controller it wont trigger.
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  5. pierremgi


    Not sure you have the temporary zoom. No matter the key binding, the script is waiting for : inputAction "zoomTemp" == 1 You must try to understand how that triggers on your PC. Try actionKeysNames "zoomTemp" in one watch line of the debug console.
  6. Kopfschuss

    Odd visual glitch.

    I am having a very strange visual bug. Basically I guess my character has started taking acid because everything is pink and line green. My game now looks like a strange psychedelic music video from the 80's I am not sure what has caused this. It hasnt affected the one game I attempted to play much everything except the menu in game looked mostly normal but in my shelter it is a very different story.
  7. Kopfschuss

    cheating and unsport behavior

    Your situation is one thing if they are purposely trying to team together yes that's wrong but being friendly with another squad is actually allowed you dont HAVE to shoot everyone you see I have had many games where I have run up to people and just been friendly and worked together before. It makes things interesting and silly when you have an entire lobby just hanging around and doing emotes at eachother
  8. redarmy


    I have my keys rebound.But definetly am aiming then "temporary zooming" as it says in the options menu. My set up is odd as i use a controller to zoom temporary (Left trigger),and a button on the mouse to aim. I will try vanilla binds but i dont see it helping. Max distance,wounds,etc are untouched.I simply have vanilla settings in the module
  9. pierremgi


    That's not implemented for the respawn AI module. A generic code for that could be too heavy. For a specific behavior on specific units, you must script something adapted to your aim.
  10. GrogNog-e8af91c06399c530

    Getting An Issue with Drive Load Error

    Hello I don't know how to format this and i am experiencing an error when i load the game i get this Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (1072) and i uninstalled and reinstalled battleye, restarted computer and it still didnt fix it any ideas?
  11. barccy

    OFP Addon request thread

    I need a copy of the LaSeR US Navy SEALs v. 1.0. I'm uploading to armaholic and just now noticed my copy is only 5.8mb and has no readme, while the ofp.info listing says it's a 13.8mb archive. My download must not have worked when i grabbed it.
  12. I've only tested with one mission exported to Singleplayer, but the issue appears to have been fixed in 2.0 update!!!!! 😀👍 The bugtracker issue is still open, however.
  13. Shelter282

    How to edit lights in the car

    Thank you boss 😆
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hello everyone, the 737 is getting an update as I had a couple of free days: -New cockpit for the 737-600 (also for the military variants of course) -New winglets -New engine model (finally the correct one!) -Some new textures for the airliner (American Airlines, Takistani Airways, Horizon, British Airways, Air France)
  16. What is the issue you are having? Is the server not starting? Is the mission not loading? These XEH error messages should have no impact on your server: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/issues/886
  17. Mattzimann


    So, by default our AI is placed with enableSimulation set to false and hideObject set to true. How can I do that this also happens when they are respawning using the module?
  18. Could you also tell us what the issue is? From the RPT I don't really see anything wrong with extended event-handlers except that some vehicles don't support it.
  19. pierremgi


    You need to aim and right click (temporary zoom) . What are your set up? (max distance, wounds, balance ratio, ammos...)
  20. hansen111

    Position Algorithm ArmA3

    Yup, when im actually coding the system im going to have a routine putting players in arrays so its easy to use, it would be something like this (Not tested but you get the idea). //INIT _zoneNumbers = [0,1,2,3,4,5,6]; _gridZonePlayers = []; {_gridZonePlayers pushBack []} forEach _zoneNumbers; //ROUTINE { _player = _x; _mapgrid = mapGridPosition _player; { _zonenumber = _x; if(!isNil ("mygrid_" + str _zonenumber + _mapgrid)) exitWith { _playersInZone = _gridZonePlayers select _zonenumber; _playersInZone pushBack _player; }; } forEach _zoneNumbers; } forEach Allplayers; //To get the array of players in the zone 1; _zoneOnePlayers = _gridZonePlayers select 1; Edit: And btw if someone is wondering about grid sizes, radius ect then this system is based of the standard arma grid that the mapGridPosition function returns, a grid is 100m X 100m, every position in that grid translates to the same unique grid id which the mapGridPosition function returns when inputting the position. This system does NO distance checks but uses only mapGridPosition hence its much faster. If you need a circle distance check then you need to do normal distance checks but only for the few players inside the corresponding grid and not all players, again optimizing the method compared to only triggers.
  21. redarmy


    Hi Pierremgi Lovely SP mod here i really appreciate the revive. I have an issue though...POW isnt working for me.When i aim down sights and temp zoom in nothing happens.I watched the tutorial video and set it up just like you have it but nothing is happening. Im kind of clueless now.Only have CBA running. Any ideas why it wont work?
  22. pierremgi

    Position Algorithm ArmA3

    This is not a "typo" remark. Your "pseudo" code runs fast because, as is, it has no interest at all... the result is immediate: isNil (mapgridPosition whatEverObject) returns false at once. You should explain your "grid system". At this time, the simple use of mapGridPosition has no sense and most of readers can't understand how to you manage your areas, the distances, the radius... and all geometric things you don't mention here. Now, if you're attempting to work with the dynamic simulation grid or something like this, you should explain a little bit.
  23. Did you always want a "Scuba/SDV SEALs team 6-flavor" infiltration mobile spawn point? Look no further; in an upcoming SP campaign I'm releasing soon, inspired by the awesome mobile HALO spawn point BY RickOshay, featuring immersive teleporting inside the plane, sound fx, green lights, and whatnot... "I"...no..WE 😋came up with this little script. The script will be released upon mission publishing, for everyone to share. here a little teaser... A deep help goes also to the guy at the ArmA3 discord channel, particularly at Leopard 20 and Grezvany13 for the HUGE help! Credits go to them as well. NOTE: the script is tested in SP. MP development needed...
  24. Synchronized

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have a question, does the Armatas have that special anti radiation coating in order to difficult radar locking? Does ArmA simulate that?
  25. phronk

    Position Algorithm ArmA3

    Haven't tried your method @hansen111 but if it's 250+ times faster than inArea, that sounds yummy. One thing with triggers though is you can also use thisList with triggers, which returns all objects in the trigger that can trigger it, if any. So if player is in the trigger, thisList will equal [player] if the trigger is set to "ANYPLAYER". That method has been fastest for me, but I'm all about optimization so who knows. Maybe you're onto something. I find a lot of stuff on the wiki to be situationally correct or inaccurate sometimes. Trial and error through experimentation and do what works for you!
  26. zagor64bz

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    I see...thanks anyway.
  27. as for the code you are asking about @DEH4NK are you wanting the player to remain as a bambi?
  28. I just pushed a fixed version on the githublink, It was brought to my attention that the UID portion was not working on the last version so I fixed and tested it thoroughly and all is working now.
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