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  2. Locality in multiplayer maybe? Waypoints are a group function, but I seem to recall a problem I had to overcome some months ago where waypoint condition was detected on all but waypoint expression ran only on the machine where the leader was local.
  3. Sabre's Secret Weapons

    Please consider to edit your first post, there is no need to post 4 separate times.
  4. Arma 3 - Top 25 MP games

    Well deserved indeed. Close(ish) to perfect.
  5. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    As we’ve just had tanks DLC I would have expected some MAJOR improvements to the driving of tanks. If you cannot get to where you want in a battle, what difference does it make if they look wonderful inside or have an improved damage model. Hell, for that matter, if they CANNOT reverse away from a threat (keeping max armour facing the enemy) what is the use of them??
  6. A quick question about BIS

    Mmmm, you're a game late mate. After ArmA 2, BIS has released ArmA3 in 2013, then several DLC's and now it is moving onto another game, that we hope it'll be something like ArmA 4.
  7. Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3

    hello, thanks for the acr mod for arma 3, i have this mod including cup and rhs. but...where is the rm-70?
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  9. [Release] WallBreaching

    @Jnr4817 Oooohh, yeah I might have an idea why that is. In the initPlayerLocal.sqf, please replace this: nul = [] execVM "MIL_WallBreaching\initialiseClient.sqf"; With: nul = [] spawn { waitUntil {missionNamespace getVariable ["MIL_fnc_wallBreachingInitialised",false]}; nul = [] execVM "MIL_WallBreaching\initialiseClient.sqf"; }; Let me know how it goes. If it works, then I'll have to make the change for an update hopefully before the end of the week. Edit: I'd do it myself, but I've got work that's taking priority over most other things this week
  10. Animating In OFP

    For me that number is a time of interpolation between two animations. My thought is : Interpolationtime (inverse of interpolationspeed) is the time of interpolation between two identical animations (for exemple, the run forward animation). Default of interpolationspeed is "6", which gives an interpolationtime of 0.11 second, which is very short. Then, for an interpolation of two different animations, the config changes that default time (or any default parent class time) by a specific one, longer or shorter than the default one. For example : class CrouchToCombat: Default { preload = true; actions=CombatActions; file=klekdostani.rtm; speed=-0.4; looped=false; soundEnabled=false; enableOptics=false; connectFrom[]={Crouch,0.5}; connectTo[]={Combat,0.5}; interpolateTo[]={CombatDying,0.1,CombatDyingVer2,0.1,CombatDyingVer3,0.1}; }; The interpolation between the crouchtocombat anim and the dying one is very short (almost immediate), while : class CrouchToCrouchSprintF: Default { preload = true; actions=CrouchRunFActions; file=klekbeh.rtm; speed=-0.4; looped=false; soundEnabled=false; connectFrom[]={Crouch,0.4}; enableOptics=false; connectTo[]={CrouchSprintF,0.4}; interpolateTo[]={Crouch,1}; }; The interpolationtime between crouchtocrouchsprintF and crouch is longer (1 second), which sort of means that it takes 1 second from the crouchtocrouchsprintF animation to come back to the crouch one. About the "class interpolations", i suppose it does fill some missing gaps. For example : crouchF[]= { 0.5, CrouchIM, CrouchRunF,CrouchRunLF,CrouchRunRF,CrouchRunL,CrouchRunR, CrouchSprintF,CrouchSprintLF,CrouchSprintRF }; However in the "class states", CrouchRunF is only interpolated to "crouch" (its default state, where it came back when you stop moving), as below : class CrouchRunF: CombatRunF { actions=CrouchRunFActions; connectAs=CombatRunF; interpolateTo[]={Crouch,1}; enableOptics=false; }; So when you're running forward (pressing the forward key), the engine must know how to interpolate the CrouchRunF anim with other forward anims, as those interpolations are not defined in the "class states". I guess that's the purpose of the interpolations class.
  11. Thanks for the answer. Strangely it doesn't work. When I put a hint in it it gives me the correct name for %1 so it should work. I tested this with a named unit: And it doesn't even work ... It seems I simply can't execute an animation in a trigger statement. Can anyone think of a workaround?
  12. With both ArmA 2 and OA out, patches pretty much done - what is the Studio doing now?? I mean.. Everyone isn't working on the British DLC are they?
  13. GF Cleanup Script

    The Armaholic mirror has been updated with the new version: GF Cleanup Script v2.0
  14. Sabre's Secret Weapons

    erreur: error=creating magazine sab_1rnd_genericbomb_500_mag_IFA with scope=private it's probably the problem which does that the ia does not use bombs
  15. Sabre's Secret Weapons

    I tried with everything types of bomb the IA plane uses only the machine gun
  16. Sabre's Secret Weapons

    TheCr8rMaker I tried with a bomber which attacks a tank the result is the same the plane doesn't use its bombs :-/
  17. I'm no expert but this has always worked for me, class EmptySpace { title="----Title break whatever you want------------------"; values[]={0,0}; texts[]={ "",""}; default = 0; }; class REACT { title = "Max number of seconds to choose best healer"; values[] = {5, 15, 30, 60, 120}; texts[] = {"5", "15", "30", "60", "120"}; default = 120; }; code = ""; };
  18. Advanced AI Mod - WIP

    That's good keep it up
  19. Animating In OFP

    I am only using a custom animation when I press V (and that enables 3d aiming and no it's not FWATCH it's the same trick that dan mod uses) but other than that its still the vanilla animations here take a look at the video : And about the Interpolation number - I did first think like you that it affected the speed of animation but I really didn't see any differences. And the reason I came to that conclusion is that my CombatToCrouchSIght animation didn't work properly until i put 1 next to CrouchSight like this: interpolateTo[]={"CrouchDying",0.1,"CrouchSight",1}; And my interpolation number is like this: crouch[]={1,"Crouch", "CrouchSight", "CrouchIM",
  20. Sabre's Secret Weapons

    TheCr8rMaker Thank you for having taken time to answer me :-)
  21. Assigned task

    What's your difficulty setting set at?

    For any reports I also created a Discord group that you can follow. Thanks, LJ
  23. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Probably in certain circumstancies game handles helo's landing poorly. In any case, sounds like clear game issue. Unfortunate, but nothing, I could fix on my end except making helos immune to damage, but fixing the game is anyway out of HAL's scope. BTW AFAIK it wasn't the case earlier. Something new, I guess.
  24. USMC 2035

    Do the US marines exist in armaverse in 2035? Have they merged with the army? Are the NATO pacific task force in Apex protocol consisting of marines? What/who are the 21st combat group or bct in steel Pegasus? I wish Bohemia would provide some more solid backstory/lore on the factions involved in the events around 2035. Maybe release an "behind the scenes/making of arma 3" article since arma 3 is complete.
  25. Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Sending you a PM to help troubleshoot.
  26. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, The database does not depend on .pbo strictly speaking, so when a database is available the mission will load it. Honestly, i don't see case where you can make the loading fail by modify just the mission.sqm (if you add new vehicles, the H&M will simply deleted it because they do not exist when you saved). To be sure everything has loaded, you can check .rtp for errors. No problem! Main documentation is in the mission or you can check this tiny wiki: https://github.com/Vdauphin/HeartsAndMinds/wiki Cheers
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