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  2. setDamage is AG EG (argument global, effect global) So, you don't have to remote exec it. check your trigger activation instead. Probably not working with a player condition which has no sense on dedicated server.
  3. Nugis

    OFP GotY v. CWA

    GOTY is v1.85 and you had to download the patch for 1.96 and it included all 3 OG campaigns. CWA is Cold war crisis and Resistance, doesn't include Red Hammer campaign. If you have OFP GOTY then you can download CWA for free and just upgrade to 1.99
  4. j0e

    OFP GotY v. CWA

    I confirm what @-Snafu- says: GOTY provides also the Resistance content. When I setup the server, in the far 2011~2013s, I used it widely - on my website there are still the stats, uha!
  5. That's interesting ­čść. I did the math (for a fuel truck, assuming resources are liters): density(Diesel) = 0.84 g/cm^3 = 840 kg/m^3 volume = 10^12 l = 10^9 m^3 density = mass/volume <=> mass = density * volume mass = 840 kg/m^3 * 10^9 m^3 = 8.4 * 10^11 kg Or one fifth of the world's crude oil production in 2009.
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I am looking for assistance in writing a script to allow the AR-2 Darter as an item in the Arsenal to allow members of my unit to place it in a backpack instead of having to use the UAV bag. I am new to scripting and have a little knowledge but not enough to script this out. I have the class identification which is B_UAV_01_F. If anyone can assist with this I would be greatly appreciated. Tullo 4th CEB, Combat Engineer Battalion https://www.4thcombatengineerbattalion.com/
  7. Jono the Cutest

    Ragdoll Effects Overhaul.

    I saw a car flew over 4 feet but 100 km/h straight to the 4-man team and killed two of them that setup a parameter 7 meters far away. In some case the ragdoll can stop the vehicle running at over 20 kilometers per hour.
  8. Im trying to destroy an object (hedge) via a setdamage=1 in trigger activation field. Works fine until I put it on a dedicated server. I've tried using the 'server' only checkbox in the trigger or without it, but the object's state isn't being transmitted to all clients. Can I do this without using a .sqf via a remoteExec command? I've looked but I'm not certain how to add my command into the BI format? // someScriptCommand; remoteExec ["someScriptCommand", targets, JIP]; ? thx
  9. Today
  10. Just started playing the game a few days ago and love it - a really unique game! However, one thing that's a huge issue to me is the support hand glitch/issue with most weapons. I have noticed the support (left) hand will either be completely off the gun, floating underneath the gun, or clip through the gun when holding or aiming with it. Not only does this aesthetically take away from how the game looks but its a huge issue when aiming down sights because the hand will sometimes completely block the front iron sights, making it impossible to aim down sights. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed but it really takes away from how the game feels and makes some engagements very frustrating. This isn't unique to any weapons in particular, I've noticed it with every gun I have used. Please fix this, dev team! Thank you
  11. Reddiem

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Version 1.12.162 - Fixed issue with wrong class dependency in rnt_ace_compatibility.pbo
  12. What files is it sayings is missing? An if pboproject is saying its missing then its missing or you have corrupt files
  13. Honey_Cake

    Objects do not appear on the map

    Yes, I turned it off. When i turned it off, map start compiling, but process terminated with this issue: rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rerun with -noisy option to see decode But all files is in. No one files missing.
  14. Whitey01

    Neueste Änderung:

    Neueste Änderung: 21.01.2020 | "Redd'n'Tank Vehicles" wegen fehlerhaften Update vorübergehen entfernt | "Redd'n'Tank Vehicles" temporarily removed due to incorrect update |
  15. I know - looking back on it was stupid for sure. Was an oversight from originally building this for personal use then going public after. I'm just disappointed in myself for not realising it sooner. Key is revoked and new version asks users to provide their own.
  16. Hi I am looking for help on the internet but I can't find anything. I would like to know how I can get / do something like this It's about custom name ranks with a nickname
  17. Whitey01

    Ältere Änderungen

    ├änderung: 01.12.2019 | Es gibt pro Restart 1-2 Spezial Fahrzeuge die spawnen k├Ânnen. Diese beinhalten 500 Goldbarren und sind somit 500.000 Credits im Verkauf wert. Doch seit Vorsichtig !! Sie werden von einer Gruppe schwer Bewaffneter AI┬┤s bewacht !!! | There are 1-2 special vehicles that can spawn per Restart. These include 500 gold bars and are therefore worth 500,000 credits in the sale. Because careful! You are guarded by a group of heavily armed AI's! |
  18. Whitey01

    Anregungen, W├╝nsche, Beschwerden

    Server l├Ąuft derzeit wieder. Mal sehen f├╝r wie lange. Sorry f├╝r die Unannehmlichkeiten !!! Server is currently running again. See for how long. Sorry for the inconvenience !!!
  19. Arfour


    Hell yeah, amazing news! Just yesterday we noticed the tiny update to your small Items mod and started speculating how far you are in developing the update. We'd happily test the new version on our server. I'll send you a message!
  20. I am taking this error 2020-01-21 17:49:28,410 [ERROR] 7 SteamLayer: Request failed: result: 15, req: class Steam::Query::CallbackQuery<class Steam::Query::CreateItemArgs,class Steam::Query::QueryArgs,struct CreateItemResult_t,class Steam::Query::CreateItem,struct Steam::Utils::DefaultResultChecker> *, id: 287684953777051813 2020-01-21 17:49:28,410 [ERROR] 7 SteamLayer: class Steam::Query::CreateItem query failed Screenshot
  21. snoopynator

    15,000 food for next set of crates?

    in fact, after the last "quest", it's reset to 0. So from yesterday, i'm just about to reach 1000. Therefore, a few players where keeping food in their inventory ( because they reach their last goal, and adding more wasn't give them more crates etc ). So today you will see that a lot of players are over 10k and more.. I think that the target of this next 28 day is more easy for new players and that's fair !
  22. I assume that is in Arma 3? Ideally you should host a server on Chernarous Arma 3 and roam around and then Host a DayZ server and roam around comparing the two FPS performances.
  23. I think the author has made it pretty clear it is: Or is blurting something you can't yet control?
  24. Is this accommodating new players? Im assuming, like me, anyone thats played this game for any time at all will already have enough food stored up to complete this...already!
  25. Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I'm not managing: passwordAdmin = "456"; admins[] = {"my steam id 64"}; Both of these variables are set in the config (I know the config is working because other variables are affecting the server, such as the hostname). Upon joining the server (the screen I posted) I press "/" and write "#login 456" and/or "#login", but nothing is being printed on the server nor any feedback is given in-game. "#missions" afterwards doesn't do anything either.
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