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  2. Warlords

    Good to here. As mentioned above. Some sort of restart/reset cycle would be very beneficial too.
  3. Warlords

    Is there a way to cap the amount of money AI is able to collect? It seems that the AI is able to sit and collect so much CP when players aren’t on that even once you get them back to their main base, they still have the ability to just spawn in an endless supply of recourses. The servers need to have some sort of restart/reset cycle. I.e. after 30 min with no players on, or even a player based vote to testy option. Me and and a couple mates just spent hours killing hindreds of tanks and thousands of AI and could never get the to where we could cap the final point. Very frustrating.
  4. Hi, I'm currently working on a script to create a vehicle and add it to a curator. The vehicle spawns but I cannot interact with it in zeus. Here is my script currently: This is activated by an action: _arrayObjects = getPos helipad nearEntities [["landvehicle", "air"], 7]; if (count _arrayObjects > 0) then {hint "The spawn point is blocked";} else {_veh = "rhs_uh60m" createVehicle (getpos helipad); _veh setDir 41; [_veh] remoteExec ["scripts\addVehicle.sqf", 2]; }; This is scripts\addVehicle.sqf where zeus11 is the zeus module variable name: if (isServer) then { _veh = _this select 0; zeus11 addCuratorEditableObjects [[_veh], false]; }; Thanks in advance!
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  6. Thanks, this is cool but I'm looking for uniforms with untucked shirts
  7. I made it!!!!!! I used sabotage.sqf by Malak Now the problem is that it seems that player has unlimited charges, like if doesn t take in account soldier inventary , beside there s no charge animation as in the next video: This is the first time that I made a scripting thing work, I knew, I didn´t write a line of code, but still, I m very happy! If someone could help me whit this issues, thanks in advance.
  8. Warlords

    Hey guys, I've been trying out making a Warlords scenario using the tutorial documentation + some threads around the forum. Naturally I want to make a custom asset list, but I was wondering about doing something specific that I expect may already exist, undocumented?... So when you create objects (editor, game, scripted, etc.) you have the ability to run commands on said object (initialization code/script). Is there any way to add an "init script" for specific assets? eg; class C_SOME_CAR { cost = 100; requirements[]={}; init[]={"this setObjectTextureGlobal [ 0, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(1,0,0,0.7)" ];"}; }; I'm assuming this isn't how it would be done (if it can), however, it would be a great option to have IMO. Personally I intend to use it for "painting" custom (workshop mod) vehicles Blue & Red for Blufor & Opfor respectively, but the ability to write init script for assets could be very useful for many things. If it's not available at the moment, could be worth adding if it's not too much trouble. Thanks & Take care! -Fourty7
  9. Hello, sorry for coment on this old post. I was trying to make the trawler sink to a charge explosion, using Magirot sripts, but there is not attachtTo.sqf scrip availabe, so I tried with EoV script: I put this addActionthis addAction ["Place Explosive Charge", "EtV.sqf"];on the trawler object's init. . I couldnt make it work. Please i someone could check what I m doing wrong, I will be gratefull.
  10. Respawn Ticket System?

    In mission have command [west, 1] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; tell me how to add a respawn tickets if a player did something (for example, the player approaches the box, clicks the "take" menu and gets +1 ticket)
  11. Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    Hiding rotors from radar these days can only be done two ways; put something between you and the radar (a.k.a. terrain) or electronically (jamming or cyber). Tilt-wing is probably okay with technology now, but it does have the problem that they do tend to be heavier for some reason. Also the down wash from the smaller props make tilt rotors look like a mild breeze. The smaller the rotor diameter the more air they have to push to get hover thrust.
  12. Found some issues so I am delaying the update. Making some major fixes to the tanks behavior to fix the "drifting" issues. Someone indicated on Steam that they see better behavior w/ the tanks but no fixes were published... engine fix perhaps? Regardless, in my tests the tanks are behaving "normally". Been pounding sand this past week to get these damn physx settings working better. Also fixing other things as I find them. :)
  13. @Mahatma Gandhi Ryzen 3xxx won't make your gameplay smoother, but will deliver more FPS 100%, because of its higher frequency. And maybe it will as well have a better memory controller for even higher RAM frequencies. If you plan to stay @ 1080p, a Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+ 8 GB for 270 € would be the best option to play on ultra settings. But I would wait for Navi as it's not that far instead of buying "old" tech, since you already have a RX 570 and it's playable for the moment.
  14. So I am still fairly new to this system on arma but I have made and exported missions before but now I have made a new file and when I export it the file just shows up as missionname.map and that is it is there anyway to fix this issue?
  15. Just downloaded to finally take a peak, uniforms look great! The greatcoats really fill in a gap among the current ww2 stuff available. :) One thing I did notice, the airborne m42/m43 didn't seem to have any carrying capacity/load.
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  17. 3CB BAF Vehicles

    3CB doing 3CB things...which means bringing outstanding functionality and content to the community. Well done.
  18. 3CB BAF Units

    Congrats fellas. One of the truly great mods for ARMA gets even better.
  19. 1st person ADS weapon sway

    I think the first person ADS has too much sway and recoil, especially on scoped weapons. without a hold breath function, it is almost impossible to shoot a sniper rifle or DMR accurately.
  20. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    LCA Tejas MK 1 would be nice to see in the game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HAL_Tejas
  21. Is there any Indian army infantry mod to addon looking to make mission to play need few more things such as (aircrafts, and few basic infantry weapons). so far I have (iaf hunter, mig 27, mig29, su30mki, tu 160) can't find LCA Tejas, or few other weapons.
  22. Im not sure if this is a rigging issue tbh, it might end up looking even weirder to make the cuffs follow the hands, i might just have to make them shorter, but now i dont want to for now Wouldn't say they are because those are rigger modified I get that they look tight but it looks this way to avoid clipping, so no I wont because so far this is as bulky as they get, any bigger they'll start to clip
  23. I cannot believe I never noticed this before. 10/10 easter egg, BIS! Scope: Schmidt & Bender PM II from CUP: Weapons (Originally Arma 2) Other mods
  24. We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    @Groove_C Yes, It seems like it. And this was with every background programm closed. For sure I haven't seen any stutter since I have this system but while benching with 4 cores, I have seen noticeable stutter which are in the results above. Not sure Ryzen 3k can be any smoother to be honest. But yeah, I am also looking forward to a YAAB Bench with one of those. My next thing is the GPU, as I don't play yaab all day and in real world, I am entirely GPU bound now. Or I just stay with what I have and enjoy ArmA
  25. SoldierWB, SoldierEB, SoldierGB

    Do CUP and RHS have sides screwed up as well, as in hint str getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _unit >> "side") correct values 0-opfor, 1-blufor, 2-resistance, 3-civilian
  26. @Mahatma Gandhi So 12/16 threads result in smoother gameplay. Imagine the FPS and gameplay smoothness with a Ryzen 3xxx 6C/12T )
  27. Okay so I need help with coding a helicopter pick up the nearest object that it can like an ATV for example how exactly can that be written into code some examples would be nice but I do need help on this. And also I have yet to find an example to work with to help me with this problem of mine.
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