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  2. You need to have your map tools in your inventory if you want to use them. So if you want to have them in the campaign, you most probably need to use virtual arsenal and add them to your uniform or vest. I'm not sure if there's any other way.
  3. In the editor, one can create what is essentially a whitelisted virtual arsenal box. I use this often to limit what is available to players in certain missions, and it works perfectly. However, I would like to export the "contents" of this virtual box for reasons. After poring over the Biki for some time, I can't find any commands that appear to be relevant. Is this even possible?
  4. I’m afraid it’s not a Stryker MGS -which is an assault gun to support infantry-, but a Rooikat (photo below), and like the Italian Centauro it’s a recon vehicle with anti-tank capabilities. They can be pretty effective shoting down tanks. They were designed to do so. But of course, they don’t usually work alone in real life. And indeed, they are called tank-destroyers in RL. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooikat https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/B1_Centauro
  5. my apolagies i misread DUCK features I was under impression it was only grenade avoidance . So im experiencing normal behaviour with my AI,thanks man.
  6. Star Wars - TIE Fighters

    Alright, projectiles now show up on thermal imaging devices - just referenced a default ti map in the rvmat file... Sensor components have been customized and now actually work the way they should. AI does a pretty good job at engaging all sorts of targets now.
  7. General Discussion (dev branch)

    @DnA @oukej I didnt know who to tag. Some feedback on the Dev Branch Change log, I've updated to the very latest and even double checked.. However a few issues I came across. Fixed: The Bobcat RCWS now correctly sports a 12.7mm HMG -The Bobcat still has the 6.5mm Fixed: HMG / GMG RCWS turrets now consistently use 200 / 96 ammo boxes -HMG Turrets still use 500 round boxes, while GMG is at the usual 96 Tweaked: Large vehicle magazines were split into smaller ones and their amount was adjusted -Still the same as before (pre update values) Tweaked: The magazine count on MRAPs and APCs has been doubled -Still the same as before (pre update values) Tweaked: The Marshall, Gorgon, Kamysh and Slammer coaxial guns have had their caliber changed to 7.62mm -They are all still using 6.5mm Tweaked: Slammer UP has its 120mm cannon back -Slammer UP has the 105mm, while the normal Slammer got the 120mm Tweaked: The shell count on tanks has been adjusted -Still exactly the same as before (pre update values) And that's all I found was inconsistent. I'm a tad confused though as some of the Dev Branch changes did come through, yet the above didn't.
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  9. What will happen to this addon, now that one of the 3d creators is no longer part of the OFrP team, and his models are feature here?
  10. Just use bis_fnc_VectorDirAndUpRelative
  11. If you mean about the magazine part - it's for the realism purposes. Since every other weapon in-game is modeled like that so why not?
  12. afaik the linux server binary got a problem with mods if count > x (13 if i remember correctly), you are also missing the startup parameters. also linux dedicated doesn't support > 2gb ram (no x64 till now) with this kind of hw i would setup a vm and run the arma server inside it.
  13. From one of my UIs: class towns : RscButton { idc = idc_spawnSelection_towns; x = 0.2125 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.22 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.1 * safezoneW; h = 0.03 * safezoneH; text = $STR_spawnSelection_towns; period = 0; periodFocus = 0; periodOver = 0; colorFocused[] = {"(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R', 0.13])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G', 0.54])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B', 0.21])", 1}; colorFocusedSecondary[] = {"(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R', 0.13])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G', 0.54])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B', 0.21])", 1}; colorBackground2[] = {"(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R', 0.13])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G', 0.54])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B', 0.21])", 1}; colorBackgroundFocused[] = {"(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R', 0.13])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G', 0.54])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B', 0.21])", 1}; colorBackgroundActive[] = {"(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R', 0.13])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G', 0.54])", "(profileNamespace getVariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B', 0.21])", 1}; };
  14. That doesn't matter! BI revive is just allowing you to get out off incapacitated state. I don't want to dig into exotic revive systems for checking how units are incapacitated. As I wrote, it's not a revive system question but the way the units are steady incapacitated. My scope is the BI respawn (switch on side player) or SP switch. The revive or not, doesn't mind. All non-BI modded respawn/revive scripts preempting some incapacitated state or not, are like they are. As I said there is a possible solution if someone can say what are incapacitation behaviors in this case. If there is some specific animation, just check for the animation. But... don't confuse revive and incapacitation.
  15. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Some one asked a yes/no question about the mod. If that's entitled behaviour and expecting some one to bend over backwards then the bar is about as low as it can possibly get for measuring entitled behaviour. The answer was pretty barbed, I stated that I thought it could have been handled better or just ignoring it would have been better response. It's not really a debate, it was an observation, do with it what you will. I think it reflects badly to snap at people innocently asking questions. Either answer politely or don't answer at all, it's really simple. I think that's a better solution than "shut it all down! lock it!" There's a good discussion going on about ammo performance, why should that lose it's place by locking the thread?
  16. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hey Vdauphin, great work on the new update! We want to use a script/mod that allows loading objects in vehicles physically, where they are seen like Boxloader (http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1199318917 Could you add a param to disable the cargo system or is there a simple way to do that through the code by commenting something out? We run a public server with a modified version of this to fit the public more (change rep hit on player death and added some vehicle respawns for transports), and if we leave double systems.. it gets confusing for public players. We would rather just disable it for the mod. Appreciate any insight, thanks for your work!
  17. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I apologize for the delay in the penetration test using APCs/IFVs. The problem I am having is that these "small" cannon rounds will go through a massive number of the light targets used for rifle testing but none of the heavy barricades used when testing tanks. I'm currently trying to find a good target to shoot at. I'll try and have it by Sunday at the latest.
  18. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Empirically speaking your tanks are very biased with that penetration gap jkjk. To be fair though the AP round for the AK74M far exceeds the M855A1 in penetration.
  19. Maybe. Can't say for sure without seeing the code. Sorry for late reply. I'm having issues loading the forums, etc... Just me? All other websites are loading fine.
  20. I'm currently using customRadio for nearly all dialogue because it comes in loud and clear. Eventhough guys in the same vehicle probably wouldn't use the radio, I said fu** it and use customRadio. Then it doesn't matter if you're in first person in vehicle or 3rd person outside of vehicle, you still hear the conversation. For me it wasn't worth fighting say3d...
  21. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    man im tired of seeing this constant cycle of some entitled prick coming in and expecting RHS to bend backwards for them, RHS getting attacked for relatively politely responding to the same questions they constantly get with the same answers they constantly give, and then a big debate ensuing about who is or isnt the meanie and who is or isn't right. sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just lock the thread or something. most important announcements get across on the facebook and twitter pages, the bug tracker exists, and the FAQ has all the answers to the... frequently asked questions.
  22. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    They ask questions probably because they like the mod and they are curious. As for the over an over part, I'm not going to go through his post history, but maybe this is the first time he's asked. If he has badgered you with the question over and over then that's something else. I'm just use to FAQs having useful information in them. There's very little of value in the FAQ, the intent of it doesn't seem to be to answer questions at all I mean the title right away makes that clear "Frequently Answered (Stupid) Questions". At first glance that just tells me, "well this is a waste of time to read." You could shorten the FAQ down to basically this, "Q: question... A: piss off lolololol". Humor is subjective, but I think most people would agree the FAQ isn't humorous it's lame. Fair enough. No you don't owe me or anyone anything. I just find the way some of you treat people interested in the addon to be really disappointing. RHS is fantastic the quality is great but there's a sort of pretentiousness that's really off putting in the discussion a lot of times. Every single addon that has ever been since the days of OFP is going to have questions about "Hey are you guys going to do this or is that going to be added?" It's understandable that it can get tiresome seeing the same questions all the time, believe me I get that. But I don't understand why you cannot simply ignore those questions and move on, you always have to troll people that at the end of the day most of the time are fans. There are old timers like me that have been around for years that realize it's a faux pas to ask "when's the next update?" or variations of "are you going to add X?" but not everyone one here is an old timer some people are new to the series or new to the forum and don't know any better. Thank god for that, it means the community is still growing and breathing. I feel like it doesn't service the greater ARMA community at all in the big picture to snap at them and act like smug elitist. I'd say just ignore the "are you adding X" or "whens the release" questions. Honestly though, if you cannot participate in the forum with out trolling and snapping at people, then maybe it would be better to take a break and not answer "any" questions at all. When you engage with people in that way you're only hurting RHS's reputation and at worse the community as whole.
  23. Truck loading squad problem

    Hello, Just getting into the ARMA 3 editing, tried to copy the above command to set a vehicle pick up and drop off at another Location. So I have the 4 man squad which are set as playable but when only 1 person is involved the other 3 automatically set to AI. I set up the "Load" way point so the truck drives forward and stops just in front of the spawn point. I copied the text {_x in truck} count (units group player) == {alive _x} count (units group player); in that way point I then set up the "Move" way point to the location, making sure it was set to 'safe' and 'normal speed' to make sure the group arrived safely and followed the roads. I modified ((!alive Unit1) or (Unit1 in truck)) to ((!alive a1) or (a1 in v1)) to match my variable names. I added the "Unload" way point What I am noticing: I am not sure how to program AI to just go and run into the vehicle yet so I have been testing the scenario taking control of p1 my designated leader of the squad and issuing the command to get into the truck The AI follow the order due to the rank settings and as soon as I get into the truck it moves along the road to the location I have designated as the end of the 1st way point On arrival it stops and then I get an error message "Error Alive: Type Group, Expected Object" New to coding so forgive the newbishness
  24. setOwner appears to do everything I need! Can it be that simple? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setOwner
  25. So basically I have been playing ArmA 3 and I keep getting an out of memory error every once and a while, it'll just keep crashing my game within minutes and jeez has it been getting me mad. I read online that it might have something to do with pagefile or something but I'm not too sure, I don't even know how to access pagefile and I have 116gb on the drive I have ArmA installed but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it? I played with my parameters a bit to get better frames but I don't think that's the problem cause all of my friends use the same parameters to match our computers and it seems to work for them, I also seem to have a better PC than them too so I don't think it's a specs problem. SCREENSHOT OF PARAMETERS: __________________________ https://prnt.sc/isb4z9 http://prntscr.com/isb521 __________________________ Wouldn't let me insert other media via url.
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