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  2. new airmen uniform, called "OCP" also in upcoming update, FIR Pilot&Crew pack is will move into FIR AWS. so previous Pilot&Crew pack(workshop ver.) is will be remove after AWS update.
  3. Vazlekk

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I am trying to upload an emblem to my Arma 3 Unit. We've put a lot of work into it when I upload it and click save, the file load fills up, it says "Unit Updated" and then a second later a red tab comes up on the right side of the screen saying an error has occurred and removes the emblem. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Today
  5. Change the camera angle and character postion back to what it was in preppers. The blindside is far to big now. You literally cant see anything to the left or if you hit rb, to the right. Played five games last night and didnt hear one shot fired. I was on fiske(the killers map)only. I think its because no one can see properly. Everyone is afraid to engage. Aside from this...Hunters is a great update. Ill play a few more tonight see if it was just my luck that night.
  6. Time for a new computer. I would like to run DCS Flight sim, ARMA 3, Microsoft Flight sim 2020 on the computer. I might want to get VR goggles and or use a big monitor(s) or TV. I am not looking to break the bank on the latest and greatest. I would like a computer that will be able to play the games great though. Maybe last years new stuff is this years bargain. Does anyone have suggestions on any already built computers? Does anyone have suggestions on all the components to put a computer together with? Can you save much by building one yourself? Thanks! Eric
  7. The Truest King

    Camera Angle and the Giant Blindside

    I just answered my own question. Anyone wondering what im talking about. Youtube "Vigor preppers gameplay". The youtube "Vigor hunters gameplay'. Your character position on the screen is almost completely to one side or the other depending on if you hit rb. No wonder my friend list is full of people playing other games used to be a third of my friends playing during preppers. Changes gameplay tremendously. 😕
  8. Just came back after a month break. Took my break during Preppers and just came back to Hunters. What in the living f**k happened to the camera view. My character covers almost all of the left side of the screen and feels like its actually been zoomed in. Almost feels like i cant even see now. If i spam the rb button it actually feels how it used to. Why was this changed? Is this a bug. Why is my character to the complete left side of my screen. Imo you should either choose between 1st or 3rd person. Cuz this 2 1/2 person view is just trash. Everything else is wonderful and this game has done nothing but gotten better aside from this. Anyone else notice this or am i just seeing it differently because of the break i took?
  9. Harzach

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Looks like it was Major Stiffy's. I downloaded both, but loaded one randomly. I'll definitely try Vafana's next.
  10. cb65

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    @Harzach which download did you play ? Kujari by Vafana or Kujari by Major Stiffy.
  11. I watched some of the YouTube videos of Arma 3. Looks like a blast. I need to upgrade my computer but the system requirements seem to be pretty low to run Arma 3. Is there a webpage/app that can evaluate my computer and provide advice on game settings? Thanks, Eric
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Portable signal detector

    Agreed it’s currently only a solos kit until that’s fixed I’ve wasted a couple simply forgetting it pings my ally. Bit annoying
  13. Harzach

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I just finished a fairly epic run-through on Kujari. Insane/sunset (dark)/most settings in the medium range, with high ambient combat/medium SAD.no arty. Using Incognito and LAMBS Danger + Suppression. Mainly tried to stay undercover, and got lucky within the first half-hour after literally running into a civi offroad in good shape. "Liberated" some NVGs and all necessary navigation tools not long after, which was my primary focus. Lots of dodging crossfire and stray rounds. Feeling the RP in a big way. Of course, at the very end, as I was scrolling to load my brother's body into the boat, a Kamysh rolled up and the world exploded. Ah, well. Kujari is a fantastic terrain, and Pilgrimage has been a blast to play on it. Recommended!
  14. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    ...Ha, I like to try to make my way up to a good vantage point and watch all the commotion around me. Then when everything simmers down and you decide to it's safe to move on, Bam, more action!
  15. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Took the mission to the end with 3 major battles and 27 reverts. No major issues, Everything seems to be working and CUP have released a stable version of the map which won't be updated as frequently. So I have put the ported mission on the Steam Workshop
  16. Changelog: v1.4.1 - Changed: kneel sprinting reverted to v1.3.1 (with default animation). Changed: kneel running raised replaced by kneel running lowered. Tweaked: kneel tactical raised is faster. - - I realized that the animation I wanted to replace was not the kneel sprinting but the kneel running with rifle raised, so I replaced that back and this one was replaced with kneel running rifle lowered. The sprinting can be easily replaced again if everyone thinks it's ugly, I personally think I grew accustomed to it, and also helps differentiate sprinting/running on your mind. I gave it a little boost but still plays some tricks on your head. Now, when you start running kneeling with the rifle raised, it auto-lowers it, but switches to raised on walk/stop: Here's the new AI running kneeling 😁:
  17. Yesterday
  18. Harzach

    Iron Dome Script not working

    Just tested, and it sort of works. When a launcher runs out of ammo, it throws an undefined variable error for "_interceptor," so maybe a check needs to be made for that somewhere.
  19. Coladebote

    Color change in map markers

    Problem solved with three triggers. TRIGGER 50 METERS OF RADIO (ACTIVATED BY OPFOR) call {"ZONE_3" setmarkerColor "ColorRed"; deleteMarker "marker_1";} TRIGGER 50 METERS OF RADIO (ACTIVATED BY OPFOR) call {"ZONE_3" setmarkerColor "Colorblue";} TRIGGER 50 METERS OF RADIO (ACTIVATED BY OPFOR) call {"ZONE_3" setMarkerAlpha 1;} THE 3 TRIGGERS IN THE SAME POSITION TWO MARKERS "marker_1" "ZONE_3" "marker_1": RED COLOR / 50 METERS OF RADIO "ZONE_3": RED COLOR / 50 METERS OF RADIO / ALFA 0 THE 2 MARKERS IN THE SAME POSITION DEMO MISSION LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13AiaVjXwTb-C0quBrvCiRxOVcSIjsZOR NOTE: Eliminate each enemy when you access the area and the marker will change color. Thank you. Greetings from Spain.
  20. Harzach

    Iron Dome Script not working

    What are you using to create your .sqf files? If the formatting in them is the same as what you pasted above, that's a problem. You can't flatten code like that and expect it to run. Your files should look something like this: There were also a few instances where whitespace was removed and operators were prepended to variable names, breaking things rather well.
  21. I might also be interested playing the campaign with the tcl
  22. i got a script from this guy i did all he said and some how my script does not work. this is the script for each sqf file FILE 1 init.sqf call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "IronDome.sqf"; if(isServer)then{ { if (_x isKindOf "B_SAM_System_02_F")then{ [_x,4000]call addToIronDome; }; } forEach vehicles; }; FILE 2 IronDome.sqf if(isServer)then{ addToIronDome = { params["_launcher", "_detectionrange"]; _null = [_launcher, _detectionrange]spawn{ private ["_launcher","_detectionrange", "_incoming","_destination","_interceptor"]; _launcher = _this select 0; _detectionrange = _this select 1; _mag = weaponState [_launcher, [0]]; _ammo = getText (configFile ˃˃ "CfgMagazines" ˃˃ magazines _launcher select 0 ˃˃ "ammo"); while {alive _launcher}do{ _incoming = _launcher nearObjects ["RocketBase", _detectionrange]; _incoming = _incoming + (_launcher nearObjects["MissileBase", _detectionrange]); _incoming = _incoming + (_launcher nearObjects["ShellBase", _detectionrange]); if (count _incoming ˃ 0) then{ _target = selectRandom _incoming; _fromTarget = _target getDir _launcher; _dirTarget = direction _target; _destination = position _target; _launcher lookAt _destination; _tracked = _target getVariable "engaged"; if((typeOf _target != _ammo) && (_dirTarget ˂_fromTarget + 60) && (_dirTarget ˃_fromTarget - 60) && (alive _target) && (isNil "_tracked")) then { _target setVariable ["engaged", 123,true]; [_launcher, _mag select 1] call BIS_fnc_fire; sleep 0.1; _interceptor = position _launcher nearObjects [_ammo, 100] select 0; _fails = 0; while {alive _interceptor} do { _minDist = _target distance _interceptor; _velocity = (velocityModelSpace _interceptor) vectorMultiply 1.01; _velocityTrue = velocityModelSpace _interceptor; _dirHor = [_interceptor, _target] call BIS_fnc_DirTo; _interceptor setDir _dirHor; _dirVer = acos ((_target distance2D _interceptor) /(_target distance _interceptor)); [_interceptor, _dirVer, 0] call BIS_fnc_setPitchBank; _interceptor setVelocityModelSpace _velocity; sleep 0.002; if (_minDist ˂ _target distance _interceptor) then { _fails = _fails + 1; } else {_fails = 0}; if (_fails ˃ 3) then { "HelicopterExploBig" createVehicle (getPos _interceptor); deleteVehicle _interceptor; }; if (_interceptor distance _target ˂ 60) then { "HelicopterExploBig" createVehicle (getPos _interceptor); deleteVehicle _interceptor; sleep 0.5; "HelicopterExploBig" createVehicle (getPos _target); deleteVehicle _target; }; }; }; }; if (count _incoming == 0) then { sleep 0.5; }; }; }; }; }; If some one can help me with that on discord i will be very glad.
  23. Disgusting_Man

    Russian Helmets Project

    The new colors look very realistic! i like it! Thank you for Surpat version)) I would like you to start making other equipment in excellent quality like your helmets in the future))
  24. Disgusting_Man

    Project injury reaction

    OK! I will test it in next few days. Yes, FPS drop occur during explosions and when hit animation starts. I was playing my little mission in Agia Marina on Stratis. Group of 12 Russian spetsnaz units VS nearly 40 Insurgents. Very intense gunfight. Mods i use are: RHS Full, YuEmod, SpR, SPA, Military Gear Pack and Project OPFOR. Also i use LAMBS Danger, Supress and Blastcore mods alongside with PIR. It was running good before update at nearly 40 fps with little drops to 30 fps when frequent explosions starts. Maybe i should try different settings. I will inform you if something changes.
  25. Why not start with a red marker?
  26. HairyBrenndog

    Arma Server Web Admin

    Ive only ever used tadst. This web access is gold! Just a quick question. Does the server.cfg file automatically load upon server start or do i need to type something in the web access server page? Im looking at enabling Upnp where id normally set it in tadst. I can enable in the cfg file but just checking if i gotta put a parameter in the web access to load up the cfg file or is that a given and is it still the server.cfg file located.... Im new to this!
  27. Sgt Smash

    Enigma Exile Revive

    And to add it replaces the cup uniform with the bambi uniform with your gear still inside
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