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  2. I was able to fix it. I had many overlaping faces. I deleted the extra faces and it was ok then.
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  4. HorribleGoat

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Also nothing newsworthy at this time. 🤪
  5. you can not animate proxies in parts, only the whole proxy model. Basically how I see it, you are designing your model in wrong, non Arma compatible way. Arma is game engine with "best practice" methods to do things like vehicles and there are solid limits to some things that you just can not bypass.
  6. Anyone can help? This is really a game breaker in my public mission 👳‍♀️
  7. So I've started coding around for the first time in the eden editor yesterday and I've been experimenting with a vehicle rearm script. This script rearms one ammo of each pylon each second after it was triggered triggered, or at least that's what it's supposed to do. call{ _veh = thisList select 0; _add = 1; _pylons = getAllPylonsInfo _veh; while {true} do{ hint "loading ammo.."; {_veh setAmmoOnPylon [(_x select 0), _add]} forEach _pylons; _add = _add + 1; sleep 1; }; }; The problem that I have encountered is that I have tried spawning this code to use the wait function without success. The errors tell me that not only is _pylons (and possibly other variables) not defined, but also the fact that there are local variables in a global space... which I searched around and "fixed" using the call function. To clarify, I did spawn it with proper arguments and after I used the params function, to no avail. I'd be grateful if someone could help me with this predicament, as I'm not very experienced in coding. (even less than a day of active coding eperience)
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  9. Dunkelzahn


    So I have been working on learning to make some Ravage missions recently, really enjoying the experience for the most part, but one thing that confuses me is how the respawning of the AI units works? Sometimes I have moments where the module seems to respawn new units continuously as they die off, and sometimes not. So, sometimes when looking in spectator mode, the map gets populated very well at the start of the mission, but then respawning never seems to happen, and ultimately I have perhaps only one guy walking around somewhere far away. This can happen even while I'm using quite high population factor values, between 6-12. Right now I'm thinking that maybe my respawning is getting bugged due to perhaps a mod conflict (I do use quite a few) or that I'm not understanding the logic of the module right? Is respawning perhaps tied to the player movement / location somehow? Thanks for any info, and I'd be happy to hear if someone else has had similar issues.
  10. I tried putting the markers on various points within the EOS zone but unfortunately, it just plops them down in the center as before (and they still ignore the nomove commands applied to house units) did you have to do anything besides place the markers down?
  11. @z1_ have you looked at some of the civilian scripts by the community instead of these #$%@ modules by BIS? If not, I can give you some recommendations, or possibly modifications I've done to a couple of my favorites.
  12. panther42

    About distances

    @pierremgi I usually just use distance2D for my calculations between flying helicopter and specific point I'm using on the map. The link gives a good picture, which I'm sure you have seen. Difference? Probably only minimal.
  13. Jove Chiere

    ToH Characters

    Working on a new ToH Characters update of heads (3d models only) of more ethnicities, in order to create more diversity. Surfing the internet looking for factions I found a lot of information about average faces in world populations. And the truth is that I find many of these faces very recognizable (although we are all different). So I've started to work on modelling ethnic heads (I don't have any A2 textures left to convert). Here I show you the first two... Kenyan & Ethiopian (The texture was chosen at random)
  14. Before now? Bad Company 2. The next one (2042) will have them as an option.
  15. That's right, in BF2 they were Counter-Strike like, waypoint based bots and PR had no support for that afair. BF3 and 4 campaign had completely scripted sequences with pop up targets, CoD like. Yep, sad days ever since but they'll be back now. Hopefully, core game doesn't suck ass.
  16. Hello ArmA community, Another mission I have created to share. Enjoy! 23 July 2021 Mission Creator: RutgerHauer33 SP Mission: Operation Flashpoint Annihilation v1 ARMA 2 CO. Description: This is a recreation type of Battlefield scenario from Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising: Game mode: Annihilation on ARMA 2 CO. BLUEFOR Forces are to ANNIHILATE the OPFOR Forces. Note: This is a Singleplayer mission. BLUEFOR is the player although Team switching to OPFOR is available by pressing the "T" key. I will not take any credit. The Credit and appreciations go out to the Great knowledge of the ArmA community Forums, Youtube videos - mission making Editors, Modders, Script Writers, and Great mission makers for the inspiration. Installation: Put SP Mission in your Scenarios Singleplayer missions folder. Requirements: -ArmA 2 CO v1.62 or higher. -Elephant island (W0lle). Official ACR expansion/DLC is not required. Contact me: Bohemia Interactive Forums RutgerHauer33 download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bwBKKRzEu0Puv4EKhgF1FDn8Wtv0b5wQ/view?usp=sharing images: https://imgur.com/ORQmT3f https://imgur.com/CDBNXjr https://imgur.com/spaM19h https://imgur.com/Tpj8Jh7
  17. R0adki11

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Please don't ask for updates. Doing so is consider spam on these forums.
  18. I dont understand what you are trying to say here, i dont think you understood what i was suggesting. How many bones and animations do you actually use per blade ? If i needed to make blades bend downward from gravity/lift, i need exactly 1 bone and 1 animation. Not per blade, but for all blades together. No matter how many blades. If you need more, then you are not doing what i suggested to you. At 120rpm you cant see individual blades anyway IRL. Thats why most people replace modelled blades at higher rotation speed with a blurry texture representation that rotates a lot slower, saving performance
  19. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Okay, after speaking to our mission makers they have seen this error (thanks for reporting it guys!). I'll investigate further. I think it is down to trying to manually assign a decal number to the vehicle. That's why it rarely appears. I'll try and fix it for the hotfix coming up.
  20. Whens the last time BF used bots? I had fun with them in BF2 but then after a modder increased a battle map level size -i placed the Bots in the expanded map and they couldnt move -like at all. They were totally dependent on being scripted to an exact level im guessing. Next in BF3 campaign, they got rid of MP bots (much to my disappoint) and implemented "cheat bots" into the SP campaign. They were so scripted if you were behind them while they were in a hallway firefight 20 m from the enemy -they wouldnt take any damage whatsoever until you went up front *nauseating*
  21. @Faisal.20thAIB Make sure you're loading the Art of War DLC when you're launching using a3sync.
  22. Hehe, OK I know it is exciting stuff but this is what is actually known so far: EA Play 2021 presentation Battlefield Briefing: Exploring Battlefield Portal In BF3 and 4 there were plugins for servers that allowed you to dictate settings like player health, vehicle respawn time, amount of spawn tickets, number of players and so on. There is a lot of ambiguous fluff in that blog post that sounds exciting but I'm afraid there is not going to be any plucking down nor modding here. Developer of Frosty Mod Suite works for EA now and does not maintain the project any more and VU for BF3 is generally alive because there is BF4. This will most likely be an expansion to previously mentioned options, substantial expansion that I welcome very much and is a great step forward but expansion non the less.
  23. krzychuzokecia

    Battlefield 2042

    Looks cool, reminds me of the Unreal Tournament mutators - though it kinda shows how the "scale" of BF gameplay shrinked after BF2 - Arma, Project Reality and Squad are still unchallenged. Funny thing you mention BF5 (BFV?) - it really does look a lot as if EA/DICE said "remember the idiotic robo-armed Amazon Women on the Moon from BF5? now imagine same kind of stuff, but actually fun, not just political pandering! yay!". Edit: still, quite a positive surprise.
  24. Not tryna be devils advocate - but im honestly curious whats so great about Dayz's animation system , i mean i get that they look a tad smoother than Armas but lets be honest thats not saying much especially for almost 2022 gaming. The entire reason i never got into DayZ was just how horrible this engine is at Melee -it may be the worst ive ever seen -no joke. Absolutely no fluidity, totally non accurate hit boxes a total vacuum of sense of force, inertia, momentum or anything really that is involved in melee combat. Now again -this was Arma 2 Dayz - id assumed that with the newer engine and all this time it would have evolved leaps and bounds but from what ive seen on YT and things like this recently on Reddit ..sounds like its as bad as ever! I just dont get it - Bad Bensons Dinosaur attacks were pretty spot on and he really nailed down proper orientation of the attack and other large object mass issues -especially doing it on Arma3's NOT Dayz's engine. Now you have that new Improved Melee Mod for Arma featuring lightsaber duels and pretty responsive maneuvering AGAIN on Arma3's engine??! What in the world is Bohemia's excuse? Id love to be wrong here and someone tell me DayZ is leaps and bounds above any of this and is really fluid engaging combat -i mean Zombie worlds are all about up and close battles you just HAVE to get that right or it aint fun in my book .
  25. Hi, whenever I launch Arma with CBA through Arma sync I get a "Addon CBA_COMMON requires addon 'A3_Data_F_Aow_Loadorder'. And my Arma 3 game is completely fucked, resolutions are broken, arsenal doesnt work at all, allot of broken stuff. I don't have any problem when i launch CBA through the vanilla arma 3 launcher I don't have any problems. Any idea why? I reinstalled CBA & arma sync.
  26. I want the DayZ RENDERER and animations system ported to ARMA 3 engine so we can use it! It seems to be way smoother for some reason when I compared Chernarus from CUP in EDEN in ARMA 3 vs DayZ Chernarus+. It could be the actual FOV and quality settings as there do not seem to be corresponding rendering distance settings from DayZ to match ARMA 3 though. The DayZ animation improvements are great. I cannot wait for ARMA 4 sandbox engine with Enfusion improvements!
  27. I swear I read something like being "able to create your own game mode" and/or being "able to establish victory/defeat conditions". If those are true it'll be a huge boon for sandbox lovers everywhere! But how does Battlefield AI hold up in terms of just plopping some units down in an editor and pressing "go" to start simple missions, etc? Will we have fine control of respawn/death and camera while dead? (Will we be able to prevent insta-respawn?) Will it have the equivalent of selectPlayer? If it somehow ticks all these boxes, will be a tremendously exciting thing (even if you're not particularly into BF), b/c logically more AAA game creators will follow suit! Kind of like when Unity or Unreal went free (for initial use, etc), the other quickly followed suit. Also, any word on how mod-able it'll be? (like equivalent of Arma addons) Probably all wishful thinking, but a guy can dream.
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