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Found 50 results

  1. NOTE: 2.04. PROF/PERF up! you don't need a new client on the PERF/PROF server! there is a branch on steam you may use, but beware that sometimes data on dropbox are newer due to manual build e.g. on weekend: Servers (down, up only if needed): PERF = STABLE branch compatible, no debug layer, no #captureFrame nor diag_captureFrame PROF = STABLE branch compatible, with debug layer, with #captureFrame / diag_captureFrame possible server fps increases and clients may experience higher fps too downloads
  2. I write this post cause i noticed JEmalloc was still avaible for year 2021, so read few post about Malloc and found ton of **** about it, like "i got a 50 fps boost...", or some result with YAAB, i didn't wrote this to put a bad review on YABB, (useful for graphical settings), but I think relying on YABB (vanilla) is not really the best solution to test allocators, especially since most players spend their time on Arma with various modes, heavy scripts.... and they are generally not playing for 2 minutes session. First here my result with YAAB : huge page 64bit.exe System Malloc = 31.2 Tbb Malloc = 31.3 JEmalloc = 31 NO huge page 64bit.exe System = 30.9 tbb Malloc = 31.2 JEmalloc = 30.7 32bit.exe System = 31 tbb Malloc = 32.2 JEmalloc = 30.6 So we cannot say that the results are conclusive because is simply impossible to notice any difference. So i made a test for more than 2 week by playing the same scenario, +/- 2hour session, we used this scenario "LIBERATION", ported to Tanoa with custom faction and added few custom user scripts... (Ai, TAW View distance...) So the mission by itslef is heavy scripted and we added more, the mission run on a dedicated server and we were 3 players, note : the perf server side was great. I make 2 session with each Malloc, i only used 64bit.exe/hugepage enabled, i have no idea if there a support for hugepage with system Malloc or JEMalloc, so maybe my test are not really accurate. TBB MALLOC : Everything goes well over a short time, the performances deteriorate over time, after 2h of games if I attack a big city (bigger objectives) the client FPS are abhorrent, I am forced to decrease the view distance under 300m. I didn't notice any stuttering or texture/object popping. Sytem MALLOC : FPS client side keep solid even after a long session, i always got this performance drop when triggering the big city, but its still playable at 500m viewdistance. Few micro stuttering when moving fast and sometimes texture popping. JEmalloc : FPS client side keep solid even after a long session, i always got this performance drop when triggering the big city, but its still playable at 500m viewdistance. No micro stuttering, but massive object popping when changing viewdistance. For exemple with TAW view distance script i can set up custom view distance on foot/car/air, my set up are 1200m on foot, 2000m in car, 4500 in air (object are sync with VD), so if i enter in a chopper and the VD switch from 1200 to 4500 i can see all the tree popping on the far away nude land, that only takes 1 or 2 sec. I’m not a very demanding person, and seeing trees gradually appear in the far away land when my viewing distance changes is not really a problem. After all this impression is purely personal, when I play a Arma its for a 2 or 3 hours session and I attach more importance to the general stability on long run than a short loading time of objects in the distance that takes les than 2 sec. So for my part the results with JEmalloc are pretty good. TBB is not bad at all, but it look like more perfect for a short session or a controled scenarion builded in eden editor. Conclusion TBB its an ugly woman with a ton of make-up that not last long 😉
  3. Hi, Originally I made this custom memory allocator as a fun project because I dreaded of slow A3 performance. Features 64-bit only custom memory allocator for Arma 3 Based on Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) 2018 Update 4 Large Page support Optimized for both AMD and Intel CPU with AVX/AVX2 Drop-in replacement for BI-provided TBB4 malloc How to install You can read the installation guide in the ZIP package. Notes Not BattlEye compatible. I only tested INTEL64 AVX2 binary on my own PC (i7-8750h with RTX 2070). I cant afford to test all binaries. As an unwanted side effect, some trainers/cheats will not working or crash if you use this custom memory allocator 😁 Performance could be better or worst. I am not responsible if something happens to your games or PC. I am not taking any profits or benefits from this. Virus-free: VirusTotal result (scanned with 60+ engines) . Only one false positive with one of the binaries, I already contacted the AV gave me false positive result. (fixed) Source code will be uploaded once I clean up the code (I built this long time ago and just recently dusting it up). If you have any question or report about this please contact me via this thread/forum or "spektykles" on official Arma 3 Discord server. I am all ears 😀 Download ZippyShare
  4. d3d8to9 I have done some testing to find out if there is any performance boost using D3D8TO9. For this purpose I used OFPMark 2 by @toadlife (DIRECT LINK) which is the most reliable benchmark in terms of performance. The tests were repeated a number of times to make sure the results are reliable. To maximize the outcome of the test, the benchmark was launched with V-sync (vertical synchronization) disabled. Tested on ACWA (1.99) with no add-ons or mods and with no change in any of the game settings. VANILLA | D3D8TO9 V-sync: OFF (5152.36) : (7641.14) The performance boost is noticeable. Performance was boosted at approximately 48%! Worth noting the difference in Test Four and Test Five which are the most demanding. Keep in mind the results may differ depending on machine and its settings. I would like to ask you to do the tests on your machines and share your results here in this thread to find out if d3d8to9 is the ultimate performance booster.
  5. Ok heres the deal, i bought a brand new gaming pc (worth a fair bit) and thought i would like to see what it can do so buy arma 2 with it. I take them home and install Arma 2 and it was soo laggy i mean it was stupidly laggy (fps lagg not ping) i cant even get it to run smooth unless i drop settings to very low and have the lowest 3d resolution but the it just looks blurry and teared. Normally i try to run very low settings with 100% 3d resolution and still laggy. my pc specs are: Quad 2.4ghz amd phenom 4gb ram Radeon HD 4850 512mb windows vista home premium 64 bit wtf is going is there any know issues with my card or is my pc a waste of money i know this is a very demanding game but to get major lag on low?! is there any performace fixes? BTW i got all patched to 1.03
  6. Sup! I want to ask what do you think about these two blocks of code, performance wise. It's a 'side process' on client that fires an event on a dedicated server. My first approach was using a spawn-while-loop, but after some research (https://ace3mod.com/wiki/development/arma-3-scheduler-and-our-practices.html) I want to try another approach. I'm using CBA_A3 by the way. Using spawn-while-loop: // from some other piece of code --> fwp_saveInterval = 30 [] spawn { while {true} do { ["FWP_EH_serverUnitSave", [player, getPlayerUID player]] call CBA_fnc_serverEvent; // skip interval sleep fwp_saveInterval; }; }; Using CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler: // from other piece of code --> fwp_saveInterval = 30 fwp_clientAutosavePFH = [ { ["FWP_EH_serverUnitSave", [player, getPlayerUID player]] call CBA_fnc_serverEvent; }, fwp_saveInterval, [] ] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler; Thanks in advance 😄
  7. I do like to introduce a mod created by me to improve the performance or to use unused resources. This has been combined with the render/view distance. The Ideo behind this is: What about having constantly 60 FPS and a good render/view distance? Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516607781 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14SoIsXYNSXmUt0ABsgh3-9FAUFt7NCuc Well, let's say this mod is what you are looking for because of... 1st great view distance in air, 2nd high fps in cities like Kavala, 3rd greater view distance on hills or mountains, 4th balanced object render distance, 5th easy transitions from ground to air, like get on a helicopter without changing view distance manually This mod is all about performance and efficiency !ATTENTION! Using Vsync may cause a lower render distance Server Key is included! If you like this mod pay tribute by leaving a comment and vote/rate! I would be very grateful for feedback to keep improvement high! How to use the "Normal Mode" and change settings: 1. Start Arma 3 with this mod loaded. 2. Open the Video Settings Main Menu. 3. Set View Distance as your minimum render distance. 4. Set your prefered fps into the shadow distance field (only active when in Max Performance Mode) Your render distance is: On foot = inserted value In Ground Vehicle = inserted value * 1.5 In Air = inserted value * 2 In addition to this, your altitude above sea level is taken into account. To enter Max Performance Mode: Set the Object Render Distance to 500 If your View Distance is set to 500, set View Distance to 501. Check that Object Render Distance is still at 500! What is the "Max Performance Mode"? It allows you to define a minimum view distance for phases, on Foot, in Vehicle or in Air. This mode removes the factors 1.5 for Ground vehicles and 2.0 for Air. To enter it look at "To enter Max Performance Mode". Here is a video that shows mission test with the mod running in Max Performance Mode. Note for the mission: This is a heavily ai based mission, that holds up to 64 human player slots. In this mission are 200 friendly additional units facing thousands of rebels (Opfor and Independent). In a range of 700 meters, each (1400 km in total) are 300 to 400 Units minimum. Change Log: Update 27.09.2018 13:35 CET + Added FPS Settings for Max Performance Mode (Instructions at "How to use" section in the description!) Update 19.09.2018 20:10 CET * Improved rendering + Added a Max Performance Mode + Added adjustment via Arma 3 Render Settings Menu
  8. I know everyone is comparing Arma 3's Real Virtuality 4 engine performance to that of DayZ's Enfusion Engine but that is NOT a fair comparison by any means because: - Arma 3 has a far more complex Ai Ecosystem than the barebones Ai framework that DayZ currently has. - Arma 3 has far more assets and objects to support all its diverse maps, factions and ecosystems. - DayZ has a far more complex Lightning system. - DayZ has a fairly different Server-Client infrastructure. Clients feel smoother in DayZ just because much of the load is handled by the Server while on Arma 3 the Server and Client load (when hosting) is handled under the same system/core. The weird thing is that on players only Arma 3 servers (no Ai) such as the ones on most Life Servers I get the basically the same very high FPS I get on similarly sized DayZ servers (amount of players) which leads me to believe that under similar conditions (No Ai) both Engines run at about the same FPS even thou Enfusion uses more cores but in the end how players measure performance is by their FPS and not the resource utilization, and also it makes no sense to optimize the engine to use more cores but get no FPS improvements in the process. So my question is: Where are the real performance improvements of the long Enfusion engine development cycle if under similar conditions it performs exactly or perhaps only slightly better than the old one?
  9. Hi, Many authors are in quest of performance for Arma3, and some tools are already useful for that: garbage collector, dynamic simulation, simple objects... I was asking myself is there could be a way to skip the code(s) scouting for achievements (104 of them at this time). I guess the global gameplay stats (useless imho), then the engine, is waiting for some "events" like: Safely ejected from any compatible jet using an ejection seat. I'm aware of the added value for some personal challenge and the interest for some players trying to improve their own stats. On the other hand, it's a waste of code, even at low level engine, event handlers or else, to say the truth, for most of the authors of scenarios. So, the 2 cent question is: why not a launch and/or server parameter skipping all that hundred+ stuffs if this could improve, even slightly, the global performance? Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, I am currently doing two addons for myself and I encountered some problem in field test after everything made sense in editor. The mission I used to test involves a virtual arsenal at some point of the mission so that the player can customize their loadouts. However it would just stuck at the loading screen when I try to open the arsenal with the script on. I tried to run the mission without any mods and everything works fine, and when I only enable one script, the arsenal became accessible only that it will take much longer. Therefore my theory is that the while do script runs on each frame even when the loading screen is displayed and somehow severely affect the efficiency of the loading process. The problem is whether this can be avoided. The code structure I used for both addons: [] spawn { _varA = 0.0; _varB = 0.0; ... while {alive player} do { <Some code here> }; }; I understand that there may be a performance issue since my PC is really an old one, but it is obviously more ideal if the addon is more friendly to low-end devices. Thanks for any advice and sorry for my poor English.
  11. Greetings dear Arma 3 community! I'm looking for a good CPU for Arma 3 and I was thinking about getting the i5 7500... *****! My money won't allow me to buy that expensive CPU. Very very sad... So, maybe I'll just need to buy a cheaper one, maybe a very good i3? :) What do you think? i3 7100, i3 7300 or is it going to be i5 7400 if I can steal some money from the K-Market (just a joke) ? This is also my very first PC that I've build myself. I'm desperate... I will buy the ASUS nVidia GTX 1050 ti 2GB Expedition graphics card. Is i3 7300 better than the i3 7300? Please help me. Thanks in advance! :)
  12. Hello everyone. Currently I'm working on a mission which uses lots of "setVariables" for AI, and if a unit dies, it is deleted and a new unit is spawned instead (I have to use setVariable because it's hard to track all these variables using an array or something). That makes me wonder if these variables are now deleted or not. Basically a single unit could spawn a dozen times, and there could be as many as 50+ AI at any time in the game, which means lots of variables are constantly created, and thus slowing down the mission and consuming unnecessary RAM. If that's the case and the variables keep piling up, does setting them to nil (_unit setVariable ["SomeVar", nil]) help circumvent the issue? P.S: The variables are relatively large in size, and most of them are arrays.
  13. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T130564 Already posted on feedback, post on reddit and forum for visibility. I found a way to reproduce this bug with low fps, even if literally nothing is happening and map is empty. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124746 One of the biggest reason why its happen is bug with “ssAdv”. Even after I delete everything from map, I still have low fps (40 from 120 at start) and everyone on the server, until they restart their clients or just randomly fps goes instantly to normal. I think that everyone encounter it, because it happened after every firefight. Fps suddenly drops, and goes down with every minute. Sometimes after some time it goes back to normal fps, or “just enough”. EDIT: WORKS ONLY ON SERVER! Probably cause is sounds are not cleared on clients. steps to reproduce: 1. Download mission file from first link (works fine with mods/ vanilla, same results) 2. Play scenario in eden / on dedicated server. Bots will spawn after 15 seconds. 3. Wait until bot counter reaches 1000-2000 (best way to force it to happen early, it could take some time. Just leave game with camera pointing at every bot. No worries, only spawn max 40 bots at same time. I think this could be skipped to just 100-200 bots and fps should go to lower values too.) 4. Watch your fps goes from 120 at start, 60 from spawning bots to 20-40 after couple of minutes 5. Stop spawning script when you see 20-30 fps (in my case, depends on PC), delete every bot from map with this command (exec it on server): testing = false; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allDeadMen; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach vehicles; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allUnits; 6. Watch your fps stay at similar fps that was with bots, and goes to lower values with each minute. 7. If you have “profiling - Performance Profiling Build” enabled, use command: diag_captureFrame 24; and see what causes it. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/8rdfag/arma_3_low_fps_and_degrade_over_time_because_of/
  14. A new system called Dynamic Simulation has been sitting on Dev-Branch for some time. In short: it's a tool that can be used to selectively control object and unit simulation based on player and enemy presence. Due to the nature of the system, it cannot be used everywhere on everything. Some scenarios might heavily profit from Dynamic Simulation, whereas some might not be able to use it at all. The Dynamic Simulation is still in the testing and tuning stage. Its core functionality is done, along with the Eden Editor implementation. It is now being tested and tuned in real scenarios. To get more information about the system, how it works, how to set it up and how to properly use it, please refer to the documentation: HERE We would gladly welcome constructive feedback, so please read the documentation, give it a try, and share your notes. If you can provide real use-cases of Dynamic Simulation (i.e. attaching a mission where you are trying to use it), it will greatly increase the overall feedback value. Thanks, Bohemia Interactive, Team Mike
  15. Hi guys. I want to create a healing script using Hold Actions. I was wondering which method is best performance-wise. 1. Adding the hold actions to all individual units, with a straightforward conditionShow (see the Hold actions description): "alive _target && _target distance _this < 5 && getDammage _target > 0" in the above code, _target is the unit the action is attached to and _this is the caller (i.e player). Also, the action is removed every time it's added, so it might be applied to each unit multiple times during a game session. This code is simple if added to just one unit. However, there will be too many of these if there are lots of units (I'm aiming for +60!). 2. Adding only one action and to the player, but modifying the conditionShow as follows: "call {_units = applicableUnits select {alive _x && _x distance _target < 5 && ([visiblePosition _target, getDir _target, 60, visiblePosition _x] call BIS_fnc_inAngleSector) && (getDammage _x > 0)}; if (count _units > 0) then {_unit = _units select 0; _target setVariable ['target', _unit]; true} else {false}}" in the above code, _target is the same as the caller (i.e player), and applicableUnits is an array of applicable units! The reason for adding the "target" variable is here: This code is obviously more demanding, especially if it's run on each frame (which I'm assuming it is).
  16. Does PhysX have a specific process or .exe in windows that can be set to execute on a specific core?
  17. Server spec: Xeon X5675 2 cores 8GB Ram 100Mbps connection Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Firewall is close Mission config: 45 players slots based on Malden map, add couple of stuff such like:helicopter, building, vehicle, jet craft. Mods: ACE CBA Red Hammer MCC 4 3CB Equipment TADST performance setting: Maxmsgsend 768 MaxSizeGuaranteed 800 MaxSizeNonguaranteed 400 Maxbandwidth: 100mbit/s Minbandwidth: 1280kbit/s MinErrorToSend=0.004; MinErrorToSendNear=0.04 Maximum Custom File Size=240KB maxPacketSize=2000 HT is Enalbed The first problem is about client connection, few users are stock at “ loading missiong data” screen, the loading bar is stop, even no one is in the server, they just can’t pass the loading progress. Some one can change the player slot to sovle it, but 2-3 guys are never success. Second is about lag, after learned this subject:https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/147591-tutorial-server-bandwidth-optimisation/, I figure out our server can carry at least 64 player above. But when the player number overtake 20, all players get serious lag in the server. I think it’s not about Mods part, We have another server has same Mods, it's have no connection issue, but that one has just only 20Mbps banwidth, so 20 players will cause to lag. I really have no idea for it, anyone can help for this?
  18. Dear Arma community, Previously i've shared all my knowledge and information on ACE3 Sniper Tutorial & Specifications of all Military Sniper Rifles in BI Offtopic forum (attached below): Now I'd like to share some reasearch i just made related to Arma 3 rifles performance. Yes i did some thorough analysis on the precision & accuracy of Arma 3 Rifles (vanilla & mods). I tried to measure their performance by analyzing their shot-group (bullet dispersion) just like real snipers determine the accuracy of their guns. I shot 40-shot group at their zero range (100 m) and 40-shot group at their maximum effective range. Then i calculated the analysis using a Gun Precision Calculator called "TARAN" to determine the in-game rifle's true precision & accuracy. Then I compared the in-game precision to real-life precision to see if the in-game rifles are overpowered or not. There are 5 Types of Rifles based on their Precision level: 1) Benchrest Rifle --> Circular Error Probable = 0 MoA – 0.09 MoA --> Shot Group / Shot Dispersion / Extreme Spread size is about 0 MoA - 0.23 MoA (0.00 inch - 0.23 inch at 100 yard) 2) Precision Rifle --> Circular Error Probable = 0.1 MoA – 0.3 MoA --> Shot Group / Shot Dispersion / Extreme Spread size is about 0.25 MoA - 0.76 MoA (0.25 inch - 0.76 inch at 100 yard) 3) Sniper Rifle --> Circular Error Probable = 0.4 MoA - 0.6 MoA --> Shot Group / Shot Dispersion / Extreme Spread size is about 1.00 MoA - 1.53 MoA (1.00 inch - 1.53 inch at 100 yard) 4) Designated Marksman Rifle --> Circular Error Probable = 0.7 MoA – 0.9 MoA --> Shot Group / Shot Dispersion / Extreme Spread size is about 1.78 MoA - 2.30 MoA (1.78 inch - 2.30 inch at 100 yard) 5) Assault/Battle Rifle --> Circular Error Probable ≥ 1 MoA --> Shot Group / Shot Dispersion / Extreme Spread size is bigger than 2.54 MoA (2.54 inch at 100 yard) here's all the videos & their analysis. Sorry for not narrating the videos coz i don't got time :( Please check them all out & tell me if you think these rifles are overpowered or underpowered or spot on (in terms of Precision & Accuracy). Let's start the discussion, shall we? :D ==================================================================================================================== CheyTac M200 Intervention Precision & Accuracy of M200 Intervention in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIamtvMXlQRVZRVk0 Precision & Accuracy of M200 Intervention in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIMkpsblJXLURuTVU/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIMFFKS0ZoWEN5c1U/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! CheyTac M200 Intervention (vanilla gun) with CheyTac 419 gr Lost River ammo --> ======================================================================================================================== AI AWM L115A3 Precision & Accuracy of AI AWM L115A3 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIU2dpZjc3Y0JFNzA Precision & Accuracy of AI AWM L115A3 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxITGwybXB6dXdZWWM/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIZUk5R0ZnRzVzZ3c/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED! AI AWM L115A3 (from Dagger mod) with Berger 300 gr Hybrid OTM ammo --> =========================================================================================================================== Remington M2010 ESR & MSR Precision & Accuracy of Remington MSR & M2010 ESR in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIY0lKVDAtLUx4UjQ Precision & Accuracy of Remington MSR & M2010 ESR in Reality --> MSR --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIczd5eWoxWlRzb0E/view ESR --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-evVfZruOxIQlpRX3FiV3RkazQ bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability: MSR --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIQm5oMnJ3emhSd0k/view ESR --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-evVfZruOxITlB6TVVhYlBTYU0 Conclusion --> VERY SLIGHTLY UNDERPOWERED! Remington MSR & M2010 ESR (from Red Hammer Studio mod) with M118LR ammo --> =============================================================================================================== Remington M24 SWS Precision & Accuracy of M24 SWS in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIYlZEWXdxYmhsZTQ Precision & Accuracy of M24 SWS in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIX1ZCWUJua0VLNnc/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxITThKQ3BGUEZQa28/view Conclusion --> VERY SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED! Remington M24 SWS (from Massi mod) with M118LR ammo --> ================================================================================================================ USMC M40A5 Precision & Accuracy of M40A5 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIUklqMWVITDVBTTA Precision & Accuracy of M40A5 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIYjF1SUVUM1JtNUE/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIZ0VhRWE4ZndQVXM/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED (when using Match ammo)! & OVERPOWERED (when using standard ammo)! USMC M40A5 (from Dagger mod) with M118LR ammo --> ============================================================================================================== PGM Hecate 2 Precision & Accuracy of PGM Hecate 2 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIQ1BRV3lHYU1sV2M Precision & Accuracy of PGM Hecate 2 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxISHNyRGt0bHZ4MGM/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIamlaa0h4TFcxRVk/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! PGM Hecate 2 (from R3F mod) with Hornady 750 gr Amax ammo --> ================================================================================================================= Remington M24A2 Precision & Accuracy of M24A2 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIU1REXzRQZkp6STA Precision & Accuracy of M24A2 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIRDExVDRnSjhiXzQ/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxITUxRNXlhUnR4NlU/view Conclusion --> OVERPOWERED! Remington M24A2 (from Dagger mod) with MK248 mod 0 ammo --> =================================================================================================================== AK12 Precision & Accuracy of AK12 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIQnJqV1R5MDV3Z0U Precision & Accuracy of AK12 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIRk8wUFVZMG1yR2M/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIckx1LTQ5VURxZW8/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! AK12 (from Massi mod) with 7N6M ammo --> ============================================================================================================== AK74M Precision & Accuracy of AK74M in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIRkhCSUFmR18wZWM Precision & Accuracy of AK74M in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIVF9fcWdhX2JacUU/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIcVJaenFWT1BqMnM/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! AK74M (from Red Hammer Studio mod) with 7N6M ammo --> ============================================================================================================= M4A1 Precision & Accuracy of M4A1 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxISEFZSHRKSzVvaWM Precision & Accuracy of M4A1 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIbVlNN3U2RGliVjQ/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIajRNQVdlQV91OGM/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! Colt M4A1 (from Massi mod) with M855 ammo --> ============================================================================================================= M16A4 Precision & Accuracy of M16A4 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIMFpYMXcwc3czOWM Precision & Accuracy of M16A4 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIbHNwYVNuWmM5ZkU/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIR2h3OTVNM3RXRUk/view Conclusion --> VERY OVERPOWERED! Colt M16A4 (from Red Hammer Studio mod) with M855 ammo --> =============================================================================================================== Dragunov SVDS Precision & Accuracy of Dragunov SVDS in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIZzRhNl92cFBXZmM Precision & Accuracy of Dragunov SVDS in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIS09BNU5sc3B1Uzg/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIUlVVa29ZQ0x6SzQ/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! Dragunov SVDS (from Red Hammer Studio mod) with 7N1 ammo --> =============================================================================================================== Lee Enfield No.4 Precision & Accuracy of Lee Enfield in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIaEo0ak9fbkxuQ2M Precision & Accuracy of Lee Enfield in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIZVBjcDhnWkp2d2s/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIX0J3M2dzWWVXZ0E/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED! Lee Enfield No.4 (from Massi mod) with Mark VII ammo --> =============================================================================================================== KAC SR25 Precision & Accuracy of SR-25 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxINV92REFfTWlPREU Precision & Accuracy of SR-25 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIbTI1djJXTlY0dFE/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxINXZZSFo5eXp5Y2c/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY UNDERPOWERED! KAC SR-25 (from Massi mod) with M118LR ammo --> =============================================================================================================== USMC SAM-R Precision & Accuracy of SAM-R in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIVmlacnV5bHBXYzA Precision & Accuracy of SAM-R in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIQkp0eEpfU29RSkk/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIaDRmcENBckNzZVE/view Conclusion --> OVERPOWERED! USMC SAM-R (from Robert Hammer mod) with MK262 mod 1 ammo --> =============================================================================================================== KAC SR25 Precision & Accuracy of SR-25 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIVlpmcXc0UFlwZUU Precision & Accuracy of SR-25 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIOWlTV29BRF9RR28/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxINXZZSFo5eXp5Y2c/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! KAC SR-25 (from Red Hammer Studio mod) with M118LR ammo --> ================================================================================================================== KAC M110 Precision & Accuracy of M110 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIb05JdGl1blZYdFk Precision & Accuracy of M110 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIeGNwWUc5S0FHNXM/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIUHFsTWpKQ2JDMEk/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED! KAC M110 (from Robert Hammer mod) with M118LR ammo --> =================================================================================================================== Remington 700 Precision & Accuracy of Remington 700 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIZFVTME5MWEtnQjg Precision & Accuracy of Remington 700 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIYWR4WUhpX2owRlk/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxISGE5LVktMk5KakU/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED! Custom Remington 700 in 7 mm Rem Mag (from Dagger mod) with Berger 180 gr VLD ammo --> =================================================================================================================== Remington 700 Precision & Accuracy of Remington 700 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIZE5EalpiWVVVbW8 Precision & Accuracy of Remington 700 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIQkdIVWhRTWx4Z1E/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIS0dMdl9sM0dOX2c/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED! Custom Remington 700 in 5.56x45 mm NATO (from Dagger mod) with Berger 90 gr VLD ammo --> ==================================================================================================================== NSWC MK12 mod 1 SPR Precision & Accuracy of MK12 mod 1 SPR in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIOTVCTklFajY3Zms Precision & Accuracy of MK12 mod 1 SPR in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxINGV2Z2k5X3UzSkU/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxINjhiZjhEdkZZbkE/view Conclusion --> SPOT ON! NSWC MK12 mod 1 SPR (from Robert Hammer mod) with MK262 mod 1 ammo --> ==================================================================================================================== KAC SR25 Precision & Accuracy of KAC SR-25 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxINVVXZzRYSGIzR0U Precision & Accuracy of KAC SR-25 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIUl9STHltUTFXSm8/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxINXZZSFo5eXp5Y2c/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY OVERPOWERED! KAC SR-25 (from Robert Hammer mod) with M118LR ammo --> =================================================================================================================== Barrett M107 Precision & Accuracy of M107 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIM1FLQ2hycUNrWDg Precision & Accuracy of M107 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxISkZjQWwtbjJoWHc/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIZ3NDa3FRRXBIMG8/view Conclusion --> VERY OVERPOWERED! Barrett M107 (from Massi mod) with MK211 mod 0 Raufoss ammo --> ================================================================================================================= KAC M110 Precision & Accuracy of KAC M110 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIYm96ZnhlUEVUSkk Precision & Accuracy of KAC M110 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIVDV3bEQwbGgtR0k/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIUHFsTWpKQ2JDMEk/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY UNDERPOWERED! KAC M110 (from Massi mod) with M118LR ammo --> =========================================================================================================== H&K HK417 Precision & Accuracy of H&K HK417 in Arma 3 --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-evVfZruOxIb2xSQlpCUFNEcEU Precision & Accuracy of H&K HK417 in Reality --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIRFFUdDdpdUo4Tkk/view bullet drop, wind drift, & hit probability --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-evVfZruOxIWEtrc2llbXFaeDg/view Conclusion --> SLIGHTLY UNDERPOWERED! H&K HK417 (from Massi mod) with M118LR ammo --> ======================================================================================================= Here's all my "Arma 3 Rifles Precision & Accuracy Analysis" --> Here's my video channel --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx6ZpuRmlNlAhAgha9zthbw it's a non-commercial channel exclusively all about Arma 3 ACE3 Sniper videos. i always put all the complete weapon specification & ballistics analysis in the video description. i hope you all can learn long range precision shooting from that channel. Please share all the knowledge with other!!! coz knowing is half the battle ;)
  19. Hello there! For one of my multiplayer mission, I'd like to have blinking lights from different lightsources (static ones, no vehicles). I'm planning to have a lot of them (50+), and some may be blinking fast (up to 20x / second). I totally don't care about the lights synchronization for the players. This is mainly to create a mood. So a client-side effect command would be perfect. Until now, I was using something like this to make a lamp blink: _lamp setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0.97]; sleep 0.1; _lamp setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0]; Problem is, this command is broadcasted over the network. Multiply this by 50 lamps, a mission of ~20 players, and here's my question : will this ruin data exchanges between the server & the players ? I'm afraid of building something that works for me when testing, but is unplayable for my community due to performance issues. Should I expect a huge drop on FPS / Synchronization, & if yes, is there an alternative command with local effect only, to ensure a minimum performance penalty ? I searched in the wiki, but everything that was resolving around setting damage is broadcasted over the network. Thanks a lot for your ideas !
  20. So with the latest release of Arma, and the new CIV modules, I wanted to look into further enhancing my mission MOD that populates CIV units. I'm thinking the AGENTs may help performance, but have a couple questions I don't know if would work in my mission design. In my mission, the CIVs play the following roles: 1. They have addactions in some cases 2. They have waypoints assigned to travel from building to building (for ambient affect) 3. They can be spawned as enemy threats 4. They play animations I know agent types have some limited functionality to them. I'm just not sure with the mentioned features, if Agents would really be the way to go for my MOD. In addition, i like the civilian behavior they added to the latest patch, but cannot find how i may implement that into my mission on the civilian units. Found the following, but not as simple as just adding it to the units INIT code...: _ID = _unit execFSM "A3\Modules_F_Tacops\Ambient\CivilianPresence\FSM\behavior.fsm"; Because of the roles above, I still need control over spawning and adding code to each unit, so using the modules, or scripting them would not work for me. Thanks for all your help as always.
  21. commando180

    Arma 3 Specs

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me what machine can run arma 3 optimally? What i mean is, how much fps are you getting in 4k? What are your specs? I am in need of upgrading my 10 year old machine just to run arma 3 in 4k. 1080p is okay but i need to future proof myself here. Can you post your specs and average fps? Has anyone tips on getting a decent computer for arma 3 that the game engine 'prefers'? Thanks
  22. blankko

    Optimisation for AMD GPUs

    I'm using an AMD HD 6970 and used to get around around 40fps on high settings, 1680x1050. After the Tanoa install, my fps dropped to around 30fps on Altis and 25 fps on Tanoa. So I'm planing to upgrade to the latest AMD GPUs. I know BIS is a wintel nvidia gameworks shop and for that AMD GPU owners have to accept being treated as second class users but a disparity of over 50% between similar price/performance category GPUs is remarkable. The only reasoning I can get out of this is development efforts spent on only one vendor platform while AMD users are left to their own. I will still be getting an AMD GPU as there are other task I benefit from it; deciding between the RX-470 and RX-480. I hope BIS developers will take note the this unjust disparity and work with AMD towards giving your AMD GPU customers a bit better experience with ARMA 3.
  23. Hi. I was wondering which one of these two commands has a bigger effect on performance: waitUntil { !cond }; or while {cond} do { sleep 0.5; }; Also, does the amount of sleep time matter? What about the condition? For example, if we have to check a series of conditions (e.g {alive _x} foreach Allunits) which one is better?
  24. Maybe there is some way to get arma's practical CPU use limit increased, if is: anyone know it ? (point of theme is: execute anything with it mainly leading to increase of CPU load instead of slowing: _ the rendering (client) (FPS), _ or commands execution speed (server), _ or the arma's scheduler ) Alot of thanks to lex__1 for great issue showing videos (not sure if the problems appeared because of _ programming junk accumulation (during work on server accumulating: not needeable processes, junk in memory..) or _ slow execution (amount of instances of systems running on server increasing with amount of content on the map) Multithreading: Anyone know way to create asynchronous task ? (execute anything out of main "executing instance") Explanation: Description: Suggestion for Arma 3 (i'm starting versioning from 0, so it is ready :) ): Ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126559 Suggestion: https://yadi.sk/i/WP3VM07b3MS886 v0.4 (i welcome issues,inconsistency finding) (can be viewed in most browsers without downloading (click on the showed file page)) (this addition is mainly directed on opening opportunities to create much more complex scripts of certain types for Arma 3, and from other side increasing the overall performance of commands execution) Workarounds: While Arma 3 do not natively support multithreading it does support usage of .dll extensions, dedmen stated that the Intercept library have modules for usage of multithreading and their workability been proven in parts of ACE3, like advanced ballistic system. Still hope for any ideas, workarounds Will highly appreciate any responses, suggestions, tests, notes, thinks,.., especially from dev. team.Thanks for attention.
  25. My persistent dedicated server runs great for many hours at a time but each time I go to sleep and join 24 hours later there is an extreme fog bringing visibility down to about 100 meters. I have no dynamic weather options going at all but either way it's anything but dynamic as the mission seems to be running fine. The only change is this fog problem. I've been searching for this problem for quite a while and strangely can't figure it out. Any assistance at all would be very much appreciated but no big hurry. EDIT: I should probably mention my server hardware and software. I have AMD FX-8350 and 8GB DDR3 and am running windows 10 home.