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Found 40 results

  1. CYTECH INDUSTRIES a unique and ambitious project in its complexity and settings. For more info check out the link to the BIS forums below DISCORD Forum Post What are we looking for? - Level Design/Composition: [Eden editor/ Xcam/Plopper/other]. - 3D Modelers: [blender/3dmax/other]. - Model porting: [experience preferred] porting UE4, Unity assets, other / making models ArmA ready - Texture artist: [For re-textures, HD texture editing, etc.] - Audio / Sound: [Someone who has knowledge of the Arma 3 audio tech] - Weapon porting [experience essential] - Animations: [Experienced Animation specialist] What's in it for you - An exciting project to showcase your work - Full credits - A friendly team to work with and learn from Please contact Dan Tronic for more info.
  2. ACE3 Extension Here is my ACE3 Extension mod! ACE3 Extension (Anim & Actions) ACE3 Extension (Placeables) ACE3 Extension (Gestures)
  3. I am attempting to animate a deck crew man with the "Acts_JetsMarshallingStraight_loop" animation. I am using the BIS_fnc_ambientAnim function. I place the following in the unit init field [deckhand, "Acts_JetsMarshallingStraight_loop","ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; No issues with getting him to do the animations at mission start. However I would like to have the unit conduct the animation only when a helicopter is inbound and the distance from deck crew to helo1 is <50 meters. I also would want the deck crew to terminate the animation once the helo has landed (isTouchingGround). Here is what I currently have placed in a trigger "On Activation" field: [deckhand, "Acts_JetsMarshallingStraight_loop","ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; waituntil {{isTouchingGround helo1}; this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate}; The same trigger's "Condition" field has this: deckhand distance helo1 < 50; Unfortunately I am receiving an error when the trigger is activated and the deckhand does nothing. I am quite sure that I have designed the script wrong, but I can not seem to find my error. Thank You
  4. So in the first photo is what I made in eden, I have disabled simulation and damage and just about everything with the AI https://prnt.sc/w1ljw6 I love the look and have changed it several times due to issues I found a work around for, however this is what happens when running in zeus https://prnt.sc/w1ljr6 , if there is any help that can be provided I'd greatly appreciate it, I can't find any tutorials or videos on this
  5. I've been working on this all day and it's finally done. Nothing big, but it's a nice detail :P I'm going to add more Animations and improve the UI at a later date. Radio Animations for Task Force Radio & Advanced Combat Radio Enviroment 2 Release 1.2 Changelog on Steam Features: -Performing Gestures while transmitting over Radios from Task Force Radio & Advanced Combat Radio Enviroment 2. -3 different Animations that you can choose from. Screenshots: Download: For Task Force Arrowhead Radio For Advanced Combat Radio Enviroment 2 Upload on Armaholic is allowed. Credits: License:
  6. Hey! Today I want to announce our latest project, the "Advanced Combat Animations" mod, by "our" I mean Mihal, Maximili and me. This project has been a Team effort from the beginning on and this team has brought this mod that far, that we can finally share this with you guys. So what is this mod even about? This mod adds many new Animations to be used in PvP or even PvE Combat. Many of these Animations are from an Arma 2 mod, called "SMK" by Smookie, he did an awesome job on these animations, but sadly he's not active in the Community anymore. So we decided to bring his mod back alive in Arma 3, but this mod won't be a straight port of his mod, we are adding new animations and features, building up upon his mod from Arma 2. What's the current Status and ETA of a release? Well, we've been working on this for several weeks now and we only got a few issues to fix. Once these Issues are solved we will release this mod on the official Forums, Armaholic and Steam Workshop. We are aiming for a release before the end of march. If you are interested in the development of this mod, make sure to join our Discord Server here! Here are some screenshots: LICENSE CLARIFICATION
  7. I am currently trying to give it a go on making a static animation pack but my lack of experience with Blender and other tools is kinda preventing me from going foward. Though you can find videos and some threads explaining the usage of Animations/Blender most of what you find is regarding Animations for , for example , reload animations. I suppose making Static Animations is easier but I'm having some trouble finding the required files. So in order for me to make static animations what would I need?
  8. Hello, community. Here is what I want to achieve: - I want to combine 3 different animations into one; - the player should be able to play these 3 animations sequentially; QUESTION 1: Should these animations be united as one and used all together in one script or QUESTION 2: Perhaps they could be used individually with a “wait until” command between them, so the script “should wait” until the first one is completed in order to perform the second one and when it is over, the third one will be played as well. ANIMATIONS: 1. The player waking up being wounded and then stands up after X seconds. 2. The player then looks around like in another script we already well know where he can set up a camp, sleep and then wake up in X hours. 3. The player then moves along an invisible way with his weapon in his right hand like in a cinematic intro. I have reworked this last animation’s content making it stop functioning when: player distance obj1 <X. This means I need to stop all these animations, when they are completed, with this part above, used in a trigger’s “On Activation” field. Animations: Nr. 1 - should be put in player’s init field: [this, "PRONE_INJURED"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; 0 = this spawn {waitUntil {time > 10}; _this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate; _this switchMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_rolltofront";_this playMove "AmovPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon"}; Nr. 2 - should be activated by: player addAction ["<t color=""#F8FF24"">" +format["Set Up Camp"],"Camp_Script\spawn.sqf"]; Here you can find the files for this script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28555 Nr. 3 - in a trigger or in playerinit.sqf: player disableAI "move";_nul = [] spawn {player switchMove "Acts_PercMwlkSlowWrflDf2";player disableAI "ANIM";waitUntil{(player distance target1) < 8};player switchMove "";}; [1, 60,true,true] call BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder; - target1 one is the object that the player needs to reach and when he does, the animation stops working. So, friends, how can we combine these 3 animations into one? Thank you in advance! Happy scripting and cheers!
  9. Hi. I'm new to Arma 3 scripting and mission editing. I have problems when I try to play my MP mission with some friends: 1. I have some custom textures on billboards and flags on my scenario: for billboards on their init: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"texture.paa"]; and for flag: this setFlagTexture "Flag.paa"; I tried the scenario on eden as SP and MP myself and was working as intended. Unfortunately when me and my friends try to load the real game with me as a host/server, we have some texture missing warnings. The strange thing is that not all the textures are missing, some of them are loading, and others don't. All off them are placed on the mission root folder. Seems that is related with a path Issue because they get on the warning my local path "D:/users/me/..blablabla.../mp_missions/misionname/" I double checked and all my textures are relative like the one you can see above. tried to re-save the mission without binary option and they told me got a script missing warning also. I learned that setFlagTexture is not MP compatible: "In MP this command has to be executed where Flag Pole is local. If you add Flag Pole in the editor, it will be local to the server, so executing setFlagTexture on the server will change flag texture on all clients. The command is also persistent and is synchronised for JIP clients." I dont understand this at all. Where I should do this. Should I add a line on the init.sqf that says something like: if (server) then { private myflag setFlagTexture "Flag.paa"; } about the missing path issues, i found this post: http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-mission-root/ is this related with my issue? which one of this approaches mentioned there should i use? or should I load the setObjectTextureGlobal of each texture in the initPlayerLocal.sqf file instead? or Load them with a remoteExec? can someone provide me a snippet of how to do this correctly? Please advice.!! 2. I placed some units: all of them are with BIS_fnc_ambientanim: [this, "LISTEN_BRIEFING", "MEDIUM"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; 0 = this spawn {waitUntil {behaviour _this == "combat"}; _this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate;} and the same as the other problem. When i test it myself works fine. when I'm with friends the position and altitude of all the units are messy, they sometimes are far away, and some do others don't. som do the anim, others don`t. some are trapped in between the first and second floor. What can i do? 3. I would like to know how to test the mission like if I was one of the clients. how can i achieve this? Thank you so much. i really appreciate any help or advice you could give me. thanks.
  10. UPDATE! v4 - current version * I added a new inbetween animation for crouched movement with weapon up, in order to fix the massive jerking you experience when going from side to side. * edited the weapon up running (not tactical pace) so it still shows the crosshairs, just something I found annoying. Now that stance has a reason to exist. * added an OPTIONAL XEH script that increases the animation speed by 12.5% The addon is in the Optional folder. REQUIRES CBA! v2.3 * NOW WORKING! edition. Thanks to the help of good folks at the arma discord I managed to fix all the bugs and errors. Hopefully it all works fine now. v2.2 * fixed yet another fuckup with caused to you to ice skate around when you wanted to sprint. Sorry for the spotty release folks, it was hard to fish out all the stuff from that massive config and some stuff got broken in the process. v2.1 * fixed massive fuckup I made, with pretty much prevented previous version from working at all v2 The mod was completely redone from the ground up. Now it only edits the animations in places that needed the changes and no longer overwrites all of the vanilla animations. This means it should be compatible with any updates or changes BIS makes. I know its how it supposed to be from the start, but it was really time consuming and difficult to fish out the animations from the massive config file. ------ Hello! I have been trying to make the arma animations feel a bit less rough and more in line with standard FPS feeling. I was partially successful, I changed the minimal play time requirement to 0 and enabled step blending for pretty much all movement animations. This resulted in much smoother feeling, especially when changing movement direction very quickly. For the most part the feeling of lost control for a moment is greatly reduced. However one of the biggest issues remains. For some reason when changing movement direction from left to right, or similar, Arma goes like this: left > stopped > stopped player idle > right Its fast, but it still results in some pretty janky movement. I tried removing interpolation from left and right to stopped. It worked surprisingly well, but side movement interpolled into forward and back resulting with player character inching forward or back when stopping during side movement. If anyone knows how to deal with that I would welcome any help. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ln87i6d8fonf8ms/@Smoother Animations v4.zip Good news everyone! After some hackjob animation editing I have managed to inject a custom transition animation that prevents that massive jerk when going from side to side. Currently testing out the settings to reduce any unwanted behavior, but it all looks very promising. I even made a quick preview/comparison video: 00:00 - 00:43 Vanilla Arma 3 00:44 - 01:24 Smoother animations mod testing Massive shoutout and thanks to HorribleGoat and Torndeco from discord for helping me out with this.
  11. igame360

    Static Animations

    I love creating pictures in Arma. But i have all the static animation packs. But I feel there needs to be more for the modern day mods and more variety. I've found a couple of video tutorials. But they were unclear, and there wasn't any audio to it. It was also for animations(loading) not a static animation. Can anyone point me in the appropriate direction to find the correct information I'll need to contribute to the community. Thanks in advance. PS. No I didn't search the thread.
  12. Max to Arma or MtA in short, is script for 3ds Max (>2013) which can be used for creating more complex & precise animations in Arma 3. Script is utilizing direct type animation transformations which are supported by RV engine since at least Armed Assault. Each frame in 3ds max is transformed to axis-aligned transformation which can be used in model.cfg. There are still some limitations with that tech here and there and some there might be still bugs in current version of script but they shouldn't be that major. Blender version of that plugin is planned although there is no ETA for it since I'm quite slow with adapting to 2.8 version. I would like to thank in this place Redphoenix for initial setup of script with basic UI - without it I would probably spend couple extra days figuring out Max UI creation. Another person that I would like to thank is Kiory which allowed me to use his rig for that example animation. Hope you enjoy that script and let your imagination go crazy 😉 Script, examples & complete documentation can be found here. https://github.com/reyhard/mta_animExporter
  13. Tactical Position Ready by Patch & LAxemann What is it? Tactical Position Ready allows players to quickly raise and lower their primary weapon in order to avoid friendly fire (or simply to look tacticool). Furthermore, the mod contains an optional "auto obstacle avoidance" feature which raises/lowers the player's weapon when getting too close to an obstacle. It does so in a non-disturbing way and comes with a corner detection for maximum playability. The feature takes the weapon's length into account, meaning shorter weapons are a lot more suitable for CQB. The mod requires CBA, can be configured via the CBA Addon and keybinding options and is MP-comaptible. The mod is technically client-side but other players have to run the mod in order to see the animations. How to use? The default keys are: High Ready: T Low Ready: Shift + T Media >> Download via Steam Workshop << >> Download via Armaholic << Special thanks Gunshot
  14. At the beginning of my mission, I have the player and an AI walking in a cutscene using Hubspectator_walk, but I want the AI walking with the player to turn left and walk that way out of the scene. How can I do this?
  15. So , for a while I wanted to create some static animations for the Arma 3 Artwork community and, after finaly being able to understand how all of it works i've been making a pack with animations that I always wanted to have in Arma. I would like to ask for your opinions and if you have any suggestions on animations let me know! I'm trying to make this pack as diverse as possible by making serious and funny animations. So far I have : HALO Animations (picture below is one of them) ; Injured Animations ; Firing Mortar animations ; Italian Gestures ; Marches ; Checking weapons ; Dead Animations ; Crouching, sitting , smoking and so on. Subscribe on Steam Workshop : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1522831842 One of the animations I made: Here are some that I've made so far: As said above , let me know what would you like to see , if possible post a picture of the pose. I should release this soon and then continue to add whatever I make. Hope you enjoy!
  16. ZSL Animations is a collaborative effort between Zhivets, Schwienyy, Lakarak, and Shifty aimed at bringing a wider variety of static poses to ArmA 3. Currently the pack contains 144 animations, most of which are WWII-themed. In future updates, we intend to cover other topics such as modern wars, hand to hand combat, zombies, and more. We recommend to use the mod alongside POLPOX Animation Viewer. https://discord.gg/GEaC9zz https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1367765484
  17. First off, I love Arma! It's my most played steam game and it's where I've met most of my best friends on steam. However, there are some things that I really dislike about Arma and I wish were done differently. [THIS WILL BE A LONG POST, SO I'LL PUT A TL;DR AT THE END] • Overall polish and attention to detail isn't very good. The damage models need a complete rework. It would be cool to see blood where I actually got shot or to see dents/scratches on a vehicle where I hit something. Actually seeing the rocket being loaded in your RPG and seeing the medkit when you use one, having proper animations for ladders and stairs and more fluid animations that affect what your character is interacting with, like opening doors on houses and vehicles, and Having your character pull his gun closer when hes near a wall so your barrel doesn't stick through. These things seem so little and useless, but they can actually go a long way in making players feel more immersed and like they're playing a more fleshed out game. Tarkov is a great example of good fleshed out animations. • Vehicles. They're good for getting you from point A to point B if you take the main road, they're a deathtrap if you use them for anything else. Hitting a bush shouldn't destroy my tires and headlights while almost killing me in the process. PLEASE, just turn off collision for any bush that's smaller than an offroad! Also, why does your vehicle explode after hitting enough things? Literally no vehicle does that. I play a lot of wasteland, and sometimes you have to use a vehicle as your main weapon, whether it be a hatchback or an offroad. If I ram into another vehicle, it's RNG whether I live and the enemy dies, the enemy lives and I die, we both live, we both die, or one or both of us goes flying off into space. It's extremely annoying. My solution is to make a new damage mechanic for vehicles. If I ram into the driver side of an enemy vehicle going less than 50KMH, the enemy should die and I should be severely injured. Anything over 50KMH and we both die. Something like that. Things should be switched up for armored vehicles as well. Nothing should be completely destroyed by 1 rocket or missile unless it's from a jet or a helicopter. Ifrits, Hunters, and Striders are completely useless if the AI or enemy has an RPG. Instead of having 1 rocket blow up the vehicle and killing everyone inside, make it so that 1 rocket just disables the vehicle and also make it RNG on who dies and who gets severely injured. Each launcher should have their own damage multiplier and each APC and tank should have a multiplier on every side (Front, back, left, right, top, and bottom). Hitting a specific part of a tank or APC like the track or turret should always disable it. IMO, this will make the combat between players and vehicles so much more balanced and fun. • Animations should be interruptible and be able to be performed while moving. If I'm healing and hear an enemy walking up, there's nothing I can do but spin around and hope they have the worst aim in existence. It would be nice if I could stop the animation and take my gun back out to take care of the enemy, then start healing again. If I could move while healing, then I could walk into a room or around the corner in order to finish the animation. Let me pull out my pistol to cancel the reload animation if I need to kill another player quickly. Also, this is something I saw on one of Crowbcat's videos, lets say that I just killed an enemy in KOTH and I only have 8 rounds left in my mag, I go to reload and then another enemy rounds the corner. It would be awesome if I could left click and have my character quickly put back in the mag that has 8 rounds left in order to finish off the enemy, rather than taking the time to get a new mag. Speaking of left click, that would be a good keybind to cancel animations. • This is kind of small, but having preferences for each gun and scope in the options so that each time a player picks up a gun or attaches a scope, it will be suited to their play style. If I pick up an MXC, I want it to be on full auto and zeroed to 200m, and I don't want that to change unless I change it manually in game or in the options. If I drop the weapon and pick it back up, it should be just the way I left it. • The AI is mega dumb. I shouldn't even need to explain how bad they are. There's literally more improvements you could make on the AI than you could on the actual game! They have god like aim, they just sit there and crawl around, they see you through bushes and walls, and they can even magically walk through solid objects. Not even full Lvl 5 armor will protect you from getting 1-tapped by these gods. My fondest memory of them was on Wasteland on the Stratis map. Me and some friend were driving to a mission when an AI on the airfield 1-tapped me out of the back of an offroad going 40KMH from over 600m away. • Weapon sway is unrealistic and annoying more than it is immersive. The sway is so slow and all over the place when it should be more controlled and shaky/twitchy. I mean, come on. You're a highly trained soldier and you can't even walk 10 feet in your gear and still have accurate aim? You literally need to stand still for 2 minutes or have a bipod to be accurate in this game. The current sway animation is just a handicap for gameplay and immersion. It should be reworked. • Player damage and Armor. Each armor piece should have a multiplier for each type of round, and the armor should lose durability each time it gets shot and have less protection the lower its durability is. Players should have a set HP that goes down every time they get hit, and it should continue to drop unless they use a medkit. If I get shot in the arm, my aim should be extremely shaky, if I get shot in the leg then my movement should be slower and I should have a limp. The slow painful limping animation your player gets when they take enough damage needs to go! With no armor and an MX, a player should be dead with 1 shot to the chest, head, and stomach, and 2 to the legs and arms. With All level 5 armor and an MX, a player should die in 2 shots the the helmet, 4 to the chest, 3 to the stomach, 5 to the legs, and 6 to the arms. There are times when I've killed players with level 5 armor using a TRG faster than I've killed players with level 3 armor using an AK-12. That's dumb. Damage and armor should be consistent. • Aiming and shooting should take priority over any other keys held. The delay from when you stop sprinting and ADS is a bit much IMO and one of the many annoyances in PVP. The moment I right click, my character should stop sprinting and ADS. Same with firing. • I'm all for extra content, but NOT if it offers a blatant advantage. The best guns in Arma 3 are DLC. The AK-12 outperforms all other assault rifles. Period. The Cyrus and Mar-10 are the highest caliber weapons that can be silenced and easily outperforms the MK18. Don't even get me started on the MMGs. There should have already been an AK style rifle in the game to begin with and they should have gave us at least 1 gun in .338 and 9.3 before or closely after they released the marksmen DLC. I know that a skilled player with an MX can easily beat an amateur with an SPMG, but not every gunfight in Arma is between a nub and a veteran player. TL;DR •Polish and detail is suck. Tarkov style animations and a better damage model would be nice. •Vehicles should have a different damage mechanic and tanks/APCs should have better/more consistent damage multipliers for each side of the vehicle. •Animations should be interruptible with a left click. •Having gun preferences in the options and having a gun stay the same after you drop it and pick it back up (Zeroing and fire mode.) •AI... •Weapon sway is OP •Armor and damage should be more consistent. •Aiming and shooting should take priority over any other keys held. •DLC is a bit on the P2W side. I'm sure there are more things I could mention and I could have elaborated better on some things, but It's late and I'm tired. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. I'd love to read what you guys think should be different or why some of the things I mentioned should not be!
  18. SyzygyHoax

    Loving Vigor

    First off i'd like to say this is a wonderful fresh game. For how long its been out it really is a breath of fresh relaxing air. The graphics are very well put together and the scenery is awe inspiring. With that being said i definitely have some feedback i'd like to share with the devs. Im sure all of these issues have probably been addressed already but these are some i've come across. Main issue has been when exchanging fire and i take a shot, it seems like my shots arent registering because of the EXTREME flniching mechanic. Next, walking in water is extremely slow and once its waist deep your not able to ADS. Clambering at any angle besides a direct 90degrees is virtually impossible. Lastly that i can think of, your own foot steps are very loud and i'd like to see a reduction in the volume coming from your own character. Other than these small issues. Bohemia, good game so far and thanks for bringing this to Xbox exclusively, we needed something like this.
  19. As part of a multiplayer mission, there's a downed AAF pilot. The unit is setUnconscious, and had a "revive" option. Here is it's .init: if isServer then {this setUnconscious true;}; this addAction [ "<t color='#B70000'>Revive</t>", { _help = [_this select 0,_this select 1] execVM "law\pilotRevive.sqf"; pilotRevive = true; }, "",0,true,true,"","(side _this == west) && (lifeState _target == 'INCAPACITATED')",3 ]; pilotRevive.sqf the following. params [["_casualty",objNull],["_caller",objNull]]; if ((isNUll _caller) || (isNUll _casualty)) exitWith {}; if (isMultiplayer) then { (_caller) playMove "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic0"; sleep 5; (_casualty) setUnconscious false; (_casualty) playMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_rolltofront"; sleep 4; //was 3 (_casualty) playMove "AmovPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon"; sleep 5.25; //was 1.25 [_casualty,""] remoteExec ["switchMove",0,true]; (_casualty) enableAI "ALL"; (_casualty) setUnitPos "UP"; (_casualty) setHit ["legs", 1]; (_casualty) doMove [6675.358,11257.388,0]; sleep 2; (leader group (_caller)) groupChat "The pilot thanks us."; sleep 3; (leader group (_caller)) groupChat "He says we can go. He will radio for CasEvac."; sleep 1; } else { (_caller) playMove "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic0"; sleep 5; (_casualty) setUnconscious false; (_casualty) playMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_rolltofront"; sleep 4; (_casualty) playMove "AmovPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon"; sleep 5; (_casualty) switchMove ""; (_casualty) enableAI "ALL"; (_casualty) setUnitPos "UP"; (_casualty) setHit ["legs", 1]; (_casualty) doMove [6675.358,11257.388,0]; sleep 2; (leader group (_caller)) groupChat "The pilot thanks us."; sleep 3; (leader group (_caller)) groupChat "He says we can go. He will radio for CasEvac."; sleep 1; }; The events work fine in singleplayer; the unit rolls over, gets up and hobbles to the position with his injured leg. In multiplayer, he currently goes from down to up with no transition, and his lifestate remains unconscious. I think i'm not really understanding what needs to be executed where here. I tried executing the playMove's on each client before but I was getting reports that the unit was getting stuck in a loop of different animations and ultimately ended up still lying face down. But then I saw that playMove has a global effect, so I stopped executing it on all clients. Except now the intermediate actions all seem to be having no effect, and the sleep commands didn't seem to appear. Help would be much appreciated, since I can only test this properly on the community test server which is a pain to keep doing. Thanks, Law
  20. I'm running into a problem trying to get the player to start an animation while using a bis_fnc_holdActionAdd. Should be specifically line 6 and line 9 in my code in the spoiler. I did try player switchMove "Acts_millerDisarming_deskCrouch_loop" and it didn't work. So I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Hi everyone, I've been struggeling for two days now with this and I cannot find what's going on. I'm modelling a fire ladder. Everything is animated in the Geometry LOD and all animations are working on the Bulldozer: When I go ingame, this animations does not seem to work... well, not at all. I explain: When I collide the ladder with a building, the ladder crash, so yes, It has geometry. When I lower down the supports, the ladder is risen in the air, as it should be. So again, geometry is animating. But when I collide with any of them with the player, I can go through them... like the animation collision has not moved for the geometry... but, why is it colliding with the other objects? Of course, geometrys are all convex, closed, has correct selection names, etc etc etc. Am I missing something? Thanks in advanced.
  22. Hi everyone, i ve made my own carrier template with the crew shooters animations extracted from the original Jets Showcase mission. Everything works fine BUT this only works fine with one group of deck shooters, if i want to replicate the missionFlow.fsm and playLaunchAnims.fsm for an other deck shooter group the system fails, i share my mission template for everybody who wants to help and improve this shooter crew template. To use this system just call the crew deck with radio Alpha by pressing "0-0-1" ingame (Left aircraft catapult). PD: the "missionFlow.fsm" and "playLaunchAnims.fsm"are made and edited form the original showcase mission from Jets DLC (NO ADDONS NEEDED). Thank you and i hope u can help me with this and share it for all arma editors. Carrier and Shooters Tamplate Mission: Mission V3 ENJOOOOYYYYYYY.
  23. Do you think it is possible to implement the effects from Project Reality and/or Squad? I'm not sure about if you can or not. I've been thinking about trying to make a new type of particle fx mod sort of thing like Blastcore but it's just thoughts. I just want to see if anybody has a opinion on this Idea. Or if you could help me with this project.. You can contact me through Email or Steam.. Or just reply!
  24. My question is not about scripting animations in, but about producing animations itself, for Arma specifically. As I know that @smookie did it initially on his own for his animations addon (now part of Arma 3). Any experience somebody could share with a rookie? Specifically, whether it's possible to create some simplistic animations at home, with inexpensive equipment, or perhaps without equipment at all? Let's suppose we don't care much about resulting quality, whether it will look awkward or something; we are fine with some crude, schematic animations, the main criteria is it to be as easy to produce as possible. What needs to be done to receive a final Arma animation file with ".rtm" extension? What is the format of this file, how to produce it? Is it some kind of standard file format to store motion capture data? Is it possible to get motion capture data from some other game, or from some kind of generic motion capture collection library and re-purpose it to use in Arma? How it's done? For example, here are libraries like this http://mocap.cs.cmu.edu/motcat.php or this http://mocapdata.com/ Is it possible to somehow turn those MOCAP files into Arma's animations easily, and how it's done? In particular, none of those files have ".rtm" extension. Will they need to be converted to be compatible with Arma engine? What tool is used for this? How can one make sure those animations will fit Arma's models, and if they don't, how can they be easily modified so they start to fit? Another question is regarding adding new items (as 3D models) to the game and "teaching" default models to hold them in their hands. For example, making a soldier's model to carry a hammer or a knife in the hand and strike with it. I believe atm you can't hold in your arms anything except firearms and military equipment. Is it possible to implement with addons, and how difficult it may be? I suppose you could borrow a free to use model of, say, knife anywhere on the internet and simply import it into your addon, then you could simply add a new animation "striking with a knife", tweak it a bit to fit Arma's soldier model and it's done? Or is it more complex than that?
  25. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? The purpose of this, in theory, is to have more natural-looking suspension animations, using the weighting and IK that characters benefit from. This would allow larger vehicles with highly visible suspension parts to be represented in a more accurate manner, and it would give modders the chance to enhance their existing vehicles. There's probably a bit more involved in the set up process than what I describe, but here's the basic rundown: Step 1 Put all the moving suspension components of a vehicle into a separate p3d, and give it a custom bone hierarchy, similar to a character set up. Step 2 p3d alignment. Place a proxy in the vehicle's main model, in all pertinent LODs, correlating to where the pin of the suspension model is. Step 3 Create a script that tells the end moving parts of the suspension to follow certain vehicle memory points. This is the part that would stump me, because my specialty is in the artwork, and not the scripting. It would be like including a soldier already in the vehicle, even before a player or AI entered, and that soldier could never leave the vehicle (apart from being written into a destruction script). In the same way that his hands follow the steering wheel, pilot stick, or throttle stick, or how his feet can follow the pedals, so too would the suspension model parts follow the suspension memory points, retaining their IK linkage. Notes - The actual functional suspension (that is, the coded parts that really influence the vehicle behavior and performance) will still use the same basic translation animation. - The IK suspension would only be for eye-candy, and should not stray too far from the path of the actual suspension. - If the technique works well, without using too much processing power, then it could be used in ANY animated parts - not just the suspension. Examples: The TOW linkage on the M2A2 Bradley. Aircraft flaps, rudders, ailerons, etc. Hatch/canopy/door animations Folding/packing stationary weapons. - For low-poly (distant) LODs, consider using the standard suspension animation method, or exclude it altogether. - A reminder that this is all theoretical, currently. If anyone has had success with this, or if you think you can give it a try, then please give your steps, ideas, or input freely!