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  1. obrien979

    Air Marshalling Animations

    It is still producing an error about the waituntil function. It is saying that the waituntil function is nill and it is expecting true or false. Screenshot of error message
  2. I am attempting to animate a deck crew man with the "Acts_JetsMarshallingStraight_loop" animation. I am using the BIS_fnc_ambientAnim function. I place the following in the unit init field [deckhand, "Acts_JetsMarshallingStraight_loop","ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; No issues with getting him to do the animations at mission start. However I would like to have the unit conduct the animation only when a helicopter is inbound and the distance from deck crew to helo1 is <50 meters. I also would want the deck crew to terminate the animation once the helo has landed (isTouchingGround). Here is what I currently have placed in a trigger "On Activation" field: [deckhand, "Acts_JetsMarshallingStraight_loop","ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; waituntil {{isTouchingGround helo1}; this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate}; The same trigger's "Condition" field has this: deckhand distance helo1 < 50; Unfortunately I am receiving an error when the trigger is activated and the deckhand does nothing. I am quite sure that I have designed the script wrong, but I can not seem to find my error. Thank You
  3. Would you call this via an init line on player or via a trigger...or what do you suggest?
  4. Thanks for the sight, now how could I do a loop? 😏
  5. I am having problems running a if..then..else statement. I have placed these statements in the init line of the veh1. The statement below is what I currently am using. if ((player distance veh1) < 2) then {hint "Get in vehicle"} else {hint "Goto vehicle"}; I am successful in getting the else portion to work. "Goto Vehicle" appears on screen at mission start. But as I decrease my distance to the veh1 to the point I am leaning on the vehicle, the "Get in vehicle" statement doesn't activate. I have also tried the following: _dist = player distance veh1; if (_dist < 2) then {hint "Get in Vehicle"} else {hint "Goto vehicle"}; But again no luck. I am sure it is a simple error on my part, but I am struggling. TIA
  6. this setVariable ["TAG_rotate",true]; What exactly does this do?
  7. I am building ranges to use for sniper training and I am running into an issue. Well more like laziness, but I cant figure it out. I want to be able to place the targets down, manually adjust their heading (roughly facing the tower), but then at mission start I would like to run a script that adjusts their heading so that they all are facing the tower head on. This would result in better visibilty of the targets for the sniper. I noticed and played with the setDir command and was successfully with getting a single target to adjust heading (using the init. line on the target), but I have a different script that needs to be on the init. line for mission start. ANy help would be great, Thank You
  8. obrien979

    Complete Ammo Listing

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR thanks for digging up that old post of mine. I thought I had done this before and was looking around on my computer to see if I had maybe saved it somewhere. Thanks again
  9. obrien979

    Complete Ammo Listing

    WOW! Well it worked, however now I have no idea which ammo goes with what. Browsing through the listing it appears it is mostly listing ammo for Soldiers, I dont see any Artillery, Tank or Mortar ammo in there. Also is it possible to add the display name of the vehicle/object to help better Identify which ammo goes with what thing? Thank You
  10. obrien979

    Complete Ammo Listing

    Yes Sir I have looked at that, however I wish to gather the information for mods as well
  11. I am trying to work on a small project of gathering all of the Ammo classnames for each vehicle in my ARMA3 Library. Currently I am using the below code on the init field of my soldier, it works but it is time consuming switch back and forth between my text document and ARMA3. I was wondering if there is a quicker way to gather the information once I have placed all the vehicles I want to check in EDEN. Thank You this addAction["Check Ammo","_mags = magazinesAmmo cursorObject; copyToClipboard str _mags;"];
  12. Just a heads up the processInitCommands command was disabled in ARMA 3 for security reasons. It says use remoteExec or BIS_fnc_MP instead. How exactly would you incorporate that into the script now? Thanks
  13. obrien979

    Moving Map Markers

    Yeah I would be willing to check that out. Thank You
  14. obrien979

    Moving Map Markers

    Hazj unfortunately that is not what I was looking. This particular thing was a single single that I pasted into each of the units/vehicles I wanted to keep an eye on in GPS. It was not an add-on. Thank you though
  15. I am hoping the community can help me out. I recently found a script that places a map maker on units as they move around the map. In the script there was a section that displayed TypeOf the vehicle the marker was attached to. You also had the ability to customized (Color, Shape, etc) the marker that followed. I unfortunately deleted the file that I now I can not find it. Can anyone help me find that script or know of a way to do it. Thanks