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  1. Next to already revealed an known https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Arma_3:_New_Scripting_Commands_List There are more script commands now :) + fixed http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12324 + only discussion related to new or changed Arma 3 Beta/Dev Scripting allowed
  2. A quick warning, my knowledge of scripting is on par with that of a rock. I'm trying to make a mission for myself and a group of friends who are all new and just want to have a good time. Most of my questions I've been able to figure out through youtube videos and forum posts. But no matter how many different times I try, I can't for the life of me figure out what to do when someone pulls up notepad++ outside of Eden editor and shows me a paragraph of code to put in. I was wondering If someone more knowledgeable than me on the subject could help walk me through how to keep player inventories when they respawn.
  3. Complete newbie to Arma3 scripting and was wondering if there's a AI transport script that's already been done, that's compatible with multiplayer?
  4. G'day guys, There has been a lot of new threads by newcomers that ask the same/similar questions, found in many other threads. If you are new to ArmA or want to get into scripting, welcome to the forums! :) As you know, there is a search box at the top of the page, it can be used to search throughout every thread what you are after. Bear in mind that it may sometimes not provide you with the proper answer. This, however, doesn't mean that another thread should be opened. In fact, there is a huge library of scripts you probably never heard of. Check it out, there is an abundant of examples provided in each script command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 It is constantly being updated with new facts, info and scripts by many of our users such as KK. (Killzone Kid) Lastly, here are some basic info and tips on scripting. To create your own scripts, navigate to "My Documents\Arma 3\missions\your_saved_mission". Then, create a text document and rename the extension ".txt" to ".sqf". Once done, open it with Notepad or Notepad++. To run your script in the game, navigate to your mission folder and create a "init.sqf". Open it and put this in: [] execVM "myscript.sqf"; If you want to get a specific unit to do some action (e.g. setDamage or setFuel), give your unit a name but without spaces. Then in a trigger, put this in: myguy setDamage 1; The symbol ";" used after each command, is to separate the command from another. (Think of it as a period symbol)Also, if you are thinking that Steam Workshop is the only place for mods, addons, scripts, etc. Armaholic is the official site for releasing such. You can find it here, they also have a FAQ as well: http://www.armaholic.com If you want to convert a string to code, you can use call compile STRING. This is very handy (and sometimes a smart trick) when passing code around such as lbData. ;) This wraps up the introduction for those new to scripting. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas that may improve this thread, feel free to post here. ^_^ Happy Scripting, ;) Rawner135 ArmA 3 Tutorial Links: Arma 3 Scripting Tutorial For Noobs - forums.bistudio.com [Tutorial] Server Side Scripting - forums.bistudio.com Camera Scripting - www.armaholic.com KK's blog - ArmA Scripting Videos: Modding Tutorials by GameDev Byrne: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqRU_EL4pwOHOJ6L2P5XlpfmNoWqulZqf Other Tutorial Links: http://www.kylania.com/ex/ Conversation System Mission Editor ArmA 2 Mission Editor Triggers OFPEC ArmA 2 Scripting Commands ArmA2 COMREF Forums Post - Classnames ArmA2 Library ArmAholic ArmA2 Moves ArmA2 Modules Description.ext Scripting Topics (Check All Links) Startup Parameters Crash Files Tasks ARMA 2 Functions PostProcess Effects
  5. There's a stackoverflow post with this same question if you want better readability, here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/74280551/error-on-activation-select-type-nothing-expected-array-string-config-entry But anyway, whenever I try to run this code from a trigger private _all_freedom_units = ["B_FRD_Freedomer_Patrolman_01","B_FRD_Freedomer_Sniper_01", "B_FRD_Freedomer_Exo_1", "B_FRD_Freedomer_Warrior_01", "B_FRD_Freedomer_SEVA_01", "B_FRD_Freedomer_Gaurdian_01", "B_FRD_Freedomer_Seva_II_01"]; private _final_pos = [0,0,0]; private _position_player = [0, 0, 0]; _direction = getDir player; if (_direction > 0 and _direction < 90) then {cardinal_direction = "North";}; if (_direction > 90 and _direction < 180) then {cardinal_direction = "South";}; if (_direction > 180 and _direction < 250) then{cardinal_direction = "South";}; if (_direction > 250 and _direction < 359) then{cardinal_direction = "North";}; _position_player = getPos player; _position_player_x = _position_player select 0; _position_player_y = _position_player select 1; if (cardinal_direction == "North") then{ _random_x = [250, 500] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _random_y = [250, 500] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _final_pos set [0 , _position_player_x + 200 + _random_x]; _final_pos set [1 , _position_player_y + 200 + _random_y]; }; if (cardinal_direction == "South") then{ _random_x = [-250, -500] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _random_y = [-250, -500] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _final_pos set [0 , _position_player_x + _random_x]; _final_pos set [1 , _position_player_y + _random_y]; }; _position = _final_pos; _group_freedom_patrol = createGroup [west, true]; hint str _final_pos select 0; _random_number = floor random 5; The trigger throws an error: On Activation: Select: Type Nothing, expected Array,String,Config entry and I suspect the affected code piece is _position_player = getPos player; _position_player_x = _position_player select 0; _position_player_y = _position_player select 1; since it says select in the error, but I don't know. Any help is good, thank you!
  6. Making a mission for a few of the lads. Anyone have a script or a way to have a squadleader place an outpost for other players to spawn at like in Hell Let Loose or Squad? currently we are using triggers with setMarkerPos, but we'd love to use an actual point that can be added and removed. Hope this isn't too complex, cheers in advance
  7. Hi all \o/ I would like to know how to create the ModuleTracers_F module from a script. I tried various things with createVehicle and setVariable functions in order to create the module then set its parameters Min/Max/Side... but with no success at this time. Not even sure if it's possible (I guess it is ^^), I should be missing something... My goal is to create some tracers at a given position to give the feeling of a war zone. As all these AOs will be dynamically created, I can't put them by hand from 3den... so, scripts! Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated as I'm out of ideas and can't find any solution on the internet.
  8. I have an initServer sqf counting enemy kills. I would like call a separate sqf that plays a sound each time an enemy is killed. How do I correctly format the call to the sound sqf in my code shown here: if (isServer) then { _enemies = allUnits select {!isPlayer _x && side _x == WEST}; political_will = 100; (format ["British Political Will: %1", political_will]) remoteExec ["hint",0,false]; _onKilled = { political_will = political_will - 1; (format ["British Political Will: %1-", political_will]) remoteExec ["hint",0,false]; }; {_x addEventhandler ["killed",_onKilled]; false} count _enemies; }; my sound playing sqf is called killsounds.sqf Do I just need a line of code in the _onKilled brackets?
  9. as the title says, i'm very new to scripting and i'm looking for any tips on how to spawn an explosion on a prop if it gets destroyed. I'm trying to get a fuel pump to blow up when it gets destroyed and i'm looking for any help i can get 🙂
  10. Advanced Developer Tools by Leopard20 Short description: An addon that adds completely new and revamped developer tools to the game, including a Debug Console with syntax highlighting, Config Viewer with many new features, etc. Long description: If you're a mod/mission maker, then you definitely must've used the Debug Console, the Config Viewer, as well as other in-game tools that can help you test and verify your codes and configs. But when you use those tools, the first thing that strikes you is their clunkiness and a rather user-unfriendly design. For instance, lack of syntax highlighting in Debug Console means that you'll have to actually read every single word of your code in order to make sure you haven't made a typo, etc. That's why most of us use third party code editors such as Visual Studio Code and Notepad++. But this means that you'll have to switch out of the game every time you want to write and test some code. Or let's take a look at the Config Viewer: every time you want to go one level deeper into the config, the whole config viewer must be reloaded! And if you have hundreds of mods loaded, this means you have to spend more time waiting for the Config Viewer to load than actually viewing the config! This is exactly why I made this mod: to make the Arma environment more user friendly to the mod/mission makers. So without further ado, let's take a look at the features! Screenshots: Review Video (Thanks to Instant Arma): Documentation: The documentation is available in the mod folder. You can find the online version here. ⚠ If your input method is set to anything other than English in Windows, some input related features (shortcuts, auto-completion of brackets, etc.) might be broken. I'll try to address this issue in future updates. Download: Steam Workshop Note: This is a preview release. Please provide feedback regarding the mod features, such as design, what you'd like to see, etc. Thank you! Localization: Interested in translating the mod to your language? Or maybe the translation is not good and you'd like to improve it? Please visit the localization repository on GitHub. Known issues: FAQ: Requirements: None (Arma 3 v2.06+)
  11. Increasing the number of items within an ENUM is as simple as modded enum PresetsList { myNewPreset }
  12. Hi there! I need a non-damaging repeating mortar or artillery fire for a beach assault. I currently am using on a repeatable trigger: bomb="M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG" createVehicle (getPos ied1); deletevehicle ied1; That is just my basic idea for an explosion. Either will work for me. But if there is a way to just spawn the shell dropping in WITHOUT damage, I would like that too. Just need the special effect. And without a .sqf file preferably. Just using triggers on repeat. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  13. I have a script for spawning ammo boxes during the mission but id like to change the contents of the boxes spawned but have no idea where to start this is the script im using to spawn the boxes ammo_spawn is the spawners variable this is just something i found on the forums i dont really know how to script ammo_spawn addAction [ "Spawn Ammobox", { createVehicle ["Box_NATO_Ammo_F",position ammo_spawn, [],10,"NONE"]; } ]
  14. Im very new to scripting i was wondering if anyone can help i need to load different ace default loadouts to specific rolls when they spawn in because using ace arsenal when i change it in the eden editor the items gear and weapons are all right just the items are not in the right places ie bandages in the vest instead of uniform which is where i placed them ive tried reading the ace wiki on default loadouts but its lost on me any help would be appreciated.
  15. I have four compositions that I've been trying to place that all relate to one vehicle. The vehicle itself is a marshal without a turret that has several various objects attached to it via the BIS_fnc_attachToRelative script. Back view of marshal The first composition is the marshal itself with the various objects and can be placed without issue. The second is an invisible helipad that has the init field with a script containing a remote exec that adds actions that add functionality to parts of the marshal; this can be placed without a problem. The third, problem child composition, is another invisible helipad that has the following in the init field: [apcnoT,["To Gunner's Seat (Mortar)",{MoveOut (_this select 1);(_this select 1) action ["getingunner", apcnoTMor]}, [], 0, false, false, "", "_this in (crew _target) && (isNull gunner apcnoTMor)"]] remoteExec ["addaction",0,true]; deleteVehicle this This, as opposed to the others causes BattlEye to automatically kick me from the public zeus with the message "RemoteExec restriction #12" The other codes: Marshal (apcnoT) apcnoT removeWeaponTurret ["LMG_RCWS", [0]]; apcnoT lockturret [[0,0],true]; this lockturret [[0],true]; apcnoT animate ["HideTurret", 1] Mortar (apcnoTMor) [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative; this removemagazines "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells"; this removemagazines "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Flare_white"; this removeMagazines "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white"; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addMagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white",8]; this addMagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white",8]; enableWeaponDisassembly false Tarp (apcnoTSurf) // Adds surface to the top of the marshal, otherwise players would be infinitely falling. Location is used to teleport player. [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative Equipment Box [NATO] (spbx1) // Action added to this to resupply mortar [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative Rugged Portable Cabinet Lid (Sand) (NOT_NAMED) // Used as a means to climb up on top of the marshal [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative;[this,["Climb<img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\ladderup_ca'/>", {_this select 1 setpos getPos apcnoTSurf;;}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 1.5, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0]; Rugged IP Telephone (Sand) (apcnoTphone) // Arsenal after activation by helipad [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative Helipad (Invisible) (addPhoneFunc) // Adds Arsenal to phone and resupply action to spbx1 [spbx1,["Resuply Mortar <img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\reammo_ca'/>", {apcnoTMor setVehicleAmmo 1}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 2, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true]; [apcnoTphone,["Arsenal <img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\ico_on_ca'/>", {["Open", true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 1.5, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true]; deletevehicle this Helipad (Invisible) (addSeatFunc) // Adds ability to get into the mortar gunner seat while inside the marshal. This is the problem child of the bunch. [apcnoT,["To Gunner's Seat (Mortar)",{MoveOut (_this select 1);(_this select 1) action ["getingunner", apcnoTMor]}, [], 0, false, false, "", "_this in (crew _target) && (isNull gunner apcnoTMor)"]] remoteExec ["addaction",0,true]; deleteVehicle this Helipad (Invisible) (addSeatFunc2) // Adds ability to get out but on top of the marshal as well as ability to get into the marshal directly while on top of it. [apcnoTSurf,["Get In", {[_this select 1, apcnoT] remoteExec ["moveInCargo", 0];}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 4, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true]; [apcnoT,["Get Out (Topside)",{_this select 1 setpos getPos apcnoTSurf;}, [], 0, false, false, "", "_this in (crew _target)"]] remoteExec ["addaction",0,true]; deleteVehicle this I apologize for my archaic coding format as I'm used to the very old ways of scripting in the original Operation Flashpoint. I hope that extra eyes can slim down the coding or maybe combine it all into one composition that wont automatically kick me when placed. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi there, I'm attempting to unhide a layer that I have previously hidden using the following code in the mission init.sqf, with "layer_checkpointwest" being my layer: { _x hideObjectGlobal true; } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "layer_checkpointwest" select 0); I want to unhide everything in this layer at some point later on in the mission. Originally I had it set up in an addAction for a Zeus player to trigger: zeus1 addAction ["4. Unhide Checkpoint Ambush Scene", {{_x hideObjectGlobal false;} forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "layer_checkpointwest" select 0);}, nil, 1.5, false, true, "", "true", 3]; For SP and locally hosted MP this works fine, however on a dedicated server nothing seems to happen. I am thinking it's something to do with the way hideObjectGlobal needs to be called on the server - but even using a trigger to remoteExec a script > "[] remoteExec ["unhidecheckpoint.sqf", 2, false];" with essentially the opposite of the init.sqf code doesn't seem to work either. I've been reading so much on this and I don't feel like I'm fully understanding what I'm missing! Any help or advice with this is much appreciated.
  17. hello , i have run a test (about showing a target scene what there an ai must start fire 3 round of mortart to my target via mortar) on single player and multiplayer on my pc in both of ways it work successfully, camera start moving and show mortar and the ai start fire fine, but when i up the mission to server for test the ai wont fire and just camera show he and he still not fire, i test this codes on server : _camera = "camera" camcreate position h2; _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"]; _camera camPrepareTarget g2; _camera camCommitPrepared 5; g2 commandArtilleryFire [position han2, "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells",3]; _camera camPreparePos position h2_1; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; _camera camCommitPrepared 6; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; waitUntil {camCommitted _camera}; _camera cameraEffect ["terminate","back"]; camDestroy _camera; for sure i test another command as : _camera = "camera" camcreate position h1; _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"]; _camera camPrepareTarget g1; _camera camCommitPrepared 5; g1 doArtilleryFire [position han1,"8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells",3]; _camera camPreparePos position h1_1; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; _camera camCommitPrepared 6; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; waitUntil {camCommitted _camera}; _camera cameraEffect ["terminate","back"]; camDestroy _camera; both kind of codes work just in single and mp mod in my pc, and not work on server. any help have my regards.
  18. MGI ADVANCED MODULES Hi all, Here is an addon for mission makers. If you need to easily spawn some factions, some civilian life or just add randomized weapons loot in houses... If you want an advanced AI heal & revive, for SP or MP mission, able to heal players or bros.. ... or respawning AIs, in waves or at once.. If you want a transport support on any vehicle... A vehicle respawn system with crew, waypoints, loadouts, addActions, arsenal.... Friendly kill sanction... AI cannons able to fire HE shells on infantry... Some generators able to switch on/off a district... or adapt silencers to combat behavior... or perhaps a simple tool for reading all map object classes/display names/p3d model names... Other tools like tire puncture on barbed wires? ... And of course, MP compatible, favorite mods compatible... Here you are. MODULES on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682280809 The summary is just here. The modules are described and explained in an updated documentation: DOCUMENTATION LINK Have fun! Pierre MGI
  19. Hello, Here is a request for more hints about work drive, very poorly documented. I didn't find a complete topic or tutorial about P drive, or more recently what BI call a work drive. I read a lot of posts about issues when trying to mount this drive, but, no line about the interest for that. As I'm not fond of unexplained tools, I never mounted this work drive til yet, and my addons were fine so far. But I recently discover ( @Larrow point me the right direction) that such (working) drive could avoid unwanted error, especially for path references like: #include "\a3\3DEN\UI\macros.inc" Such line works in due work environment (so P:), but there is no chance to pbo an addon, with such reference to absolute path, if you are working from some folders in one of your disks. In other words, such path must be consistent where you are working and P drive seems to be your friend... if correctly mounted! So, IMHO, there is a need for a tuto browsing these different points: - why mounting a work drive? (and what is it exactly?) - does it cost a large space on my disk? (does it duplicates numerous files?) - How to do that? Really, the Arma 3 tools is not fair with explanation! You can click on "Mount the project drive".. and you get an empty P drive... or click on "Project drive Management"... for roughly the same thing! And good luck - So what? I have an empty P drive (with more or less 80 Go used!, by what?) - I'm not on buldozer, just because I don't want to mod an object or a map, just an addon for example, So what is the next step with my empty drive?? (I placed my completed addon inside P: and there is no difference between P: and my former folder on E:) So, the consistency for pboing an addon, with absolute paths like I wrote, stays hypothetical at this stage. - and last question, btw, how to dismount a P drive? There are not so much explanation once again. The is no real "dismount" tool, just some hints about: WorkDrive.exe /Dismount ... Good luck if you don't have any clue for running that. If I'm right, you can run that on windows power shell or a "command line"... if you know how to reach this executable of course! (under program files (x86)\Steam\... did you succeed in pointing at such path?) Have fun with Arma (even wasting time with tools)
  20. i need help with making a deliver supplies task and have a counter that keeps track of how many supplies have been delivered Wat im trying to do is have the description update and tell you how much supplies were delivered, so it goes as "1/3 supplies delivered" then 2/3 etc heres wat i have right now _radioObjects = ["Object1", "Object2","Object3"]; sd = {_radioObjects inArea "trig1"} count _radioObjects; [ "del", [ format ["Cargo %1 /3",sd], "Deliver the supplies", " " ] ] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDescription; 😞 its not working
  21. FIXED: First I stripped back a few larger & unnecessary mods & verified the game files through Steam. With Game Logic in mind, I investigated the timings of the errors to what I was doing and deduced: Turns out I had 4 certain persistent scripts running using Game Logic Modules when they didn't need to be. I also had scripts running which made map markers of 'locations' appear and disappear on arrival & when the location is cleared (ect ect) on a Repeatable basis, meaning the engine was attempting to create the already deleted & already created map markers over and over again when leaving and re-entering the vicinity. I've migrated the functions described above to pre-existing triggers (which now delete themselves after use) & almost instantly the issue is gone, no error in RPT logs anymore. I assume it was the map markers causing the issue predominantly and the scenario has gone from gradual degradation right back to 40-60fps with everything still present and working as it should. I also added a task cleanup system where when all of a 'locations' tasks have been finished, the Create Task Modules are deleted upon the final trigger, along with the trigger itself constantly freeing memory. Still a long way to go correcting all mission triggers & Task Modules with this technique but immediately the difference is day & night with only a fraction done so... result. Thanks for the assistance with this all. Also, if you'd like to test the next available version early September, message me over on Reddit ( proj_drk ) where I'll be sharing any news about this scenario. - I am almost finished creating a single player open world operation & in the last few sessions I have been getting the error... 'Tried to create group when group limit reached side Game Logic' The error doesn't specify the script(s) which are causing it. It will trigger after around 25 minutes of gameplay & will continue to do so a dozen times within a second every 45-70 seconds, each time dropping FPS more & more until it becomes unplayable. I am aware that it is perhaps tied to a certain script repeatedly trying to spawn a group. Anyone else had to deal with this / find a fix? I am willing and able to dig deep into the scripts to find & fix or even fully remove the error but right now, I'm not too sure where to start apart from group spawns. I am also open to the idea a script which will perhaps 'kill' this looping error when it first starts if at all possible?
  22. My mission works correctly in singleplayer, but in multiplayer it only works properly for the host. For some weird reason the end trigger gets executed prematurely for the non-host player(s). My first trigger: Condition: ({alive _x} count units apcGrp == 0) AND ({alive _x} count units tankGrp == 0) Activation: deadAttackers = true 2nd trigger (5 seconds delay): Condition: deadAttackers Activation: "2" objStatus "DONE"; hint "Objective completed"; end1 = true 3rd trigger (12 seconds delay) that ends the mission with End1 Condition: end1 apcGrp consists of 2 M113s, tankGrp consists of 1 M1A1 (squad leader) and 2 M60 tanks. For some reason the condition of the first trigger always returns true for the non-host player(s) at the very start of the game. Putting deadAttackers = false; in the init.sqs did not solve the issue. The missions just ends for the non-host player(s) with the 2nd objective completed. Any ideas? Could it be that because the units that are being checked if they are alive are crew members inside vehicles and are somehow local to the host? So the host sees them as alive but the other players don't? To me it seems like a weird bug.
  23. Hello everyone, Here is a small project that may be helpful to everyone that doesn't always have access to internet/the wiki, or to everyone needing the biki when it is down. With the support of peeps in the #community_wiki Arma 3 Discord channel, I managed to extract wiki data to make a COMREF (Operation Flashpoint flashbacks intensify) This is basically offline documentation for commands and functions in all Arma titles - note that some glitches are still present, but the data is pretty much usable. newest version: 2022-08-17 COMREF (before BIKI update - v2.08) old versions: - 2020-11-23 COMREF (update after 2.00) - 2020-06-12 COMREF (added messagebox colours and better parsing) - 2020-06-10 COMREF (first version) My little helpers: @Grezvany13, @Dedmen, @x39, @optix, @Heyoxe, @A3_Stickie
  24. Hello! I am having issues with the Animated Briefing function, specifically with how I am meant to implement it. I have finished my timeline (which is the code below), however my issues arise from the other bits of the code in the function _timeline = [ [0.0, {}], [1.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg1"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >This is a test message for the Animated Briefing Test</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true];}], [7.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg2"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >Yesterday the enemey broke through the Northern front", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; ["binf1", getMarkerPos "bwp1", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["binf2", getMarkerPos "bwp3", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["bmec", getMarkerPos "bwp2", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["enemy", getMarkerPos "wp1", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["northline",3] spawn BIS_fnc_hideMarker;}], [12.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg3"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >Elements of the 11th Infantry platoon captured the Refinary plant over here</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; ["show", ["lat"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["lat", getMarkerPos "wp2", 5, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["show", ["refine"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["refine", 3, 5] spawn BIS_fnc_blinkMarker;}], [21.5, {o1 say3D "briefmsg4"; titleText ["<t align = 'center' shadow = '2' color='#00ff00' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' >Officer</t><br /><t color='#ffffff' size='1.5' font='PuristaMedium' shadow = '2' >Our forces tried to counter attack however suffered many casualties and retreated</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; ["show", ["attack1"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["show", ["attack2"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["show", ["attack3"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["bmec",4] spawn BIS_fnc_hideMarker; ["binf1", getMarkerPos "bwp4", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["binf2", getMarkerPos "bwp5", 4, 0] call BIS_fnc_moveMarker; ["hide", ["attack1"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["hide", ["attack2"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers; ["hide", ["attack3"]] call BIS_fnc_showMarkers;}], [32.5, {}] ]; And so here are my issues are: 1. What code do I put in after the timeline? 2. What file do I even put this in? I'm not the best when it comes to scripting and this Animated Briefing has actually drove me insane as it is probably the hardest thing I have done so far
  25. Hello guys, thanks for taking the time. I am working hard on an experience for some people that I am going to entertain as Zeus and mission maker, but gotten to a point where I have not manage to find any module, mod or other script that meet my specific needs. My friends during their adventure through a map, will come and go to different locations, and return to the same ones again potentially. Each time they do, I want to be able to spawn in AI units, under specific classnames, in very specific location like a marker or trigger. Maybe one AI of one type of classname stands at a gatehouse, and another AI of another type of classname is standing outside in the rain. But each time they go there, they will spawn in into the same spot or markers. And if they leave, they will despawn again, in order to save on performance for the server. I have seen many population scripts out there, but they generally populate areas and houses, they do not place them into very specific manual locations, or i can choose which classname will be placed down to the detail. I am also looking for the option that if I spawn a third guy by the guard house, he starts to patrol in a small radius when he has appeared. I can easily create this by placing down NPCs, but it is going to tax the performance if I have so many different locations populated all at once. It would be better if they despawn on leaving, and respawn on approach. It would also be useful if there are specific enemy classnames in an area they can attack, they will respawn later in case they want to go back and do the same attack over again. Anyone has any ideas or suggestions? Much appreciated!