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  1. Question So, I was wondering if it was possible to potentially make a custom text Heads Up Display that looks kind of like the Antistasi HUD. The Antistasi HUD includes things like Covertness, Balance of money, Following, etc... I was wondering how I would be able to do something like this with minimal effort involved. Possible Solutions I've tried using the titleText in order to display a variable from my "Variables.sqf" file, however; this isn't a good idea because I use the titleText for dialogue between the player and AI characters. <Variables.sqf> balance = 1200; <buildingtutorial.sqf> params ["_object", "_caller", "_actionId", "_args"]; _jeep = _args param [0]; _transporttruck = _args param [1]; ["TASK1", "SUCCEEDED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; titleText[format["<t color='#00FF00'>Commander Petros</t>: Welcome to the new camp, newbie."], "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; sleep 5; titleText[format["<t color='#00FF00'>Commander Petros</t>: Go over to that workbench over there and build the vehicle depot, then come back to me and I'll purchase some vehicles for it."], "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; titleFadeOut 7; _object removeAction _actionId; _object addAction ["Buy Vehicles", "buyVehicle.sqf", [_jeep, _transporttruck]]; exit; I haven't actually found anything useful regarding a custom GUI or HUD in ArmA 3 quite yet so this would be really helpful. Thanks in advance for potential solution/help in the comments.
  2. Good afternoon, I am trying to find information regarding the automatic navigation of the config file. So far I have been doing it 'by hand' by specifying the values in a list of Strings, for example: STWG_PossibleEASTGroups=[ [configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "rhs_faction_vdv" >> "rhs_group_rus_vdv_mi24" >> "rhs_group_rus_vdv_mi24_squad_mg_sniper",0], [configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "rhs_faction_vdv" >> "rhs_group_rus_vdv_mi8" >> "rhs_group_rus_vdv_mi8_squad",0], ... "C_Heli_Light_01_civil_F", "C_IDAP_Heli_Transport_02_F", ... ]; These values are taken from the editor and pasted into the list. I am wondering if it were possible to navigate the config file and obtain those values directly from the script. Thanks in advance.
  3. Overview I was trying to create an ArmA 3 OPTRE mission, where the player needs to trace data from a communications relay/tower and get the locations of two additional objectives they need to complete in order to extract and complete the mission. The mission is single-player (so far) but will have multiplayer integration in the future. I have the addAction set up to remove itself once the player interacts and executes the code inside the addAction as well, not only that but I also have markers, and a diary record get created when the player interacts with the addAction command. Problem I have a task created whenever the player clears out the communications relay of hostiles (Eridanus Rebel Insurrectionists), the task ID and variable name are both TASK2 (because it's the second task in the scenario) and it's position is also synchronized with the communications tower. The problem that I've been having is an "Expected Task, Got Object" Error from the code in the addAction. The code is listed below. communications_relay addAction ["Learn Objective Locations", {player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Objective Locations", "Intel Recovery: <br />Convoy Assault:]]; "intel_recovery" setMarkerType "hd_objective"; communications_relay removeAction 0; TASK2 setTaskState "Succeeded"}]; Post Now, I'm pretty new to ArmA 3 scripting, so I didn't particularly feel like putting all of the code inside of an external SQF file, mainly because of the fact I didn't wanna deal with passing all of the variables to the script file and then doing it that way. Also, if it's not too much to ask for, I ask for you to please explain what the code solution you send does so I can understand it better. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. BettIR - IR Improvement for ARMA (Alpha Release) Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2260572637 Also, if you liked my work and would like to see more - feel free to support me on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/vestarr Arma is a great game, but there's one thing it could never do - IR illumination. There's a lot of great things that only work in IR Spectrum, but ESPECIALLY in ACE mod, if it's dark - you're doomed. In real life, you would normally use IR illuminators for that purpose. They emit a bit of IR light to help you see stuff around you. A lot of known Night Vision Goggles have them built in; you can also find these lights in AN/PEQ-15 boxes and other weapon-mounted light combos. Unfortunately, Arma doesn't natively support such thing. However, with a bit of scripting (and magic) we can make anything work right? The mod currently only involves: - NVG-mounted IR lights (compatible with particular NVGs only) - Weapon-mounted IR lights (e.g. vanilla IR laser pointer is enough to use this functionality) - Compatible with Vanilla NVG's and IR pointers - Compatible with most RHS NVG's and IR pointers - Compatible with most CUP NVG's and IR pointers - Compatible with most USP NVG's - Allows you to use your laser along with the IR illuminator - Multiplayer Compatible! - Configurable keybinds to toggle the both lights (Ctrl + Alt + L and Ctrl + Alt + N by default) - Adjustable viewdistance - Tested with 66 AI actors with their illuminators on with minor FPS impact - Easily Extendible - see "For Developers" section below To be added soon: - Weapon-specific offsets for better approximation of the position of the light source - IR Patches - IR-only textures - Weapon-mounted illuminators - AI using it and reacting to it - Reorganizing the code architecture Known bugs: - Laggy in vehicles, potential fix in the pipeline - Position of the lights is approximated and might not be perfectly lined up to the actual position of the light source; will not fix (unless there's a method to fix it) Credits Ulfgaar - for giving me the idea to do the IR patches, which then spiraled out of control and became much more than that; for exchanging a lot of information about the real life technology and helping me understand it much more Dslyecxi - for feedback and Nightvision-related consultation OneLittleSociopath - for helping me figure out some of the optimalization concerns TheVache & Somedudechen - for helping me test this mod Disclaimer This mod doesn't change the color of the NVG's as the screenshots suggest! I used a wonderful NVG mod by Apricot to take nicer preview screenshots. You can find it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1908374667 Licensing information can be found in the steam workshop link, to be updated soon. Contributions/suggestions welcome!
  5. WHAT IS SQX? SQX is a script language that is used to create scripts and missions in Arma 3. SQX is very similar to SQF, but it has support for object oriented scripting. PHILOSOPHY SQX extends the SQF language primarily by adding control structures that allow for object oriented scripting. As such, plain SQF is allowed, but it also introduces support to organize the code into classes and inheritances. SQX also introduces a small toolbox of some optionally available new commands and keywords that may be helpful (such as the "return" statement). The SQX language reference explains all the ways that SQX differs from SQF. One could say that SQX is for SQF what TypeScript is for Javascript. FEATURES OF SQX True object orientation (objects and inheritence, virtuals and overrides) Type handling and customizable types (classes, interfaces, enums) Three different kinds of class members (fields, methods, properties) Three different kinds of accessors (private, protected, public) Support for statics (methods and properties) Syntax close to SQF Some new convenient commands (like "is", "as", "return" etc.) Compiler synchronizes line numbers between SQX and SQF to support runtime error handling SQX class objects can be broadcasted between machines Complete reference documentation (at www.typesqf.com). WHAT CAN YOU DO? You can structure your code in an object oriented way, creating your own types and actions using classes, interfaces and enums. Well, these are just the tools. What you really can achieve is great structured code, easy to read, easy to write and easy to understand. It extends the boundaries of what code is possible to overview and control. WHAT IS OBJECT ORIENTATION? If you are a developer, you already know, and the reference documentation and general SQF resources should be enough. I you are not familiar with it then start with this Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-oriented_programming. HOW TO GET STARTED? Download the TypeSqf Editor from www.typesqf.com. Create a new mission. In Eden Editor in Arma 3, create a new mission and insert at least one playable unit. In TypeSqf, select "Open mission" and select the newly created mission.sqm. Install the CPack TypeSqf.MissionTemplate.Mp.Standard. In TypeSqf, open the CPack Console in the Tools menu. Write "Install TypeSqf.MissionTemplate.Mp.Standard" and press ENTER. The mission template (written in SQX) is now installed into your mission. Compile and build the project and play the default template mission. Compile the mission in TypeSqf by using "Compile project" on the Build menu. Play the simple default mission. MEDIA The following video shows when I use SQX to create and use a Crowd object: HOW DOES IT WORK? A class instance variable (instantiated with the new keyword) is under the hood an SQF variable of type Array. The class instance's fields and properties are saved as array items in an order kept track of by the SQX compiler. Methods compiles into global functions, with the instance variable (the class array) sent in as the first parameter. This is of course all abstracted by the compiler and not visible to the developer. All SQX is written into .sqx files, and all .sqx files are then compiled into .sqx.sqf counterparts enabling them to be read and interpreted by Arma 3. SOME IMPORTANT NOTES A language limitation: Due to limitations in SQF arrays it is not possible to instantiate two classes that reference each other. I.e. a parent class can have children, but these children cannot contain references back to its parent. The solution is simply to avoid these kinds of structures, and if you still do it you will get a runtime error. An editor limitation: The TypeSqf editor does not have complete autocompletion regarding SQX, but it helps with the most common stuff. E.g. it only suggests one level of chained properties and methods, and it suggests variable names by searching the whole file instead of the actual programming scope context. If you are an advanced developer, please remember that the SQX language does handle most of expected code structures, which is more than the editor will suggest. THE TYPESQF EDITOR Note that this forum is for the SQX Language, which is closely related to, but also separated from, the TypeSqf Editor. Please only post questions and comments regarding the SQX Language here. Questions and comments about the TypeSqf editor goes into the TypeSqf forum. VERSION HISTORY Version 1.05 -Fixed: Analyzer does not forget about file content in files that are being removed. Version 1.03 -SQX: Refactor of SQF/SQX analyzer and compiler (speeded up the build times a lot). -SQX: Now possible to declare typed variables on a single assignement line (private Scalar _number = 0). -SQX: Now possible to declare typed variables using new SQX keyword 'var' (var _number = 0). Version 1.02 -Fixed: Strange behavior regarding negation symbol (e.g. "return -1;"). -Fixed: No warning when sub class tries to override a method that does not exist in base class. Version 1.01 SQX: Added checks for when a sub class is missing call to explicit base constructor. Version 1.0 First version.
  6. MGI ADVANCED MODULES Hi all, Here is an addon for mission makers. If you need to easily spawn some factions, some civilian life or just add randomized weapons loot in houses... If you want an advanced AI heal & revive, for SP or MP mission, able to heal players or bros.. If you want a transport support on any vehicle... A vehicle respawn system with crew, waypoints, loadouts, addActions, arsenal.... Friendly kill sanction... AI cannons able to fire HE shells on infantry... Some generators able to switch on/off a district... or adapt silencers to combat behavior... or perhaps a simple tool for reading all map object classes/display names/p3d model names... Other tools like tire puncture on barbed wires? ... And of course, MP compatible, favorite mods compatible... Here you are. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682280809 Adapt silencers to stealth/combat situation No video SP/MP compatible - all mods Advanced patrols (spawning factions on locations/areas, patrolling then split for defending/attacking) See video SP/MP compatible - all mods Advanced transport See video SP/MP compatible - all mods AI can respawn No video SP/MP compatible - all mods Civilian life See video SP/MP compatible - some known mods Drop vehicle instead of crate See video SP/MP compatible - all mods Enhanced Turrets No video SP/MP compatible - all mods (so far. feedback welcome) Flip overturned vehicle No video SP/MP compatible _ all mods HALO jump No video SP/MP compatible - all mods Heal & revive see video SP/MP compatible - check for mods... Modded units are not a problem. But some mods like ACE have their own scripts and could be incompatible. Furthermore, I scripted for some conditions about the presence of FirstAidKit and MediKit. This module is complex enough. I didn't grab into mods for exotic classes of items (and I will not). Of course, you can choose to skip these conditions. Kill punishment See video SP/MP compatible -all mods Loot weapons & items in houses See video SP/MP compatible - some mods (CUP UNSUNG IFA3 RHS R3F) Marker to Task See video SP/MP compatible - all mods Respawn vehicles No video (see an old one about script to have an idea) SP/MP compatible - all mods Important note: This module uses EH handleDamage. This EH doesn't work if you apply something like: testedVehicle setDamage 1 from console. The script needs some hits on parts (updating vehicle data before destruction). So, crew and waypoints will be respawned after a current kill/disabled vehicle in game. SP simple respawn No video Single Player only Switch ambient lights See video SP/MP compatible - all mods so far... Tire puncture No video SP/MP compatible - some mods Touch of class! See video SP/MP compatible - all mods Wear what you want No video SP / MP compatible - all mods (not all. Some weird mods don't have true uniforms but some skinned units... Nothing to do with that) One man tank No video SP/MP compatible - all mods with Tanks or APCs Prisoners See video SP/MP compatible (not fully tested in MP) - all mods so far Have fun! Pierre MGI 06 sept 2020 See also new modules. On line in a couple of days.
  7. BIForums personal (highlights) Gun light flash - how to remove or decrease 15th anniversary of OFP/CWA DXDLL - advanced tweaking (and 12th anniversary) 14th anniversary of OFP:CWC transitionsSimple making trees disappear when destroyed PRIMARY in config.cpp (regarding weapons)? Exclude face class(es) Berghoff's nature packs alignment fix ButtonFullSave Proxy driver/cargo - action relation DXDLL source code bn880's Tracers 1.25 Grades in CfgWeapons Discover and Identify IncomingMissile EventHandler [FIX] Workaround for faulty texture sorting (units visible through smoke, etc) Island Map in a Dialog This thread (highlights) Sniper crouch (animation) test 'Forest experiment' 'Building destruction experiment' (01) coop @c2 papier - intro Bike horn test (cut) JAM Smokeblock FDF smokeblock Handgun visibleSize bug (01) Handgun visibleSize bug (02) 'Parachute experiment' 'Mirror image experiment' 'Physics experiment' 'When a game becomes a meme' Adding user values to your models will increase the section count dramatically. 'Building destruction experiment' (02) ClimbOver Animation JumpOver Animation Building destruction (01) Building destruction (comparison) Forest destruction Forest destruction (comparison) Obscuring AI field of view after forest destruction Climbing script An example of model rescaling via island-editor Fixing forest ViewGeometry (01) Improved AI scipt (Take Cover script) Fixing forest ViewGeometry (02) Comparison of original and fixed Forest ViewGeometry CCS - @customfix cargo system (01) CCS - @customfix cargo system (02) On-the-fly loading of island's buildings Building destruction (02) Use view geometry lods to Occlude sunlight Totally Destructible Environment (TDE) 'A fallen static objects' geometries bug' HUD Evolution How to fix broken triangle-shaped forest model How I discovered the way Forest ViewGeometry works How to make Forest use ViewGeometry components How to build proper Forest ViewGeometry -benchmark Models replacement via mission folder FILE(s) NOT FOUND Security Flaw & Fix Checkfiles Aspect Ratio registry-derived issue Usage of black texture for ignoring FireGeometry components Fast Addon Testing SQUAD.XML - Problem & Solution A lone road sign on Everon Automatic Body Removal A lone road sign on Kolgujev Zamerny - memory point Geometry of fallen tree - FIXED The tallest OFP/ACWA model 1.96 vs 1.99 Gamma & Brightness (G&B) settings An update on HUD Evolution Change OFP/ACWA in-game fonts globally via CfgFonts Secret 5T-Truck Crate
  8. Hello, does anyone know how to create the Zeus modules for the Zeus of Arma 3 Vanilla. I knwo how to create the modules for EDEN, but I don't see nothing for Zeus Modules https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modules Thx.
  9. G'day guys, There has been a lot of new threads by newcomers that ask the same/similar questions, found in many other threads. If you are new to ArmA or want to get into scripting, welcome to the forums! :) As you know, there is a search box at the top of the page, it can be used to search throughout every thread what you are after. Bear in mind that it may sometimes not provide you with the proper answer. This, however, doesn't mean that another thread should be opened. In fact, there is a huge library of scripts you probably never heard of. Check it out, there is an abundant of examples provided in each script command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 It is constantly being updated with new facts, info and scripts by many of our users such as KK. (Killzone Kid) Lastly, here are some basic info and tips on scripting. To create your own scripts, navigate to "My Documents\Arma 3\missions\your_saved_mission". Then, create a text document and rename the extension ".txt" to ".sqf". Once done, open it with Notepad or Notepad++. To run your script in the game, navigate to your mission folder and create a "init.sqf". Open it and put this in: [] execVM "myscript.sqf"; If you want to get a specific unit to do some action (e.g. setDamage or setFuel), give your unit a name but without spaces. Then in a trigger, put this in: myguy setDamage 1; The symbol ";" used after each command, is to separate the command from another. (Think of it as a period symbol)Also, if you are thinking that Steam Workshop is the only place for mods, addons, scripts, etc. Armaholic is the official site for releasing such. You can find it here, they also have a FAQ as well: http://www.armaholic.com If you want to convert a string to code, you can use call compile STRING. This is very handy (and sometimes a smart trick) when passing code around such as lbData. ;) This wraps up the introduction for those new to scripting. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas that may improve this thread, feel free to post here. ^_^ Happy Scripting, ;) Rawner135 ArmA 3 Tutorial Links: Arma 3 Scripting Tutorial For Noobs - forums.bistudio.com [Tutorial] Server Side Scripting - forums.bistudio.com Camera Scripting - www.armaholic.com KK's blog - ArmA Scripting Videos: Modding Tutorials by GameDev Byrne: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqRU_EL4pwOHOJ6L2P5XlpfmNoWqulZqf Other Tutorial Links: http://www.kylania.com/ex/ Conversation System Mission Editor ArmA 2 Mission Editor Triggers OFPEC ArmA 2 Scripting Commands ArmA2 COMREF Forums Post - Classnames ArmA2 Library ArmAholic ArmA2 Moves ArmA2 Modules Description.ext Scripting Topics (Check All Links) Startup Parameters Crash Files Tasks ARMA 2 Functions PostProcess Effects
  10. Hey all, I've just created this script really quick, friends from my unit came to me and asked for me to create it, and I thought I'll just explain my thought process behind it. It's fairly simple and covers basics of scripting, but it's also rather fun to play. Github link: https://github.com/wik-z/arma-shoothouse-script
  11. Hi. Anyone know how to make these animated/clickable markers on the map..? Like in arma 2 warfare for example where you select respawn location. I don't know where to start with it Never dealt with it before
  12. Hello Lads, I am new to Arma Community and i have been into Arma since 6 months. i learned a lot and i'm in love of this game, and Frankly i want to do my own campaigns, Missions, Mods, and Intros. But i can't due lack of Experience in Arma 3, i watch a lot of Youtube Videos and tutorials, i'll get straight to point ... i want to use the Damn F*cking Intro/ Scenario/Outro Bar and it's Complicated with Feurex Tutorial Video - like Class Campaign {}, Class missionDefault {}, and a lot a lot... i just need assistance in my work that's all, if anyone could give me an example of the perfect Campaign or show me how to open Eastwind Project mission files so i can learn from the Original Campaign, i would be very fuckin Appreciate. Also i have military Experience, i know a lot of Covert Ops and Operations done amazingly by The US Armed Forces and British Armed Forces including The SAS, US Delta, US Navy SEALs and i can assist in Mission Making for anyone including Middle East Military.
  13. Hey guys, got a question. I am a newbie at scripting, and I am trying to script a unit to preform an animation from the menu seen in game. So, for simplicity's sake, lets say its Unit 1 and unit 2. I have a script set up so unit 1 uses a death based script to make it look like he took a bullet. So after that script is complete I need unit 2 to make a signal to move up. Problem is, I do not know how to make unit 2's animation start upon the end of unit 1's animation. Can anyone direct me to the proper scripting line, if there is one, or how to make a timed wait for unit 2's animation. Thanks folks
  14. Hello there 😄 I'm DrDuckhill, and I'm new in this forum. I'd like to know how to make some working windshield wipers for helicopters, or if there already are scripts (?) for that. You need to know, I have NO CLUE about modding, writing scripts whatsoever. It's just that I want to bring some more realism into flying a helicopter. Working windshield wipers, working instruments (in the EuroCopter 135 / 635 mods the instruments don't work). I hope you guys can help me 🙂 See ya'll
  15. Hi Arma team, New to scripting and I have a question or more. Background story: Single-player mission. BLUFOR(player) is a militia opposing an OPFOR militia. BLUFOR needs arms. We're actually attacking a powerful ally and blaming it on our enemy to get supplies and support. NOTE: For the simplicity of the mission the convoy is OPFOR! Convoy consists of 1 APC in the front, 2 trucks then an APC at the rear. The outcome should be: When the lead APC(variable: lead_convoy) hits the AT mine the (player) group engages the rear APC with an RPG and engages the dismounted crew when (all) the fighting is over gets into one of the trucks, and profits. The drivers of the ammo trucks should surrender and survive so the attack is blamed on a rival militia, crafty huh? Here's the part that's troublesome: There should be a group of BLUFOR AI that hits the front APC as they dismount after the AT mines detonate, then kills the crew of the lead APC and then gets in one of the trucks to profit. I have this in a trigger once the lead convoy vehicle hits the mine: ``` Condition: !alive convoy; { // Change state of the AI units from hiding (this works ok) _x commandWatch objNull; _x enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x enableAI "TARGET"; _x enableAI "SUPPRESSION"; _x enableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x enableAI "MOVE"; } foreach (units ambush_1); // stops the trucks from rushing off (this works ok) {_x disableAI "MOVE"} forEach (units (group driver ammo_truck_1)); {_x disableAI "MOVE"} forEach (units (group driver ammo_truck_2)); // I want to change the vehicles to captive and the occupants ammo_truck_1D setcaptive TRUE; // Can you set a vehicle captive? ammo_truck_1D action ["EJECT", ammo_truck_1]; removeAllWeapons ammo_truck_1D; ammo_truck_2D setcaptive TRUE; ammo_truck_2 setcaptive TRUE; ammo_truck_2D action ["EJECT", ammo_truck_2]; removeAllWeapons ammo_truck_2D; ``` Behaviour: The AI ambush_1 activates, the truck drivers (ammo_truck_1D/2D) stop, get out and are captured. But the ambushers spend the time engaging the APC crew (waypoint activated) and rest mag-dumping into the empty ammo trucks often at point-blank range like absolute fuck faces. The ambushers do not get into the vehicle after the firefight is over from any waypoints. Playing from a squad member of the ambush_1 crew the ammo_trucks remain targets of the squad. I guess the question is how to make the trucks accessible to our AI?
  16. Hey everyone, I've gone and created a pretty ambitious first mission with multiple paths depending on how effectively the player can assist ground forces. I've completed the mission but I want to refine one of my scripts. I've tried to educate myself as much as possible but I can't seem to find a tutorial/forum post for my specific problem. One of the objectives for the player to complete involves destroying reinforcements dropped off via helicopter. I had scripted the objective to be completed by killing the infantry and destroying their supporting gunship. However, I scripted it using specific names for each individual troop, ie !alive Heli_Troop1a && !alive Heli_Troop1b && !alive Heli_Troop2a etc etc. It was a brute force method to sort of get the effect I wanted and required specific units to be killed. I am looking for a way for each squad member to be counted, totaled, and compared against a desired value. I'm using 7 as that value as that is about 1/3 of all the troops. The script I have tried using in the trigger is: ({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops1 + Heli_Troops2 + Heli_Troops3) < 7 && !alive Heli_2 && triggerActivated Trig_Heli_Troops; The editor accepts the code but upon starting the mission I get an error message about a generic error in expression. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but then again I barely know any real scripting beyond simple commands I can look up. I have also tried multiple different ways of writing the count units section of code including using && instead of + and separating each group name with (). None have worked. If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. Edit: Disregard solved it! (({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops1) + ({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops2) + ({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops3)) < 7 && !alive Heli_2 && triggerActivated Trig_Heli_Troops; Still kind of a roundabout way I feel, but it works. Maybe this can help someone else.
  17. My background: I used to be an OFP/Arma1 mission editor who spent 3 years on learning to design immersive singleplayer scenarios back then. After I went to college in 2017, I upgraded my laptop and stopped to play other games because my laptop still cannot run Arma 3 without heat problems. Topic: During the corona-virus pandemic, I downloaded and played all ArmA installments and found 2 common issues both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer that still haven't been solved 20 years after the release of OFP. And many mission makers also ignored them (maybe for better performance). First issue: No body detection. Can you believe that a group of soldiers can walk past a dead friendly killed by player like nothing has happened? Whatever you think of it, I think it's stupid and ridiculous, especially in an infiltration mission. They don't even change their CombatMode! Luckily I found some tutorials on youtube on how to address this issue by coding, as well as a few discussions about ways to solve it. But in many missions on Steam Workshop and Armaholic, mission makers didn't include this feature. Second issue: No info share between different squad. An enemy squad is engaging player, while another squad positioned next to the first one remains idle. This is the often case in OFP. In ArmA, things improved with the second squad entering alert mode. But they still don't share hostile info (real time position of every enemy spotted) with other squads. A common scene in coop multiplayer is, player squad is engaging a hostile position. And other enemies hundreds meters away doesn't react to this event. They don' t reinforce their friendlies, they don't shoot at players, they don't even change CombatMode! Solutions: I remember I got a glimpse of some scripts in an OFP addon a few years ago about above problems. So I searched for this addon on Google and found this: OFP Wizzywig tomahawk pack (I will permanently keep this addon because this site could go down anytime just like ofp.gamepark.cz . ) You don't have to install OFP and load the addons. Just open the second mission folder in the archive and then you will see different scripts in different folders concerning different topics in either SQS or SQF. The script author provided simple ways to include these features in your mission. Typically you just need a few triggers to set them up. Check out author instructions in comment section of a script file. I can use these scripts in OFP. Hope you guys port them to ArmA 3. (Since sqs script still work in ArmA, I don't think there will be too much work.) Conclusion: These scripts were not written by the addon maker. They date back to 2003 but similar features still don't exist in ArmA 3 without modification. These scripts do have an impact on the performance. But in missions where there are not too many units, it doesn't make any difference. You need to check if it slows down your game bu yourself. Hope I can see more serious missions!
  18. Hi all, I've been stuck on this AI artillery problem for half a day now. I have 2 enemy mortars I wish to activate via trigger and script (separately, by that I mean they aren't grouped together and I have 2 triggers calling the script once for each mortar). Testing the trigger and script in game, I was originally getting an error for undefined variables (both _mortar and _target), but now I'm getting an error for "undefined variable in expression _target". In each trigger, I have: script = [mortarNumber, getMarkerPos markerNumber] execVM "eFireMission.sqf"; which, after some tuning, I turned into: markerTarget1 = getMarkerPos marker1; null = [mortar1, markerTarget1] execVM "eFireMission.sqf"; (does this difference do anything? I originally assumed that using "getMarkerPos" in the passed variable would work since "getMarkerPos" returns an array, doesn't it? And for my script, I incorporated a script I saw on the forums through a google search for artillery scripts from 7 years ago (user 2nd Ranger's post in that thread) for an MP mission I'm making for my friends and I: _mortar = _this select 0; //--- name of the mortar, arg passed from trigger _target = _this select 1; //--- central point around which mortar hits, arg passed from trigger if (isServer) then{ for "_i" from 0 to 8 do { _radius = 50; //--- random radius from the center _pos = [ (_target select 0) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), (_target select 1) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), 0 ]; _mortar doArtilleryFire[ _pos, getArtilleryAmmo[_mortar] select 0, 1 ]; sleep 2; //--- delay between rounds }; }; What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated, this is my first time scripting for Arma 3, I'm a little lost
  19. Hi, i am working on a campaign scenario where it begins with a black screen then a little dialog to simulate that the player just have woken up. Issue is that i can not get the black screen fading working with monologue. As of now i am using KbTell for monologue and playSound for the sound of an alarm... For the screen fadeing i have call BIS_fnc_blackOut. Here is my code: // Intro and monologue. player KbAddTopic ["intro","dialog\intro\intro.bikb","",""]; ["intro_screen", false, 5] call BIS_fnc_blackOut; playSound "alarm"; sleep 2; Player KbTell [player, "intro", "monologLine1"]; titleText ["<t color='#51b0f0' size='1.5'>Player: </t><t size='1.4'>*Yawn*.. 7:30, FUCK!</t>","PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; // Dialog subtitles. waitUntil { player KbWasSaid [player, "intro", "instructorLine1", 2]; }; sleep 0.5; titleText ["<t size='1.6'></t>","PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; //Removes subtitles. sleep 0.5; ["intro_screen", true, 5] call BIS_fnc_blackIn; In this exsample the black screen works and i get the titleText working but no sound. And if i use titleCut the sound works but the black screen is not in working. It just goes black the does not fade out. Anybody have a clue on on this topic?..
  20. I need some help for respawn loadouts. I'll make a server for me n my crew play and enjoy it. I make the base, vehicel respanws, put the player slots set up the server. Everythign was fine but respawn it have a problem. I change the player special states "enable stamina off" ofcourse. Put the infantry respawn module set delay bla bla.. Whatever. when i test in game to respawn i killed myself with a granade and force respawn screen come on my screen. I'll hold the space bar and forced respawn has correct work. But when i dead and take respawn my character has reset, reset loadout, reset my edits, everything have reseted on player. I'll try that scripts on server file; initPlayerLocal.sqf pLoadout = getUnitLoadout player; onPlayerRespawn.sqf player setUnitLoadout pLoadout; This does not work and i search some different scripts and find this; PlayerKilled [player, [missionNamespace, "inventory_var"]] call BIS_fnc_saveInventory; PlayerRespawn [player, [missionNamespace, "inventory_var"]] call BIS_fnc_loadInventory; but this scripts not work maybe make mistakes but dont think so. How can i fix this issiue????
  21. I am trying to make it so a vehicle on the ground. In this Case, a ZU-23 Either cant be locked onto by ANTI-RADIATION Etc. Or is confused because there is a lot of targets. As well as Mess up Less guided systems. Basically I want to make a target that guided munitions are ineffective against.
  22. One day I decided to test my... "teaching skills" (not sure, if I have any though, beware...) and created a scripting tutorial for absolute beginners. There are some good sources in English, but seems hard to find something like that in Polish, hence Polish and English editions. Here it is: Polish: https://skryptysqf.blogspot.com English: https://sqfscripts.blogspot.com It's short, 4 chapters, still I tried to cover important basics of scripting craft (my way of practicing it at least). The main goal is to lower as much, as possible the entry treshold for those, who want to begin the adventure with Arma scripting, but have no clue, how to. Therefore this tutorial tries to provide also informations usually omitted, assumed as known/obvious. From my experience - nothing is obvious at the start, such assumptions, as I recall, was pobably the biggest obstacle for me. It is written from non-programmer perspective, without any programming experience assumed in the audience (I hope). Chapter 1 (PL/EN) explains preliminary topics like the role of the scripts in general, the sources of them, the basic way to use them in the game. Chapter 2 (PL/EN) focuses on the learning metodology, knowledge sources, basic terms and concepts required during the work. Chapter 3 (PL/EN) describes in detail a complete process of writing working SQF script example, from the bare concept description through the algorithm synopsis, collecting required commands, line-by-line walkthrough, syntax pitfalls... to the trial run footage. Chapter 4 (PL/EN) is all about the art of debugging (how I do it).
  23. So I have a ww2 mod where fighter planes have 1-2 bombs. Now what i want to make is that for example 5 of them take off in a formation fly over a target i ve selected,switch to bombs drop then and then switch back to guns and engage the enemy aircraft. Also when they are out of ammo they land back at the base get re supplied and all that over again until no plane stands. Idk how to make any of this,so please help. thanks in advance sven
  24. Hello! Just recently returned to Arma 3 and scripting, after almost a 1 year break. Started Old Man scenario, and was pretty enjoy it, great work, noted great time skip and sleeping mechanics, anyway it could be used as standalone? Look through https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Old_Man_Systems and did not find any mention about it, "missions_f_oldman.pbo" is pretty huge to traverse, may be there is already standalone version existed? to use just this functionality?
  25. Is there any way to make custom missile warheads? I'm trying to script smoke missiles into a mission I'm making.