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  1. Hello all OFP fans in 2021. I'm proud to announce (in behalf of OFP community member TonyHawk) new remastered czech "Ruprtova poradna" website was re-released to celebrate 20 years of OFP. https://ruprt.ofpr.info/ Feel free to visit and enjoy the nostalgic feeling. It should contain all original content and some enhancements. Please report any problems or requests at https://github.com/Hawkie94/ofp-ruprt. PS: Original version is still available at http://ofp.ruprt.cz/, but it doesn't work properly anymore and links to downloadable content are mostly broken.
  2. Hi, basically I'm trying to write a script to pickup and move nearby bushes - right now I've got it to the stage where it removes any bushes from a 10m radius around the player and I have the script for picking up and placing them pretty much ready, however I need a way of grabbing the p3d of the bush to spawn it in with the "pickup" script. (currently this spits out the error: Type Object, Expected Array,String) I also need a way of removing any tree p3ds from the script since some map makers put bushes in the same terrain class (not sure if that's the right terminology) as trees and so simply removing "tree" from the ["tree", "bush"] section of my script wouldn't work. Since all trees are named t_*treename* and all bushes are named b_*bushname* I have tried to stop them from being included in my script however I am completely lost. I would appreciate any help regarding the script - Cheers !
  3. Hi guys, I'm currently working on a script that will allow a player to shoot another unconscious player and then revive him immediately. I already have the revive system ready, but I haven't found a way to make it so that only the player who was shot is revived. Do you have an idea how I can make it so that the code is only executed on the player who was hit? I have already tried to rebuild a taser script but didn't really get anywhere. Thanks for your help!
  4. FYI: Yes, I have googled and researched a lot about the issue I am having. Arma Discord, Enfusion Discord, ChatGPT, Bard, Forums and so much more and it appears that the coverage about my issue is either very hard to find or there isn't much on it. What have I done so far? Reinstalled the server. Restarted multiple times. Changed scenarios multiple times. What issues was I having before? My previous issue was that my server couldn't be connected too, Arma Reforger Server application was not listening on the correct port, I am unaware at this current time whether this is an issue with my hosting company (OVH), as we did research that they were using a switch. (Yes, I have opened the ports fully through the windows firewall for UDP port 2001, 17777, 50000-65000, 5678; however, this did not seem to work, it's as if the application itself is refusing to listen on that port). I am unaware of whether this issue is fixed yet or not as we cannot even get the server to appear online. What issue am I having now? I am receiving A LOT of script errors (logs attached below), these errors are now appearing to stop the server from fully becoming online and causing the server to crash upon start-up. What type of environment am I working on? Windows Server 2019 OVH Bare Metal Cloud Dedicated Server (AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - 12c/24t - 3.7 GHz/4.8 GHz, 64 GB ECC 3200 MHz, 2×1.92 TB SSD NVMe (Soft RAID), 500mbps up/down public bandwidth, 100mbps up/down private bandwidth) No mods installed or in my configuration. Latest version on both client and server. StartArmaReforgerServer.bat file attached. https://pastebin.com/UA0CJULZ UpdateArmaReforgerServer.bat file attached. https://pastebin.com/v3Xw9BUB config.json file attached. https://pastebin.com/De6pEbMH console.log file attached (server). https://pastebin.com/VriF7APR error.log file attached (server). https://pastebin.com/KGv8VBkJ script.log file attached (server). https://pastebin.com/ix9Bq5zp Arma Reforger Server folder structure. https://imgur.com/a/3sFImFE Any and all help would be appreciated, I have been at this for straight hours over days now.
  5. This is going to be a stupid easy question to answer, I know this is a very simple thing to do, but, I cannot figure this out. I have a trigger placed in editor, it is a 'restricted area'. When the player enters it runs my restricted area function. It will eventually be awesome, but first I need to pass parameters from the trigger to the script to define some things, because there will be multiple areas with different owners and be different sizes etc. So, my question is, how in the heck do I return triggerArea inside of the script from the trigger that exec'd it?? On Act: [independent, false] execvm "restricted.sqf"; restricted.sqf /* bunch of debug stuff here dont worry */ // variables _faction = _this select 0; _sendQRF = _this select 1; _zone = _this; _guards = units inAreaArray _zone select {side _x == _faction}; _bodies = allDead inAreaArray _zone; /* more awesome stuff later after I figure out triggerArea */ You see _zone needs to be the triggerArea, and the _guards are the AI inside the triggerArea (of the corresponding side). Once I figure out how to define these variables all my other code will work and I can place down a bunch of restriced areas and just pass the owner params. But I cant get a return of guards or deadBodies in the dang triggerArea. This is as close as I know how to tell the script that _zone should be the triggerArea of the editor placed trigger whatever size it may be. I have also tried the following: *_zone = _thisTrigger *_zone = _thisList *[independent, thisTrigger, false] execvm "restricted.sqf"; with _zone = _this select 1; None of the above works, keep getting syntax errors about arrays and elements provided. And yes, I have read the wiki and searched the interent for a similar script/solution. Please dont reply with the wiki pages and just tell me to 'read the wiki'. If I understood how to write C code or interpret the generous documentation that is published by Bohemia I wouldnt be posting in the forums for help. I have read and tried to the best of my scripting knowledge from the following: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/triggerArea https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inArea https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inAreaArray https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Magic_Variables Thank you to anyone who can help 👍
  6. Since the T-100x dropped, I wanted to see if I could take the charging along with the railgun onto a plane to use as an EML like in Ace Combat. I'm pretty new to modding and scripting, so as of now, im just trying to copy and paste the Futura's config into the aircraft's. Right now, i have the weapon classes, but not the charging mechanic
  7. So, I'm working on a mission for my group, and one of the objectives is to rescue a captive held by opfor. I want the captive to be injured, but in a way so that whilst they won't die, medics will need to treat them and they'll need a medevac sooner rather than later. I'm thinking severe bloodloss, severe pain, some bandaged wounds, a broken leg and a major wound TQ'd should do the trick. Rather than fuck about with trying to use ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit to get sorta the right wounds, I've decided it would be simplest to just build the medical state I want as a JSON, and use ace_medical_gnc_deserializeState to apply said state to the unit. Most parts of the JSON file are fairly self explanitory, but I'm having trouble figuring out what the 4 numeric values for ace_medical_openwounds / ace_medical_stitchedwounds / ace_medical_bandagedwounds correspond to, and what those values represent, as there seems to be no documentation on it (at least, I've not been able to find any. maybe I'm just an idiot). I'm slowly "trial / error"ing my way through, but I'm wondering if anyone else knows / can explain these values, as it would save me a considerable amount of time.
  8. Hey all! I'm working on a mission, and I have some jets flying by using unitPlay to play pre recorded flight paths. Problem is, even if I force their engines on and have AI in them, they will just stay at 0 throttle and by consequence be dead quiet which just looks wrong. I am aware of setAirplaneThrottle, but it only works on player aircraft. is there a way to force the AI or the planes to be at full throttle upon script execution? I hope what I said makes sense! <3
  9. Advanced Developer Tools by Leopard20 Short description: An addon that adds completely new and revamped developer tools to the game, including a Debug Console with syntax highlighting, Config Viewer with many new features, etc. Long description: If you're a mod/mission maker, then you definitely must've used the Debug Console, the Config Viewer, as well as other in-game tools that can help you test and verify your codes and configs. But when you use those tools, the first thing that strikes you is their clunkiness and a rather user-unfriendly design. For instance, lack of syntax highlighting in Debug Console means that you'll have to actually read every single word of your code in order to make sure you haven't made a typo, etc. That's why most of us use third party code editors such as Visual Studio Code and Notepad++. But this means that you'll have to switch out of the game every time you want to write and test some code. Or let's take a look at the Config Viewer: every time you want to go one level deeper into the config, the whole config viewer must be reloaded! And if you have hundreds of mods loaded, this means you have to spend more time waiting for the Config Viewer to load than actually viewing the config! This is exactly why I made this mod: to make the Arma environment more user friendly to the mod/mission makers. So without further ado, let's take a look at the features! Screenshots: Review Video (Thanks to Instant Arma): Documentation: The documentation is available in the mod folder. You can find the online version here. ⚠ If your input method is set to anything other than English in Windows, some input related features (shortcuts, auto-completion of brackets, etc.) might be broken. I'll try to address this issue in future updates. Download: Steam Workshop Note: This is a preview release. Please provide feedback regarding the mod features, such as design, what you'd like to see, etc. Thank you! Localization: Interested in translating the mod to your language? Or maybe the translation is not good and you'd like to improve it? Please visit the localization repository on GitHub. Known issues: FAQ: Requirements: None (Arma 3 v2.06+)
  10. Hello guys, I am looking for a method to save and edit data across mission restarts. We are currently scripting a round based multiplayer game mode. After each round, the mission is restarted and a winner and loser team is determined. Now we are looking for a way to track the won rounds per team and the team that has three points first is the winner. The problem is that with each the mission restarts, the variables are overwritten. Does anyone have an idea how to achieve it so that the points per round are counted regardless of the mission? Thanks for your help
  11. Hi, I thought I'd share this as I couldn't find anything useful other than someone on Reddit saying they'd made it work but not how. I managed to set up Land_Airport_01_hangar_F to open and close on a script. I have two sqf files, one is named Hang1close, the other is Hang1Open. In Hang1close: Hang1 animate ["Door_2_move",0]; Hang1 animate ["Door_3_move",0]; In Hang1Open: Hang1 animate ["Door_2_move",1]; Hang1 animate ["Door_3_move",1]; The building is named Hang1 in game, and I have two transfer switches (Land_TransferSwitch_01_F) on either side, as the door covers the outer one when open. These both have the same script: this addAction ["Open", "Hang1Open.sqf"]; this addAction ["Close", "Hang1close.sqf"]; Pretty simple, just thought as I couldn't find how to operate the doors on this particular building that I'd share with all. No idea why the didn't make it something that could be done on the doors in the game, as the animation is there. Cheers, LR
  12. MGI ADVANCED MODULES Hi all, Here is an addon for mission makers. If you need to easily spawn some factions, some civilian life or just add randomized weapons loot in houses... If you want an advanced AI heal & revive, for SP or MP mission, able to heal players or bros.. ... or respawning AIs, in waves or at once.. If you want a transport support on any vehicle... A vehicle respawn system with crew, waypoints, loadouts, addActions, arsenal.... Friendly kill sanction... AI cannons able to fire HE shells on infantry... Some generators able to switch on/off a district... or adapt silencers to combat behavior... or perhaps a simple tool for reading all map object classes/display names/p3d model names... Other tools like tire puncture on barbed wires? ... And of course, MP compatible, favorite mods compatible... Here you are. MODULES on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682280809 The summary is just here. The modules are described and explained in an updated documentation: DOCUMENTATION LINK Have fun! Pierre MGI
  13. Hello all, I have been trying to set up a script that destroys specific class names within an area for a community I am in. The idea is to eventually get the script as part of a module but I am unable to get the base script working yet. Any help reviewing my errors would be appreciated. PolterDrones = ["212th_UAV","212th_UAV_ATK"]; DeadDrones = PolterDrones; NearbyDeadDrones = nearestObjects [Jammer1, DeadDrones, 500, false, false]; { ExplodedDrones = typeOf _x; if (ExplodedDrones in PolterDrones) then { _x setDamage 1; }; forEach _NearbyDeadDrones; };
  14. Hello guys, I have a strange problem with the following script: tsk = format ["tsk%1", random 100]; [allPlayers, tsk, ["Hack the watchtower to get information about the position of the opposing players!", "Watchtower", ""], laptop, "ASSIGNED", 99, true, "download", true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [laptop, "Activate watchtower", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\holdactions\holdaction_connect_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\holdactions\holdaction_connect_ca.paa", "player distance laptop < 5", "player distance laptop < 3", {num = execVM "watchtower\durring.sqf";}, {}, {nul = execVM "watchtower\gegner_markieren_v3.sqf", nul = execVM "watchtower\sleep.sqf", [tsk, "SUCCEEDED", true] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_taskSetState", 0, true], sleep 0.1, [tsk, allPlayers, true] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_deleteTask", 0, true];}, {["Hacking canceled!"] remoteExec ["hintSilent", 0, true], sleep 1; [""] remoteExec ["hintSilent", 0, true], call{playSound "cancel";}, execVM "watchtower\deletion_sound.sqf";}, [], 15, 0, true, false] remoteExec ["bis_fnc_holdactionadd", 0, true]; With the script I add a holdaction function to a laptop. When I start the mission in the Eden editor in singleplayer or multiplayer everything works as it should. The script is executed by the init.sqf and the holdaction function is displayed on the laptop. When I complete it with the spacebar it disappears again as it should. However, when I host the mission on my dedicated Arma server, the holdaction appears twice for some reason. Once with text and once without. Both run the same code when I use it and then disappear, but reappearing twice when I run the script again. Can any of you help me further? And tell me why this happens? Thanks
  15. I am pretty new to scripting and Arma 3 mission editing in general. I want to create a template mission that I can copy code from and such for future missions, I am currently trying to figure out spawning AI with triggers and have made a separate post on that topic. I want to implement a headless client into this mission to improve performance, I want to avoid using mods if possible and would rather keep everything vanilla. I have looked into the Headless Client wiki page and many videos and guides, however I am still pretty much at square one trying to figure this out. Essentially what I want is for AI spawned via triggers, throughout the mission to be automatically transferred to the headless client if one is available, otherwise to continue normally if there is no headless client available. I would also like to know how to setup the headless client in general, my smooth brain does not understand the explanations given on the wiki page for the Headless Client, a step by step explanation would be very useful to me. Thanks any help is appreciated. ❤️
  16. Hi, I'm trying to make a mission like in Arma 3 Campaign "Stepping Stone", where player have the option to starting poin on map, during the briefing stage. Here's the thing I want to do: https://gyazo.com/f8b7ea5f2126f1300fa5a00bc4505eb6
  17. My mission works correctly in singleplayer, but in multiplayer it only works properly for the host. For some weird reason the end trigger gets executed prematurely for the non-host player(s). My first trigger: Condition: ({alive _x} count units apcGrp == 0) AND ({alive _x} count units tankGrp == 0) Activation: deadAttackers = true 2nd trigger (5 seconds delay): Condition: deadAttackers Activation: "2" objStatus "DONE"; hint "Objective completed"; end1 = true 3rd trigger (12 seconds delay) that ends the mission with End1 Condition: end1 apcGrp consists of 2 M113s, tankGrp consists of 1 M1A1 (squad leader) and 2 M60 tanks. For some reason the condition of the first trigger always returns true for the non-host player(s) at the very start of the game. Putting deadAttackers = false; in the init.sqs did not solve the issue. The missions just ends for the non-host player(s) with the 2nd objective completed. Any ideas? Could it be that because the units that are being checked if they are alive are crew members inside vehicles and are somehow local to the host? So the host sees them as alive but the other players don't? To me it seems like a weird bug.
  18. Hi, I'm preparing a singleplayer mission and I need to change the player's character in mid-game. Basically, I have a playe character variable named "petros". By a trigger triggered, I need to change player's character variable named "delta_4". "petros" is civilian faction but "delta_4" is BLUFOR and in another place in the map, doing another thing. Is that possible, how do I do that?
  19. Resolution : I forgot to put publicVariable for both of my variable so they didn't change globaly and only localy so I just put publicVariable "hideLaat" and publicVariable "hideShield" and it worked ! Hi, I'm currently in the process of creating a mission for my friends. (I will take the role of zeus) I currently have a problem with the HoldAction command, At first I used the option available inside the Attribute Tab, but I discovered that i didn't work on a dedicated server, So I searched a bit and found that I needed to use the remoteExec command so that it execute on the server, but even with that i doesn't work and I tried to put it in every file I could (init.sqf, initPlayerLocal.sqf , initPlayerServer.sqf). There the script : [ this, "Disable the shield", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_hack_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_hack_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 3 and (cresh getVariable 'owner' == WEST) ", "_caller distance _target < 3", {}, {}, {hideLaat = false; hideShield = true; removeAllActions shieldTerminal;}, {}, [], 5, 0, true, false ] remoteExec["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd",0,this]; Right now I put this code inside the Init box of the object inside the 3DEN editor when I try with Singleplayer and self Hosted Multiplayer it works perfectly but when I test it on a dedicated Server it doesn't work anymore the HoldAction is shown, I can't re-use it because the removeAllActions works but the code that use hideLaat and HideShield doesn't works (Two trigger with Server Only box checked, that use the Show/Hide Module to show and hide object and vehicles) I'm completely lost and don't know what to do anymore. Thank you.
  20. Hello people, I have been struggling to make a working custom ticket system for my mission. My goal is to have a maximum of 7 global west tickets as I have 7 available player slots. To make it more fair, I want one ticket to subtract from west side every time a new player respawns on west side, but not when they respawn again. Server should keep track of tickets subtracted and add ticket back if player chooses to change sides to east or if he disconnects the server from the west side. My guess is, i have trouble making database work... Now I don't have any real coding experience and this is my idea of the code which I heavily edited multiple times using logic and ChatGPT: onPlayerRespawn.sqf // Variable ticket system private _uid = getPlayerUID player; // Retrieve player data private _playerData = [_uid] call TAG_fnc_retrievePlayerData; private _tempSideRespawned = side player; private _tempAlreadyRespawnedAsEast; private _tempHasReturnedTicket; private _lastRespawnedSide = profileNamespace getVariable ["lastRespawnedSide", east]; if (!isNull _playerData) then { _tempAlreadyRespawnedAsEast = _playerData select 1; _tempHasReturnedTicket = _playerData select 2; } else { _tempAlreadyRespawnedAsEast = false; _tempHasReturnedTicket = false; }; // Handle ticket decrement and increment based on the respawned side if (_tempSideRespawned == east && _tempSideRespawned != _lastRespawnedSide) then { [east, -1] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; _tempHasReturnedTicket = false; } else { if (_tempSideRespawned == west && _lastRespawnedSide == east && !_tempAlreadyRespawnedAsEast && !_tempHasReturnedTicket) then { [west, 1] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; _tempAlreadyRespawnedAsEast = true; _tempHasReturnedTicket = true; }; }; // Update the player's last respawned side private _lastRespawnedSide = _tempSideRespawned; profileNamespace setVariable ["lastRespawnedSide", _tempSideRespawned]; // Update the player's data in the database [_uid, [_tempSideRespawned, _tempAlreadyRespawnedAsEast, _tempHasReturnedTicket]] call TAG_fnc_storePlayerData; initServer.sqf execVM "Scripts\functions.sqf"; // Global array to store each player's data in the TAG_database if (isNil "TAG_database") then { TAG_database = []; }; // Event handler for player disconnect addMissionEventHandler ["PlayerDisconnected", { params ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_jip", "_owner", "_idstr"]; // Get the player's data from TAG_database using UID private _playerData = [_uid] call TAG_fnc_retrievePlayerData; if (count _playerData > 0) then { private _side = _playerData select 0; private _hasReturnedTicket = _playerData select 2; if (_side == west && !_hasReturnedTicket) then { [west, 1] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; // Add one ticket to West side on the server diag_log "Ticket returned to West"; // Mark that the ticket has been returned for this player to prevent multiple returns [_uid, _side, true] call TAG_fnc_storePlayerData; }; }; // Remove the player's data from TAG_database upon disconnect TAG_database = TAG_database - [_uid]; }]; functions.sqf TAG_fnc_storePlayerData = { params ["_uid", "_data"]; private _playerIndex = -1; { if ((_x select 0) == _uid) then { _playerIndex = _forEachIndex; true } else { false }; } forEach TAG_database; if (_playerIndex < 0) then { TAG_database pushBack [_uid, _data]; } else { TAG_database set [_playerIndex, [_uid, _data]]; }; }; TAG_fnc_retrievePlayerData = { params ["_uid"]; private _playerIndex = -1; { if ((_x select 0) == _uid) then { _playerIndex = _forEachIndex; true } else { false }; } forEach TAG_database; if (_playerIndex >= 0) then { TAG_database select _playerIndex select 1; } else { []; }; }; TAG_fnc_getPlayerIndex = { params ["_uid"]; private _playerIndex = -1; { if ((_x select 0) == _uid) then { _playerIndex = _forEachIndex; true } else { false }; } forEach _database; _playerIndex; }; description.ext class CfgFunctions { class Anthill { class MissionFunctions { class fnc_startTimer { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class fnc_stopTimer { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class fnc_resetTimer { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class fnc_checkEmptyServer { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class fnc_missionTimer { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class fnc_scheduleTimer { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class TAG_fnc_storePlayerData { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class TAG_fnc_retrievePlayerData { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; class TAG_fnc_getPlayerIndex { file = "Scripts\functions.sqf"; }; }; }; }; I have sorted all errors in RPT files, and I still can't manage to execute full onplayerrespawn.sqf... I don't know where is the problem or how else i can diagnose it beside diag_log which doens't always work. Thanks for insights
  21. Hello, I'm new to SQF. I'm writting a script to load an external .sqf file containing values stored in a HashMap, in order to have some mission configuration stored outside of a .pbo file for easier changes/tweaks. So far, the script works as expected. I've placed it in a dummy mission, exported it to multiplaier to generate a .pbo and copied that pbo onto a local server and created the sqf file. The datas are loaded. However, when I want to make changes in that sqf file while the server is running, I can't save the file and get a message telling that the file is actually busy, as if the file handler wasn't released Does preprocessFileLineNumbers open a file but doesn't close it once processed? Could the Arma server executable lock the file since it's now an external part of the pbo? How to overcome this? I still can turn the server off, save the file, and then start it again, but I hoped I could save the file in runtime and simply restart the mission Here the script, if needed
  22. Hi, I am looking for a developer for my Invade And Annex server. I require a few smallish changes to the framework I am using. I'm using Quiksilvers Apex_framework_155.Altis invade and annex mission on my server but I've ran into a few bugs and things I want added into the server. What I'm looking for specifically is all land vehicles to be able to be slingloaded via Huron. The fuel usage cut to a quarter. The group system redone as the current one is broken and glitchy. A rank system that saves points and handles rankings. (May require SQL database knownledge.) Finally a Anti-air role added into the other roles and it is the only one that is missing. Payment can be discussed in Pms Thanks
  23. Hi, I am looking for a developer for my Invade And Annex server. I require a few smallish changes to the framework I am using. I'm using Quiksilvers Apex_framework_155.Altis invade and annex mission on my server but I've ran into a few bugs and things I want added into the server. What I'm looking for specifically is all land vehicles to be able to be slingloaded via Huron. The fuel usage cut to a quarter. The group system redone as the current one is broken and glitchy. A rank system that saves points and handles rankings. (May require SQL database knownledge.) Finally a Anti-air role added into the other roles and it is the only one that is missing. Payment can be discussed in Pms
  24. I have been working on this for a few days now following some other examples I've seen but cant seem to get this to work. Trying to make a addAction that hides an object for a limited time, hides the interaction for a longer time, but re-enables both. Using the syntax of the wiki stops the addAction from even showing up on the object however. If anyone has some pointers or even better a fix I'd appreciate it. this addAction [ "<t color='#FF0000>WARNING Shield Override WARNING</t>", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_arguments"]; _target setVariable ["ShieldReset",false]; [Shield_1, true] remoteExec ["hideObjectGlobal", 0]; Sleep 10; [Shield_1, false] remoteExec ["hideObjectGlobal", 0]; sleep 10; _target setVariable ["ShieldReset",true]; }, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "_target getVariable ['ShieldReset',true]", 5, false, "", "" ];
  25. Hello, I am trying to apply special states to a vehicle with a trigger, due to the states being reset to their defaults upon the respawning of a vehicle. Specifically, the Forbid Disembarking state from 3den Enhanced: Forbid Disembarking Description: Crew stays in vehicle even though the vehicle is disabled. Property: ENH_allowCrewInImmobile DefaultValue: false Is there a way to apply this state to any vehicle that enters the affected area of a trigger? I would like it to apply to any vehicle that passes through the trigger regardless of having a variable name. -OR- I am also using a module from MGI Advanced Modules to allow for the vehicles to respawn with the crew members and keep their waypoints. The problem I face is seen when a member of the vehicle bails out and maintains his move, move, cycle waypoints. Then, the vehicle explodes later and respawns. Sometimes, the vehicle will respawn and will not move from its starting position since the waypoints are stuck to the crew member who left earlier. That being said, if there is a way to give orders to units that enter a trigger zone that would be a good workaround. Thanks.