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Found 43 results

  1. Arma 3 Aegis is an unofficial "expansion" that aims to overhaul, expand, and improve the vanilla experience. A variety of new weapons, vehicles, and equipment further develop existing factions and content, with new assets commissioned such as a new VTOL fighter jet, cargo plane, several shotguns, multiple factions, and more. Additional tweaks have been made to overhaul vanilla content, such as improving magazine size and ammo count to liken assets to their real-life counterparts, and allowing specific weapons like the Zafir and M320 LRR to mount suppressors. Arma 3 Aegis is currently in it's beta stage, meaning some of its content is yet to be implemented. Credits Content Download & Images
  2. Hi guys! Currently I'm working on some weapons that I'll release as it was finished. #M16A2: Images in-game: here #know issues: -none #Credits: Textures and config by me 3D model by Krycek Thanks to Georg Ravioli(sound config) Thanks to B.Conway for their 3d modelling skills Thanks to edu_br10 for their awesome images Animation, muzzle Flash, sound and handgrip are from RHS #Required addons: RHSUSAF: here #Download: Google Drive: here Steam Workshop: here Ace 3 compatibility(workshop): here Armaholic: here Changelog can be found on Steam workshop. #IA2: Images in-game: here #know issues: -some empty spaces in 3d model #Credits: -Textures, config and 3D optimization by me -3D model by John Hansen -Animation, muzzle Flash and handgrip are from RHS #Required addons: RHSUSAF: here #Download: Google Drive: here Steam Workshop: here Ace 3 compatibility (workshop): here Armaholic: here Changelog can be found on Steam workshop. -------------------------------- #What is planned: -Other weapons can be done if you can provide me the models. All addons here are under: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)
  3. Like to have more weapon

    Like to have some SCAR and MP5 mli based weapon......
  4. I am using this code to make an AI look like he is repairing a radio tower (found here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_ambientAnim), however, he loses his primary weapon upon animation canceling: [this,"REPAIR_VEH_KNEEL", "ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; 0 = this spawn {waitUntil {behaviour _this == "combat"}; _this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate;} This solves a previous problem I was having about AI not canceling their animations when their group enters combat. However, now that I can successfully get the AI to enter combat with the rest of their group, specifically the "REPAIR_VEH_x" animations cause the AI to lose their main weapon. As you can probably guess, this is quite the issue. I am using modded loadouts, but I have also tested it with vanilla loadouts. What is the best way to solve this? @pierremgi Since you literally wrote the code found on the wiki, do you have any suggestions?
  5. v 1.4 Description Weapon shop dialog Weapon shop functions Installation/Usage/Download/Updates GitHub Notes Works in MP If you use RHS, weapons name in editor can't be used in the shop, see post #62 Screenshot Click Me Armaholic Armaholic Topic
  6. Hello, I am a complete noob to scripting with virtually no experience in coding, so guidance would be much appreciated. Is there a way to use a script to equip an aircraft with a weapon that is not selectable in the dynamic loadouts menu? For example, equipping a BLUFOR A-164 Wipeout with an OPFOR Sharur AT missile?
  7. Hi! I'm having a issue with the animation of the fire mode selector of a gun that i'm doing. The issue is that the angle of rotation that I set in model.cfg do not work as indeed in game but in external view is perfect. Right position: Wrong: Here is the code of model.cfg: Anyone know what is causing this? Thanks
  8. Good morning/evening! This is my first post on the forums after years of reading and searching, so please bear with me! I have been attempting to put a weapon into the game, and I have had great success so far, currently it is working in game, the model, textures, configs (mostly) and all properties like firing speed, and the ammo and magazines work. However. I cannot, after 50+ times of trial and error, get the weapon firing sound effect to work. The empty sound effect, and reloading sound effect work but not my custom firing sound. Blow is a copy of my script in its current state. This is a Star Wars weapon, and I am 100% sure i have all my file names correct. I am convinced maybe I have the path to the sound effect "wpn_rep_blaster_fire.wss" located in the "DC15SMOD\sound\" folder incorrectly formatted, as the weapon reload and empty sounds are just dependencies from another star wars mod. Most of this is practice based off of the Weapon Sample config in ARMA Samples. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know there is also a parameter for suppressed/non-suppressed weapon sounds, but this weapon will not be suppressed at all, and I could not find any information on how to set the sound configs up correctly either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. This is the Tactical AK-74 With Magpul Gear original made by hotshotmike1001 back in 2013 ,orignal post here:https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/159757-tactical-ak-74-with-magpul-gear/. Unfortunately Mike himself became non-actviated on Arma3 since 2015 and left many his weapon made un-fixed with lack of new sound effect and some features, so I made a fixed version of one of his AK-74 mod here, all credits to the orignal modder hotshotmike1001 The thing I fixed: -fixed non-weapon sound issue since the update after 1.24 -added compatibility for ACE3 visable laser pointer(need to have ACE3 installed if you want to use this feature) -added mod icon made by myself -change the weapon sounds for better feeling in game(firing sound, reload sound, change mode sound etc) -all others remain unchanged, for future testing Know issue: An pop up window would showed when choose this weapon from Arsenal about "RHS" if you use this mod with RHS, but so far it is not really effect to any futures about the weapon, just ignore it now, I would fixed it when I find the reason. Future plans: -Fixed other weapons that long abandoned by the orignal makers -maybe change some of the weapon models and animation if I could found my team one man who could did it(Yes I am asking for help) -add some other useful features -if possible, found the orignal makers Please report any bugs you found and enjoy. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1121207260
  10. I need to blow up some tanks with rockets from a helicopter but the rockets are not strong enough. What is the best way to achieve this? The helicopter I am using does not incorporate the new payload-changing system.
  11. I have learned how to change weapon turrets and ammo on vehicles VIA inits, but can anyone tell me how to get the actual turret to be visible on the vehicle? As ridiculous as it sounds - I am trying to use twin 125mm cannons (and other weapons) from a Pawnee instead of the miniguns or DAR pods, and I would love to see them attached. Any help appreciated!
  12. AWC Arms Release Thread

    The ArmA Warfare Cooperation is proud to release the first version of its AWC Arms addon. What is the ArmA Warfare Cooperation? The ArmA Warfare Cooperation (AWC) is a cooperation of multiple german clans focusing on tactical, immersive and realistic ArmA Gameplay. We share a modset and a TeamSpeak 3 Server. Why have we created this addon? This weapons addon was created by some of our members to get some weapons ingame that make for a good variety in the weapons we can choose from and therefore the roles our members can fill in. Addon content: McMillan Tac-50 A1-R2 (3 colors: black, tan and olive) AAC Cyclops .50 caliber suppressor (3 Colors: black, tan and olive) Desert Tech SRS-A1 (chambered in .338; 3 Colors: black, tan and olive) Enhanced M14 Rifle featuring a rail system allowing for a configurable weapons platform (2 Colors: Wooden, Olive; this is a modification to the ArmA 2 M14 model) Magazines and Ammunition for all the weapons Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-RvJkmk8dpyaDJ4aVpCaXZWdnM Requirements: CBA (optional) SMA - ArmA shows a message that it is needed but it is only for the m14 which i configured to be able to load SMA Magazines Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/EJHn5 ToDo: maybe some new weapons (if you have some wishes we'll consider doing them ;) ) Credits: [ARES] Miroslaw Kowalski - Modelling, Texturing and Config writing [ARES] William Porter - Testing and Screenshots The rest of the ArmA Warfare Cooperation for their advices and kind words B) And of course Bohemia Interactive for their awesome game and the awesome assets they provide for their community
  13. Dear modders! I'm absolutely new in Arma modding, and I need your help to start, because I don't even know, which program to use for modifying the databases. We are speaking about Arma 3 Single player, I have the Arma 3 Tools installed from Steam, I guess, that is everything I need, since I'm about to modify only the mass of all the weapons, ammo and gear in the game. I have a collector's aproach in every game I play, that is the same thing I want to achieve here, don't want to become immortal, just want all the available stuff (Weapons, ammo, gear etc.) picked up (preferably), and not spawned in my backpack! I think, it is enough to modify only the mass of those items, so I don't have to worry about stamina etc. I have watched some tutorials, but I think they don't point me in the right direction, they try to explain how to do much more sophisticated modding, which I'm not interested in. So again, I need to modify only the mass of weapons, ammo and gear (uniforms, vests, helmets, medic/engineer etc. tools and so on...)! What files do I have to use for my mod, and how to edit them? Thanks for your help in advance, and I apologize for my bad english! :) ps.: I know, there is a Super Soldier mod by 2Fast, which can give me what I want (and much more), but it was ast updated back in 2014, and it does not seem to work with the current version. Also, if you can show me similar mods, I'll be happy to use them instead of making a similar.
  14. I seem to be having a little trouble assessing exactly what type of thing a unit has fired using the fired event handler. Basically I want to know if the unit is shooting a gun, shooting a launcher or throwing an item. So far I'm working with something like this, coming from the FIRED event handler: _unit = _this select 0; _weapon = _this select 1; _muzzle = _this select 2; _mode = _this select 3; _ammo = _this select 4; _magazine = _this select 5; _projectile = _this select 6; _vehicle = _this select 7; _muzzleActual = (_unit weaponAccessories currentMuzzle _unit) select 0; And then: _typeOfProjectile = (typeOf _projectile); if (_typeOfProjectile isKindOf ["Grenade",configFile >> "GrenadeCore"]) then {hint "Grenade Thrown"}; _typeOfProjectile = (typeOf _projectile); if (_typeOfProjectile isKindOf ["BulletBase",configFile >> "BulletCore"]) then {hint "Gun Fired"}; _typeOfProjectile = (typeOf _projectile); if (_typeOfProjectile isKindOf ["MissileBase",configFile >> "MissileCore"]) then {hint "Launcher Fired"}; I'm aware i'm probably not using these right; I was just messing around with using either strings or configFile until it stopped giving me errors. The grenade one works just fine, but I'm not getting notified if I fire a launcher or shoot a gun. It might be that it's better to assess the weapon or the magazine or whatever, but the furthest I managed to get so far used this approach. Thanks in advance Law
  15. What up guys, it's ya boy Night515 back at it again with another garbage mod adding the M8 5.56 mm, an assault rifle chambered in 5.56x45 mm, coming in several different variants including a standard carbine, a variant with an underslung grenade launcher, a compact carbine, a automatic rifle, and a designated marksman rifle. I wrote this at 6 AM please help my sleep schedule is destroyed. http://imgur.com/a/w1P7S Download
  16. Hello again! Tis' I, here again with another ridiculous addon. I want to get my thanks out of the way first and foremost. First to @Nirrti for his extensive field testing and constant pushing to make everything correct, he is also responsible for this piece existing, so you also have him to thank for that! Also a shout out to @laxemann for helping me iron out the sound issues I've been having, huge help and wealth of knowledge, thanks bud! With that out of the way, let's get down to it. "The 25 KKiv 2035 rifle is a 25mm payload rifle designed for sabotage and long range operations where you need the accuracy of a 12.7mm or comparable caliber, with the capabilities beyond the characteristics of such calibers, falling in between the niche of 12.7mm rifles and light anti-tank weapons. Being lighter than it's contemporaries (M320 LRR .408 and GM6 Lynx), and being able to reach comparable ranges with its 25mm payloads, the rifle is capable of firing two different rounds; the HEDP rounds are useful for soft targets and infantry, while the APFSDS rounds are designed to punch through hard targets such as armored cars (for example Hunter, Ifrit, or Strider), or even IFVs (like the Gorgon, Marid, or Marshall), though care and foresight must be applied when targeting such vehicles, as shots must be carefully placed into weak spots, such as engine or fuel tanks. Some rumours circulating among the men is that it might even be capable of damaging Main Battle Tanks, though through testing these rumours have been found unsubstantiated." If you would like to try this beast out for yourself, click the rifle below! Alternatively, grab it from the Steam Workshop: NOW WITH CBA - JOINT RAIL SUPPORT NOW WITH ACE3 SUPPORT If you prefer not to use steam, you can grab the CBA patch on dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lpemwmss7b7dlpt/%40Kio_KKiv_CBA.rar?dl=0 And you can grab Ace3 patch here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vh38hbmdbotgu3/%40Kio_KKiv_Ace.rar?dl=0 Please report any issues you encounter with the rifle here and I will try my best to fix them ASAP! Here's a couple of promo shots showing it off in game: Sorry if the images are too big. I am also available for modelling commissions as well, serious offers only, no charge for Arma III implementation if required. Thanks for taking the time to check out this mod, if you find value here, consider throwing me a few bucks, it won't kill you and it certainly will help me.
  17. Rare Gun?

    This is the first time I have ever seen this weapon in the game. So I would just like to ask what is ammunition for this weapon and if it was just bad luck for me that I haven't seen it more regularly. Any other specifications of the weapon would also be nice (e.g. where it spawns, how much damage it does etc.). I saw this on the second island at a military barracks. Thanks for any information. Edit : For some reason the pictures don't seem to appear, so the name of the gun is SVD and it appears to be a sniper.
  18. Hiya everyone. I've decided to get back into modding after a long hiatus, creating a small weapon pack to kick things off. This mod adds the M9 9 mm, a handgun chambered in 9x21 mm, and comes in 6 different color variants. I wanted to create this mod because I've always been a fan of the M9 platform, and thought a M9A3 look-alike would fit nicely with Arma 3's futuristic setting. The mod was made in around 6 hours, so if you encounter any bugs please let me know. I haven't been able to do much because of real-life getting in the way; my cat that I've had since I was three was diagnosed with diabetes, final exams and my sophomore year wrapping up, and a lot of other depressing stuff. Download
  19. I'm not sure if this is where this goes but Iv been searching for the past two days and I cannot seem to find an answer. Is there a way to make weapons respawn on the position they were placed after they have been picked up? Either with a timer or event or something, anything at all? Thanks in advance.
  20. Greetings all! Going to be sharing my latest piece which will be coming to Arma, aren't you lucky?! Now, some of you may not like the fact that's it's an entirely fictional weapon, but we're keeping it realistic and based it off a few real world rifles, such as the Barrett M99, the Steyr HS-50 and so on. Here's some fluff for you to salivate over. So with that out of the way, here's some images to further titulate: Apologies if the images are too large, hopefully the forum can take care of this automatically. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts and get some feedback, take care everyone. Later. o/
  21. Hello I juste want to know how to take of the ammo of this gun -- > Because I want the minigun but I don't want to have this gun so please help me ^^ (Sorry if my English is bad I am french)
  22. I've been trying to play modded missions with my friends and allow them to make custom load outs using the virtual arsenal. I've done many missions in the past without problems and i'm not sure whats going on now. Basically when I place a unit or play as a unit and go into the arsenal i have the attachment on my gun that it spawned with. Then when I click on the weapons tab in the arsenal the current attachments that I spawned in with will disappear and there will not be any attachments options showing up in the right corner like normal. If someone could help I would appreciate it a ton! this has been driving me crazy!
  23. Hello, this is my IA2 for Arma 3. Images: here The IA2 is the new rifle designed and built in Brazil by Imbel. The IA2 and its variants being distributed in 2012 to some security forces and is planned to replace the old FAL, M16A2 and HK33. To more info about this weapon see: http://goo.gl/4bshFz Changelog: v0.1 Alpha(26/07/2016) -alpha release v0.2 Alpha(05/08/2016) -texture improvement v0.3 Alpha(17/08/2016) -added a compatibility pbo with ACE3 -changed the sound to TRG-21 samples -minor texture fixes v0.4 Alpha(27/09/2016) -several texture improvement(dust, scratches, oxidation effects) -.rvmat adjusts -adjusts in memory points -minor fixes v1.0(28/11/2016) -minor texture fixes -added a compatibility pbo with SMA(made by Jonathan Pereira) v1.1(21/02/2017) -Added m203 variant(ALPHA) -several bug fixes -minor texture changes -removed compatibility pbo's, now they will be a standalone pbo's v1.2(28/02/2017) -reworked the iron sight mesh and texture -some mesh improvements -added m203 F black variant v1.3(04/05/2017) -several texture improvement -corrected the sight position -corrected proxies positions in .p3d files -added short barrel variant -name of the weapon padronized, now its follow the game standarts -changes in shadow lod of all variants -minor fixes Known bugs/issues: -3d model blank spaces -normal map issues in all variants Classnames: Green variants bsoc_gus_ia2c bsoc_gus_ia2f bsoc_gus_ia2f_m203 bsoc_gus_ia2fc (short barrel) Black variants bsoc_gus_ia2c_B bsoc_gus_ia2f_B bsoc_gus_ia2f_m203_B Credits and thanks: - vfn4i83 for help(3D model) - All BSOC members for support - All the Arma community for feedback - Bohemia for this awnsome game - IMBEL® Download 1.2(Old) Google Drive: here Download 1.3 Google Drive: here Steam Workshop: here Armaholic: here ACE3 compability 1.3: Google Drive: here Steam Workshop: here Armaholic: here This addon is under Arma Public Licence (APL) see this link for more information. This addon will be not updated anymore, it has been moved to BSOC:Brazilian Forces Weapons For now only avaliable on Steam, it will be released in the BIS Forum soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider take a look at our facebook page(PT-BR). Thanks!
  24. Hello I juste want to know how to take of the ammo of this gun -- > Because I want the minigun but I don't want to have this gun so please help me ^^ (Sorry if my English is bad I am french)
  25. Hey can someone explain how to set the damage of a weapon to 0 ? so no one get damaged by the weapon ? the same with the sound of the weapon it always playes the same sound by shooting.. emptySound[]={"\Taser\sound\Sound_S1.wav",1,1}; opticsZoomMin=0.375; opticsZoomInit=0.75; opticsZoomMax=1.1; memoryPointCamera="eye"; fireLightIntensity=0.012; muzzlePos="usti hlavne"; muzzleEnd="konec hlavne"; modes[]={"Single"}; class Single: Mode_SemiAuto { reloadTime=0.05; dispersion=0.00092999998; minrange=2; minRangeProbab=0.30000001; midrange=250; midRangeProbab=0.69999999; maxrange=500; maxRangeProbab=0.2; sounds[]={"StandardSound"}; class BaseSoundModeType { weaponSoundEffect = "DefaultRifle"; closure1[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 0.177828, 1, 10}; closure2[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 0.177828, 1, 10}; soundClosure[] = {"closure1", 0.5, "closure2", 0.5}; }; class StandardSound : BaseSoundModeType { begin1[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; begin2[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; begin3[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; begin4[] = {"Taser\sound\Taser_Shot", 1, 1, 1800}; soundBegin[] = {"begin1", 0.25, "begin2", 0.25, "begin2", 0.25, "begin4", 0.25}; }; this i found on the internet but it doesnt work for me