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Found 179 results

  1. Hi all, I'm frequently scripting around BI modules overriding. I scripted some "multiple bombs" + "napalm" CAS for thus who knows MGI tactical pack addon. Today, I'd like to share a little script if you would like to drop a car (any vehicle) instead of a crate. Place a BI support module (virtual drop). It should work also with a real support. Not tested. Name it. Don't forget the BI support requester, sync modules as usual. In the BI module, write all vehicle types you want (helicopter classes existing in your cfgVehicles); In my example, as I'm fond of UNSUNG: ["uns_ach47_m200","uns_ch47_m60_army"] and this remark: the APEX V44 Blackfish ("B_T_VTOL_01_armed_F") is a plane but you can use it for faster drop! add what you want in the crate init, for example, I like to signal the crate with smoke/flare and add virtual arsenal on it: [_this,{ _this addAction ["<t color='#ffff11'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal},nil,10,false,true,"", ""]} ] remoteExec ["call"]; _flare = if (sunOrMoon <0.5) then [{"F_20mm_Yellow"},{"smokeShellYellow"}]; _fumi = _flare createvehicle getPosATL _this; _fumi attachTo [_this,[0,0,-2]]; Remark: this code is for standard drop of a crate, but will be overridden with vehicle code. add a simple calling code in the Vehicle init of the module (here vehicle is the helicopter, not the parcel!): _this spawn MGI_fnc_dropVeh with the following remark: I use to compile sqf in init.sqf: MGI_fnc_dropVeh = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "MGI_fnc_dropVeh.sqf"; (You can also directly execVM it, writing _this execVM "MGI_fnc_dropVeh.sqf" in vehicle init of the module). Now, the sqf code: MGI_fnc_dropVeh.sqf: Last version 03rd/08/18 _veh = _this; if !(_veh isKindOf "uns_ach47_m200") exitWith {}; comment "choose the helicopter class you want for car drop, the other ones will drop simple crates."; _home = getpos _this; _grpVeh = group _veh; sleep 3; _currentwpt = [_grpVeh, currentWaypoint _grpVeh]; _currentwptPos = waypointPosition _currentwpt; _currentwptdesc = waypointDescription _currentwpt; deleteWaypoint _currentwpt; _wpt = _grpVeh addWaypoint [_currentwptPos,0]; _wpt setWaypointDescription _currentwptdesc; _wpt setWaypointStatements ["TRUE", " if (isServer) then { [this, this getVariable 'BIS_SUPP_supportRunCoords', 'B_Parachute_02_F', 'B_MRAP_01_hmg_f', this getVariable 'BIS_SUPP_selectedModule'] spawn { _pilot = _this select 0; _wpPos = _this select 1; _chuteType = _this select 2; _crateType = _this select 3; _crateCode = compile ""[_this,{_this addAction ['Arsenal',{['Open',true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal},nil,10,false,true,'', '']}] remoteExec ['call']; _flare = if (sunOrMoon <0.5) then [{'F_20mm_Yellow'},{'smokeShellYellow'}]; _fumi = _flare createvehicle getPosATL _this; _fumi attachTo [_this,[0,0,-2]]""; comment 'optional remove the _crateCode line if you dont want an arsenal'; _oldDist = _pilot distance _wpPos; while {_oldDist >= _pilot distance _wpPos} do { _oldDist = _pilot distance _wpPos; sleep 0.1 }; _pilot setVariable ['BIS_SUPP_supporting', FALSE]; _chute = createVehicle [_chuteType, [100, 100, 200], [], 0, 'FLY']; _chute setPos [position _pilot select 0, position _pilot select 1, (position _pilot select 2) - 50]; _crate = createVehicle [_crateType, position _chute, [], 0, 'NONE']; vehicle _pilot setVariable ['MGI_crate',_crate,true]; _crate call _crateCode; comment 'to be removed also, if the _crateCode line is removed above.'; _crate attachTo [_chute, [0, 0, 0]]; waitUntil {position _crate select 2 < 3 || isNull _chute}; detach _crate; _chute setVelocity [0,5,0]; vehicle _pilot setVariable ['MGI_crate',nil,true]; }; }; "]; _grpVeh setCurrentWaypoint _wpt; _wp2 = _grpVeh addWaypoint [_home, 0]; _wp2 setWaypointType "Move"; _wp2 setWaypointBehaviour "SAFE"; _wp2 setWaypointStatements ["TRUE", "vehicle this land 'LAND'"]; _veh land "none"; waitUntil {!isnil {_veh getVariable "MGI_crate"}}; sleep 60; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach crew _veh; deleteVehicle _veh; Hope you'll have fun with that. An adapted version is now included in the MGI advanced Modules addon.
  2. Hi together, I am a scripting beginner and am trying to learn from problem delivery to problem delivery. after a few days of research and a lot of trying, i've reached a point where i just can't figure it out anymore and every reading leads to more confusion and so i'm asking for your support. Scenario: a SOG CDLC Jet is connected to a Multiplayer Respawn Module. After destruction and respawn, two addactions should be attached, Nightvision and Thermal should be switched off (also with regard to other Jets of Unsung Mod etc.) and a function that defines the group membership in the Mike Force script should be executed. My two .sqf are still rudimentary at this point and I will only continue to build them once I have solved the problem of execution. It currently works in the SP / Selfhosted but not on the Dedicated Server. I have both the way of directly executing the code in the expression of the respawn module and calling it from an external .sqf via remoteEexec. That means I have: - a locality problem - it is not clear to me whether my variable from the editor is retained after respawn or whether it has to be reassigned and so I had a failure because of doubling the params for new and old vehicle Init Vehicle (not Init Respawn Module - works on Dedicated by start): First Version Expression Field Resspawn Module - Direct Code : Second Version Expression Field Resspawn Module - calling a .sqf: Content of umdrehen.sqf (not urgent but for "awareness"): Content of exit.sqf (not required but for "awareness"): Content of newf1.sqf (maybe required, belongs to variabel and calling condition): Thank you very much in advance for your thoughts, suggestions and support.
  3. Hi all, New to the forums and reforger modding but was looking for some help with the vehicle creation wiki tutorial [here]. I have been following along using the golf model file provided in the sample new car mod on github [here]. I get to a point where I can enter/exit the vehicle with the start car animations all working. However the car remains static with no movement or steering. I feel like the tutorial is either missing some critical steps or I have misunderstood at some point. I'll lay out where I get a little confused with the process below and hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction or provide some external resources! Action Contexts - [here] Using the model listed in the github repo I cannot find any of the door_xxx_int options as action contexts. And whenever I reach this section, when I drag my prefab into the world editor I can enter/exit the vehicle however it remains static with no drop to the ground physics, steering or engine noise upon the character start animation (I always assumed this should happen later when setting up VehicleWheeledSimulation). Wheel/Tyres - [here] Once I have completed the majority of engine setup When I try to select a class for Tyre it would crash my workbench, I later inherited "VehicleSimulationonTire_M151A2.conf" from the arma reforger prefab that would allow me to set the tyre class without crashing the workbench. Once I have completed the above I am either left with a car that I can enter/exit but not move, or as soon as i spawn into the world editor to test the car, the entity will simply disapear. So I am Hoping for any kind of help as I'm excited with the possibilities, assuming my car starts to move :).
  4. What I began on my current AR project is to create a tool class with methods that make me some things easier. In this case I show how to create an easy to use CreateVehicle and a DeleteVehicle method with overloaded argument lists. Which just means that you can have different parameter syntaxes as known from various Arma 3 commands. I created a new script file in the newly created folder MyProject/scripts/GameCode/Tools according to the AR directory structure as I understand it^^. I named the file SaRo_Tools.c - this file will contain the class with my tools methods. What do I have to do when spawning a vehicle without that tools class? Something like this: Now instead of doing this we create our tools class which does most of this automatically: Now you have 2 easy methods to spawn a vehicle: IEntity vehicle1, vehicle2; //1st method using resource name and spawn position vehicle1 = SaRo_Tools.CreateVehicle("{DD774A8FD0989A78}Prefabs/Vehicles/Wheeled/M998/M1025_armed_M2HB_MERDC.et", Vector(1288.93, 0, 766.7)); //2nd method using resource name, an existing entity and a position vector relative to that entity vehicle2 = SaRo_Tools.CreateVehicle("{DD774A8FD0989A78}Prefabs/Vehicles/Wheeled/M998/M1025_armed_M2HB_MERDC.et", someEntity, Vector (0, 0, -15)); //spawns 15m behind someEntity Maybe I did some mistakes in this post because I did write it out of my mind partially. But I ll validate, expand and edit it if Im at home... Deletion methods will be done then as well EDIT: to get this done, I also added 2 entity deletion methods to the tools class. I just post those 2 methods and not the CreateVehicle methods from above again although they are in that class: Now you have 2 easy methods to delete an entity: //1st method delete using the entity ID SaRo_Tools.DeleteVehicle ( SaRo_BMHQ01MenuBaseClass.camoNetID ); //2nd method delete using the entity itself SaRo_Tools.DeleteVehicle ( someEntity ); Now YOU know how to build an own tools library class and you also know how to overload class methods. Its your turn to create more methods that way to get things a bit easier for you...
  5. Hey Ho, I am creating a pvp mission where you can capture different bases. In those Bases are some AAF Statics which will join either BLUFOR or OPFOR once you activated a trigger. Let´s say BLUEFOR captured the Base and all AAF-statics joined BLUEFOR, when CSAT now attackes the Base and destroies those statics they will respawn as INDEPENDENT again, but I want them to spawn as BLUEFOR since the Base is captured by BLUEFOR. Sorry for this complicated and very confusing explanation ^^ To break it down to one Question: Is there a command to enter in the respawn module to let the vehicle respawn with the same side (BLUEFOR, OPFOR, INDEPENDED) which it had at the moment of destruction? :)
  6. I try to get the state of a vehicles engine. What I tried so far is using the EOnPhysicsActive event of the vehicle: class SaRo_BMHQ_Hillbilly01_Class: Vehicle { override void EOnPhysicsActive(IEntity owner, bool activeState) { if (activeState) Print ( "Active."); else Print ( "Not active."); } }; This detects if the physics of the vehicle get simulated and therefore it fires on movement even if initiated by another entity like another car. It also fires on initialization. Question is: Is there a method to get the engines state and which method is it?
  7. Dynamic Vehicle Camshake A collection of functions that extend the usage of camshake for immersive vehicle operations. features: -Collision Impact: adds dynamic camshake when vehicle impacts, like when ramming into other vehicles or hitting an object at certain speed also triggers when jumping from hills and ramps, it is based on simple formula, camshake sensitivity = (speed / mass) * force. -Fire Power: adds camshake when shooting from behemoths armament like 155 howitzers or rocket Artys to simulate ground trembling due to the excessive recoil, later i extended it for universal use including (HMGs, cannons ,mortars...etc) it works with every mounted weapon that inherits from vanilla classes. -Over Speed/High Friction: camshake effect appears when reaching supersonic speed for Fixed Wings or the conventional maximum speed for most ground vehicles, adjustments are based on the category. (tracked/wheeled/air). -Surface Terrain Friction: once you are off-road in a wheeled vehicle the camshake kicks in to embodies the Friction and the higher the speed the severe it gets once you follow the road or slow down it will smooth again, while the Tracked vehicles has no effect as they are meant for all terrain purposes. APCs will have 25% less sensitivity due to the size and the number of wheels they have. -Near Fire Power: similar to Laxemann's twitch once you are near a vehicle that shoots the effect kicks in, however it uses FPC as references and works only when on foot, and sensitivity adjusted based on how far you are from the firing vehicle max distance (69m), the effect is mostly noticeable on Artys that if you use the default values in FPC, though it uses Vars from FPC its actually isnt required. -Crew Hit Reaction: the differences between the standalone and this, is that this last adjust the camshake based on the projectile and its velocity rather than hitpoints also it includes fixes from DVC and further optimized. do not use it with the standalone version ! CHR standalone version: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/235243-crew-hit-reaction/ (Obsolete) Customizability via CBA menu Download: Dynamic Vehicle CamShake v2.1.1 requirements: CBA issues: -CIC may not work with certain vehicles. (Related to EH nothing can do) -FPC (non tracked vehicles) the camshake occurs for FFV positions for commander and gunner seats if found. Credits: -AirShark -Curious Big thanks to the community for the heads-up it wouldn"t be possible without their help.
  8. Crew Hit Reaction As we all know Arma is lacking the immersion when it becomes to Vehicles especially Tanks, this little addon adds players camera shake when you get hit inside any vehicle to simulate the power of kinetic energy of the shell during impact or at least to notify you when you get hit, especially when you are in a big Abram were most of the time you will never know what hits you due to heavy armor. P.S this is my first mod to release hope you enjoy it 😉 Download Link for Final Fix Version: https://mega.nz/file/2xkFBAQJ#p5koGs2P-OVJhiOtUyPk9NGjn389KMMm4p2EHQdrrsQ * require CBA //ChangeLog Version 01 -release Version 1.1 Now the camshake is adjusted depending on the hitpart -internal components: engine, fuel tank, ammo case will cause more powerful and senstive camshake when getting hit -external compnents: wheels, tracks will have less camshake as they are separated from the crew chambers -fuselage: turret, hull will have medium camshake Version 1.2 Hotfix -fixed the script wont initialize if you dont start the mission in a vehicle -fixed the camshake will continue to play after the players bail out from destroyed vehicle Version 1.2 Hotfix 2 -Optimized the code for better performance (using objectParent to check) Version 1.3 //the mod is bug free now \(^-^)/ Fixed: -the camshake continues to happen when you bail out while the enemy still shooting at the vehicle youve been in. -the tracks had wrong values. -typos Added: -More Vanilla hitparts turretbarrel, motor, commander turret -ERA and Plates support with very reduced camshake (the vanilla ones only) Version 1.3.1 -overall code performance optimization Version 1.4 -excluding the small calibers from causing the camshake e.g: from (rifles, LMGs, Pistols,...etc ). -excluding hand grenades from causing the camshake (when in tracked vehicles only). -adjusted camshake sensitivity based on the type of the vehicle (Boat 10, tracked 15, Air 16 ,wheeled 17). -increased camshake duration on Air Vehicles and lower its power for realism prospective. -add more hitparts with adjusted values (main_rotor and tail_rotor). 1.4 Hotfix -reverted duration camshake for tracked vehicles to 1 instead of 0.5 for exterior parts. -fixed camshake wont initilize for wheeled vehicles. -fixed all the vehicle types used the same values for the exterior parts. -fixed iskindof command wasnt functioning in the script as it should. -iskindof Boat were used instead of iskindof ship. Version Final -added CBA custom settings menu. -separate APCs from the Wheeled category for appropriate adjustments. -fixed game freezes when multiple parts get hit simultaneously. -removed unnecessary coding and repeated checks. -rewrote the code for better response. -initializing the mod directly through the config. -cleaning typos. *the mod require CBA *the CBA custom values in the addons option applies only for certain parts, interior parts like engine has fixed value inside the mod. Final fix -mod wont initilize when you dont start in a vehicle -removed more unnecessary coding. Credits -AirShark Big thanks to Snkman and the community for the support
  9. Truck Reverse Parking Sound this little addon adds reverse parking sound for trucks . works for both Ai and player vehicles so far tested with vanilla and RHS trucks Download: Truck Reverse Parking Sound
  10. ABOUT Disclaimer: There are some minor issues with handling in the current version such as speed going over water and AI having trouble driving. These have been fixed in the dev branch with the new tank Physx, will update after the patch comes out. The Mephisto is a state of the art fighting vehicle developed by the United States in tandem with some members of the EU. It prioritizes speed, flexibility, and firepower over traditional protection. With a cruising speed of 60kph and a top speed of 110kph it can easily pass over terrain inaccessible to traditional armored vehicles. It is armed with a high velocity 75mm auto-loading cannon situated in an unmanned turret. It can fire both AP and deadly neutron shells effective against most targets. Instead of a traditional co-axial machine gun, Mephisto comes equipped with a lethal microwave emitter. Its armor protection is not nearly as good as a traditional MBT, more akin to an IFV. However it makes up for this with a powerful active protection system that can be manually activated to intercept ATGMs and AT rockets for a short time. It can be found under Nato / Tanks Camo can be changed in the virtual garage (Arid, Forest, Snow, Experimental) DOWNLOAD
  11. Does it work in multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script/function do? This script requests a standard vehicle (unarmed) airdrop for moving purposes on player position. If there is enough space on the airdrop plane, it parachutes 2 vehicles. Supported factions and vehicles BLUFOR NATO (Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion, this place can only fit 1 Hunter or 2 Prowlers as unarmed vehicles) BLU_F BLU_T_F BLU_W_F → 1 Hunter or 2 Prowlers (random) BLUFOR RHS FACTIONS (cargo comes in a C-130 of RHS USAF mod) rhs_faction_usarmy_d rhs_faction_usmc_d rhs_faction_usarmy_wd rhs_faction_usmc_wd → 2 Unarmed Humvee INDEPENDENT (Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion) IND_F IND_E_F → 1 Strider OPFOR CSAT (Y-32 Xi'an Apex Expansion, this plane it only fits one vehicle) OPF_F OPF_T_F OPF_R_F → 1 Qilin (unarmed) OPFOR RHS FACTIONS (cargo comes in a Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion as there is no RHS AFRF plane for cargo (Y-32 Xi'an did not fit GAZ vehicle)) rhs_faction_msv rhs_faction_vdv → 1 GAZ (unarmed, green) How do I call the script? [player] execVM "vehicleDrop.sqf"; vehicleDrop.sqf //Uncomment following if used as function //_unit = param[0]; //Uncomment following if used as script _unit = _this select 0; _unitPos = position _unit; _randomTransportPos = [[_unitPos select 0, _unitPos select 1, 800], 3000, random 360] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _sideUnit = side _unit; _factionUnit = faction _unit; _vehicleType = 0; _transportType = "B_T_VTOL_01_vehicle_F"; switch(_factionUnit) do { //Vanilla units case "BLU_F": { _vehicleType = ["B_MRAP_01_F","B_LSV_01_unarmed_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; }; case "BLU_T_F"; case "BLU_W_F": { _vehicleType = ["B_T_MRAP_01_F","B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; }; case "OPF_F": { _vehicleType = "O_LSV_02_unarmed_F"; _transportType = "O_T_VTOL_02_vehicle_dynamicLoadout_F"; }; case "OPF_T_F"; case "OPF_R_F": { _vehicleType = "O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F"; _transportType = "O_T_VTOL_02_vehicle_dynamicLoadout_F"; }; case "IND_F ": { _vehicleType = "I_MRAP_03_F"; }; case "IND_E_F": { _vehicleType = "I_E_Van_02_vehicle_F"; }; //RHS units case "rhs_faction_usarmy_d"; case "rhs_faction_usmc_d": { _vehicleType = "rhsusf_m1043_d"; _transportType = "RHS_C130J_Cargo"; }; case "rhs_faction_usarmy_wd"; case "rhs_faction_usmc_wd": { _vehicleType = "rhsusf_m1043_w"; _transportType = "RHS_C130J_Cargo"; }; case "rhs_faction_msv"; case "rhs_faction_vdv": { _vehicleType = "rhs_tigr_msv"; }; }; //Creating transport for cargo drop _transportArray = [_randomTransportPos, random 360, _transportType, _sideUnit] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _transportVeh = _transportArray select 0; _transportGrp = _transportArray select 2; //Support call _unit sideChat format["Crossroad this is %1 requesting vehicle drop at grid %2. Over.", name _unit, mapGridPosition _unitPos]; sleep 5; [_sideUnit, "HQ"] sideChat format["Solid copy %1, Buzzard it's 1 click out. ETA 1 minute.", name _unit]; //Spawning cargo and loading _cargoVehicle = _vehicleType createVehicle [0,0,1000]; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle; _cargoVehicle2 = _vehicleType createVehicle [20,20,1000]; if ((_transportVeh canVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle2) select 1) then { _transportVeh setVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle2; } else { deleteVehicle _cargoVehicle2; }; //Setting waypoints _waypoint = _transportGrp addWaypoint [_unitPos, 0]; _waypoint setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _waypoint setWaypointCombatMode "NOCHANGE"; _waypoint setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint setWaypointStatements ["_transportVeh flyInHeight 200",""]; //Go to drop zone _transportGrp setCurrentWaypoint [_transportGrp, 0]; waitUntil { (_transportVeh distance _unitPos) < 200 }; //Drop cargo _transportVeh sideChat "Buzzard is making the drop. Code is purple, Good luck guys."; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo objNull; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo objNull; //Go away _waypoint2 = _transportGrp addWaypoint [[0,0,1000], 1]; _waypoint2 setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _waypoint2 setWaypointCombatMode "NOCHANGE"; _waypoint2 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint2 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint2 setWaypointStatements ["true",""]; _transportGrp setCurrentWaypoint [_transportGrp, 1]; waitUntil { (getPosATL _cargoVehicle) select 2 < 10 }; Signal = "SmokeShellPurple" createVehicle position _cargoVehicle; Signal = "SmokeShellPurple" createVehicle position _cargoVehicle2; sleep 30; //Cleanup {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (crew _transportVeh) + [_transportVeh];
  12. Kacper Nowak

    Burning helicopter

    Hello every one, I'm courius if there is a way to move a injured soldier from burning helicopter or vehicle as a Medic. Are there some ways? (maybe some mods) Thanks for answering
  13. Sup all. I'm asking for advice on a strange AI behaviour using moveInCargo. Scenario: I'm making a teleport module that allows a player to teleport to other player (a quality of life mod to help zeus with players disconnections). The first release of this mod was simple: a custom dialog that let the player pick a teleport location using the others players positions. The problem was when the "target player" was inside a moving vehicle... the teleported player was usually killed by a car accident 😛 In the second release, I want to improve the mod: if the "target player" is inside a vehicle, and the vehicle has free seats, teleport the player to one of these seats. Implementation: If the "target player" is on foot, its a normal teleport (player setPosASL _target_player). If the "target player" inside a vehicle, check for available seats (using "fullCrew"), and then using "moveInXXXXX" (cargo, commander, gunner, etc), "assignAsXXXXX" (cargo, commander, gunner, etc), I was able to teleport the player to one of the free seats on that vehicle. If no seats are available, just a "normal" teleport near the vehicle (TODO: air vehicles?). The problem: When I used one of the "moveInXXXX" functions against a player and a vehicle, the vehicle seat gets 'dirty': no AI can get into that seat anymore. Initially I tought it was some arma-3-wichcraft, a conflicting mod or an error with my code, but taking things to the basic, I was able to reproduce this strange AI behaviour on a fresh & clean mission, without any code. You can reproduce this weird thing like this: Create a new mission. Place a vehicle with only a unit as driver, and set it to "player unit". Place the zeus (curator) module. Start the mission. Get out from the vehicle. Enter zeus, spawn an allied squad (4+ units), and order them to get into the vehicle. You will see that the AI won't occupy the 'dirty' player seat. Try switching player seat in the editor and try again, and you will see how the 'dirty seat' changes. Why is that? Inspecting things a little, and exporting the mission to SQF code, you can see that the Arma 3 engine moves the player unit into a vehicle using "moveInDriver", just like I did it on the teleport code. Another thing is that the problem is consistent using other "base" mods, for example ACE3: if you want to load a prisioner/wounded AI unit into a 'dirty seat', that seat is not usable anymore. Final toughts: I think that the scripted versions of moving a player into a seat does not clear/set certain flags on the vehicle, rendering that position unusable for the AI. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance. Solution #1 (edited post @ 05/02/2022): Thanks to @fn_Quicksilver, this is one way to fix this: // Add this at initPlayerLocal.sqf or function with preInit/postInit to fix the 'dirty seat' behaviour. player addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", { params ["_unit", "_role", "_vehicle", "_turret"]; if !(isNull assignedVehicle _unit) then { unassignVehicle _unit; }; }];
  14. Hi there, I'm having a hard time forcing a vehicle crew to NEVER dismount from it. Below is the section where I make this attempt, but every time I shoot the parked vehicle with the crew inside, the crew jumps out. Some guess? Som help? Let's weld those doors hehe. PS: I'm using CBA+ACE. if (alive _vbied) then // if vbied alive, theno... { _isDoorsWelded = _weldedDoors; // define the vbied doors as locked (true); if ((_isDoorsWelded == true) and (_suicidal in _vbied)) then // if veh doors are locked, and suicidebomber is a vbied crew, so... { _suicidal setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _vbied setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; _vbied setUnloadInCombat [FALSE,FALSE]; // vbied crew are not able to leave the vbied. } else // if doors are not locked, and suicidebomber isnt in, so... { _vbied setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"; // veh doors are unlocked. }; };
  15. When I put the arsenal call function in the init field of a vehicle (a truck for example), the arsenal functions normally... ...up until the point where the vehicle is destroyed. Is there a way I can be able to have the arsenal script automatically placed onto the example truck after it is destroyed and respawns?
  16. As the title says I'm looking to hire/commission someone to make custom textures for my unit. If interested add me or comment below. This would be for several vehicles, flat black camo with an emblem nothing too complex. Discord: Cheeki Breeki#0001
  17. Ride Where You Look Pick your desired vehicle seat by looking, when: getting into a vehicle switching seats inside a vehicle hopping from one vehicle to another in Zeus telling an AI which seat to take ACE dragging/carrying/escorting (ACE not required) Steam Workshop GitHub Usage In CBA Keybinds > Ride Where You Look, set up the keys [Show Seats] (L Ctrl) and [Select Seat] (Ctrl + X). Press and hold [Show Seats] (L Ctrl) to see which seat you are selecting. Press [Select Seat] (X) to move to that seat. Client & Server This mod can be used client-side for player usage and Zeus controlling local AI. Zeus controlling remote AI will require all machines to load this mod. Requirements CBA_A3 Plans Add compartment check Known Issues Several issues can arise due to vehicle model inconsistencies: Some proxies appear 2 meters above the character position Some proxies appear where there is no available seat Some seats do not have proxies visible Some vehicles do not switch you to the seat you're looking at These issues need to be individually resolved with tweaks. Report issues here. License This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike.
  18. Generalmonimo

    [MP] Stuck in Vehicle

    I tried several multiplayer scenarios with a friend recently and on several occasions one of us couldn't get out of vehicles after entering. We would be able to choose 'Get out' from the action menu but nothing happens. All other actions like switching seats won't work either. Strange thing is: it happens with mods or without, on user made and BIS missions (IIRC in 'Escape from Altis' i was able to exit some cars but not able to drive them, though). It usually won't happen with every vehicle in the mission. And it always only happens to one of us and it doesn't matter who is hosting. Everything else works fine. We verified our game installation in steam.
  19. Hello, I am noob at such things as scripting , but long story short - Could you guys help me how to ensure that "when any MP player on DS enters any vehicle (even fresh spawn by zeus) then player takes no damage at all ? and when any MP player leaves any vehicle it is vulnerable again ? Thank you in advance.
  20. The Dismount mod allows the player to exit the vehicle at the point closest to where they are looking. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1841553455 https://github.com/ampersand38/dismount-where-you-look/releases/latest
  21. GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning V1.01 Changelog: V1.01 Fixed GUI to not conflict with other scripts/mods that use default BI GUI classes V1.0: MP and dedi compatible reworked GUI greatly improved vehicle handling while boost is applied greatly improved default templates to reflect various upgrade stages, from a mere +50hp upgrade to a full dragster overhaul of the vehicle boost is now traction and RPM dependent boost will be reduced at higher speeds to emulate air resistance Changed: Boost is now active all the time when using "VehicleForward" and "VehicleFastForward" keys, "VehicleSlowForward" will enable vanilla vehicle behavior Removed: Nitro mechanic, might be re-added at a later point once reworked Added: fully customizable license plates with vanilla plate generator and kart number plate handling Added: blow off sound to emulate turbo chargers Added: restriction as to what players are allowed to use the menu Added: full customization as to what upgrades can be installed V0.9: Cleaned up all scripts, changed dialog to make more usage of listboxes, put functions in a functions library and added a few features. Features: Allows specified players to upgrade cars within 25m Action can be added to players or objects RPM and Traction dependent performance increase Customization of performance related upgrades, as seen below Chassis Tuning Brake Tuning Repair and Refuel/Refill options 0-100km/h / 0-60mph, eighth and quarter mile times measured in diary GPS Tracker Bulletproof Tires Ejection Seats F.O.G. Machine Cruise Control Change Vehicle Paint Modify Accessories (Backpacks, Bumpers, Lightbars) where available Adjust custom license plate/kart numbers How to use this script: Unpack the downloaded .rar and copy the files except mission.sqm in any mission folder. In the editor place: Player unit Car In the players init field put: nul = [player] call GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning; in initPlayerLocal.sqf put: player setVariable ["GOM_fnc_qualifiedMechanic",true]; You can also tweak the default upgrade settings inside "scripts\GOM\functions\VehicleTuning\GOM_fnc_initParams.sqf" as follows: //add custom entries here, containing [upgradename,multiplier,price,description] _engineBoostParams = [ //stock multi should be 0, so no boost is applied ["Stock Engine",0,5000,"Run of the mill engine that comes with the vehicle."], ["Engine Kit 1",1.1,15000,"Custom exhaust and air intake."], ["Engine Kit 2",1.2,30000,"Same as Engine Kit 1 + custom ECM and valve timings."] ]; Planned: Add cost functionality Add Neon Kits Add Hydraulics Add a variety of car bombs (scripts are done, still working on GUI) Add ability to give the car bomb trigger to other players Add remote control for various functions, so you can use the ejection seat on passengers without being in the car Download V1.01 Known issues: None so far. Enjoy!
  22. Now for the Armaverse: High performance single-seater for all you racing nerds out there. Ingame Screenshots: Data: - Formula Arma Open-Seater - 1.6l V6 Hybrid with automatic control of the electrical power - 950HP in total Will include: - Several liveries fitting to the Teams of the Karts DLC plus more liveries to choose from - Working Dashboard - Animations - Paintkit - Soundset I am working in my free time on this, so it could take a while. More screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/Aq8eH Cheers!
  23. Medical Attention


    ok so how do i spawn vehicles i saw one on a map and people spawned them in and im wondering if it spawns automatically or if it spawns via player i just need to know and if it is automatically spawns then what map and settings is it because i wanna fly a helicopter with my friends to attack the enemys
  24. Also known as Commander Designate, modern tanks and APCs allow the commander to take control of the turret to quickly snap to a target, rather than having to describe where the gunner needs to look. Arma doesn't allow for this by default This mods allows a commander to temporarily override their gunner to snap to a target. This feature is enabled for all vehicles by default, see the documentation section for how to disable it for certain vehicles. FEATURES: - Allows a commander to force the turret of their vehicle to look a certain way - Works for AI, Players or Empty vehicles - Fully signed - Works for modded vehicles - Config-based disable - CBA Keybind (Default ALT+T) Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&amp;id=2569680970
  25. I got a BTR from a custom mod. It has the same 'gunnerOpticsModel' as the vanilla 'Marid' but it doesnt show the bearing. What do I have to change to make the bearing visible for my custom vehicle? Here is how it looks from the custom vehicle: https://imgur.com/a/606cnY2 config.cpp: And here is how I need it to look like: https://imgur.com/a/026bpR3 config.cpp: