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  1. INFO: Custom loadingscreen Spotlight. to join server in arma 3 main screen. Custom sounds. PVP is everywhere PVP area is just double respect. We do have a big selection of vehicle, tanks , aircraft, jets, helicopters, boats, ships. Discord bots: Players Online Top 10 Leaderboard K/D Last 5 kills on server. Base Rights Check Exile Server management bot. START: 250,000 Poptabs 50,000 Respect 5 Free Scratchies. MAP: GreenSea map [20.500x20.500] Radiation zone with highclass loot PVP Zone for Double Respect and unique missions. [only use handweapons you will lose half of your respect if you make a kill with any vehicle GREEN = SAFEZONE ORANGE = TRADER NO SAFEZONE WHITE CIRCLE = NON BUILDING ZONES RED CIRCLE = DO NO PLACE MINES ZONES PLAYER: Select one of our big Selections of loadouts on spawn weaponhud/groupPanel Raise Vanilla 3d Marker distance 5000 Meter. Drag body Burry body Gut body Take box and walk with boxes [load box in vehicle] Rappel require item “Rope” Revive [Changed respawntimer when died to 10 min] Halo-jump – above 35m Wages Killstreak till you die. EXP SYSTEM: Enemy AI Killed Enemy Player Killed died in action Enemy Killed Scavenged Item Salvaged Vehicle Vehicle Hotwired Vehicle Repaired Vehicle Purchased Flag Stolen Flag Hacked Safe Hacked Door Grinded Breaching Completed Construction Repaired Buildable Stolen Recovered Vehicle Harvest Complete Mining Complete Fishing Complete ZCP Complete PERK: Auto Scratchy Better Throwables survivor Beginner Survivalist Expert Survivalist Master Survivalist Recoil Compensation Recoil Compensation 2 Recoil Compensation 3 Grind Time Grind Time 2 Grind Time 3 Hack Time Hack Time 2 Hack Time 3 Lockpick Time Lockpick Time 2 Lockpick Time 3 Repair Time Repair Time 2 Repair Time 3 Flag Stealing Time Flag Stealing Time 2 Flag Stealing Time 3 Breach Time Breach Time 2 Breach Time 3 Novice Fisherman Expert Fisherman Master Fisherman Miner Expert Miner Master Miner Harvester Expert Harvester Master Harvester Harvest Time Nature Langauge Beginner Runner Expert Runner Master Runner Student Wages Speed Worker Wages Speed Banker Wages Speed Student Wages Amount Worker Wages Amount Banker Wages Amount Home sweet home Home sweet home 2 Home sweet home 3 Locker Limit Locker Limit 2 Locker Limit 3 BASE: 350 items on level 10 flags. Max 60 Meter high Maintain your base every 7 days. base decay is on 10 days If your flag is stolen restore it after 2 days codes go to 0000 4 days the base will despawn. Wardrope - buy your loadouts from inside your base ATM - Bank your money and acces playermarket inside base Laptop Camera System and PlayerMarket inside base Vector-build Instant-build Garbage Container with scroll option to remove bugged items inside territory Base paint+/- 1000 textures Base Spawn once every 20 min (Level 3 Territory Flag or higher) 150-meter range Generator to switch on/off base lamps. Lock/Unlock all safes/doors inside territory! [no codes required to open them] Remote gates / drawbridges from inside vehicle. and xm8 Enhanced movement is disabled in territory / traders Remove base script. will pack all items/safes and refund flag money on your bank. make sure you empty your virtual garage the vehicle will be lost.. BASE RAID: Offline raid is disabled. if anyone with buildrights been online in the restart, the raid will be activated till restart. Possible at any time: Thermal Scanner [from the moment the lock is used you can scan with Thermal Scanner for 15 min.] Hack Safes & Containers [Laptop] [always possible] Hack Doors, windows, floorhatch and drawbridges [Laptop] [always possible] Hack Flag (VG) [Laptop] [always possible] Only possible if anyone from territory with buildright been online: Steal Flag Explosives. Wood breaching charge, Metal breaching charge & Big momma charge. Grind doors. Grinder & Battery required. XM8: [To open XM8 press: 6] Boom Commander Private Chat Vehicle Marker Basekit Base Marker Territory Management Remote Recipes Generator Discord Info CCTV Disable Chat Disable HUD Disable Statusbar Notepad Vehicle stats Viewdistance Airdrop Disable Envirmentsound PvP Zone Playerscan Perk Menu Party Family Family Management Territory Virtual Garage Stats Buy Respect Settings Auto Scratchy Play Scratchy Get Price Fix Me Dead Scan Vehicle HP Bars Deploy: Ultra Light Requires Ductape Porsche Requires Ductape Fennek Requires Ductape Lada Requires Ductape Motercycle Requires Ductape Mora Requires Ductape + Engine WaterScooter Requires Ductape Gun Boat Requires Ductape + Engine Plane Requires Ductape Armed Plane Requires Ductape + Main Rotor Mozzie Requires Ductape Hummingbird Requires Ductape AIRCRAFT: [Planes, Helicopters & UAV] BOAT: [Boats, Landingcraft, Ships & Submarine] VEHICLE: [cars, apcs, tanks and Statics] added on: Ducttape repair [on all also in combat] ReArm/Repair/Refuel at: Huron crates ReArm box for scroll option from outside Paint menu Vehicle Tuning Menu on vehicle and tanks. Complety Custom UI Custom pilot hud Custom paint menu on scrol [ get in driver get out lock unlock and scroll paint. ] Custom lisence Plates [only on vehicle with plates] [ get in driver get out lock unlock and scroll paint. ] Reclaim body/loot Save loadout Claim require code Lock Load crates Slingload/tow Boxes/Vehicle lock & unlock vehicle from inside lock pick with a knife Halo-jump – above 35m just eject. Sonar for boats Chop wood directly into the vehicle [base game vehicle only] Artilery Computer KEYS: Get range with binoculars - T R Select next target (targets are prioritized according to the currently selected weapon and the target threat) T Select target under the cursor / center of view to lock on. and get range LCTRL + R Toggle radar on/off [X] and [Z] to ascend and descend. in SDV Alt-U to lock the turret. Only works if player is in the "Gunner" view (using the sights). LCTRL-Alt-U to lock the turret facing forward along hull. Works in any view (1st person, 3rd person, etc.). Z to drive backwards with Jets & Planes. RSHIFT for fishing [you need to be in a boat and have fishing nets on you] LSHIFT + Alt + X this will cut your parashute. Action keybinds (default) [ next module on left panel ] next module on right panel RCTRL + [ toggle submodes on current left panel module RCTRL + ] toggle submodes on current right panel module CUSTOM USERKEYS: User key 1 = Unlock/lock User key 2 = Yellow Team Marker User key 3 = Remove all markers User key 4 = Self healing user key 5 = Enhanced Movement [Read bellow] User key 7 = perk is also in XM8 Enhanced movement: Load all the mods for the server and start-up ARMA 3 go to settings. than press expansions. enhanced movement. only asign a custom user key to Jump/climb remove the other keys, then go back and go to settings put everything off at settings. log back into the game and asign a key to the custom key you set. ESM BOT: Claim Rewards every 30 min Manage territory Territory payment anoucement with esm bot on discord. Territory Raid Notifications with esm bot on discord. Fix your self if you got stuck. MISSIONS & MONEY: DMS Dynamic Mission System: our missions are custom build and give nice reward vehicles. there will be loot in the crates and on the AI bodies too. [don’t forget to loot bodies!] DMS Bank mission: Bank mission will take 2% of all people there money.. logging out wont help ya.. it will still take your money! Capture points with AI waves: You will have to capture the zone for 5 min. rewards are lots of Respect and Poptabs [the more players the more money]. green circle = no one captures blue circle = you capturealone red circle = you capture not alone (enemy players) Assassination MISSIONS: Assassinate the Smuggler/Fisherman/Bankrobber to take his cash! ATM Hack [malfunction ATM] Hack the ATM and the money will be yours! Airdrops: Building Materials Grenade launchers Food&Drinks Drugs Farming ORE: in order to get the option to mine, you will need a pickaxe you can buy in hardware & scuba traders. Drug Missions: (in order to get the option to harvest, you will need a knife) static side missions Green and Yellow dots ( Weed warehouses and Magic forrest ) Shipwrecks: You will need diving clothing to take the box. you can load it in any boat / submarine Blue Circle: Crafting materials Fishing: Get some fishing nets at scuba trader, buy a Boat/Ship/Submarine it's "right shift" to fish! high-loot: Go loot, at our PVP area or Radiationzone. Best gear will be found there! SUGGESTIONS: Do you like to see something getting changed on our server, post it on our forum in discord.
  2. Project Redline is a mod team that came together to create new, mostly vehicle related mods for Arma Reforger. Initially formed to assemble and curate the first Helicopter in Reforger, the team has begun branching out into other areas of Reforger modding. We will use this thread to update all of our mods, progress pics, and change logs. Currently released mods: Project Redline - CORE. CORE is a dependency of all Project Redline Mods. We include in CORE assets and scripts that are shared between multiple projects. Scripts and assets within CORE can also be used by others to create their own mods by using CORE as a dependency. Changelog: Project Redline - MH60 Black Hawk The Blackhawk is the backbone of the US military's air mobile operations. Currently Project Redline offers an MH-60 Army variant along with reskins for Navy, Coast Guard, PMC, and Fire Rescue. There are armed (M134 or M240) variants as well as unarmed cargo variants available. The Blackhawk mod is still in active development, and will continue to improve as the base helicopter module is matured. Changelog: Project Redline - MD500 Littlebird This MD 500 helicopter is a civilian vehicle modeled after the military OH-6. Using the Take On Helicopters model, we have updated certain aspects while porting the model to work with the Enfusion engine. What came out of that process is a unique vehicle for Arma Reforger. A nimble rotary wing aircraft that's able to pack a punch. The Littlebird variants in the mod pack are capable of firing both Hydra rockets, and thousands of rounds per minute out of it's twin M134 miniguns. As with the original Take On Helicopters version, we include more than a dozen skins, with more to come. With seating anywhere from 2 to 8, the MD500 works as a perfect scout or transport helicopter. As with the other rotary wing aircraft from Project Redline, expect the mod to only get better as the base simulation model matures along with Reforger. Changelog: Project Redline - Mi-24v Hind The first Russian rotary wing aircraft for Reforger. Project Redline is proud to release our Mi-24V Hind helicopter. This armored combat helicopter serves multiple roles as it not only brings ample weapons to the table, but can also transport a team to the front. With room in the cargo compartment for 6 soldiers along with 2 door gunners, the Hind can fill any role your scenario may require. Armed with up to 4 rocket pods, and a front mounted 12.7mm Yak-B Gatling gun, the Hind is more than capable of dealing with threats.
  3. Hello! First | The basic premise of what I am attempting to do is two-fold. A) respawn existing vehicles (of different types - i.e. some jets, some helicopters, some ground vehicles), with the same custom pylons - for the jets/helis - set by the pylon/dynamic loadout editor in 3den. This part works fine thus far (see below). And B) apply unlimited ammo on a delay (i.e. it takes 45 seconds for the ammo to restore) to both the original vehicle and its respawned clone. The main trouble I am having is getting unlimited ammo to work with the new, respawned vehicles. Second | A code dump and summary of what is where: The code below is my unlimited ammo expression in the existing F/A-181 (and other vehicles). Ideally, the missiles & bombs refresh on a delay, hence the {sleep 45} segment. This part works perfectly for my purposes. this addEventHandler ["Fired",{[_this select 0,getNumber (configFile/"CfgAmmo"/(_this select 4)/"explosive")] spawn {if (_this select 1==1) then {sleep 45};_this select 0 setVehicleAmmo 1}}]; This code is present in the expression of a Game Logic and synced to all relevant air vehicles. It works perfectly for my purposes; no errors and functions as intended. [this] call { if (!isServer) exitWith {}; params ["_thisObject"]; _vehs = synchronizedObjects _thisObject; _initScript = { params ["_vehicle", ["_pylons", "none"]]; if (typeName _pylons == typeName []) then { private _pylonPaths = (configProperties [configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _vehicle >> "Components" >> "TransportPylonsComponent" >> "Pylons", "isClass _x"]) apply { getArray (_x >> "turret") }; { _vehicle removeWeaponGlobal getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "pylonWeapon") } forEach getPylonMagazines _vehicle; { _vehicle setPylonLoadout [_forEachIndex + 1, _x, true, _pylonPaths select _forEachIndex] } forEach _pylons; }; }; { [_x] call _initScript; } forEach _vehs; [_vehs, _initScript] spawn { params ["_vehs", "_initScript"]; sleep 1; _respawnlist = []; { _respawnlist = _respawnlist + [[_x, position _x, [vectorDir _x, vectorUp _x], getPylonMagazines _x]] } forEach _vehs; while { true } do { sleep 1; { _veh = _x # 0; _respawnpos = _x # 1; _playerdistance = 200; { if (_veh distance _x < _playerdistance) then { _playerdistance = _veh distance _x }; } forEach allPlayers; if (!alive _veh || (_veh distance _respawnpos > 20 && _playerdistance > 20)) then { _vehType = typeOf _veh; [_veh, _respawnlist] spawn { params ["_veh", "_respawnlist"]; deleteVehicleCrew _veh; _veh lock true; _inSpawn = false; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; _inSpawn = false; { _respawnpos = _x # 1; if ((_veh distance _respawnpos) < 30) exitWith { _inSpawn = true; }; } forEach _respawnlist; _inSpawn || ((speed _veh == 0) && (isTouchingGround _veh)); }; if (!_inSpawn) then { sleep 30 }; deleteVehicle _veh; }; sleep 10; _newveh = _vehType createVehicle _respawnpos; _newveh setPos _respawnpos; _newveh setVectorDirAndUp (_x # 2);[_newveh, _x # 3] call _initScript; _respawnlist set [_forEachIndex, [_newveh, _respawnpos, _x # 2, _x # 3]]; }; } forEach _respawnlist; }; }; }; This is the current code present in the "System Specific - Vehicle Respawn" Module expression (not its Init). It does not work at all. params ["_newVeh", "_oldVeh"]; [_newVeh addEventHandler ["Fired", { [_newVeh select 0, getNumber (configFile/"CfgAmmo"/(_newVeh select 4)/"explosive")] spawn { if (_newVeh select 1 >= 0) then { sleep 5 }; _newVeh select 0 setVehicleAmmo 1 } }]] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; The Vehicle Respawn Module: It throws the no errors upon mission launch and no errors upon vehicle respawn. My friends and I suspect it is not even executing properly. Here are a few screencaps of the 3den editor of the scene in question if it helps you: // Overview of the whole airfield. The Vehicle Respawn Module on the Right by the center of the airfiled is exlusively linked to ground vehicles. It respawns the vehicles fine but without the unlimited ammo. // The test F/A-181. // The Game Logic. // My two primary test subjects (Left is experimental; Right is the control). As you can see, the left F/A-181 is the primary test subject for the Vehicle Respawn Module, as it is synced to both the Vehicle Respawn and the Game Logic. The right F/A-181 (and all other air vehicles) is synced only to the Game Logic. Both jets initially spawn with the proper pylons/dynamic loadouts and unlimited ammo, as expected vis-a-vis the 3den editor settings. Both jets respawn with the proper pylons/dynamic loadouts. Neither jet respawns with unlimited ammo, currently. I feel close to solving this, but I am blind to what I am missing/adding unnecessarily. I have tried numerous other variations with even less luck. I am sure there is some redundancy between the Vehicle Respawn Module and the game logic, and I would appreciate any simplifications there. However, that is a secondary concern. Thanks for reading this far! Hopefully, you can help me and anyone else who wants to do this.
  4. I am new to Arma modding. I am making a addon for my squad to play with. Im making a troop transport vehicle with a mg on top like the m113. The turret rotates when i move the mouse but when I fire the bullets keep shooting in the original turrets direction. I have watched videos and searched the forums for a solution for this problem but I haven't been able to find a solution. I'm using Blender for the modeling with the Arma toolbox addon. Many of the posts by the people with the same problem as i have very little responses or solutions that haven't worked for me. The only clue for fixing this, is a forum post I found that had the same problem. I have obviously tried the solutions mensioned here but none of them have worked except I didn't understand the last reply. If any of you have experienced this problem and know a solutions or have a suggestion please leave it here or if there is a forum post with a solution that i havent found then link me to it. Also on a side note if anyone knows how to make the models walls not seethough on both sides without extending the walls to make them two planes then please leave it also here. Thank you.
  5. Hi! I`m looking about how to make modded vehicles able to be requested by blayers on "light vehicle maintenance point" and "heavy vehicle maintenance point". I turned on few mods with vehicles and can spawn them from hamemaster menu but not with maintenance point.
  6. Since I didn't get a solution about saving a insignia on a vehicle after save/load in Discord, I'll try here. I can use scripts to place a logo on the vehicle, but after I make the save/load function, the logo disappears from the vehicle. I usually play in SP. I have my own script and I will show here, all codes except setObjectTexture work. I tried addMissionEventHandler Loaded along with preInit = 1 but it doesn't work. description.ext: class CfgFunctions { class Spawn { class Nato { class variableNatopreInit{file = "natospawn.sqf"; preInit = 1;}; }; class Csat { class variableCsatpreInit{file = "csatspawn.sqf"; preInit = 1;}; }; } } }; natospawn.sqf: addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded", {_grp1 setObjectTexture ["clan", "\a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\orbat\b_111_texture_ca.paa"]}]; 0 spawn { --1-- sleep 5; _grp1 = "B_T_APC_Wheeled_01_atgm_lxWS" createVehicle getMarkerPos "spawnvehicles"; createVehicleCrew _grp1; { _x setSkill ["general", 0.6]; _x setObjectTexture ["clan", "\a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\orbat\b_111_texture_ca.paa"]; } foreach units _grp1; _grp1 setGroupId ["Armored Lions 102th"]; _grp1 setObjectTexture ["clan", "\a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\orbat\b_111_texture_ca.paa"]; [ _grp1, ["Olive",1], ["showBags",1,"showCamonetHull",0,"showCamonetTurret",0,"showSLATHull",1,"showSLATTurret",1] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; };
  7. Hello again, As I continue with my recreation of the MW2 Humvee run, I am faced with another challenge. In the current setup, AI units board the desired vehicle, in which an AI driver is already waiting for them, the convoy then moves to a location designated by a MOVE waypoint, where I wish for the combat units only to disembark. Simply linking the desired units to a GET OUT waypoint yields no results, as they refuse to leave the vehicle. I have followed a tutorial from YT on how to make AI units move, get out and back in, but unfortunately this only works for the entire crew of the vehicle. It would be extremely practical for the solution to be achieved through waypoints, as I still very much struggle with scripting lol. If any more information is necessary I shall be happy to provide it. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey all. Perhaps you can help me with a problem. I've used the setObjectTexture command to great success on vehicles placed in EDEN, placing them and then putting something like setObjectTexture [0, "textures\police_heli.paa"]; in their init field. Bingo, the (in this case) helicopter is there, and it is wearing it's appropriate skin/texture. The problem is respawning. When the vehicle is destroyed, it respawns just fine (I am using the BIS respawn module in EDEN, linked to the vehicle in question). The problem is, that when the vehicle respawns, it respawns with a random skin/texture. Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's tiger-stripe, etc. I've searched the forums and google to no avail to try to fix this. All I want, is for when the vehicle is respawned, to have the same (custom) textures it started with.
  9. v 1.2 Description Vehicle shop dialog Vehicle shop functions Installation/Usage/Download/Updates GitHub Notes Works in MP Screenshot Click Me Armaholic Armaholic Topic
  10. Hi I hope you're doing well. I have a problem with a Jet from a mod : the Rafale from the AMF ( french army ) mod. When it comes to JDAM/GBU strike, its a nightmare. The Locking/targeting cone is very small, and the pod is "locked" : once you reach the point you're locked on, when you're above it, the pod won't be able to keep locked on that point, like if it was not able to rotate more. I would like to know if and how its possible to modify that, like Can WE give it the same values and pod as the A164 Wipeout for example ? Thank you for your help
  11. Hey folks, probably a pretty newbie question. I am trying to retexture the Kamaz Medical Transporter and can't seem to get rid of the Red Crystal symbols all over the truck. They don't seem to belong to any of the hiddenselectiontextures so I thought they maybe get added afterwards. Is there a way to get rid of these in the config.cpp? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Jan
  12. GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning V1.01 Changelog: V1.01 Fixed GUI to not conflict with other scripts/mods that use default BI GUI classes V1.0: MP and dedi compatible reworked GUI greatly improved vehicle handling while boost is applied greatly improved default templates to reflect various upgrade stages, from a mere +50hp upgrade to a full dragster overhaul of the vehicle boost is now traction and RPM dependent boost will be reduced at higher speeds to emulate air resistance Changed: Boost is now active all the time when using "VehicleForward" and "VehicleFastForward" keys, "VehicleSlowForward" will enable vanilla vehicle behavior Removed: Nitro mechanic, might be re-added at a later point once reworked Added: fully customizable license plates with vanilla plate generator and kart number plate handling Added: blow off sound to emulate turbo chargers Added: restriction as to what players are allowed to use the menu Added: full customization as to what upgrades can be installed V0.9: Cleaned up all scripts, changed dialog to make more usage of listboxes, put functions in a functions library and added a few features. Features: Allows specified players to upgrade cars within 25m Action can be added to players or objects RPM and Traction dependent performance increase Customization of performance related upgrades, as seen below Chassis Tuning Brake Tuning Repair and Refuel/Refill options 0-100km/h / 0-60mph, eighth and quarter mile times measured in diary GPS Tracker Bulletproof Tires Ejection Seats F.O.G. Machine Cruise Control Change Vehicle Paint Modify Accessories (Backpacks, Bumpers, Lightbars) where available Adjust custom license plate/kart numbers How to use this script: Unpack the downloaded .rar and copy the files except mission.sqm in any mission folder. In the editor place: Player unit Car In the players init field put: nul = [player] call GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning; in initPlayerLocal.sqf put: player setVariable ["GOM_fnc_qualifiedMechanic",true]; You can also tweak the default upgrade settings inside "scripts\GOM\functions\VehicleTuning\GOM_fnc_initParams.sqf" as follows: //add custom entries here, containing [upgradename,multiplier,price,description] _engineBoostParams = [ //stock multi should be 0, so no boost is applied ["Stock Engine",0,5000,"Run of the mill engine that comes with the vehicle."], ["Engine Kit 1",1.1,15000,"Custom exhaust and air intake."], ["Engine Kit 2",1.2,30000,"Same as Engine Kit 1 + custom ECM and valve timings."] ]; Planned: Add cost functionality Add Neon Kits Add Hydraulics Add a variety of car bombs (scripts are done, still working on GUI) Add ability to give the car bomb trigger to other players Add remote control for various functions, so you can use the ejection seat on passengers without being in the car Download V1.01 Known issues: None so far. Enjoy!
  13. Now for the Armaverse: High performance single-seater for all you racing nerds out there. Ingame Screenshots: Data: - Formula Arma Open-Seater - 1.6l V6 Hybrid with automatic control of the electrical power - 950HP in total Will include: - Several liveries fitting to the Teams of the Karts DLC plus more liveries to choose from - Working Dashboard - Animations - Paintkit - Soundset I am working in my free time on this, so it could take a while. More screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/Aq8eH Cheers!
  14. In short What parameters can be applied to increase speed? not only acceleration, maxSpeed, enginePower
  15. After numerous changes to memory points and config file, I still cannot get my vehicle to stay on the ground so it can be driven. If anybody can help me that would be awesome! Here is an image >> I can also provide the p3d, config file, and model.cfg files as well. Thanks for any help!!
  16. I posted something similar to this in a previous thread https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/241729-land-contacts-on-vehicle-mod/, however that most likely was the wrong topic to be posting in about this issue. I have currently rigged and put into the engine a M983 HEMTT. I've got bones for the wheels, and all the sockets I should need to get it to function in game. Scaling atm is a bit wonky but that just takes some fiddling in blender and then a full reimport(side note, re-import does not update the xob, fbx, or txo in engine with new mesh, colliders, or bones. I have to delete the xob, fbx, and txo then re-import the new fbx and let the engine register it, then I have to set all the gamemats, and skinning options). Alright back on topic. The prefab I started with was the M923A1 base prefab. Just the cab on frame et no canopy or cargo etc. I figured that would be the closest to what I was trying to mod in. The M983 has 4 axels, the M923A1 has 3. I added additional axels and associated triggers in the prefab so that the wheel sim would recognize the additional axel. When running the model in game I run into issues where the model spawns in, doesn't bounce on the suspension, or roll whatsoever. The vehicle engine starts, stops, all the sound effects work, but nothing is applied to the wheels. I currently have the animations from the M923A1 for basically all of the animations in the prefab. Would there be anything else I need to change to get this model to work? Also should I change the prefab I start with to one of the base ones and if so which one because if I go with the base truck one I feel as though I'll run into the same issue.
  17. Hello. I've had a problem with many vehicles lately. The AI is not shooting vehicles that are marked as "MRAP". I should mention that the AIs with a rocket launcher or an AT can and will shoot at the intended vehicle. The other AIs are literally ignoring the vehicle and just going away even when the gunner is shooting at them. I've already seen a couple people with this problem on MRAPs, and I can fully understand that the AI is programmed to consider a vehicle too strong for them to shoot at it, BUT I have a mod, that's called "Pedagne Mod" (it's an Italian mod that ads a lot of Italian vehicles) and there are vehicles that are certainly not too strong. The Italian army uses the VTML Lince a lot, and that's why I want to use it too. I invite you to see an image of the Lince on Google so that you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm not using any kind of AI mod. Only LAMBS sometimes. I've tried searching the config.ccp file in the Lince but I couldn't find anything relevant. Please help, I'm literally going crazy.
  18. Hi. How can I make vehicles face a particular direction? (similar to how you order your units to face a direction, so that the vehicle does it willingly!)
  19. Hello there! I'm trying to pass a vehicle Object to a button action. On vehicles with variable names my current version works perfectly fine, but on vehicles without variable name it isn't... So do you guys have any ideas on how to pass the _vehicle variable to the button? // My current Version buttonSetAction [_idc, format ["player moveInDriver %1;", _vehicle]];
  20. I have a lattice object that I attached to the technique, but when the technique is defeated, the textures of the lattice object remain the same, I decided to use hiddenSelections[] = {"green", "sand", "broken"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"data\green.paa", "data\sand.paa", "data\broken.paa"}; I decided to connect a script that will execute in a .skf file, but the arma does not react in any way, the object remains the same color. Help! How to make an object change color depending on whether the vehicle is alive or not. .sqf file: is there any other way to implement this idea?
  21. Make a daring escape down a Norwegian mountain by car or bike before your flight leaves! Mods Required: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282716647 Mods Recommended (But playable without): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640399582 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715110132 Known issues: Music will pause randomly for a couple of seconds when pausing or saving. Audio pops occasionally between loops (arma doesn’t handle music the best) The player bobbing around randomly can make it harder to select a car. Thanks: Health Regen Script: Unknown BI Forums member (Let me know who is the og author!) Timer Script: cobra4v320 Autoflip Script: DaVidoSS Music: Sweaty Little Sow - Saki Kaskas Download - Steam Workshop
  22. ABOUT Disclaimer: There are some minor issues with handling in the current version such as speed going over water and AI having trouble driving. These have been fixed in the dev branch with the new tank Physx, will update after the patch comes out. The Mephisto is a state of the art fighting vehicle developed by the United States in tandem with some members of the EU. It prioritizes speed, flexibility, and firepower over traditional protection. With a cruising speed of 60kph and a top speed of 110kph it can easily pass over terrain inaccessible to traditional armored vehicles. It is armed with a high velocity 75mm auto-loading cannon situated in an unmanned turret. It can fire both AP and deadly neutron shells effective against most targets. Instead of a traditional co-axial machine gun, Mephisto comes equipped with a lethal microwave emitter. Its armor protection is not nearly as good as a traditional MBT, more akin to an IFV. However it makes up for this with a powerful active protection system that can be manually activated to intercept ATGMs and AT rockets for a short time. It can be found under Nato / Tanks Camo can be changed in the virtual garage (Arid, Forest, Snow, Experimental) DOWNLOAD
  23. Could someone help me to have the camera fixed on the turret of a IFV vehicle? as in the pictures thank you in advance.
  24. Hi, is there any code or other way to get textures path to a vehicle, so I can use setObjectTextureGlobal when I spawn it? I have found this on internet but even I can say its deeply wrong _vehicleType = typeOf cursorTarget; _textureSets = "true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehicleType >> "TextureSources"); _availableTextures = []; _textureSets apply { _colorName = configName _x; _textures = [_x , "textures", []] call BIS_fnc_returnConfigEntry; _availableTextures pushBack [_colorName, _textures]; Gives me error "Missing }" when used in debug console.
  25. Ride Where You Look Pick your desired vehicle seat by looking, when: getting into a vehicle switching seats inside a vehicle hopping from one vehicle to another in Zeus telling an AI which seat to take ACE dragging/carrying/escorting (ACE not required) Steam Workshop GitHub Usage In CBA Keybinds > Ride Where You Look, set up the keys [Show Seats] (L Ctrl) and [Select Seat] (Ctrl + X). Press and hold [Show Seats] (L Ctrl) to see which seat you are selecting. Press [Select Seat] (X) to move to that seat. Client & Server This mod can be used client-side for player usage and Zeus controlling local AI. Zeus controlling remote AI will require all machines to load this mod. Requirements CBA_A3 Plans Add compartment check Known Issues Several issues can arise due to vehicle model inconsistencies: Some proxies appear where there is no available seat Some seats do not have proxies visible Some vehicles do not switch you to the seat you're looking at These issues need to be individually resolved with tweaks. Report issues here. License This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike.