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  1. briantyre@gmail.com

    Vehicle is stuck in the ground! HELP!

    Okay, I got the car driving. However, I made it happen by commenting out the line in the config which is simulation = "carx";... So now I will not have physx if what I read was correct. I'm guessing that commenting out that line turns off all of the Physx settings.
  2. briantyre@gmail.com

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Looks awesome! I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks!
  3. briantyre@gmail.com

    Vehicle is stuck in the ground! HELP!

    Now I have the vehicle above ground. I rebuilt the Geometry LOD and the Geometry Phys LOD. Everything animates fine in buldozer but in the game the vehicle will not move. THe engine is on but no movement. Anyone?? It's got to be something simple I am just overlooking...
  4. briantyre@gmail.com

    Vehicle is stuck in the ground! HELP!

    I adjusted the posun wheel_x_y positions and that fixed the hanging suspension problem. It is working fine in buldozer but once it is in game it sinks into the ground just about half a tire deep.
  5. After numerous changes to memory points and config file, I still cannot get my vehicle to stay on the ground so it can be driven. If anybody can help me that would be awesome! Here is an image >> I can also provide the p3d, config file, and model.cfg files as well. Thanks for any help!!