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  1. Rook Mk1

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    There's an issue right now with the Husky where ai will mount the passenger seats before the turret. Also sometimes you can be stuck looking down while in the passenger seats due to them being treated as fire from vehicle and moving your head during a small window where it thinks you are aiming. If that makes sense. Great updates all around though.
  2. Rook Mk1

    BAF : L85A3 RIS

    Just tried it, great job so far!
  3. Rook Mk1

    BAF : L85A3 RIS

    Damn I’d try it if my internet hadn’t died. Nice to get an a3 finally though.
  4. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    I meant size sorry. I just thought that making the cold war stuff optional would be nice for people who just wanted to download and load the modern units, or not play with it all the time. But really it was just a suggestion and I don't want to dictate what you do with your pack. It's nice that it's a module though.
  5. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    The new cold war stuff is really cool, but tbh i'm in favour of splitting it into another pack. The amount of mods I have loaded is already pretty big, so it'd be nice to choose whether I'd want to use the cold war stuff or not at any given time. Though I could see how splitting it up could be bad for others.
  6. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe it’s on Bohemia’s part.
  7. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    I did it with the minimum amount of mods and it still does it. To recreate just place a 3cb Faction vehicle in the editor and then check the Simple Object box in attributes. When you hit the play scenario button then quit back out to the editor, it will have reset itself. This doesn't happen to the vanilla vehicles.
  8. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    The Takistan civilian vehicles cannot be set to simple objects. It works initially, but it will change back to a normal object after being loaded again. Haven't tested the other vehicles in the pack so can't say it's the case for all of them.
  9. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    I was attempting to spawn 3cb Takistan civilians using the civ presence module that comes with the vanilla game. It wasn’t randomising them or giving them the appropriate identities, so I just altered them manually. Maybe there’s a better way but it does the job.
  10. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    Never mind, I just did this instead you can call it in a script or put it straight in the creation box.
  11. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    Does anyone know how to spawn Takistani civillians in the Civilian presence module with randomised load outs and suitable faces?
  12. Rook Mk1

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are both Russian voice sets broken for anyone else atm after the contact update when running rhs?
  13. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    Noticed AI will refer to all IND Takistani units as 'Pilots' when doing combat reports. Dunno if it is a problem for other 3CB factions. Thanks.
  14. Rook Mk1

    3CB Factions

    Ah okay, it is pretty logical.