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  1. There is a performance boost when hiding and disabling simulation of units. Also, for reasons unknown to me, lots of groups is bad. Even if they're just full of objNull, so keep the number of groups as low as possible -- I did a test with 166 groups and almost all of them were for groups where the units were deleted (Forgot to add group deletion in my garbage collection) and FPS would stutter because of it. The issue went away once I fixed this. IMO it is best to utilize exactly what you need and not get greedy, which is part of the art of design and optimization lol.
  2. phronk

    Position Algorithm ArmA3

    Haven't tried your method @hansen111 but if it's 250+ times faster than inArea, that sounds yummy. One thing with triggers though is you can also use thisList with triggers, which returns all objects in the trigger that can trigger it, if any. So if player is in the trigger, thisList will equal [player] if the trigger is set to "ANYPLAYER". That method has been fastest for me, but I'm all about optimization so who knows. Maybe you're onto something. I find a lot of stuff on the wiki to be situationally correct or inaccurate sometimes. Trial and error through experimentation and do what works for you!
  3. @Melody_Mike You can write a script to block those keybinds using displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", {//muhCodez}]; in conjuction with actionKeys or inputAction.
  4. If it works it works! Good job.
  5. I would recommend switchMove, however, any player movement will break the animation. Might need to disableUserInput for the duration of the animation or whatever to prevent that.
  6. I use the AnimDone eventHandler and it works pretty good for me.
  7. phronk

    Multiplayer Animated briefing

    What's happening is you are flooding the scheduler with too much code/scripts at once and I think that function loops, so it never finishes. There is a limit to how much you can spawn. Depending on whether the code quickly does its' thing and terminates or if it loops will determine how impactful it might be, in an environment where lots of code is being spawned. Looking at your example, I think that's a $#!† ton of spawned code which all loop. You cannot have an infinite amount of looping scripts. I would recommend redesigning what you want to be more simple -- use static markers and make them animate only when you need them to, rather than just doing it for all.
  8. Yeah, confirmed VCOM was interfering with pilot AI. Never knew it even effected them. Fixed it by disabling VCOM on the pilots. Had two last issues where telling the pilot to INCREASE their flight ceiling by 250m made them descend into the ground and crash lol. Also fast roping into an area kicked out the person who called the transport and they died. Everyone else (players) nside wasn't able to fastrope out and the heli took off to RTB.
  9. @Rydygier @Gunter SeverlohTried the script last night on my dedicated server with a friend and had an annoying bug (Could be Arma AI induced) where, after dropping us off at an LZ and flying back to base and landing, it would take off again and come back near our LZ or current position and land in random locations around us. This is with VCOM AI enabled, so maybe I just need to try disabling VCOM (Although I don't think it effects pilots). No other addons enabled. The AI pilot would also stay landed until I told him to land somewhere else and then cancel it so he can RTB. But after landing and turning his engine off, he'd spool back up and fly back to us for seemingly no reason and land. Rinse and repeat.
  10. I may have installed this script incorrectly, but I placed the HAS folder in my misson's "s" folder (To handle server side scripts) and I made sure to update the script filepath in the init.sqf and description.ext (Didn't see any references to the scripts in the userconfig or fnc files) I placed two helicopters with crew, named them h1 and h2. Invisible helipads under (Didnt name them though) and a game logic named RYD_HAS_BASE. Changed the variable list of units to playableUnits in the userconfig. Pasted the helicoter init code into both h1 and h2. Am I missing anything? No script errors, but I don't have any addActions and the support menu is empty. I do see the systemChat of Has version on mission init though. [EDIT] Disregard, the setting RYD_HAS_allChoppers was commented out by default so I assumed it was a variable not completed or something. Uncommented it and properly filled the array with h1 and h2, now it works. 🙃
  11. Maybe also add _x disableAI"RADIOPROTOCOL"; to the block of commands above, but not sure how to silence AI in one channel only. Maybe a getInMan/getOut eventHandler which sets commanding skill to 0 when they enter vehicle or something? _x setSkill["commanding",0];
  12. Try in init of vehicle: {_x setSpeaker"NoVoice";_x setVariable["BIS_noCoreConversations",true];_x disableConversations true;}forEach(crew this);
  13. You may need to actually define the minimum/maximum number of players your mission can handle via the Mutliplayer settings category in the 3DEN Editor. You can also define it in your description.ext
  14. @baton1990 You can adjust VONCodecQuality on your server via the Server.cfg as well as the VONCodec. The BI wiki has a page on how to configure your server. The default setting sounds like you're talking through a cardboard box, so I definitely recommend raising it lol. You can also disable VonID (Player names popup when people use VOIP) in your server's difficulty / arma3profile file. [EDIT] Didn't notice you said for a local host, in the case of running it off your own machine, you can adjust the VONID / difficulty settings via your Arma3Profile found in "My Documents>>Arma 3 (Or Arma 3 - Other Profiles, depending where your main profile is)>> (Your Profile)>>(Your profile name).Arma3Profile". I'm not sure if you can adjust the quality on your PC though. There's a few good cheap options for game/virtual servers or dedicated servers out there though. I used to pay $7 per month for ArmaHosts, but I think they've doubled in price since then, now I use a personal dedicated server that our group chipped in to build. You can probably try to host from your machine via the Arma3Server_x64 and place a server.cfg into your Arma 3 directory, but I never tried it.
  15. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.96 Size: 52 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: Reintroduced distance factors! • Added: Opening radio UI will fix broken eventHandler variables, if detected • Added: Player is given an "ItemRadio" upon init • Added: Icons to screen on radio representing current channel permissions • Added: Icon to screen on radio representing signal strength • Added: Icon to screen on radio representing battery (Cosmetic) • Added: "PT" and "FM" text to bottom of radio screen (Cosmetic) • Added: Modified sound effect for cycling channels on radio • Added: Upon init, player is notified to raise their VON volume if it's below 50% • Added: Speech volume is set to 100% upon init (Unsure if it even does anything) • Added: Mouse cursor is moved to center of screen when radio interface is opened • Added: Arma Radio's Instruction Manual includes info about radio ranges ADJUSTMENTS: • Changed: Radio noise no longer changes by distance, time of day, or weather • Changed: Repositioned the cycle channels button to the correct knob on radio model • Changed: Font of radio text to "LCD14", instead of "LucidiaConsoleB" • Improved: JIP compatibility • Improved: Arma Radio's Instructions Manual fits briefing window slightly better • Improved: Admin is muted globally, if speaking in Global channel and can't breathe • Improved: AFAR initializes much faster now • Improved: The cycle channel knob is much more responsive • Merged: 'fuzz2.sqf' with 'fuzz.sqf' • Merged: "Next Channel" and "Previous Channel" radio UI buttons into one • Merged: r_mCHName and r_mCHShort into one global variable • Tweaked: Increased volume of all radio effects • Tweaked: Height and width of text in radio UI to fit in the radio screen better • Tweaked: Ear icon in the AFAR Information briefing is now smaller to fit better • Tweaked: Help text pop-up when opening radio is now aligned to the right • Tweaked: Adjusted the order some code is executed in all of the "in" functions FIXES: • Fixed: Old Arma VON bug which would block a specific player from being audible • Fixed: "r_f" global variable is reset more reliably on death now • Fixed: Side channel did not process PushToTalk functions properly • Fixed: Cycling channels via keybinds when chOn is true now works properly • Fixed: Functions would break if default setting for r_incap was changed • Fixed: Parameters weren't always being passed to "out2.sqf" • Fixed: East faction's RTO channel wasn't using custom variables from 'CFG.sqf' • Fixed: Custom channel displays correct text in radio UI, instead of "SUPPORT" • Fixed: Detection of whether player could or couldn't breathe underwater • Fixed: Radio UI and channel switching wasn't fully supported in Zeus • Fixed: Handling of r_incap and r_sideCH variables • Fixed: "Show Chat" option now toggles chat visibility, instead of radio messages • Fixed: Arma Radio's Instruction Manual didn't always initialize for JIP • Fixed: Exiting a vehicle would switch you to Group channel • Fixed: Exploit that allowed players to switch channels while in the Escape menu OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Collection of players in group for 'G_In.sqf' (31% faster) • Optimized: Collection of leaders for 'C_In.sqf' (10% faster) • Optimized: Check if player is in a vehicle for 'V_In.sqf' (10% faster) • Optimized: Removed some extra channel checking code from the next/prev channel functions • Optimized: Removed excess parenthesis in 'fuzz.sqf' • Optimized: Removed redundant placeholder variable from "Killed" eventHandler • Optimized: Removed redundant font changes in radio interface code • Optimized: Replaced apply with forEach (5% faster) • Optimized: Replaced code for playing more static during rain with simpler code • Optimized: Replaced preprocessFile with loadFile when initializing some scripts • Optimized: Replaced !isServer with didJIP in headless client check • Optimized: Replaced hasInterface&&isNull player with didJIP REMOVALS: • Removed: "Next Channel" button from the radio UI • Removed: "Previous Channel" button from the radio UI • Removed: "Put away radio" button from the radio UI • Removed: 'fuzz2.sqf' • Removed: 'snd.sqf' • Removed: Rain, overcast, and sun interference factors • Removed: All variations of radio noise effects from 'SFX.hpp' (Only 1 is used) • Removed: All comments from scripts, except from 'init.sqf' and 'CFG.sqf' KNOWN BUGS: • Displays other than 46 and 312 will pause AFAR eventHandlers until it exits __________________________________________________________________________ Two months shy of 4 years, my Addon-Free Arma Radio script finally functions as I had originally intended it to! Players can now communicate via radio with friendlies who are within their channel's radio range -- and if they meet that channel's requirements (i.e. other players must be in your group to communicate with you via Group channel). Thanks to @Dedmen for the new setPlayerVONVolume & getPlayerVONVolume commands, this was made possible in Arma update 2.00. As I had anticipated the new commands prior to their release, I focused heavily on fixing bugs, optimizing, and adding a few features. I've tested this on 4 separate missions on dedicated servers with up to 12 players and all tests went well. Everything works! But if you find any bugs or have questions, either post them here or PM me. I've updated the screenshots of AFAR on the first post of this thread, but will get to recreating the video soon since the current one is outdated in every way. Thanks & enjoy! PS: 😈 Happy (Early) Halloween! 😈