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  1. _d = []; _nodes=[all,my,nodes,here]; _currentNode=curNode; _nodes apply { _d pushBack( _x distance curNode; ); }; _nodes sort true; _closestNode=_nodes # 0; Something like that maybe? PS: I'm at work so I speed coded it, not sure how well it'll work.
  2. For those interested, I actively update this change-log as I continue to make progress on the script. Feedback is needed on the pop-up radio: is it really necessary? I'd like to work towards completely removing the radio to help improve performance/efficiency. There's a few routes I can go. You guys let me know which you prefer: Keep the pop-up radio as it is Completely remove the radio Convert 3D radio to 2D as an interface (Using cutRsc / titleRsc) I'm also torn between rewriting the 3D radio interface into a 2D radio interface via .SQF instead of .HPP (Makes script easier to install to your mission, but radio interface will look like shit). Finally, I'm reworking the radio noise: I'm either completely removing it or make the noise intensity vary based on rain, overcast, time of day, and possibly line of sight. Maaaybe powerlines and stuff like that too can effect it, but I don't wanna get crazy just yet. Again, your feedback is appreciated!
  3. The AFAR code might be broken, but I'll try to get it fixed in the next update. I'm rewriting a lot of it to be more efficient. A lot has changed, so I can't really attest to what'll fix it. I think my way of troubleshooting was by cycling through radio channels to get correct permissions on the radio via the radio interface. If that doesn't work, just wait for the next update.
  4. The latest released version is the one in linked on Google Drive, TakIns_1L.Takistan.pbo, found in the first post of this thread. Unfortunately the Armaholic version is outdated and is probably the cause.
  5. That's a fair point and I understand what you mean now. I can see why that'd be interesting to use on a vanilla server. I may do a separate version rewrite to be cleaner/more optimized and function without the range/distortion effects. Also from my tests, setUnitTrait persists automatically through respawns, so the respawn eventHandler may not be necessary. Not sure why it isn't working for you, but I also haven't looked at the code in months or a maybe even a year. I'll look into tonight maybe and start working on the separate version with distance/distortion.
  6. 1. The problem with the script, aside from the description.ext script error apparently, is that the script doesn't work as intended with more than two players on a server. The maximum distance for the radio works fine, but like I said, the way it works is it simply checks if a player is in radius of another friendly player. The way I want it to work is that I want all players who aren't within radio range of you to be locally muted, to simulate being outside of range to communicate. Right now, it works fine if there's just you and another player. If there's more than 2 players on the same side, then the comms can be easily exploited. I already explained this in a previous post. 2. I don't want to resort to extreme noise to drown out the comms because that isn't immersive and is intrusive. 3. The say3D command does not effect player voice volume and does not allow the muting/unmuting of a player.
  7. BI still hasn't added any commands to locally mute/unmute players -- it's still on their To Do List to be reviewed/approved but it has also been there for like 2 years. They may still add it, but so far no commands or functionality has been added to do what is necessary to fix the exploit and make the script viable. Until then, the project is indefinitely on hold.
  8. phronk

    Make static vehicles drivable?

    <Insert typical attention-seeking "NO ONE APPRECIATES ME" complaints here> JK good stuff. 😉
  9. Have you tried Bob setVectorUp [0,0,0]; or Bob setVectorUp [0,0,1];
  10. The currently released version still uses the attachTo method, in combination with triggers. It is very unoptimized and may cause significant performance issues (FPS drops as large as 90 or more FPS lost in areas like Kavala on Altis). This will be fixed in the next update. With that said, the script currently does not support any houses that aren't from Stratis, Malden, or Altis. The next version may include some CUP and Tanoa house support. As far as when that new update is supposedly going to release, I'm still working on it but have run into an issue that may be related to the scheduler becoming overloaded and ultimately rendering [the mission] unplayable once it reaches that point; it's either a hidden bug somewhere in the code or I need to rewrite/restructure the code to further optimize it and make it more efficient (again). No release date, primarily because of this bug.
  11. Looks wicked. Finally another great terrain to look forward to!
  12. @AngusDLX Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see the post until now (4 months later lol). If BI ever adds the local mute/unmute commands to the game, I'll be able to finish this project and even make an addon alternative. Until then, it isn't worth using in your mission(s) due to it breaking with more (or less) than 2 players in the mission. I'm sure they'll add it -- it's on their in-house To Do List -- especially since they announced they'll be supporting Arma 3 for a couple more years, so who knows. I'll also be able to rewrite some of the code to improve optimization and make it easier to implement. Here's to hoping!