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  1. I'd just put the code right after you find the command in the script using createUnit, which spawns the civilian, that way it adds the eventHandler immediately after they spawn.
  2. Could also add an MP eventHandler to the civilians: _civ addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",{if(side _this#1==WEST)then{systemChat format["%1 has inflicted a civilian casualty!",_this#1]};}];
  3. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.93 Size: 44 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: Zeus Compatibility • Added: 'r_sCHName' global variable to 'CFG.sqf' • Added: 'r_sCHShort' global variable to 'CFG.sqf' ADJUSTMENTS: • Updated: AFAR Instructions Manual in map briefing • Updated: readMe.txt • Changed: Air channel checks for radio backpack, instead of variable/ItemRadio • Changed: r_RTO variable simply adds RTO backpack to player unit on connect • Tweaked: Scripts check for "ItemRadio" or RTO backback equipped • Tweaked: ArmA Radio briefing is visible in map briefing prior to mission start • Tweaked: ArmA Radio briefing also uses custom name for "Air Channel" if set • Tweaked: Air channel's name can be changed via 'r_sCHName' in 'CFG.sqf' • Tweaked: Air channel's text by player name can be changed via 'r_sCHName' in 'CFG.sqf' FIXES: • Fixed: Code only executed for channel you had selected, ignoring keybinds • Fixed: Missing ; and } in 'anim.sqf' (Radio Animation) • Fixed: Command channel sender didn't hear his radio squelch in • Fixed: Undefined variable 'ch9' script error, if Spectator template not used • Fixed: Script error in AFAR "Put" and "Take" eventHandlers • Fixed: Serialization script error on script init • Fixed: Channels stay off until respawn if you talk underwater without rebreather • Fixed: Typo in ArmA Radio briefing OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Replaced execVM with 'compileFinal(preprocessFile"")' • Optimized: Replaced '_dik' with _this in 'noCHS.sqf' • Optimized: 'noCHS.sqf' • Optimized: VON blocker code is called only when pressing the VON keybind • Optimized: Removed redundant code from VON blocker code • Optimized: Removed a redundant alive check in 'g_out.sqf' • Optimized: Removed some redundant publicVariables • Optimized: Removed redundant player==player check in script init REMOVALS: • Removed: "RTO" unitTrait variable • Removed: Removed global/publicVariables "ch#Name" • Removed: Unused placeholder code for terrain interference • Removed: 'noVON.sqf' KNOWN BUGS: • Mouse buttons not supported (LMB, MMB, and RMB) __________________________________________________________________________ Finally included Zeus compatibility and several fixes. You can now change "Air Channel" to whatever you want, as well as "(AIR)" text next to player's name when they talk in that channel. An important new change to note is that the RTO is no longer a unitTrait; if the player has a radio backpack from the Contact DLC equipped, they are basically an RTO with access to the "Air Channel" (Or whatever you may've renamed it to). I've tested it here and there with my group and another group has tested it, so far no issues reported. If you find a bug, report it to me. Thanks & enjoy!
  4. I think you're missing "AFAR\ui\titles.hpp" and possibly the "AFAR\ui\defines.hpp", make sure you have RscTitles defined in the Description.ext like the installation instructions show (Unless you get an error that RscTitles is already defined or any errors like that).
  5. There's still no saved-progression in Insurgency. Some day, maybe. 😉
  6. _liveTrucks = nearestObjects[ _this # 0, ["Truck_02_transport_base_F"], 25 ]select{alive _x}; ^ Selects alive trucks _truckDistances=[]; { _truckDistances pushBack (_x distance _this#0)}forEach _liveTrucks; _truckDistances sort true; _closestTruck=_truckDistances # 0; ^ Finds the closet truck & selects it
  7. Simply reference the object in that parameter also: playSound3D [_soundTOplay,(_this#0), false,(_this#0), 5, 1, 250];
  8. Those are really good ideas. Also had no idea about the nil thing, will try it tonight!
  9. Awesome, maybe the current version won't be so bad after all. Guess we'll find out on Thursday! The only issue I have with PF since its inception is that, regardless if the objects are simulated, disabled simulation, or simple/superSimple objects, the furniture spawns in bursts. There is also sometimes a delay of seeing the furniture pop-up and/or rotate. This only occurs on my dedicated server (Its more of a virtual server though). Singleplayer / local host works fine. Any ideas if its the scheduler due to too many objects spawning at once? Or just bad code?
  10. Ohhhhh well then, in that case I'll have to look into it. 😉
  11. I have no plans on supporting Global channel ever. The logged-in admin is the only one who has the channel (Cant disable, it's an Arma thing) and is outside the scope of AFAR. Optional Side channel support is now added to my To Do List; someone mentioned it'd help with map drawing.
  12. @pognivet The major lag spike and poorly sustained FPS is due to the attachTo command. My new code removes attachTo altogether, as well as other optimizations, which greatly improve FPS and stability. I will most likely never buy Global Mobilization and therefore won't have access to the buildings to make layouts for them, but Livonia buildings absolutely! Still creating more for Altis, Malden, and Tanoa. The new version I'm working on is still being developed -- mostly adding new layouts, optimizing where I can, and working on another feature. The current released version has since been completely rewritten and the work on it is ongoing.
  13. Should only take a few minutes to add that, I'll include it in the next update. Also started coding Zeus compatibility but it may not be included in the next update -- will need a lot of testing and probably rewrite it a couple times until it's efficient. Received more requests to include Side and Global channel support but I completely refuse to include support for the Global channel at all; if you're a logged-in admin, you get access to it automatically and I cannot disable it for the admin. Side channel likely won't be supported either, but someone proposed an idea to make it optional for certain roles (Such as in vehicles, leaders, RTO, etc.) which I might consider.
  14. I may look into how I can add Zeus compatibility but adding it in an efficient/optimized way is always a high priority for me. It's a low priority because I'm still adding other features and fixing bugs, but I thought of some interesting ways to auto-include it and auto-disable Zeus compatibility (basically auto-detect Zeus module). As far as including the Air channel in the CFG.sqf, its permissions value is currently sCH (Support Channel). Side and Global do not have variables because I keep them disabled. Unless you want to be able to change the actual name of Air Channel?
  15. Happy Independence Day! Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Download Link (Armaholic - OUTDATED) Version: 0.92 Size: 41 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: "PlayerViewChanged" missionEventHandler for unit switch compatibility ADJUSTMENTS: • Tweaked: Increased squelch volume from +7 db to +10 db • Tweaked: Radio squelch-out sound is played, if radio static present • Tweaked: 'r_CH' is defined in the AFAR init, instead of 'CFG.sqf' FIXES: • Fixed: 'c_out.sqf' was adding radio noise, instead of squelching out • Fixed: 'c_out.sqf' was referring to _x in remoteExec'd code, instead of 'r_p' • Fixed: 'c_out.sqf' had an undefined '_p' variable in an "else" scope • Fixed: Persistent radio static if forced into Direct channel while transmitting • Fixed: Persistent radio static if killed while transmitting • Fixed: Corrected a code syntax in 'g_in.sqf' • Fixed: Spectator & Air channel didn't properly reset upon death/respawn (Again) • Fixed: Pop-up radio is hidden when player releases talk key in Direct channel • Fixed: Undefined variable 'ch9' script error, if Spectator respawn template not used OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Shortened script name of 'useRadio.sqf' to 'ui.sqf' • Optimized: Removed displayEventHandler's global variable 'r_myRadio' • Optimized: Removed displayEventHandler's global variable 'blockVON' REMOVALS: • Removed: Some comments from 'AFAR\f\init.sqf' KNOWN BUGS: • Mouse buttons not supported (LMB, MMB, and RMB) • Not Zeus compatible __________________________________________________________________________ This small update hotfixes major issues related to the Command channel and a couple other bugs. I've also added a tiny piece of code which should make AFAR compatible with unit switching. I'm unable to test my scripts with other players because I've moved into an area that has horrible internet coverage, so if you find any bugs let me know and I'll try to work on a quick fix. Thanks and enjoy!