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  1. Thanks, fixed. I'm pretty sure I've fixed the bug where the radio would stop working when the r_up_ and r_dn_ global variables get stuck in the wrong true/false sequence. This would more commonly happen if switching channels while talking or dying while talking (as some examples), because the "dn.sqf" and "up.sqf" functions specifically check if the variable returns whether the player is talking or not. The fix was to incorporate another global variable that also stores the original channel you started talking in and the state. I haven't put in the time to code this into all aspects of AFAR but I'm pretty sure it'll largely, if not completely, fix the problem. We'll see. I'll try to release a test version sometime once it's a little more cleaned up. I appreciate the bug reports, too!
  2. phronk

    Starting player cant move

    @Solarcode red Make sure each player character has simulation enabled. My guess is they all have their simulation disabled. If not, make sure the mission wasn't made in the "Intro" phase of the mission, that was a problem for multiplayer missions I've made in the past.
  3. That's the way it is designed; The defined number of IEDs will spawn on random road segments within your defined marker(s). If you want the number of IEDs to be random, set iedNum to: iedNum = round random 5;
  4. I'm pretty sure I remember playing a clip from Escape from New York in-game on a large Image Texture object and it had positional audio. It has been a while but it was either using code from KillzoneKid or a function inside the game meant for the Apex or Contact DLC.
  5. Download Link (Google Drive) Version: 0.99a [OEF TEST VERISON] Size: 120 KB (No change-log for now, since it is still being updated) This is the current test version of AFAR that replaces most display EventHandlers with OnEachFrame StackedEventHandlers; this fixes a number of bugs and has actually improved performance rather than impacted it, at least in my tests, probably because it's 1 StackedEventHandler instead of potentially 8 displayEventHandlers firing everytime you press a key. There's also some quality of life changes/additions to make the script more intuitive. Zeus is still supported but it's only partial, cannot change channels in the Zeus interface yet. I don't have time to find people and schedule tests, nor do I care to do it anymore. Test this if you'd like and report any bugs you find, screenshots or videos are also very helpful. Must be tested with at least 1 other player or more. (The more the better) If no bug reports, enjoy!
  6. Started working on this a few months ago for my Addon-Free Arma 3 Zombie survival sandbox mission/framework that I'm working on; it's basically an extension of Phronk's Furniture to also spawn in semi-random loot using defined loot tables. Also (sorta) caches the loot spawned, at least until a player puts or takes an item from any of the loot WeaponHolders. Currently supports about 10 buildings, but will need to configure it to work on all furniture layouts (It's actually easy to integrate into the other houses, now that it's mostly done). Haven't decided if I'll make this feature exclusive to the zombie thing or if I'll include it in future PF update releases. Basically spawns a WeaponHolder_Single_F with a semi-random item on random furniture objects. Some objects have shelves, so the Z axis may also be randomized as well as X and Y within model space of object for random shelf placement. Dynamic Loot Spawning on Furniture:
  7. phronk


    To summarize, you cannot take legal action against someone for stealing your scripts or mission -- although, it's discouraged if they redistribute it, especially if they do not provide proper credits. If someone reposts your content on the Steam Workshop, you can report it and it might get taken down. Otherwise, welcome to the modding community any game lol. People will generally respect your work or not care enough to steal it. Worst case scenario, write bad unreadable code like me and you won't have that problem! 😄
  8. Could try adding a Killed eventHandler to the vehicle that executes _suicidal moveInDriver _vbied and disable's all the AI features (Except "ANIM"). You can also try making _suicidal an agent instead of a unit since they seem to not doGetOut when a vehicle is destroyed/killed, but agents do not execute commands precisely when you need them to. (Agents have a delay before execution as part of their optimization over units)
  9. phronk

    OPCOM - Operations Command (NEW UPDATE)

    Now that's a pretty UI 🤩
  10. I liked the haggler "scenes" the most, nice creativity JB
  11. Thanks, the script functions on the server only. There is no client-side code. I initialize it the way I do in an attempt to make it more user-friendly/easier to plug & play. The drawback in the current version (Although I haven't noticed a heavy enough impact to mitigate it yet) is like you said, furniture spawned in another town because players are technically known to you because the objects are global / spawned by server. This helps keep furniture layouts consistent for buildings that have multiple possible layouts. I haven't had enough players to test on a large-scale "open world" style mission to see the true impact of tons of simple objects being spawned at once all over the map, but if it is a noticeable impact, I could rethink making it client-side like Tinter's. (Although I really don't want to rewrite this project again)
  12. I'm a simple man. I see opteryx building screenshots & terrain teasers, I hit like.
  13. { _x forceWalk true; } forEach units player - [player];