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  1. @johnnyboy Thanks, so far I've optimized the script to run at a low of 30~ FPS in Kavala (on my PC), up from 4 FPS. I still have more to do though. @Ben@ArmsHttps://www.PayPal.me/Phronk Donations are a big motivator, but otherwise I don't require help; I also have a bunch of testers from Task Force Ronin (TFR).
  2. @Muecke Thanks, I'll try to create a separate mod version in the future, but I'm still focused on improving the code and expanding it. @Drongo69 I appreciate that, glad you're enjoying it. Just so everyone is aware, I tested my furniture script in Kavala in Altis with the newest version and it resulted in horrible FPS -- I dropped down to 4 FPS (Spawning 7305+ objects in 487 houses). This has encouraged me to begin totally rewriting how the furniture spawns for the absolute best performance. It runs fine in small-to-medium sized towns, but Kavala overwhelms the script. This will be "fixed" or at least improved in the next version.
  3. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.6 Size: 180 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: New furniture layout for Land_i_Addon_03_V1_F • Added: New furniture layout for Land_Slum_House01_F • Added: New furniture layout for Land_Slum_House02_F • Added: New furniture layout for Land_Slum_House03_F • Added: New furniture layout for Land_Shed_02_F • Added: New furniture layout for Land_House_Big_01_F • Added: New setting in 'CFG.sqf' to toggle "Optimization Mode" • Added: Playable unit to player's group in demo mission for MP testing ADJUSTMENTS: • Tweaked: Invisible helipads on each building have a "PF" variable set on them • Tweaked: Enabled simulation for invisible helipads on each building FIXES: • Fixed: Furniture wouldn't rotate on dedicated servers • Fixed: Only 2 of the 7 supported Tanoa houses would actually spawn furniture • Fixed: Invisible helipads not spawned by furniture script could get deleted • Fixed: Sofa objects were mixed up in Land_i_House_Small_02_V1_F • Fixed: Missing bucket object script error, in h1_4.sqf • Fixed: Tanoa furniture script h1_1 incorrectly defined _H variable • Fixed: Some floating furniture OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Reduced sleep delays to 0.2 seconds, down from 1 second • Optimized: Removed _blanket variable which selectRandom'd array KNOWN BUGS: • Bug free! __________________________________________________________________________ The feedback you guys have given is appreciated and more will come as a result of it, such as persistent furniture layouts. Enjoy!
  4. @Sparker The triggers are created on the server and are local to it -- they aren't global. I could use a scripted method, but this works well enough. I can also use inArea with it, which you can't do with a scripted method. I create markers on top of the triggers anyway (Mostly for debugging), but the triggers don't seem to harm anything. I heard that all triggers which loop (Repeatedly) run on a different thread and all run fine, whereas using tons of waitUntils starts to hinder the scheduling of scripts. @lordfrith Yeah, it was only a matter of time until people figured that part out. I might work on setting variables for all the helipads, but I would like to keep this as smooth as possible. No variable checking means it'll run faster because it's not checking for additional stuff mid-process, but the downside is potential inconveniences like the one you mentioned. I'll add it to my list of stuff to look into, but no promises I'll actually add a fix or workaround. @JohnKalo I'll answer each issue as they were brought up: Each house randomizes the furniture when the trigger is activated and the results are not cached, for performance reasons. I am working on a possible option to enable caching, though. This is a result of a recent optimization I added to the script; when the furniture is spawned, they are hidden globally. The furniture is revealed locally to players near the furniture and will not be rehidden once revealed. I will try to turn this into a toggleable feature. This is an Arma bug that BI needs to fix: setDir is not executing globally. The only way I can possibly fix this is if I remoteExec "setDir", but that'll be a lot slower than if BI just fixed it. It'll also be a little tedious to go back into every script and rewrite that part, which I might do, just to prove the point. This is part of answer #1. Performance is the #1 thing people piss and moan about with Arma 3 and it's partially because of ambitious/excessive scripts in the missions/mods. It's important to know how to compromise and make sacrifices for smoother performance. My script is already ambitious enough and a bit excessive as is. But, I'll try to address the issues you brought up, unless they hinder performance too much.
  5. MFW:
  6. I'll see what I can do.
  7. BI has since added more functionality to the enableEnvironment command which can now disable only animals/insects without removing the wind sounds: enableEnvironment [ FALSE, TRUE ];
  8. Yeah, _this select 0 should be _this instead. Thanks!
  9. In game Radio effect

    The transmitter cannot hear his own radio static. Only receivers can hear the static. The static is heard from the transmitter in the video for demonstration purposes.
  10. Thank you. The bug is now fixed in the next version, 0.6. I'll try to update the script this week before I ship my PC out.
  11. Script not working (2 Errors)

    I personally don't think this is the most efficient way to code this, but I'm not sure what other code you're working with so I won't question it or assert that I may know a better way. The code below may help guide you on how to get the code to work. Tip: _________________________________________________________ //Code "improvement" example: waitUntil { _Completed1; }; //Might result in "Error: Type bool, expected code" if (_Completed1) then { generator2 removeAction 0; hint _progress; sleep 10; hint _link; Captain_Wright sideChat _wright; _Completed2; }; if ( ( _Complated1 ) || ( _Completed2 ) ) then { Incoming_Transmission sideChat Transmission; Crossroads sideChat "TEST"; };
  12. I haven't used BIS_fnc_replaceWithSimpleObject on many objects in a multiplayer scenario, but I've had no noticeable issues with mission-placed objects using that command, even in dedicated server environments.
  13. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.5 Size: 160 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: Furniture layout for 6 unique Tanoa houses • Added: New furniture layout for Land_i_House_Small_02_V1_F • Added: New furniture layout for Land_i_Addon_02_V1_F • Added: New setting to blacklist specific locations, in the CFG.sqf • Added: New setting to blacklist specific building classnames, in the CFG.sqf • Added: New unhide function which unhides furniture within 150m of player • Added: Code now repositions/resizes some map specific locations (WIP) ADJUSTMENTS: • Tweaked: Increased furniture spawn chance setting to 75%, up from 50% • Tweaked: Added more furniture to a couple houses which still felt too empty • Tweaked: Slightly moved some furniture to be less intrusive in a couple houses • Tweaked: Wooden table in Land_i_Stone_HouseBig_V1_F is now larger • Tweaked: Replaced getPosATL with getPosASL in some instances FIXES: • Fixed: Blacklist markers system • Fixed: Fireplaces wouldn't despawn upon trigger deactivation • Fixed: Some triggers/markers which spawned in water didn't behave correctly OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Furniture is hidden globally after spawning • Optimized: Furniture is revealed to client when he is within 150m of furniture • Optimized: Replaced some forEach commands with count • Optimized: Renamed _tempH variable to _H, in spawn.sqf • Optimized: Renamed _house variable to _B, in spawn.sqf • Optimized: Renamed _house variable to _H, in furniture scripts • Optimized: Code no longer pointlessly checks for location types • Optimized: Removed useless _housePos variable from garage layout script REMOVALS: • Removed: Useless array of location types • Removed: Redundant _townType check / variable KNOWN BUGS: • Bug free! __________________________________________________________________________ Merry Christmas! Thanks and enjoy!
  14. Keep in mind that enableMimics needs to be remoteExeced to work for everyone. Otherwise, it'll only work on the machine that called the command. This is also true for playing synchronized animations.
  15. [this]call BIS_fnc_replaceWithSimpleObject;