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  1. Goggles, faces, and headgear are some things that get randomized on a lot of units because there's a script which runs everytime units are created to randomized them. To disable this, you can add disableRandomization[] in the description.ext: disableRandomization[]={"AllUnits"};
  2. phronk

    CTP Revisited....

    What I've discovered when doing my own version is that the sound actually only begins when the player enters about 500m radius of the sound. Even if it the code played the sound 20 minutes ago, if the player only reaches it then, it will begin (For him, locally) when he gets around that distance of the sound source. This is why I use temporary invisible helipads and delete them; if you kill/delete the object playing the sound, it ends globally. Also, your setDir issue may be a locality issue. If the code runs on all clients, then the setDir will multiply. If it runs only server side, it should fix it, you'll just have to remoteExec the animations and sound(s).
  3. phronk

    CTP Revisited....

    My workaround for the sound is to say3D it from an invisible helipad (or whatever) created on the minaret pos, then delete the sound when the sound ends (I sleep for the duration of the sound, but recommend adding an extra couple seconds just to be safe). Deleting the helipad playing the CTP will abruptly end the sound as well. The civs may be rotating because they want to move somewhere else, try adding disableAI"move" to each AI.
  4. phronk

    [RELEASE] Colored Hexes

    Never knew this could be done via script, nice work!
  5. @Pantom I haven't had that issue, but I'll look into it. If I confirm the bug exists, I'll include a fix in the next update. Thanks! @zukov The script no longer takes range into consideration, only overcast and rain. This is due to the limitation of being unable to locally mute or adjust volume levels for players via script/mod. The radio backpacks from Contact DLC allow you to be an RTO. Next update supports CUP radio backpacks also.
  6. Are you sure it's actually a .ogg file? If so, I don't know why you're getting that error.
  7. Is the "start.ogg" and "end.ogg" inside a folder called "sound", which is located in the mission's root folder? If the "sound" folder is in the "AFAR" folder, I'd recommend making the file path: "AFAR\sound\start.ogg" and "AFAR\sound\end.ogg"
  8. It should work, I don't really do much with the Vehicle channel. Its default behavior is so that anyone in the same vehicle can communicate via that channel. If you are in a car and someone else is in that car with you, you two should be able to speak in Vehicle channel and send/receive messages on that channel while in the same vehicle.
  9. I'd have to rewrite a lot of the code in all of my functions to remove the incapacitated voice blocking feature; you can still speak in Direct but it will block you in all other channels. No plans on removing it.
  10. phronk

    Spawn 700 units

    Has it always been 288? I don't recognize that limit at all lol (Not doubting it, its been a while) You could have more than 1 unit per group, but it'll really struggle going beyond 400 units. When you have hundreds of units taking cover, communicating with eachother, scanning for/engaging targets, moving in formation, etc. it really bogs the performance. Agents are basically braindead and limited with what you can do with them (They cannot engage targets with weapons).
  11. phronk

    Spawn 700 units

    Bill Gates' quantum CPU may set his mansion on fire trying this. How're you spawning units and why does it need to be 700? The most I've spawned was a little over 600 but they were agents, not units. You will not be able to effectively run hundreds of simulated units. This is for a few reasons: 1) Units require groups. Arma had a hard limit of 144 groups (Or is it 256?) 2) Units utilize more FSMs 3) Units process targets and generate stuff like KnowsAbout/TargetKnowledge 4) Units can fixate on targets and use weapons, agents can only lookAt / glanceAt 5) And more that I can't remember off the top of my head With that said, you may want to look into dynamic spawning mods/scripts like EOS, ALiVE, etc. otherwise your mission will literally freeze and crash everytime you try to spawn too many units. If you're doing a zombie or civilian thing, definitely go with agents instead of units for more freedom and better performance.
  12. Distance is no longer a factor because of Arma limitations with VOIP. When BI adds the commands necessary to allow me to simulate distance factoring better, I will add it back in. I rewrote the script to be based on time of day, overcast, and rain.
  13. There is no easy way to add your own radio channels without breaking my script or making it compatible because every radio channel is referenced in several functions. Some functions reference all current channels, such as the channel cycling functions for the radio UI. I may add a configurable radio backpack variable. My intention is to add automatic support with radio backpacks added by CUP and RHS also.
  14. @Jannings The answer is sort of included here in my AFAR FAQ post, but also the literal answer is on the scripting wiki page for creating custom radio channels: Currently, AFAR adds 4 custom radio channels (1 "Air Channel" per side and the "Spectator" channel). Early in the script's development I tried to figure out a way to add programmable radios and stuff like that, but I couldn't find a feasible way to do it, while still taking into account other playable sides. The next and final custom channel I may add is an "Allies" channel to allow Independent to communicate with Blufor or Opfor.