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  1. @AngusDLX Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see the post until now (4 months later lol). If BI ever adds the local mute/unmute commands to the game, I'll be able to finish this project and even make an addon alternative. Until then, it isn't worth using in your mission(s) due to it breaking with more (or less) than 2 players in the mission. I'm sure they'll add it -- it's on their in-house To Do List -- especially since they announced they'll be supporting Arma 3 for a couple more years, so who knows. I'll also be able to rewrite some of the code to improve optimization and make it easier to implement. Here's to hoping!
  2. Congrats! I also appreciate the credit for using my script. ;-)
  3. To add onto this post, an easier alternative is to have the unit do the following: _unit doWatch _obj; // (or _pos) //Sometimes this encourages the unit to doWatch _unit doFire _obj;
  4. Just a teaser of something in the works. Not finalized & not yet released. This is a script, not a mod. Does not require placement of triggers, setting of variables, or any of that shit. It is a plug & play script; just need to init the script at beginning of mission.
  5. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createSimpleObject/objects is your friend.
  6. I hate double-posting, but I may have fixed the bug -- only took 2 years! I apparently was stupid enough to set the "Presence Probability" for all playable units to 0% and false. It is an easy fix; open the mission in the editor and double-click each unit and set their presence to 100% and the condition to true. Then save/export to multiplayer and test. This should fix the seagul bug without needing to touch your server CFG or command line.
  7. @J.Lourens Adding -autoinit to the server's command line might be enough, but I recommend also including persistent=1; to the cfg just in case. It's a simple workaround. Persistent=1 in the Server.CFG lets the mission continue to run after it has been started, regardless if players are in the mission or not. Otherwise, the mission will end when there are 0 players in the server. -AutoInit in the server's command line tells the server to run the mission as soon as the server is up, without requiring players to join first.
  8. @J.Lourens @Tan Matos I apologize for the late reply, but I've never experienced that issue. The Arma 2 style colors is a simple color-correction post-process effect, it just changes the colors and shouldn't effect your performance at all -- especially in a way that'd be noticeable. I'll check to see if there are any potential issues with the injury script that might be causing it with the pain effects.
  9. Is this regarding spawned furniture? If you're referencing furniture that is already modeled into the building, it cannot be done with a script (Unless they are listed as hidden selections or animations that can be animated/hidden out, which to my knowledge no houses have that). If you're talking about hiding general terrainObjects, the kind that are listed as "HIDDEN", then you can make use of the BIS_fnc_inString command to find the objects with the proper classname, as a hint on how to get started with it.
  10. Too scary, 1/10. By the way, did you ever incorporate the default A3 animal sounds into your scripts/mods? There are several animal sounds for a bunch of animals (Crickets, flies, dogs, goats, birds, etc.) within the game that can be referenced without needing to add custom sound files. I think I PM'd you a while back about how to do it.
  11. It is because I use remoteExec on all clients instead of only those that are within range, like a moron. I'll fix the code and update the script eventually. I'm just caught up with other things at the moment.
  12. Just an update on the script -- I've removed it from Steam Workshop; the script is completely pointless and 95% of the people trying to use it cannot follow the instructions anyway. I will add it to Steam Workshop again if Bohemia Interactive adds the script command I requested over a year ago. Until then, the script is easily exploited in missions with more than 2 players. You can still download it via Google Drive if you really want to use it.
  13. Yeah I kinda stopped with the ACE compatibility (at least for now). It should work fine with ACE; it checks if the server/players have ACE running and won't run certain scripts if ACE is running. As far as VCOM, if you add the VCOM scripts, do not run the mod version -- VCOM will run twice (or more) if the mod AND script are both used.