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  1. I've been working on a similar AI script; Telling the AI to aim at the globe will make him watch it, then engage any immediate threats in LoS, then aim back at the globe.
  2. I don't think you can orient a unit's weapon Y/Z axis. Only the X. The only workaround I use is to attach an invisible sphere to the unit and have the unit doWatch it to achieve it. Figured this is what you might've been leading onto.
  3. It means he's on foot. If he's in a vehicle, it'll show a vehicle of that type.
  4. It's a game design thing; visual cue to help identify who is what and what they're doing at a quick glance of the UI. Also has visual indicators to show if they're in a vehicle, what vehicle, what kind of seat (cargo, driver gunner), as well as which behavior and engagement orders they have (color coded).
  5. @Dedmen Do they not? My understanding was that eventHandlers are constantly checking (looping) if the event (Fired, GetInMan, Explosion, etc.) is met, then checks condition for that event(s).
  6. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Download Link (Armaholic - OUTDATED) Version: 0.91 Size: 41 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: Reload eventHandler; workaround to fix the AFAR reload bug • Added: EventHandler which blocks NextChannel/PrevChannel keybinds • Added: Setting in 'CFG.sqf' which can block nextChannel/prevChannel keybinds • Added: 'out2.sqf' : Disables current channel before setting to another channel • Added: Code exits if speaking in Global, Side, or Spectator channel ADJUSTMENTS: • Tweaked: Enabled radio animation by default • Tweaked: Comments in 'AFAR\f\init.sqf' • Tweaked: Functions are initialized within a forEach, instead of count FIXES: • Fixed: Transmitting while reloading played radio animation & deleted magazine • Fixed: Pressing any key while transmitting would re-squelch radio • Fixed: 'r_p' variable wasn't properly reset after respawning • Fixed: Script errors & persistent static related to 's_in.sqf' • Fixed: Script error related to non-existent Spectator channel on init • Fixed: Spectator Channel wouldn't properly reset after respawning • Fixed: Direct Channel wouldn't properly reset after respawning • Fixed: Air Channel wouldn't properly reset after respawning • Fixed: Vehicle channel didn't have a squelch "in" sound • Fixed: Vehicle channel is no longer disabled by default in 'CFG.sqf' • Fixed: Wrong custom channel variables referenced • Fixed: Missing fragmented bracket in 'anim.sqf' • Fixed: Typo in 'g_in.sqf' OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Replaced keyDown/keyUp eventHandlers with 2 to handle all channels • Optimized: disableSerialization command added to 'opt.sqf' • Optimized: Removed some unneeded semicolons in short code blocks • Optimized: Air Channel references in 'prevCH.sqf' and 'nextCH.sqf' • Optimized: Removed unnecessary '_useState' variable/check in code init • Optimized: Removed redundant locality declaration for function global variables • Optimized: Incorporated more of the 'r_p' player variable throughout the scripts • Optimized: Air Channel only checks if pushToTalk keybind is being pressed • Optimized: _ch6, _ch7, _ch8 referenced in 'nextCH.sqf' switch structure • Optimized: Removed currentChannel check from each radio in/out function • Optimized: Removed redundant disableSerialization command from '3DLR.sqf' • Optimized: Removed redundant waitUntil code in called functions REMOVALS: • Replaced: inputAction command with actionKeys • Removed: KeyDown/KeyUp eventHandlers for each individual channel • Removed: Support for the "PushToTalkSide" keybinding • Removed: 0 and 1 from 'r_CH' in 'CFG.sqf' • Removed: Unused 'r_s' variable • Removed: CfgRemoteExec code from 'description.ext' to avoid confusion KNOWN BUGS: • Mouse buttons not supported (LMB, MMB, and RMB) • Not Zeus compatible • Major issues occur if player's original group is deleted (Dynamic Groups) __________________________________________________________________________ Sorry for the very broken 0.9 release, I wasn't able to thoroughly test it with another player. I received a lot of bug reports and fixed just about all of them in this update, including a few that've infested the script since I started the project. There may still be a couple other bugs, but as far as I am aware, it should be stable and bug-free for the most part, aside from the 3 listed above. If you discover any bugs or issues, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy!
  7. Doesn't work like a regular eventHandler which loops; this just executes when you call BIS_fnc_callScriptedEventHandler. It loops only if the 2nd parameter is one of the listed in-game scripted eventHandlers, such as "arsenalOpened" (Correct me if I'm wrong) This might help: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler -- Adding a scripted eventHandler https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_callScriptedEventHandler -- Calling a scripted eventHandler https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_removeScriptedEventHandler -- Removing a scripted eventHandler Example: (Doesn't loop) //Adds the eventHandler... code executes only when BIS_fnc_callScriptedEventHandler is called [true,"whatEverIWantThisToBeCalled",{if(!isAbleToBreathe player)then{hint"#ICANTBREATHE"}else{hintSilent"";};}]call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler; //This code will call the above eventHandler/code; if player underwater without a rebreather, hint will be displayed [true,"whatEverIWantThisToBeCalled",[player]]call BIS_fnc_callScriptedEventHandler; BIS_fnc_addEventHandler function code, found in Functions Viewer in-game:
  8. Sure, although I still haven't updated the script with the ol' global flash effect (if any player flashed, all get flashed). I think I have it fixed in my unreleased version though.
  9. Is the overland terrain model a single giant model? Or is it built in segments? That'll be my last question. Looks badass so far. Hope AI can pathfind okay overland and underground!
  10. Yep! As far as the Insurgency server, I still run it but usually it's locked because I use it to mainly test stuff I'm working on. I am working on a giant overhaul for Takistan Insurgency but it won't be ready for a while.
  11. My bad, thought private was like Google Drive which lets you still share the link.
  12. @madrussian @johnnyboy Here's a video to help demo what I was talking about. (Sorry for no audio, Windows 10 forced itself to update a useless f^cking patch which uninstalled some of my drivers and reset ALL of my goddamn settings and forgot to setup OBS properly again) If it's too difficult to understand what's going on because it's silent, I'll redo it with sound and commentate wtf is going on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPb55D7ci-k&feature=youtu.be (Can't embed video into post because it is listed as a "private" video)
  13. "Animated Pathing", as I like to call it, seems to have issues indoors in certain areas. A hacky workaround is to either setVelocity of unit or unit setPos(unit modelToWorld[0,1,0]). Rotation of units via setDir looks snappy, but alternatively can be done to disable the unit's target/autoTarget AI briefly and make him doWatch/doFire an invisible object placed in the offset of unit you want him to aim at, then re-enable the AI target features. Honestly, there's a lot of creative ways to go about it.
  14. AI units will not throw RGNs as flashbangs unless the eventHandler in CRS is added to them manually, which is a pain in the ass in the current released version. I'm actually working on making it easier and fixing the bugs with the script now.