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  1. phronk


    Round simply rounds the number up, whereas floor does the opposite.
  2. As long as CfgRemoteExec is not defined anywhere in the mission, it will work.
  3. @kibaBG If you are running a DLC like GM or SOG, it may be due to the "ItemRadio" being removed from the "r_RTOBP" or "r_radios" global variables. If you equip the DLC radio, it should work in that case. Weird oversight, I should probably just add the DLC radios in addition to the vanilla ones, instead of either or. Thanks for reporting.
  4. phronk

    Can't Play Arma 3 Mods

    Some servers only allow specific addons. Other, less configured servers, may allow all but are subject to errors due to possible mod conflicts. In your case, according to the last message of the error, you tried to join a server that does not allow certain mods. If you join a server through the Server Browser, it will prompt you on which mods can/cannot be loaded.
  5. I had removed the J x2 keybind due to people complaining it conflicted with the Diary keybind's (Apparently people use it) functionality, so the two ways to access your radio interface is either by switching to another radio channel (If "r_chOn" is false) or by double-clicking your equipped radio in your inventory.
  6. phronk

    2 questions about AI Radio !

    Radios really only effect whether they transmit over the radio or just in 3D space. With radios, they'll call contacts over the group radio or whatever channel necessary. If no radio, they'll just shout it out loud in Direct chat basically. AI will always be able to find their group mates and return to formation. You may want to write a script to make them leaveGroup if their distance from the nearest group mate is too far, and something to handle them rejoining once you're close enough again.
  7. @fubukiiwanami I'll put it on my to-do-list for the next version, which may end up being a hotfix version (such as v0.99b) before the long awaited and highly requested addon version, since I suspect there are still bugs that need to be fixed but require additional multiplayer testing.
  8. _ctrl ctrlCommit 5, instead of 0, will commit the control changes over 5 seconds. 0 is instant. Try setting it as 0 first, then adjust fade and ctrlCommit 5.
  9. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Version: 0.99 Size: 132 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: Global Mobilization DLC support for radio backpacks • Added: Mouse-buttons can now be used for PushToTalk keys • Added: Players can now cycle to Direct channel via keybinds/radio UI • Added: Respawning/exiting vehicles cache prior selected channel • Added: "r_ptt" global variable in "dn.sqf" and "up.sqf" • Added: _ch variable in "up.sqf" uses channel stored in r_ptt ADJUSTMENTS: • Changed: Radio interface is opened by double-clicking your equipped radio • Changed: Radio "in" functions call "r_out2" for better radio state handling • Tweaked: Increased volume of all AFAR sounds • Tweaked: Explanation on how to view the radio interface in the briefing FIXES: • Possibly Fixed: "out" related functions breaking • Possibly Fixed: RPT errors related to "dialogs.hpp" and "defines.hpp" files • Fixed: Displays other than 46 & 312 will pause AFAR eventHandlers until it exits • Fixed: Converted "r_f" global variable to an object variable, so deleteAt works • Fixed: Unnecessary quotation within string in "vOut.sqf" • Fixed: Missing semi-colons in "dialogs.hpp" • Fixed: Possible memory leaks related to non-private local variables • Fixed: Some functions may propagate local variables due to no arguments defined • Fixed: _p switch case return was out of scope in "out2.sqf" OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Much less "KeyDown" displayEventHandlers • Optimized: EventHandlers are no longer being deleted/recreated • Optimized: Channel cycling code has less code chunks per channel • Optimized: Replaced apply with forEach in "out.sqf" • Optimized: _p variable is now the return of switch case in "out2.sqf" REMOVALS: • Replaced: DisplayAddEventHandler code with BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler • Removed: "Diary" keybind no longer opens radio UI • Removed: "eh.sqf" script • Removed: "Z.sqf" script KNOWN BUGS: • High ping players, server, or desync can cause code delays __________________________________________________________________________ Rewrote code to use StackedEventHandlers using "OnEachFrame", instead of DisplayEventHandlers, which fixed a few bugs directly & indirectly. This also adds mouse-button support! Thanks & enjoy! PS: Happy Independence Day! 🗽
  10. phronk

    Dark room effect?

    You can try creating a lightweight loop (FSM based maybe) using the new insideBuilding command which returns when the player is in a building, instead of using triggers. There are some cases it returns false, such as in a building that is open like the slum shed buildings, but in my tests will correctly return true or false if in a building or on the roof/balcony. Also, in my experience, setAperture with colorCorrections and all that gets more complicated when you need to take into consideration different times of day, weather, moonphase, etc. since it may look bright in one setting, but extremely dark in another, and vice versa. Hopefully this gives you a better idea how to have it work automatically for you in any building.
  11. @fubukiiwanami Thanks for the feedback; Feel free to make whatever tweaks you want to make it more usable. The "d.sqf" script handles the distance checks when players use VOIP. (_this#0) = either 1 or 2. 1 is for group channel, 2 is for channels like side, command, and the custom "RTO" channel if I remember correctly. Maybe for the next version I can add parameters to adjust the radio ranges via the "CFG.sqf", thought I had already done it. Also, I believe the radio backpack is needed to increase your radio range -- stronger radio = longer range. (Refer to the scripts such as "S_in.sqf") @kibaBG Not yet, but that's a good idea, I'll add it to the next update since I own it anyway.
  12. I'm less active with Arma 3 nowadays, but I do still work on my missions and scripts here and there. The scope of AFAR is to enhance the vanilla radio channels, in addition to the 3 custom channels (1 for each faction), so I do not plan on coding any other features. "The plan" (if you want to call it that) is to fix as many bugs as possible, release a stable script version, and then release a stable addon version. If anyone has played with others using the version posted 2 posts prior, let me know if you encounter any bugs or not. If you do encounter issues, let me know what occurred and how (if you can).
  13. phronk

    Beautiful blastcore

    Personally I enjoy using Blastcore Murr Edition
  14. I've tried for years to get the skybox to have that effect. Now I'm really looking forward to this!
  15. I personally use lifeState isEqualTo "INCAPACITATED" (All string values it returns are in caps), could try to detect when someone enters that state via a damage eventHandler maybe. I wrote my own incapacitation script/system but manually sets the incapacitated to true on player. There's a lot of variables with the vanilla incapacitation/revive system to keep track of so just be aware of that.