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  1. Alex150201

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Please quit this stretcher argument and get back on topic guys. Thanks
  2. Alex150201

    ZSL Animations

    I just can't ever get enough poses it's unbelieveable! I'm loving the roadmap too here. Suggestion:
  3. Alex150201

    7Y Assets WW2 in Armaholic?

    Let's not jump to conclusions, for a really long time I couldn't get any mods from the steam workshop neither. I would subscribe but they would never download nor show up in the launcher so I was always forced to use other websites like armaholic for mods. If it wasn't on there I couldn't use it except if I could get ineptaphid to download it with steam and then send it to me through dropbox or something :P
  4. Alex150201

    Ruha terrain

    It is against the forum rules to ask for release dates/updates Thanks
  5. Sorry but asking for updates on the status of the mod is unfortunately prohibited :)
  6. Greek AH-64 Apache shot down in Malden Mods:
  7. Alex150201

    Project CTRG

    I really like the idea of PJs since they are usually neglected!
  8. 25th of March, Greek Indepedence Day, Malden Mods: RHS, NIArms AR/G3/M14, HAFM, Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures, Rismarck Poses, Altis Armed Forces
  9. Alex150201

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    I dont think it has I never got a notification to approve your post. It said it was hidden but there was no reason listed so I dont think any of us hid it on purpose. Maybe bug?
  10. Alex150201

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Yes and you are going to list it as "X WIP Mod"
  11. Alex150201

    Project CTRG

    I really like the idea of an expansion for the base game like this one!
  12. I'm here! I had unsubscribed to the thread so i wasn't getting notified. If @M. Glade hadn't mentioned me I wouldn't have seen this lol :D Sooo, what do you all need? :) EDIT: I just read my last comment, it read "I'll add you back when I get home" I am pretty sure I added him back on steam when I got home I don't know if you guys expected a reply that I added him no steam
  13. Alex150201

    US 75th Rangers

    My bad lmao. Yeah I was thinking of the MICH2000 my bad.