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  1. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately but here is one. SteamTank finished his work on our "Panzerhaubitze 2000", now it is ready for porting. I really hope you guys like it! :) Cheers
  2. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, small but important update! At this moment we're working on planes and armoured vehicles for our lovely empire. Now most of you will probably remember the "K-75 Heavy Tank Model" also known as the "Löwe". The same model will be used to create an heavy SPG based on the "Panzerhaubitze 2000". :) Another mayor update in our project are all the planes that will come with it over time. At this moment "Venom800TT" is working on 3 main plane models for us. 1 Stealth Fighter Jet, 1 VTOL Transport plane with an stealth design and some normal (carrier based) fighters. (Yes we will have carriers! :D) Pictures will follow soon! ;) Cheers
  3. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    True, read the story and you will find out how it happend! :p By the way, small update; the story has been updated again. :) Cheers
  4. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately! Just wanted to know that we are still working on this mod. We've have been quite busy for the last couple of weeks but you can expect some cool updates soon! :) @kbbw123 Thanks man! We really apriciate it, I hope we can keep making you happy. haha :) Help is always welcome. True, we didn't say anything about choppers yet. That's because we wanna keep some aspects of our mod a secret. So far we have been quite good at it and we do this to make the mod even better once we release it. Though we do have choppers in our mod! :) That's something I can promise. The Prussian Empire replaced the Tiger with an even better design, our chopper will spread more fear than the Tiger can. We are working at our Naval force as well. At this moment there are 2 carriers types our empire will use. I haven't announced them yet but they will be part of the mod. Screenshots will follow soon! The submarine will most likely come first and later on other ships will follow. :) About the Assault Rifle, that's true but at this moment we have filled up most items which were missing at first. We do appreciate your idea though! Thanks you very much for contributing your ideas to our mod!
  5. Hey, sorry for my late reply. @buhere Yes, you should do it that way. Or use a config and then turn it into a retexture (mod). @diesel tech jc Thanks man! I'm not sure, I've worked on it in the past but I don't have the time to make one right now. Though there might be one available already. :) Cheers
  6. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately! So here is some W.I.P. stuff. We've been working on armored trucks and especially our own Ballistic missile truck. We're proud to present to you, our truck! More stuff and information will follow soon! ;) (We're also working on a Radar and troop transport version.) Cheers
  7. DreamRebel

    Pandur import from A2

    Sounds good, good luck mate! ;) I believe in you.
  8. DreamRebel


    Nice work mate, it looks very good! I love it. :p
  9. DreamRebel

    EF-2000 Version 7x

    It looks great Pookie! Congratz with the release. :)
  10. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, It's time for yet another small update! The last few days a lot has happened, though I can't share everything yet. (Positive things) But as always more news about this will follow soon. Still there is some exciting news which I can share. First I want to announce 3 new team members: [1] Terramesa [2] Trooper A. [3] Xorpane Of course we're very happy with our new team members and I'm sure our mod will only become better and better this way! :) Terramesa will mainly focus on textures. Trooper A. is a modeller and will do most of our model work and editing. Xorpane is our (vehicle/equipment) config expert and will mainly focus on the config part. Last time I couldn't share W.I.P. pictures yet with you guys. But, today I will! I present to you 3 new models which have been announced before but now with pictures. Enjoy! Cheers! ;)
  11. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    @john1 I can't guarantee you the AS-350 but we are looking at our options. And we might introduce a new helicopter if needed.
  12. Hey guys, The Prussian Empire mod gets bigger and bigger every day. Though at this moment we've reached the maximum amount of work we can currently handle with our team. Our main team works on more mods than just the Prussian Empire mod. So, now we're searching for 2 additional developers willing to join our team. What do we need? We need a modeller and someone experienced with setting up model/vehicle/object configs. Why? At this moment we can do some modelling ourself. For example we currently have 5 other modellers who have been kind enough to create models for us to use. Though most of these models are ready, they aren't game ready yet. (16 new models total) What do I mean with not game ready? This means that the models are still high poly models and need to be reduced to low poly models in order to make them work in game. Otherwise we can't convert them to an .p3d format. Now we also need someone to do the config part. Our team has limited experience with configs for new models and setting up animations. So we need help with this. Without additional help we can't guarantee the first models will be in game this year. For extra information about our mod, click here. Click here to see some of our WIP pictures. If you're interested you can contact me directly. (Send PM) Best regards, Jeremy | DreamRebel [Projec tlead] Prussian Empire Mod Team
  13. DreamRebel

    Fantasy Air Allegro 2000

    Nice to see you working on this bird too! I like it. :)
  14. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, thanks for your messages! :) @flv*venom* We appreciate it that you take your time to write us. Haha That's great to hear and we hope that you're still amazed by our work. All models will be used at some point and the amount only grows. It went from 8 new models to 12 already. (5 tanks, 1 AFV, 1 plane, 1 submarine, 2 snipers, 1 heavy machine gun, 1 assault rifle) To answer your question, yes. All vehicle's will be included but probably not in beta or alpha versions. We need more people to speed up the model work. We try to create a healthy and fresh mix by modern units and older Prussian units. So far we think that we did a pretty good job. It's is true that some points in our story might be a bit strange. Though the story is still W.I.P. and keeps changing if needed. In fact today the newest story version has been released. About the Dutch region, the story itself states the following: "February 14, 2024 | The official language in the Germanic Empire is now German. Except for the Dutch region, the official language in this region stays Dutch followed by French and German.". This means that in the Dutch region the official language will remain Dutch. Thank you very much for your feedback and comment, we appreciate a lot! :)
  15. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, As promised another small but important update! First of all the Prussian Empire Mod Team keeps on growing. :) Also it might be interesting to know that our team isn't just working on this mod, but in fact on many others as well. :) Our ultimate goal is to create are own ArmA-Verse. So far a few other modders already asked if they may join us and hook on to our story. I'm more than happy to announce that the "Capraian Armed Forces" mod has been accepted as a third party or sub mod. Our team fully supports Yevgeni89 in his work and we try to help wherever we can. Don't forget to check out the "Italian Division Project" which is also part of our ArmA-verse. Thumbs up for Pinaz93 and his amazing work! Do you think your mod fits our storyline? Then just send us a message! Now some more news about the Prussian Empire. Let's start with some exciting news first. 4 new additional models made by Tim "SteamTank" Aletdinov will be used for our mod. Even though the models itself are ready, they aren't game ready yet and this will take some time. We currently don't have the manpower and skill to reduce the triangle amount in a proper way. Therefor everything related to new models will take much longer then our regular stuff. Pictures will follow later but what I can tell you already is this: 3 new rifles, 1 new tank. (Sniper rifle [Anti material], Designated marksman rifle, Heavy machine-gun, Heavy tank [180 mm cannon]) We are still looking for someone to help us with the animations/configs. if you're interested, send us a message! Now let's end with some fresh pictures. Lately we have been working on Officers and so far this is the result. Cheers