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  1. Keep up the good work! It sure looks promising, models seem well made.
  2. If I’m not mistaken, you need to have a value of a few hundred to make the armor value comparable to a tank
  3. Agree, in order to simplify and to avoid clutter in your config, I would seriously consider to standardize parts. You can make that weapon classnames 1/4 of that easily. Reduces the file size as well, additionally you have less chances for mistakes due to grammar errors. And it makes it easier to find classnames within your config in general. Just a tip 😛
  4. Updates sounds great man, keep up the good work! Absolutely love this map 😁👍🏼
  5. DreamRebel

    Squad leader Roles

    Don’t know if there is, but when making a new class you can add this via a config
  6. Not really sure, but had some problems with my config as well lately. Are you using CUP weapons by chance?
  7. In case you're using a config, then it's easiest to make a new class. Then you're able to increase the armour count, as well as individual units. For example, the turret.
  8. DreamRebel

    Request for retexture

    what kind of retexture and what unit / uniform?
  9. You'll have to crate a new weapon class or use one that already exists. In case you create a new one, then first make the ammo, followed by the magazine that use that specific ammo type. Lastly for the IFV as mentioned I believe you can script it by referring to the "MainTurret". Have you done this before?
  10. DreamRebel

    Community Texture Templates.

    Sure things man, no worries. Will send you a private message :)
  11. DreamRebel

    Community Texture Templates.

    RPG-42 has been done by me in the past. Not sure about the other ones but the CUP dev templates (https://gitlab.com/CUP_Public/cup-public-repo) might contain some.
  12. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately but here is one. SteamTank finished his work on our "Panzerhaubitze 2000", now it is ready for porting. I really hope you guys like it! :) Cheers
  13. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, small but important update! At this moment we're working on planes and armoured vehicles for our lovely empire. Now most of you will probably remember the "K-75 Heavy Tank Model" also known as the "Löwe". The same model will be used to create an heavy SPG based on the "Panzerhaubitze 2000". :) Another mayor update in our project are all the planes that will come with it over time. At this moment "Venom800TT" is working on 3 main plane models for us. 1 Stealth Fighter Jet, 1 VTOL Transport plane with an stealth design and some normal (carrier based) fighters. (Yes we will have carriers! :D) Pictures will follow soon! ;) Cheers
  14. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    True, read the story and you will find out how it happend! :p By the way, small update; the story has been updated again. :) Cheers
  15. DreamRebel

    Prussian Empire Mod

    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately! Just wanted to know that we are still working on this mod. We've have been quite busy for the last couple of weeks but you can expect some cool updates soon! :) @kbbw123 Thanks man! We really apriciate it, I hope we can keep making you happy. haha :) Help is always welcome. True, we didn't say anything about choppers yet. That's because we wanna keep some aspects of our mod a secret. So far we have been quite good at it and we do this to make the mod even better once we release it. Though we do have choppers in our mod! :) That's something I can promise. The Prussian Empire replaced the Tiger with an even better design, our chopper will spread more fear than the Tiger can. We are working at our Naval force as well. At this moment there are 2 carriers types our empire will use. I haven't announced them yet but they will be part of the mod. Screenshots will follow soon! The submarine will most likely come first and later on other ships will follow. :) About the Assault Rifle, that's true but at this moment we have filled up most items which were missing at first. We do appreciate your idea though! Thanks you very much for contributing your ideas to our mod!