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  1. accuracythruvolume

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    The behavior that I am seeing from this script is that sometimes the damaged units go into the revive state and other times they die. They can also be killed while unconscious. Perhaps they are set to invulnerable locally and not everywhere?
  2. I plan to use this in my "monster survival course" mission I'm building. Looking forward to the updates. You do good work!
  3. This script is really nice! My only suggestion is could you add an option to load just BIS items, Load BIS items plus mods (basically your default), and load just mod items no BIS ones
  4. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/958604536938645051/4DDD2EB862B0C4F619FB6044BCBE3579F8F49348/ Just an example 7erra that the calculations tended to get a little wonky, in case you haven't seen this behaviour before....
  5. Yeah occasionally I've seen on dedicated where the arsenalshop starts to read the players as having no money. Must be that variable linkage.
  6. There's s Huuuuge bug in the system where is if you switch between a gun and empty (no gun), it keeps adding the negative cost of the weapon. Go back and forth a bunch and players can make cash rain from nowhere
  7. ??? config line 5: TER_moneyVariable = "Rename to your variable here"; // name of the money variable Done and done....
  8. It's a variable that gets set on players to track their cash. I renamed it in my mission to a type I was using for other stores so they are all tied together and it worked without any issue. You should be able to rename it whatever the mission uses to track player money.
  9. Perhaps you can limit people who would cheat access to everything by making anything without a defined prices to be like 100,000 by default. Therefore if they cheat their way to an open arsenal, they still won't be able to buy stuff they shouldn't?
  10. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27021 Allows access to the Virtual Arsenal anywhere at any time.
  11. fyi personal arsenal still lets you bypass this system, as everything not defined is free and available. I use a script to kill the player if they use PA, so it can be dealt with.....
  12. This is good! I noticed on the previous version if a player used Personal Arsenal, by default everything not defined was there for free.
  13. Changelog in OP still stops at 1.2
  14. 7erra, Is there a way to disable the loading of saved loadouts with this script? That way peeps can't hack in stuff. In other words, does this overwrite any arsenal that a player may access? (like with personal arsenal)