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  1. accuracythruvolume

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Lambs can be run by the server without it being a pre-designated dependency. In our unit's testing VCOM crashes a dedicated server after 90 minutes or so but never had a problem with lambs.
  2. accuracythruvolume

    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    EO, This is the terrain that we discussed awhile back that uses your Sullen Skies config as its base. Should help provide the grim mood.
  3. Mega City 3* * All your frames are belong to me. After doing some faction mods I decided to learn how to make a terrain for the armaverse. But what kind of terrain to make? We've already got plenty of deserts, jungles, forests, etc... Hmmm what is something that that arma does not have much of...... 💡 Urban combat. Plenty of vast expanses out there, but not a lot of really big cities. So I decided to try for a big city... a... mega city 🌇 Therefore this project was started. Based off a certain comic you may have heard of, the goal of this terrain is to bring a focus on urban combat. Will the arma engine be able to handle a large urban terrain without chugging into a slideshow? Let's find out!! This project is in the early WIP stage. This thread will serve to show off it's features as they are added. Planned terrain features: * The Mega City (duh) A roughly 8x8km urban area. ... sooo your doing a 8x8 terrain that is one big city? Nope! Well yes, but no. The terrain is actually 20x20km and also will feature other urban combat areas: * A old destroyed city remnants * A large shanty town colony * A 3.1 km long runway. Now you'll be able to land even the largest bird with ease! * Various smaller points of interest around the map Terrain outside of the Mega City is still in flux. The terrain of the city itself is largely flat. In order to reinforce the planned nature of the city, it is divided into sectors that are split by a freeway grid system. What lurks inside the walls of the Mega City? Here's a sat capture of the Mega city area to show the freeway layout. Yes, those gridlines are in square kilometers. At the bottom of the above image is the airfield, showing the large runways. This is also a call to arms for any building makers out there. Anyone that would like to make some big blocky concrete structures, please hit me up. We'll see where this goes!
  4. accuracythruvolume

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Good update AMF team. Looking forward to the future content you peeps have in the pipeline. Appreciate all the work!
  5. accuracythruvolume

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    I have this script integrated into my Kujari PMC Ops mission: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1935519763
  6. accuracythruvolume

    Military Aviation

    These planes are really nice! Adds a great variety of aircraft and these older models would likely not get attention otherwise. Looking forward to that F-4 on the list. Thanks DSabre for your hours of hard work on this
  7. accuracythruvolume

    [Release] Grid Caching System - GCS

    No worries. Looks like something that will be very useful.
  8. Are there script commands that can do those kinds of changes on the fly? Hmmm....
  9. accuracythruvolume

    [Release] Grid Caching System - GCS

    Some questions on the caching: Do the units retain their damage states? i.e. vanilla or ACE wounds, vehicle component damage (broken glass, popped tires), etc. Do the units retain their stance? prone, kneeling, whatever. Do the units retain their orders? Patrolling, condition red, etc. Do the units freeze when cached or to they virtually still move, like ALIVE does? Do the units retain a custom disableAI / enableAI scripting commands? For instance, if I make a unit and do a disableAI "PATH", will that persist between being cached and uncached? Can cached units still receive commands via script? Say a I have the variable for the group of a cached unit, and I script a command for them to move to another location. Is this possible?
  10. It's not working because Antistasi missions use a custom "JeroenArsenal" set of scripts that overwrite the default VA behaviour. You might have better luck finding where the save game information is and tweak that file itself.
  11. accuracythruvolume

    Dedicated Server Paradrop Help

    I can't remember who is the originator of this script but I have used it on many dedi missions without issue. I had to tweak it a bit but it works like a charm. // add to init line of object to be used for HALO // this addAction["Halo Insertion", "Scripts\HaloJump.sqf"]; //below should be in it's own sqf file HaloJump.sqf _unit = _this select 1; hint "Click on map to perform a Halo Insertion"; openMap true; clicked = 0; onMapSingleClick "player setpos [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 2000]; clicked = 1; openMap false;; openmap false;onMapSingleClick ''; true;"; waitUntil {clicked == 1}; _backpackItems = backpackItems _unit; {_unit removeItemFromBackpack _x} forEach _backpackItems; _currentBackpack = backpack _unit; removeBackpack _unit; _unit addBackpack "B_Parachute"; _txt = format["%1 is jumping into the fray.",_unit]; _txt remoteExec ["systemChat"]; waitUntil {(isTouchingGround _unit)}; if (isNil _currentBackpack) then { // These three lines check to see if the unit had a backpack or not at the beginning of the jump removeBackpack _unit; // If they had a backpack it is restored in the code below these 3 lines }; // If they had no backpack then these 3 lines remove the parachute so you are back to no backpack removeBackpack _unit; _unit addBackpack _currentBackpack; _newBackpackItems = backpackItems _unit; {_unit removeItemFromBackpack _x} forEach _newBackpackItems; {_unit addItemToBackpack _x} forEach _backpackItems; sleep 2; { if (!isPlayer _x) then { _x setPos (getPos _unit); }; } forEach units group _unit;
  12. Hello EO. I've started learning how to my a terrain myself and have happened to use your sullen skies for malden as a starting point. It will fit in nicely with the dystopian theme that I am going for. Hopefully you have no issue with such a thing. You will be in the credits of course. I'm still reading through the file and learning what means what. Thanks for making these changes to the clouds, it really affects the mood of the maps! --ATV
  13. You are going to experience massive lag with such a huge list every time the shop opens. As far as your error... Comment out half of the list and see if the error happens. If not then uncomment half the list again until you find where the error is probably some kind of typo like a missing comma somewhere or even a quote mark.
  14. accuracythruvolume

    O2A Skymaster and Cessna 337

    Thanks for another great vehicle pook! Always a fan of light attack craft. 👍