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    • Hey dude, mostly good news, I cracked the code! todd sideRadio "SentClearDefault"; If you open the config in the debug console and scroll down to RadioProtocolENG and expand it, you will then see the "words" that work sideRadio, groupRadio, vehicleRadio, etc. Some sounds only have one version, some have more than one version.  So the example above "SentClearDefault" has two versions of the sound:  "Clear" and "Area Clear", of which the command above will pick one randomly to play.  I don't know how to get sideRadio to choose just "Area Clear". Below is  a screenshot of this part of config open in console.  When you use the radio commands you get the radio squelch at beginning and end of sound file.  The config is pretty easy to browse, and find other sounds you might want.  I wish I had known this years ago!  🙂
    • start the engine and try it then and u need the needed equipment like Sniper pod etc
    • currently uploading, when finished it will be available here

    • sorry I keep finding interseting things with dead links    anyone have [MIS] Peshmerga Women      
    • @firewill Hey, thanks for this great work!   I have a question:  - - - v3.597a - - -    I cant open the I - TGT System, i dont see it at the scroll panel, (look picture, I TGT didnt show up) https://ibb.co/DpyGmfV also i changed controll settings to open I - TGT, but this also dont work for me.   Do you know why i cant Open I - TGT? i can change mod settings but still I - TGT dont show up. Thanks for your help and work!   ( i try it in diffrent jets and target pods also )   I watched all the youtube videos to I Tgt also but didnt fix the problem   i can open this here, (look Picture) but thats not I TGT. https://ibb.co/fHdw3TL ( i use the "ctab" mod, is this maybe a problem?) * Edit: i delete the ctab mod, still cant open I TGT.    ** Edit2: i try all this in zeus mode, does this matter?   ***Edit3; FORGET about all, i try it in eden Editor and all worked. Lol. sorry. I usually make a scenario and play then as zeus. But looks like I-TGT dont work with Zeus right?