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    • Modders are the only thing that keep Arma alive, so i have no doubt that as long as Arma attracts skilled,devoted people Arma 4 will be a awesomely modded game. Even tho genesis complained that a lot of the deeper aspects of the game is locked away which hampers the true abillity for modders to take the game to that next level. But at least it still benefits from the devs wanted the game to be modded.
      And CDLC  has been a bit of a hit and miss kinda thing. GM was alright, SOG was great, CSLA was disaster. But the overall concept of CDLC interesting.
    • those opx buildings are gems. love to see a terrain making good use of them. cant wait to build missions on this map 🙂
    • me too they've not moved for 6 day's.What's the point of doing them.Needs fixing fast.
    • Western Sahara v1.1   New Content
      Missions Added: Alchemist (multiplayer game mode and singleplayer showcase) Vehicles Added: UAV (IED) Added: MSE-3 Marid (Unarmed / HMG) Added: BTR-T Iskatel Weapons and Attachments Added: AA40 12G Added: GLX 40 mm Added: SA-77 7.62 mm Added: SA-77 Compact 7.62 mm Added: Velko R5 5.56 mm Added: Velko R5 GL 5.56 mm Added: Galat ARM 7.62 mm (Old) Added: SLR 7.62 mm (Jungle) Added: Mk18 ABR 7.62 mm (Snake) Added: RDS (Low / High optics) Added: Saber Light (Flashlight / IR) Added: Stubby Sound Suppressor Added: Camo variants for the RCO, ARCO, Mk17 Holosight, and IR Laser Pointer Added: Ammo type - 40mm Pellet Grenade Clothing Added: CTRG Plate Carrier Rig variant Added: CTRG Stealth/Combat Uniform (Desert) Added: Deserter Clothes (Desert) Added: Light Combat Fatigues (Hex) Added: Cap (ION, Headphones) Added: Ballistic Mask (Turban) Ambient and Scenery Added: Dromedary (Saddle) animal variant Added: Desert Tent Added: Desert Tent (Floor) Added: Saddle scenery object Added: Pottery scenery objects Added: Various new details to the Sefrou-Ramal terrain Added: All rifle types are now compatible with the AP-5 Bustard / Roshanak gun drone Added: New and improved idle animations for the dromedary Added: New "riding on dromedary" static animations for sceenshot makers Added: New music tracks   Content Changes Data Added: Various soldier classes with new weapons and equipment Added: Galat and Velko rifles can now use the accessory / pointer attachment slot Added: "Extraction" scenario color correction effect to the post-processing template module in 3den (named "Sefrawi Desert") Added: CBA Joint Rails mod compatibility Fixed: Zu23 turret gunner hands are now holding and moving with the cranks Fixed: WS Zamak variants would switch to the lowest LOD too soon Fixed: The drone operations center CSAT emblem had the wrong rotation Fixed: Velko R4, Ballistic Mask and Portable Shield TI/thermal texture issues Fixed: Dark shade on the PMC (Peace) uniform texture Fixed: The watch on the Contractor Outfit (Black) couldn't be retextured Fixed: "50 Feet" changed to "15 Meters" on the UNA fuel truck Fixed: AP-5 Bustard / Roshanak now has appropriate VIV bounding boxes Fixed: The NATO (Desert) A-164 Wipeout was not available in Zeus game mode Tweaked: Ballistic Mask armor values slightly reduced Tweaked: Rear view camera on AMV-7 variants adjusted to the vanilla vehicle (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T164530) Tweaked: Raven vest (Black / Olive) fits better to vanilla uniforms now Extraction Added: New CDLC weapons and assets Added: Civ population and vehicles into new villages Added: Advanced hint for how to demine the minefield Added: Team Regroup function in singleplayer (use campfire) Added: New soldier classes into randomized pool (SFIA, UNA) Added: New Marid (HMG) into randomized vehicle pool Added: 3D UI marker for soldier recruitment in singleplayer Added: Repair vehicle depot in singleplayer mode Added: Skip specific mission task as Server parameter (Alternative to a save system in MP). Intel loot progress is set according to the skipped tasks Fixed: Music Event Handler script error message Fixed: "All players have to return to base"-Notification only showed up for the host Fixed: Completing the sniper side-task would lock up the dialog mode until the delayed voice line plays Tweaked: Singleplayer difficulty / AI team survivability Tweaked: Some vehicle spawn positions Tweaked: During the first mission, APCs won't spawn in the AO anymore Last Stand Added: New CDLC weapons to randomized weapon pool Added: New Marid (HMG) to enemy wave pool
    • Language : Chinese 1.当在弹药补给点打开弹药箱时,关于“附近物品”的bug:如果打开弹药箱,在"附近物品"菜单下点击右上角的叉号返回弹药箱的上级,我需要按两下esc才能退出物品界面而不是一下。