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    • 2.16.152001 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v14, server and client, windows 64-bit, linux server 64-bit  - Fixed: format script command incorrectly handling missing arguments, now it throws an error (but also handles it correctly)  - Fixed: Missing simulWeather script commands on Dedicated Servers   Note: It's known that opening Zeus modules throws a script error; this will have to stay until the 2.18 release. The modules still work and the specific error can be ignored. Also please still stay on the lookout for Enum errors.   If you don't want to use the Steam branch, the files are also available for alternative download here:
      https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15p9j7C2nHUt6NoVfChX4YFuqzFXzblJh Note: There are separate Dll files that also need to be placed into Game folder.
    • Roxie, you and I both know that reporting these players does _NOTHING_.   There is a team that all has the name "SKULL_(name)".  I have reported all of them multiple times for cheating.  I have friends who have reported them all multiple times for cheating.   I just had to fight one of them in an encounter.  Singles.  No teams.  I had 3 of them all chasing me around a barn.  In singles.   I'm not asking for the ability to ban them from the game. I'm asking for the ability to ban ME from THEIR games.  That should be easy for you to give us.
    • Hello folks   I'm running into an odd issue I first noticed while trying to skip time as zeus   13:20:59 Error in expression <cAttributeSkiptime_; _fnc_scriptName = 'RscAttributeSkiptime';#line 1 "A3\ui_f_c> 13:20:59 Error position: <RscAttributeSkiptime';#line 1 "A3\ui_f_c> 13:20:59 Error Missing ; 13:20:59 Error in expression <cAttributeSkiptime_; _fnc_scriptName = 'RscAttributeSkiptime';#line 1 "A3\ui_f_c> 13:20:59 Error position: <RscAttributeSkiptime';#line 1 "A3\ui_f_c> 13:20:59 Error Missing ;   I have a mission with a single player SL and a zeus module with #adminLogged as it's owner, I try to use the skipTime module and I see this error and I cannot figure out what I do to fix it, if anything...   Any help is greatly appreciated!         Not sure if related but using 3den enhanced and ZEN this issue seems to go away, maybe i got mixed up in what is default and what isn't?
    • After throwing like 3+ handgrandes quickly my inventory system does no longer work. Is this meant to be some sort of spamming grenades protection? 
      If so please give me a notice and give me back controls after like 5+ seconds or so. I needed to respawn untill it was fixed. 
    • @Janez filters are no solution to any problem. Measures against missbehaviour are ending very quickly. I am asking for a new mechanic taking the fun out of trolling. 

      What takes the fun out of stealing is being arrested.
      What takes the fun out of abusing mechanics is to change mechanics or being banned completely. 

      Dirty lundry only gets clean after some actions. Devs want to know if there are game breaking problems.