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    • Thankyou for the in-depth reply this will definitely help me get started!
    • Hello there,   I am relatively new to modding in Arma 3 and I'm having some trouble with scripting. I'm trying to create a mission where players need to find and secure a specific item within a town. I've managed to place the item and set up the basic triggers, but I'm struggling with the scripting part to make it all come together.   I need a script that triggers when the player picks up the item, marking the objective as completed.   I want a marker on the map that updates its position to the location of the item once it's picked up.   Once the item is secured, I want the mission to end and display a completion message.   I have searched through the documentation and forums but haven't been able to find exactly what I need.
      Any help or pointers to relevant resources would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you in advance for your assistance.
    • Thats a good point,about binocs etc. I remember a community video dyslexci put out once,mentioning the zoom,and he said,in Arma3 your "natural vision" is whats actually zoomed in though(minus the FOV ofcourse).   I think your not accounting however for helo gameplay,pilots need to have an ability to peek forward and spot ground targets,which without a zoom of some sort,is impossible.   Perhaps a version of the mod where its half weapon zoom,and half look zoom? Good middle ground and probably (i did anyway) what people would expect when first reading the description,definetly i think people dont expect a zoom feature to be removed. I personally got the mod because i wanted to see more of the weapon model when firing,i didnt like being couped up so tight towards the end of the barrel.
    • I have proof of this issue on dedicated server during few hours of work when start to use C-Ram guns by AI,on every burst it spawn even 100 of drone_explosive detonations and those objects are deleted after that, dedicated have 50 FPS but scripts are so lagged that for ansver on action takes few seconds, so it is only question of growing empty reserved space after deleted objects in memory, and after this time all go to lagging like after this described method -> many spawned objects = memory overloaded by those spawned objects (even they are deleted already) -> lag is unstopable without restart of mission in this case. So don't talk bull shits that everything is ok beacouse is not from probably begining of A3. Everyone can do this experiment and have prooof of bugged code of A3 on very deep level - just say  (nobody from those who can repair or understand this part of code not work in BI anymore instead - Cannot reproduce the performance degradation. Even after 50000 runs. )