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    • Refilling jerry cans at CUP fuel stations (i tried the one with classname "Land_A_FuelStation_Feed") on Chernarus Redux throws error that _value and _fuelsource is not defined and the jerry can disappears. I assume the same happens on other maps that use CUP fuel stations.
    • @Flodos The laser and guided rounds have been implemented, we just do not add the magazines to the arsenal, because they are not in BAF service.

      Here are the class names for your scripts:  UK3CB_BAF_1Rnd_81mm_Mo_Guided and UK3CB_BAF_1Rnd_81mm_Mo_LG   The "Airburst HE" option changes the function of the standard HE rounds.  I'm not aware of any bug
    • Dear all,   today we would like to mark our first official release of RHS: SQ. Version 0.2.414. "Wait a minute, Alex. The mod has been out on Workshop for months!" Yes, but today the mod was released for the first time in a fully automated manner, with a fully automated build process and a fully automatically compiled changelog. What does this mean? This means that we are one step closer to daily releases of the mod. We still have a few things to iron out: mainly whether to hold one constantly (daily or weekly) updating mod or, one stable and one evolving version of the mod. We'll come back to this later.   Speaking of the changelog, you will always find the latest changelog here:   https://docs.rhsmods.org/rhs-status-quo-user-documentation/arma-reforger/changelog   Once a release will be made, the latest changes should show up here. And to this I would like to introduce one more new thing, that would be the new website: https://docs.rhsmods.org/ which sooner or later will replace rhsmods.org completely. As times moves on, we will be filling the contents of the site with information but right now you can already see the skeleton.   The last big announcement is the opening of the new Status Quo public issue tracker: https://github.com/RHSMODS/statusquo/issues. That's right, this way all our development process will be completely open to public. You can also follow it on the board: https://github.com/orgs/RHSMODS/projects/1/views/1 . Furthermore, we encourage you to submit issues through the GitHub issues in https://github.com/RHSMODS/statusquo/issues so that we can track and react on bug reports. They will be dispositioned and consumed in the phase planning.   Enjoy the new update, with lots of new goodies, we hope it will be worth your while!   RHS Team