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    • how can I dynamically disable this in the middle of a mission?

      w code

    • 28-2-2024
      EXE rev. 151464 (game)
      EXE rev. 151464 (Launcher)
      Size: ~70 MB   ENGINE Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to the getUserInfo script command Tweaked: Performance optimization for script Boolean values Added: getShotInfo script command Tweaked: actionNow behavior  - FT-T177447 Added: getUnitMovesInfo script command and switchMove / switchGesture syntaxes - FT-T164731, FT-T157753 Fixed: Remains collector sometimes was not working as expected - FT-T171981 Tweaked: Added disposalCheckPeriod parameter to the remains collector Fixed: Rearm icons also appeared on locked supplies - FT-T171320 Tweaked: Performance improvement when using many R2T textures Fixed: Desync in remote player gunner animations in static turrets - FT-T124694
    • hello everyone, how do I remove this information about my cartridges and which grenade did I throw? ace mod
    • It's been awhile since I worked with displays so maybe double check in your testing but as far as I can remember:   Yes, closing the display = destroying it.   All event handlers are destroyed also.   Using Set is not recommended, it's a leftover from the old days of UI scripting. See the Biki page for more info. It definitely has nothing to do with the lifetime of the event handlers though.