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    • My friend had the same phenomenon. I have not read all of this thread, so I apologize if I am repeating what others have written.   - How to make that phenomenon happen
      Play a scenario created in the editor in multiplayer. In particular, in my environment, it is multiplayer (LAN). The visibility would then be 1.5 km. And changing the View Distance in the player settings does not change the view.   - How to change View Distance 1. With 3den Enhanced   - Load a mod called 3den Enhanced (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623475643)   -  Editor -> Attributes -> Environment -> Visual Settings -> Change the values of View Distance and Object View Distance   - The player is forced to this values regardless of the View Distance in the player settings. 2. With CH View Distance   - Load a mod called CH View Distance (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=837729515)   - Use this mod to set View Distance.   - The View Distance set in this mod takes precedence over either the View Distance in the player settings or the View Distance in the scenario settings.
    • SOLVED - Just had to put the doMove command safely in the <player on foot> IF statment. I also added a moveInCargo command. Althought it's not ultra realistic it is somewhat necessary as the AI will sometimes wander or do weird things while trying to keep up. I will post all code below for anyone who wants to tweak it or improve it.    My naming style TAG_type_name Variable is VAR / Person or unit is MAN / location is LOC etc.   Example:  CB_VAR_BATTLE = variable battle CB_MAN_IDAP1 = one of the IDAP escorts   Init.sqf   My function CB_fnc_actionFollow called by hold action   My function CB_fnc_actionStay called by hold action   Useage Place 2 men in the editor and name them CB_MAN_IDAP1 & CB_MAN_IDAP2. Essentially, the hold actions dont go away but instead use the CB_VAR_FOLLOW variable to switch between which follow/stay command is visable. When ordering to follow it spawns the loop in CB_fnc_actionFollow for each individual escort. In there, you can see that if you are on foot it is simply telling them to move to your position, if in a vehicle, it uses a MoveInCargo to actually force them into the vehicle. It is important that the doMove is safely in the IF statement or they will continually disembark trying to get to your exact position.   Some design notes *If there is no space in the vehicle the escorts will just stand still. You may then have to exit the vehicle and order them to stay and follow again. Ensure the scenario gives the player access to vehicles that can accomodate all escorts and potential friendly AI squad. *When you order them to stay put, they will, regardless of combat or threats. So don't expect them to take cover if you leave them in the open.  *I also thought about setting the doMove position a random number of meters away from the player, as they will quite literally stand right next to you. But this worked less than ideal when trying to get them to follow you in a building   Hope this helps someone in the future ✌️  
    • Hi welcome to BI Forums! Review the Arma 3 Launcher Troubleshooting page here: https://arma3.com/launcher/troubleshooting   In the future when posting an rpt use this site https://justpaste.it/  
    • Hi, to give you an idea i play with a coop group on sundays that i been with since 2015, and we use respawn tickets for when we play our missions.     From what we've played over the years i think the number depends on how difficult the mission is, how often or how likely is one to get killed. In our missions most are massive but it takes a coordinated effort to beat them, so we have up to 75-100 tickets, and that usually with a range of 4-10 players, average is like 4-6.      Another aspect to this is for players in general thats going to depend on who's playing, because if there is no coordination, and an open ended type mission where any player can go off on their own and do stuff then it wont work, if the mission/s requires players to coordinate their efforts then i think less is more.   Personally in a mission i built for coop, though it has respawn now,  you can play it singleplayer but through mp lan.     What i did initially when i built the mission was give the player 6 lives, i set it up with teamswitch where when you died, you just switched to the next unit that was back at base when you used them all up it was mission over.        Ya that made it more difficult but it also made you pay attention, and not be careless,  regardless the mission was designed with a more intermediate/veteran player in mind anyways.   Since i changed that to respawn which makes it easier, only thing is they need to retravel back to the AO, so implemented a code where they can self revive themselves as long as they have faks in their inventory.          So im just saying if the missions you built or are building aren't impossible, or very hard, and a player cant expect to get killed constantly from enemy and not from their own retardedness then set the tickets to a limited number so it makes them think about wasting their lives on stupid moves, tactics ect,.      All if it depends on the size and openness of the mission, number of enemies, what the players have access too vs what the enemies have, and overall what the tasks are.  Theres a balance there, if you played your own missions then i would go off of the tickets that you feel is appropriate with that, ya everyone is going to have their preference but thing is if you make it to easy then its no fun.        Make it to hard, then its definitely no fun, but if it has its challenge then the ticket number should reflect that  if you designed it for new players well then more the merrier, intermediate players then a moderate amount, maybe less.   Veterans give them less but dont be dumb about it, for units, squads ect,. then less is good but just a few more because consider how many might be playing.
    • Hello, any chance you guys will add UK vz. 59 machinegun? It was quite an iconic and unique squad  machinegun, and a nice alternative to PKM for warsaw pact. Could be maybe used in some of the guerrilla factions or middle eastern armed forces. 
      Also since you have the 2 cold war factions, US and USSR, any consideration for adding Czechoslovak armed forces? Alot of vehicles and equipment they used is already in your modpack, like T-72s, T-55s, BMP-1 and 2s, Mi-24s... They  would just need a roundel added really. Also vz.58 assault rifle is already a part of RHS mod, and uniforms are basically there aswell (not the same kind, but very similar).