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    • Version 0.6.4 Config Changes
      1. Updated the picture map and also the UI map with the current map. 2. Added new keypoints to the map.   Heightmap changes
      1. Added a port in the centre of the southern island for variety.
      2. Shifted the hangar bay to the side for the third airport.
      3. Increased the dock space for the port in the middle islands.
      4. Added a trench system to the middle island.   Southern Island
      1. Added school, office area and hotel area. City is finished.
      2. Added port on the Southern Island.
      4. Split the race track due to port in the centre. 
      5. Rail track around the island.
      6. Trees added to the island.
      7. Race track details added at the grandstand area.
      8. Added street lights and industrial lights to the city and port.
    • Update Changelog March 27th, 2023 v1.28 (only No Mods or DLC version) - Replaced the support modules with HAS Script, as the helicopters using the vanilla
      support modules were unreliable and finicky.

      Whats HAS script?
      Has is short for Hermes Airlift Services, if you want to know more about what
      HAS does then see the release thread with all listed features and functions.   Why not update the remaining ISIL Foothold missions with HAS script? Because they already use HAS Module which has same function as script but easier to use and setup in the mission.   Why replace the vanilla helicopter support using vanilla support modules with HAS? They were unreliable, and finicky  i'd get into a helicopter and it was a hit or miss i could get them to take me somewhere, then they wouldn't respawn if they were shot down, although i didn't set the mission up for that so thats my fault.       You can read the features that HAS has in the linked thread above, i have in the mission setup where if you are going to repel down ropes for a landing, the helicopter will get into position open its doors, and you will be going down a rope, if your commanding AI then multiple ropes will be deployed and when the ai get to the ground, they will fan out in whats called an "all around defense" basically a circle of defense until the helicopter pulls its ropes up and takes off, its pretty immersive.
    • Update added   Threads Mission Editing & Scripting Make a small barrier object invisible to player, but "visible" to the AI AI Driving - Boats,Tanks, & Vehicles Vehicles Force the AI driver to crash into the target AI Spawn & Respawn Spawning units when player is within radius of marker AI Accuracy, Skill, & Spotting/distance Spotting & Distance Impairing AI's ability to find a unit by gunshots AI not seeing me again AI Hunting player/group [SOLVED] Stalking group on dedicated server Problem with BIS_fnc_groupvehicles in AI stalking script AI CAS, Helicopters, Jets & Planes Jets & Planes Make AI jet fire a specific missile AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting AI Actions How can I make enemies not attack unarmed players? Addons & Mods Enhancements ACSTG AI Cannot See Through Grass Scripts JBOY Fly In Formation - (to be added as im waiting for the scripts section to be unhidden) Misc Updates Changed many titles with all capital letters to lower case letters Relocated a thread to another category that was in the wrong category
    • If a sound mod has modules, or adds sounds into the editor like you can choose sounds  from a list in the effects part of a trigger then ideally you shouldn't run or have loaded a sound mod when editing a mission.    This goes for any and all mods that dont have any assets that your going to use in a mission.