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  1. Excellent work guys! I've already spent 10+ hours just exploring the map. Merry Christmas!
  2. Ah! I forgot. You need to enable the mod in the mod/command line of the server. And add the mod files and key to the server as per usual. It will appear as a "required mod" in the server browser but it will not be required for players. For reference, my server is running the "verfiySignatures" line at a value of 2. My server is running TFAR 0.9.12. For additional reference here's a Google Drive link to the file I made.
  3. For Marc and anyone interested, I just recently discovered how to do this. TFAR, and mods like it, use a variable input system to call the mod (Or at least that's how I understand it). Effectively, the modules placed down on the map do this; which is just the super fast, dirty method of installing TFAR into a mission file. The way to install TFAR without requiring it as a mod for all players involves a little bit of code. Simply add a section like this to your init.sqf in your mission before exporting it to multiplayer. I used this on 10/30/2016 and it is still working. if (isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "task_force_radio")) then { //TFAR: //für zusätzliche variablen/functions: https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/wiki/API:-Variables compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\task_force_radio\functions\common.sqf"; tf_radio_channel_name = "TaskForceRadio"; tf_radio_channel_password = "123"; tf_no_auto_long_range_radio = true; TF_give_personal_radio_to_regular_soldier = false; TF_give_microdagr_to_soldier = false; tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = true; tf_same_lr_frequencies_for_side = true; tf_terrain_interception_coefficient = 7.0; //radios TF_defaultWestBackpack = "tf_rt1523g"; TF_defaultEastBackpack = "tf_mr3000"; TF_defaultGuerBackpack = "tf_anprc155"; TF_defaultWestPersonalRadio = "tf_anprc152"; TF_defaultEastPersonalRadio = "tf_fadak"; TF_defaultGuerPersonalRadio = "tf_anprc148jem"; TF_defaultWestAirborneRadio = "tf_anarc210"; TF_defaultEastAirborneRadio = "tf_mr6000l"; TF_defaultGuerAirborneRadio = "tf_anarc164"; OPF_F_personal_tf_faction_radio = "tf_fadak"; OPF_F_rifleman_tf_faction_radio = "tf_pnr1000a"; //frequencies //blufor tf_freq_west = [0,7,["131.5","132","132.5","133","133.5","134","134.5","135","135.5","136","136.5","137","137.5"],0,"_bluefor",-1,0]; tf_freq_west_lr = [0,7,["42","42.5","43","43.5","44","44.5","45","45.5","46","46.5","47","47.5","48"],0,"_bluefor",-1,0]; tf_freq_name = [["131.5","Alfa"],["132","Bravo"],["132.5","Charlie"],["133","Delta"],["133.5","Echo"],["134","Foxtrot"],["134.5","Golf"],["135","Hotel"],["135.5","India"],["136","Juliett"],["136.5","Kilo"],["137","Lima"],["137.5","Mike"]]; //opfor tf_freq_east = [0,7,["221.5","222","222.5","223","223.5","224","224.5","225","225.5","226","226.5","227","227.5"],0,"_opfor",-1,0]; tf_freq_east_lr = [0,7,["31","31.5","32","32.5","33","33.5","34","34.5","35","35.5","36","36.5","37"],0,"_opfor",-1,0]; tf_freq_name = tf_freq_name+[["221.5","Alfa"],["222","Bravo"],["222.5","Charlie"],["223","Delta"],["223.5","Echo"],["224","Foxtrot"],["224.5","Golf"],["225","Hotel"],["225.5","India"],["226","Juliett"],["226.5","Kilo"],["227","Lima"],["227.5","Mike"]]; //Indfor tf_freq_guer = [0,7,["341.5","342","342.5","343","343.5","344","344.5","345","345.5","346","346.5","347","347.5"],0,"_bluefor",-1,0]; tf_freq_guer_lr = [0,7,["52","52.5","53","53.5","54","54.5","55","55.5","56","56.5","57","57.5","58"],0,"_bluefor",-1,0]; tf_freq_name = tf_freq_name+[["341.5","Alfa"],["342","Bravo"],["342.5","Charlie"],["343","Delta"],["343.5","Echo"],["344","Foxtrot"],["344.5","Golf"],["345","Hotel"],["345.5","India"],["346","Juliett"],["346.5","Kilo"],["347","Lima"],["347.5","Mike"]]; }; I had to compile information from other posts from at least a year ago. Back then the variables like "TF_defaultWestBackPack",etc. all were labeled differently. Some of the variables may still not be correct, but this works. You can manipulate this code to your needs. You can also find the comprehensive list of variables here: Just make sure you follow the same format.