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  1. RabbitSniper

    ARCTech Accessories

    Amazing Work so far!
  2. RabbitSniper

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Amazing work my friend the map is sooooo awesome!
  3. Private Contrators assisting 1-SFOD in the arrest/capture of a African Warlord. Mods,RR's6094,JSOC(Retexture),C.O.S(Retexture),KA Weapons,TRYK,Project Opfor,MilGearPack,RR's Mich 2001,Aspis Retextures,MK18,RR's Weapons,CupVehicles,RHSAFRF,RHSUSAF,DireOne Relax/Combat Poses,SOF Animations,Private Mods
  4. Amazing work, those MK18's got me hard lol keep up with these sexy weapons!
  5. RabbitSniper

    US 75th Rangers

    I feel like there would be a crotch protector or maybe a little neck protector like these. not sure if they would look good or not though n
  6. 1-SFOD-D team on a sniper/recon mission to kill a taliban Warlord in Afghanistan. Mods,TFB Uniforms,Rappeling Mod,AV Mod,MK18,RHSUSAF,Cup units,Private Mods,Direone Poses,Rismarck Poses,Nikoaton Poses(WIP),Project Zenith Alpha
  7. its in testing for a few friends of his
  8. MARSOC on a Mission to capture a high value arms dealer. Mods,Spec4Gear,Project Zenith Alpha,BFST(WIP),MK18,TFA Retexture,TRYK,RHSUSAF,Private Mods,DireOne Poses,Nikoaton Poses(WIP)
  9. DEVGRU in combat on Patrol. Mods,DireOne Retexure's,Project Zenith,6X6 ATV's,MK18,TRYK,Private Mods,Nikoaton Poses(WIP)
  10. Russian Spetsnaz and VDV Engaging local rebels in Crimea. Mods,Cup units,Maps,RHSAFRF,RHSGREF,SPR,US Military Mod,TRYK,Private Mods,DireOne Poses,Rismarks Poses,Nikoaton Poses(WIP),NIARMS
  11. RabbitSniper

    6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    Amazing job cant wait to put these to use!
  12. US Army SOF Sniper Team on a Patrol. Mods,Cup Maps,Cup Units,Project Zeinth Alpha,DireOne Poses,Rismarks Poses,Task Force Black Uniforms,RHSUSAF,Private Mods