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  1. smem


    Any plans on the G95/G95K ?
  2. smem


    Very Nice! Would be cool if yall reworked the uniforms and made your own models
  3. WOAH, Holy f*ck! I'm speechless, that looks so amazing
  4. smem


    Suggestion: Uniforms with the new Multitarn Camo Pattern.
  5. addons: BWMod, Taunus, CUP, SMA, NIArms, Kommando Spezialkräfte, Bundeswehr Kleiderkammer, RH Pistol Pack
  6. slavic adventures mods: CUP, RHS, SPR, ASCZ, TFR Poses, Whiplash poses
  7. Winter is coming... addons: NIArms, RHS, CUP, SMA, Vidda, REF Arms, Spec4Gear, TRYKS Multiplay uniforms, nikoaton animations, whiplash animations, DIREONE combat poses
  8. Prizren 1999, KFOR addons: BWMod, ReddnTanks, CUP Units, BW Kleiderkammer
  9. Training with AAF on Hebontes mods: RHS, CUP, Hebontes, AAF 2017, BWMod, KSK
  10. smem

    [WIP] Greatcoat WW2

    aight, thanks for the info
  11. Poland, August 1944 V1 V2 mods: IFA3, GEIST-A3, FOW, Rismarcks WW2 Pose Pack, ZSL WW2
  12. Federal Police of Altis and Kavala City Police investigating a murder scene. mods: Altis Armed Forces 2017, RHS, CUP, TAC-Vests, Ivory Cars, Kecske skins, PLP Urban Packs
  13. German and Austrian Army during an exercise in Austria. mods: BWMod, Taunus, NiArms, BW Kleiderkammer, Jagdkommando Austria, nikoaton's Animations Pack, DIREONE's Combat poses pack, Immersion cigs