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  1. Lunch time. Mods: Ruha, RHS, Oruzane Snage BIH
  2. Into the woods... (Tried some color editing) Mods: CUP, RHS, Nik's animations, Oruzane Snage BIH
  3. Mods: Nik's anims, RHS, CUP, Aegis, COS, tyrk
  4. Mods: RHS, Oruzane Snage BIH, CUP Terrains
  5. That's the one, vests are from us forces mod and specter armaments and helmets are RHS's or TYRK's I can send u complete and detailed loadouts if u'd like just send me a PM.
  6. Final preperations for a ceremony. Mods: Oruzane Snage BIH, RHS, Nik's anims
  7. Early moring brief and deployment Mods: Nik's anims, RHS, Oruzane Snage BIH, US Forces
  8. MP's and recon units provide assistance in a manhunt on a HVT Mods: Dogs, Oruzane Snage BiH, RHS, CUP
  9. 4ner1


    Any chance of seeing Feldjager(Military Police) units?
  10. AFBiH Military Police peacekeeping, provide security for an UN base. Mods: RHS, Oruzane Snage BiH, K9, Nik's anims
  11. Military Police of AFBIH and British Armed Forces practice in terrain navigation and movement Mods: Nik's Anims, RHS, 3CB, Chernarus 2035, Oruzane Snage Bosne I Hercegovine
  12. Special Police Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina execute a high risk arrest warrant. Mods: RHS, Oruzane Snage BIH, POLPOX, Nik's anims, TYRK's
  13. AFBIH Military Police & Infantry raid a rebel village after a roadside ambush. Mods: RHS, CUP Terrains, POLPOX artwork, nik's anims, Oruzane Snage BIH
  14. AFBiH Sniper team conducts a live fire drill. Mods: RHS, Oruzane Snage BIH, Nik anims, POLPOX artwork
  15. Police and AFBIH instructors prepare for a live fire drill Mods: RHS, Oruzane Snage BIH, Nikaton's anims