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    • I think the FIA faction vehicles need to be redesigned. Now they are completely using Soviet vehicles. They need to be replaced with ones unique to this faction. And add the missing ones.   UAZ-469 - replace to Land Rover series 3 (or GAZ-69A - In the original OFP/CWA, resistance is used by UAZ, which is more reminiscent of a hybrid of UAZ-469 and GAZ-69A) URAL-4320 - replace to Praga V3S BTR-70  - replace to OT-64 SKOT (or BTR-152K1 with DShKM) Add military version Skoda 1203 Ambulance (to balance UAZ-452A and M997) Add static heavy machinegun DShKM (to balance NSV and M2HB) Add static tripod machinegun UK vz. 59 T (to balance PKM tripod and M60 tripod) Add armored car BTR-40 with DShKM (to balace BRDM-2 and HMMWV) Maybe add light utility vehicle Zastava AR55 (analog Willis MB FIA from original OFP/CWA to balace M151A2) Maybe add self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Praga PLDvK vz. 53/59 (I think in the future similar vehicles will be added to other factions. For example, Soviet URAL with ZU-23-2)   It is possible in the future to transfer the UH-1H helicopter to the FIA faction. In the USA, replace the Iroquois with the Sikorsky UH-60   Equipment and weapons are also subject to improvement:   Add Vz. 60 MLOK uniform for special forces zukov is right - needs to be added Sa vz. 61 Skorpion for special forces Replace PM to CZ 75 pistol Replace SVD to PSL rifle or Zastava M76 Replace RPG-7 to RPG-75 Maybe add light machinegun Zastava M72 (with 75-round drum magazine)   This way we will get a fully functional unique playable faction
    • Thank you, yeah turning off no logs helped a little bit but now at least menus don't have a fit.   Regarding the mods, i'm in a unit and we need the amount of mods to play on the server and do whatever. The only thing is that throughout the 30 other people, not a single one has any issues like mine. If it could be the other amount of mods (as in the unloaded ones) it could be those as I have quite a few but I didn't think it was as they aren't being loaded after all.    But anyway thank you for you're help!
    • You should create a ticket in the feedback tracker then, and see if the devs can help you directly. https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/1/
    • An answer for you is yes you can access the mortar/artillery base on the hill but you need to be right beside the pieces. If you get the Rocket Arty on the other side north of Frini you can hop in those and launch rockets at bad guys as well. I have found that if I access the UAV helo no enemy vehicles or troops spawn if I use it to go out to kill stuff in a defend/support of an attack. I can fly through all the Anti-Air zones and not have anything shoot my UAV helo down.