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    • It works impresively well on the BAM from the FFAA MOD, congrulations. I should edit the scripts in order to support this in case users active this addon with the FFAA MOD..

    • Hi, TPW! Big congrats to your Anniversary!!!   Sorry for my question, but please tell me, how to use RHS factions in your TPW skirmish option? I tried different manes of factions and nothing works good. For example: tpw_skirmish_friendlyunitstring[] = {"rhsusf"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly units from config
      tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring[] = {"rhsusf"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly vehicles from config
      tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring[] = {"rhs"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy units from config
      tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring[] = {"rhs"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy vehicles from config
      tpw_skirmish_resistunitstring[] = {"rhsgref_ins_g"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select resistance units from config
      tpw_skirmish_resistvehiclestring[] = {"rhsgref_ins_g"}; // Custom string (comma separated) to select resistance vehicles from config  
    • I am kinda dissapointed that OPFOR doesnt have any VTOL capable fighters, like other mods add harriers and f35 to BLUFOr, and CSAT has nothing. I wish someone could mod Yak-35(38) or even better, Yak-141 for CSAT faction, with CSAT, Russian and neutral Color schemes
    • Hi devs, first of all congratulate and thank you for giving us this jewel called Arma3, I can't imagine the huge work that there is behind all this, sincerely thank you. The amount of players who still have this game is great and it deserves to continue giving support as you are doing, because Arma3 continues to give for much more without a doubt. I just wanted to know if would have the Malden and Tanoa maps "Support" mode or "Combined arms" like in Altis and Stratis, it would be great.
      And could enemy AI have the "Vanguard" mode to fill? Well, many of us believe that those details are important.   regards
    • @EliasComando Standing reload anims by @stgn are available in ExtFX mod by @kenoxite - you just need to extract them from anim.pbo.