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    • Accidentally posted this in the wrong part of the forum the first time. This is just a simple ATM/banking system that I'm working on for use for future missions, figured it would be useful to some people so why not release it and give it a little flexibility. Currently only works on user placed ATM's.   Installation/Demonstration:    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gcti9ys0wjwyj52/BUF_ATM.rar?dl=0
    • Has anyone else encountered an issue with LOP_ISTS_OPF and LOP_AM_OPF factions in ALiVE where any group with a vehicle spawns and the infantry immeadiately begin team-killing the vehicle crews?   It appears when I put any of the individual units down the in 3den, the vehicles have proper crew (XX_XX_OPF), but when I put down the same vehicle in a group it has LOP_AM or LOP_ISTS faction crew.
      This causes a problem in the scenario I'm working on, where I want Blufor (NATO or RHS USAF) forces allied with Greenfor (LOP_RACS) fighting an insurgency of ISTS or Middle Eastern Militia on Opfor side.
      Since Greenfor and Opfor are enemies, they as soon as ALiVE spawns them they begin executing the vehicle crews.

    • I have never encountered it in game. I was familiar with the issue for a long time now. I only know about it, because over the last year or so I've had a couple of people on my steam workshop submission pages suggest they have had respawn issues into the ocean. In every case they told me they were running an excessive amount of mods. I have spent hours upon hours trying to research this same issue. I've tried everything I can and can't reproduce the problem with the minimum required mods on my missions. This is the exact opposite testing process than what the user above is suggesting. He's starting with 55 mods and trimming down from there. lol

      If I can't make the problem happen with the required mods, then it must be additional mods causing the problems. I spent some time trying to look the problem up and have found the same reported problem on Epoch, Wasteland and Exile servers as well, going back as far as 2015. How do we articulate to someone that there is such a thing as too many mods?

      As I think back to all the games I have modded or tried to mod in my life... Left For Dead 2, Skyrim. No games are stable once you reach a certain threshold for mods. For example, if I ran 7 or 8 Left for Dead mods, my game always crashed at some point. It would never stay stable. This is true for basically every game out there. I suppose we all hold Arma to a higher standard for some reason. I mean... Arma 3 is a five year old game at this point. It's not like it's a newly polished game.
    • "Heartland" British Paras somewhere in Germany - March 1945.
      Addons: IFA3, FOW, Renners texture pack, CSA38, Live Zone, Gearsoc, Recolour, Enhanced Graphics, Polpox Artwork supporter, ZSL, Rismarck's poses, nikoaton's anims.  
    • or flags have hidden selection textures so you could change them instead of creating a new flag every time, useful if you want to use customized textures