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    • nice, what weaponry does it have?
    • Audacity can be used to play with the sound. Lower at first and then higher. So as to simulate a say3d. And the sound can activate with:   NameOfChopper distance NameOfPlayer < NumberOfMeters   as a condition. In Arma editing simple things many times do not work so you have to use anything effective that you can think of. While having optimization and quality gameplay in mind. 
    • Yes, sorry, I was joking.
      For the past 2 years, FoW was being developed by 2-3 people. One of them is me, who can do solely sound related things. Another one is Giallustio, who is a cfg / script wizard, can implement everything from animations to models, if someone else provides content. We are sitting on a few purchased models, but don't have much time currently. We wanted (and still want to) to do a proper comeback with cool updates and such, but without other devs / contributors, it's not easy. Hell we couldn't even find someone to finish / polish our reloading anims.   So the next update is mainly sound-related. We wanted to add a Daimler armoured car too, but dunno if it will make it.
    • #!/bin/sh FILES_WITH_ERRORS="" # Iterate over each file with a .bdf or .v extension for filename in `ls *.bdf *.v` do # Perform a syntax check on the specified file     quartus_map fir_filter --analyze_file=$filename   # If the exit code is non-zero, the file has a syntax error     if [ $? -ne 0 ]     then        FILES_WITH_ERRORS="$FILES_WITH_ERRORS $filename"     fi done if [ -z "$FILES_WITH_ERRORS" ] then     echo "All files passed the syntax check"     exit 0 else     echo "There were syntax errors in the following file(s)"     echo $FILES_WITH_ERRORS     exit 1 fi can u try this ones aos tv
    • The answer for 1 and 3 are no. That's just an example of adding/modifying. The answer for 2 is config.cpp or  config.bin. That's not what you can do in-game on-the-fly, but for MODs. So, ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING is not the place to discuss this. (I'm not saying move this, just a notify)