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    • How can I disable the interactions menu? (The one that pops up when you spin the mouse wheel) Or is there a mod that already does that?
    • That's a thing on my forget list, as intro before scenario or the layers in 3den.
    • hi all,   I have just a little problem in my code, between init.sqf and initserver.sqf.   Savedata work fine, i have :   [INFO] name="test2019"; [OBJ] obj="[["donnees A","donnees B","donnees C",[ "array_A","array_B","array_C"],"données D"]];   in intserver.sqf , for reading datas (only obj values) :   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   if (_databasefind) then {
        "récuperation" remoteExec ["hint"];
          _data_obj = ["read", ["OBJ", "obj", []]] call _inidbiUN;  
           DATABASE_LOAD = _data_obj;       publicVariableServer "DATABASE_LOAD";
        on init.sqf :   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   "DATABASE_LOAD" addPublicVariableEventHandler {
      private ["_data_load"];   _data_load = _this select 1;    WPR_OBJ_Handler =_data_load ;
      };   but  WPR_OBJ_Handler is empty ....   I would like to retrieve the string of characters contained in db and create a array :   //---------db--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- obj="[["donnees A","donnees B","donnees C",[ "array_A","array_B","array_C"],"données D"]];   //-----------------------WPR_OBJ_Handler---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WPR_OBJ_Handler=["donnees A","donnees B","donnees C",[ "array_A","array_B","array_C"],"données D"];   Thx for help      
    • Has anyone figured out how to execute the keyframe animation via script? the only thing I can find on keyframe animation is the page explaining the modules.