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    • class CfgPatches { class GE_ChristmasPack_Compositions { weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"Walls_static"}; units[] = {"Christmas_Small_Box_Static", "Christmas_Small_Box_Short_Static", "Christmas_Medium_Box_Short_Static"}; }; }; Copied the addon name from the header.sqe file from the Documents/Composition folder
    • It seems.hHow to save the results, especially after the battle? I would like that to always show the results once the whole group is killed. The same thing is also with individual vehicles
    • Open Arma without your mod, but with RHS. Go to Config Viewer cfgVehicles, find  RHS_A10 and find out what it inherits from. Move RHS_A10 class inside cfgVehicles and define the class the plane inherits from, and inherit RHS_A10 from it. class CfgVehicles { class somePlane; //edit here class RHS_A10; class RHS_A10: somePlane{ //edit here incomingMissileDetectionSystem = "16"; }; };
    • !!!WIP!!! Creating Tasks Task: Create one or more tasks Conditions: Given one worlds, and updated Enfusion Workbench Standards: Create 1 or more areas that will generate tasks.   Based on Coop_CombatOps_Arland world, an area entity is setup, and within that area, one of three different tasks are randomly selected. Since Arland is a smaller map, that is relatively easier than using a larger map like Everon. Once you have the basics down, you may be able to cut and paste each area. Not every layer is required. These are the entities used as part of Arland Combat Operations.   1. Create the following layers. Drag and drop each entity where you want the action to center around. Hierarchy Everon_World             Areas (Active)                 Name                                     Prefab                Area_A                                     Area                       A_ClearArea                     LayerTaskClearArea                       A_Deliver                           LayerTaskDeliver                       A_Destroy                         LayertaskDestroy                        A_Groups                          Layer                       A_Logic                             Layer                       A_Outposts                      Layer                       A_Patrols                          Layer                       A_QRF                               Layer                       A_RandomGuards           Layer                       A_SpawnPoints               Layer                       A_StaticWeapons            Layer                       A_TriggerSpawnPoints   SlotTrigger                       A_Vehicles                        Layer                       A_Waypoints                    Layer         
    • And your own mod (cfgPatches) name?