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    • @GEORGE FLOROS GR   Testing the initial version now, this one is without the script, and is strictly just Ravage and its supported mods
    • Anybody notice the FFV slots in the back of the ACR Landrover if the player aims down sight, the other FFV slot becomes invisible? Also the Tatra series of trucks has a bug where one of the cargo slots doesn't have the proper camera positioning for the player.   Thanks guys and keep up the great work.   Sam
    •   I'm not exactly sure how to edit these sqs files though. I get this with notepad.  
    • You don't really want to save triggers or AI units. You would save AI count for example then upon init of mission, you would spawn X AI units. Etc... Example from Authority Dev Tools: _save ctrlAddEventHandler ["ButtonClick", {     _code = ctrlText ((uiNamespace getVariable "disp_devTools") displayCtrl IDC_DEVTOOLS_INPUT);     _newSavedCode = [];     _newSavedCode pushBack _code;     if (!isNil {profileNamespace getVariable "savedCode"}) then     {         _newSavedCode append (profileNamespace getVariable "savedCode");     };     hintSilent str _newSavedCode;     profileNamespace setVariable ["savedCode", _newSavedCode]; }]; This uses button click to say code history but you should get the idea. For this, I use it on client-side but depending on what you want to save, you may need to use it on server. Just remember that it is local to each server profile. It is also possible to delete data from .vars by setting it to nil. Very basic examples. Not tested! // save if (!isServer) exitWith {}; profileNamespace setVariable ["enemyAO_numAI", 15]; // load _enemyCount = if (!isNil {profileNamespace getVariable "enemyAO_numAI"}) then {profileNamespace getVariable "enemyAO_numAI"} else {100}; // create enemy AI // 100 new AO for "_i" from 0 to _enemyCount do {     // createUnit, etc... };
    •   Hi @poolpunk Bit too long ago to recall exacts, but I think I whittled it down to some wooden crates I had placed down. It could have also been an incompatibility with the Dariyah terrain, but can't be sure anymore