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    • https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers/addMissionEventHandler#HandleDisconnect Combine that with a deleteVehicle _unit;
    • Briefing:
      After a couple of days' waiting, we're moving this morning against the Russians. Armored and infantry divisions across the whole front line will break through the enemy positions to the north.  Our orders are to seize the area around the towns of Dourdan and Houdan. Intel reports only light armored and infantry presence - so hopefully this shouldn’t be too hard. Even so, it might be worth looking back over a few training notes. Just to be safe.
        Word from the creator:
      18 years ago, Bohemia Interactive lead by Marek Spanel, release Operation Flashpoint (now Arma: CWA).
      I was 8 years old at the time when my dad brought the DEMO home. I played AMBUSH a million time and it never ended the same. I spent 7 years on OFP before switching to the newest releases. I have dedicated my Gaming life to the Arma series and will continue to do so as long as I can.
      This is my gift to Bohemia, to Marek and to the Arma 3 Community to which I am dedicated heart and soul.
      OFP never dies.
      - English [Audio YES] [Subtitles YES]
      - French [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Italian [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Spanish [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - German [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Czech [Audio WIP] [Subtitles YES]
      - Polish [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Portuguese [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Chinesesimp [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Chinese [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Russian [Audio NO] [Subtitles YES]
      - Turkish [Audio NO] [Subtitles WIP]
      - Japanese [Audio NO] [Subtitles WIP]
      - @Bohemia Interactive and the Devs for their amazing work.
      - @Greenfist for the artwork.
      - @Dave for the teaser video.
      - @Whiplash for the Portuguese translation and testing.
      - @thebuckfastwine for testing
      - @[HA]Keaf for he Russian translation.
      - @Qinetix for providing the Czech mission.
      - @classicarma for the Chinese and Chinesesimp translation.
      - ???? for the Polish translation.
      STEAM WORKSHOP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1842439195
    • HAS 1.9 wip4   Mentioned disconnection of the caller should trigger transfering caller's privileges to another player same, as for killed caller event (good way to test: have two players, make JIP player to call transport, after it is confirmed - disconnect, switch to server player, wait for heli and see, if there are mouse actions appearing for destination/way of disembark choice). With hint message pointing new caller, but not sure, if it shows up. 
    • You haven't seen this bug yet, it's about the firing range too. https://twitter.com/i/status/1164332749639041024
    • Not when I log off, but sometimes when I craft a weapon I just don't get it