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    • Marid driver sees just some grey shapes unless he turns out or goes 3rd person
    • @Grumpy Old Man @HazJ would something like this work in Theory to all for Radio Alpha to but used by there different units and get there different outcomes ? this is what I was taking about if and then statements. IDK if this would work or even the right syntax lol see I am trying. Grumpy have you used a program called typeSQF editor with Cpack console?     Trigger activation - Recruitment of POW groups       Type -             none       Activation -    Radio Alpha       Repeatable Trigger expression     Condition -    player == TL1 ||   player == TL2 ||   player == TL3    On Activation -  if (player == TL1) then  { [P1,P2,P3] join TL1};  if (player == TL2)  then { [P4,P5,P6] join TL2}; if (player == TL3) then { [P7,P8,P9] join TL3};               
    • hello    well im a SP/only guy and wanted to add some charm to my mission so i tried the amazing mod HAFM submarines in altis and it rocks but the mission i play set in takistan so  i searched almost all of BI forums and armaholic for a onmapclick cruise missile script that works in arma 3 but no luck , i've found a script in arma2oa section that simulate a cruise missile launch via mapclick but i got a problem the missile wont travel to target and hit , it launch nicely and all but when it reach about 200m up in the sky the missile fly away and hit the ground about 400m away from launch position .... im very n00b in SQF so tried my best to get it to work properly but sadly i failed please i need your help here if anyone can get this to work   launch.sqf       cruising.sqf     booster.sqf     vector_control.sqf  
    • I just opened a dead post from 2013 (How fast time passes ffs).
      On my question.   Is there any way i can place a minefield site module random? I mean on mission start, spawn 1,2, any number of minefield module to randomly selected locations.
      Of course i tried to link the module to an empty marker but as i expected it didn't work. So my experienced scripters and Arma mission makers gods , me your humble servant i beg for your help.   Thanks in advance, Jim
    •   Okay, i still need help with that. Do i put an Eventhandler into the init.sqf?   I cant, that would be too unauthentic/unimmersive.