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    • Like I said in another post the idea is quite awesome but the content is very weak from what they showed. The worst part is they call this an expansion. It has some retextures, some more deco sims objects, a few guns, a goddamn tractor from all the list of assets they could do, an useless drone, a terrain that reminds me of acr dlc instead of BIS older maps and probably some static alien ship. All this on top of the still junk as hell AI. The spetsnaz are a good addition, and hopefully they have new gear instead of more retextures. The campaign might also be interesting considering LoW was pretty good.
    • Did I understand correctly that only new buyers will get early access to the new DLC content, but not supporter edition buyers? I am asking because the DLC already appears in my list, but no content is downloaded.
    • yeah this, an editor module would be ideal 😉   There are normally new mission maker options with most DLC that update the base game, it will be interesting to see what new tricks come with these new floaty aliens and how useful they are for more general mission making. for example some kind of hunter AI would be handy for many things non-alien.   from the 1 screenshot of them on the steam page they... look like they ought to move. I really hope they do more than float ominously and scripters don't have to attach them to an invisible dog or something.   hopefully 'Jboys Alien' will be a thing 😄   🖖
    • Updated code to also except OBJECT as basePos.
    • i didn't understand some moans regarding the aliens/ futuristic settings. For the first time BI give a soul to the game that involve mystery, the discovery, help a lot the mission maker, this move is very smart. For example a tropical island with alien artifact with a scuba challenge, My hope is that BI work better on the CSAT stuff,  sometimes is put in game with less quality than nato stuff