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    • If you want smooth transitions, use playMove and/or playAction. Using switchMove skips any transitions. Also, for playMove and playAction to work as expected (with smooth transitions), the animation states must be linked together in the config. Certain animation states are not linked in this way and thus you must use switchMove for unit to perform them, and thus there will be no transition in these cases.
    • Native American #1


      Native American #2


      Native American #3

    • Available Side for LRX PvP   Playable (blue/red)  "A3 CSAT" "A3 NATO", "A3 AAF" "CP BAF Desert", "RHS USA" "RHS Russian F" "GM WEST" "GM WEST Winter"
      Defender (AI) "A3 AAF", "A3 CSAT" "A3 NATO" "A3 CSAT Urban" "CP Takistan" "RHS Russian F", "GM EAST" "GM EAST Winter"
    • Hey Jove, i got some picture of Latina and Native American female faces that you might be interested in for new female faces in ToH Characters mod:

      Latina #1


      Latina #2


      Latina #3

    • Bienot enfin une mise à jour ... travail en cours. Le GOLF est pratiquement fini, la suite commence.