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    • Western Sahara v1.02   General Added: UNA was missing their ammo truck variant. Fixed: Only the host of a multiplayer game was able to disarm/rearm the AP-5 drone. Fixed: The desert module works correctly in multiplayer now. Fixed: Helmets were sorted under "Hats" and not "Helmets" in 3den. Fixed: Muzzle flash / texture issue with the XMS SG variant. Fixed: SLR hand animation was clipping a bit into the rifle. Fixed: SLR AT rifle grenade now spawns HEAT submunition upon impact. Fixed: The insignia on SFIA Combat Fatigues didn't work correctly. Tweaked: XMS and SLR weapon reload animations. Tweaked: Updated some map compositions. Tweaked: initSpeed settings of the Galat, Velko, and XMS rifles. Tweaked: Increased wall thickness on refugee tents to prevent players from vaulting inside.   Missions
      Extraction Added: UAVHacker trait to players (and AIs in single player). Added: Check for dynamic sector spawning (prevention for exploding of vehicles during spawn). Added: SPOILER - More possible locations for the journalist to spawn. Added: Players will disconnect from UAVs when they die. Fixed: Duplicated title with time after cutscene. Fixed: Double spawn of the gundrone at the FOB. Fixed: Camera task wasn't completed if the item was carried by a subordinate unit. Fixed: Sometimes, HVTs were running away from the AO. Fixed: The journalist was still following dead players across the whole map. Tweaked: The journalist will now try to join the group of the closest player. Tweaked: Increased contractors recruit limit from 5 to 9. Tweaked: Dynamic Simulation distances. Tweaked: Condition for arsenal purchase (any change will cost money). Tweaked: Extended timer for the time skip when players are back in the FOB. Tweaked: Vehicle composition at FOB, so AIs can easily ride on mission in vehicles. Tweaked: Trigger area sizes. Tweaked: Less civilians in town during night time. Tweaked: Defend checkpoint AI behavior, Enemy behavior, and compositions. Tweaked: Static units now have randomized gear. Tweaked: Civilians will try to avoid minefields. Tweaked: Mines spawn distance area. Tweaked: Side tasks will give players a higher reward in MP than SP (because more intel is required). Tweaked: Friendly AI skills. KotD Added: 5 more locations into random pool. Added: More cover in some OA locations. Added: Lock and Unlock action for vehicle crew. Added: On/Off toggle mission parameters for allowing different assets on server (Helos / Tanks / APCs). Added: Check to prevent adding money while player is AFK inside the capping zone. Added: Check to prevent the deletion of vehicles that are still being used by players while the AO changes. Fixed: Tura wouldn't respawn with NVG. Fixed: Levitating compositions. Tweaked: Removed launchers from tier 1 weapons. Tweaked: Vanilla Marshall swapped for AT variant to balance the OPFOR Kamysh. Tweaked: Changed slots to 10v10v10 for even teams + 3 spectators. Tweaked: Moved spawn area markers for improved legibility. Tweaked: Point reward notification moved into system chat system. Tweaked: UI elements for fitting different monitor resolution. Last Stand Added: Failed task notification with number of the current wave. Added: An active task will now show the current wave info. Added: A map marker will now show the current AO. Tweaked: Enemy AIs behavior (should approach a bit faster).
    • New release!   What's new: Fixed: Player ambulances were not working
      New: Colors in performance related parameters   The colors in parameter menu help you to see which setting is slow. (green means fast and red slow)   Tweaking these settings should help you making the mission run well on your PC   But don't forget to try running in small island or using the half island parameter if you have performance problems 
    • Hi guys, last day I was trying to launch A3, but I got this error that say "include files a3\ui_f\ hpp\ defineDIKCodes.inc not found", and it's only happening because CBA_A3 is missing this kind of file (I guess, idk), how can I fix this?        
    • A few setbacks there Mankyle, but nothing you can't overcome!
    • A bit of progress: - all lakes have been set by Enoch tiles - roads all set and configured - vegetation done   WIP until first MP test this Sunday: - net fence being built around the park - entrance gates built - lodges - airport & outposts