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    • I Have A Scenario For A Map Chernarus 2035 with nearly all the top Right Side Complete... and iam seeing if anyone knows how can i make the scenario upload to workshop into a mod and not show as a Scenario. Thanks
    • Love the shelter.. the concept and just the vibe, but at times seems a bit dull. Maybe add some weather variations at the shelter(beyond just snow at Christmas)... Maybe some rain here and there ??. Night and day ??. Just an idea.. thoughts? 
    • Since the most recent update I have noticed a lot of visual problems.. Distant areas of the map often have no texture or take a long time to load in even when viewed through an optic. This same problem occurs closer sometimes as well with trees or rocks loading in to view right in front of your eyes. This wasn’t as mad an issue before the update. Potential bug ? 
    • 您好,Quiksilver。我想问一个问题,如何使用头盔实时播放。
    • Been using Happy's Enigma Revive System for a long time on my private family server (origin: https://github.com/hpy/Enigma_Exile_Revive). There are two major issues which I cannot seem to crack given my very limited coding experience.   The first issue lies here. Trying to get the "PERFORM CPR" option to show up when looking at a downed player is SO finicky that it flashes here and there and is so inconsistent that it costs lives as we're trying to revive someone and getting blasted ourselves because its so hard to find the option. Here is the original code:

      Here is a direct link to the full file: https://github.com/hpy/Enigma_Exile_Revive/blob/master/Exile.Altis/Custom/EnigmaRevive/Enigma_RevivePlyr.sqf
        I've tried SO MANY variations of uncommenting this section (where applicable) and simply trying to make it so if the player is < 3 meters, the option arises (note: the option is coded in the config.cpp and does not have anything to do with distance, etc., so I won't post here.   The second issue is that when player's are revived, the lose all of their handgun ammo. Here is the code:

          Here is a direct link to the full file: https://github.com/hpy/Enigma_Exile_Revive/blob/master/%40Enigma/addons/enigma_exile_revive/compile/Enigma/Exile_RevivePlayer.sqf   Something seems wrong with that second line, but no matter which way I've tried it (changing to _HandgunMagazine according to the BIKI), I cannot seem to get players to have their secondary ammo once they have been revived.   And even though I think this last piece is an ARMA issue and not a mod issue, I wonder if there's a way to make it so players do not drop their weapons when they die/get revived?