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    • Simple: - remove quotes "" there is no need for that wrapping an sqf. - use _this instead of this inside the sqf (this is for init field of edited objects)   if (!isServer) exitWith {}; // VEHICLES // clearMagazineCargoGlobal _this;
      clearWeaponCargoGlobal _this;
      clearItemCargoGlobal _this;
      clearBackpackCargoGlobal _this;  
    • yeah common shelter would be a good thing
    • Mission version 1.18.4699 is released, download links on first page   There's now, at long last, a Cam Lao Nam version. Due to limitation in mission design (the mission must have a large transport aircraft, among other things), this version of the mission has players as CTRG BLUFOR fighting the CSAT OPFOR AI. Many of the secondary missions feature Prairie Fire assets such as the VNA and the VC.   Other significant updates: The convoy kill mission should now start much quicker. The route choosing system has been greatly improved, also van_02 have been removed from the spawn arrays as their driving is terrible. Fixed various crashes and lockups including the problems in the runway wreck clear secondary mission Music plays during mission set up. Added because clients were sometimes crashing at this stage and the music stopping was a good diagnostic sign the player had crashed. Left the music in.     [4600] Removed: Deprecated file and references to it (do_laserdesigasset)
      [4601] Added: GV values for CLN; civdestinations, infrastructureobjects and interestingobjects
      [4602] Updated: CLN updates for VIP escort secondary mission
      [4603] Updated: CLN updates for destroy asset from distance secondary mission
      [4604] Updated: CLN updates for destroy bridge secondary mission when using road bridge mode
      [4605] Updated: Some roadbridges on CLN have separate bridge support models, so check them for possible destruction
      [4606] Removed: Debug from destroy bridge secondary mission
      [4607] Changed: Bighouses GV has buildings with only 9 positions. Blacklisting for barricade defend secondary mission adds CLN classnames
      [4609] Changed: SM manager doesn't choose man roadblock secondary mission on CLN
      [4610] Updated: Blacklists for CLN in destroy cache secondary mission
      [4611] Updated: CLN handled differently from other lush islands by GV.sqf
      [4611] Added: CLN classnames to spawn crew and vehicle function, barricade defend SM and counterattack SM
      [4612] Updated: CLN classnames for bigartyvehicles GV
      [4613] Updated: CLN classnames for kill 1 man SM
      [4614] Updated: bighouses GV doesn't include piers (they have building positions)
      [4615] Updated: CLN classnames for kill 1 man SM
      [4616] Updated: More destinations for VIP on CLN
      [4617] Updated: Blacklists for kill1 man SM on CLN
      [4620] Internal build
      [4623] Updated CLN classnames for kill 1 man on CLN
      [4624] Updated: Better group creation for kill 1 man. Can be indi or opfor
      [4625] Changed: More separation of CLN from other lush terrains. Also removed van_02 from AI driven mission as they are terrible
      [4626] Updated: PF classnames to opforhelis GV
      [4627] Internal build
      [4628] Added: trucktypes to new CLN case in gv.sqf
      [4630] Improved: Slowed client init because it gets ahead of server on CLN
      [4631] Internal build
      [4632] Added. On CLN, music plays during client init (useful to see if client crashes during init)
      [4634] Updated: Enemies spawn closer in barricade defend SM to improve AI routing and speed the mission up a little
      [4635] Added: Experimental code to find road routes in server init
      [4637] Improved: pointisinbox function less crashy and can use alt syntax of boundingboxreal
      [4638] Removed: remarked out code tat looks for road routes during init
      [4640] Removed: PT marker changing to pink when last few AI enter stalk mode
      [4641] Fixed: waypointstatements calling server scripts on clients
      [4642] Improved: Forward vehicle has more ammo
      [4643] Fixed: tky_findsafepos should not return position that might be inside large rocks
      [4644] Improved: Any units that might be inside rocks when stalk starts are deleted
      [4646] Improved: Overly aggressive vehicle cleanup after first PT
      [4647] Changed: Choosenextprimary always chooses a civ town as the 2nd PT so SM manager can choose runway wreck clear SM
      [4649] Fixed: SM manager sending istowncoastal function a position instead of a logic
      [4650] Improved: When a server become non empty, all vehicles are refueled in case they've been idling for days in an empty server
      [4651] Added: Music plays on client during setup
      [4652] Fixed: Keying errors on CLN data file
      [4656] Removed: Remarked out route finding code that runs during mission init. It's far too slow
      [4660] Added: datagen folder and dev tool makeroutes script that grabs routes outside of runtime
      [4662] Added: staticdata.sqf file that will contain, among other things, ai road routes
      [4668] Improved: Backstory for blueconvoy SM. Spawn some dead drivers and some craters
      [4670] Changed: convoykill and destroybridge on run when targetlandmassid is 1 on all terrains
      [4672] Added: RHS classnames for bluconvoy SM
      [4674] Changed: If an engineer is playing some vecs are damaged in bluconvoy SM
      [4676] Improved: logics now have a vehiclevarname the same as their logic name
      [4677] Changed: convoy kill mission takes string from logic vehiclevarname and gets the logic actual name from it
      [4681] Improved: Beachhead pefers to spawn on flatter ground
      [4682] Improved: Makeroutes disables lots of stuff in mission so it can run faster
      [4683] Improved: showlogics outputs more data
      [4685] Improved: Solved double exec bug in calculatepath by waiting for a route that is at least 100 long before returning
      [4686] Improved: Better blacklisting in findroute and removed all sleeps. runs much faster
      [4693] Fixed: Building misplaced in Son Tay hidden because it blocks a road (reported to dev)
      [4694] Improved: Spawn loop fir PT is now max 5 times (a 450 town previously was 6 and was lagging clients)
      [4695] Changed: Lo Vien is now an orientation logic, not a town as it's empty
      [4696] Improved: Dev tool show logics better output
      [4698] Improved: San Bay airbase made smaller and some helicopters removed from composition so they fit within the new radius
      [4699] Build and Publish