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    • I gotta say this: I wouldn't like it being an Alien-esque Scenario in Vanilla or such. CBRN sounds cooler and more fitting too atleast in my personal opinion.   Also, interesting... All hints to a 13:37 release time.
    • Shame there is no way to get the roadway lod of a model.   Theres your navmesh right there. Interesting project though.
    • Oh wow! Look's like we are messing around with exactly the same problem! Well A.I. movement in general is kind of strange sometimes... I created a test mission with multiple radio triggers which allowed me to on the fly switch / toggle between diffrent move commands and positions with and without enemy(s) diffrent behaviours and formations all this kind of stuff... But still i'm not sure what exactly leads to A.I. not moving sometimes... Looks like environment is a big point! Mountain / Rocky areas are a mess... A.I. really is not able to properly move through those areas... Somehow they always manage to mess up their formation... Most of the time you can get them back to continue moving by using: {_x doMove (getPos _x) } count (units _group); or (units _group) doFollow (leader _group); which i think will make them kind of clean up their formation and continue moving again.   But just as you already noticed sometimes they stop moving in the middle of nowhere in flat empty areas...   Yes that's really true! Disable A.I. unit(s) "FSM" makes them skip all B.I.S. hardcoded micro A.I. cover search behaviour which leads to much faster A.I. movement in general. About the A.I. not moving problem: Guess if you use _unit disableAI "FSM" somehow makes given A.I. unit(s) stuck at some point of the FSM file which leads to A.I. not moving. You can disable all A.I. unit(s) "FSM" once at start and keep them disabled all the time to prevent A.I. stop moving. Switching it on and off will mess things up!   A.I. AWARE vs COMBAT behaviour: A.I. group(s) which use AWARE behaviour will move almost exactly the same as A.I. group(s) with disabled "FSM". Guess you already found a way of how to get them to AWARE even if in combat. {_x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"} count (units _group); _group setBehaviour "AWARE"; "AUTOCOMBAT" has to be disabled to change A.I. group(s) behaviour to AWARE during combat!  
    • May be request help(votes, opinions) through reddit and official discord?   Agree with you. Another idea: some sectors randomly empty, without AAF
    • Why? That should not work. The array version of inArea expects the first parameter as a position or object, not a string.   Is the marker an area marker? or just an empty? If its not an area marker change the waitUntil condition in the code in the spoiler below to... waitUntil{ //If the task has been set as failed [ "t1" ] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "FAILED" || //Or all units of group _HVT are in marker_63 { units _HVT findIf{ !( _x inArea [ getMarkerPos "marker_63", 8, 8, 0, false, 8 ] ) } isEqualTo -1 } }; Uses inArea ARRAY but passing markers position rather than string name.   Sorry my mistake for not spotting that _HVT is a group not a unit