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    • Anti-Bounce System
      Leopard20 This is a simple and lightweight addon that attempts to improve (not fix) the weird PhysX problem where the vehicles bounce up into the air in a ridiculous way.

      I made this addon for my upcoming AI mod, as they had a tendency to flip their vehicles a lot while driving. But I suppose it is worth using by players as well.

      Please note that the problem with PhysX cannot be fixed with a simple addon, because it is engine related. Also, please note that this mod is still work-in-progress, so do not use it in any serious missions until you've tested it and made sure it satisfies your needs.

      I will try to improve the mod with your feedback, so please report all your issues and findings.

      Also, if you know of any similar mods, please let me know (I couldn't find any)
      Mod Features:

      Until the mod is fully tested, there won't be any workshop links. Sorry for the inconvenience.   Installation:
      Community Base Addons (CBA)
    • What you don't like them calling out "soldier 300 meters front!" all over the place? Especially when wandering in a town and the "soldier" is just a civvie walking around LOL.  Ok that drives me crazy.  
    • Try adding an _SMDI texture to stage 5 of your RVMAT. Stage 7 should also be _co.paa not _ca.paa Also your "specularPower = 150;" seems rather high unless you're making a metallic/chrome looking balaclava. Try changing it to ~50
    • Dev Update      A new item can be used to lock planes down. Place them next to a plane in editor. On map start it will lock the plane in position. No more rolling all over the place.      Stop and shut down engine near service cone to lock the plane after landing   Use the service quad to place / remove cones   Also for next update: - changed Afterburner to physX push mode - added cam shake when breaking sound barrier - added PhysX penalty if gear is extended beyond 450km/h
    • v.
      - removed Debugging