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    • Hello persever833! I can help you. I use a similar methods to create special vehicles and as conditions for addActions in these missions. I would be happy to write up a working model for you. I am making a demo mission for you in the editor now. I should be done in a few hours. I will edit this message with my example then. Unless you already have a solution, in which case please respond and tell me. Get back to you soon.......    
    • No, in the UK. A small Dominos pizza is £13

      Biased how?? I had no hand in creating this CDLC, nor was I a Beta tester, nor did I receive it for free. 
    • Oh, forgot:
        No, me. 😄
      I was either a moderator or the forum admin when you were involved with the site back in the ancient days.
    • Hello, i want to start Modding, and what is the better place to start for me, is too customize and add Insignias. well i'm having a bit of trouble. you see its a website that is kinda dedicated to creating Insignias Owned by the person who goes by insignia.alex.  On the website  their is a instructional guide on how to install it real simple stuff. Point A and Point B Instructions. Well short story, i fellow each and every instructions that he asked, after creating the Mod and starting up when i started it up  I get a Error Messages like Picture /insigina_addon/icons/test.ping not found. https://ibb.co/ZVzhJcg https://ibb.co/4sFL9mb https://ibb.co/K9VKygR https://insignia.alex109.de/create.html#feedback I did this six times hoping for a new outcome, but no matter how much i  tried the same Error Message pop ups,  I don't know what i'm am doing wrong. I converted the Png to Paa file and typed it into  Config file .
    • Right but there’s a bigger problem at hand here. The fact that a series in which an included SP campaign was once standardized and now utterly neglected is now normalized   like said above , at a minimum throw us an AI team and double check terrain and level design and make sure they play nice together. Again, this is all fallout and anew standardized type of lazy ness that was a business decision at the inception of Apex and carries on to now - Old Man campaign be damned( nice attempt but already done and better by users). The committee of NAY aka BIS made an intentional decision to cease fixing the very real issues of SP -lacking combat animations, states of awareness, calibrating of AI skills , buillding pathfinder and combat and really - the heart of infantry combat itself - The Firefight - has been totally neglected for years now. Fans of SP the proverbial red headed stepchildren - are left to fend for themselves “ aye just whip it up in the editor blah blah blah “ is bad. Giving us flawed terrain that AI can’t even navigate and stop missions dead in their tracks - real bad. Now having to go sign up in yet another forum to be ignored on yet another bug tracker - gtfo    check your business practice BI - sure steam kiddie casuals might help your sales but don’t forget the people who got you there as steam casuals are a fickle bunch..