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    • Depends. I don't think that ACE was ever designed to be compatible with the campaign.
    • Thank you. Always happy to hear feedback like that. I would mod things anyway but am growing more reluctant to share - so comments like yours do have an impact.
    • Sometimes the AI won't heal you in singleplayer making this big part of the mod useless.And the script: "allowDamage false" doesn't work,i still die. And i can't play the East Wind campaign because of medical and exlosives.I remember ace medical breaks the mission 4 in bootcamp because you can't heal the AAF survivor and you stuck.And ace exlosives breaks the first mission in Survive episode where you must destroy the blackfoot wreck and you stuck there too.Maybe this happens to other missions and campaigns i don't know.I want to experience the campaigns with ace.Is this too much to ask?  
    • Mods: RHS, USP, VTN, S&S, Forgotten Fronts, Faces of War, Lythium, Kuban-Bridgehead, Huey Pack II
    • Update WW2Epic Hello WW2 fans, just want to let you know that i'm still adding videos to the WW2 Epic channel every week. The number of documentaries and misc videos on the playlists have significantly gone up since i posted last year.        I gathered the numbers of videos per playlist, here is the latest list of all the Playlists containing all the videos on the channel, the number to the left of the playlist is how many videos there are in that playlist:   Also note at the top of the list here is a new playlist which you can either rent or buy full WW2 movies on Utube i had found and collected about 81 of them so far! If you know of any Full WW2 movies free or for rent that are not on my lists, let me know and i will add them. =========== NEW!  81 - Full WW2 movies you can buy or rent on Utube  152 - Full Movies 121 - Short Films 59 - WW2 Tv Show - Twelve O'clock High 24 - WW2 Tv Show - Colditz 71 - WW2 TV show - COMBAT! 21 - WW2 Photographs 25 - Battle of Berlin 22 - Poland - Polish Theater Documentaries 19 - Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries 44 - Famous Battles Documentaries - Stalingrad 64 - Holocaust Documentaries 76 - Pacific - Pacific Front Theater Documentaries 23 - Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries 18 - Finland - Finnish Theater Documentaries 28 - Great Britain - English Theater Documentaries 26 - Ostfront - Eastern Front Theater Documentaries 31 - Africa - African Front Theater Documentaries 77 - DDay & Western Theater Documentaries 39 - Ships & Submarines 51 - WW2 Cartoons 15 - Nazi Occult & UFO Documentaries 50 - Discoveries, Relics, & Treasures 144 - People of WW2 144 - Tank Documentaries 18 - Anthems, Marches, Music, & Songs 109 - Weapon Documentaries 110 - Bombers, Fighters, & Planes 5 - TANKS! Steel Tigers 6 - TANKS! Assault Guns and Tank Hunters Sturmgeschütz 17 - German War Files 127 - Documentaries ===================