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    • We're playing tonight at 2100 CET (8PM UK).   Addons (Steam Workshop): http://vojak.si/rabim/   Meeting point Teamspeak3: ts.vojak.si - pass: Pilatus   Welcome!
    • Sorry for the late response, I tested on SP mode. As everything else too.
    • Thanks. I had it at one time, but i think before it was copyright so the author had it taken down, and before that it was made private or something idk. I have 4 tv shows on the channel atm i updated the front page of the channel, if you scroll down i have a list of 4 tv shows under short films. I'll look for the lost evidence and if i find will add it again.   IFA3 Utube channel I had an idea for a new channel, and this is basically like i did for my channel for Halek's Ravage mod, where i was going to create a channel for IFA3 itself, and setup all sorts of categories based on the videos i come across. So they would be separated on dev blog, coop, sp, clips, previews, episodes, ect,. with IFA3 it will be much more profound in how i set it up as its alot larger then Ravage is. But once i get something setup i'll post it here and link it in my sig.
    • Project Argo runs nearly like Arma, making the use of scripts possible for custom missions.   Third person view was not intended to be used in Argo, however it is possibly accessible using this script: (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown",{ if ((_this select 1) == 156) then {//I'm using 156 to represent "Enter" on NumPad while {true} do {//Must loop constantly or 3rd person will disable player switchCamera "EXTERNAL"; sleep 0.0005; }; }; }]; I'd like it so that this particular script is "Toggle-able" or enabled/disabled via one key-press, rather than to hold the key down continuously in order for it to do its job ....   If anyone has the decent script-expertise and would like to share with me a finished version of what I want, I'd appreciate it!   P.S. I would also like a script that allows one to access/open "BIS_fnc_arsenal" anywhere using a specific keyboard key, much like the way to activate third person view, but using the "home" key on NumPad (DIK code 199) instead.   Best of regards.  
    • Do you have a pet? Let's talk about them and share your experiences on having a pet or the things that you want to do with your pet.