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    • I get your point and agree but my worry is more from what I've witnessed watching the in game parts so far and from what BI has mentioned in game, less from the what streamers have to say.. for example BI mentions if you want your adr faster, spend crowns to cut the time in half... As stated im a loyal fan and don't plan on going anywhere, but since 1.1 the only reason I die in game now is due to an increasing number of "spray and pray", full auto, 300 round, blind folded players. No sacrifice.. I miss having a real stand off, where skillful shots mean something. It loses its niche when there is no skill involved, and making it easier to obtain the "big" guns defeats that...no? I have to assume most of the people reading this here on this official forum like this game because of how different it is compared to the standard cookie cutter shooter profile. I just hope it stays in its own realm. Sorry that got a little long..
    • ok, fair call, we never had an issue with it but that does make sense, so to be clear all I have to do is disable ace medical through the ace server settings area and that will give us the standard mission revive script?   if that's the case that's super easy, ill just makeup 2 server ace settings, simple as 🙂  we have been getting such a kick out of playing with ace medical, it ups the intensity soooooooo much!      
    • I'm pumped for all the new additions, especially the chemical and electronic stuff!   Here's one for V and the masses. Is there a way to put the side mission request on a NPC? I'd like to instead have players speak to a NPC, say a ranking officer in the AO, through an add action to receive a side mission.    
    • Yeah! I am having the same issue. Waiting for more responses.
    • I think you need to take the reviews of the streamers with a grain of salt. These streamers/partners are hyping aspects of the game because that's exactly what they're paid to do. No hype and the update doesn't sell. The real telling point will be when it's released and average Joe gives his honest opinion.