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    • nkenny i did some testing in a scenario ,as mentioned before,AI fast movements while clearing buildings was causing them to die from fall damage.   By running this to remove fall damage:   I had no instances of collision type deaths while AI cleared buildings.If you could throw those eventhandlers onto AI who are clearing when in a special formation it might be a solution.For now i just run this in everyones init   In the 2nd case issue,the AI once clearing/cleared a house,got stuck inside there.The buildings are CUP / Takistan    (this house has a small "shed" attached to it,thats the particular pos they get stuck) And       And in almost every instance ,AI trying to go through an arch way,get stuck unable to path again.  This was:       Again,i know its not a Lambs issue,Lambs is just highlighting the limitations of the AI and pathing,the same as it highlights their inability to heal and therefore cant keep a strong push.   Anyway those classnames are there if you are interested in looking sometime.Not much of an issue for me personally with enemy AI but using HC and trying to move squads becomes impossible after some urban fighting.
    • Like the title suggests, I really need one of you talented individuals to help me out here with writing up a simple trigger. "simple?" I know, but this isn't simple enough for me it seems I've spent hours looking for answers and now I'm here.   So basically I'm asking for a trigger "script" for a group of like 6-7 heuy helicopters to fly at low altitude from one end of the map to the other but random start positions for ambient purposes. if possible in a column formation as we've all seen in the movies! some help would really be appreciated! 
    • To keep it short,im looking for a quick and dirty method of preventing any AI from using the vanilla limping animation and speed(most important).   I have searched for anything that can make AI either heal themselves reliably or flat out prevent them moving slowly when taking damage to the leg.   Is there a way to do this globally or even on a unit by unit basis?
    • You are completely right, this is my ticket on the tracker.Reyhard simply misunderstood me and made a selection for the cockade, when a second model of the beret was needed where there is no flag on the normal map. 🙂
    • Hi, I'm trying to implement a simple destruction mission with the goal of blowing up some crates. But the crates seem indestructible.  I've placed a Satchel charge next to them but it seems that they not only take no visual damage, but also no fictive damage.   This is what the scene looks afterwards:     The camouflage net was destroyed, but none of the boxes.   Any ideas ?