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    • Ok thanks. But it seems like we've come full circle in a way.

      I am not seeing the practical difference between your code: And the code from my opening post: Which keeps the sound on only 1 location. 

      I appreciate the demonstration of a "while" loop. Can't immediately think of an elegant use for repeatedly creating and deleting new sound sources, whenever a sound has played. 
      Unless someone has experience with the command, or a new suggestion, I think I'm going to leave it here, and stick to workarounds.

      Thanks for the help gents. 
    • alarmSFX = createSoundSource ["Sound_Alarm", getMarkerPos "marker_0", ["marker_1","marker_2"], 0]; Randomization works as described, but it's selected only once when called. Then loops always on same position.     Example 2 from BIKI plus while loop: [] spawn { while {true} do{ _alarm = createSoundSource ["Sound_Alarm", position player, [], 0]; //starts alarm sleep 10; deleteVehicle _alarm; //stops alarm }; };  
    • Trying to figure out the math for creating sectors or districts in towns without having to place a marker or trigger in the editor so you get roving patrols that move from sector to sector that garrison for a random period of time.
    • Okay; we're on the same page. But what kind of conditional looping did you have in mind back there, that would be easier than creating separate sound sources and giving them each their own marker?
        No hope necessary :-). My declared CfgSFX and CfgVehicles work as intended. I asked, because we're moving away from my original question (how to use last two arguments of createSoundSource), and I hoped you might know a potential mission I could check out for inspiration.
    • Hey dreadpirate two things my brother. I reported the the custom unit names was not carrying over at times that you Incorporated within the script that is false lol. It may be the fact that I don't have arma on an SSD drive at this time if I do not give arma a good  30 seconds to load up and hit the continue button when I'm in map screen before the mission starts the names don't carry over if I wait 30 seconds all the good.   Now the the really stuff the elevations work great as well as the dostop command no reason to use a sentry waypoint anymore lol however the disable pathway command I am unable to reverse it using a script in a trigger at the threshold of a building door. What I have been doing in the past is using a trigger at the or if a certain unit of a group gets killed inside the building I enable the pathway for the entire group allowing them to move throughout the building and exit. With your new disable pathway I cannot enable it with a trigger. It would be nice to be able to enable it again if desired for the mission designer. I don't know if it's possible with the code you needed to put in to allow jebus to spawn it in with the group. AVIBIRD