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    • No problem 🙂 sorry if the reply was downtrodding the idea we all want better loot from the airdrop among other things but we have to think from the development side of things to and try to conjure up compromises both sides can agree on. While my idea I posted a while back is more engaging it’s also mechanic heavy so I don’t expect it will get implemented. Need to think of cool ways to evolve the game that’s acceptable enough for the dev team to bring into effect. Not in the least an easy job to do! But keep at it! 
    • Was a bug in one of the recent Arma updates, has been corrected. Are you on latest update?
    • with or without mods, it doesn't matter
    • I have APU AMD R5 PRO 4650G. 500 Mb VRAM standart + 8Gb VRAM take on RAM. In arma i have problem with textures. On srceenshots light version problem. And i dont choose high and ultra settings textures. after a short game, all textures turn into huge squares of blurry texture, without a model. I tried all the settings in the launcher and the game. It does not help. arma does not count memory from RAM as video memory
      bushtreesno high options
    • Wondering if the game can be more realistic: 1. add fracture or bleeding system so that add item "splint", to make it more reasonable or necessary to bring medical tool into the outlands before every game (which means to broaden the usage of those medical supplies) 2.adjust the backpack size with the backpack character bring into the game(it is very strange that you own the same space between different size backpacks) 3.change some effect of heavy calibre or armour piercing ammos to make it able to hurt both players' armour and body(more reasonable, and the harm do to the armor should be little but most to body directly) 4.maybe it is time to build an armour system? but players are able to add armour plate into their different armour? (though it is friendly to the gameplay exprience that you can use armour plate to get armour in this version, but it is so funny after playing dayz or escape from tarkov or even warzone to find that you directly put armour plate into your clothes but you did not wear an armour hahaha😝) 5.the climbing system is not good in this version, sometimes you can even not climb over short fences. Thanks for reading!