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    • Hey @pierre MGI if you want anyone to help with testing let me know happy to.
    • Ah yes. Look: _ClearArea1A = "clearArea_2","clearArea_3","clearArea_4","clearArea_5","clearArea_6"; // Should be: _ClearArea1A = ["clearArea_2", "clearArea_3", "clearArea_4", "clearArea_5", "clearArea_6"]; {hideObjectGlobal _x;} forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _ClearArea1A),[],(getMarkerSize _ClearArea1A)select 0,false]; // Should be: { hideObjectGlobal _x; } forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _ClearArea1A select 0), [], (getMarkerSize _ClearArea1A select 0)]; // This will only use the first marker, I would just use one big marker... Try this: private _area = "areaMkr"; { _x allowDamage false; hideObjectGlobal _x; } forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _area), [], 200, false]; deleteMarker _area;  
    • 23-01-2018  No new EXE Size: ~388 MB    DATA  Fixed: Character collisions with the front of the Van (Service variant) were incorrect  Tweaked: The Hatchback (Sport variant), Karts, and Quadbikes received an overhauled sound configuration (WIP) Fixed: It was possible to see through the cockpit glass of the Orca helicopter while in thermal view (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127552)  Fixed: The gear lever in the Ifrit MRAP was behaving erratically for an automatic transmission  Fixed: Character collisions with the empty BTR-K were incorrect    ENGINE  No EXE changes for today 
    •   Have you tried without any mods? That can be the only problem as it is not a problem with the mission. Try and narrow down the mod concerned, you might be able to do without it and get the mission to load as quickly as everyone else.   Personally I prefer the typing and fly by, as it helps to set the scene for your unit.
    • @cmw71 & @Donnie_Plays : Regarding the vehicle actions, the only thing I did change with the last update, is how said actions are added : I'm now using a CBA function to attribute said actions to all vehicle inheriting from base classes. ["LandVehicle", "init", {_this call rvg_fnc_setVehicleActions}, true, [], true] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler; This makes sure all vehicles, wether they were spawned by Ravage or not, do have those actions available - including those spawned later on ingame. The rvg_fnc_setVehicleActions function itself hasn't changed. Is the server using a whitelisted functions cfg? If that's the case, make sure "rvg_fnc_addAction" is whitelisted as well.