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    • Hey guys! I am in the middle of developing a custom A3 DayZ Exile server.
        To keep it short and simple we are trying to develop a similar feel to overpoch from A2.
        Here is our list of features and mods.
        Join the discord to keep up to date! We plan to release in the next week or so. https://discord.gg/6zrFZMt
        Features: Spawn Selection (Timer if Recent Death Near that Spawn)
      Base Paint Jobs
      DMS Missions - Some Custom
      Loadout Trader
      Base Spawn - Flag Level 2+
      Bandit Trader
      K/D XM8 - Suicide & NPC Deaths/Kills DON’T count
      Virtual Garage Hacking
      View Distance XM8
      Radiation Zones
      Jump Vault
      Day/Night Cycle - Short Night
      Rappelling & Heli Rappel
      Weather System
      Claim Vehicles w/ Code Lock
      Mount Missions Crates in Base
      High Caliber Guns are Loot/Bandit Trader Only
      Best Armed Helis are Side Guns, No Pilot Guns
      Safe Zone AntiTheft
      Capture Points
      Heli Crashes
      Heli Lifting
      Status Bar
      Chopped Wood Goes in Car
      Flag Stealing
      Safe Hacking
      Vector Building
      Zombies (Medium Spawn Rate)
      RwG Base Building
      Exile Base Light Overhaul
      Auction House (Players can sell items)
      Breaching Charges are Found/Craft Only
      Huge AI Base Mission that resets on restart
      Custom Big Zombie Town Mission (Zombies will randomly horde a town and you have to find the crate in the town)
        Mods: RHSAFRF
      3CB BAF Weapons
      3CB BAF Vehicles
      DS3 Cars Pack
      ADK Texture Pack
      Extended Base Building Mod
      Exile Mod
      CUP Terrains
      CUP Vehicles
      CUP Weapons
      Ryan Zombies
      TRYK Uniforms
      DS Houses
      Enhanced Movement
    • In MP, the first question is for JIP. The number of players can start at 0 on dedicated, 1 on hosted, then increases with the JIP. If your mission starts for few people waiting for all slots played, there is no difficulty. If on dedicated server with logging/delogging players,... it's more a count for played slots on each side and balance between them. Did I miss something?
    • probably mod conflict or some kind of install error because i have no problem like that with CUP, RHS and even with Unsung.
    • I start my mission in an open chute using    chute = "Steerable_Parachute_F" createVehicle [0,0,0];  
      chute setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 200];  
      this moveIndriver chute;   Works fine in single player but when I play with a friend, there is an extra chute for each of us.  We each are attached to our own and there are 2 more open chutes next to us.   I also have a supply drop doing the same thing, adding an extra chute during multiplayer using this command parachute_1 = "B_parachute_02_F" createVehicle [0,0,0]; 
      parachute_1 setPosASL (getPosASL s1); 
      s1 attachTo [parachute_1, [0, 0, 1]];   Any idea how to correct this? Thanks
    • I'm creating a Team vs Team mission where the sides are completely random aside from three players that selected the only Blufor, Opfor, and Independent role respectfully. Every other player will slot a civilian role and then from that pool it will be split evenly 3 ways and the players for each side will be teleported to their leader, assigned to that side and given gear based on their faction. I'm able to accomplish everything except splitting the players evenly three ways. I tried adding all players on the civilian side to an array and then randomly selecting from that and teleporting them however this doesn't ensure even distribution as each instance is random. Is there any MP reliable way to accomplish this? To state it simply, I just want to be able to select a third of players on the civilian side and be able to affect that third with another script and then do the same with the remaining 2/3rds.