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    • Sure..... First of  all we are working on the Wiesel MK20, while optimising the TOW- Wiesel.  Whats Next is Not definetly fix, but i guess it will be another Version of the Tpz Fuchs with Ground- Radar ( called PARA  ) or any of the wheeled (soft ) Vehicles ( Wolf, Unimok or 5t. ). Thats the Plans vor now. They can change anytime, but i dont think so.  We have more to come. 2 - 3 more Vehicles we are Working on, but they are in such an early state right now, i dont want to Name for the Moment. 
    • Because it has an adverse effect on the game's stability. Memory-related CTDs seem to be a lot more frequent when using our options to extend the PiP viewdistance. For BIS, it would be bad to include options that they know will lead to crashes on a reasonable percentile of users' PCs with very little indication that the crash is going to occur. It's not quite like many other graphics options where there's a clear cut fps drop telling you whether you should run the game that way or not
    • I am not sure how to word this correctly, but I on a mission I am working on I have it where the player is in a aircraft and is tasked with destroying a convoy and I would want to have it where when the player strikes first, or is spotted by the convoy... the convoy would say call in an aircraft to help defend them.   I would call this aircraft in via a trigger, but because the convoy is on the move it is hard to use a trigger, so I am wondering if there is a way to make a trigger that moves along with a target so I can maybe easily have it be where when the convoy sees the player in his aircraft it will then trigger and then trigger the aircraft reinforcements?   Or will I have to do some other type scripting to get the results that I want?
    •   Yea I tested it out on other vehicles are its amazing!    Though if something like this can be done mod wise, why is it not in the base game options? Otherwise like you said, you could end up with heaps of mods all doing the same thing. 
    • Tried Google, but things get fuzzy. So, thank you for your help.   When I press the 'Play' button on the Arma 3 launcher, it gives a 'CCG_Client requires excile_client' to run Then shuts down.   I've reloaded/updated mods and even unintalled Arma and Steam (I'm a noob at all this) The biggest confusion I have is the mods are in Steam folder and not Arma? And all numbered? I'm drowning. Any help would be awesome. thank you, Grumps