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    • It makes me pretty angry when I try to load in with a good gun and then the game crashes. When I load back up the gun is gone... I really hope you have plans to replace these. And im not talking about stingy ones either you better be giving out like 50,000 mats or 20 Adr 97s because I have lost a mega-buttload of guns from game crashes. Absolutely rediculous.
    • @killzone_kid Indeed, it works. I'll start waiting for (!isNull findDisplay 46) in all my missions from now on, to avoid similar "surprises". Thanks a lot.
    • Alright got the problem fixed just figured I would post this for posterity and to help anyone else out that had this problem. The easiest way to change classes on respawn is to just forget about roles and change the players traits. Just make all your player units rifleman or paratroopers or something that fits the mission (this isn't necessary for this to work but should help ease the confusion on the players). Then create a text document title it onplayerRespawn.sqf and paste this in it (https://pastebin.com/T2mG87Kc). On respawn this script checks the players backpack for either a toolkit or a medkit and if one is present will assign them the explosive specialist and engineer traits or the medic traits depending one which one they have. A similar thing can be done with the uav hacker trait but the script would have to be modified to check the players assigned items for a uav terminal of that players faction (check here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/assignedItems for more info on how assigned items work).    Thanks
    • I don't know how topic is to post this but please, continue with port/developing to the Linux systems too. I'm tired of being hostage to microsoft and its bugs. :(((   Thank you all of you and your work with ArmA game/simulator.   Greetings, Igor.   English is not my first language.
    • I have to retract my last statement regarding F-22 AI aggressiveness. It's appears to be a fluke. Every time I load up a scenario now the F-22 pilots literally turn around and run away. Maybe there's a bug with the AI behaviours regarding this plane?