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    • A major update today. I have added 2 new modules to CF_BAI.   The first is detect which runs a series of vision tests taking into account the environmental conditions, the AIs situation and the players situation and combines it all into a chance to spot and gain an amount of knowledge. AI can potentially spot players over 900m away without optic assistance and potentially many KM's away with optics.  This is a workaround for the 1.84 especially but also every release of the game since Apex that has reduced the AIs maximum unaware spotting distance to a very unrealistic 320m on maximum spotting skill. AI will look at you when they gain knowledge but it is otherwise the only way to see it working is via the units knowsAbout.   The second module is suppression. The suppression module takes the existing suppression value of the unit and then converts this into an impact on the units subskills so their shooting and spotting are all reduced by configurable amounts. In addition, the default suppression value decays within a second once shots have stopped and this is far too short so the system has a hold and decay that can be up to about a minute before the unit is fully recovered from being suppressed. This isn't quite as widely detecting as TPWCAS but it also has nice low CPU impact and contains no behavior just skill reductions allowing ASR_AI and VCOM AI to do what they do in response to contact.   Both modules are still a bit experimental as we haven't run them for more than a few weeks and there are some flaws with the detect module that are already known that need do addressing (details on the website and on the Steam workshop). Normally we would test and develop for much longer but I think what we have is already very usable and important to game balance especially with 1.88 breaking TPWCAS, so I decided to push out a release that we believe is bug-free but far from perfect in its implementation right now.   For other mod makers that might want to do subskill dynamic adjustments, we have also included an API consisting of 4 functions that allow setting subskills without impacting on other mods that also adjust it or for setting the units base skill. I am not so sure the way this will be utilized is via CF_BAI but we now have an approach that CF_BAI uses internally which is exposed for feedback. The best place for it is likely CBA if other mod makers want to use it.
    • Calling the module function via script is possible, but in that case, it won't help much. The various scripts spawned by the module simply aren't flexible enough for that (and they're all linked together wich makes them more problematic to manipulate). I'll keep digging for a proper solution, but for the time being, and if you really need persistency for each wreck and vehicle, I would say don't use the vehicles module...   Or use it only to spawn static wrecks with disabled persistency for static objects - and manually place driveable vehicles (or generate them at mission start via script). I reckon the best compromise is to handle vehicles you want to be persistent outside of Ravage, while letting Ravage spawn non-persistent, random static wrecks. But like I said, I'll see what imrovements I can make to the vehicles module : there're a few things I wanted to improve with the caching system anyway.
    • Dude war ships should be the next dlc... idk it may have been thought of i didn't look but i just thought of it so i thought i'd drop the idea in hopes someone important finds it.
    • Whitelist Arma 3 in Windows defender Works for me now!
    • A) tried on multiple servers aprox 10 B) I am joining server using Arma 3 Launcher, if the server would be offline, I wouldnt see it in the menu. C) Multiple times tried to join server were was my m8 logged