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    • It happened again when I retried same mission.  It seems to happen only when climbing fences/walls where you land on the same elevation at other side.  If you are climbing up onto a building or object, the animation works as expected (no problem).  The other mod I have running is CBA, but I wouldn't think that would be a problem.
    • @johnnyboy
      That is weird. My community plays with enhanced movement, and I've seen none of those reports. I will continue to investigate   -k 
    • @Aetherblade
      Must have skipped it in making somehow. Yes. As Duke_SFG says, it is the same for all my steam releases.    -k 
    • I honestly cannot grasp the footsteps problem.   I play with a duo headset, have adjusted my settings and can hear people pretty dang far away. Is this an issue for all players or a glitch for a few?   Might just not be affecting me but I do believe the footsteps are quieter than before the update. But as I stated, I can hear them loud and clear from far away still.   try using your mic for game sounds. I never have sound from my tv.
    • Thanks for the showcases.  Its great that they push through unless blocked.  Not much you can do about AI pathing.   Maybe if your script detects lead vehicle killed, you could terminate script and start fresh with next vehicle as lead vehicle.   Sounds good enough to me also. No insights here.  But they seem to move well enough as is. I see your points.  Maybe orderGetIn is worth trying.  Depends how much work you want to put into this, and what the potential benefit is.    I'm guessing the two main usages for this script are:    1) player team attacks convoy, 2) player team defends/escorts convoy.    For 1) Player Attack Convoy, if the convoy wins by killing attackers, then player objective or mission fails, and it doesn't really matter if any convoy vehicles get stuck.  For 2) Player Defend/Escort Convoy, if lead vehicles are disabled and blocking convoy, then it could be up to the player to clear those vehicles by pushing them with a remaining vehicle, or taking command of convoy, and ordering them to move to other positions to go around.  It would be up to the mission maker to allow player to handle a blocked convoy situation.   For those 2 scenarios, the script is probably good enough.   Another option is to fudge the outcome, and disable blocked vehicles by setting engine damage to 1.  Player would hopefully be unaware this "cheat" occurred, and mission has  a natural looking outcome (ai abandons damaged vehicles).  This might be a good option for Player Attacks Convoy mission.    Regardless, this is very useful and cool, and I hope to make a convoy mission someday using this!