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    • Problem is BIS_fnc_taskPatrol sets the groups behaviour in the first couple of lines of the script to SAFE, it then adds the waypoints. So you need to wait until the groups waypoints start being added and then reset their behaviour to what ever you like. nul = this spawn { _wps = count waypoints group _this; _null = [group _this, getPos car, 444] spawn BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; waitUntil{ count waypoints group _this > _wps }; group _this setBehaviour "AWARE"; };  
    • I found something else though.. I'm playing a mission that uses vanilla mines. I also have ACE enabled. Now the EOD in my AI squad detects the mines, and I can take over control to disarm them. But I cannot order him to disarm it (it works when ACE Explosives is disabled though). In the AIO menu under "actions" is an option to disarm explosives, but it's always greyed out. To test this further and sort out that it's like that due to the explosives used by the mission (vanilla ones) I've let him place an explosive via the AIO action Menu. But even after he planted that one, the option to disarm it is still greyed out. Any idea?
    • Thanks for posting! I'm not well versed in code, should I put the description text you supplied at the top or bottom of my description?    enableDebugConsole = 1; respawn = 3; respawnDialog = 0; respawnOnStart = -1; author = "DrDetroit"; OnLoadName = "ALIVE_RHS_LYTHIUM_INS_ALPHA1"; OnLoadMission = "US Army 10th Mountain Division and MARSOC assist the Afghan National Army with clearing operations in the Lythium district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Currently, activity of the ISIL insurgency is contained in the central-west and north-west region. There is a Afghan base in the north-east, and FOB ALPHA near the current hot zones located in the central-western portion of Lythium."; loadScreen = "marsoc_in_morning.jpg"; class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'POGSURinit.sqf')"; }; }; Thanks in advance!  Good day! DrDetroit
    • @Mirek,

      There is no workaround for attaching lightpoints. Lights "jitter" because they do not update position fast enough.

      The way I made the cabin lights in FTA and Jet Toys was to attach an actual light (single light object) to the plane and hide it in the geometry.

      Keep in mind that AI hate attached objects on vehicles and it will cause erratic flight behaviour.   Have fun!
    • Thanks but its not working.I already tried a variation of this,then tried your,and the result is the same...AI stay in a relaxed behaviour.