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    • P.S.: I have now noted one thing: uav1 is the name of the drone, but is it even correct to use the UAVs name in the script? Should I use instead the player who is acting as the gunner of uav1?
    • I had offered it long before, just right before this season began... I bet others did as well, but apparently devs are busy milking the Steam players, than fixing/improving this game😒
    • Hi,   I am looking for a possibility to check if infantry units hidden on the map can be seen by the player acting as gunner in a UAV.  The script which was mentioned in the following thread seems not to work:   I have only changed the side to east and renamed the uav to uav1. Furthermore I have added player reveal [_x,4]; after the pushback command. To debug, I have also placed a hint after the visibility > 0 check and it never fires... Any idea what I am doing wrong?   (btw an enemy vehicle is auto-revealed)   Sorry for not being more precise, but I would also be happy for ideas how to debug/identify the problem.   Best regards, Flyer  
    • For the last month I have been experiencing high ping to the server, like 150+ ms.... I had previously ping no more than 90 ms. The ISP is as always not an issue, as they told me. Two days ago, I began experiencing another issue - constantly getting disconnected and kicked back to the main 'login' screen. 3 out of 4 times it is happening now. Does anybody else experiencing the same? 
    • Any plans to have the F-15EX available both with and without CFTs?   From what I've read, the general plan is for them to fly without CFTs for typical air defense missions, as supported by this article and images of the newly delivered F-15EX to the Oregon ANG.
      https://theaviationist.com/2024/06/10/f-15ex-eagle-ii-oregon-ang/#:~:text=The first F-15EX Eagle,Base in the following years.

      This article about the F-15EX operations at the Eglin test range also indicates that the aircraft are being tested both with and without CFTs, adding them purely as the test missions require: