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    • Same effect, really strange. No other mods running, files re-verified and the cobra is still silent after startup inside and outside when playing as the pilot. When it's AI I can hear it it fine. Can someone else please test this for me?
    • Something to get you started:   //initPlayerLocal.sqf //can populate the array with custom groups TAG_battalion = allGroups select {side _x isEqualTo side player AND {isPlayer _x} count units _x isEqualTo 0}; //make controlled groups and movements visible on map findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51 ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", " _display = _this#0; { { _icon = getText (configfile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> typeof _x >> 'icon'); _display drawIcon [_icon,[0,0,1,1],getPosVisual _x,24,24,getDirVisual _x,name _x,1,0.03,'TahomaB','right']; _display drawLine [getPosVisual _x,getPosVisual leader _x,[0,0,1,1]]; } forEach units _x; } forEach TAG_battalion; { _offSet = [15,15,0]; _iconPos = getPosVisual leader _x vectorAdd _offSet; _icon = getText (configfile >> 'cfgGroupIcons' >> _x getVariable ['GOM_fnc_groupIcon','b_inf'] >> 'icon'); _grpInfoText = _x getVariable ['GOM_fnc_groupInfoText',groupID _x]; _display drawIcon [_icon,[1,1,1,1],_iconPos,24,24,0,_grpInfoText,1,0.03,'TahomaB','left']; _display drawLine [_iconPos,getPosVisual leader _x,[0,0,1,1]]; _dest = (expectedDestination leader _x)#0; _dest set [2,0]; if (!(vectorMagnitude _dest isEqualTo 0) AND (_dest distance2d getPos leader _x) > 20) then { _display drawLine [getPosVisual leader _x,_dest,[0,0,1,1]]; _icon = getText (configfile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> typeof leader _x >> 'icon'); _display drawIcon [_icon,[0,0,1,0.5],_dest,24,24,0,'',1,0.03,'TahomaB','right']; } } forEach TAG_battalion; "]; TAG_fnc_moveMultiGroup = { params ["_groups","_spacing","_movePos","_watchDir"]; {_x move (_movePos getPos [(_spacing * _forEachIndex) - (_spacing * count _groups / 2),formationDirection (leader (_groups#0))])} forEach _groups; }; addMissionEventHandler ["MapSingleClick", { params ["_units", "_pos", "_alt", "_shift"]; _groups = TAG_battalion select {{alive _x} count units _x > 0}; [_groups,35,_pos] call TAG_fnc_moveMultiGroup; }]; Obviously needs some more tweaking, like handling the direction of the battalion etc. Could also add custom formations for all group, so groups on the edge will assume left/right echelon, center takes wedge and anything in between as line etc. Then you could make all groups assume a half circle around the target position, plenty of possibilities, heh.     Edit: Here's the post containing the group icons on map snippet.   Cheers
    • We have already made the J and it is in game and working perfectly. If I’m not mistaken there is a screenshot of it in one of the past threads 
    • @Bode_DHSF The Steam Workshop Link is posted on the FIRST Page of this Forum Thread. Always check there first. Also be sure to Download the SAMPLE/NOTES Mission for a starting Tutorial and setup Example.   (All stand-alone sub projects are still currently off-line in my dropbox links.)
    • Ohhhhh well then, in that case I'll have to look into it. 😉