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    • Did you figure it out? If not, First, this section is for terrain builder and you are posting question about eden editor.  With no info, i'll guess.  The mission is saying that it was created while you had a dlc loaded. So the mission was saved either with a DLC asset, which is no longer present. Or it was saved, and recorded all mods that you had opened the game with. Meaning, if you had the jets Dlc, while creating mission, even though you might not be using anything from the DLC, the mission listed the DLC as a part of your set up. I remember a long time ago, probably with arma 2, if you used a jets dlc asset in the mission you created, once you opened the mission in the editor, it listed the jet as a required addon. And if you deleted the jet later, it would not remove the required asset. As long as you opened the mission with an addon, the addon would always be required. you would have to manually remove it from the sqf etc.. Another thing, it looks like you are making a map and testing it. If that's the case, you must have used a dlc asset in terrain builder. Now the map wont work unless you load the dlc.   But again, the error is in eden editor, and the error is referring to the mission, not the island. Your config file is too detailed for me to find a reference to a dlc.   Actually the config is not the right one. The error is in mission. you need the mission config not the island config. Your island obviously loads so it must be working. But apex or other dlc are missing in mission. Your config references the required addons... note that you might have an addon requirement that was left off the list. When I made  missions and addons, I noticed that the required addon list did not have to list all for it to still work. If I used something from apex but forgot to include it in the list, It still worked.   I hope some of this helped
    • First off, its so nice to see people helping out by reporting IP violations, and its wonderful seeing this mod getting some love, anyways, i have a few questions on the armament in the mod, bombs more specifically. I just played through World in Conflict, and i found myself loving the "Daisycutter" bomb. Will it be included in the mod?    Next question: Will the vehicles be "pylon friendly"?   lastly, will stealth work? i dont know if ArmA 3 has the means, but it would be cool to see a nighthawk have some sort of stealth mechanic. Anyways, hope you guys make some good progress, despite you guys not having much time, thanks for your dedication !
    • Thanks for the feedback. Both things you mention are in the pipe. Editor is on its way to github, but I need to fix a few things first.   Your other suggestion (parameters in method header) is also planned as a coming alternate syntax.   Not sure what you mean with the "is" command. Isn't it working?
    • G'day @scotg,   Love the look of the FANG. Can't wait for this to be released. Keep up the good work.
    • Yes, Yes, Yes, Fantastic.  First Dimmer and Jolly Green Superbirds and now Bronco. A Lonely Kind of War Intensifies!