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    • Right, so . Hotfix is here. I said it on twitter but I'll say it again here as well- To all the hands who helped with the bugfix, thankyou. SW has been updated, fixes are available as follows -   NIArms Core V1.33   NIArms All-in-One V9.3  
    • battlecarrysabot Hi. If possible, put an example mission here. I will be grateful.
    • Hi. If possible, put an example mission here. I will be grateful.
    •   hahaha!! I just started working on some pistols of my own, so hopefully not so shitty soon lmao :D         LOVE this guys, really cool hearing everyone chime in.  Lots of cool info, and i love garand thumb, i watch his videos for the intro puns alone lmao (not really, his content is all top notch). One thing right off the bat that jumps out for me is context with the era of the mod. I know not all of my gear is "gen 2" era. But I sorta want the time period to match up. Hence why my guns for the most part still have quad rails, the 6094 and high blast belt, the gen 2's them selves obvi. i know i have some bits outta place here and there, but if it was prototypable (lol) in the gen 2 era, im okay with it rocking in the era with my mod. The SERPA was super hip in that era so it stands out as the cool-guy rig for the time. Like i said, i know i bend the rules here, but eh, its my mod lmao. Second, im a sucker for SERPA's lol I used this set up daily for a while and loved it.   so i doooo have some personal bias lmao I sold this pistol recently and looking at this makes me cry sad man tears haha I'm totally into some other holster ideas for sure, I personally find the safariland ones ugly/plain looking, so modding one isnt huge on my list haha But definitely not off the table either though. I dont have one that peeps can hop in, just for friends and i gaming. But Crazy Corky does run a VSM one that host a lot more traffic. If he hops on and links ya, thats the best way. :)   Yea! Jarrad is hooking it up with spartan and getting me loads of ballistic values. One  day at a time haha :D   --------   Some pics to hold you guys over even though i know it just makes it worse <3     testing out different spray patterns on the rifles for different parts of the zenith campaign. As usual poses are direones and rismarks, weapons accessories are RH.
    • Glad to hear that you managed to solve your problem Rossoe! Normally the addon should have automatically convert the original 24-bit image to a 8-bit one before writing the output. I must miss something somewhere I guess :/