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    • I hide IEDs in them. Muhaha. 🙂
    • Ah ok, that could be it! I was on Altis, but I was looking at some of the smaller formations. Perhaps that was the issue. I was also having some sort of graphical issue regarding the menu system. It wasn't popping up at all for me.  
    • RKSL Studios presents the LCVP mk5 The LCVP Mk5 was built by Vosper Thornycroft and FBM Babcock Marine, with the first entering service in 1996. Four of the vessels can transport a full Royal Marine company (around 140 troops) Presently, the Mk5s operate from the amphibious warfare ships HMS Albion (L14) and HMS Bulwark (L15)   This addon adds a medium size landing craft in two versions: Personnel  - Carrying 30 passengers, 2 FFR enabled Cargo Turrets with a 2 man Crew. Vehicle In Vehicle - with a load space of 2.7(W) x 6.47(L) upto 12,000Kg and carrying 4 passengers with a 2 man Crew.     LEGAL DISCLAIMER RKSL Studios addons are distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  The RKSL Studios addons are not an official Addon or tool.  The use of these addons (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk.    You may:   The Full End User Licensing Agreement for this addon pack is available here: http://eula.rkslstudios.info/   PACK CONTENTS 1) LCVP Mk5 - Personnel - This version carries 30+2 (Turrets) troops with a crew of 2. A driver and commander. CLASSNAMES: rksla3_lcvpmk5_1 2) LCVP Mk5 - Vehicle-In-Vehicle - This type is intended to transport vehicles upto 12000kg.  It is unarmed but does have 4x Cargo seats. CLASSNAMES: rksla3_lcvpmk5_viv       CHANGE LOG 3.000 - PUBLIC RELEASE   FINDING THE ADDON IN THE EDITOR You can find the Objects under: UK Armed Forces > Boats   ADDON FEATURES 3x Decal options switchable in EDEN Attributes:  Royal Navy, Royal Marines Generic - As requested by several Dutch Community members NV/Thermal Obs camera in Commander's turret 2x Firing-From-Vehicles Turrets (Personnel Version only). Option to open/close covers in EDEN attributes (Personnel Version only). ViV can transport vehicles upto 12,000kg De-Beaching Option - You will inevitably beach this at some point.  If you don't have another vehicle to push it back this will save you.  In the Driver's position at 0Kph you will see an option appear "De-beach" - this gives you a short shove backwards. Repeat as necessary until you are afloat again.         PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE Improved and More structured damage. Fixed gun mounts on the fore deck. Several other skins.   A WORD ABOUT REALISM AND A SENSE OF HUMOUR We strive to make all our addons as realistic as the game engine and our own capabilities allow.  We all know that ArmA has some interesting moments with PhysX while we have tried to limit these without compromising the addon... things just happen sometimes. Do let us know.  But also accept that we may not be able to fix everything.     COMMUNITY COMPATIBILITY It has always been a basic tenant of RKSL Studios design philosophy not to negatively affect other community made content.  We do not replace core values or modify anything that will affect the function or experience of others. We are happy to discuss optional compatibility patches, but will not exclusively adapt our addons to anyone else's Mod standards.  All RKSL Content is tested against the currently available stable build of the Vanilla game and official expansions.     BUGS AND FEEDBACK We would appreciate hearing about any issues or suggestions you have experienced.  Please use the Bug Tracker below: LCVP MK5 Bug Tracker   KNOWN ISSUES AT RELEASE - See the bug tracker for details Water vapour flows above the deck occasionally Vehicles loaded in cargo in the ViV version don't render correctly when in passenger slot. Vehicles loaded in cargo in the ViV version are sometimes partly white when viewed from the outside.   CREDITS This addons and model is 100% unique and doesn't not incorporate any 3rd party content: Models: RKSL Rock Textures: RKSL Rock Animation Setup: RKSL Rock Character Animation: WLD427 Config: RKSL Rock A3 Testing: Toxic Lemon Charlie's Hemorrhoid (I dont name them - but he is a pain in the arse) Devoted Stoat aka Jaime Smyth-Burton (No, he's not a Conservative MP) Generic Harmless Animal (Its his initials GHA, believe me this is the nicest version so far) Insoles aka Mark (he didn't have a nickname that he would tell us but he's a Royal Marine and we refuse to call him Bootneck) Kyle M JC (No, not that one, or the car guy) DarcyBA (Sorry pal i refused to type your full chosen name here)   Thanks Rock May 2019   DOWNLOADS: @RKSL Website: DOWNLOAD @Steam Workshop: DOWNLOAD via STEAM  
    • Equipment slots for gloves, masks, glasses.
    • Please make this hous enterable