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    • Our newest member, Noel, worked on the textures for the English Dragoon flintlock picture, the whole lock, stock and barrel.  Excellent job!  If you're interested in animating it, either the character animations or the lock mechanism when firing, just let us know!      
    • OH I've been waiting for these to come back for so long THANK YOU!!!!
    • Assasin, Kill, Sniper, Sabotage, Destroy, Search and Destroy ( for example druglabs), Recon, Forward Air Controllers, Rescue ( hostage or downed pilots),, Gather Intel, Medivacs, Clearing EODs and mines, Evacuate and protect civilians, Protect ( for example UN or IDAP) , Support ( bringing supplies)
    • I'm working on a "Support Mod" that allows for some extra customization of Ravage Zombies. I'm having some trouble finding all the Zombie Class list. I was looking for something similar to the below but at this point I'm not finding anything. Not sure if I'm overlooking the Ravage Zombie Class or If I'm just looking in the wrong spots haha. Does anything have them already, or could someone point me in the right location?   ["ZombieC_man_polo_6_F"],
    • Any chance on doing some cleanup adjustments to reduce the FPS drop that occcurs the longer the mission is running?    Also, what are the chances on making it so you can only attack linked territories?  Having to defend all back field territories and the front at the same time really spreads the defending team very thin and creates drastically long stalemates which just further contribute to the FPS drops as tracked items etc pile up more and more.