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    • An interesting point, but then for you: What mods are you playing with if any? How much ram do you have and its frequency? Is your game on an SSD? What are you playing mission wise when it occurs, and in sp, mp lan or on a server? How long as this happened, before or after recent updates, or at certain times? I dont want to turn this thread into a problem solving discussion for the game itself, but i ask because it could be possible that its not mod related, but also the mod could induce an already existing issue if there was to be a problem, as for me i dont have such issues, just this test i did with v1.9 has done it and it has done it everytime i tested, so i want to see if anyone else has the issue also occurring for them and its just not my game and the commenter on the workshop page for HAS.   https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit what it means:   0x00000001 – UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI The game is unable to initialize a graphical subsystem. Possible solutions: Update the graphics card drivers to a newer version. Rollback the graphics card drivers to an older version. Check the temperature of your GPUs and CPUs. Disable the Steam Overlay. This is the game itself, the mod is somehow inducing this i would think.
    • Are you using the respawn module or script to respawn the heli?   Also, I'm a little confused here. The subject of your add action is the player and not the heli,  so why you need the heli to have the add action running? You could add that to the player. Anyway, if you're using the module, the way I would handle it is this:   in the expression field of the module: (this select 0) = [] execVM "add_action.sqf"   add_action.sqf player addAction ["Heal Tail Rotor", "vehicle player setHitPointDamage ['hitVRotor', 0]"]; player addAction ["Heal Engine", "vehicle player setHitPointDamage ['hitEngine', 0]"]; player addAction ["Break Engine", "vehicle player setHitPointDamage ['hitEngine', 1]"]; player addAction ["Break Tail Rotor", "vehicle player setHitPointDamage ['hitVRotor', 1]"]; player removeAction DCON_Eject So anytime the heli respawn it runs the add action script.....    
    • I have just tried the mission and the game froze right after the countdown  for Respawn.   i had to ctrl+alt+delete to get out of the game. This is my error message.    
    • Hey Leopard20 looking forward to release, wanted to add an interesting point idk if its something you had considered or maybe i haven't seen enough of your work for the AI command, and you have implemented something like this but an idea i had is giving the AI under your command the ability or rather function to perform cqb maneuvers.     For example:  Stacking   Instead of a normal formation like the file where the AI follow close and in a line, you could have them form up into a stack where they get closer and "copy your stance", then when entering a room big or small with no door or with door, instead of following you in, in the same tight formation, they would actually split and cover the room.        So first guy in, 2nd guy goes right or left based on lead's direction (opposite) , next guy in would follow lead, 3rd goes right, 4rth can go center, all this time they are taking cover, and are spaced from each other so they not only have muzzle discipline but are spaced enough to be able to engage any threats, at the same time it would be fast and response and follow your lead. Or you could have a command to stack up, basically the AI is coded and knows how to clear a room.   Wingman Concept      Another interesting tactic that could possibly integrated is called a Wingman Concept, its where an AI would follow close to either the player or a lead AI, and based on the floor, terrain, openings, walls, obstacles, and enemy position and threat the wingman will adjust his position around the lead moving from to the left or right of the lead, the wingman would always be slightly off the side of the lead in order to engage any target the lead is engage, and covering what the lead is not. A good example of this and how its really done is this CQB training video for professionals, they talk and demonstrate how its done here: starts at 2:30   So ideally the AI would need to stick to the lead no matter where he goes, also have muzzle disciple as in not be aiming ahead when moving to the otherside of the lead, with weapon up. Thats probably one of the things i hate the most in this game is the AI will shoot you in the back, its like they have no LOS when it comes to the player. If anything is it possible to have an AI stick with you and cover what your not covering, and not shoot you at the same time?   Your thoughts?
    • That is funny because lately, it happens to me as well sporadically..and NOT using to your mod. I thought something was wrong with my rig (which is pretty new..) but now it tells me I have to dig somewhere else then...