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    • Hi. You tried to assign array instead of string so the command did nothing. Try it like this: Nuxos = position player nearObjects ["mineBase",10]; I assigned parent class, so you don´t have to look for every type of UXOs in your array and it automaticly finds all mines in player´s 10m area.
      If you wish to list only UXOs and not other mines, you could do it like this:
        uxoType = ["rhsusf_uxo_blu97","BombCluster_03_UXO1_F","BombCluster_02_UXO1_F","BombCluster_01_UXO1_F","BombCluster_03_UXO4_F", "BombCluster_02_UXO4_F","BombCluster_01_UXO4_F","BombCluster_03_UXO2_F","BombCluster_02_UXO2_F","BombCluster_01_UXO2_F", "BombCluster_03_UXO3_F","BombCluster_02_UXO3_F","BombCluster_01_UXO3_F","rhs_uxo_ao1_1","rhs_uxo_ao1_2", "rhs_uxo_ao1_3","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_1","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_2","rhs_uxo_ptab1m_3","rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_1","rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_2", "rhs_uxo_ptab25ko_3","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_1","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_2","rhs_uxo_ptab25m_3" ]; private _Nuxos = position player nearObjects ["mineBase",10]; ArrUXOs = []; { if (typeOf _x in uxoType) then {ArrUXOs pushBack _x}; } forEach _Nuxos; //ArrUXOs now contains only objects near player that you defined in your array uxoType. But there is one important notice. If you placed your UXOs from editor, they change into diferent type. You can find these types in cfgAmmo.
      That is, if you place UXO, which Editor shows as type "BombCluster_01_UXO4_F", then when you hit play, it changes to "BombCluster_01_UXO4_Ammo_F" and will be ignored in the code above.
      you can test it with: //insert this code into debug console (or your script) and in editor make a line of UXOs you want to have in your mission each only once (to not deal with duplicates in result array) private _Nuxos = (position player nearObjects ["mineBase",50]) apply {typeOf _x}; systemChat str _Nuxos; copyToClipboard str _Nuxos;//insert result into your uxoType array (remove brackets if you expanding original array) I hope these informations are usefull for you. 🙂 
    • Looks absolutely amazing  😀
    • http://vsnet.es/archivos/mods/ffaa2.exe  
    • The black and red t-shirt - the tomato one has XXL.  Would order today if I could get it XXL.  Thanks!
    • Oh, neat!   Yeah, to make RHS units spawn you have to hack into the spawner module logic a bit. Some time ago I did a port to Chernarus with RHS units, you can use it as reference: https://github.com/RimantasGalvonas/Arma-3-AI-vs-AI-Battle-Scenario-Template/releases/download/1.2.2/ForceThrough-ChernarusAutumn-RHS.chernarus.zip Note the SpawnAI_module_RHS_adapter trigger and faction variables being set in the init field of the Spawn AI and Spawn AI: Spawnpoint modules