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    • A possibly interesting addition to the Shelter would be to sit at the fireside chair to access an information centre. This could be in the form of a television or just a pop up panel when holding X after sitting down. It could display different channels displaying Vigor game news & information, post war historical & survival facts, player stats and could even have a channel for listening to Radio Outlander playing all the Vigor in game music! 
    • Why do almost all of your sentences start with the word 'so'?
    • There are youtube videos covering this. In short, shot placement matters a lot. There's also local vs global hitpoints. Shots deplete both (at different rates). Global HP can be depleted when no particular component (be it a person: arms legs, chest, head; or a vehicle: tracks, turret, gun, engine, etc) is fully damaged. For vehicles, Armor thickness is not uniform. Even if armor is penetrated, not all internal areas are equally important. The game defines certain areas which are more vulnerable (fuel tanks, ammmunition magazines, etc). Generally speaking, don't expose your sides (hull or turret) to the enemy, don't expose the roof of your vehicle.   As for personal armor. The armor doesn't cover everything. In particular you may wear a carrier rig special and have good protection to your upper chest, but your lower torso is generally still a 1 shot kill (in which case a grenadier's rig, or the GA carrier rig (not light) of the AAF helps cover the lower torso). Again, shots to the side are a big threat. Most of the plate armor protects front and back, but not sides. I also find it hard to tell sometimes when I've taken a hit to armor (which stopped it and didn't put me below the threshold where a FAK can be used), or simply had a round land nearby (which can still cause noise and a shake). Sometimes I think I've actually been hit before what kills me. Also note that using a FAK doesn't fully heal you (you need a medic or an ambulance/hospital for that). So you may be damaged even if you used an FAK. Shots to legs and arms can also be fatal (particularly with higher calibers... its kind of dumb... sure they could hit an artery and you could bleed to death.. .but it shouldnt be an insta-kill)... so CSAT armored uniforms are the only protection here (thus I think the armor situation isn't very balanced). I know on KOTH, players often aim below the center of mass, for the legs and lower torso, because those are unarmored for NATO and AAF (well the legs always, the lower torso often)   Ignore your first shot... it hit the tracks, that won't hit any of the vital components... (but mobility kill, nice, also the AI crew should have bailed, rendering it out of action, no?) Second, HEAT rounds aren't so great against tanks, they are generally inferior to APFSDS rounds... so at most you hit it with 2 shots of the full penetrating power of your 125mm cannon... where did those shots land? HEAT is better as a multipurpose round, some splash for infantry, effective against IFVs/APCs, somewhat effective against tanks (depending on where you hit them, you should at least be able to disable the enemy tank even if its not outright destroyed). Was it a slammer UP? did it have slat armor? reactive armor? IIRC those can stop the "penetrator" projectile from being spawned from a HEAT shell... so if you spread your HEAT rounds around the target, you'll waste them (while hits to an area where the ERA has already been destroyed will be more effective)   Did you repair with the repair kit, or at a repair truck? the repair kit doesn't give you a full repair (but it will get components working again). Is it possible that the Rhino hit you with a missile instead of a cannon shell? Did you take any fire before that even if it didn't show damage in your display? What direction was the fire coming from? Overall, I think the Tanks update made it harder to destroy tanks. Before that there were fairly easy to hit "shot traps" (at least on the T-100 and the Kuma), where I could reliably 1 shot Kumas and T-100s by landing a shot right at the turret ring... even from the front... I haven't fully worked out where I should try to land my shots now. Even so... its really hard to find a place to hit a Rhino with a 120mm or 125mm APFSDS/HEAT round that won't kill it in 1 shot, so as an Angara, at worst, you're evenly matched (I wouldn't go the other direction... stupid tank destroyer mission)
    • @shay_gman    Is it possible to add an option in the AAS Spawn AI module,to delay AI start spawn time?   The reason being i simply want to load out my character and finish that before the AI go charging off without me to capture the first area. Also would it be possible/is their currently a way,to create an array of vehicles/units or to disallow certain vehicles or units from spawning in from the spawn module?   It looks pretty funny when their is a really tough contest firefight going on for the middle capture zone while one faction storms up with a MBT...while the other one potters up the hill with fuel truck lol.   Cheers