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    • good point beatz (didnt read other comments)   (thinking the easy movement of your avatar  is boosting your point)   I think the weapons are very well made in this game.. but with easy bailout movement (where U dont get punished going in bad.. being an experienced player with an adr.. is too strong.. (going in with low level weapons myself.. getting out with 3 out of 5 safes wich is my strategy.) I got 100 adr laying around until I play duos wich is now a completly different game from playing solo.   (wich gun is yours main in solo merc? just curious, not depending on the topic.)
    • OK, just remind, (if I'm right): 1 - The editor (and especially the triggers act/deact fields), is bugged (see dedmen's explanation), returning error if your code doesn't return nothing. And the best way for that, is to write the:   0 = [] spawn {} which doesn't return anything. You don't need that running it from an sqf. NB: I ought to write 0 is "at the place of" the handle...   2 - 0 here is not a workable variable (identifier).     a0 is a workable one (example), _null also. That makes a little difference. For test, in debug console, watch for myVar , then run: _null = [] spawn {hint "Hello world!";uiSleep 5; hint "bye"}; myVar = _null; As you can see myVar (then _null in an accurate context) will return the script during its execution, then <NULL-script> when terminated.    
    • That's why we run in a take everyone's guns. More loot for you and me....     On a serious note. Maybe reducing the amount of "rare" weapons you receive in crates would also help tone it down a bit. Let's just say I'm not running out of any rare weapons ANYTIME soon 
    • nevermind you kuljack; I am looking forward to the 1,12 update. ( or whats it called) because right now its broken.. it Will be better whatever direction it goes.. towards or from my ranting.. gods speed. 🍒💌💌
    • I just wrote a whole response to all your replies, but I hit backspace & it took me off the page & I lost it.. I'm not going to rewrite it. I'll just say,  It's not a lie, I do know what the BIKI is, I never said I didn't, & telling me it's call & spawn gives me no additional info, I see that in the script..but thanks for taking 2 second to explain the answer.. I do appreciate when u guys do help.. I don't want u guys to think I'm an asshole for no reason, but I don't expect to treated like one cuz I don't have the years of experience as some of u, just want a little more guidance than just a link to a guide that I would need to spend the next few months studying to find an answer to a specific , simple question, which I am & I do try not to ask question that are easily found.. Thanks again