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    • WIP/BETA The last Brazilian Armed Forces update brought some naval units including:
      Three "Amazonas" class Ocean Patrol Vessels: P-120 Amazonas, P-121 APA and P-122 Araguari, each one with 2 organic RHIB's on each side.
      Those RHIB's are  a port from Arma 2 ones, with new textures and new panel instrumentation (WIP) and are capable to carry up to 8 soldiers plus driver.
      All OPV's are REAL VEHICLES, movables and capable to receive helicopters on its flight decks, which have deployable fences and NVG landind guide lights.
      They are armed with one Bushmaster II Mk-44 30 mm front canon and 2 Bushmaster Mk-242 25 mm gun located at starboard and port side respectively.
      Commander has a FLIR pod located at the main mast.
      The vessel can carry up to 10 soldiers plus it's own crew, i.e: Driver, Commander and 3 Gunners. We'll increase that number to maybe 25.

      To do:
      -Be able to walk on it even when the ship is moving.
      -Detailed interior Lods for gunners, commander, driver and Cargo.
      -Proper damage configuration.
      -Custom sounds for engines alarms.
      -Deployable salvatage boats, for SAR missions...

      Exterior View
      Front Cannon
      Side Cannon

      Deployable RHIBs

      Functional Helipad
      One Brazilian version of Scorpène class submarine SBR S-40 Riachuelo. S-40 Riachuelo, is fully functional, capable of diving and "sail" around, it has two special features called: Emergency Dive and Emergency Blow, which you can dive or emerge more quickly.
      It is armed with SM-39 Exocet missiles, only capable to lock on targets and fire when surfaced, unfortunately. We'll implement in near future torpedo launch capabilities too.
      It can carry 22 soldiers as cargo plus its crew, and one mini sub or rubber boat on it's back for special operations insertions.

      Exterior view
      Interior view

      Exocet SM-39   To do:
      - Lock capabilities when submerged.
      - Disable water shader/effects when using internal lods, like I really would appreciate some help from Arma 3 GURUS on this feature!
      - Sonar for only subs or boats entities.
      - Acoustic countermeasures.
      - Torpedo launch script.
      - Recharge batteries snorkeling script
      As we always warn this is a WIP/BETA version and you can download it at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504306716 
      Please give us your feedback so we can improve it and correct bugs!

    • FYI, seems to work for me just fine,... Could it be the mission you're playing in particular? (Already has spawned vehicles?)
    • Excellent work buddy. We kinda lost sync because im busy with other things aswell.   Keep up the good work.
    • Looking forward for the end result!