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  1. Aggr0


    At the moment there is no point in creating a Haenel MK556 for the BWMod as the procurement process was stopped last year.
  2. Aggr0


    There shouldn't be any difference whether the turret is on a plane or on a helicopter for that purpose.
  3. Aggr0


    @Lau Jah Feel free to directly ask us here in the Forum. If you need any code examples you can also check out our source code on Gitlab.
  4. Aggr0


    _unit addWeapon "BWA3_Pzf3_Loaded";
  5. Aggr0

    Ivory Aircraft

    Is it possible for you to add different textures? For example a Luftwaffe one for the Tornado?
  6. Looking forward to an EF in Arma :) The Screen.. Could it be the A400M?
  7. Tried that yesterday.. I totally failed.. I haven´t found also a good tutorial for it.. Do you know one?
  8. Can you please key and sign the mod? Would be nice to play this well made mod in multiplayer.