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  1. mr_centipede

    Flickering grass

    Are you by chance use adaptive multisamping in your radeon software? if so, try change it to multisampling
  2. Just chilling around... Mods used: RHRM [REAL HERO's RAGDOLL MOD]
  3. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but come 2020 this is still broken (the export to SP mission part). Or is there a fix somewhere, other than the workaround part? Thank you
  4. mr_centipede

    How can I make AAF to fight LDF?

    Thanks, it works perfectly. I just need to set probability of presence of the OPFOR/BLUFOR unit to 0 (zero) 🙂
  5. Hi, just wondering how can I make a scenario where AAF fight against LDF? since both of them in the independent faction. Thank you
  6. mr_centipede

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Today's changelog mentioned about added ability to draw line in map interface... Can explain how to do this? Thank you
  7. mr_centipede

    Graviteam Tactics Operation Star

    That tracers.... reminded me a modded tracers in arma 1, where it lights up the ground...
  8. mr_centipede

    BI has just lost a customer

    See this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145530-Globally-banned-by-BattlEye-See-this
  9. mr_centipede

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    You can remove the smoke pbo
  10. mr_centipede

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Can we get at least contextual menu? Something like when you select an AI and point to a truck, GET IN command is already on top, along with other command in the quick menu, such as rearm, heal, or take xxx? Useful when trying to rearm your auto-riflemen at your assistant auto-riflemen (rearm)
  11. mr_centipede

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Thanks guys. I just upgraded my gfx card to R9 280, and then this DX12 and new R9 300 series comes out.... I thought I was a bummer for sure. Glad I just need WinX to be able to use DX12
  12. mr_centipede

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Is there any game out there already with DX12? is DX12 already out? Does my vid card support DX12? Is there anything a user need to prepare for this DX12?
  13. mr_centipede

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Did something happened to the voice protocol? Some words are muted and orders take a few seconds longer before processed. For example, I assign number 2,4 and 6 as team Red, but I only hear my character say "2, 4, 6..." the "Team Red" part is muted. Another example. when ordering the said team to move somewhere, it takes a few seconds for it to be processed(the issuing order part/voice, not the executing part), then my character said, "Team Red..." the "move to" part is muted. Does anyone else experienced the same?
  14. mr_centipede

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    About buildings that are still intact when there was a war going on, you can use this function here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_destroyCity
  15. I use CTRL+Left Click to change from rifle to launcher and CTRL+middle click to change from rifle to pistol. There is a command somewhere in the control, so you don't have to use scroll wheel to change weapon