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  1. In recent M203 and GP25 sights is fixed, but in return the sights for RPG is now broken
  2. It looks beautiful... is that Rhodesian brush stroke pattern?
  3. Hi just got ARMA Reforger, currently playing around in Workbench. I got a simple mission running already, but I don't come across anything to use for changing time and weather... Can someone help? Thank you.
  4. I just got back from Arma platform discord channel, just to have a look at it... There are a lot of interaction there and are quite active. But as someone mention somewhere in this forum, the information are all over the place. Because its basically a chat room. Someone might be asking how to do a certain thing in scripting or what have you, then it got answered, and buried in new chat message... So my question is, is this normal now? Is there advantage in using discord instead of traditional forum board? Thank you
  5. There is a command ingame like [HOLD V] key to switch to underbarrel GL, but when let's say I want to rebind Binocular key to [HOLD B] key instead of just press [ B ] (just for an example) I cannot bind it. The game instantly record just as [ B ] even though I am holding the 'B' key. Is there a trick to it? Is it not possible currently? Thank you.
  6. mr_centipede

    Reforger map-making for A4

    Just like ARMA 2 terrains are not completely compatible with ARMA 3, without some modification to its script/assets or stuffs, I think the same can be said about Reforger and ARMA 4. That said, now that modders now knows the workflow of the workbench and enfusion, I think the porting process will be quite smooth... Of course this is just my personal opinion. It may also be totally incompatible and you have to recreate it from scratch again...
  7. I think that probably because the AI is almost non existent yet, or simply bare bones. Or maybe I'm just wrong 😄
  8. mr_centipede

    Counting dead units

    Are you perhaps trying to do something like this? Custom Debriefing Page
  9. Hi, I was wondering if ARMA Reforger plays nice with Windows 11? Thank you
  10. wow pubg came from ARMA mods? Didn't realized that.... guess I was really out of loop in this. It seems to me with enfusion, if there is another blockbuster mod like dayZ and pubg, they can properly acquire rights and create a new DLC or cDLC and sell it. With DayZ they were quick to acquire the rights and create a new game. But with pubg, maybe it was not possible with RV engine, so they miss the chance? Anyway, I see now ARMA will become a platform, like how DCS world work. PROBABLY. Then ppl buy DLC/cDLC to expand it or make a spin-off of it... but is it a good idea? bad idea?
  11. mr_centipede

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    I wouldn't know how complex/not complex it is to just make the gamemaster mode save the mission. But at least I can rest assured that they did not outright say no to ingame mission editor and just play in the workbench to make mission. Of course I would like to have a simple mission editor now. Lack of ingame mission editor is currently stopping from buying reforger. But tutorials are trickling in... if they seems simple enough, I just might take the plunge and buy Reforger 🙂
  12. mr_centipede

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    I'm waiting for ARMA 4, because I am mostly SP oriented player... though I may take the plunge because I know I can play MP alone in reforger in gamemaster mode... and the game is beautiful, the sound is awesome... If I can hold myself, I'll wait for ARMA 4...