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  1. mr_centipede

    Arma3 Videos

  2. mr_centipede

    Arma3 Videos

    Jungle Patrol in Khe Sanh map from SOG Prairie Fire CDLC
  3. mr_centipede

    Arma3 Videos

    East German forces invade the West
  4. You played the mission/game with some mod. Then reload the game with the mod not loaded. That's the only explanation I can give based on the screenshot you've given. Because all those list in the screenshot are all mods
  5. Just like the title reads, is there a way to convert direction in degrees to cardinal ( north, south, north east, etc...). Or do you need to create it from scratch? Thank you.
  6. I kinda had it with my Radeon 5700 XT when I overclock the VRAM. But only when I'm in ARMA 3 (or when playing games generally) and then the game crash and the radeon settings reset itself to factory default.
  7. The easiest probably would be when creating the task, set the owner to side ( BLUFOR, OPFOR, GUER, etc) instead of player, group of sync object, etc, etc. If that is not what you're looking for, I am sorry I am not well versed enough in scripting
  8. It's probably not 'camera shake' per se, but most likely your headtracking tracking the movement of your head, so it make seems like the camera is shaking. Anyway, I dont know enough about free track, but there should be setting/configuration that you can tinker with/adjust some values? If use trackIR, the value I want to change would probably dead zone value.
  9. mr_centipede

    Arma3 Videos

    British vs Russia in Ruha
  10. mr_centipede

    Random death while scouting

    The whole map cannot be explored all at once because the campaign was not design that way. Unlike Old Man campaign, you can explore whole of Tanoa no problem. With East Wind, there probably a lot of nothingness if you're allowed to explore the whole map. Anyway I gave a possible solution, try it if it works. If it doesn't then maybe some other people more experienced will help.
  11. mr_centipede

    Random death while scouting

    Probably that's the reason. You are way off course so the game decided to kill you off. If you've done the vet clinic mission, you need to return back to base first, then select next mission you want to do. I think you cannot do all of them at once.
  12. mr_centipede

    Arma3 Videos

    Oetzendorf has fallen to rebel hands. A Bundeswehr infantry platoon and a Marder platoon was tasked to recapture the town and restore order. Played in Rosche map. Using BWMOD and Global Mobilization CDLC.
  13. Hello all. Once upon a time I requested a debriefing page where you can see how many friendlies was killed (not just in your group), and how many enemy was killed (not just killed by you, the player), and someone said you can already scripted in. But all these years I haven't seen anyone that does this, or there was no interest in such info. Anyway this is what I came up with. Maybe some people will find it useful, and here is my small contribution to the community. First the description.ext Then, init.sqf next is unitKilled.sqf the EH script Lastly the script to compile all this information and present it into the debriefing screen. countCasualty.sqf The countCasualty.sqf I put in at trigger that will end the mission. In activation field I put this: [] execVM "countCasualty.sqf"; Then that trigger is synced to END MISSION module. That is all, I hope someone will find this useful. Thank you for your time 🙂
  14. mr_centipede


    Okey, rpt file sent to your inbox. Sorry for the trouble. Thank you