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Found 20 results

  1. After trying for weeks with my scripting and googling everything to find some answers, I am still without success. The script should be small and simple, I knew scripting isn’t easy but I can’t believe this hurts so much. I'm trying to make a script that will count all the dead units and destroyed vehicles of one side and put it in the trigger and activate it via radio. _count = {side _x == resistance} count allunits; hintSilent format ["Alive AAF Units: %1", _count]; // Count all alive units of Resistance side, it works fine. 0 = [] spawn {while {true} do {sleep 0.1;} _aafScore = {getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side") == 2} count allDeadMen; hintSilent format ["Dead AAF Units: %1", _aafScore]}; // Count all dead units but it works not fine.
  2. Successfully used this code for years when I want specific units to activate the trigger and similar stuff but: How to do this for a specific unit only and not for the whole side so messanger1 (civilian) activates the trigger when detecting any opfor presented anywhere on the map? Tried: Have read everything but there are only examples for "side present" activation type. I need "detected by specific unit" Have also tried to set trigger owner to messanger but nothing happens. Detailed: There is a village full of civilians and only if one of them (messanger1) see any opfor - then fire trigger
  3. Hi! So here's my problem: I want a script to execute only for players within hearing distance of a NPC The script will be executed from another script, the latter being launched from an addaction. I want the script to execute only on the machines of players nearby but obviously can't use a trigger area to count them. How should I go about it?
  4. Hello everyone! I read a post by another user and felt the need to finally give back to the community. I give to you functional HEMTT Movers and SAM trailers. these 3 addActions allow players to tow and un-tow SAM trailers. Works on dedicated servers too! Semper Prorsum! Steam Workshop Demo Mission initPlayerLocal.sqf Thank you Larrow, pierremgi, and Davidoss . For me to be able to read someone's request for help and know what needs to be done before I even open notePad. Is all thanks to your tutelage. Both directly and indirectly through your extensive posts helping others. I am in your debt, thank you.
  5. I'm making a mission where there are 6 missions to do but I only want players to do 3 missions maximum The way I intend to do it is like so: - Every mission has an object "attached" to them - Once the players complete a mission, the attached object gets moved in the trigger - The trigger counts how many objects there are in itself and if the amount is equal to 3.. It gets activated How do I count how many objects are in the trigger and (optionally) how do I detect that a mission has been completed and activates a separate trigger? Thanks a lot ❤️ Edit 1: I found and edited a code, it works but only with units instead of objects but it's better than nothing: (count (thislist select {alive _x })) isequalto 3
  6. Hey everyone, I've gone and created a pretty ambitious first mission with multiple paths depending on how effectively the player can assist ground forces. I've completed the mission but I want to refine one of my scripts. I've tried to educate myself as much as possible but I can't seem to find a tutorial/forum post for my specific problem. One of the objectives for the player to complete involves destroying reinforcements dropped off via helicopter. I had scripted the objective to be completed by killing the infantry and destroying their supporting gunship. However, I scripted it using specific names for each individual troop, ie !alive Heli_Troop1a && !alive Heli_Troop1b && !alive Heli_Troop2a etc etc. It was a brute force method to sort of get the effect I wanted and required specific units to be killed. I am looking for a way for each squad member to be counted, totaled, and compared against a desired value. I'm using 7 as that value as that is about 1/3 of all the troops. The script I have tried using in the trigger is: ({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops1 + Heli_Troops2 + Heli_Troops3) < 7 && !alive Heli_2 && triggerActivated Trig_Heli_Troops; The editor accepts the code but upon starting the mission I get an error message about a generic error in expression. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but then again I barely know any real scripting beyond simple commands I can look up. I have also tried multiple different ways of writing the count units section of code including using && instead of + and separating each group name with (). None have worked. If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. Edit: Disregard solved it! (({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops1) + ({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops2) + ({alive _x} count units Heli_Troops3)) < 7 && !alive Heli_2 && triggerActivated Trig_Heli_Troops; Still kind of a roundabout way I feel, but it works. Maybe this can help someone else.
  7. I have this little script i found in a old TXT file i found, i wanted to use it in my game but i can't get it to work, I Believe that it is counting the civilian that i kill in the game and when i get over 1 killed it will end the game, but i have to kill all the civilian in the game to make the game end. if i put 8 in the game i have to kill all 8 before the game ends, i want the game to end if i only kill 1 civilian. Does anyone have the solution for me to my problem. The txt is in my INIT.SQF [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 3; _cnt = { side _x == civilian } count allUnits; if (_cnt < 1) exitWith {"Loser" call BIS_fnc_endMission}; } }
  8. This topic is solved. Clear courses by reaching the next marker. If you're looking for the module it's available here: Drive Link This is the test rig in the demo. Adding new marks and whole new courses is easy. From here on is the original topic, I need to learn how to count. I posted this the other day, with a plea to understand why it works when, in my estimation, it shouldn't really. Regardless. I set about to simplify ring counting. I don't like having one .sqf file for each ring course. I feel like 1 or 2 scripts should be able to do this. One file if somebody helps me to learn how to count. Two if this works: Determine which course and define ring marks with generic titles, ringCOURSE.sqf-- this example shows 2 courses with 3 rings each if (ringCHALL==1) then { ring1=ringMARK1_1; ring2=ringMARK1_2; //first course second mark ring3=ringMARK1_3; rings= []execVM "ringCLEAR.sqf"; }; if (ringCHALL==2) then { ring1=ringMARK2_1; ring2=ringMARK2_2; //second course second mark ring3=ringMARK2_3; rings= []execVM "ringCLEAR.sqf"; }; and then build a switchdo case for each ring, or a waitUntil loop, or... I don't know and that's the question. Keep in mind there is only one ring with one trigger attached to drive the ring clearing script(s). This is what it needs to do, ["task1",[currentRING,true]] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; ringGOAL_1 setpos (getpos currentRING); The real trick in this is how to go from: ring1, ring2, ring3, to set the variable "currentRING" in sequence. Oh, boy! I hope that makes sense!
  9. Hello, I need help. I have 3 marker on the map and he switch in blue or red. I want to count red and blue marker at end of the game. But i Don't count colored marker? _count= count [MarkerColor "Colorred" == zonec, zoneb,zonea]; hint str _count; I count 3 but i have only one red marker!? Thank's
  10. Hi everyone ! I'm stuck on something, i'd like to count items on a container. but I'd like to count _x for a group of item. I explaine myself : Every day (ingame) I check with a script if the box "Box" contain a certain amount of items, let's say that I check if there is some food in it. So I'd like to count if there is enough food (like 10 food item) in the box container, but it can be 2 carrots / 1 fish / 4 chickens etc... and I don't want to count like : _nbChicken = {"chicken" == _x} count (itemCargo MyBox); _nbFish = {"Fish" == _x} count (itemCargo MyBox); _nbFood = _nbChicken + _nbFish...... I'd like to make it this way : _table = ["Fish","chicken",etc....]; _nbFood = {_table == _x} count (itemCargo MyBox); is this possible ?
  11. So i had a working script that detects when all enemies are dead after a firefight -and for some reason it just doesnt work anymore. Ive even reverted to earlier builds and still no luck. Stranger still is that the code DOES work in the Debug menu calling the Marker.sqf script im after It gives me an invalid number error yet it does reveal the correct number of opfor but will now fire the execvm again unless i use it in the debug
  12. how do you make it so that a trigger will fire if there's 2 explosive charges in a trigger. I followed the advice on here but it didn't work: Also, how do you make it so that a trigger will fire if an explosive goes off inside of that trigger
  13. Hi, can somebody point me to right config file that include Mk-1 EMR magazine settings (bullet amount e.t.c.) i tried to search in "weapons_f.pbo" , "weapons_f_beta.pbo" and "weapons_f_mark.pbo" but still cannot find proper config file :( Thanks for help!
  14. I am very familiar with programming and I have been experimenting how ARMA passes variables to functions. I think I understand how params and param work, but I am having difficulty calling a function to return a desired result. This below code is simply trying to call on a function that requires the input of a group, in this instance, I am sending it "group player" with the call function. From what I understand, the function returns the last line, so the count should return the number of men in the group. However, it sends an error stating that it is expecting a number, but is getting type string. This is confusing because I am sending it Group Player, an array of men to be counted. Just writing a count out with "_num = count units group player" works without a hitch. So why is it I am unable to pass it the _grp parameter? getGrpCount = { param ["_grp"]; count units _grp; }; _num = [group player] call getGrpCount; hint format ["%1",_num]; no workie _num = count units group player; hint format ["%1",_num]; works Existing user? Sign In
  15. I am making a mission on Isla Duala and I wish to have a trigger that counts all INDFOR vehicles and triggers when they are all destroyed. I found this code: getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof my_unit >> "side") == 2; But I am not sure if this will work. or how to actually get it to trigger when all tanks and BTR vehicles are destroyed. Or would this code work? https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/150285-count-aall-east-vehicles/?hl=count+vehicles#entry2384940 This way I can have a condition where the players destroy all armoured vehicles, then can move in with infantry to attack the compound. Thanks.
  16. I'm making a new script/server side addon for suicide, as it is , it works awesome but I need a way to count ammo so when player is at 0 ammo he can get the suicide action, as it is now it can be done at any time and as fun as it is , players will tend to use the action menu instead of playing mission. :rolleyes: lightning_Install = { if(!isNil "lightning_INIT") exitWith {}; lightning_INIT = true; lightning_suicide = { if (!alive player) exitWith {}; params ["_target","_turntable","_logic"]; _turntable = createVehicle ["Land_PenBlack_F",_this select 0,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _turntable hideObjectGlobal true; _center = createCenter sideLogic; _group = createGroup _center; _logic = _group createUnit ["LOGIC",[0,0,0], [], 0, ""]; _logic attachTo [_turntable, [0,0,0.5]]; _logic setPos (getPos _target); [_logic, nil, true] call BIS_fnc_moduleLightning; }; lightning_Add_Player_Actions = { params ["_player"]; _player addAction ["<img size='3' color='#33339b' shadow='1' image='\A3\ui_f\data\map\respawn\icon_dead_ca' /><t size='1' shadow='1' color=""#f72032"">" + ("Electrifying Death") + "</t><img size='3' color='#33339b' shadow='1' image='\A3\ui_f\data\map\respawn\icon_dead_ca.paa'/>", {_this spawn lightning_suicide}, [], -9, false, true, "", "(vehicle player) isKindOf 'man'"]; _player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { player setVariable ["lightning_Actions_Loaded",false]; }]; }; if(!isDedicated) then { [] spawn { while {true} do { if(!isNull player && isPlayer player) then { if !(player getVariable ["lightning_Actions_Loaded",false]) then { [player] call lightning_Add_Player_Actions; player setVariable ["lightning_Actions_Loaded",true]; }; }; sleep 5; }; }; }; if(isServer) then { publicVariable "lightning_Install"; remoteExecCall ["lightning_Install", -2,true]; }; }; if(isServer) then { [] call lightning_Install; }; thanks. credits to duda for showing me all the how to and giving me time.
  17. This is something that I've always fudged around in the past. But I know there's a way to do it; the scripting is just beyond me. What I want to do is end a mission when ALL THE PLAYERS have reached a trigger zone, if they are in vehicles or not. I was trying to use this in the trigger's Condition Box: {vehicle _x != player} count thislist >= (west countside allunits); But I think that's counting vehicles, not players. ?? I also tried making an array of all the vehicles in the trigger zone, then counting players in the crew of the vehicles, but I think I didn't code it right. Any suggestions?
  18. Hey guys, I just crawled the wiki for usefull commands and found apply in it. Correct me if Im wrong but I think its doing nearly the same as forEach if u not need that _forEachIndex variable. Is there another difference which i ve not seen and did anybody measure which command is faster?
  19. Hello, i have trouble and can't finish my mission script. I am newbie into scripting so here is my problem: During a multiplayer game, listen or dedicated server; I want to count players in a given radius around an entity (?, a trigger/marker). Unfortunately i can't get what i have wrote to work and search give me tons of way to count entities/objects/AIs around a player, this is not what i want. I did try these: They all returned 0 or "scalar". I know some of them must be really wrong but i had to try. I am searching for hours but my scripting level is too weak. If anyone would like to help some. Thank you.
  20. Hello. Is there a way to put a trigger around the minefield sites module that will detect when all of the mines have been defused? I am building a mission on Zargabad and this will involve disarming mines scattered around the city. Is this possible, or should I just use mineactive() and lay the mines by hand? I am thinking this could work if you could detect all the mines inside a trigger and then activate when they are all deactivated. But this would make the mission easier if this could be done. I have this code in a trigger. {["mine_", str(_x)] call BIS_fnc_inString} count (thisTrigger nearObjects 10) > 1; But this will not fire once I have disarmed and removed the mines. I am using ACE3 and Alive. Thank you. #EDIT, realized my mistake, probably should be. {["mine_", str(_x)] call BIS_fnc_inString} count (thisTrigger nearObjects 10) < 1; ;). This works. Put this in a trigger surrounding the minefield and this triggers when they are all disarmed. Should be very useful to someone else in my situation.