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Found 106 results

  1. all vehicles are glitching into the ground slightly. can watch a vics bottom part of tracks disappear into the ground and then pop back up over and over again. when the track glitches into ground you are not able to get in it until it pops back up above the ground. after a while the vehicles are all damaged .
  2. Since the T-100x dropped, I wanted to see if I could take the charging along with the railgun onto a plane to use as an EML like in Ace Combat. I'm pretty new to modding and scripting, so as of now, im just trying to copy and paste the Futura's config into the aircraft's. Right now, i have the weapon classes, but not the charging mechanic
  3. AreJayEm

    Vehicle follow problem

    I'm creating a scenario in the Western Sahara DLC Sefrou-Ramal map. I've placed a 6-man squad and 2 vehicles, then removed the pre-populated crew from the vehicles and added my squad in, 3 men in each vehicle. I've set the player character to be the driver of vehicle 1 and I want vehicle 2 to follow me wherever I drive to. Despite the fact that all members of the squad would follow the player character if the squad was on foot, this does not translate when you place them in a vehicle. Presumably there is a sequence of things to do to achieve this but all I've read so far has ended in failure ☹️ Please can someone help! Thanks in advance
  4. Hey all. Perhaps you can help me with a problem. I've used the setObjectTexture command to great success on vehicles placed in EDEN, placing them and then putting something like setObjectTexture [0, "textures\police_heli.paa"]; in their init field. Bingo, the (in this case) helicopter is there, and it is wearing it's appropriate skin/texture. The problem is respawning. When the vehicle is destroyed, it respawns just fine (I am using the BIS respawn module in EDEN, linked to the vehicle in question). The problem is, that when the vehicle respawns, it respawns with a random skin/texture. Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's tiger-stripe, etc. I've searched the forums and google to no avail to try to fix this. All I want, is for when the vehicle is respawned, to have the same (custom) textures it started with.
  5. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    NOTE: As of 19 August 2019, I will no longer be updating this forum. This is due to the forum becoming locked every time I update it. It is just untenable. Feel free to continue posting in the comments. The excellent single player mission by Rydygier was originally set on Altis. Official ports were provided for Chernarus, Lingor and Bornholm and links to those missions can be found on the Pilgrimage topic. Rydygier is currently busy with real life but has given permission for players to port the mission to other maps. The purpose of this page is to provide links to the unofficial ports of the mission that have been kept up to date. Some early ports have not been updated and may no longer work, so will not be featured here. When porting some players will add their own preferences into the mission, so they may vary slightly from the official missions and have extra features. Some maps, especially landlocked terrains, will require different mechanics to end the mission. The following missions have been updated to the latest version of Pilgrimage (1.95) Common Links - CUP Terrains - Core, CBA_A3 **** IMPORTANT NOTE - On landlocked terrains, where you start with a vehicle, you NEED that VEHICLE to finish the mission **** Al Rayak (Requirements CUP Core, G.O.S Al Rayak) - Al Rayak by Alky Lee Altis (Requirements - Cessna 185 Skywagon, Real World Weather, Advanced Rappelling ) - Altis by Pvt Partz (Notes) Anizay (Requirements - Anizay, CUP Core) - Anizay by Major Stiffy Australia (Requirements - Australia) Australia by Alky Lee Beketov (requires CUP Core, Beketov) Beketov by Major Stiffy Cambodia Real (Requirements - Apex, Prei Khmaoch Luong , Unsung Vietnam War Mod 3.2 , CUP Units 1.9.1, CUP Weapons 1.9.1, CUP Vehicles 1.9.1 , CBA , Asian Factions for CUP , Advanced Repelling ) - Cambodia REAL by Pvt Partz (Notes) Chernarus Redux (requires CUP Core, Chernarus Redux) Chernarus Redux by Major Stiffy *** New *** CLA Clafghan (Requires CUP Core, CLA Clafghan) CLA Clafghan by Major Stiffy Dingor (Requires CUP Core, Lingor + Dingor Island) Dingor by Alky Lee Isla Duala (Requires CUP Core, Isla Duala) Isla Duala by Alky Lee Kujari (Requires CUP Core, Kujari) Kujari by Vafana Kujari by Major Stiffy Lingor (Requires CUP Core, Lingor + Dingor Island) Lingor by Major Stiffy Lythium (requires Lythium, JBad Buildings) - Lythium by Major Stiffy Livonia (Requires Contact DLC) - Livonia by Vafana Malden - Malden by Alky Lee Namalsk ( Requirements - Namalsk , Namalsk CUP Replace (Rail Patch), Namalsk Light Patch V2 ) - Namalsk by Pvt Partz (Notes) Napf - (Requires CUP Core , Napf) - Napf by Alky Lee Panthera - (Requires CUP Core, Island Panthera) - Panthera by Alky Lee Rosche - (Requires Rosche, MBG Buildings, CUP Core) - Rosche by Major Stiffy Staszów - (Requires CUP Core, CBA_A3, IFA3_AIO_Lite) - Staszów by Pvt Partz (Notes) Summa - (Requires CUP Core, Summa) - Summa by Major Stiffy Tanoa - Tanoa by Vafana Taunus - (Requirements - Taunus, Arma's Nature, CUP Terrains Complete, Eden Editor Objects) - Taunus by Pvt Partz (Notes) Vidda - (Requirement - Vidda ) - Vidda by Pvt Partz (Notes) The following missions still use an earlier version of Pilgrimage (1.95 beta 1) Altis - Altis by Major Stiffy Cambodia (Requires Prei Khmaoch Luong | ព្រៃខ្មោចលង ) - Cambodia by Major Stiffy Chernarus (Requires CUP Core) - Chernarus by Major Stiffy (Requires Open Chernarus) Chernarus Winter (Requires CUP Core, Chernarus Winter) - Chernarus Winter by Major Stiffy (Requires Open Chernarus), Chernarus Winter by Alky Lee Kerama Islands (Requires Kerama Islands & CUP Core) - Kerama Islands by Major Stiffy Kobbvatn (Requires Kobbvatn, CUP Core, CUP Terrains - CWA, CUP Terrains - Maps, Xin_Ponds, ) - Kobbvatn by Major Stiffy Malden - Malden by A2012V, Malden by Major Stiffy Sahrani (Requires CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps) -- Sahrani by Major Stiffy,, Sahrani port by Vafana Stratis - Stratis by Major Stiffy Tanoa - Tanoa by rsoftokz, Tanoa by Major Stiffy Tembelan (Requires Tembelan) - Tembelan by Major Stiffy Vidda (Requires Vidda) - Vidda by Major Stiffy CO-OP Altis by Major Stiffy (wip 10) Cambodia by Major Stiffy Chernarus by Major Stiffy Chernarus Redux by Major Stiffy Lingor by Major Stiffy Lythium by Major Stiffy & Pvt Partz Malden by Major Stiffy Stratis by Major Stiffy Tanoa by Major Stiffy Other BI Forum Topics Pilgrimage, Silent---Unseen by Pvt Partz Pilgrimage Ported Variations by rsoftokz SP-COOP Pilgrimage TANOA Edition by rsoftokz Update Log
  6. Introduction The primary purpose of this mod is to further complement Project Opfor and RHS packs to allow 3CB mission makers, and the wider community, to add extra units, vehicles, and weapons to their missions By 3 Commando Brigade (http://www.3commandobrigade.com) Contents For full details of this and all our mods, plus our contributors, please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/3cb-factions/ This mod adds the following complete factions: BLUFOR Altis Armed Forces Altis Police Department African Desert Army African Desert Army Paramilitarie African Desert Civilians African Desert Civilian Militia African Desert Militia African Desert Police Afghan National Army Afghan National Army - Commandos Afghan National Army - Afghan Partnering Unit Afghan Border Police Afghan National Police Afghan National Police - Quick Reaction Force Afghan National Police - National Interdictional Unit Ardistan Army Chernarus Civilians Chernarus Local Defence Militia Chernarus Police Department Chernarussian Movement of the Blue Star Chernarussian Movement of the Blue Star - Winter Cold War (Early) US Forces Cold War (Late) US Forces Grozovia Armed Forces ION Services Karzeghistan Royal Guard Livonia Defence Force Livonia Forest Rangers Livonia Nationalist Militia Livonia Separatist Militia Malden Defence Force Middle East Insurgents NAPA (The National Party) NFA (Nogovan Freedom Alliance) Nogova Police Department Takistan Civilians Takistan National Army Takistan National Army - Special Forces Takistan National Police Takistan National Police - Quick Reaction Force Takistan National Police - Counter Insurgency Bureau Takistan Pro-Government Militia United Nations INDFOR Altis Armed Forces Altis Police Department African Desert Army African Desert Army Paramilitarie African Desert Civilians African Desert Civilian Militia African Desert Extremists African Desert Militia African Desert Police Ardistan Army Chernarus Civilians Chernarus Nationalist Militia Chernarus Police Department Chernarussian Movement of the Green Star Chernarussian Movement of the Green Star - Winter Grozovia Armed Forces ION Services Karzeghistan Royal Guard Livonia Defence Force Livonia Forest Rangers Livonia Nationalist Militia Livonia Separatist Militia Malden Defence Force Middle East Extremists Middle East Insurgents NAPA (The National Party) NFA (Nogovan Freedom Alliance) Nogova Police Department Takistan Civilians Takistan National Army Takistan National Army - Special Forces Takistan National Police Takistan National Police - Quick Reaction Force Takistan National Police - Counter Insurgency Bureau Takistan Tribal Fighters United Nations OPFOR Altis Armed Forces Altis Police Department African Desert Army African Desert Army Paramilitarie African Desert Civilians African Desert Civilian Militia African Desert Extremists African Desert Militia African Desert Police Ardistan Army Chernarus Anti-Government Militia Chernarus Civilians Chernarus Police Department Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star - Winter Cold War (Early) Soviet Forces Cold War (Late) Soviet Forces Grozovia Armed Forces ION Services Karzeghistan Royal Guard Livonia Defence Force Livonia Forest Rangers Livonia Nationalist Militia Livonia Separatist Militia Malden Defence Force Middle East Extremists Middle East Insurgents NAPA (The National Party) NFA (Nogovan Freedom Alliance) Nogova Police Department Takistan Civilians Takistan National Army Takistan National Army - Special Forces Takistan National Police Takistan National Police - Quick Reaction Force Takistan National Police - Counter Insurgency Bureau Takistan Insurgents CIVILIANS Chernarus Civilians Takistan Civilians African Desert Civilians In addition, this mod also adds extra vehicles to the following factions: AAF FIA RHS CDF Regulars RHS CDF National Guard RHS HIDF RHS US Army Finnish Defence Force Release notes 7.0.3 Added Mig-21 to ARD factions Added Mig-21 to CDF Blufor Faction Added Missing APD cap icons Fixed ACE overlay issues on face gear gloves Fixed Glass face ordering issue (blue passengers) on Hilux Fixed Hatchback and Sedan steering too sharply Fixed Incorrect Hilux Eden Preview images for FIA Closed and M2 Fixed Missing AAF pilot vest Fixed Missing ACE hearing protection on caps with ear defenders Fixed Missing APD Blufor groups Fixed Missing Enfield ammo on the TKP Indfor Marksman Fixed Missing magazines on the ION marksman and spotter units Fixed Missing magazines on the LFR engineer unit Fixed Scopecurator issue with static PKMs Fixed SKS 10rnd magazine proxy position Release notes 7.0.2 Fixed 6B27 helmets and 6B23 display names to match RHS standard Fixed Bell 412 Dynamic loadout version missing from ION Services Fixed Broken Enfield and Enfield Rail inheritance Fixed DPM cap display name error Fixed G36 blue UI fringing Fixed G36 missing magazines on certain variants Fixed GAF SF LAT unit missing NLAW missile Fixed ION Services Woodland groups and static weapons being listed under Urban Fixed Land Rover HMG and SF HMG gunner memory points being offset Fixed Livonia Separatist Militia flag name Fixed MELB attribute inheritance Fixed MIG-21 missing gunsight options when remote controlling pilot via Zeus Fixed MILAN maneuverability error Fixed MILAN reticule being incorrectly offset when zoomed in Fixed Missing "attendant = 1;" medical setting to UH1H, MTLB, Hilux, and S1203 Ambulance / Medical variants Fixed Pilot Vest and Leg bag backpack winter versions missing from ION Services Winter Fixed PPSH-41 full auto sound being different from a single shot Fixed Skoda Octavia appearing in NATO, AAF, CSAT car subcategories in Eden Fixed T-810 Eden Preview image reference error Fixed UKM mixed white belt display name error Release notes 7.0.0 Added Altis Police Department (APD) to all sides Added Ballistic Face Masks Added Bell 412s to CDF Added Black DMR Added Cap variants for ION Added Cocaine bricks and pallets under Empty > Objects Added Donated MT-LB Nogovan textures to Virtual Garage Added Fast Roping ACE option to Bell 412 winch Added FIA to all sides Added FN P90 variants using RHS sounds and ammo Added Gloves and Gloves / Glasses combinations to Facegear and NVG slots Added Grozovia Armed Forces (GAF) to all sides Added HSAT MKIII and HSAT P-Type helmets Added Invisible Chestrigs and Invisible Chestrigs with plate Added ION Services to all sides and in Desert, Urban, Winter and Woodland variants Added G36 variants Added MELB Little Bird and ION Textures Added Merlin and Textures Added Mig-21 CDF version Added MKIV helmets Added New Enfield No.3, No.3t, No.4, No.4t, No.5, No.5t, L8, L8t and L42 variants Added New MT-LB BMP-1, 30mm, BTR-60 turrets and Ambulance variants Added New Pickup weapon variants (GMG, Igla Chair, Metis, Rocket Pod, Rocket Artillery, SPG-9, TOW, Zu23 and ZU23 Front) Added Randomized Armour Plating to ADE, ADM, CHD, FIA, LNM, LSM and MEE faction Hilux and Pickups Added Static MILAN Launchers Added TFAR variants of SPC and UCP radio backpacks Added Transit Van and Textures Added VIP uniform and unit model Fixed .50cal magazines using incorrect ammo Fixed A number of incorrect or missing Eden preview images Fixed AC-47 Eden crew issue Fixed Bell 412 Flir operator get in/out memory point issue Fixed Bell 412 Inspection panels not closing Fixed Broken Igla Chair gunner KIA animation Fixed Hilux, Land Rovers, and Pickup bodies being bulletproof Fixed Incoming Missile warning sound being inherited on Chieftain, M60A3 and T-series tanks Fixed Incorrect Takistan Army naming error Fixed Land Rover get-in / out points to stop ejected body appearing in the ground Fixed Missing View Pilot LOD on M14 suppressor Fixed Position of barrel attachment proxy on Steyer Aug HBAR variants Fixed Rhib and Rhib gunboat broken cargo turret inheritance on Indfor / Opfor Fixed Side mirrors on a number of vehicles being inverted Fixed T-72BB Vehicle Garage textures Removed Arma 2 Enfield but included class name inheritance to replace weapon in old missions with new Enfield variant Screenshots Download Current version 7.0.3, released 3/5/2023 Download from: Steam Workshop License and Disclaimer For details please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/license-and-disclaimer
  7. Introduction Vehicles of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces. By 3 Commando Brigade (http://www.3commandobrigade.com) Contents Bulldog - Armoured Personnel Carrier Coyote - Tactical Support Vehicle Husky - Tactical Support Vehicle Jackal 2 - Light Patrol / Fire-Support Vehicle Land Rovers - Soft Vehicle (including Panama ROV) HX (MAN) Truck - Logistics Support Vehicle Panther CLV - Command and Liaison Vehicle Warrior - Infantry Fighting Vehicle Offshore Raiding Craft - Rigid Hull Inflatable Assault Boat Apache - Helicopter Merlin - Helicopter Wildcat - Helicopter Reaper - Drone For full details of this and all our mods, plus our contributors, please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/3cb-baf-vehicles/ CHANGE LOG VERSION 10.2 Added pylons to Wildcat, Apache and Reaper Integrated pylon weapon selection into the servicing/logistics menu Added ability to specify preset pylons to be added/removed via a missionNamespace variable (UK3CB_BAF_Vehicles_Servicing_PylonPresets) Added ability to restrict the pylon rearm between unrestricted (default and existing behaviour), presets only, and current armament only Added ability to specify a whitelist/blacklist of pylon armaments per-point Added CRV7 General Purpose Flechette(GPF) ammo Improved weapon positioning on all pylons Improved handling of Warrior Improved exit locations from rear of Warrior Improved flight dynamics of Reaper Added "convertible" option to MAN truck Added servicing menu to Panama Fixed driver error on Snatch Improved rear top cover on Snatch Added cargo version of the Chinook Improved engine and tyre noise on Husky Videos Download Current version 10.2, released 5 Jan 2022 Download from: Steam Workshop License and Disclaimer For details please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/license-and-disclaimer
  8. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166919 - BTR is missing viewport functionallity from previous games dating back to OFP (Hoping just an in-work technical issue) - BTR commander periscope is non-functional - Pressing "Right Click" would focus players view on the viewport and zoom it in to fullscreen (same as all previous ArmA tittles) - Using "ScrollWheel" while "Focused" on a viewport/optic would cycle forward and back through avaiable view ports / gunner / commander optics similar to Enlisted or Red Orchestra 2 - Bonus: smooth animated transitions between viewports / optics (see Enlisted / RO2) - Thank you for reading!
  9. Hi, I'm changing the player's vehicle with a script, and I want the turret of the new vehicle to face the same way as the old one did. Before changing the vehicle, I'm getting the old turret's aiming position with this: _turretDirection = eyePos vehicle _x; And to make the new turret rotate I tried this : _veh unitTurret(_x) lookAt _turretDirection; and this: _x lookAt _turretDirection; but it doesn't work.
  10. After trying for weeks with my scripting and googling everything to find some answers, I am still without success. The script should be small and simple, I knew scripting isn’t easy but I can’t believe this hurts so much. I'm trying to make a script that will count all the dead units and destroyed vehicles of one side and put it in the trigger and activate it via radio. _count = {side _x == resistance} count allunits; hintSilent format ["Alive AAF Units: %1", _count]; // Count all alive units of Resistance side, it works fine. 0 = [] spawn {while {true} do {sleep 0.1;} _aafScore = {getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side") == 2} count allDeadMen; hintSilent format ["Dead AAF Units: %1", _aafScore]}; // Count all dead units but it works not fine.
  11. Dynamic Vehicle Sounds The mod aim to fill the blanks in Arma by adding new sounds for immersion. Features: Not Compatible with: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/238508-truck-reverse-parking-sound/ (Obsolete) Notes: -the mod is SP compatible only ...for now -some works for both Ai and Player vehicles. -The Sounds are separated into different PBOs, you can remove the ones you dont like. -this mod is compatible with every other Sound mod so far. Not everything is covered in the videos, read the features list for more details Download: Dynamic Vehicle Sounds V2.0 workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2826840641 Credits: -AirShark -GEORGE FLOROS GR -Sammael -Tally -Sharp Special Thanks to: Drebin, POLPOX, NikkoJT and Lou amoung many in Arma discord for the help.
  12. Hello. I've had a problem with many vehicles lately. The AI is not shooting vehicles that are marked as "MRAP". I should mention that the AIs with a rocket launcher or an AT can and will shoot at the intended vehicle. The other AIs are literally ignoring the vehicle and just going away even when the gunner is shooting at them. I've already seen a couple people with this problem on MRAPs, and I can fully understand that the AI is programmed to consider a vehicle too strong for them to shoot at it, BUT I have a mod, that's called "Pedagne Mod" (it's an Italian mod that ads a lot of Italian vehicles) and there are vehicles that are certainly not too strong. The Italian army uses the VTML Lince a lot, and that's why I want to use it too. I invite you to see an image of the Lince on Google so that you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm not using any kind of AI mod. Only LAMBS sometimes. I've tried searching the config.ccp file in the Lince but I couldn't find anything relevant. Please help, I'm literally going crazy.
  13. Hi there, Vehicles Overhauling (VO) is a system of repairing, refueling, and rearming vehicles by proximity and with any asset of your choice. Also, the services are divided by doctrine: Ground, Air, and Nautical. Each doctrine and even service is easily turned Off or On, according to the editor's needs. If needed, the editor can allow repairing just for ground vehicles while unavailable for air ones, for example. Triggering or code via Eden Editor is needless. VO is configured through only one file, prioritizing implementation simplicity and quick change management that the mission editor might want. How to install / Documentation: https://github.com/aldolammel/Arma-3-Vehicles-Overhauling-Script/blob/main/vehicles-overhauling.VR/vehiclesOverhauling/_VO_Script_Documentation.pdf What to expect from VO script: Define what vehicle type have automatically access to ground, air or nautical services (rearm, repair, refuel); Define what service each station (asset) will provide: repair, refuel or rearm or all of them (full service); Every object/asset on Eden Editor can be traceable as station automatically, it's up to the mission-editor; Once defined which assets are stations, on Eden you just drag and drop the asset and the script will track them; All repair, refuel, and rearm Arma 3 and its DLCs assets are already tracked; All repair, refuel, and rearm RHS and CUP assets are already tracked; 100% compatible with CBA+ACE. No code or triggers is needed on Eden Editor; Just one file to set your mission needs easily: fn_VO_parameters.sqf; Script working as gold on hosted and dedicated servers; Demo: Main file > fn_VO_parameters.sqf: Dependencies: None! Download: From Github: https://github.com/aldolammel/Arma-3-Vehicles-Overhauling-Script From Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2758919670 Missions running it: Tanks & Helicopters (Light) Tanks & Helicopters Livonia Tanks Theater TvT Bradley Furious - - - - - - - - - - - Changelog: 2022-Oct-07, v2.2: news, fixes and notes here. Known issues: Critical > Dedicated Server > If two or more players are in the same armed vehicle, the vehicle will rearm two or more times after spend some ammo ------ (WIP) Critical > RHS on > Air Doctrine > RHS airplanes are NOT rearming properly. ------ (WIP) Important > ACE on > Repairing > if the vehicle got damage only in wheels/tracks, guns and/or turret, the repairing doesn't run; Minor > ACE on > Refueling > I'm trying to hide the pump hose; Minor > ACE on > Repairing > If the vehicle starts to cook-off with a repair station close, the vehicle gets repaired, but still cooking. Cheers, thy
  14. The Lowlands Warrior team has decided to start releasing Alpha stage mods in order to get more feedback on the content and maybe encourage more modders to join the team History Back in the early 2000's LLW started as a mod for the original Rainbow Six series, creating a large arsenal of NL Army/Marines weapons. Shortly afterwards they started creating content for Operations:Flashpoint (aka Arma: Cold War Assault) They released a large pack with terrains, vehicles, aircraft, weapons and units which what THE only dutch armed forces mod around at the time. Current plan The LLW team is not as big as in the old days. Many have stopped modding. Although, those who still have a bit of spare time dream about doing what was done before, this time in Arma 3. (Or 4?) Whatever we are creating now will be released here in the following posts. We hope every one will enjoy the mods, even while in early development stage. Website: Going through an overhaul...
  15. Wickedsick-d9d5dcd406895451

    Vehicle Disappearing On Play

    Hello, I've been working on creating a new vehicle and following the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Car_Creation tutorial. The car has been working fine with everything until I got to the setting up the differentials section. As soon as I add torque to the differentials, my car will disappear when I test. But if I remove the differential value and set it back to 0.00 it appears. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  16. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166734 After about 50 hours playing Conflict and Game Master with some convoy missions there is no way to keep an engine running when exiting the drivers seat except to switch to passenger seat before leaving the vehicle. - When exiting the drivers seat the engine should not automatically turn off - When driver is killed the engine should not automatically turn off - Under-fire the extra few seconds of engine start combined with Entry animation really matters and often makes the difference between getting away or getting headshotted while trying to start the engine. - This is problematic because it does not give player the flexibility to keep engine running if that is players intent. - It is easy enough to Tap "R" before Tapping "X" to leave the vehicle with engine off if that is players intent. - This small detail makes vehicle gameplay more immersive. - Please at least make it an option configurable in the Settings menu for Reforger / Arma 4. -Thank you for reading!
  17. Add-on for WW4 EXTENDED, an unofficial expansion for WW4 v2.5 (by Sanctuary) Requirements WW4 v2.5 WW4 Extended v1.0 or greater (full installation) WW4 Extended: Cold War Kegetys' Winter Nogojev v1.1 Download Version 1.3 - https://www.mediafire.com/download/yd1tit11htfdnhz/WW4EXT_ARCTIC_v13.zip OFPR mirror: ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/WW4EXT_ARCTIC_v13.zip Patch 1.3.1 Install after the main download. - https://www.mediafire.com/download/cyxy87v31kwmgy6/WW4EXT_ARCTIC_v131_patch.zip OFPR mirror: ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/WW4EXT_ARCTIC_Patch_v1.3.1.zip Hotfix Install after the patch. https://copy.com/ONYWMvPAi4CgV39v Arctic is now also bundled in the new WW4 Extended installer. You can find download links here if you want an automated, no hassle, way to install all this. Manual installation Shortcut method Delete any previous installation of this expansion (by deleting the WW4EXT_ARCTIC folder) Decompress the zip file and place the WW4EXT_ARCTIC folder inside your ARMA Cold War Assault one. Create a shortcut of the ColdWarAssault.exe file. Right click on the new shortcut and click on Properties. In the Properties window add the following line in the Target text field, just after the path to ColdWarAssault.exe : -mod=@ww4mod25;WW4_EXT;WW4_EXT_VEH;WW4EXT_CW;WW4EXT_ARCTIC; Launch the game by using the new shortcut. Steam method If you don't want to use shortcuts and use the Steam version: Delete any previous installation of this expansion (by deleting the WW4EXT_ARCTIC folder) Decompress the zip file and place the WW4EXT_ARCTIC folder inside your ARMA Cold War Assault one . In your games list right click on Arma: Cold War Assault and select Properties. In the Properties window click on the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS... button. Write this in the text field: -mod=@ww4mod25;WW4_EXT;WW4_EXT_VEH;WW4EXT_CW;WW4EXT_ARCTIC Click OK. Click Close. Click Play. If you want to skip the OFP intro you can add -nosplash before the -mod line, like this: -nosplash -mod=@ww4mod25;WW4_EXT;WW4_EXT_VEH;WW4EXT_CW;WW4EXT_ARCTIC Editor Categories You can find the units and vehicles in: You can also find premade groups with those units in the GROUPS (F2) window. Available winter islands for OFP/CWA Check this list: http://ofp-faguss.com/islands.php?type=Winter&reviewed=Any&sort=Rating&order=DESC Screenshots Album (v1.0): https://imgur.com/a/hWHzJ Changelog Credits - Sanctuary (WW4!) - Kegetys (Winter Nogojev sounds and vehicle models and textures) - krzychuzokecia (help on several aspects for v1.2 release) - Apocalypse83 (feedback and testing)
  18. EDITED on Oct 13th, 2022: Folks, here is the best solution I have developed to rearm ground vehicles (works fine with nautical too but not really reliable with air vehicles, mainly from RHS, CUP, etc), so feel free to check the code and point fixes, changes, improvements. THY_VO_functions.hpp fn_VO_parameters.sqf fn_VO_globalFunctions.sqf fn_VO_coreGrd.sqf Download the current solution: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ls2ZYb3ibb8mRZYJ7u4p_KBZwwGt04Hx/view?usp=sharing
  19. Description Weapon shop Gear shop Units shop Vehicles shop Dealer, trader... Installation/Usage/Download/Updates GitHub Notes Works in MP If you use RHS, weapons name in editor can't be used in the shop, see post #62 Screenshot Click Me Armaholic Armaholic Topic
  20. Welcome to Vandeanson’s Apocalypse All info is kept up to date below: Workshop Vandeanson's Apocalypse DISCORD
  21. Hi Guys, Background I want a simple script that spawns certain random vehicles from a pool at random intervals and attacks a random player. Here using the example of helicopters, the whole thing will follow later for jets, ground vehicles, etc. Distances and timings are greatly reduced for testing. Choice of Randomplayer is double made because of testings. Observation The script starts as expected, but when the helis reach the AO over Player they don't really attack with main or ship guns. Rarely a short salvo but no real attack. Trials doFire normally lets AI auto-aim, so I've tried without doTarget as well. But same result. If I read the table at the bottom of the BI Wiki, (Link: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/fireAtTarget) fireAtTarget could be a solution.# What I wanted to avoid was spwawing AI, forming groups, occupying a vehicle and then acting via waypoints. Since I would like to send random vehicles from a larger pool and that would make things very extensive. Script My Question Do you have any tips and recommendations that could help me with my desired scenario goal of dealing with the AI? Am I on the right track or should I solve it completely differently? Thanks for your support.
  22. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166918 - Feature is present in all previous titles since OFP - Opening the front hatch on the BTR-80 is great however limits visibility a lot - Press "Stance Adjust key" AKA "Left Ctrl + Scrollwheel" to turn In or out for Driver, Commander, and the x2 rear passenger hatches - Huge QOL and Situational Awareness improvement for First Person Driving - Huge Situational Awareness improvement for Commander and rear passengers - Would be applicable to future vehicles aswell such as LAV-25, BRDM-2 - BONUS: ability for commander to use binoculars while turned-out on the last "Left Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up" step - Thank you for reading!
  23. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166917 - Please add basic interactables and basic idle passenger pose - Not asking for get in / out animations (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Not asking for ability to fire from vehicles (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Most mods have this for Arma 3 (RHS / CUP), SOG Prarie Fire DLC - It was and still is Soviet / Eastern European common operating procedures - If playing first person only, a lot more visibility and fun to BTR passengers - It is in the main menu and steam banner - If not for Reforger please consider for ArmA 4 - Thank you for reading!
  24. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166916 Currently if the vehicle is parked between two buildings cannot get in or out as it shows them as obstructed, which is realistic behaviour, however the additional top entry points are not accesible in-game Please add interactables to the top of the BTR-80 hatches to get in / get out from the top of the vehicle after climbing on it same as the Hummve Gunner Position - Driver - Commander - Passenger - Passenger Not asking for any animations to hatches or character, just basic functionallity, although proper animations would be a welcomed addition later down the line - Thank you for reading!
  25. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166809 - Please bring back the previous Arma series behaviour of vehicle occupants staying inside vehicles when killed and the vehicle is not completely destroyed - If a ragdoll is inside of the vehicle slot add an option to "REMOVE OCCUPANT" without getting into that seat Thank you for reading!