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  1. I think I ran into a problem. I purchased the supporters' pack on steam and recently started to use the editor. Every time I start a single player game from the editor it lets me use vehicles for a certain amount of time and then prevents me from doing so again stating that I need to purchase that item in order to be able to use it (which I've already done, since I bought the supporters' pack). Is it a connection problem? Does anybody else have the same problem? I'm all for helping the developers by giving them some money but I want to be able to use vehicles in the editor mode as promised.
  2. Hello, As part of the changes made for the upcoming Tanks DLC, we have just upgraded three wheeled APCs with fully modeled interiors. You can try them on Dev-Branch already, we would like to encourage you to post your feedback to this thread. To clarify, interiors are still work in progress and are also subject to change. The plan is to introduce them to all vanilla armored vehicles as part of a free platform update. We hope you find them as enjoyable and immersive as we do, please let us know what you think! More about the interiors and their development in the latest Report In!
  3. Introduction Vehicles of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces. By 3 Commando Brigade (http://www.3commandobrigade.com) Contents (version 6.1) Land Rovers 'Coyote' Tactical Support Vehicle 'Jackal 2' Light Patrol / Fire-Support Vehicle 'Apache' Helicopter 'Merlin' Helicopter 'Wildcat' Helicopter New to version 6.1: Naval Merlins, Jet's DLC integration, extended vehicle logistics, along with a long list of updates to our existing vehicles. For full details of this and all our mods, please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/3cb-baf-vehicles/ CHANGE LOG VERSION 6.1 Apache Fixed: Apache can now fire it's chain-gun again Added ACE3 Hellfire compatibility Added clan logo Added gunner HUD Added Jet DLC FCS Added Jet DLC sensors Added rotor blade flex animation Added “uk3cb_” prefix to models to prevent conflicts with other mods Added “uk3cb_” prefix to .rtm animation files and .rtm class names Adjusted HMD position Fixed binlog errors Fixed bone skeleton errors Fixed mod dependancy issue Fixed turret stability Improved / tidied model.cfg Removed duplicate LODs Removed non-active and non-supported UV sets Removed unused 2nd UV sets Coyote/Jackal Added correct driver getInAction animation Added flag proxy and userAction Added IK to turret gunner hands to match weapon handle movement Added safety fire mode to weapon systems Added “uk3cb_” prefix to models and animations to prevent mod conflicts Adjusted turret gunner head movement Fixed all binlog errors Fixed all bone skeleton errors Fixed duplicated name selections in model .p3d Fixed errors caused by incorrect LOD named properties Fixed errors regarding duplicate hitpoints in turrets Fixed minor typo in Servicing module entry Fixed ‘missing material’ errors by adding default.rvmat to textures and proxies Fixed mod dependancy issue Fixed .rvmats incorrectly calling for UV set 1 textures Fixed sum of weights not 100% errors Removed materials from objects in Geometry and View Geometry LODs Removed non-active and unsupported UV sets Land Rover Added clan logo Added flag proxies and user action Added GPMG WMIK variant Added missing ‘ in beacon animation userAction statement Added safety firemode to WMIK weapon systems Added “uk3cb_” prefix to all models and animations to prevent conflicts with other mod packs Added ability to rotate when sat in the Snatch’s top cover (A and D by default). Fixed ACE3 rear wheel change bug Fixed all skeleton bone errors throughout the mod pack Fixed error on Hard Top beacon Fixed error with main weapon feed tray covers that caused visual issues at LOD2+ Fixed face without texture issue on rear left door of Ambulance Fixed degenerated faces on all model .p3ds throughout the mod pack Fixed ‘duplicate hitpoint’ rpt errors Fixed inability to load patient into Ambulance using ACE3 Fixed minor clipping of camo net through WMIK driver side rear wheel arch Fixed ‘missing material’ build errors by adding default.rvmat to proxies Fixed mod dependancy issue Fixed shadow lod errors Fixed Snatch top cover gunner not seeing windscreen grill Fixed white texture on interior hub of wheels at LOD4+ Improved / cleaned config.cpp and model.cfg, removing unrequired entries. Improved general code formatting. Removed incorrect Muzzle proxy from WMIK Commander’s GPMG Removed non-active UV sets from model .p3ds throughout the mod pack Replaced old L7 model on WMIK variants with new 3CB model Reversed Javelin removal logic on WMIKs to allow inventory to be altered in EDEN Merlin Added clan logo Added directional stabilisation on zoom of co-pilot turret camera Added GPMG weapon safety fire mode Added Jet DLC Sensors from the optical camera system on non HM2 models. Added library / logistics text for the HC4 and HM2, plus images. Added Navy HM2 Merlin, complete with folding rotor and tail Added Navy HC4 Merlin variants, complete with folding rotor and tail Added passive radar warning receiver to all models. Added rotor blade flex to all variants Adjusted AFM Adjusted AFM HP value to Rolls Royce data Adjusted rotor blade radii Fixed ability to taxi on wheels Fixed binlog and rpt warnings/errors Fixed bone skeleton errors Fixed degenerated faces Fixed lights (reflectors) Fixed mod dependency issues Fixed non-existent GPMG safety errors Fixed section without material errors Fixed sum of weights not 100% errors Improved GPMG pivot points to allow full depression without clipping out of mounting box Improved shape of rotor blade flex and added droop on engine off Reduced geometry LOD weight of empty airframe Removed duplicate hitpoint definitions in turrets Removed duplicate userActions Removed isolated points in model .p3d Replacement of GPMG’s with new 3CB model Wildcat Added ability to taxi on wheels Added active radar sensor to the HMA2 variant Added clan logo Added directional stabilisation on zoom of co-pilot turret camera Added Jet DLC sensors to optical camera system Added “uk3cb_” prefix to model .p3ds to prevent conflict with other mods Fixed binlog errors Fixed copilot searchlight Fixed ‘duplicate hitpoint’ rpt error Fixed mod dependency issue Vehicle weapons Added ability for infantry to use Logistics Menu Added ability for mission makers to specify additional crates to be added to the Logistics menu Added ACE3 Hellfire compatibility on K and N missile variants Added Editor Preview thumbnails for Logistics & Servicing objects Added implementation of new Servicing UI for pylons-enabled air vehicles Added Jets DLC sensor tech to appropriate weapon systems Added new L7 model to all vehicles Added new UI modelled directly after the Eden UI Added player animation to infantry using the dismounted Logistics menu Added pylon servicing time reduction for pylons that are already partially/fully loaded with the desired ordnance Added RHS stinger option to Logistics Added “uk3cb_” prefix to models and animations to prevent conflict with other mods Fixed 30mm cannon inheritance for Apache Fixed all binlog errors throughout mod pack Fixed CRV7 typo Fixed errors in config.cpp and model.cfgs throughout mod pack Fixed Hellfire pylon Fixed laser locking of appropriate weapon systems Fixed Logistics issue with the Comanche not having a maximumLoad specified Fixed mod dependancy issue Fixed reload for multiple muzzle weapons Fixed Servicing for vehicles with nested turret structure Fixed Servicing issue with ground vehicles trying to use the Pylons UI following Servicing of aircraft pylons Fixed Servicing rearm for non-pylon vehicles Removed all non-active and non-supported UV maps from model .p3ds in mod pack Removed duplicate LODs from model .p3ds in mod pack Removed Jet DLC sensor from Hellfire L (not implemented in vanilla) Updated Apache cannon FCS Updated bullet texture inside the ammo box to match new GPMG model Updated GUI-related text and variable name changes Updated Milan ammo box, changing model, icon and editor preview Updated sound of Milan missile explosion to match an NLAW, more of a boom! Various other small bug fixes Land Rover The Land Rover has been a familiar sight in the British Army since the 1950s, the latest model of which is the Defender 110 (eXtra Duty). During its illustrious service it has undertaken many roles in numerous climates. Several of these are now represented in Arma 3. Highlights All new high-resolution textures with weathering Realistic driving performance with dynamic suspension Sling-loading capability FFV (firing from vehicle) Externally attached UK3CB BAF bergens and equipment (with functionality when combined with other UK3CB mod packs) Automatic or manual door opening, doors can be used for limited cover High-powered Search light on Snatch models Usable Sun Visors Spare tyres mounted on vehicle that can be used via ACE3 interaction Automatic unique vehicle identification plates Integration of long-range @task_force_radio pack in vehicle for driver/commander/gunner Ambulance variant acts as a medical vehicle for healing units, and include animated stretchers Custom GPMG, HMG, GMG and MILAN weapon models with muzzle flash, heat haze and new sounds Transportable vehicle ammunition, stored in vehicle cargo Head lights with high/low beam option Interior lighting on Snatch and Ambulance models Flashing Blue Lights and Sirens on Ambulance and Police models Illuminated dashboard and icons Camera shake on firing Animated aerials Deployable camo nets on WMIKs Soft top defender can be stripped down for Merlin transportation AW101 MERLIN HM2, HC3 and HC4 The Merlin HM2, HC3 and HC4 are advanced, medium support helicopter designed to operate away from base workshops and in difficult terrain. It is an all-weather, day and night, multi-role helicopter used in both tactical and strategic operational roles. With a five tonne lifting capability, a diverse range of bulky cargo can be carried internally or underslung, including artillery, Land Rovers and light-strike vehicles. Highlights Advanced Flight Model Working suspension and wheels New navigation, landing and anti-collision (strobe) lights Cabin interior lighting added and optimised for night-time operations Custom animations for gunners Automatically applied sequential real-life serial numbers MFDs show camera and CCTV feeds from inside the cargo bay, the ramp, sling-load and starboard winch Unarmed variants with 18, 24 or 32 passengers, including 2x Firing From Vehicle (FFV) Armed variant with 18 seats (2xFFV), 3 GPMG Gunners CSAR variant with 10 seats (2xFFV), 2 Stretchers, 3 GPMG Gunners Sling-Loading - capable of picking up loads up to 5 tonnes, including a Land Rover Camera shake and heat haze and smoke effects on firing Animated winch on starboard side, with @ace3 fast roping Copilot Searchlight based on Thommen HSL-1600 (4-20deg, 1000m range) Improved Flare/Chaff and Infrared Jammer Voice warning system Jackal 2 and Coyote TSV Jackal 2 is a high mobility weapons platform, used by British Armed Forces in the role of deep battlespace reconnaissance, rapid assault and fire support. The Coyote TSV (Tactical Support Vehicle), introduced for operations in Afghanistan and entering service in late 2010, is based on a 6x6 derivative of the Jackal. With a crew of 3, two variants are provided - a transport version with 8 passenger seats, or a logistics version with just 2 passenger seats but a larger cargo carrying capacity. Highlights All new high-resolution textures with weathering Realistic driving performance with dynamic suspension FFV (firing from vehicle) Automatic or manual door opening, doors can be used for cover Choice of which side to dismount Automatic unique vehicle identification plates Additional seating position at the rear of the Jackal and Coyote Coyote Passenger variant can carry a full Section plus vehicle Coyote Logistics variant acts as a Refuel/Repair/Rearm vehicle Custom GPMG, HMG and GMG weapon models with muzzle flash, heat haze and new sounds Transportable vehicle ammunition, stored in vehicle cargo Head lights with high/low beam option Rear facing camera on driver dashboard Apache AH1 The Apache AH Mk 1 (often known as the Apache AH1) is an attack helicopter produced by AgustaWestland, under license from Boeing, for the British Army. It was custom built to meet the mission specific requirements of the UK Armed Forces, being a derivative of the US Army's AH-64D Apache. Highlights Advanced Flight Model Working suspension and wheels All texture maps extensively overhauled and upgraded Automatically applied sequential real-life serial numbers Module based customisable rearm / re-role selection options which can be attached to any object by mission makers in the Editor or Zeus Weapon pylons pitch with the gunner's aim Infrared Jammer All new damage model referencing critical systems on the airframe Customised Helmet Mounted Displays (HMDs) AW159 Wildcat AH1 / HMA2 The AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat is an improved version of the Westland Super Lynx military helicopter designed to serve in the battlefield utility, search & rescue and anti-surface warfare roles. In British service, common variants are being operated by both the Royal Navy and British Army to replace their ageing Lynx Mk.7/8/9 rotorcraft. Highlights Advanced Flight Model Working suspension and wheels Rotating surveillance turret seen from inside cockpit Under-nose Selex Seaspray multi-mode surveillance radar (HMA2) Two-tone grey camouflage pattern Panel lines and riveting more in keeping with the Wildcat Automatically applied sequential real-life serial numbers 6 or 8 passenger seats, including 2x Firing From Vehicle (FFV) Sling loading Copilot Searchlight based on Thommen HSL-1600 Variants with Hellfire and CRV7 rockets Infrared Jammer All new damage model referencing critical systems on the airframe Customised Helmet Mounted Displays (HMDs) Screenshots Download Current version 6.1, released 15 September 2017 Download from Google Drive License and Disclaimer For details please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/license-and-disclaimer
  4. Hello everyone, this is something that's been bothering me for a long time and it has been probably addressed a few times. I still want to talk about it again though, and that's the exploding vehicles. Is there any mod out there (or perhaps even plans from BIS) that simply stops vehicles from exploding? I really don't crave any fancy damage model, I honestly just want them to stop exploding, like, make them stay in the heavy damaged state so the crew bails and you can repair them later if you get the chance. It looks good enough and way better/realistic than the model which the vehicle gets turned into after an explosion. Don't get me wrong, I highly appreciate anything BIs gave to us since they released the alpha like shooting from vehicles and making it possible to rest your weapons, but from an immersion & polishing standpoint this is something that should've been high priority ( at least imo.).
  5. Space; the Final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilisations; to boldly go where no man has gone before. - Cpt James T. Kirk Welcome to ArmA 3: Star Trek - Evolution! This mod aims to develop starships and weapons, seen from most of the popular series and titles of Star Trek! The project was originaly inspired of Abs' effort towards his mod 'Star Trek: Road to The Stars', which I intend to keep this at high priority. The project is not only inspired of Abs' mod, but prior to the next movie, "Star Trek: Beyond", which is in cinemas by 22nd July, 2016! In addition, plans are not final and more features may be on the way, this may include: Borg faction, characters, land vehicles and gear. To kick-start the project, below are preview shots on what starships and weapons will be added. Starships: Federation: - Armstrong Class (Finished) - Constitution Class (In Queue) - Intrepid Class (Finished) - Kelvin Class (In Queue) - Mayflower Class (Finished) - Newton Class (Finished) - Saladin Class - Refit (Finished) - Mk. 9 Federation Shuttle (In Queue) Klingon: - Bird of Prey (In Queue) - K'Tinga (Underway) Romulan: - D'deridex (In Queue) Weapons: - Phaser Rifle (In Queue) - Phaser Pistol (In Queue) - Sniper Rifle (In Queue) - Vulcan SMG (In Queue) Also sneak peak at a prototype test for the warp drive system. Disclaimer: - Starships and weapons will be developed from scratch, not ripped or ported (as I already frown upon illegal activity). What this means, is that they will be developed straight from scratch in 3DS Max 2015 (Student Version) and in Blender. In order to construct the models, orientations/blueprints (like all modellers will use) will be used to accurately design the models. If you would like to know where I get most of these orientations/blueprints, you can find them Here. The two weapon pictures you see (Sniper Rifle and Vulcan SMG), however, can be found Here.
  6. Survivable Crashes (& Shoot-downs) When activated, this mod allows the crew of a vehicle to survive it's destruction and escape with some damage taken. While designed for helicopters, vehicle classes may be whitelisted. When the vehicle reaches fatal damage, players will be knocked unconscious, ejected when near the ground, applied randomized damage, and then woken up. The vehicle will explode after 40-80 seconds. These effects may be customized by using the Survivable Crashes Settings Module in your mission. ACE3 damage will be automatically applied if it is in the active mod pack. Videos: Crash @ 2:00 Crash @ 1:50 Additional Information Download: Github Releases Notes:
  7. The wiki page referes to the forum but not to a specific thread, so I am assuming there is none yet. Anyway my feedback so far: "Its great, so great.. greatest dynamic loadout system by far" - Donald Trump However, the list isn't sorted or grouped in a specific way. Just by adding our "Swedish Forces Pack" bombs, the list starts growing quite a bit. Playing with SFP, RHS and perhaps 2 more mods and this will be a real issue. Also, in the wiki page there is no reference how to enable it on your own airplane .p3d. I managed to make custom pylons, and custom weapons on the A164 Wipeout but not enabling it on my own plane.
  8. I am having a bit of an issue with something I tried to do extensive research on. I am trying to make some preset vehicles that the Zeus can edit, start out with being able to respawn on position. When I use a Vehicle Respawn module placed in the editor, and sync that module to an Add Editable Objects module for Zeus, the vehicles aren't editable even if the vehicles themselves were added to the Add Editable Objects module. Only if I remove the Vehicle Respawn module, and keep the vehicles synced to the Add Editable Objects can the Zeus edit the vehicles. I need some alternatives to fix it, if you can help me find a way to make any of my ideas work, I would most appreciate it! Try to make it so any vehicles spawned by the Vehicle Respawn module will be added for the Zeus to edit. Make it so if the Zeus deletes the Vehicle Respawn module, have all the vehicles associated with it delete. A script/initialize string that will enable/set the respawn option for vehicles to the On current position for the Zeus. So that way the game starts with the vehicles being able to respawn on position. Have the vehicles use a respawn script that doesn't require the respawn module. I would appreciate anyone who could help me out!
  9. Unofficial expansion for WW4 v2.5 (by Sanctuary) Features Lots of new units and vehicles that expand the original WW4 selection for all sides Several support call options (CAS, transport, fire missions) Custom menu to issue squad orders and call for support Infantry units can be equipped with rucksacks, and AI units are able to use them Visual and sound effects (tracers, bullet cracks) All extra features are toggleable Fixes to some vanilla WW4 bugs Requirements WW4 v2.5 (already bundled in the installer version) Download Installer WW4 Extended v1.1 Complete Installer This installer contains the main expansion plus the Cold War and Arctic extensions. Vanilla WW4 is also included in the installer. - https://www.mediafire.com/download/f6x39b45drv0mkh/WW4_Extended_v1.1_Setup.exe Mirror: http://www.moddb.com/mods/ww4-extended/downloads/ww4-extended-v11-complete-installer OFPR mirror: ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/WW4EXT_full_v11.exe WW4 Extended v1.1.1 Patch Installer Installer that patches WW4 Extended to version 1.1.1. It includes the previously released scripts hotfix. Apply this patch after the main installer. - https://www.mediafire.com/download/jry2rnbcsr0uc3x/WW4_Extended_Patch_v1.1.1_Setup.exe Mirror: http://www.moddb.com/mods/ww4-extended/downloads/ww4-extended-v111-patch-installer OFPR mirror: ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/WW4EXT_Patch_v1.1.1.exe Hotfix https://copy.com/vhAGUc9cqkurWiC4 Zip files Main EXT v1.1 Infantry, objects, scripts and music. - https://www.mediafire.com/download/yxc227kn2bf86rd/WW4_EXT_v11.zip Main EXT v1.1.1 Patch - https://www.mediafire.com/download/r654y307y6ssdyp/WW4_EXT_v111_patch.zip Vehicles EXT v1.1 Just vehicles. Requires Main EXT. - https://www.mediafire.com/download/5nx4nkc7t4oydh6/WW4_EXT_VEH_v11.zip Vehicles EXT v1.1.1 Patch - http://www.mediafire.com/download/4dum8u1qhg8jmge/WW4_EXT_VEH_v111_patch.zip OFP v1.96 compatibility patch Rename the file from ww4ext_inf_cfg.pbo.OFP to ww4ext_inf_cfg.pbo and place it in the addons folder inside WW4_EXT. - https://www.mediafire.com/download/86d97zspupnjk9c/WW4_Extended_OFP_patch_v111.zip Manual Installation Shortcut method Delete any previous installation of this expansion (by deleting the WW4_EXT and related folders) Decompress the zip file and place the WW4_EXT folder inside your ARMA Cold War Assault one. Create a shortcut of the ColdWarAssault.exe file. Right click on the new shortcut and click on Properties. In the Properties window add the following line in the Target text field, just after the path to ColdWarAssault.exe : -mod=@ww4mod25;WW4_EXT;WW4_EXT_VEH; Launch the game by using the new shortcut. Steam method If you don't want to use shortcuts and use the Steam version: Delete any previous installation of this expansion (by deleting the WW4_EXT and related folders) Decompress the zip file and place the WW4_EXT folder inside your ARMA Cold War Assault one . In your games list right click on Arma: Cold War Assault and select Properties. In the Properties window click on the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS... button. Write this in the text field: -mod=@ww4mod25;WW4_EXT;WW4_EXT_VEH; Click OK. Click Close. Click Play. If you want to skip the OFP intro you can add -nosplash before the -mod line, like this: -nosplash -mod=@ww4mod25;WW4_EXT;WW4_EXT_VEH; I've written more detailed instructions here. Configs for non-bundled vehicles For them to work properly you'll have to download both the custom config and the addons proper. All these vehicles listed here are entirely optional. Download non-bundled configs for v1.0: - https://www.mediafire.com/download/sx6fgmb7l8v6e6r/WW4_EXT3P_v1.zip Check the readme of the configs for detailed instructions and a list of the required pbos for each listed addon. Mi-2 Requires: Mi-2 version 1.1, by Our Weapons team(ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/Mi-2pack_byNO.exe) Extra Addons for EXT These are already included in the installer version. WW4 Extended: Cold War: Infantry and vehicle units from the 80’s Cold War era for all sides (already bundled in the installer version) WW4 Extended: Arctic: Infantry and vehicle units for arctic and winter islands from the 80’s Cold War era for all sides (already bundled in the installer version) Editor Categories You can find the units and vehicles in: You can also find premade groups with those units in the GROUPS (F2) window. Vehicle and Unit Classes There's now some txt files with class names inside WW4_EXT\_docs\Class names. Here you can check spreadsheets with the unit names and classes of the vehicles and units used in WW4 EXT: (Outdated) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0By2CaodBQ84GT3RYVW5fWEIzT1k&usp=sharing&tid=0By2CaodBQ84GN1RDM0ctazhyNlk#list Screenshots v1.0 album: http://imgur.com/a/NXoiC Assorted images from previous versions: Extra Features Manual The Extra Features Manual can be found here. This document is also bundled in the zip and installer files. MLODs and textures for v1.1 I've finally gone ahead and sorted and updated almost everything used in v1.1. The only things you won't find are the models that aren't explicitely public domain or that I'm able to share for one reason or another (middle east units, zils, BTRs, BMDs...) and the vehicle texture masters. With that said, if there's still something that shouldn't be there please let me know and I'll reupload the zip files with those models removed. WW4 Extended v1.1 MLODs WW4 Extended v1.1 Infantry textures WW4 Extended v1.1 Infantry textures for Cold War and Arctic Note that the texture masters are in GIMP format (.xcf). Use them at will, as long is in an Arma game (there's the ported Arma vehicles there, and those have that restriction). No credit is required, although it'd be appreciated. Changelog You can see the full changelog here. Credits Credits can now be found here. This document is also bundled in the zip and installer files. -- EDIT: Updated to v1.1.1
  10. NLMARSOF V2.185

    Changelog V2.185 Added : BluForce model M81/Multicam uniform/Groups (4 man Specialist teams), Added : BluForce model Survival Divers M81/Multicam, Added : CombatLifeSafer armpatches, Changed : Amphibious Groups (Drivers can abandon ship and evade). Changelog V2.17 Added : Apex Dependancy, Added : Vehicle in vehicle compatibility, Added : F-35 "Joint Strike Fighter" "Made by Olli Koskelainen", Added : Mali Mission "Multicam" Units, Uniforms, Helmets and Backpacks, Added : Expansion.pbo (Readme in optional folder), Added : extra names to names.hpp, Added : UN vest + Helmet, Added : Additional Ammo types to the HK-MP5, Added : Light Machinegunner to all groups, Added : Anti-Air Operator to all groups, Added : AA-AmmoBearer to al groups, Added : Small amount of weapons/ammo to CH-47F in case of emergency, Changed : Ammo crate model, Changed : Ammo crates inventory updated, Changed : Vehicle Inventory (Standardized all vehicles inventory with current weapons/ammo), Changed : cfgGroups extended, Changed : M-Squadron Coverall color/exposure, Changed : Infantry weapons to new Apex update "HK416/417's", Changed : Vehicles color/exposure (A3 Apex update), Changed : Equipment color/exposure, Changed : LandRover's Cargo positions (FVV), Changed : Mod's Logo + visibillity increased, Changed : Nomex Coveralls ui Icons, Changed : AmmoBags Loadout (Camouflaged bags and Single color bags have slightly different loadouts due to the M-Squadron's HK-MP5's), Changed : CH-47F Freedom of movement in cargo during flight (switch seats), Changed : Much more that i forgot to document, Fixed : Carrera Goggles class inherit (glass), Fixed : CH-47F Advanced Flight Model, Fixed : CH-47F Damper issue, Fixed : CH-47F Rear wheel steering (disabled for now), Fixed : AT soldiers can handle their NLAW in a responsible way now, it is given back to them, Fixed : Carrera Goggles class inherit, Fixed : Nomex coverall's arm patch flickering over distance, Removed : CH-47F Walkable Hull (blocked 50% of downwash) see no reason to maintain it with current vehicle in cargo setup, Removed : Dependancy's RH_M4 and RH_acc, Removed : Some Duplicates. ChangeLog V2.16 Added : SH-14D ACE3 Fastrope compatibility, Added : CH-47F ACE3 Fastrope Compatibility, Added : CH-47F ACE3 Cargospace Compatibility, Added : C-130 ACE3 Cargospace Compatibility, Added : CH-47F Roadway Lod (walkable hull) not in flight, Added : CH-47F "Gray" (new paint scheme), Added : CH-47F Window Whiper on middle window, Added : C-130 Hercules, Added : LandRover (GS), Added : LandRover (WIMIK), Fixed : SH-14D Weight decreased, Fixed : CH-47F Weight increased, Fixed : CH-47F Altimeter, Fixed : CH-47F Ramp (hight difference when ramp was open), Fixed : CH-47F Ramp "ServoSound" synchronized with ramp speed, Fixed : CH-47F rotorblur color Correction, Fixed : CH-47F and SH-14D External textures, Fixed : CH-47F and SH-14D SMDI layers (slight color differences), Fixed : CH-47F SlingLoad Weight distribution, Fixed : CH-47F Co-pilot more privileges (Pilot Controls), Removed : Infantry (Opfor Models), Changed : Mountain Leaders to Infantry, Changed : CH-47F Increased Fording depth, Changed : CH-47F RotorBlades texture, Changed : SH-14D Sound Startup sequence, Changed : SH-14D Sound Engine "Pitch" decreased (no more wasp on steroids), Changed : All Vehicles (UN paint schemes) Latest color scheme (Mali Mission ?), Changed : Mountainleaders uniform national flag size reduced + relocated, Changed : Infantry Names random (Dutch Names), Changed : Mountainleaders uniform Camouflage (increased exposure), Changed : Fennek Vehicle woodland Retextured, Changed : M81/DCU Backpacks and helmet Camo sizes equalized. ----------------------- Credits and thank u's : ----------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bohemia Interactive Studio's, http://www.bistudio.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F-35 JSF •Olli Koskelainen http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27151------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cargo hooks from the MH47 made by konyo.. thanks. •Konyo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Balaclava's used in this modification are property of the following individuals •Kiory •Surpher •Pomigit "balaclava Expanded Modification". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nomex Coveralls •Cinco ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Agusta Westlang Lynx SH-14D Helicopter, •Delta Gamer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Steam Primary link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=537377053&searchtext=
  11. After some overwhelming feedback I turned this into a full addon. This includes a roadmap, milestones, and a changelog. What does this mod aim for? This mod tries to refine, optimize and perfect the vehicle physics due to totally remade config values, parameters and code. Does this mod conflict with any other mod? As far as I know not. This mod only overrides the vanilla A3 vehicles without changing any of its usability or function. It could happen that this mod interfers with AGM. But I have not tested it. Changelog: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84370332/Refined_Vehicles/changelog.txt Roadmap & To-Do List Source files: Please contact me if you wish insight into the source-files! Latest Version: 3.4.1 Download: Vanilla: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84370332/Refined_Vehicles/%40RPA_Refined_Vehicles.zip Apex: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84370332/Refined_Vehicles/%40RPA_Refined_Vehicles_Apex.zip Armaholic page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23560 Special Thanks to: -Bohemia for using PhysX -Sakura_Chan for his Primer thread ( http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149027-Primer-for-new-vehicle-simulation ) -da12thmonkey and Blu3sman for their tips and explanations -Foxhound for uploading this mod on Armaholic and keeping it updated. You rock! -Everyone who tests this mod and gives feedback Credits: -Bohemia Interactive: They own all of the stuff I have retweaked or reworked for this mod! -Lappihuan: He's my personal scripting god. whatever needed to be done, he knows how. -bigmumu: Some textures I sued are from him. And I will certainly use more! -super-truite: Thanks for letting me use and retweak your fuel can script! This mod is licensed under Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) http://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Old Post:
  12. So first off, i'm completly new to scripting. never really done it so i don't understand it. Now, i have a helipad that i want to add a script to it's "init" line so that when a chopper lands on it, it can refuel, rearm and repair it, if needed with actions for all three. Please i'm looking all over and cant understand alot of what i'm reading so i needed some direct help
  13. A3 Bundeswehr Vehicle Retexture Pack for Arma III Introduction This mod is meant to bridge the gap of missing logistical vehicles for communities and groups using the BWMod by retexturing Arma III vanilla vehicles to Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) standards. Features Flecktarn (German Woodland) camo for all vehicles. (Tropentarn (German Desert) camo is planned for a separate future release) Custom textures for each vehicle. Custom dirt maps for each vehicle to make it feel more realistic. Accurate tactical signs. Individual license plates for each vehicle. Adding unarmed transport and medevac versions the Arma and Pandur APC's through hiding the turrets. All vehicles have accurate BWMod units in them when placed via Editor or Zeus. All vehicles have custom inventory loadout's featuring weapons like the G36 / MG4 / PzF3 and ammunition from the BWMod. All vehicles are fully compatible with the Editor / Zeus / Garage. Media screens: GroundVehicles: (Flecktarn/Woodland) Offroad Offroad "Feldjaeger" (MP) Offroad Repair SPw Fennek SPw Fennek Medevac SPw Fennek 1A2 HMG 12.7mm SPw Fennek 1A2 GMG 40mm M-ATV M-ATV medevac M-ATV HMG 12.7mm M-ATV GMG 12.7mm Truck 7T transport Truck 7T transport covered Truck 7T medevac Truck 7T ammo Truck 7T fuel Truck 7T repair Truck 7T medevac Truck 7T device Truck 15T multi container Truck 15T repair Truck 15T ammo Truck 15T fuel APC Arma transport APC Arma medevac APC Arma FLW APC Pandur II transport APC Pandur II medevac APC Pandur II FSW ARV Nemmera AH Sholef 155mm AirVehicles: (Helos) AH6 LNU MH6 transport AW159 LNU AW159 transport AW159 SAR AW101 transport AW101 SAR CH67 transport CH67 SAR Taru LH Additional Info I tried to keep the quality of the textures high and as close as possible to reality and to match the vehicles of the BWMod. Some of the names of the vehicles are based on real vehicles and some are fictional. this is my very first public mod so be kind and let me know if there's any way to make this mod better. constructive criticism is always appreciated. also let me know if there are any bugs appearing, i'll try to fix them as asap. Dependencies this mod needs CBA and the BWMod to function properly. Download Team / Author © Williams/OsiriZ 2016 Special thanks to: - Koffeinflummi and the whole BWMod Team for giving me the permission to use they're content and for the great mod. - Zigomarvin for his "usable cargoramp script" - Bohemia Interactive for the awesome games and trey're support for the modding community Changelogs v1.0.0 Classnames v1.0.0 Contact info.a3mods@gmail.com License Do not open or change the pbo's! Do not upload anywhere else! Use at you're own risk!
  14. Don't know about you, but I'm tired of running around with a US flag on my Shoulder.... A W.I.P FICTIONAL Custom re-texture of Vanilla ARMA 3 Gear with Custom CAMO's Using Color Pallettes from Altis and Tanoa + Some other classics. It's not my purpose to perfectly recreate the current ADF, this is a futiristic, fictional retexture. Content:Units, Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, Light Armor, Heavy Armour, Planes and much more! taking requests!7 Total Different Infantry Cams now :)Requires... NOTHING! External Dependencies All removed :) This is W.I.P, any constructive Feedback Welcomed and encouraged. Available on Steam Workshop :)
  15. I have been playing Mini DayZ for awhile now, and I have come across vehicle repair kits and gasoline cans multiple times. The item descriptions reference being able to drive vehicles, but so far I have not been able to find out how one goes about getting a drivable vehicle. Has anybody figured out how to obtain a drivable vehicle?
  16. Paint jobs

    Why do the APEX versions of all the vehicles have the same paint schemes as all the pre apex vehicles? The Prowler comes two different schemes, tropical and arid, but none of the other vehicles.
  17. game crashing due to vehicles

    I just purchased arma 3 from steam an I am experiencing a major issue. My game crashes whenever there is a vehicle(any vehicle)that is being piloted by someone, whenever i'm piloting a vehicle, and sometimes just when there is a vehicle. Within seconds of joining a server with vehicles in it, my game crashes. Immediately after piloting a vehicle in the campaign, my game crashes. Otherwise my game runs fine and there are no other issues. I have read other threads and I have tried verifying my game files on steam, uninstalling and reinstalling my game, making sure I have downloaded all the necessary software requirements, updating my geforce drivers, and updating my bios. I hope someone can help me out here, because i really want to be part arma's excellent community. Thanks. system specs Intel core i5 6500 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8gb of 2133MHz RAM
  18. Hey all. Perhaps you can help me with a problem. I've used the setObjectTexture command to great success on vehicles placed in EDEN, placing them and then putting something like setObjectTexture [0, "textures\police_heli.paa"]; in their init field. Bingo, the (in this case) helicopter is there, and it is wearing it's appropriate skin/texture. The problem is respawning. When the vehicle is destroyed, it respawns just fine (I am using the BIS respawn module in EDEN, linked to the vehicle in question). The problem is, that when the vehicle respawns, it respawns with a random skin/texture. Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's tiger-stripe, etc. I've searched the forums and google to no avail to try to fix this. All I want, is for when the vehicle is respawned, to have the same (custom) textures it started with.
  19. OPERACIÓN ARDILLA Creada por Darius _______________________________________________________________________ STRATIS 09 de Septiembre de 2032 a las 18:54 horas Misión en Español El General Akhanteros de la FAA perdió su helicóptero que le iba a llevar a Altis, gracias al bombardeo de esta tarde la OTAN ha destruido casi todas las aeronaves de la FAA. Ahora él se ha escondido en su base militar al este de Agia Marina, vamos a asaltar esa base militar, acabar con los refuerzos y volver al campamento. Objetivos Destruir los refuerzos Matar el general de la FAA (Objetivo principal) Escapar de la zona Ejecución La operación se basa en una táctica de "golpe de mano" (entrar, cumplir objetivo y salir muy rápido). Alfa, se encarga de colocar cargas explosivas y emboscar los refuerzos que vienen por la carretera de la base aérea, la carretera que viene del Campamento Rogain y la otra carretera que viene desde Mike-26. ¡Destruyan todo lo que pase por esas carreteras! Los equipos Bravo y Charlie asaltarán la base militar. Salir de ahí e ir a un lugar seguro. _______________________________________________________________________ Co32_Op_Ardilla_v25.Stratis.pbo mega.nz Steam: Operación Ardilla en Steam
  20. Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me develop a script that would allow blufor units to only be able to enter Blufor vehicles as well as Opfor only being able to enter Opfor vehicles. I would need an array to be specific to what vehicles I would allow units to enter. I do not want the unit to be killed, just kicked out of the vehicle. Thanks, Kdubyadog556
  21. Hello all. I ran into a problem recently. I found that if I set _trg to trg then my triggers work outside a given set of brackets. Which is expected. same with _ied and ied iedtype = (_this select 0); //marker or map based. Either a string with the marker name, or as string with "mapPos" probability = (_this select 1); //probability arrayMin = ((_this select 2) select 0); //array of numbers ex: [1,2,3] arrayMedian = ((_this select 2) select 1); arrayMax = ((_this select 2) select 2); allowRoads = (_this select 3); //boolean debug = (_this select 4); //boolean safeZones = (_this select 5); //array findMapPos = getArray(configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "centerPosition"); findMapSize = getNumber(configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "mapSize"); findRoads = findMapPos nearRoads findMapSize; iedSelection = ["_iedUrbanBig_F","_iedLandBig_F"]; explosionSelection = ["M_Titan_AT","Bo_Mk82","Bo_GBU12_LGB","R_230mm_He","R_80MM_HE"]; fnc_explosion = { (selectRandom explosionSelection) createVehicle (getPos (_this select 0)) }; if(iedType == "mapPos") then { for "_i" from 0 to random[arrayMin,arrayMedian,arrayMax] do { if(allowRoads) then { if(probability > random 100) then { _ied = (selectRandom iedSelection) createVehicle (getPos (selectRandom findRoads)); _trg = createtrigger["EmptyDetector",(getPos _ied)]; _trg setTriggerArea[1,1,1,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation["Any","PRESENT",false]; _trg setTriggerStatements["this","(selectRandom explosionSelection) createVehicle (getPos _ied); deleteVehicle _ied;",""]; if((count safeZones) > 0) then { { if((getPos _ied) inArea (getPos _x)) then { deleteVehicle _ied; }; if((getPos _trg) inArea (getPos _x)) then { deleteVehicle _trg; }; } forEach safeZones; }; if(debug) then { _mkr = createMarker[(str(getPos _ied)),(getPos _ied)]; _mkr setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _mkr setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; }; }; }; }; }; This is the entirety of the script, I am nowhere near done with it. But the issue is that when the trigger is activated, another ied is set off. I'm thinking because ied is all the same to the script. Rather than each fo them being their own mine?
  22. Hello, I had recently tried tasking myself with adding the 20 MM statics to the back of vehicles. I've already tried attachTo and disabling the collision between the two. But, I'm still not all that impressed with the result because I still can't switch seats from the static. And I've already tried adding an action to move the player into the gunner seat. I was thinking, is there any other real good way to get this to work? Thanks in advance.
  23. So I don't know what I'm doing or not doing but I have this strange thing happening. I'm just starting to learn the editor and am currently fiddling around with support modules and noticed something rather strange, at least to me. So I have placed two Comanche helicopters for helicopter attack support, lets say helo 1 and helo 2. I have helo 1 synced to the support module and helo 2 synced to helo 1. The issue is that when the scenario starts helo 1 does what it should, sits there with the engine off and waits for me to place a support request and then takes off and goes to the coordinates, however helo 2 fires the engines up, takes off and hovers above the base until i call in support at which point it follows helo 1. This happens when using vehicle artillery as well, vehicle one stays put while vehicle two roams around. How do I get them to stay put until I put in a support request?
  24. Hello, it's been a while since I been on here. This is a new RPG mission/template. Currently there is no stringtable so it's only in English. Downloads below.Key Features: -Banking -Keychain-Garage-Trading-Personal Items-Crafting-Gathering-Stats-SkillsPictures: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 I am releasing this because I don't know what else to do with it and have become very bored with it. Haven't worked on it in months. I hope this can help someone with any issues they were having or it gets picked up and renovated. Please feel free to do as you wish with the files, just please leave my credits/thanks in and add to it as needed. Thank you! Download Mission & Addon Pack It also requires iniDB on the server for 'database' saving. Download iniDB Armaholic Topic
  25. I have a roleplay community and I am looking for a texture artist who can design the vehicle textures and design a few insignias. I will provide all UV templates. Contact me here for details or on discord at: https://discord.gg/qsEEdYj