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Found 33 results

  1. https://github.com/Mezo/MostWanted
  2. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166919 - BTR is missing viewport functionallity from previous games dating back to OFP (Hoping just an in-work technical issue) - BTR commander periscope is non-functional - Pressing "Right Click" would focus players view on the viewport and zoom it in to fullscreen (same as all previous ArmA tittles) - Using "ScrollWheel" while "Focused" on a viewport/optic would cycle forward and back through avaiable view ports / gunner / commander optics similar to Enlisted or Red Orchestra 2 - Bonus: smooth animated transitions between viewports / optics (see Enlisted / RO2) - Thank you for reading!
  3. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166918 - Feature is present in all previous titles since OFP - Opening the front hatch on the BTR-80 is great however limits visibility a lot - Press "Stance Adjust key" AKA "Left Ctrl + Scrollwheel" to turn In or out for Driver, Commander, and the x2 rear passenger hatches - Huge QOL and Situational Awareness improvement for First Person Driving - Huge Situational Awareness improvement for Commander and rear passengers - Would be applicable to future vehicles aswell such as LAV-25, BRDM-2 - BONUS: ability for commander to use binoculars while turned-out on the last "Left Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up" step - Thank you for reading!
  4. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166917 - Please add basic interactables and basic idle passenger pose - Not asking for get in / out animations (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Not asking for ability to fire from vehicles (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Most mods have this for Arma 3 (RHS / CUP), SOG Prarie Fire DLC - It was and still is Soviet / Eastern European common operating procedures - If playing first person only, a lot more visibility and fun to BTR passengers - It is in the main menu and steam banner - If not for Reforger please consider for ArmA 4 - Thank you for reading!
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9L9rKviohCtY1lGLUUwblUtelE/view - Rework Exile ready by Super Jerome
  6. froggyluv

    Why is Aiming So Easy

    One thing about this series that always struck me was -why is it so easy to hit an enemy even at 400m+ out? Im an old timer (51yo) and yet its really no biggie to 1 shot an enemy tank crew who's head is turned out at 150m with just iron sights. I feel like something in the world of Parallax? maybe is missing. Like its just a 2d world and i merely have to align pixels and blam -kill shot no problem. Almost like a part of the 3dworld dynamic is missing. For instance in some other games like Insurgency and many of the new VR FPS games, I cant hit anything easily outside of 50m. I mean I can, but it feels like i really had to work for it. So what is it that missing in Arma? I know the recoil/hand shake setting has some effect here and maybe the default one is just set to easily
  7. Xbox-FancyOxygen

    Airdrop system

    In my opinion, the airdrop system of now version is useless and not attractive enough for players, for players need to upgrade the level of the airdrop to gain the better crates before they enter one game instead of upgrading the possibility of it. in another word, if no one upgrades the level of the airdrop(quite common in my games), then the crate of the airdrop in this round is just the lowest level, which lead to high risk but very low rewards to players(so it is just not attractive and not reasonable to take great risks to grab the airdrop). so why not just set the airdrop in one random level, but before everyone enters the game they will have a chance to use crowns to uplevel the possibility to gain better airdrop crate, but if they dont uplevel the possibility they still have chance to gain a gold one or a purple one(whatever better than the gray one)to make airdrop more valuable and make the game more exciting. generally speaking, i think it is really not a good idea to set the level of the airdrop down before entery( at least it do make me think it is useless and no-need to grab the airdrop if no one or just few of them upgrade the level of the airdrop). Hope my advice can be taken by your guys! Thanks for reading!
  8. Chicken55

    Proximity Chat?

    Not sure whether this has been suggested before but I'll throw my coin in the well and say this would be a brilliant addition to the game especially with the big maps (possibly bigger maps in future?) however i do think an option to toggle it in settings would be a good idea but have a clear indicator that it exists so newbies can either use it or not
  9. SunlessPenny

    Night Mode

    Most Vigor matches take place at dusk or midday times, with some overcast. I think adding a nighttime mode or option would be very enjoyable. Sniping would be interesting as it would take a higher level of skill, shooting in general and spotting enemies would take more time and make more of a challenge. To even out this option, maybe add street lamps every now and then or have maybe lightning that lights up a general area for a couple seconds. A nighttime game mode would definitely make for a harder challenge that I would be down for.
  10. SunlessPenny

    Map Density

    The graphics of the maps as it is are good, but I think adding more density would make it better. Every now and then there are bushes and there's some grass that you can kind of lay under; but I think there needs to be more of it. Instead of a plain ground have more tall grasses or brush. Make the trees a little thicker/bushy, having the bottoms touch the ground. It would definitely make the game more of a challenge but also more fun as it will add an intense amount of realism to the game.
  11. SunlessPenny

    New Map(s)

    I love the maps that can be played, but I think there should be maybe 1 or 2 more. One idea that I have is a city map, a small central city location with lots of cars and large buildings. It would definitely be loved for electronic parts as they are always needed in the shelter. Having big buildings would also be fun too, not knowing if someone is on the floor above or below you would definitely create a challenge for those making there way up. Designer wise maybe have some chunks missing out of the buildings and rock pieces on the ground, making is seem more so run down.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RR9SplIyfs i want to do more of these... get better gameplay and work on my editing. just thought the die hard players hung out on the forums like the old school days. hope everyone can check it out and let me know what you think. i am loving this game so far, saved gaming on the ps4 for me honestly. huge thanks to the devs at Bohemia, you folks did something wonderful here.
  13. I was thinking to myself and I thought even though Vigor has a big selection of guns what if you could add attachments to them making them way more unique and interesting to use, everyone has been seeing 'Escape from tarkov' recently and I believe that adding this to the game would add popularity to this great game title already
  14. onemanwolfp4k

    I'm New

    So I started playing this game around the middle of November as a friend got me to try it out (he is a founder). Initially I was not a fan of the shooting bc the recoil felt horrible lol. Felt like you had to start at their feet just to hit their chest. BUT I kept playing and started to like the shooting mechanics bc there has to be some skill involved. You cant run around like COD and drop people, it actually takes a little strategy in planning how you take your shots. I enjoy going from single fire for long distance shots to full auto for the closer encounters. I do hate the movement when trying to vault or climb hilly terrain bc jumps you think you should be able to make you cant. i enjoy the gameplay for the most part bc there isnt a strong aim assist. I seen in one of the other comments about duos vs trios and I personally dont have an issue with this bc i feel like it adds to the intensity of the encounter. Do you buy insurance, do you risk it all and keep a low profile, do you scope out your enemies and try to pick apart the enemy right after their gunfight. My partner and I have been fortunate enough to eliminate quite a few trios and it feels great when you do, but is equally depressing when you get dropped by the third after downing 2 of 3. With me being new i dont know how the game played early on but i would say dont cater to new players as someone else mentioned in another post. Make people adjust to YOUR game. Make YOUR game stand out from the crowd. If there are glitches then yes please address those but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Norway since picking this up. I like the variety of weapons although more could be brought in. Gun customization could be something you explore outside of skins, I love the AUR sniper but hate the scope for it. Maybe be able to craft certain attachments for the weapon of your choice? Definitely enjoy the game and i hope you continue to support it and look forward to playing more.
  15. Hello Arma 3 developers, scripters and gamers, What I'm doing: I'm develope a framework to validate datatype subjects like pairs, indices, unit vectors, unit intervals, rgb colors, paths and so on. It will display in a simple message at gameplay in different code colors, if an validation message ocurre. I developed a dynamic tiny template engine for this FW. The version of Arma 3 must be at least 1.82+. Right now I develope test cases. What I need: I need - as the topic sais - a navigable interactive action menue in form of a GUI Menue. My Question: Are there BuitIn BIS Scripts do to that? thanks, mg PS: In the future, I will finish the development of a FW that can import and export compositions with random items, 3D positions, appearance and other attributes. But first this FW to develope that FW that.
  16. COMBAT REALISM SCRIPTS DESCRIPTION: Combat Realism Scripts is a totally addon-free set of light weight scripts for Arma 3 which enhance the gameplay in your mission. Features are SP, MP, and Dedicated compatible. Script will deactivate itself if it detects ACE running. VIDEO: SCREENSHOTS: N/A FEATURES: Features listed in italic font are not yet developed Backblast - Knocks down & severely injures those in your backblast radius Cookoff Deafness Disposable Launchers - Single-use disposable launchers Flashbang - RGN Grenade acts as a flashbang; also blinds AI Flashlight - Simply plays a sound when you toggle your flashlight/laser Fragmentation Grenade - RGO Grenades spew shrapnel upon detonation Hand Flares Holster Weapon - You can holster your sidearm/sling rifle on your back Interact Medical System STFU CARL - Mutes your character's voice Shoulder Tap Surrender - You can surrender. You are released when a friendly is <3m away Tactical Hand Gestures - Perform tactical hand gestures Tactical Point - Player points at what he's Tactical Pinging Tear Gas Weapons Animations - Appropriate animations when mounting/dismounting attachments Weapon Jamming - Rare chance for weapon to jam while firing Weapon Safety - Switch weapon to safe, to help prevent negligent discharges Wire Cutters More features may get added to the list. All features can be easily configured / disabled by the mission designer. TO DO LIST: Improve/rewrite current features (They're mostly proof of concept and need to be expanded upon) Add the features listed in italic font KNOWN BUGS: Post-process effects do not reset after being backblasted Weapon attachment animations play when moving attachment into/out of container CREDITS: Phronk: Script Creator Bohemia Interactive: Sounds, models, textures, animations TESTERS: Chaser (ATCAG) KingCarter (ATCAG) Phoenix (ATCAG) PRYMSUSPEC (22.NOV.2017) Version: 0.1 Size: 22 KB DOWNLOAD LINK - (Google Drive) DOWNLOAD LINK - (Steam Workshop - Unavailable) DOWNLOAD LINK - (Armaholic) CHANGE-LOG: (22.NOV.2017) - v0.1 Initial release
  17. Has anyone experienced "stopped" or "moving" labels that Identify AI?? 😒 (Note "stopped" in the picture below. If so...how did you get rid of these labels??? Aside from being annoying & making game play not at all realistic, it is dropping my frame rates something fierce! Thanks in advance! Cheers
  18. Hi, Many authors are in quest of performance for Arma3, and some tools are already useful for that: garbage collector, dynamic simulation, simple objects... I was asking myself is there could be a way to skip the code(s) scouting for achievements (104 of them at this time). I guess the global gameplay stats (useless imho), then the engine, is waiting for some "events" like: Safely ejected from any compatible jet using an ejection seat. I'm aware of the added value for some personal challenge and the interest for some players trying to improve their own stats. On the other hand, it's a waste of code, even at low level engine, event handlers or else, to say the truth, for most of the authors of scenarios. So, the 2 cent question is: why not a launch and/or server parameter skipping all that hundred+ stuffs if this could improve, even slightly, the global performance? Thanks
  19. https://github.com/nabeky/a3_exile_lootbox
  20. I'm writing this message to developers for feedback and opinions, the vigor game is excellent such as the shelter and the upgrades you can do. Me and my friends have recently encountered a bug with the firing range that the number from the count down stays on your screen when you exit the gun range which means we have to reset the game. however the main issue is when crafting often the game crashes and displays communication error which is annoying an can cause other gamers to just come off the game and go play something that doesn't crash.. I like how weapons and crafting can take a little bit of time to gather which means you feel great when you kill someone who has a p90 or lots of materials you need. I know it takes long to achieve a great game however with this information maybe you can act on this and better the game.. I hope to see a better kill recognition because I'm confused sometimes weather I killed them or they are just prone, and the death box should glow up when you have killed them because I was running around for like half an hour trying to find it, in the snowy mountains.. I would also like to see fishing at the docks of the shelter and to actually see how the less fortunate benefit from the food we give .....
  21. Work in Progress (v0.8) What is CoopR? The abbreviation CoopR resolves into Coop Roleplay. These two keywords are leading the whole idea of this modification. CoopR Mod is a gameplay overhaul. Combining coop gameplay with interesting yet not immersion-killing roleplay game elements. CoopR will come in two different release systems. The first to be published is the CoopR Light coop gameplay enhancement. It can be described as a subset of features that passed quality assurance by bringing proper gameplay enhancements that do not have any dependency to other addons of the CoopR Mod ecosystem. The other release is the CMF (CoopR Mission Framework). This framework will provide a library of editor modules and scenario attributes to create multiplayer missions that redefine ArmA3 gameplay by a large package of new immersive features. Additionally the integration of popular modifications like ALiVE and ACE3 will push the feature list even further. The CMF will be officially implemented by CoopR and is planned to run on multiple game servers. The collection of those servers is defined under the CoopR Combat Theatre term. A “theatre” defines the lore multiple servers are running under. Technically players can transfer their characters and squads only between servers where the threatre is the same. There is no way of transfering a World War 2 threatre character into a NATO war theatre. CoopR Light CoopR Light’s primary goal is to extend the gameplay of coop multiplayer squads. It is a small subset of the whole CoopR mod idea. When the development of CoopR Mod started it was clear that this modification will take at least two years to implement all planned features. As time went by the amount of feature ideas grew and therefore the release date was pushed back further into the unknown future. To this date the CoopR team managed to develop a working base with a good amount of core features. We realized that there is a basic feature set ready to be released. We call this set the “CoopR Light” release. The reason to release this light version to the community is to start testing the early state of the modification. We expect to receive hands-on feedback and suggestions that help adjusting the development process. Reported bugs will be brought into the development of CoopR and fixed in future releases. The following conditions need to be met so an CoopR addon is a candidate to be released in the CoopR Light release: No dependencies to other Non-Light addons Adds striking enhancement of coop gameplay Will not require a wipe of any persistence data CoopR Mission Framework The CMF (CoopR Mission Framework) will provide a vast variety of editor placed modules, scenario attribute configurations mission configurations. The CMF will also offer a library of script functions to publish an API for other addons or mods. This is what the framework will bring to the customization point of view. With CMF you can build a completly new type of coop missions. One core feature is the RPG addon. It allows players to create characters with perks and role specifications. These characters are persisted and accessible between different mission created by the CMF. This bring another gameplay addition to coop missions - progress. Characters can increase their skills and “farm” their equipment. Incapacitation is not a trivial thing anymore. You can lose access to your character for a long time or even lose him completely due to permadeath situations. But the RPG system is not at all the only thing coming with the CMF. To shorten it up here is a short list of features that are either nearly completed or work in progress: Character RPG System "Deployment Life" Simulation System Local Persistence & Web Persistence (CoopR HQ) Perk System Role Skill System Temporary Camp / Shelter System Supply Request System Personal Storage / Barrack System Recon Mission System CoopR Webapp / Mobile-App Character Management Extended Squad System many more in concept... Recruitment! The CoopR Mod team is looking for some fresh meat/veggie. Here are some positions we are in need for: SQF Developer (All Skill Levels) ArmA3 Extension Developer Game Concept Designer Vue.js Developer (All Skill Levels) 2D Artist Feature Roadmap Wiki WIP Find us CoopR Youtube Channel @cooprmod Instagram Support us on Patreon! Contribute on Github! Have a chat with us on Discord
  22. The bugs I’ve noticed when playing Vigor during the free to play weekend. - I noticed in the firing range when using the silver pigeon, the weapons animation is both bugged visually and the fact that the gun would show you reloading during the countdown and then you wouldn’t have any ammo in your weapon by the time it’s needed so you have to reload immediately when you start any of the challenges, also I’m not sure if it was intentional to make the scarecrows so far away in the challenge or I’m just not using the pigeon correctly. - Sometimes plates or bottles would be missing from a challenge and I’d have to restart my game to fix it. - While in a game was a generally smooth experience for what time I was given, I would say that the audio is a bit weird for sounds such as footsteps. When in a duo with my friend I can’t tell wether or not my friend and me are the ones I’m hearing or enemies because the footsteps would be delayed for about a second after we would stop moving. - Gunplay is ok, I didn’t necessarily have problems during my time in game but instead with the firing range mostly. - The shelter menu sometimes would bug to whenever I was in my equip menu, I would try to bring over one piece of ammo and I can’t see the ammo count unless I turned tabs and went back, having to go back and forth from tabs after every couple of taps. Also it sometimes sent the whole pile of ammo to my inventory and back when I had it on the 1x option. This is was my general experience of about 5 hours of gameplay during the weekend and this is also my first time posting something on a forum and I’m not very good at expressing myself.
  23. https://github.com/MGTDB/Exile_Abandon_Territory
  24. https://github.com/Cyunide/PlayerMarketByCyunide
  25. https://github.com/DevZupa/ZCP-A3-Exile