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  1. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Steam Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if a daily update is very broken or very epic :ph34r: Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  2. Maisy's Mil Sim

    would any want to join my mil sim group i am creating? i have a server and we plan on doing zeus made missions, and campaigns on the weekends, we are scheduled to launch this coming Saturday and really need players, theirs no recruitment atm we are looking for players that just want to have a good time and enjoy aspects that Arma 3 offers that a lot of players dont get access to, there are no time requirements or skill requirements, We do plan on being realistic and structured but at a its a video game and we are going to make sure we have fun kinda view. discord with more information https://discord.gg/Wx3vQw4
  3. SITREPs

    In this thread we'll post updates in the form of quick SITREPs about ongoing work during on Arma 3. These will include things like high-profile fixes, content additions, focus areas, announcements, and general development chatter. Keep an eye on the Dev Hub for all the details. ---------- Post added at 16:09 ---------- Previous post was at 16:06 ---------- Full SITREP
  4. I am just curious on how you might actually use the position command to find the position of a location of one of the major towns such as Athira or Sofia, clearly the locations are marked out somewhere because the editor already has a list of locations and 3D markers placed. I simply could not find a way to do this, so I've come to the people of the forums to save me. Just to be clear, I don't want to find the location of the nearest town based on an object or a marker, just if it is possible from the built in game locations Thank you, Pizza Man
  5. All Arma3 WW2 Mods Compilation List by Gunter Severloh Hello WW2 Fans! This compilation list was created from my frustration of steam Workshop's lack of function to better sort items in collections, this sorted list is my Arma3 WW3 Steams Workshop collection that compiles all the WW2 items (not missions) into one place! See the Arma3 WW2 SteamWorkshop Collection here - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1508144524 The collection on the Steam Workshop page has all the items in one place however they are not separated or sorted based on type or subject, my list here does this for you! Video Overview This collection contains the following types of WW2 items for Arma 3: Last update - October 15th, 2018 Compatibility mods CSA38-FOW-IFA3 weapons compatibility - This addon adds compatibility for weapons - Mp38, Mp40, Mg34, Mauser rifles etc. CSA38 ACE Compatibility - Compatibility patch for CSA38 weapons FRL - Frontline IFA Compatibility - IFA3 Compatibility for Frontline IFA3 liberation ACE IFA3 liberation compatibility 7Y WW2 ACE - This small mod adds the ability to use the 7Y WW2 technique along with the IFA3 Liberation ACE. IFA3 liberation compatibility 7Y WW2 - This small mod adds the ability to use the 7Y WW2 technique along with IFA3 Liberation and IFA3 Lite + FOW. IFA3 liberation compatibility FOW - This small mod adds the ability to use the Face of war mod along with IFA3 Liberation + IFA3 lite. IFA3 liberation compatibility FOW ACE - This small mod adds the ability to use the Face of war mod along with the IFA3 Liberation ACE. Iron Front ArmA 3 : ACE 3 Compatibility patch - This file is a compatibility patch between Iron Front ArmA 3 (Lite) and ACE 3 addons. Iron Front ArmA 3 : Faces of War Compatibility patch - This file is a compatibility patch between Iron Front ArmA 3 (Lite) and Faces of War. Northern Fronts ACE Compatibility - ACE compatibility for Northern Fronts mod World War 2: United Offensive (a community WW2 mods integration mod) - Complete overhaul of ammo config for IFA3, FOW, Massi WW2 units and IFA3 Liberation. Many minor adjustments to fix / improve / correct. Cross mod integration. Factions & Units Factions Burd's Airborne ALIVE Factions - mini-mod which makes the 101st & 82nd compatible w/ ALIVE. Faces of War - Kamikaze Tokubetsu Kogekitai - This is mostly just a mini faction for aesthetics and multiplayer servers who want a full fledged role for players, to inspire scenario makers for more Pacific conflict based situations VCB WW2 UK Commando - WW2 UK Commando faction for VCB off night missions/campaigns. WW2 Extra Factions - Factions: -Polish Army (1939) -Greek Army (1940) -Italian Army (1940) (Tropical) -Norwegian Army (1940) (Winter) -Hungarian Army (1940) -Partisans Wehrmacht 1942 - This is a simple config that creates a Wehrmacht faction as it may appear around 1942 with appropriate weapons and vehicles. [SFF] 1st Brandenburg Division, 1944 - adds the 1st Brandenbug Division, a special forces element of the Wehrmacht Heer that fought on the Ostfront (Russian Front) for the majority of WW2. The faction is modeled after a 1944 Heer elite infantry force's structure, and is set with equipment used by the Brandenburgers from 1943-1944. Units FFI Units - Retexture Iron Front IFA3 FoW GEIST FFI Resistance French WW2 World War 2 group units Greece WW2 Units - This Mod adds the Greek Army WW2 faction and re-skins the Italian faction of the "WW2_units_mas" Mod. WW2_units_mas - This addon adds WW2 weapons, units and dedicated equipment of US, UK, German, Italian, Japanese and Soviet Infantry. Insignias & Patches insignias WW2 Commonwealth Insignias - 27 Insignias - 9 Canadian Divisions - 4 South African Divisions - 14 Australian Divisions WW2 UK Insignias - 49 Insignias - 37 Infantry - 1 Airborne - 11 Armoured WW2 US Insignias - 139 Insignias - 91 Infantry Divisions - 8 Airborne Divisions - 10 Cavalry Divisions - 3 Ranger Battalions - 27 Armoured Divisions WW2 Wehrmacht Insignias - 52 Insignias - 18 SS Divisions - 17 Panzer Divisions - 1 Heavy Panzer Division - 2 Army Insignias - 14 Infantry Divisions Patches WW2 Patches: IFA3 Edition - 32 Wermacht Insignias, 139 US Insignias, 27 Commonwealth Insignias, 49 UK Insignias Loadouts 160th SOR World War 2 US Armed Forces Loadouts - World War 2 US Armed Forces loadouts for the 160th Special Operations Regiment Major Conversion Mods CSA38 mod - Czechoslovak army 1938 (Munich crisis) Faces of war - Faces of War is a modification for ArmA 3 that tries to bring the scenario of the Second World War. Specific areas of the war, like Europe, Afrika and the Pacific. IFA3 liberation - IFA3 liberation is the WOG modpack port from old unsupported full version of Iron Front Arma 3 in to the lite version. Includes new tanks, weapons, and guns. IFA3_AIO_LITE - A massive WW2 mod set on the Eastern front which includes many maps, units, vehicles, tanks, weapons, statics, as well functions and features, also includes the ported Invasion 1944 mod from Arma2OA IFA3_LITE - This is just the base Iron Front in Arma 3 mod. It does not contain terrains (IF nor I44) nor WW2 objects. Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2 - The mod will add armies fighting in Scandinavia during World War two, including: - Finnish Army [1939 - 1945] - Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War, - Royal Norwegian Army and Navy [1940] - Invasion of Norway, - Norwegian Resistance fighters [1940 - 1945] - Occupied Norway, - Red Army [1939 - 1940] - Winter War, - Danish Army [1940] - Invasion of Denmark, - Foreign volunteers - fighting in Finland and Norway September 1939 / Wrzesień 1939 - The year is 1939. Poland celebrates the 21st year of independence regained after 123 years of partitions by Russia/Austria/Prussia. On September 1st armed forces of Germany and Slovakia, followed by Soviet Union on September 17th attack Poland - all without any war declaration, breaking the non-aggression pacts and international laws. An uneven struggle begins as Poland mobilises it's forces in face of the aggression. World War 2 begins Map Markers WW2 Markers - 250+ WW2 markers in total. Outfits & Uniforms Outfits FFI Outfit - Retexture Iron Front IFA3 FoW GEIST FFI Resistance French WW2 World War 2 Uniforms US General Equipment's and Accessories (IFA3) - Uniforms, Equipment's, and Units 1st Altian Infantry Brigade Uniforms - World War Two - This mod adds re-textured uniforms and Eden editor units for Faces of War of the fictional 1st Altian Infantry Brigade. 1st Canadian Infantry Division Uniforms - World War Two -This mod adds re-textured uniforms and Eden editor units for Faces of War of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division. 1st Polish Armored Division Uniforms - World War Two - This mod adds re-textured uniforms for Faces of War that are from the 1st Polish Armoured Division. 3rd Canadian Infantry Division Uniforms - World War Two 3rd Infantry Division (UK) Uniforms - World War Two 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division Uniforms - World War Two 4th Canadian Armored Division Uniforms - World War Two 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division Uniforms - World War Two 51st (Highland) Infantry Division Uniforms - World War Two 6th Airborne Division Uniforms - World War Two 6th Armored Division (South Africa) Uniforms - World War Two 6th Guards Tank Brigade Uniforms - World War Two 7th Armored Division (UK) Uniforms - World War Two 11th Armored Division Uniforms - World War Two British Commandos Uniforms - World War Two Canadian Army Uniforms - World War Two German WW2 Foreign Legions - IFA3 Guards Armored Division Uniforms - World War Two Heroes Uniform Pack I - World War Two NDH - IFA3 Croatian Legions US General Equipment and Accessories (FOW/IFA3) V for Victory! - WW2/World War 2 - British Airborne and Infantry Textures Helmets, Infantry Weapons, Objects, Planes, Statics, & Tanks Helmets IFA3 US Helmets Pathfinder US Helmets USMC Extra Helmets Infantry Weapons LEN - Weapons pack for IFA3 LITE NIArms M1903 Springfield Rifles [GG] M1 Garand For ARMA3 Infantry gameplay mods IFA3 WeaponSight Zoom IFA3_InfantryWeaponZoomLimiter IFA3_RevertChangesToGUI Iron Front 44 + IFA3 Liberation Smarter Tanks Iron Front Firearms Recoil Modifier Objects GRAD Trenches IFA3 Terrains Fix IFA3_WW2StyleCompassAndWatch WW2_OBJECTS Planes 7Y Assets WW2 Faces of War - Sabre Planes Integration [FoW] Iron Front - Sabre Planes Integration [IFA3] Messerschmitt Bf.109-F2 Messerschmitt Bf-109 Sab Secret Weapons Static Weapons 21cm Nebelwerfer 42 Vickers mg Tanks BW-Panzer-VIII Pzkpfw VI Tiger I Camo-Template Targeted Bug Handler IFA3 FWW2 T26 (Alpha) Singleplayer/Multiplayer Campaign Mission Mods Greece at War 1940 - 1949 FRL - Frontline Hidden and Dangerous 2 (ENG\RUS) Hukbalahap Movement Ragnarok'44 mod (IFA3) - v1.16 Retexture packs, & Texture Packs Retexture Packs 7th Armoured Division - Shermans 8th Armoured Brigade - Shermans Adami's FoW Retexture Pack Bigstone's M37 & HBT Uniform Reskins Forgotten Fronts - Weltkrieg Retexture Pack Forgotten Fronts: Weltkrieg Retexture Pack -(orig) LEN - Aircraft Reskins pack for IFA3 LITE Mathues Reskin Pack for IFA3 - FOW R.C.A.S.C WW2 Units Renner´s Unit Retexture Pack Version II TF13 WWII C MOD Texture Packs GEIST-A3 LITE GEIST-A3 LITE FOW LEN - Waffen SS - repack LEN AIO Scripts WW2 Clicker SCRIPT Static Poses Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack ZSL Static Poses [WW2] Sound, Radio, & Voice Mods Sound Mods Dusty's_SFX_IronFront IFA3 liberation Real Panzer Iron Front 44 RealPanzer SWU Immersion Sound Pack Tank Shell Fly Sound Radio WW2 German Radio for vehicles Voice Sound Mods Faces of War: German Voices Config RUG DSAI IFA3 Unit Voiceovers 1944 WW2 Voices (RUG_DSAI) Terrains (Maps) @126IwoJima Cossac cape, Crimea Crossroads Bocage, France 1940 CSA38 mod - Marenice (WW2 terrain) France '44 I44_Terrains IFA3_Terrains_LITE Jilu Islands (WIP) MCAGCC 29 Palms Todt Vis ===================== Credits I hope that from my list here that the community would recognize the creators for their work, and give credit where due, as new content adds more enjoyment and replayability to the game. ========== Note: This thread will be updated accordingly as new content is added to the Arma3 SteamWorkshop WW2 Collections.
  6. Timezone/location : Worldwide Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): all, but focused on coop Language: English Website address: www.tacticalgaming.net Short description: Tactical Gaming Background and Introduction: TacticalGaming.net has been established since 2004, has registered players over every platform in both Tactical Sport and Tactical Warfare. Dedicated Servers and TS in North America and Europe. Multi cultural - all with English as their first language. TG ArmA Division are a Tactical Simulation Gaming Unit, consisting of organized squads under command of a staff structure based on that of real life military. We aim to establish a realistic gaming experience that is enjoyable but at the same time fulfills the environment of a professional military approach to combat. We included the use of Mods' to enhance the experience 'in game' all having been tried tested and approved to make the game more enjoyable: TFAR (radio), RHS (units , uniforms and weaponry), CBA and ACE (medical, sniper , spotter, jtac and artillery improvements) SOP Purpose: We incorporate modified Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's) based on military doctrine to enhance our Unit game play and tactics in ArmA. These SOP's are used to train throughout our Squads to enable Unit cohesion. Before being released onto the battleground as an ultimate warrior you will be enrolled into the (IN) Squad to enhance your abilities of teamwork and tactics. This will teach everything a new recruit needs to know to be an effective member of the team. We incorporate modified Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's) based on military doctrine to enhance our Unit game play and tactics in ArmA. These SOP's are used to train throughout our Squads to enable Unit cohesion and Knowledge expansion The important thing to remember is to enjoy your time and learn as you progress from raw recruit onto your Graduation as a COOP Platoon Squad member. If you are interested, please visit http://www.tacticalgaming.net and sign up!
  7. I'm trying to duplicate and reconfigure the AddEquipment.fsm from Arma 3s End Game, the reward system for successfully downloading an intel. It gives you new loadout classes as a reward. I've successfully editet the loadout itself, it appears as I want it to in the respawn menu and all. But I want to change how the notification appears. As you can see in the picture: I get 2 classes. One has an empty name " - ", and the other is "Recon Marksman". How can I change it, so it says " Soldier (AT)" instead of " just "-" " The whole .fsm is here: And here is where I editet mine:
  8. Hey, I'm searching for devs that know to work with models and not create them, we pay money for work, Thx massage me
  9. Should the Arma 3 Steam Workshop be curated? I ask this because for year upon year now addon authors have been fighting against those people who choose re-upload content to the Steam Workshop without permission nor license to do so. Those users could instead create a Collection on Steam, a collection creates a list of published items, a list that is then available on Steam for anyone to subscribe to and the mods within that list will be downloaded by Steam onto their computers. Instead they choose to re-upload content when they have no legal rights to do so. The community up to now has been working together to fight against these breaches of IP rights, license and permission by reporting offenders to the appropriate authors, who will then file DMCA take-down notices on the uploaders. Following on from this happening en-mass the community collaborated to create the Workshop Crawler, which offers many authors a relatively quick way to search the Arma 3 Workshop for their own content and flag up any items which match their own, these are re-uploads. For those in the know, and those with the ability to read, by submitting content for publication onto the Steam Workshop you are signing a license agreement with Valve that states you have read, understand and agree with the Steam Workshop license and that you have full license and IP/Author rights on the content you are submitting to the Steam Workshop for publication on to their platform. By these people submitting content they do not own nor have license or permission to they are immediately breaking the license they are signing. Steam offers a report function on every item, where you can submit a DMCA take-down notice. For all intents and purposes they have done their part in providing a means for authors to report IP theft and file DMCA complaints on content hosted on their platform. (I'm not going to go into the technicalities of the actions that happen after filing a DMCA report as that would be quite lengthy and not the purpose of this thread.) After a DMCA claim is validated and the item is removed from Steam, they do not punish nor block these accounts from being able to submit content. (If they have some internal flagging system then the existence of it is down to pure speculation, Valve do not make public how they handle the Workshop or accounts with DMCA strikes against them.) Up until now anyone can at any time, provided they have the Arma 3 game on their Steam account, upload any content to the Steam Workshop. This is a good thing in principle because it gives everyone the freedom to publish their own content. The downside to this is that anyone is also free to publish content which they have no rights nor permissions to and are not the authors of that content. This is where the old honesty-based system that the Arma community relied on prior to Steam integration breaks down - because there is no way to prevent these users from re-uploading any content what so ever. If those users have items removed from the Workshop due to a valid DMCA claim, they are free to re-upload that content again, and they can just rinse and repeat this cycle if they wish to do so. If the Arma 3 Steam Workshop was a Curated Workshop, each item submitted for publication would need to be reviewed pending submission, those items would then be reviewed by the game developer/curation team and with a clean bill of health they would be published on the Steam Workshop. Similarly, if they were deemed to not have a clean bill of health they would not be published and the author notified of any reasons why. By curating the Workshop you would immediately close the door on people re-uploading content they do not have license or rights to, as well as having the ability to prevent the publishing of items which contain any IP from other titles. Bohemia publicly state that they openly support content creators, modding and the community that surrounds them. They could show that community support by actively Curating the Workshop, a service which would give those authors back the time they are currently having to spend on protecting their IP, instead they could get back to creating more free content for the community! You already have a trusted community moderation team on these forums, their scope could be extended to include the curation of the Workshop or extended to assist any curation team you create. Fix this problem before it gets even worse, when DayZ gets a Steam Workshop this problem will only become exacerbated. More information on Curated Workshops - https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/workshop#curated_workshop
  10. Squad name: 7th Cavalry Regiment Timezone/location : All US/EU Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop/PVP/PVE, Mil-Sim Contact email: My 7th Cavalry Profile Website address: 7th Cavalry Website Short description: The 7th Cavalry Regiment is a military simulation clan primarily focused on Arma 3. The Regiment was founded October 15th, 2002 and remains committed to military simulation today. This means that when you enlist, you will earn your place as a trooper in one of the oldest gaming regiments online. For the majority of people in the CAV, this unit isn't just somewhere to play, it truly is a brotherhood in which all are respected and supported by their brethren. We have over 220+ Active Arma 3 members spread across 1st Batallion. We have three Company's: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Alpha contains Fixed & Rotary Wing for Transport and Attack, Bravo consists of Mechanized Infantry/Armor, Mortar & Artillery (pending Mod release) and Charlie Company, the tip of the spear. Charlie Co. is the main Infantry element, with Airborne, Medics, a RANGER platoon (must pass RANGER selection), Airborne Engineers and more! For more info, visit Detailed 7th Cavalry Recruitment Post Language: English
  11. 3rd Infantry Division "ROCK OF THE MARNE" 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Fort Benning, Georgia ArmA 3 World War II MilSim Looking for recruits interested in WWII realism unit. Mic and TeamSpeak required, Primary language used: English Located primarily in the East Coast of the United States. Main Operation days are on Fridays and Saturdays with room for Side Operations on Sundays. Looking for all skill levels, also all new recruits will go through Basic Combat Training (BCT) regardless of skill level. All applicants will enter the unit as Privates, and upon completion of BCT will be promoted to Private First Class. Also if applicants recruit (1) friend they are eligible to enlist as Private First Class. Intructions for applicants 1. Fill out an application on www.3rdInfantryA3.com 2. Download mod collection in the modpack channel. 3. Join the steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/3rdInfantryA3 4. Assign tags, have individual change their name in teamspeak to: "Pvt. <lastname>" 5. In-Game name should be "Pvt. <lastname>" *TeamSpeak info in on our website
  12. First Platoon 'Zbor' - Recruitment Requirements: - You must be at least 16 - You must have a fully working microphone - Be social. We’re looking for people, not extra numbers - Proper English - Europe timezone Unit facilities: - Dedicated server - TeamSpeak3 & Discord - Relaxed and Fun Environment - Simple ranking system The First Platoon ‘Zbor’ is a semi-realistic milsim unit that is based in Europe. As a semi-realistic unit we strive to offer our members a fun, enjoyable as well as immersive experience throughout many conflicts in the world. With us you will experience anti-insurgency, insurgency and full-frontal warfare. Who are we: We started of back in 2014 as a group on a DayZ server as well as playing ArmA 3 occasionally. In the February of 2018 we have finally formed ourselves as a unit on ArmA. The First Platoon ‘Zbor’ currently operates on a platoon level, as stated by the name. Our Discord is currently occupied by 30 members, some of which are ex or present members of armed forces around the world, alongside veterans of the ArmA series and newcomers. What we do: Through our time as an ArmA unit we have done a large variety of scenarios. From British Raids in Norway in 1943, to the Donbass War that is going on today. We look to provide an opportunity for people to experience all kinds of warfare, everything from special operations, anti-insurgency, insurgency and even full frontal war involving Air, Land and Water. Alongside scenarios and quick missions, training for new recruits and those who want to learn something new. We also offer a World Simulation, where each of our persistent campaigns can be seen, and afters its end, the result of it can impact the story of the world we are currently in. We have several Mission Developers who are highly talented and capable. Alongside this we have our own mods as well. We also take suggestions from our members and involve everyone in the storyline. YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvR4u23CX5_dSUrn7KAcW-Q Discord: https://discord.gg/ZWftwRR Website: https://www.guilded.gg/fpz Arma 3 Unit: https://units.arma3.com/unit/zbor
  13. i have respawns on my map i also have respawn on custom location but everytime i load in i spawn on the bottom left corner of my map as well as my buddies and then we try to respawn to see if we can get to the actual spawn and it respawns us on our bodies please help me
  14. Slow soldier

    How to change the physical characteristics of the player. After the last update in the game I feel like I was a 3 meter surreptitious giant. Very slow head shifts, slow body dynamics. Arma played for many years, very bad feelings now in the game.
  15. Hello everyone, my name is Prohorov Ilja and i do have a problem with an Arma 3 server hosted by Overhosting.ru I'm not getting kicked from a server, but i'm getting stuck on a loading screen forever. Two main errors in the end of an error.log are: Error: Weapon[CUP_srifle_DMR_LeupoldMk4]: max attachments slots count reached(maximum = 5)! Attachment slot[MuzzleSlot] for weapon's proxy[\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\MUZZLE] BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1008212756): users.get failed There are two logs from my server. http://txt.do/d2vju http://txt.do/d2vjp All the mods installed and shown in the launcher perfectly, but in-game i can see that cup terrains core and cup terrains maps are red instead of being green, like the rest of a mods. I have 17 mods for now. "mod=@cba_a3;@cup_terrains_core;@cup_terrains_maps;@cup_units;@cup_vehicles;@cup_weapons;@rhsafrf;@rhsgref;@rhssaf;@rhsusaf;@niarms_all_in_one;@project_infinite_all_in_one;@6x6_all_terrain_vehicle;@cougar_4x4_mrap;@mcc_sandbox_4_mission_making_the_easy_way;@full_nvg;@rested_weapon_movement;" These screenshots shows what i see,when i'm joining my server and the red cup mods in-game server browser. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1502741242 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1502741210 Rcon info: Ip - Port - 27005 Server port is 27000
  16. When I first played this game the mission Blackfoot Down was the first one after arriving at Camp Maxwell. Now I'm playin the whole campaign again (to play the side missions that I missed the first time) But now when I enter Camp Maxwell for the first time, the soldier accompaning me mentions the Blackfoot, but then next I can only choose from: 1 Death Valley 2 Radio Silence 3 Wet Work How can I play Blackfoot down again?
  17. Lets put King Of The Hill 1944 Back on the Map! I have noticed that Europe doesn't have a King Of The Hill 1944 Server and as of NOW Tango Down is the only community hosting a 1944 in the EU!, for ANYONE who wishes to play KOTH 1944 Please feel free to join the server I welcome anyone on my servers, it is running the latest v10 server version so all your stats will be saved to the global database no need to back up your documents anymore! The Discord server is also linked here: https://discord.gg/Nk2Q8ed All you need are the following mods linked here: These are the mods which you'll need to subscribe to so that you can play King of the Hill 1944. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=583496184 Here's the direct connect Information below: Server IP: Port: 2300 There are some 2x XP codes that can also be used on this server as well! I hope to see you on my server all the best to who ever reads this Ryan
  18. SECREPs

    SECREPs will signal the update of main branch for anti-cheat / security only. Typically this means only BattlEye files were changed, and the game is not changed itself. ---------- Post added at 15:26 ---------- Previous post was at 15:23 ----------
  19. The Legion The 41st was founded after multiple attempts to find a similar group in multiple genres of games, that wanted to have fun in a tactical manner while developing their skills both ingame and out. ============================================================================================ The mindset The group has simple, understandable concepts that will be put into practice: -The most important weapon is your mind, that is the focus of the group. -We want people that want to improve their skills and mindset, not just be able to "shoot stuff". -Knowledge gained can be put to use both in-game and real life. -We like a tough fight, expect one. -We like to have fun, that's why groups are made, to have fun in the game of their choosing. As such, the Legion will ensure full training is received on anything and everything required for the player to function. Both new and old players can contribute and play in the group, skill can be taught, a friendly attitude sadly cant. ============================================================================================ Requirements Now, if you are interested in the mindset we have some requirements you need to fill, no exceptions. 18+, also be mature: Ego and playing for the purposes of self gratification is not what we are looking for. Must have the Apex DLC. A working microphone. Teamspeak Discord ============================================================================================ Operations We are an EU based group and operate in GMT. Our Ops are usually on weekends but subject to change. ============================================================================================ Communication If you wish to contact us, please enter our discord and PM me there: https://discord.gg/RZnSQSP
  20. For the Arma 3 Alpha we have decided to make use of our own Feedback Tracker (FT - opened with the release on March 5th). Some of you will wonder why we do not use the DevHeaven Community Issue Tracker, so I will try to explain our rationale in this post. First of all, let me thank the people involved in running CIT, such as Sickboy, kju and the rest of its admin staff! Big thanks as well to those who took the time to report issues, work on good repro methods and validating fixes. This has especially helped with the ongoing development of the Operation Arrowhead beta patches. It's good to have a dedicated place to track issues, rather than to contain it all within the forums. That leaves these forums to be a place of discussion and community collaboration. For the Arma 3 Alpha we however wished things from the tracking platform that CIT did not currently do. I have no doubt its creators could eventually implement some of what we needed, but we had to get it up and running very quickly. Most of it was about direct administration control and connections to our own web services. In our vision for Arma 3, the consistent and complete package is important. We feel the Feedback Tracker is part of that, and so it should feel as close as possible to the rest of the websites and the game. If we decide to make a subtle change quickly (e.g. an artwork or disclaimer text), we need to be able to immediately get it done via our own web team. We are also expecting an influx of people who have no experience with CIT or our community at all. We need a platform those people can easily find and use. They should not be confused about whether the platform is official or not. In the end though, no matter what platform is used, the goal is for us to cooperate with you: developers and the community. We'd like to ask you to help us to do that. By reporting issues to us in a good way, we can do our best to correct them. By voting you let us know which issues are of key importance to you. On our end we are getting our pipelines ready to be able to more frequently update the game during Alpha, Beta and the main release. We'll have a default branch on Steam where we release major and tested updates. Interesting for rapid iterations is the Development branch, where we'll let any of our developers update data much more frequently. Sometimes this will break that branch, but a key differentiation to OA's beta patches: data updates are used more. Fixes are not primarily focused on the programmers. Also let me introduce you to our Senior Quality Assurance team member: Astaroth. He will be your Community QA Liaison - which means he'll help the team stay aware of issues being reported and voted on. That's not to say the rest of the team will not also be using FT: we are encouraging as many of our developers as possible to keep an eye on it. We hope CIT can continue to provide its excellent services to many other projects such as the community's. Please join us in creating a stable and optimized Arma 3 game
  21. Hi there, Over the last two to three weeks, I've been unable to remain connected to an ARMA server to which I previously had no problems with. I am able to slot into my position, load into the map, and begin gearing up, before anywhere between one minute to four minutes later, I'll get kicked with the message "You have been kicked. BattlEye Client Not Responding." Thus far, I have tried the following: -Updated my network drivers. -Disabled my firewall. -Disabled anti-virus. -Ping tested external sites to ensure I was getting a steady connection out. -Rebooted my router, numerous times. -Rebooted my PC, numerous times. -Attempted to load the game in numerous ways, by launching with mods directly into the server via the ARMA 3 launcher, and by loading the mods first and seeking the server through the in-game server browser. -I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game four times. -I've uninstalled and reinstalled the mods five times. -I've verified my game cache. -I've deleted all BattlEye files, and then re-verified game cache in order to re-download them. -My network is stable, and fast. I download at 40MB/s. I have no trouble connecting to any other game or service. It's only ARMA, and only BattlEye with ARMA. -I have added exceptions to my firewall, and disabled it entirely, to no avail. And finally, I've gone as far to reformat my entire computer, and reinstall Windows. This still hasn't fixed the problem. I am out of ideas, and I could really use some help. Less than three weeks ago, I could connect and play to this server fine. Nothing has changed on their behalf since then, either. I've checked. (It's my milsim unit for ARMA. I've spoken to the server admins and mission makers.) Thanks,
  22. PBO File Format

    Hello, I am currently working on a PBO Manager-like tool which would aim to be able to extract any PBO file format without crashing (unlike other PBOs Manager wich crash depending of some variants). To do so I've looked for some documentation regarding the format, and found two pages: - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/PBO_File_Format - http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php/PBO_SREV The documentation found is quite incomplete, as for an example, documentation on the magic bytes is nowhere to be found in the Bistudio wiki. Here are the two file formats I've found and one which I could not find any resources in either wiki pages: Regular Format: /* Magic Bytes [A0 73 72 65 56] - Followed by 17 null bytes */ struct { Asciiz filename; uint32_t packingMethod; uint32_t originalSize; uint32_t junk; uint32_t timeStamp; uint32_t dataSize; }; ... Variant Format: /* Magic Bytes [00 73 72 65 56] - Followed by 16 null bytes */ struct { Asciiz someString; ... Asciiz someOtherString; uint8_t nullByte = 0; struct unknownStruct { /* Unknown Data of approximatively 45 bytes (varies between PBOs) */ }; }; struct { Asciiz filename; uint32_t packingMethod; uint32_t originalSize; uint32_t junk; uint32_t timeStamp; uint32_t dataSize; }; ... You'll note that both are distinguished with their magic bytes, with the first byte changing for the variant format and the extra null byte in the regular format. What does represent the first byte of the magic bytes sequence ? Why does the null byte sequences in the magic bytes sequence varies depending of the format ? What does it represent ? What are the strings of the variant format used for in the first structure ? What are the unknown data in the unknown structure in the variant format ? Why does it vary ? Thanks for your help !
  23. SPOTREPs

    Whereas SITREPs are general development updates, the SPOTREPs will focus solely on big default branch updates to the game. Keep checking the Dev Hub for all details. ---------- Post added at 13:16 ---------- Previous post was at 13:14 ---------- Full changelog and SPOTREP
  24. TECHREPs

    The TECHREPs will contain the changelogs for updates to the Arma 3 Tools suite on Steam. Keep checking the Dev Hub for all details.
  25. Taking a break from other mods i came to the Conclusion the AAF could really use a new coat of paint. Inspired by TEC_CSAT. the LM_AAF overhaul will include new weapons, Gear, and vehicles for the AAF to give them a fresh feel. This mod will NOT require other mods to use Plans/ Features. (* means not done yet) Gear: ArmA 2 PASGT/LWH port with goggles varaint ArmA 2 Coyote pack port* Uniforms in 3 AAF themed Lizard Variants Weapons: CR-4A3 Series rifles (M4A3 port from ArmA 2 OA) with CC-4A3 variant retextured Mk200 LMG * retextured Mk20 and Mk20C rifles * Vehicles: Spartan AH1 (AH-64D port from ArmA 2) APC-113 chelóna (M113 port from ArmA 2)* Reskins of current AAF vehicles* Units: (gear is in for most part just not all of it) Altisian Armed Forces Army (AAF-A)* Altisian Armed Forces Air Force (AAF-AF) Altisian Armed Forces Airborne (AAF-AB)* Altisian Armed Forges Guard corps (AAF-G)* yet to be named Altisian Armed Forces SF group * Republic of Altis and Stratis Army (RoAS-A) (Based on the canon ending to ArmA 3's main campaign, BLUFOR)* Republic of Altis and Stratis United Nations contingent (RoAS-UN)* Generic pictures AAF Airborne Post-East Wind AAF (RoAS-A and RoAS-UN) Credits: Camo @ Facepunch camouflage thread V2, i cant remember the original author of the pattern i modified but credit is to them BI @ ArmA 2 Samples PolyG @ assistance with the project (Will be helping with vehicles)