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Found 11 results

  1. The 89thJTF is a Marine MILSIM unit providing dedicated members a tight knit community, inside and out, of Arma 3 and the Operation Trebuchet mod. An expanding unit, we welcome all members willing to be a team player and follow the rules, with that we are especially looking for those willing to take on medical and leadership positions. We host our main operation on Fridays and Sundays at 1900EST, with sporadic fun ops throughout the week. If the 89th sounds right for you, please follow the discord link below and @instructor in the orientation request channel to get started! https://Discord.gg/89thJTF
  2. The 89th Joint Task Force wants you to help defend humanity! Founded in the early 2500's to combat the growing insurrection threat across the outer colonies, the 89th JTF served as a premiere expeditionary force in readiness for the UNSC. Even now, in late 2525, aboard the 6th Battle Group, we stand ready to put down rebel threats and alien incursion alike. The 89th Joint Task Force is a MILSIM-Lite OPTRE unit. With a good handful of our members and leadership either active military or prior-military, we're able to tune the unit to scratch the more realistic itch our members have while also keeping it casual enough for our more easy going members. We are also new player friendly; whether you are new to Arma or an Arma Veteran, our extensive Instructor Corps will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to join the fight. As a Joint Task Force, we are comprised of a Marine platoon and 2 detachments: Anvil Company: The Marines, the boots on the ground. Here is where you are the most versatile and always on your toes. As the backbone of our force, you will be responsible for the bulk of combat operations as well as any other directives passed down from command, whether it be humanitarian aid or the collection of intelligence through local assets. Within Anvil Company there are a variety of roles to be filled, such as Anti-Tank gunner or Auto-rifleman, and many more. Every member of our force started here, earning their stripes as a grunt on the front line. Legion Squadron: Our birds in the sky. Comprised of very experienced Arma players, they are an integral part of our task force, providing various needs such as close air support, assault support, and logistical flight operations. Operating a variety of UNSC air assets, Legion is able to adapt to most tasks at hand, helping ensure the success of JTF forces below. Goliath ODST: The Helljumpers, Going in feet first, Goliath operates closely with the Marines as a force multiplier, while also retaining the ability to operate as a standalone force. Able to perform any task handed to them, they often supports the Marines with medical capabilities, or should the need arise for a small surgical force to operate behind enemy lines Goliath has no qualms. -- This sounds great! What do I need to join? - Minimum 18 years of age; anyone younger may join but they must go undergo a deeper evaluation to assure they can display the appropriate level of commitment. - A working mic and headset. - Ability to speak and understand English. - A level of patience and the willingness to learn. - A commitment to being a consistent member and team player. Activity minimums for the active component is one(1) main operation a week, and for the reserve component two(2) operations a month. What We Offer: - 2 Main Operation Days every Friday & Sunday at 7:00pm (1900) EST. - A dedicated server and TS open 24/7 - Fun, Story driven Zeus-ran campaigns with attention to lore detailing, as well as fun/side operation sporadically hosted by a number of our dedicated zeuses. https://discord.gg/SfBbMXMv6S
  3. BreadTruck96

    Arma 3 OPTRE: 89th JTF

    The 89th Joint Task Force is a MILSIM-Lite OPTRE unit. With a good handful of our members and leadership either active military or prior-military, a lot of what we do is very streamlined and informative. It also allows us to appease the more serious Mil-Sim members while still keeping our more casual members happy. We are also new player friendly; whether you are new to Arma or an Arma Veteran, our trainers will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to join the fight. We are primarily a Marine unit, however we are supported and supplemented by an aviation detachment as well as an ODST team. Roles available for training and use in operation vary from a number of ground combat MOS's, such as grenadier, auto rifleman, anti tank gunner, and more. https://discord.gg/SfBbMXMv6S
  4. ChaosCompany

    Chaos Company [EST]

    Discord|| TeamSpeak||Website Chaos Company is a Semi-Realism/Casual ArmA 3 Operation Trebuchet (OPTRE) unit loosely based on the Halo universe. We focus on providing a fun, well-structured and organized virtual Military and Halo experience to all players stretching from newcomers to veterans. Enlistment Requirements: 17 (With Waiver) 18+ Years of age Ability to attend at least ONE Official Operation a month A working microphone and Teamspeak 3 Unit Makeup: (See our ORBAT) Chaos Company consists of: -1 Marine Platoon, 2 Combat Teams -ODST Squad -Sniper Fireteam -Engineer Fireteam -Combat Support Squad (tasked with Armor, Artillery, and Aviation needs) Scheduled Main Operations: Over time, the leaders of this unit have recognized that a singular day of the week is not compatible with all members of a community, therefore we alternate our Official Operations each week. These days are announced each preceding month and are conducted at 20:00 / 8:00 PM EST to accommodate all members. Other: Mini-Operations and Special Events throughout the week Interested in becoming Leadership? We promote from within! -Fireteam Leaders -Squad Leaders -Officer Candidates We fill these positions in both our Marine and specialty elements. Training: We strive for all training to be practical, useful, and quick. In too many past communities, we see training that is not useful for the player and is oriented around Senior Leadership bureaucracy. Our training is experienced and new players, with many instructors and a custom training map to help automate training. Required Training -Basic Training Voluntary Training -Weapon Qualifications -Specialty Trainings Leadership Training -Team Leader -Squad Leader -Officer Candidates
  5. The 59th Shock Trooper Battalion is a unit looking to get our players on the ground fighting the URF and insurgent forces that threaten the UEG and the UNSC. We aim to give a fun and semi-realistic experience within our operations. We strive to ensure you can be yourself and have fun while with us, whether you are a Marine infantryman, a pilot in the skies, or an armored vehicle operator. We are a new unit looking for active members to take part in our operations and missions alongside our wonderful members Available MOS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= We offer almost any kind of basic MOS, from Riflemen, Navy Corpsman, Fireteam and Squad Leaders, Snipers and Missile Specialists, Armored Vehicle Operators, or even piloting a multitude of aircraft, ranging from transport and logistics, to armed CAS and CAP. We are looking for anyone willing to put themselves forward, learning and adapting to difficult scenarios so that they can thrive on the battlefield alongside their squadmates. Whether you’re new to Arma, mil-sim, or a certain specialty or role, we offer a wide selection of training both scheduled, and done as requested. We even offer opportunities to become a mission maker or Zeus for the unit. What We Offer =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Our Zeuses, mission makers, and Officers guarantee a mindset of quality over quantity in terms of operations, as well as a fun and enjoyable experience for anyone who joins, whether you are a hardened Arma veteran, or if you have never played Arma before, and are looking for a welcoming unit to join. A fair warning, though, in the fact that this is a fairly new unit, and so a lot of things are still being worked on, including docs and training procedures for various specialties. Our C-Staff is hard at work making sure we can offer up the best experience possible for all our members Schedule =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Saturday: Weekly BCT/Qual Training @1600 EST Sunday: Weekly Operations @1600 EST Weekdays: Impromptu Ops and Trainings Requirements =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Maturity Ability to access team speak Functioning Mic Legal copy of Arma 3 Ability to attend scheduled unit activities at least once a week Be 17+ (Exceptions will be made, based on maturity) How to Join =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To join, you really just need to join our Discord. From there, a Recruiter will help you get squared away, and answer any questions you may have https://discord.gg/Ws5A6nm
  6. McDonaldBajur

    Obj 94 OPTRE Event

    Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1874469783 *First Time making a public mission* OPTRE Event was originally only for my server but I was proud enough to release it to the public. About: OPTRE Event is a short but sweet MP Objective type mission where you fight against Insurrectionists as they to gain intel on you to take you out. Follow out with the objectives and collect their intel to gain an upper hand and defeat them from Altis once and for all. All while defending your Mobile Command Vehicle. Base Design: You have vehicles ranging from Warthogs to Pelicans all which respawn on destruction. List of All Vehicles: MG, Gauss, AA, Guided Missle, Troop Transport Warthogs (12 Total) Scorpians / Grizzly Tanks (6 S / 3 G) An Elephant (Mobile Command) Hornets (2) Falcons (3) Pelican MED, Resupply, Repair Trucks (10 Total) APC's (3) You Have 2 Roadblocks 1 on each Entrance (1 Spawn for Each) and 2 Entrances / Exits at your FOB (Main Spawn) with 1-3 Arsenal Crates at each location.
  7. **UNSC 15th Expeditionary Force** The 15th Expeditionary Force is an OPTRE Semi-realism-multi-branch unit comprised of Marine, Air Force, and Naval personnel. With the 15th we offer: - Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (With this we encourage brotherhood and teamwork above all) - Marine Force Recon - Certifications and Specializations on multiple weapons/armor (All which include advanced training ranging from JTAC to CQB Specialists to Sapper Specialization etc) - Active Community with operations daily - Promotions are done weekly so you always have a chance to rank up if you do well - Air Force Pararescue (PJs) - A story driven operation formed over multiple weeks done on Saturdays - Office of Naval Intelligence Agents (Section 1) - Spartan Program - First Contact Operation Planned - Game Maker applications open - All Time Zones are covered for OPs - Task Force Radio is used with RTO cert/classes available during the week - And many more when you join the 15th! -Capt. Karambit, 15th Head Admin OUR DISCORD
  8. Alright, so currently I am developing an OPTRE Spec Ops mission, where a group of ODST soldiers start in a Pelican dropship headed towards its insertion point. I want to begin the mission with a red light within the interior of the Pelican, which I have managed to do successfully. But, I want that light to switch to green whenever the dropship is over the insertion point activated by a trigger that I have designated as (A1). It seems that the code I implement within the initialization fields of the dropship works, but only for a split second as the red light flickers, but does not change to green. Any help is greatly appreciated! This is the code that I have tried to implement: if( triggerActivated A1) then { //The following code will set the interior color to Green. light2 = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; light2 setLightBrightness .125; light2 setLightAmbient [1,0.2,0.2]; light2 setLightColor [0,0,255]; light2 lightAttachObject [this,[0,-2.5,-0.8]]; }; if ( !triggerActivated A1) then { //The following code will set the interior to Red. light1 = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; light1 setLightBrightness .125; light1 setLightAmbient [1,0.2,0.2]; light1 setLightColor [255,0,0]; light1 lightAttachObject [this,[0,-2.5,-0.8]]; pelican1 say3D ["music1", 10, 1]; };
  9. The 7th fleet is always looking for new recruits who are interested in having some Arma 3 fun. We are a fairly laid back unit however we take ops more seriously, but we understand we're all here to enjoy the game and have a good halo/arma experience. We have operations every Sunday and basic training on Tuesday evenings ( we can be flexible with this) we also have a 24/7 OPTRE Liberation server (Exile coming soon ;) ) , we can host fun ops whenever and we have very close relationships with multiple other Arma 3 OPTRE units and love doing joint ops! we are a very open minded group of individuals and we are welcome to any ideas our members have for operations or unit changes. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING US CONTACT US AT: https://discord.gg/24AAkU Thank you, CW2 B. Lubinsky
  10. -Made with permissions of Article 2 Studios, All models other than BI made get credit to them, Will require OPERATION: TREBUCHET for models and weapons- (Steam workshop (Always Up-To-Date) OPCAN 2.0 is the Revival of OPCAN after all original files were lost. While not fully completed, over time new assets will be added like factions and equipment. Changelog V1.4.5 End -Final build. Release of current dev build (Unfinished assets included). No more updates coming V1.4 -Halo infinite scheme added -WIP colonial guard scheme -Redone all RL camo schemes -MRS-10L-S1 (MAR-10 Reskin) -I think there was more but i forget V-Revival 1.2.1 -Quick hotfix for headwear -Changed facewear textures to match new camo V-Revival 1.2 -Added NVG slot helmet attachments -Redid halo Reach camo patterns -Removed medical helmets based on base OPTRE schemes (since they added their own) -Added more attachments to security vest -Added CIV "TURBOGEN Rake V-5" (Apex Prowler reskin) -Added Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3 Themed CBU uniforms V-Revival 1.1 -Added M52A "Security" Configuration -Added M52A "Medical" Configuration -Added M52A "Assault" Configuration -Added M92 "Bolt" GMWS (a Jets SAM reskin) -Added Insurrectionist variants of static AA -Added CH252 "Medical" Variants -Added "Slim" variants of most uniforms V-Revival 1.0 -Rebuild of the entire mod to work with current build OPTRE -Removal of halo 3 marines (More info on later) -No factions as of now -Multiple armor and uniform reskins for the CBU series -Multiple ODST armor reskins -For once i added a friggen key -Reskins of Jets DLC Praetorian-1C (or whatever its called), the M48 Buzzsaw Current Screens
  11. Nightwolf2112

    Arma 3 Liberation Variations

    Hello Bohemia, Over the last week I have been working on the KillaPotatoes Liberation Gamemode made available here: I am using the most current edition of v9.60 and converted the mission to allow for both a Vietnam and Halo based missions. Vietnam: Halo: Each mission profile is set to be persistant and challenging with all mods required on the steam workshop page posted and links on how to get mods. I don't have access to a dedicated server of my own but I have tested the missions as best I could through LAN hosting. Please take a look at them and let me know what you guys think and if there are any bugs/glitches with the mission. *DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a member of the KP Community nor any of the mod communities who created such awesome modifications for ARMA. All rights go to the appropriate owners and I do not claim ownership of anything other than the basis of just porting of the information. Let me know if there are any issues that must be addressed via PM please. Thank you*