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  1. About us: [GHSE] - Gameaholic.se is a non-profit gaming community (earlier known as Hjerpeskans) founded in 2002. We host and administrate our own servers, arrange a 4-day long LAN-meeting every summer and have a booth at the Sci-Fi World convention every year. As a community we testing and playing alot of games, editing missions and making events together. We've become a bunch of really good friends over the past years, sometimes it feels like a big family or more like a band of brothers. With a member pool on around 1000, there were never a problem with creating a ArmA 3 unit, event or server. Today we are ~40 active members signed to permanent roles and Groups for our Coop-Nights and other special Joint-Op events. Our missions: On Friday nights every week, around 18:00 to 02:00, we run one of our ArmA 3 events, called "Co-op Night". As most of you know, Co-op stands for cooperative which means, players against AI (Artificial Intelligence), so if you're up for TvT/PvP, we aint what you looking for. During all Co-op Nights we play in permanent groups, with predetermined roles and dutys. Before mission starts, all participants shall have thier group, role, equipment and addons ready. This is almost the only demand we have, so please follow it. On our ArmA 3 server we've chosen to play MilSim due most of us have done military service and Sold-F is our Bibel. In other words, making the game as realistic as possible, mature gamers, playing missions together with high empathy. It's pretty simple, all who playing with us on our server need to follow this code. If not, dont even bother joining. In order to get the gameplay as realistic as possible, we use a few mods and addons on our server using ArmA3Sync. Some of'em just trusted, but most of'em are a requirement, read more about it in here! Same goes with Teamspeak 3 Client, due to all of our voice'n radio communication in-game is over ACRE2. We play as Swedish Armed Forces and our main language during missions are Swedish only. When the Coop-Night fades out, we leave the server up with the same mission for the rest of the week, so members can keep fighting and training together. When Friday night closing in, we take down the server, updating or changing mission. Around 18:00 server are back up'n running so all players and groups can get thier shit together before heading out (normaly 19:30 ish). We also do larger "Joint-Operations" now and then, together with SGU Swedish Gaming Unit. We try to have one of those once every month and normaly ends up in platoon size with 30-40 players in 7-8 Groups, using HQ, logistics, FOB etc. Sounds like your kind of dish? How to become a member? First of all, you need to know Swedish, be 16+ or older and be registerd at our forum to become a member. When approved, you join our Discord server and wright your forum username in the #access chat channel. Get in contact with Mandrake, watar or 80dy8ag on Discord to get all support and information you need. If there is anything you wanna ask, simple pop a reply in here, send a PM or email to info@gameaholic.se Or stalk us in here.. .
  2. Hello boys and girls from all around the world You’re currently reading about a group called The Companions. One of the reasons you’re reading this is either you don’t have an arma squad and is looking for a proper one, or you have one which is utter shit. Either way you’ve come to the right place. What do we do? Well most of us spend our loving free time playing the amazing addictive game called Arma 3. For a long time we played on different invade and annex servers, life servers and other servers, but we wanted to do our own thing. So we created and bought a server for us to run our Zeus Campaigns/Operations. We’ve been doing Zeus for a lot of time and we find it very fun but it is important that the fun is there. So if you’re gonna join expect most of our gameplay to be with the group on our own server. The Companions History We started out by meeting each other on a invade and annex server, there we formed a group called Steel Fangs. The little problem was it was ruled and lead by a person who was incapable of running a group. Everything felt a little bit like North Korea, and we were simply getting tired of it. So we told the guy leading to go bite himself and we went on to create The Companions. One of the important things when we created this new group back in February was that it wouldn't get too mill sim, coz we still wanna have fun. We do try to mix it up, so you still get the immersive feeling. Who are we? We’re about 50 members at this moment. Well we have a majority of swedish people but we do have a rule stating that english is the language to be spoken within group. We’re all nice people but we do enjoy banter, if you feel like someone is being too rude, well bad luck we are a banter group with limits. We also have some south africans, irish people, finnish people, english people a little bit of everything. What to expect if joining? Frequent gameplay, great mates and a lot of hours in Arma. Requirements of joining The Companions The ability of speaking english The ability of reading and understanding our rules Either have a mic or a plan of getting one A legit copy of Arma 3. Wanna join? Add me on steam and send me a message And we will hook you up with our discord, arma 3 unit and our steam group ;) http://steamcommunity.com/id/princepotato27/
  3. Background Information Carrier Strike Group 15 (CSG-15) is a US Navy/Marine unit (28th MEU). We are currently looking for dedicated individuals who can put time and effort into our unit. We are a bit more laid back than some units, and also have many available positions, such as Pilots, Ship Crewmen, Regular Infantry, etc. Getting in is as simple as a brief interview to try to guage out your experience with ArmA and other units, and to try to figure out where you'd fit in best. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for advancement. Generally, we run Ops every Saturday @ 5 PM EST. We frequently run ops on Sundays as well, trainings on Fridays, and we run events throughout the week (not necessarily ops) as member availability permits. Requirements Must have a working mic. Must speak fluent English. Ability and willingness to download our Workshop collection. What makes us different? No obligations to attend every OP, however we do appreciate people who show dedication. Plenty of room for advancement It's a naval unit, with the capability for large/grand air, land, and sea operations. Simple (for the time being) entry/eligibility for OCS/WOC. ArmA players of all nationalities, skill, etc. are accepted. Ran by competent and experienced leadership No "ArmA-drama" Links Website (WIP): www.csg15.net Teamspeak: ts3.csg15.net Discord (Recruitment Channel)[discord.gg] Live Member Count & Open Entry-level Positions[docs.google.com] PLEASE note that we do not simply accept pilots, special forces, etc right away. Everything on the google sheet above shows what we have open for people to JOIN as. We do it this way, as it would be unfair for us to give these positions to someone who just joined over someone who has been in the unit for a long time and waiting for such an opening. If you are only looking for a special position such as the aforementioned, you must get your "hat in the ring" so to speak. We will not accept any members who are only willing to play as a pilot. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment on this post, add me, or join the discord/teamspeak!
  4. 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC) Established: 11/11/18 Location: North America Forums: https://www.13thmeurealism.com Website: http://13thmeurealism.com/website/ Teamspeak: Joining Requirements 16+ years old Working Microphone Able to attend Friday and Saturday nights Marine Corps Core Values Honor This is the bedrock of our character. It is the quality that empowers Marines to exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior: to never lie, cheat, or steal; to abide by an uncompromising code of integrity; to respect human dignity; and to have respect and concern for each other. It represents the maturity, dedication, trust, and dependability that commit Marines to act responsibly, be accountable for their actions, fulfill their obligations, and hold others accountable for their actions. Courage The heart of our Core Values, courage is the mental, moral, and physical strength ingrained in Marines that sees them through the challenges of combat and the mastery of fear, and to do what is right, to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct, to lead by example, and to make tough decisions under stress and pressure. It is the inner strength that enables a Marine to take that extra step. Commitment This is the spirit of determination and dedication within members of a force of arms that leads to professionalism and mastery of the art of war. It promotes the highest order of discipline for unit and self and is the ingredient that instills dedication to Corps and country 24 hours a day, pride, concern for others, and an unrelenting determination to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor. Commitment is the value that establishes the Marine as the warrior and citizen others strive to emulate. About the 13th MEU (SOC) The 13th MEU ArmA Milsim group was established on November 11th, 2018. The unit was formed to play as Marines in a fun realism matter, utilizing specific addons to increase immersion and gameplay for our community. We want to provide a good balance between fun and realism for our community. We want our members to leave training's and operations with a smile on their face and good, fun memories to share with each other afterwards. Where do we draw the line in, "Realism" We draw the line in realism, when our members are not having fun or making true friendships. We don't want our members to feel they're at work, or in an actual barracks or training. Yelling, calling by ranks, yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am, officer on deck, rank pulling, etc.... yeah, throw that stuff out the window, we don't want or need that here. We are friends in a community, we even call each other family. We draw the line, when it gets ridiculous and too close to real world military life. Our Mission The mission of the 13th MEU is to provide a casual milsim community that members can call their ArmA home. One of our main priorities are balancing fun and realism. We understand we are playing a game and want members to have fun along with feeling immersed in our training and operations. We treat everyone like a family here and follow the Marine Corps core values, Honor, Courage and Commitment. Unit MOS and Roles The 13th MEU provides multiple roles for members to choose from, whether you like grunt work on the ground, dominating the skies or rocking the ground with armored vehicles. Right now, since the unit is small, we are only opening Infantry roles. Once the unit grows in numbers, we will open Armor and the Aviation Combat Element. The following lists shows what the 13th MEU will utilize. These are not roles that new members can immediately jump into, every member must climb through the ranks and positions to obtain roles like team leads, squad leads and officer positions. 03XX Enlisted Infantry (Recruiting) 0311 Rifleman 0331 Machine Gunner 0341 Mortarman (Closed) 0352 Antitank Missile Gunner 0365 Infantry Squad Leader 18XX Tank and Assault Amphibious Vehicle (Closed) 1800 Basic Tank and AAV Marine 1812 M1A1/2 Tank Crewman 75XX Naval Flight Officers (Closed) 7597 Pilot, Rotary Wing 7598 Pilot, Fixed WIng 7599 Student Naval Aviator Forums: https://www.13thmeurealism.com Website: http://13thmeurealism.com/website/ Teamspeak:
  5. The 72nd Airborne Division has been part of the Arma 3 community for over 4 years and is comprised of 65-75 members spread across 3 detachments: Airborne, Aviation, and Special Operations. We foster a semi-realism attitude that brings structure, standard operating procedures, and tactics to a relaxed environment. We value all our members as they're the driving force to improving our image, performance, and enjoyment. We're a 'quality' over 'quantity' community that seeks to better improve the quality and enjoyment of the day-to-day rather than focus on community size. Here's what we offer: Dynamic Campaigns | Command Structure | Weekly Operations | Custom Equipment | A Relaxed Environment | Community-led Events | Firm Handshakes | Opportunities to Grow and Develop the Community Requirements: 17+ (16 with a waiver) | Arma 3 (w/ Apex DLC) | Microphone | Ability to be self-reliant and think critically Contact Us: Teamspeak: 72ndairborne.tsservers.com Website:http://72ndairborne.com Timezone: [NA] Central Standard Time *Teamspeak is the best way to reach us and get a feel for the community.
  6. 82nd Marine Regiment About the Unit: The 82nd MR was created late November 2018. The vision when creating the unit was to create a United States Marine Corps Milsim group that focuses on a fun and engaging Arma-verse environment without the hassle of having to call someone sir. Features: Mirroring the United States Marine Corps. MOS's. (Marksman, Machinegunner, Combat Engineer etc..) A Milsim environment in-game and a community experience out of game. Dedicated Staff. A plan for the future. Game Times: Thursday 19:30 GMT+1 (1:30pm EST) Saturday 19:30 GMT+1 (1:30pm EST) Sunday 18:00 GMT+1 (Optional ,12pm EST) (Our Operations last 3 hours) What makes us different: No free ranks. (You do not receive a rank simply becaue you are a Team Leader or Squad Leader, all members start as Recruit and follow the promotion policy to be promoted. This ensures that favoritism does not happen) Built from the bottom up. (Unlike so many other units out there we did not start off with a Lieutenant or a Captain, as said above everyone started/starts as the same rank and our Squads first have the Fireteam's filled and then lastly the Squad Leader) Failiure is an option. (So many units out there does not have failiure as a option, in our deployment missions the objective can be failed and either have to be re-done or lost forever. COP/FOB Building. (We do not build our COP/FOB's in the eden editor, they are all built in-game by our marines in the field) We deploy with a limited amount of vehicles (This is to create a realistic experience during Operations and ensures that all members care about the usage of them) Requirements: Own Arma 3. Age 16+. English Speaking to a understandable level. Working Microphone. Plan to attend both Operations. Links: Website Teamspeak (Direct Connect) TS3 IP: 82MR If you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact us. Unit Rules and Promotion Policy can be found on our Website.
  7. Introduction The 22nd Shock Battalion approaches milsim differently. We follow a unique halo ODST theme and ranking structure. The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are a special operations capable organisation of the UNSC Marine Corps; that specialise in orbital-dropped shock infantry and special warfare tactics. The ODSTs are one of the primary Special Operations units of the United Nations Space Command, and is under the supervision of Naval Special Warfare Command. Enlistment Enlistment into the battalion is conducted through an initial forum application and if successful, final confirmation will be made via a teamspeak interview. Once enlisted into the battalion, you will be trained and assigned a platoon and company. Please note that all members requesting to enlist within the 22nd Shock Battalion MUST be aged over 15. Ranking Structure Private Private First Class Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Master Sergeant First Sergeant Master Gunnery Sergeant Sergeant Major Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonel Further information and website Further information can be found on our website https://22ndshockbattalion.mistforums.com/ Feel free to join our teamspeak server, or contact the team's steam profiles https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977735182/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/PapiWindexWillRiseAgain/ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063287337/ TEAMSPEAK IP
  8. Beowulf Strategic Operations is an EU based tactical realism community that plays every Wednesday and Sunday at 19:00 BST. You can find out more at www.beowulfso.com, or keep scrolling down for a look at what we do and how we play. We average between 20 and 30 players per-session and play every Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 UTC. We're primarily EU based, with members from England, Finland, Denmark, the US and more. What is "Tactical Realism", and why do we enjoy it? Tactical Realism is the term best used to describe how we at Beowulf play - We aren't a conventional Milsim group who follow strict rank and procedure, nor are we a totally laid-back disorganized group of mates playing Arma together; we exist in a sweet spot, a middle-ground that we call "Tactical Realism". We don't have any present ranks or roles, and don't restrict ourselves to representing a singular force in a singular conflict - the average session may consist of two, three or even four missions in a variety of terrains or as a variety of forces. You may go from a USMC M60 Machine-gunner, deep in the jungles of Tanoa to a F/A-18F WSO supporting a Special Forces raid in Southern Sahrani - The only roles we limit are mission-critical roles, such as Piloting, where messing up could mean the end of the mission for everyone; new members can jump in as pretty much anything else available in that mission. We also provide some completely optional training in a variety of skills - If you're new to Arma 3, feel free to pop along to one of our basic induction sessions, or if you're into the real hardcore s**t, turn up to one of our advanced JTAC courses. Just remember that none of these courses are necessary, and are completely optional if you want to attend them - the same goes with our sessions too! We have no unnecessary attendance policy, and average between 20 and 30 players every session. We're a friendly bunch, especially towards new players, so if you've ever got any questions you can ask anyone in game, on steam or through our Slack chat. What mods do you use? Beowulf uses a variety of mods to enhance the Arma 3 experience. We use a variety of community-proven mods such as: -RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation -RHS: United States Armed Forces -RHS: Serbian Armed Forces -RHS: Green Forces -CUP Terrains -CUP Terrains CWA -NIArms -Advanced Combat Enviroment 3 -Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 -3CB as well as a variety of other mods that add more terrains, assets and some custom in-house assets. All of our mods are handled by our costume made mod-installer, the Beowulf Sync Utility - a lightweight tool that we hope to eventually share with the wider community. Contact Us You can find out more info at https://beowulfso.com/. If you're interested in joining us, visit https://beowulfso.com/join and send us a little bit about yourself - we'll reply with the information to join our slack chat and download the mods as soon as possible! If you want to speak to one of our members, you can message one of our members on steam - they'll be sure to answer any questions! BennySouthSt - http://steamcommunity.com/id/BennySouthSt CMouse - http://steamcommunity.com/id/beswa Krey - http://steamcommunity.com/id/LOLWATTHEFUCKMAN or join our steam group.
  9. INTRODUCTION United States Army 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (3/75th RR) is a community that aims to provide a realistic simulated special operations environment. The higher objective of which is to create an environment which is conducive to allow growth of its members mentally in teamwork, leadership, and morality. We offer three different routes within the unit you can choose from Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment which is our ground core and muscle. They consist of a rifle company housing three rifle platoons and one weapons platoon. Secondly we have the 107th Fighter Squadron supporting with their A-10Cs. Lastly we have the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment which is composed of one aviation battalion which flies the AH-6, MH-6, MH-60K, MH-60L DAP, and the MH-47 Chinooks. OVERVIEW The missions of the 75th Ranger Regiment is to plan and conduct special missions in support of US policy and objectives. As such, the 75th Ranger Regiment conducts large-scale joint forcible entry operations while simultaneously executing surgical special operations raids across the globes. These missions include: ⮚Direct Action: These Missions are designed to seize, destroy, capture enemy facilities and/or materials. Rangers are trained and equipped to deliver maximum surprise and shock to opponents. ⮚Airfield Seizure: The Ranger Regiment is the Nation's premier choice for forced entry operations. The Ranger Regiment's capability to conduct airborne operations into hostile territory is strategically essential to our offensive military power and reach. ⮚Special Reconnaissance: The intelligence gathering activities are designed to monitor, find and fix hostile forces for future operations or strategic decision making. ⮚Personnel Recovery: Rangers are trained to evacuate or rescue civilians and prisoners of war, or capture designated enemy personnel in politically sensitive areas, hostile terrain, or enemy held territory. ⮚Clandestine Insertion: To place maximum surprise and shock on the enemy, the Ranger Regiment uses special techniques and equipment to infiltrate enemy territory, seize the initiative, and achieve surprise over hostile forces. ⮚Sensitive Site Exploitation: Leveraging their combination of cutting edge equipment and lethal, responsive strike forces, the Regiment collects and analyses information gathered on missions to conduct rapid follow-on operations that keep aggressors off-balance and unable to react. GET CONNECTED ⮚Minimum age requirement is 18+ (Waivers are possible) ⮚Valid ArmA 3 copy. Your application will not be processed without a valid Arma 3 Player ID. ⮚Teamspeak 3 & Discord VoIP Client and working microphone/speakers/headset ⮚Be disciplined, motivated and eager to learn specialized task If you are interested in learning more, and/or applying for membership, please visit us in our Website.
  10. The Wrecking Crew The Wrecking Crew is a realism group that prides itself in its dedication to realistic and enjoyable game play, without the rigid aspects like permanent ranks and having to shout "Yes, sir" at a 14 year old. While we play mostly as British Forces to make coherent training possible, we have a whole host of players who come from all over the world, some as far out as Malaysia and South Africa. You select the role you'd like each week for our editor-driven operations, as long as you are competent and prove yourself by passing the required training sessions for that role, with some not requiring any. This allows you to vary from leading a platoon one week to driving a tank the next. The freedom to experience so many different types of game play without hindrance on the co-operation & enjoyability is something you will struggle to find in most other ArmA groups. Public Server If you would like to experience first hand what it's like to play with TWC, come join us on our public server. It runs different dynamic game modes made entirely in-house with a more relaxed game play than in our operations, but it will still give you a good insight in the community and play style. You don't need to sign up to participate on our public server, just the mods and to connect to our TeamSpeak server. We've created an easy to follow guide on how to get connected here. About our Operations Alongside a public server that runs 24/7, the biggest event our group hosts are weekly 'Operations' with between 20 to 40 people. As well as the occasional 'Joint Operation' with other groups which have encompassed up to 70 people total. Our operations span over a century of warfare, with a monthly rotation of World War 2, Cold War, Turn of the Millennium and Modern Operations. This means that in one month you can liberate a French town from Nazi occupation, halt a Soviet mechanised assault in the plains of Northern Germany, brawl with Iraqi armour in the deserts of Kuwait and patrol through the hills of Afghanistan, searching for insurgents. In these operations any recruit or member can play any role as long as he has received the corresponding training. In our operations we strive for maximum realism. We find real-life solutions for problems that we may face in game, while omitting more tedious parts of military duty like saluting, hour-long marches and range etiquette. We aim for the most immersive experience possible by having minimal HUD, first person only, a single life and using ACRE 2 for communications. Our operations take place on Saturday at 18:30 (UK time) and can last up to four hours or more. Interested in trying it out? If you're interested in participating in public, or signing up to try out our operations, you can check out our website for more information: http://www.thewreckingcrew.eu/. Alternatively, you can contact us on Discord, or pop directly onto TeamSpeak where any member will be willing to help you join with no hassle.
  11. 96th Kharonian Strikeforce [XCVI] +++SUMMARY+++ The 96th Kharonian Strikeforce is a multinational, English speaking Arma 3 unit with a semi realistic attitude to gameplay. Our activities primarily consist of Zeus and Warlords gamemodes, as well as frequent events and operations with other units. The unit itself is part of a larger multigaming community named Ordo Kharon, membership within which is optional. ++++++ +++MEMBERSHIP CONDITIONS+++ The following is a list of requirements and conditions that must be met in order to become and stay a member of the 96th Kharonian Strikeforce. Functional microphone Ability to speak English Mature and respectful attitude Discipline and motivation Activity Ability to adapt and resourcefulness ++++++ +++MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS+++ The following is a list of benefits and qualities that can be experienced within our community environment. Bootcamp sessions led by experienced individuals Strong incentive for individual improvement and teamplay Hospitality and respect towards recruits ++++++ +++OTHER+++ Our active hours are from 1600 - 0000 UTC Voice Software - Teamspeak for ingame, Discord for basic communication, arrangement and organization. +++MEMBERSHIP INITIATION+++ In order to sign up as a recruit, you must: Meet the membership conditions and acknowledge all of the information listed above. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/xqFWbTT +++ OR +++ contact me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035141606 Declare the purpose of your entry on the server in the #admission channel, which, in this context, would be your membership initiation. +++OUR INSIGNIA+++
  12. We are currently running Operation Trebuchet Altis Liberation with ACE and are looking for new people to join us. Our Unit is semi serious, and is open to anyone who knows the basics of the game and is over 16. We are more than happy to teach more advanced stuff. We are certainly not as serious as some units, but we enjoy a degree of authenticity/realism and love joking around. I.E no required "Yes/No Sir's" Our goal is to capture the entire island for the UNSC from insurgent forces who have taken over. No Griefers tolerated at all. Once this Liberation is complete we will likely move onto another map and start over or possibly do some self contained missions. If enough people are interested and enjoy it, we can hopefully expand into doing larger operations/events for the growing Unit The more people who are interested, the more we can do. If you are interested or want more info, please reply or message me.
  13. 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines is an Arma 3 Casual Milsim unit that prides itself on the mixture of a fun, light atmosphere, and the structure to keep things running. We provide opportunities for personal growth and learning. With trainings built to give you the skillset to lead. We look at each player as a necessity to the unit, because of this we work around the clock to make sure everyone is taken care of. To make sure requests don’t go unheard, to make sure every player is happy, and enjoying their time with us. We are all on the same team in this unit. We offer a wide range of in-game roles, from rifleman to pilot to LAV crewman. As well as multiple support roles, such as a M240G Machine Gunner, and a M224 Mortarman, or a SMAW assaultman. Alpha Company Alpha Company is the main fighting force for our unit, this is the Infantry company. Containing a Rifle Platoon and a Weapons Platoon. This is where the majority of our recruits end up. Alpha Company gets the job done. Bravo Company Bravo Company is the Light Armor Recon element of our unit. It contains a single LAR Platoon, which contains 4 Lav’s. Bravo Company provides the intel for Alpha Company as well as supporting fire with their Bushmaster turrets. HMLA - 369 HMLA - 369 is our Helicopter Marine Light Assault detachment. Sometimes tasked to transport, they support Alpha Company with Close Air Support and CASEVACS. This detachment contains 2 birds, each with it’s own pilot, co-pilot, crew chief, and door gunner. HMLA - 369 plays a critical role in Operation. What do we offer? 24/7 Dedicated Training Server 24/7 Dedicated Antistasi/Liberation Server 24/7 Dedicated Teamspeak Server Wide variety of “fun-ops” where we aren’t forced into our specified roles. Active and helpful community Opportunity for promotion Requirements for Joining 16 Years of Age Legal copy of Armed Assault 3 (Arma 3) Working Microphone Operation Times Our operations are held at 2pm Central on Saturdays. With Mini - operations on Monday at 5pm Central and Friday at 2pm Central. We hang around on the Antistasi/Liberation server on every day of the week. Joining Up Applying is easy, just follow the link to our website and submit an application. Our Recruiters will review it, and then get in contact with you about your teamspeak interview. Make sure you check back frequently to see if a recruiter has commented on you application. Website: http://1stbtn.shivtr.com
  14. Task Force Black Ex obumbratio We at Task Force Black aim to play together, as part of a team that strive for realism and role playing. Although we may not be as serious as some other units out there, no "Yes Sir!, No Sir!" bollocks, we do expect a level of authenticity to our sessions. Combined, we have over 16 years experience in the ArmA series. Some members even remember the days of Operation Flashpoint! Nevertheless, if an experienced unit is what you are after, this is sure to be it. We regularly play custom scenarios that are usually story driven, from all eras of war such as from World War 2 to modern day conflicts. Needless to say there is something for everyone. We invite anyone who is 16+ with a microphone and is fluent in English to apply. Head to the Forum to fill out an application today! Information Website: https://taskforceblack.uk Forum: https://forum.taskforceblack.uk Required to Apply 16+ Years of Age Own a Legal Copy of ArmA 3 Working Microphone Fluent in English Expectations Below is a small list of what will be expected of a successful applicant: 1. 50% attendance per month. - As a unit we will have one dedicated op night a week. This will be every Sunday at 20:30 GMT. Naturally, there are four Sundays in a month. This means that you are expected to attend at least two of these Sundays each month. 2. Be prompt. - Ops will start at 20:30 GMT every Sunday. You will be expected to be on the game server and in TeamSpeak > Operations ready to play at 20:30 GMT. If you aren’t, we may start without you. 3. Training. - Every so often we will be holding training nights. These will take place on official op nights over the normal time allotted for official missions. The training nights will be used to learn new skills, or work on areas that we feel we could all improve on as a team. This will make us all more effective together when out on ops. Training nights are mandatory for all and you will be expected to attend. FAQ How do I apply? Head over to our Forum https://forum.taskforceblack.uk and fill out an application form. A member of the recruitment team will make contact via the forum within 48 hours. I'm under the age of 16. Will you make an exception for me? Afraid not. We need to set a baseline to somewhat ensure that our members are mature enough to understand and respect our style of play. No exceptions. What is the application process? After submitting an application form it will be reviewed by one of the recruitment staff. You should receive a response through the forums within 48 hours. If you are selected for interview this will usually take place on a Saturday. If you pass the interview on the Saturday we'll try to get you squared away for our op night on Sunday. This will be your first of three operations on probation. After that, you'll be given your final acceptance or dismissal depending on your performance while on probation. Why the need for an interview? The interview is just an informal chat. It gives us a chance to speak with you and get a good insight into your character. It also gives you a point of contact instead of dropping you into an op night without having had the chance to speak with someone before hand. What is the probationary period? The probationary period is three weeks where we will keep an eye on you during operations and while on the forums. You will be treated as a member of the unit, we just want to make sure that you are fitting in well and performing as expected. Why does the application form ask for my computer specifications? Our operations will often incorporate large numbers of units and objects. This usually means that there is a lot going on at one time, even if you don't always see it. Naturally, this causes low FPS for some systems and so we want to make sure that applicants have a system that allows them to have fun instead of always having a sub 30FPS experience. We find that anything around or after the Intel 4th generation of CPUs works just fine. When are operations carried out? Operations are carried out every Sunday at 20:30 GMT How often do I have to attend operations? You will be expected to attend at least 50% of operations per month. That means two out of four operations per month.
  15. The Revenant Group is looking for players who want to be part of a specialised unit focused on countering a variety of asymmetrical and unconventional threats in a wide theatre of combat environments. We try to make things as realistic as the game will allow and we welcome players that are new to the game or just new to mil-sim/tactical sim. We will teach you as much as you are willing to learn. Operations are broken into two phases, the ISR Phase and the Execution Phase. The ISR Phase begins two to three days before the Execution Phase. During this phase players can recon the objective and gather intelligence. This information is then used to create the OPORD for the Execution Phase of the operation. Once the ISR Phase concludes, the Execution Phase begins. Operations and training are held three to five times throughout the week, typically starting at 2000 GMT, with a focus on tactical realism. We do not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, or religion. What you can expect: No Customs & Courtesies (saluting, calling the room to attention, terms of address) No set training pipeline (training is tailored to each player) No 3rd Person No enhanced map data No dynamic cross-hair No NVGs while looking down sights ACE3 Advanced Medical System ACE3 Advanced Ballistics System Stamina Enabled Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) Uniform & Equipment Standards Cooperative PvE Missions Positions: Assaulter, Grenadier, Autorifleman, Breacher, Medic, Zeus, Pilot (rotary/fixed) You can read up on the process for joining REVGRU here. For more information on The Revenant Group, visit our page Join our Discord or add me on Steam if you have any questions.
  16. Squad name: 4th Infantry Division [4thID] Timezone/location: North America (We do have members from other locations such as: Norway, Australia, and the UK) Gamemode(s): CO-OP ( Currently on Liberation, next will be Insurgency, then Patrol Ops) (Weekdays server is unlocked for everyone to join , weekends we have 4thID only Operations and server is locked for those operations) Description: The 4th Infantry Division is a unit that mixes Realism, and Fun. Overly realistic can draw people away as the fun aspect is normally taken away. We do our best to merge the best of both worlds into one. We have a solid Chain of Command which includes a few former U.S. Army personnel. With their help we are able to maintain a Realism feel during our Ops, Training, and just during the weekday public days. We are recruiting, only requires are as follows: - Working Microphone - 16+ Years Old (Unless able to prove maturity) - Willing to follow the Chain of Command - Willing to work as a team Language: English Mods List: You can find our current mod's list for the server at the link below Mods List (NOTE: This WILL be changing soon as we are changing maps) Information: Discord: Join Here ( You can find information about recruiting on discord ) Teamspeak: Server IP:
  17. thraxjor

    39th Battlion

    About The 39th Battalion is an ARMA 3 Simulation Clan. Established in early 2013, the 39th Battalion Arma Clan fosters the memory of Australian Infantry soldiers who famously defended against the advance of the Japanese Imperial Army over the Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea during World War 2. In observance of their sacrifice, the 39th Battalion Arma Clan pursues all available Arma 3 and community wide resources, in concurrence with historical and modern military procedures in order to model ourselves on the proud men and women who serve in Australia’s Defence Forces. We implement realistic tactics, techniques, and procedures for our members, but we do not ask our members to do things like address other members by any title or salute in-game like some other full milsim clans. Our Operations 39BN runs a storyline driven mission once a week, that feeds into a campaign, these are our main mission nights which are every sunday night starting from 2000 AEST. Our campaign are 8 weeks and expect to see something new from our mission making team each week. We mostly play as infantry, but from time to time, we will have combined arms elements as support. Every Friday night is our beer and bullets night, we either play Escape From missions or a custom mission one of our members has created, these nights are designed to have a very laid back atmosphere. What we are looking for Must be over 18 although exceptions can be made . Must be respectful of others, as we are a group of all ages. Emotional maturity, no drama we all play video games and enjoy them! Weekly attendance for Sunday Operations as they are mandatory. What to expect FNGs (Fairly New Guys) are required to attend a minimum of 4 sunday missions over an 8 week period to be accepted into the clan. As a member of the clan, you are required to maintain a minimum 50% attendance rate for Sunday Operations, if you are unable to do so, you will be retired from the group. Fill out the Sunday Attendance signup sheet on your attendance which is either No, Yes or Late, this provides the mission maker the info needed on how to design the mission. Requirements Required to own ARMA 3 (base game only) Required to use Teamspeak 3. Required to having a working & clear microphone. Required to have Discord, as this is our primary communications tool to keep players informed of upcoming events in the group. Required to use Arma3Sync to access our mods. Mods 39BN uses RHS, ACRE 2, ACE3, Project Uncut and an assortment of other mods packed into our own modset, which isn’t available on the steam workshop. all the mods are available via our own Arma3Sync repository. From time to time, we will use a total conversion mod that is fitting to Australian operations like a vietnam campaign using the Unsung Mod or WW2 pacific. DLC We do not require you to own any ARMA 3 DLCs to play our Sunday Operation missions although missions on other nights may require them. How to Join You can fill out your application then join our Discord. For More Information Our Website Our Youtube Channel Our Wiki
  18. Kampfgruppe Oberpfalz (Panzerbrigade 12) Who are we: the Panzerbrigade 12 is a Realism community based on the real Panzerbrigade 12 in the Bundeswehr. We mainly play in an alternate reality were the Berlin Wall never fell and Communist insurgents are battling it out with West Germany in the current year, 2018. Our main focus is on accurately portraying Mechanized Infantry and Armored units in Arma 3, from the weapons and specials to the tactics and commands given. Training in the unit is based on the manuals of the time so you can rest assured your experience will be as close to what the real soldiers of the time went though. What do we do: Our unit strives to provide a realistic experience in ARMA 3, to this end we organize campaigns with shifting front lines and the ever present need for supply. What do we play when we aren't in Arma 3: We play Post Scriptum, War of Rights and War Thunder as well as many other games Current Order of Battle: Kampfgruppe Hauptquartier (Havoc) Gebirgspanzerbataillon 8/ 3. Kompanie (Edelweiss) - Leopard 2a5 Panzergrenadierbataillon 122/ 1. Kompanie - IFV Puma Aufklarungsbataillon 8/ 2. Kompanie - LGS Fennek Division Schnelle Krafte/ Kampfhubschrauberregiment 36 (Mako) - EC665 "Tiger" Division Schnelle Krafte/ Transporthubschrauberregiment 30 (Reaper) - NH-90/CH-47 "Chinnock/CH-53 "Super Stallion"/ UH-1 "Huey" Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/panzerbrigadeoberpfalz Discord Link: https://discord.gg/CrC5tfz Signed, Major Joachim Alder Haeuseler Kommanduer der Kampfgruppe Oberpfelz
  19. :: About 9. Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen" We aim to emulate the daily life of a Soldier in a mechanized Infantry Company by utilizing the knowledge of veteran reenactors, history enthusiasts and milsim gamers alike. We try to potray each individual soldier by offering a vast array of historically accurate uniforms, helmets and weapons that come from public and private mods created by our dedicated mod team. We do not see the individual as just another name, but as an integral part of the Company, he has a history and a future that depends on the individual himself. Contributions made in and out of combats will be merited and bravery will be rewarded. :: We strive to provide our members the most immersive missions and engagements possible within the limitations of our mod selection and the Arma 3 engine by taking inspiration from actual combat footage and stories. :: Our dedicated Our dedicated modding team has created some of the most realistic uniforms, smocks and headwear, using the expertise of historical reenactors and history enthusiasts within our ranks. Our Company tailor even creates custom uniforms and smocks based on the request of each soldier. ::Our Community spans back several years now, having started in Arma 2. Through various iterations in the World War 2 MILSIM community, we have now reached the pinnacle with the 9. Pz-Div. Our Members are from all around the world and have diverse backgrounds but all indulge in the same goal: to experience World War 2 in all its grittiness. [/size] Region/Timezone/Main gaming time Schedule 20:30 CEST Monday : Free Tuesday : Free Wednesday : Training / Ausbildung Thursday : Free Friday : Free Saturday : Main Op Sunday : Free /Fun Op /Main Op Main language(s) We speak English with some German words like Hinlegen (Lay down), Schützenkette (Skirmish line) and etc :: Career options Zug Funker (Radio operator) Melder (Messenger) Gruppe Gruppenführer (Squad leader) Stv. Gruppenführer (As Squad leader) MG-Schütze (Machinegunner) MG-Hilfsschütze (Assistant Machinegunner) Panzergrenadier (Rifleman) Kw. Fahrer (Vehicle Driver) Kw. Beifahrer (Assistant Vehicle Driver) Sanitätsabteilung Gruppenführer (Squad leader) Sanitätssoldat (Combat medic) Sanitätssoldat (Combat medic) Panzer Panzerkommandant (Tank commander) Richtschütze (Gunner) Lader (Loader) Fahrer (Driver) :: Contact DiscordLink :https://discord.gg/HsShwr TeamspeakIP : fr01.gameservers.com:9131 website : working progress
  20. Who are we and what do we want? The United Islands of Duala (UID) is a small, semi-milsim unit focused mostly on infantry-based combat. We are looking for dedicated, committed individuals who have a working mic and are willing and able to join many if not all ops. We do not have an age limit but we do expect maturity from everyone during operations. Basic Information The points ahead will give short and concise information about this unit. Own storyline TeamSpeak 3 + TFAR First-Person View only Focused on motorised infantry… for now. Events at 1900CEST Dedicated Server Semi-MilSim ACE interaction If you feel like all of these coincide with you, please continue reading. Requirements? What we require of you is to...: ... have a clear, working mic. ... download our modpack and keeping up-to-date with it. ... listen and do as you’re told by your superiors. ... be friendly towards your battle-brothers and superiors. What roles are open? In UID, the squad leader decide the role for the soldiers in an operation before heading out to an AO. In certain cases we offer specialized training for soldiers interested in a specific role. These roles include: Section Commanders (Squad Leader) Fireteam Leaders Light Machine-gunners Medics General Purpose Machine-gunners Marksmen (in special cases) Who do I contact? If you’re still interested in joining our unit or have questions then add these people: LCpl Mildly Pvt Fish Sgt Pop Thank you. Media:
  21. Hi there, The 1st Brigade, Australian Army MILSIM Unit was started after us seeing a real opening in the Oceanic region. We strive to be as realistic as possible, emulating the real world unit to the best of our ability. This is not for everyone, but if have a love for immersion and simulation, think you may be interested in joining the ADF in the future, or are ex/current serving we are definitely the unit for you. We follow the real world organisational structure, rank structure and procedures to the best of our ability, but also note that if we are doing something wrong we will change it if made aware. I have confidence in saying that we are the only zero compromises ArmA 3 MILSIM unit in the Oceanic region. Outside of operations, we work on a consensus based governance structure allowing for input from the community in how the unit will be run. We strongly feel that while top down leadership works in a real world military, it does not work in a gaming community and that is what we are. Because of this, all our HQ meetings are open, minutes are distributed and if notice is given anyone can have the chance to talk to an issue. Who we emulate: As the name suggests, we emulate the 1st Brigade of the Australian Army. We are open to emulating any regiment/battalion within 1BDE in the future, although currently we emulate: 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR) - Mechanised Infantry 1st Armoured Regiment (1AR) - Armoured Cavalry M1A1 Abrams and ASLAVs Requirements: You must be at least 17 years of age to play in this unit. You don't need to have a lot of previous ArmA experience, but it will help. You will need to partake in our training program. You will have respect for your superiors, subordinates and peers. You will be committed to being serious and mature during operations. When do we play: We do operations every Friday and Saturday at 7pm AEST. Attendance during Friday operations should be at least 75% if you have a position in the ORBAT. If you are a reserve, attendance should be at least 50%. If you are not able to attend required operations, you should contact your superior or someone from Staff Section 1. How do you apply: Applications are handled through our website. Before you apply, make sure you have read the information on our about page and the recruitment page. https://1brigade.com/ If you have any more questions, please check out our website: https://1brigade.com/We have an in depth Wiki that explains a lot of things in this unit that we are constantly adding to. I look forward to hearing from you, LtCol L.Thompson Chief Commanding Officer | 1st Brigade Headquarters Commanding Officer | 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Email: l.thompson@1brigade.com
  22. Background Information Carrier Strike Group 15 (CSG-15) is a US Navy/Marine unit (28th MEU). We are currently looking for dedicated individuals who can put time and effort into our unit. We are a bit more laid back than some units, and also have many available positions, such as Pilots, Ship Crewmen, Regular Infantry, etc. Getting in is as simple as a brief interview to try to gauge out your experience with ArmA and other units, and to try to figure out where you'd fit in best. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for advancement. Generally, we run Ops every Saturday @ 5 PM EST. We frequently run ops on Sundays as well, training on Fridays, and we run events throughout the week (not necessarily ops) as member availability permits. Requirements Must have a working mic. Must speak fluent English. Must have TS3. Ability and willingness to download our Workshop collection. What makes us different? No obligations to attend every OP, however, we do appreciate people who show dedication. Plenty of room for advancement It's a naval unit, with the capability for large/grand air, land, and sea operations. Simple (for the time being) entry/eligibility for OCS/WOC. ArmA players of all nationalities, skill, etc. are accepted. Ran by competent and experienced leadership No "ArmA-drama" Our current numbers and open positions can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aOJNUvU8Qf0S1prQuzPh2RsRIOWk8JhBXS_XL00kRaM/edit?usp=sharing ***No matter what MOS you pick, you may be asked to perform Infantry duties if there are not enough Infantry, as there is no point in (for example) having 5 rotary pilots with 10 infantry guys.*** Links Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/UrW23gZ If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment on this post, add me, or join the discord/teamspeak!
  23. If you are looking for a Halo MilSim Server then look no further! Eclipse Halo RP is a server dedicated to the community, and fun above all. We are currently looking for new Marine recruits to fill our ranks and to grow our community. We host weekly Operations as well as Training sessions. We don't ask for any time commitments, IRL COMES FIRST! We have many different branches such as, Armored, Air Force, Marines, ODSTs. We want you to be the role you want to be! After your BMT you are able to select training for a MOS (Job) that you would like! We welcome any and all skill groups. If you're just starting out on Arma and need a place to learn and have fun Eclipse is the place to be! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you in the server! -1st Lt. Karambit, UNSCAF Eclipse Head of Recruitment Eclipse Discord: https://discord.gg/cx7pqAX
  24. *The 82nd is now recruiting! The 82nd is mostly a semi-serious milsim group, we do BOTH PVP and Joint OP's, and the skills may vary. The timezone is EST/NA We do not want you for your skill level and will accept you no matter how good you are at the game. If you feel like joining, make sure to send this account a message or an email at this email direction 82ndarma3milsim@gmail.com TRAINING The first training will determine what will be your position in the team. [e.g Rifleman/Support/Combat life saver] You must attend atleast 3 trainings and 3 ops in order to rank up. Take trainings seriously, you can crack a few jokes, but do not keep on being silly, or else you will be punished. MORE INFO ON DISCORD. FIRETEAMS Feel free to create your own fireteam! Choose your partners and buddies! All you need is to be ranked higher than Corporal, and you can request your own fireteam! Make sure to as A. Cambel! Era/s The 82nd doesn't do modern only! We do World War II ops! We do Vietnam ops! We do 90's! Small disclaimers *Members must have / be willing to use discord, until we decide to start using Teamspeak. *Your nationaly does not matter, as long as you can speak english. *You are willing to play with young people *Attend official Ops (Unless you are justified, if not, three strikes is the limit.) *DO NOT engage in "Flame wars" with other 82nd members you're both just messing around. [Borderline racism/racism will not be tolerated]
  25. A NEW Arma 3 Unit, SEAL Team 9 Mission Statement Our Mission statement here at SEAL Team 9 is to create a realistic and fun military gaming environment for all involved we call it chillsim. We're organized, friendly and do not discriminate against color, sex, race or creed, and teach and utilize military tactics to simulate a SEAL Team while skipping out on some full scale milsim aspects. In game, seriousness and maturity will be expected of course. Our trainings and missions are designed to incorporate technical skills, and challenge the team as a whole. We welcome all types of Arma players new and old. If you have the attitude to learn and develop as a team, we would be more than happy to have you on board. Currently we play custom co-op scenarios on Arma 3 utilizing the power of ALiVE, VCOM, Zeus and select mods. Our unit allows players internationally the opportunity to participate in operations that scale from Casual to Realism and offers players an authentic experience through the Arma 3 sandbox. Entrance Pipeline We have a four phases, 1st being Application and Orientation 2nd being Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) 3rd being a Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape course (SERE) and 4th being SEAL Qualification Training course (SQTs) that goes over the basic skills you’ll need to know to operate in this unit. Depending on how much you know, the training can be very easy and quick. It is designed to accommodate all skill levels. Aviation Our aviation elements are 160th SOAR and 358th. We use a variety of airframes for our operations. The training pipeline is a simple flight school to ensure our pilots are proficient with all airframes. Billets We offer billets that are in a real SEAL Team such as the following. Each billet requires training to be qualified in the job. The courses are generally short, but teach the necessary skills to perform the job. We also recently open our sniper section for application. Pointman / Navigator Engineer Sensitive Site Exploration Heavy Weapons Operator Designated Marksman Joint Terminal Attack Control Special Operations Combat Medic Special Naval Warfare Sniper Special Boat Team SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Zeus Operation Times Training - Thursday @ 2400 ZULU Operations - Sunday @ 2400 ZULU All events are hosted on our own dedicated server Application, Modpack & Discord links below. Our community is built on shared principles: - "Real Life Comes First" - Achieving an Optimum Player Experience - Teaching Skills for the Real World - Taking Personal Accountability & Initiative Guilded | https://www.guilded.gg/SEAL-Team-9 BI Unit Page | https://units.arma3.com/unit/seal-team-9 Steam Group | https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SEAL-Team-9 Modpack | https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1504033086 Discord | https://discord.gg/AZweany Application | https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYmNUOsXROQPdFsHlz7CF6VX50cJUbNgGDwuQoDupICFzgLQ/viewform?usp=sf_link This is a brand new unit looking to fill all slots, from leadership down please feel free to join discord if you have any questions.