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Found 182 results

  1. Name: Green Sea Battalion. Branch: Semi-Serious Milsim. Timezone: EU. Language: English. Op Times: Every Saturday Between ~21:00 Gmt+1 and up to 01.00 Gmt+1. Op Types: Specialize in Police actions and Urban Combat, Ambush and small-unit tactics expertise, typically operates as a Motorised or Mechanized unit. Other Essential Info: Looking for a Paramilitary Unit to join? Or fight alongside your own unit? Then look no further! The GSB will accomplish any militaristic tasks set before it, we specialize in small-unit tactics and jobs which may be too politically incorrect for more visible forces: the sort of combat where the lines of morality are blurred but victory must be achieved at any cost! What kind of unir are we: We are a plurinational mercenary force that resides in the fictional country of Chernarussia. As such, we have tailored our own equipment (Guns, Uniforms, Vests, Add. Gear, Vehicles) to suit our unit, so your stay at the GSB is going to be markedly different from the rest of the units. We are looking for EU units for co op: Preferred would be PMC, Ex yugo or Russian units that are speaking English. We are looking for friendly co ops with a lot Laughter, jokes, vodka in large environment while helping each other and geting blown up togheter with vodka in our hands. New players: It doesn't really matter if you new or just buyed yourself arma 3 to play online. Becouse like us, we where also new players once and we did mistakes like you will. We will welcome you as our own. Arma 3 Unit page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/greenseabattalion Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GreenSeaBattalion Youtube channels: Grey Snail: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CpUNfLZbHzr4w-ZFmz1Gg - Tzach: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnD5OpEfbco-vQ-6bE28SCg Discord: https://discord.gg/rV3E8NZ Contact: https://steamcommunity.com/id/PabstBlueRibbonTasteMurica/
  2. Who We Are The 21st infantry regiment is a new WW2 Milsim which aims to create semi-realistic and engaging situations. Not all of our operations will hold faithful to historic events but we aim to make them as enjoyable as possible. With our first campaign currently being worked on we would like to expand out little unit further. Our members come from all over with countries ranging from the US to the UK to India and Australia. _ Our Sections The unit has a sizable number of sections ranging from infantry to pilots and armor teams. General Infantry (Tiger Company) Tiger company are are general infantry unit. With a single platoon at the moment we are hoping to further expand. Tiger company are the core of our operations and those who ops are built for. Each member of Tiger can choose to specialize in one of the MOS's below. Rifleman Anti-Tank Grenadier Machinegunner Signalman Medic Airborne Infantry (Jaguar) Armor Detachment (Lion) Recon detachment (Panther) Air Squadron (Eagle) ___ Requirements to Join 16+ years of age At least 15 hours in Arma 3 Teamspeak, and a legal copy of Arma 3 ___ Operations FTX/Campaign operation: Friday 5:30pm EST Squad Training: Depends On Squads Bootcamp: Wednesday 4pm EST, Saturday 11am EST MOS Trainings: Some are set but most are on an upon availability basis. All operations take place on our dedicated server. ___ How To Join If you're looking to join us then simply join our Discord server, ping the recruiter role then join our teamspeak and sit in the standby channel in Recruitment. Discord: https://discord.gg/eHTgtBf Teamspeak: no1.spillvert.no:9991 Modpack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1899752325
  3. https://discord.gg/ZaKFucc https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1886694011 Are you looking for a simple pick up and play MilSim team? Then RCT-7 is just for you! If you want that structured, well-organized group of friends who enjoy tactical gameplay that Arma allows, then like ourselves, you’ll fit right into a healthy culture of gaming, conversations, and stress relieving. Who are we: Regimental Combat Team 7 is a Marine Corps emulated MilSim Unit that’s based around good people and good times. Never taking ourselves too serious (no screaming, no drama, no PT, yadda yadda) and always cooperating as a unit for mission success. Our structure for roleplay aspects is as followed: GCE Ops Infantry:1st Squad (Rifle), 1st Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment Armor:1 Section, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 3rd LAR Battalion (Reinforced) ACE Ops 1st Marine Air Wing (1st MAW) MAG-12 (VMFA-225) MAG-24 (HMLA-367) As a combat team, we break from the traditional MilSim mindset for our players. This means that one mission you may be working as part of a LAR to another being fast-roping out of a helicopter for a DA or interdiction. Flexibility and variation outweigh strict and formal to make each mission unique and enjoyable. From Liberation to PvP hosted on our 24-7 dedicated server, a small MOD list (link below) is all you need to really enjoy your time at RCT-7. RCT-7 Compilation: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1886694011 What do we do: Saturday is our “Community Day” - this is where we host a training class and/or community event for the general enjoyment of our members. No attendance required - strictly voluntary! Sunday is our “Operation Day” - at 4PM EST we launch a mission from our custom campaign/FTX and get our MilSim on. If you’re on the Active Roster, this is our only “mandatory attendance” event but of course, IRL always comes first and simply letting us know you can't make it in advance is all that's asked. Weekdays are our “Casual Fun” - where members link up and play other games, run Antistasi Liberation, PvP, I&A or other missions on our server or just focus on IRL things until the weekend comes. Who are we looking for: Mature Players (18+ preferred) Team-oriented & dedicated Willing to be part of a structure-based organization (without the saluting) Willing to take initiative in unit activities and briefings (staying in the loop) What do we require: Have a valid copy of ARMA 3 (APEX preferred) Available on weekends (unit events are Sundays 4PM EST) Apply at ARMA Units @ https://units.arma3.com/unit/rct-7 Have Discord ( https://discord.gg/ZaKFucc) Have Teamspeak 3 with the TFAR plugin installed (http://radio.task-force.ru/en/) Have respect for others and yourself Have fun! Where to find us: On Discord @ https://discord.gg/ZaKFucc On ARMA Units @ https://units.arma3.com/unit/rct-7
  4. Hey! JSDF or Joint Strategic Defence force are recruiting! We are recruit new and old players you don't have too have any experience at all. we are at NATO based unit but also from time to time we try different genres and settings like 40K, Halo and WW2! Rules: Age Requirement - 16+ Be Kind and Respectful - Here is a short trailer of what you could expect of our unit! We have Operations at these times : Main Operations 7:30 pm GMT on Saturdays & Sundays Training's 7:30 pm GMT on Wednesdays We are very laid back as a unit for the majority but we can be more serious if that's what your into. If you have any questions about joining the unit join our discord https://discord.gg/mzZr3vT ! If you do want to join JSDF Click this link too sign up! https://www.jsdf.co.uk/recruitment I will see you on the battlefield!
  5. I'm part of a casual gaming community named The Collective, and we're looking for more people interested in playing Arma 3. Check out our very serious recruitment video, here. We don't have any roles or ranks, play what you want, when you want. We have a dedicated server typically running Antistasi or Liberation. We also have (usually) weekly Zeus Missions. Zeus missions usually take place on Friday and/or Saturday. Missions will be scheduled based on UK time zone (typically 8pm, lasting 2 or 3 hours). Our focus is for everyone to have fun, since we're a group of friends just looking to have fun. We don't care if you're new, or if you're a veteran with over 6,000 hours, as long as you join with the intention of having fun and wanting to play some great games with some great people. We don't use TS3 for communication, we use our Discord server that is the hub of our community. Our only requirements are that you're 16+, can speak English comfortably, and that you have Apex (We do play non-Tanoa missions frequently, but if you'd like to play in most missions, you will need Apex). Here are the mods we use on our server, and for most Zeus missions. Occasionally we use other mods for specific Zeus missions but that will always be announced ahead of the mission. Our members don’t just play Arma. We also play Swat 4, Planetside 2, Smite, Starcraft, CSGO, and Escape from Tarkov. Feel free to join our discord here. If none of that has put you off, take a look at the more realistic recruitment video, here (Maybe turn down your speakers) FAQ -Do you change mods often? No we stick to the mod list most of the time. But some missions might require 1 or 2 more mods depending on the mission creator. -What are the rules on multi-clanning? Not a problem. We’re a casual group that’s just wants people to join and have fun. -Can I pick my loadout? In the end it comes down to what the mission maker has for you to choose from. Whether that be a limited arsenal box or pre-designated loadout. -What medical system do you use? We use ACE medical (Basic). Unless the mission interferes with ACE then we use vanilla.
  6. The Revenant Group is looking for players who want to be part of a specialised unit focused on countering various asymmetrical and unconventional threats in a wide theatre of combat environments. We strive to create an authentic combat experience to the greatest extent that the game will allow and we welcome players that are new to the game or just new to mil-sim/tactical sim. Operations and training are held throughout the week and weekends, typically starting at 2030 GMT, with a focus on tactical realism. Our Steam Group and Discord page will update with the dates and times of these operations and training days, but feel free to use the training server for solo or group training whenever you would like. We do not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, or religion. Rules and Regulations: 18+ Age Requirement No Customs & Courtesies (saluting, calling the room to attention, terms of address) No required training sessions or set training pipeline (training is tailored to each player) Uniform & Equipment Standards Cooperative PvE Missions Server Settings: No 3rd Person No enhanced map data No dynamic cross-hair No NVGs while looking down sights Stamina Enabled Integral Mods: ACE3 Advanced Medical System ACE3 Advanced Ballistics System Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) Workshop Mods Positions Available: Assaulter Grenadier Autorifleman Breacher Medic Pilot (rotary/fixed) Co-Pilot WSO Aerial Gunner Zeus Additional Certifications: JTAC SERE Designated Marksman Breacher MWD Handler Pararescue You can read up on the process for joining REVGRU here. For more information on The Revenant Group, visit our page. Please comment, PM, join our Discord or add me on Steam if you have any questions.
  7. Group: Task Force Raider (TFR) Branch: Casual Tactical Realism Language: English Time Zones: Australia, Sydney AEDT Operation Times: SUNDAY 19:00 AEDT, Casual persistent mission throughout the week. Operation Type: COOP/TVT Further Info: Task Force Raider is a relaxed atmosphere, semi-realism, Arma 3 group (though we often play other games). We run regular unique operations every Sunday and have ongoing persistent drop-in campaigns throughout the week. Our membership consists of members from Australia and New Zealand. We are a friendly group and are happy to accept those relatively inexperienced to the game, all we ask is you bring a positive and friendly attitude, a willingness to learn and play as part of a cohesive unit. There are no mandatory attendance requirements though we do ask that any new members attend an informal training session on our casual persistent campaign prior to admission to the group. If you're interested visit our Discord for more information, send a message to one of our admins and come say hello to the lads! Discord: https://discord.gg/bNPDC8u
  8. INTRODUCTION The 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Realism Unit was founded in 2014 by veteran members of the ArmA realism community. Many of our members are veterans and active duty military from around the world. The primary focus of the unit is unconventional warfare combat in ArmA 3 utilizing real life tactics, techniques, protocols, and communication. The core of the unit is based around operational detachment task forces with a small amount of supporting assets. At its core, a realism unit is a role-playing unit. We strive to promote an immersive and professional environment for members to role-play in by providing a unique and structured military experience. When in-game, members are expected to act as if they are on a foreign battlefield or in a domestic training environment. For these reasons, the minimum age to join the 3rd SFG(A) Realism Unit is 16 years old. The goal of the unit is to always balance the realism with fun. If members are not enjoying the experience, then there is no point in the unit existing. When there comes a point at which a decision between the two has to be made, we always have to remember that this is a game and we are here for entertainment, and we may from time to time on the side of fun. MOS AVAILABILITY 18B Weapons Sergeant 18C Engineering Sergeant 18D Medical Sergeant 18E Communications Sergeant 35M Human Intelligence Collector 153A Rotary Wing Aviator [HIGH DEMAND] 15T Aerial Gunner [HIGH DEMAND] 11S1C Special Operations Pilot 1A7X1 Special Operations Aerial Gunner GAMEPLAY FEATURES Advanced Ballistics Advanced Medical Advanced Mortars First Person Only Hardcore Experience OFFICIAL UNIT TIME 2000 (8:00PM EST) GET CONNECTED Interested in applying to the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Realism Unit? Make sure you meet the following requirements before submitting your application: Minimum age: 16 (possible exceptions) Must have a copy of ARMA III with the APEX DLC and a valid Player ID. Must have a microphone and Teamspeak 3. An understanding of the definition of roleplaying in a realism environment. If you have any other questions regarding the application process, please contact one of our recruiting staff. Discord https://discord.gg/Jsd8aFJ TeamSpeak IP: PW: Rangers2019 3rd SFG(A) New Join Policy
  9. 173rdofficial

    173rd Airborne Brigade

    Updated: 25-DEC-2019 Website: http://www.173rd.us TeamSpeak: ts3.173rd.us Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/173rdairbornedivison About the 173rd The 173rd Airborne Brigade is a ArmA 3 Milsim unit focused on offering a realistic and authentic experience in trainings and in operations. Our soldiers go through trainings that have been created by studying real army trainings and they partake in operations that a real light infantry airborne unit would execute. We strive to offer an enjoyable serious experience for all our soldiers while also maintaining a very diverse community that enjoys playing a wide range of games. If you are interested in well organized military trainings and operations while also making friends the 173rd is the right place for you. What We Do Based in the Central Standard Time zone, we conduct in-game military operations similar to what you might see in real life. We employ standard MilSim methods to create a realistic--and fun!--gaming experience through curated missions and an established training structure. We like to train others to eventually replace us and grow our community... Each Saturday (7 pm CST) we embark on an operation (part of a larger campaign) that is tailor-made to bring the best out of us--whether we are squad leaders, radio telephone operators, or every-day riflemen. Although we occasionally do a throw-back campaign, all of our operations are set in modern day. We embrace US Army structure to develop ourselves as learners and teachers. Every training and operation is an opportunity to grow our knowledge, gain experience, and grow closer to our friends. In addition to the full milsim component of the 173rs, we also offer a reserves section that is low-commitment but that has full access to our community. Our Latest Campaign Our latest campaign, “Island Incursion,” took us to the young island nation of Afrenia, where a group of militaristic rebels began destabilizing the band new democracy. As part of a United Nations African Peacekeeping Operation two years ago, the 173rd Airborne Brigade was dispatched with the United Nations peacekeeping effort. Half a year after the 173rd Airborne Brigade was pulled out of the region, the United Nations left the region for good after a peace treaty was signed between Molatia and Afrenia to remain separate from one another with separate governments. Both nations began to modernize their Military with the previous United Nations checkpoints remaining as the DMZ. With reports of the Afrenian military executing prisoners of war, NATO investigated the situation. Battle plans provided by S3 (Operations) for Operation "Ensuring Borders" on 02NOV2019. How to Join We hope to see you join us for future operations. The first step is contacting one of our MEPS members to let them know about your interest. Let us know how we can serve and get to know you. Here are some ways you can connect with us. Here are our recruiting requirements: Must be age 16 or older to enlist and speak fluent English. Must own Arma 3 and related required DLC, with the ability to download our custom mods. Cannot be a part of any other MilSim communities or other gaming communities that would prevent regular attendance. Must use a realistic in-game name that can be easily utilized in combat. Connect with Us Looking for More Information? Check out the links below! 173rd Website http://173rd.us/ 173rd Teamspeak http://TS3.173rd.us 173rd Forums: http://173rd.us/index.php/page/Public/aboutUs Official 173rd YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPwaXoIzJjnrfeEezJe7Kgg Official 173rd Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/173rdOfficial Official 173rd Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/10/1727575977523379407/
  10. Task Force Phantom is recruiting! Discord: https://discord.gg/NsBcn8n Unit Site: https://units.arma3.com/unit/taskforcephantom Public Operations Server: Teamspeak: Who are we? Task Force Phantom is a realism unit that was founded on December 17th, 2017 as 4th Infantry Division. We started off modeling ourselves after the 4th ID, then switched to 8th Marines, and now as Task Force Phantom. Task Force Phantom is not a regular military, rather a private organization that can handle any task on land, sea, or in the air. Despite not being a regular military, we still follow a military rank structure (modeled after the U.S. Army) and follow a chain-of-command. Members who join start as rifleman at first and can later specialize into many different job roles including, but not limited to, combat medic, helicopter crewman, tank crewman, scout/sniper, or engineer. All our operations are non-scripted and controlled in real-time by our Zeus. Typically, we will have a campaign that has an overarching story and will last several missions, and actions taken during each mission will affect the story outcome. Sometimes, we will have “pre-ops” that will usually have fewer members and can either help to make the main mission easier, or can make it more difficult, depending on the outcome. Operations Every Saturday, at 8 PM Central Time US, we have an operation. Operations are single missions that take place during a campaign. At the beginning of the operation, there will be a briefing and a debrief at the end where everyone will have a chance to discuss what went right and what went wrong. Each operation will usually take anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on the objectives and what happens during the operation. The Zeus will be controlling everything in real-time, sometimes even taking control of enemy units to provide an extra challenge. Each campaign will usually last a few weeks, sometimes more, depending on the story and how it progresses. Please note: All our operations require a custom mod pack. The mod pack will be posted in our discord, in the #information channel. Current Campaign Our current campaign is different than what we normally do. This one is more roleplay-heavy than our typical campaigns. The year is 2021, Beto O’Rourke was voted in as President, and he has instituted a mandatory gun buyback program. Upset with this, a local militia based in Lakeside has made plans to defend their right to bear arms by any means necessary. Players will take the role of a militia member and will be expected to engage in guerilla warfare. Players will not encounter typical engagements but will often have to sneak around or talk their way out of a situation, rather than fighting all the time. Contact If you are interested in joining, join our discord and contact one of our recruiters for more information. The #recruitment channel will have an application form Direct link and once you’ve applied, a recruiter will be in touch. In the meantime, feel free to hang out with us and join our operations! All our operations are public, even if you have no intention of joining, we’d love to you have you play with us.
  11. Introduction Bsm or Black Sword Mercenaries was founded in August of 2011 and composed of a group of players with common interests in Arma 3 milsim. We run missions based around zeus GM missions with multiple capabilities to do all types of missions in a small task unit/Taks force setting with aviation support from rotary and fix wing assets. Every campaign is different with a different faction everytime! As a member of the Milsim you have the opportunity to send your ideas to the Mission maker or even make you won. We try to keep it fun and interesting wich is why we play as a Mercenaries Unit so we can do different things. Criterias: - Must be 14 or Older - Working Microphone - Legit copy of Arma 3 - Team Speak 3 - Be serious Discord - https://discord.gg/qeajzcU Teamspeak - ts3.blackswordmercenaries.com
  12. Squad Name: 1st battalion, 4th marines Timezone/location: Eastern/North America Contact email: tacticalrevengeg@gmail.com Teamspeak: TRGNTS.us.to Website address: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfeaho7RNKSVgk5l6HyT8qeiLWekgrh8OURMuQCkfzlapMbhA/viewform Forum: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfeaho7RNKSVgk5l6HyT8qeiLWekgrh8OURMuQCkfzlapMbhA/viewform Short Description: We are a very experienced Milsim group with over 4 years of running operations. Mandatory attendance, ranks with the option to be promoted, squad leaderships roles, no dual-clanning, special forces branch and rotary and fixed wing branch. All positions are available. Teamspeak is TRGNTS.us.to see you their! Language: English
  13. INTRODUCTION The 10th Mountain Division of the US Army is looking for new recruits! The 10th MD is a unit in which provides a highly realistic military setting, with many different career possibilities. With multiple command members having real life military experience, we focus on providing the most realistic design achievable. Formations, ranks, and strict officers are all present within our unit. The 10th Mountain Division's members have been working together for over 2 years. The unit has recently been resurrected, and we are more than ready to get back into the fight. The members are all extremely friendly and more than happy to welcome new members like you to the team. Besides Arma, you can expect the group to be playing other games together with many laughs. UNIT INFORMATION/REGULATIONS Age 16-17: Join as a Cadet. Undergo a 2 month evaluation period to determine capability of promotion. 18+: Join as a Private. Attend training events (Basic Combat Training) to be able to attend deployments. Microphone You must have a functioning microphone. Software You must have Discord and TeamSpeak 3. Operation Time Every Saturday at 8PM EST main operations will occur. Other "mini" operations happen at random times throughout the week. MOS AVAILABILITY/DIVISION DESCRIPTION 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment Rifleman Grenadier Automatic Rifleman Rifleman Assist Medic 2nd Battalion, 6th Armor Regiment Armor Crewman 2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment Door Gunner Flight Medic Pilot RECRUITMENT If you are ready to take your first steps to an immaculate realism experience, check out the information below. Website 10thmountain.us Discord https://discord.gg/hztnPzE TeamSpeak Climb to Glory
  14. Commando Kieffer since 2004. I. A brief history of our team : Commando Kieffer is a military-oriented team that promotes values such as respect, fellowship, friendliness, group discipline, the pleasure of playing and sharing together. We do not seek to be (or pretend to be) elite soldiers. We take any level. The only will is the group and organized play. The "CK" team has been in existence since November 11, 2004 and is recognized as an essential platform for exchange, experience and games, united in a chain of command, aiming to be as close as possible to reality (formerly Tactical Realism, now Mil-Sim). Each of the members accepted by the team bears the name of one of the 177 French commandos who landed on June 6, 1944 in Ouistreham, Normandy, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Philippe Kieffer. In this way, we pay tribute to these brave heroes who helped and died for the liberation of France, as well as the one whose name you may have the honour of bearing. Our motto: "United and Unstoppable". II. Our sessions : We meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings in what are called "training" from 9pm to around 11pm until midnight. We mainly do PVE, however thanks to our network you can if you wish join us in sessions that we call "OPEX" for external operation, of course this is optional. They take place mainly on Thursday evenings in the same time slot as our own sessions. III. How to reach us ? Very simply, either by : our Forum : https://forum.commandokieffer.com/index.php our TeamSpeak 3 : tyr.evxv.net:10088 or more simply directly by my Steam : John | Qm1.Vinat Nevertheless, there are some constraints : be 16 years old be able to be present regularly speak French
  15. Who We Are The 21st infantry regiment is a new WW2 Milsim which aims to create semi-realistic and engaging situations. Not all of our operations will hold faithful to historic events but we aim to make them as enjoyable as possible. With our first campaign currently being worked on we would like to expand out little unit further. Our members come from all over with countries ranging from the US to the UK to India and Australia. _____________________________________________________________________________ Our Sections The unit has a sizable number of sections ranging from infantry to pilots and armor teams. General Infantry (Tiger Company) Tiger company are are general infantry unit. With a single platoon at the moment we are hoping to further expand. Tiger company are the core of our operations and those who ops are built for. Each member of Tiger can choose to specialize in one of the MOS's below. Rifleman Anti-Tank Grenadier Machinegunner Signalman Medic Airborne Infantry (Jaguar) Jaguar is the airborne section of the unit with one squad currently open. These are people who act as a Quick Response Force (QRF) and willingly eject themselves from moving aircraft. Like Tiger, these infantry can specialize in any of the MOS's above. Armor Detachment (Lion) Lion is The Armor group in the unit. These guys are responsible for crewing tanks and artillery. They are able to specialize in any of the MOS's but all Lion members must be signalman trained and medical trained. Recon detachment (Panther) Although not officially open yet the Recon detachment work in teams of three, often behind enemy lines gathering intelligence for friendly forces or neutralizing HVT's that would flee if a large scale assault occurred. They are the best of the best so don't expect just to walk right into that billet. Air Squadron (Eagle) Eagle Squadron are the pilots of the unit. They fly both transport and combat aircraft and undergo plenty of training to be permitted to do so. For anyone interested joining this detachment, no experience is required but you will need to make your training. ___________________________________________________________________________ Requirements To Join 16+ years of age At least 15 hours in Arma 3 Teamspeak, and a legal copy of Arma 3 ___________________________________________________________________________ How To Join If you're looking to join us then simply join our Discord server, ping the recruiter role then join our teamspeak and sit in the standby channel in Recruitment. Discord: https://discord.gg/eHTgtBf Teamspeak: no1.spillvert.no Modpack:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1899752325 Units page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/21stinfantryregiment
  16. Fear the Reaper Reaper Squad SOG is a Privately Contracted special forces unit dedicated to conducting Black Ops, HVT extraction and target search and destroy/sabotage in order to pave the way for large scale assaults or invasions, gaining entry via scuba, HALO, HAHO or rotary wing transport. Reaper One Actual Reaper One Actual is our ground team. Typically a Six Man operator team, every member is trained up to the point of being a basic Combat Life Saver, removing some of the stress from the team dedicated Combat Paramedic. Every team will always have several dedicated roles, such as: Team Leader Combat Paramedic Grenadier Rifleman Marksman Autorifleman/Machine Gunner (Situation specific) Anti-Tank Drone Operator JTAC Each team member is encouraged to think outside the box and share their plans and ideas to enable the team leader to develop a strong and actionable combat plan. YOU could be part of that team. Grim One Actual Grim One Actual is our air wing, primarily using rotary wing transport, such as the MH-6M Little Bird to transport our teams around the battlefield and using the AH-6M to provide light air cover when the situation becomes chaotic and requires an explosive solution. They may occasionally be asked to provide heavy CAS support by AH-64D or fixed wing capability, depending on the situation, those this is rare. Operations We run our Operations three times a week at 1900 UTC/2000 CET on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, run by a dedicated Zeus who will prebuild the missions, brief the teams and commanders and run the mission throughout the Operation, allowing for a versatile Operation which often includes roleplay, storyline and continuity between each operation. Contact Us Discord: https://discord.gg/KR3WUJr
  17. 2 Bataljon Commando's GROUP: 2 Bataljon Commando's BRANCH: Milsim | Semi-Realism LANGUAGE: English | Don't be alarmed about the Dutch ranks etc. TIMEZONE: CET | Central European Time. OPERATION TIMES: - Wed. | Training | 8 CET. - Sat. | Operation | 8 CET. - Sun. | Possible Operation | 8CET. OPERATION TYPE: - Participate in peacekeeping operations. - Defend the national territory. - Ensure national security Aid to the nation in disasters and such. - Fighting terrorism Participate in EU Response Group operations (EU Battle Group). - Perform evacuation operations of European nationals (NEO: non-combattant evacuation operation). - Provide troops for NATO's Rapid Response Force (NRF: NATO Response Force). - Provide support to the special forces. - Provide support to the Navy component in anti-intrusion operations MODS: Is mentioned in the discord. OTHER INFO: We are a English based unit, we just use assets from the Belgian army. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/w2kwXUu ARMA3 UNIT: https://units.arma3.com/unit/2commando
  18. Squad name: Arma Coop Weekend Timezone/location : EU Short description: Arma Coop Weekend is a casual semi-serious group that plays custom coop missions on weekly games mostly during the weekends. How to contact: Discord: https://discord.gg/77wXp2 or PM me: Eddie or our ARMA Unit Language: English (Microphone is a must)
  19. Hi all! I have a simple problem. That's to say, for someone not as nOObish as me in scripting... In my mission (APEX), I need all units of a specific faction (all PMC units from the PG Services mod), to be automatically recruit-able via a little script I slapped together. At the moment I call the script via the unit's INIT field: e.g.; " nul=[] execVM "recruiting.sqf"; ". This, however, does not allow for AI-spawned units to be recruit-able. My goal: Run a script to check and find any AI-spawned units of the specified faction (PG_Services) within a certain radius, or ideally, the entire map, and run my recruitment script on each. The method I use for recruiting is pretty basic but seems to work exactly as I want it to, so I'd prefer not to change that. My only problem is how to identify and run the script on all faction-spawned units on the map. My method for recruiting & dismissing - After !MANY! experiments, I decided on a system of 4 tiny scripts. So far I cannot seem to find much problems with it. There may be some in MP... 1. recruiting.sqf - is run 1st - currently in unit's INIT but could be trigger / script based _guyNotRecruited = true; _man = _this select 0; _man setCaptive true; // OPTIONAL _recruitGuy = _man addAction ["Recruit","TRecruit\newguyinit.sqf"]; while {_guyNotRecruited} do { if (not(captive _man)) then {_guyNotRecruited = false}; if (not alive _man) exitWith {_man removeAction _recruitGuy}; sleep 1; }; _man removeAction _recruitGuy; [_man] join (group player); _man enableAI "MOVE"; // OPTIONAL sleep 1; nul = [[["New Team Member recruited.","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t>"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; nul=[_man] execVM "TRecruit\dismissing.sqf"; Obviously the script still needs polishing... setCaptive & enableAI "MOVE"; only used for testing & debug 2. newguyinit.sqf - called by recruiting.sqf - line 4 _unit=_this select 0; _unit setCaptive false; The script 'dismissing.sqf' is now running on the unit 3. dismissing.sqf - also called by recruitment.sqf - line 17 _guyRecruited = true; _man = _this select 0; _dropGuy = _man addAction ["Dismiss","TRecruit\dropguyinit.sqf"]; while {_guyRecruited} do { if (captive _man) then {_guyRecruited = false}; if (not alive _man) exitWith {_man removeAction _dropGuy}; sleep 1; }; _man removeAction _dropGuy; _man disableAI "MOVE"; //Optional but nice for leaving someone as guard on a specific spot [_man] join grpNull; sleep 1; nul = [[["Team Member dismissed.","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t>"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; nul=[_man] execVM "TRecruit\recruiting.sqf"; Last but not least 4. dropguyinit.sqf - called by dismissing.sqf _unit=_this select 0; _unit setCaptive true; The original recruitment.sqf is called back onto the unit when dismissed. So I have a nice method of recruiting, dismissing and re-recruiting units without hassle. I'd prefer to hang on to that. I foresee one problem with the dismissing.sqf script - any other player will be able to run the "Dismiss" action on the unit. Working on that... But HOW do I get to run this script automatically on all PMC units spawned on the map?? Any tip would be welcome
  20. From the leaders of 10SOC/10SFG and the 75th Rangers. Lead by real military veterans! The North American Mil-Sim Community is officially opening recruiting to fill our growing Arma 3 Community. NAMC(North American Mil-Sim Community) is a community for Mil-Sim operations style game play. Our current Area of Operation (AO) is Arma III operations, with plans to expand and reach out to other AO's after we establish a strategic presence in our current AO. Unlike other Mil-Sim experiences, we are not a "unit". We are a Mil-Sim Community. That means, mandatory training, mandatory meetings, attendance requirements etc are not part of the NAMC. What you will find, is tactical game play and Mil-Sim Role-playing, while in game. Founded in September of 2019, NAMC sets off to create an "operation first" Mil-sim gaming experience. Meaning, all of our training, tactics, communication, organization and structure is designed to accomplish the operation first. Currently, the NAMC is lead by Benality (former XO of 10SOC) and Jones.O. They bring real military experience to the community, which helps with creating events that are as true to real life scenarios as possible. FAQ Q: Is this the right place for me? If you enjoy real Mil-Sim role-playing while in game without all the extra "work" that comes with a Mil-Sim unit, you are in the right place. NAMC does not have mandatory attendance to any event or any training. We organize and people elect to join based on their schedule. The only hard rule, is that while in game, you operate as though you are a member of a modern Military squad.(edited) Q: So, no mandatory training, but what if I am new to Mi-lSim style game play? Although, we will not have any required training, we will have training events available. They will be scheduled in advance and allow plenty of opportunity to attend of you wish. Some training will include: Machine Gunner, Medical, Pilot , Squad Leader Course Q: What about ranks? How do you decide who the Squad leader is on any given mission? We don't feel this should be something that an organization can really control. Obviously, we want squad leaders that know how to play well and know how to lead while in game. We will organize the squads, and the squads will determine who is the squad leader. Obviously, if you have special training such as the Squad Leader course, you should have a higher consideration. We reserve the right to remove a squad leader if there is obvious reasons to do so. We will not remove someone simply because they hurt your feelings, unless it was out of line, or breaks any of our standing rules. Q: What about attendance? I can probably only play once in a while. We are specifically created for the busy gamer. Attendance is NOT required. Obviously, in order for you and everyone else to have a positive experience, we ask that you make as many events as possible. 1 event a week is considered normal activity. 2-3 events is considered highly active. We value all levels of activity as this creates a more immersive game play. Bottom line, play when you can, for as long as you can. Just remember our goal is to provide immersive Mil-Sim style game play.
  21. The 16 Air Assault Milsim Community is an Arma 3 Milsim Community with members from across the globe; we are a gaming community that looks to replicate the real life British Army's organisation, tactics and communication in an out of game. All of the above are based off of the 16th Air Assault Brigade of the British Army based in Essex, UK, we strive for immersion and realism to the highest level. Our daily growing member base run an infantry platoon supported by a medical unit, fire support group and our flight team. We host operations every Sunday at 8PM UK Time, these operations usually last for 3 hours. Our members have the opportunity to specialise as a Medic, Drone operator, Machine gunner, Marksman, Pilot or EOD/Explosives specialist. Although we offer a huge array of supporting roles, all of our members are riflemen first. From our LT right down to the newest recruit. We have been around since August 2004 and our determination to provide a welcoming community of like-minded individuals that want to play MILSIM the way it should be, with the highest amount of realism and immersion the game offers. We always strive to be the best and develop our members. This has been the ethos of those that founded our community back in 2004, this has allowed the original member base to move on however the unit still has the same standards across the board, we give you the tools and resources to maintain that high standard we expect from those that join. Every member that joins our ranks whether that be as a recruit or once they become an Lt they are valued by every member of the unit. Due to our standards we do have some requirements. You must be 16 years old or older, have a working microphone and be able to regularly attend operations on Sunday from 8 pm to 11 pm UK time. Additionally, we do not allow our members to be in any other ArmA milsim communities, this is because we expect a high level of commitment from all our members. You can be in as many non-milsim/non-Arma communities as you like, so long as they don't interfere with your commitment to The 16 Air Assault Brigade. If you are in doubt about any of our rules, please feel free to ask a question on our Twitter or join our forums and message a member of our Recruitment and Retention Office [RRO] link down below. You can get in touch with us or apply on our website: 16aa.net or via our Twitter account: @16AAMILSIM **This post has been created due to loss of other accounts on our other posts on this forum.
  22. 197th Special Task and Recon [197STAR] 197STAR is a fictional semi-real style Arma 3 unit, focusing on infantry combat. We are a multinational unit with members from Europe and the USA, running operations at 1900BST on Sunday nights, with mini ops and other games throughout the week. 197STAR is a NATO styled infantry based unit. We run with the principles of being Nationless and Role-less, meaning that we do not force anyone to play as a particular nation, and we do not restrict ourselves to just doing Infantry style ops, or just doing Special Forces style ops, as an example. We run a medium sized modpack of ~50 mods, including ADV - ACE Medical and RHS/Project OPFOR. There is a large selection of uniform and kit mods for you to customise your character to what you see fit. We are a semi-real unit. This means that we follow NATO tactics and have a NATO styled ORBAT, but don't enforce the more milsim things such as rank seniority or mandatory training. We only ask that you complete a simple basic training run by one of our instructors, and communicate with us in the case of having to take leave of absence. We expect you to attend the main operation each week, but if you can't, just let us know and it's not an issue. Operation wise, we run campaigns of 4-6 weeks each, with main operations running at 1900BST every Sunday, and another large event every Saturday at 1900BST. We run mini ops and training sessions throughout the week, and encourage the community to play other games as well. Contact: Arma 3 Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/197star Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/WnzmM5k Or send me a PM!
  23. Hey all me and a group of guys recently started a milsim under the name of 3rd Battalion 75th Rangers and are currently looking for players of all parts of the world. we are currently doing our operations at 5pm pst and are offering infantry and pilot roles. Please Contact me via steam to be in touch or join the ts ip: if i am not online message me on steam but if anyone on TS3 has an SR or JR tag please approach them, my steam name is Riley Zed
  24. 7th Armoured Division Greetings, candidate. Welcome to the Desert. The 7th Armoured Division is a British WW2 Milsim unit. The Rifle Brigade is based on a mechanized carrier platoon, the reconnaissance element of a rifle company. A single section in a carrier platoon sports three carriers with three different crew weapons including the BREN, P.I.A.T and 2-inch mortar. We also have a halftrack section, made up of an assault element and base of fire element, equipped with a Bren team and marksman. The halftrack also sports a M2 Browning Machine Gun for the extra firepower. The unit also includes the 1st Troop from the 5th Royal Tank Regiment, the troop uses A27M Cromwells and the Sherman Firefly. The No. 322 Squadron from the Royal Air Force provides air superiority, close air support and aerial reconnaissance for ground forces. The squadron uses RAF P-39’s, but also carries out bombing missions using the infantry and tankers as gunners! We also have medical and logistical detachments, if you are interested in a non-combat role, as well as roles within the Support Company HQ. Members take part in a campaign that follows the exploits of the real Desert Rats through the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Italy, the hedgerows of France, and the battered ruins of Germany. Casual missions are open to any conflict, and are often made by our members. Recently, we’ve also started a Red Storm Rising campaign on Saturday at 7PM. Structure is important to us, but our goal is to create a camaraderie between our members rather than a rigid command structure. The CO’s door is always open, and while discipline comes first on the battlefield, we do not enforce discipline outside of our missions except in cases of bad behaviour. We hope to see you in the ranks soon! Support Company HQ Roles Signaller Runners Rifle Brigade Roles Section Leaders Riflemen Marksmen/Scouts Rifle Signaller Bren Gunners & Assistants P.I.A.T Gunners & Assistants Mortar Crewmen Carrier/Halftrack Drivers Royal Tank Regiment Roles Tank Commanders Drivers Co-Drivers (Machine-gunner) Gunners No. 322 Squadron, Royal Air Force Pilots 11th Hussars Section Leader Gunner Signaller Driver Royal Army Service Corps Team Leader Storeman Royal Army medical Corps Senior Orderly Orderly Current Demand: High Demand: Members interested in the Rifle and HQ Roles. Medium Demand: Members interested in Tank, Medical, and Logistical Roles. Current Status of the Unit: We have recently had a massive Influx of new players, as well as experienced members from another unit due to a friendly Soft-Merge. We are in-process of filling in existing teams and expanding others. Be part of them! ORBAT Here is a currently WIP ORBAT with assigned members.Personnel not yet Assigned or in Training do not yet feature in ORBAT. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mp3H0ceRtvFw-pMWCq1wNgPpc6BVLsGv7rTmwlBW0Qc/edit#gid=1416967364 Schedule Basic & Specialisation Training - Fridays, 20:00 BST / 15:00 EST. Casual Missions - Regular casual on Saturdays, 19:00 BST / 14:00 EST, other days often have casuals, but are unscheduled. Official Operations - Sundays, 20:00 BST / 15:00 EST. Requirements & Commitments Our only mandatory events are Sunday official operations, however if you inform your direct superior in a timely manner, you can be excused from the op. If one can rarely attend official operations, we also accept people as reserves which comes with fewer commitments. There are no age requirements but we expect maturity from all members. An interview is required for applicants under the age of 16. All members should be able to speak and understand English commands and conversation. How do I join? If you're interested in finding out a little more about us or would like to join, please go ahead and join the Discord as well as the Teamspeak. Once you're in Discord, an officer or NCO should notice you and help you shortly. If you decide to join the Teamspeak, please poke an NCO or officer to let them know you're there. Discord: https://discord.gg/HM77zRw Teamspeak: 7tharmoureddiv.ts3.services Some screenshots from recent operations and casuals: Platoon training exercise taking place at Shaker's Wood. 5th Royal Tank Regiment taking point in one of their Cromwell tanks. A signaller and a marksman holding their ground during an unexpected German counterattack at the initial phases of the Italian Campaign. RAF flying in formation during an exercise. Hope to see you in the field soon!
  25. We are a WW2 Arma 3 Milsim Community, using the historical structure and organization of US Airborne during the time period of 1941 - 1945. We take part in multiple historically accurate editor made campaigns, as well as many smaller events managed by our excellent mission making team to assure the highest quality of immersion. Basing ourselves off the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne we take part in campaigns in North Africa, Italy, Normandy and beyond in the WW2 theatre of Europe fighting against the Axis Occupation. Game play Game play in our community is limited to First Person Only with Limited HUD Elements. Using Airborne Platoon and Squad Tactics, such as utilizing the Army "Half Squad" to utilize the Machine Gun and Rifle Teams to Find, Fix, Flank and Finish the enemy. Although despite the immersion and historical accuracy, we don't rely on a simulated environment for example there will be no "Yes sir" or "No sir" in this community unless you want to, rather everyone has their name and no matter the rank everyone works as a team so formality isn't required. However Personnel are in NCO and Officer positions for a reason so we ask you listen to their orders and work together to complete the task at hand. One of our main focuses is PvP, so training is mostly built around being able to fight actual trained human players, rather than AI but AI missions do make up the majority of Historical campaigns and other missions between the PvPs. TeamSpeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/FbqUFtb Website: http://www.ico82nd.us/