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  1. H Squadron - 22 Special Air Service H Squadron is a Cold War themed MilSim community based on the British Special Air Service in the late 1970s - early 1980s. Aiming for a semi-realistic MilSim experience, the community will focus on the fictional H Squadron, deploying to conflicts, flashpoints and British foreign policy actions overseas, both fictional and based upon historical events. What we do: - Provide a short training phase, designed to emulate parts of SAS selection. This is mainly to ascertain the level of skill and ability of new members. - Conduct a mixed array of operations including: -- Deployment to ongoing British overseas operations -- Conducting domestic and foreign counter-terrorism operations -- Team Tasks (training and rapid overseas deployments) -- Training foreign militaries. - Approach taskings with the method of ‘basics done well’ using historic British Army doctrine and period equipment. - Research and interest into the SAS during the Cold War period. Requirements: - Age 18+ - Arma 3 - A short list of workshop mods DLCs: -- Mandatory - SOG Prairie Fire, Western Sahara -- Desirable - Global Mobilisation (Separate mod list available for those without Global Mobilisation). Desirable traits: Interest in Cold War history. Interest in Cold War period SAS operations and strategy. Squadron structure: - HQ Troop - Command and Control - 4-8 men - Air Troop - HALO, HAHO, Static Line - x16 men - Boat Troop - Maritime, Diving, Boats and Submersibles - x16 men - Mobility Troop - Motorised Patrols, Weapons, Logistics - x16 men - Mountain Troop - Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Mountain Warfare - x16 men - RAF and RN support assets. What to expect: Twice weekly sessions (Days TBC) Relaxed command structure. Encourage individual patrols to operate independently, and with creative strategy to overcome developing and changing situations, often where the odds are stacked against the squadron. No long training or probation period. Selection phase designed to ascertain the level of knowledge and skill of individuals. Which we can then add to that knowledge, to bring everyone to the same operational standard. If you are interested in what we do, please join our discord. We are hoping to run our first selection phase soon. Waiting for ample numbers to show interest before we start. We are in the early stages of setting up this unit, so if you're keen to have a say and be involved in running this community now would be the perfect opportunity to sign up! Discord Link
  2. Ghost Hawk Gaming

    Ghost Hawk Gaming

    Ghost Hawk Gaming Who are we? Semi-Serious Milsim based in the US. We focus on fun and semi-realism. Variety of squad options for custom missions run every Saturday. How we play We play every Saturday at 9pm EST and host custom ops made by the community. We like to focus on having fun and completing the mission. We are a semi-serious community. There are hundreds of squad options for each person to pick during every op. We primarily play against AI-controlled opposition, led by a human Zeus. We have a variety of squads ranging from PLATOON down to KINGFISH (Boats) with lots of units to pick from in each. We do not use any “Yes, sir!” / “No, sir!” or forced RP in our community. We do not play scenarios that are realistic for realism’s sake alone; At no point will you have to man an observation post for three hours while nothing happens just because it would be realistic. For a more detailed look at how we play see this video made by one of our unit's members! Video When we play Every Saturday at 9PM EST. Excluding popular holidays, and occasionally breaks. Every session is followed by a 5-15 minute debrief, where we evaluate our playstyle, behavior, improvements, etc. Besides our regular sessions, we also have a Training server where several of our members play around with each other, and the occasional op run by one of the officers for people who want to play during the week. Join up! We accept members who fulfill the following membership criteria: - Speaks and understands English - Wants to participate as an active member of our community: If you’re not busy with IRL business, we expect you to show up for our regular exercises and operations. - Is at least 18 years old. (Can be waived based on maturity) - Owns a legal copy of Arma3 - Owns a legal copy of the Apex, Western Sahara, and SOG DLCs. We do not have any requirements on prior experience. https://ghg.suznetworks.com/orientation
  3. "Si vis pacem, para bellum" - If you want peace, prepare for war- SRS Unit Motto ---- ABOUT US ---- We are an Arma 3 Unit of comprised of Canadian veteran/active duty members, who love the game and want to grow our small community. We are a Canadian-based modern Chill-sim Unit that operate in a variety of different environments. We welcome members of all skill levels and backgrounds, and are willing to train new members at any level. We focus on making it a fun and valuable experience, which we hope you will convince you to stay. That being said, we do play seriously with focus on planning & achieving objectives using semi-serious gameplay. Each player will be operating as a Section Team Leader with their own AI subordinates. We play COOP exclusively (Liberation Rx). As Arma was created with AI subordinates in mind, we embrace the idea of being a Team Leader, so we can guide our AI through all of the high/lows that go along with it. We also utilize a variety of quality of life mods that add a very level of realism in the conduct of our operations (minus the addition of zombies via the RAVAGE mod on some maps/scenarios of course!) and the only role specific gameplay we are looking for are as a Section Team Leader coordinating with other Section Team Leaders for air support, artillery, transport, etc. ---- WHAT TO EXPECT FROM US ---- We are a relaxed NA-based community, but we like to keep the immersion Arma 3 is not the only game we play Semi-serious approach to gameplay and overall Arma experience We don't enforce a "Sir/Ma'am" The rank system we use only shows leadership, specialization and veterancy in the unit 50% attendance requirement per month Short chain of command with easily accessible leadership We make full use of a dedicated server utilizing headless clients If you are inexperienced, we are all open and welcome anyone who is new If you are experienced, we welcome you and hope to learn from you ---- ROLES ---- We are primarily looking to fill Infantry Section Team Leaders (with Tp C/S and TFAR freqs) with the flexibility on becoming on Armoured Crew Commanders for the light/heavy fleet, CAS pilots (with/without AI), Special Operations Aviation (Heli Crew for Tp/Sqn level transportation), or any other support role that may assist in the conduct of our operations Our Zeus/Odin C/S is reserved for the Unit CO and support via Zeus can be utilized on a case-by-case basis. The mission parameters allow for a very minimal use of Zeus and most supports can be requested via in-game scroll menu ---- OPERATIONS TEMPO & REQUIREMENTS ---- Sat/Sun are our main days for operations, with shorter ops throughout the week depending on availability. However, deployments can also be conducted throughout the week as a Troop. The server is 24/7 so you decide when to hop in/hop out. It is usually up 90% of the time, 10% due to maintenance ---- IF YOU WANT ---- A Chill-sim style experience in a Liberation Rx setting Dedicated and active teammates Custom-made Liberation Rx missions for each deployment Mature members who share the love for the game Open-minded community with realistic fun as the main focus point ---- WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR ---- 15+ with a working mic, however, we will make exceptions for good fit candidates who can behave as a mature adult Own a legal copy of Arma 3 and Apex/Contact DLC Able to understand and communicate in fluent English How to Apply? Join our Discord and submit an application here!
  4. [TBO] The Black Order ...Without Chaos there can be no Order... ...Without Order there can be no Chaos... Contents: Who are we? How do I join? I have little/no experience playing Arma 3, can I still join? I can only play for an hour here or there, can I be of any use? I know my way around Arma 3 now, what next? I just want to be a grunt. No special training, no responsibilities... Career Progression within The Black Order. Media. Who are we? The Black Order is a multi-gaming community who are now looking to expand and invest in their Arma 3 group. The team are currently relatively small, but we are ready to grow and become a larger fighting force. Discord is our central hub, but when we are on operations we rely on TeamSpeak with TFAR to communicate in-game. Join our Discord Server [The Black Order ARMA 3 - Discord] to find out more! How do I join? To join us all you need to do is hop onto our Discord server and introduce yourself. It really is that simple. We are a friendly bunch, and you should find your feet in no time with us no matter who you are. We have players from all over the world in our group. The only notable requirements to join us are as follows: We are an English speaking group. You're going to need a microphone. I have little/no experience playing Arma 3, can I still join? Absolutely! We will help you get started with everything from managing your inventory to adjusting your sights on the ranges. We have a short training mission (1-3 hours depending on previous experience) that will allow us to teach you the basics such as using radios, first aid, weapon handling, and an assault course. More information at the bottom of this thread. From there you are completely free to get involved with our live operations. I can only play for an hour here or there, can I be of any use? Real life comes first. We all have different commitments (work, family, responsibilities, etc.) and odds are you enjoy playing other games than Arma 3 from time to time. In some cases you might even take a break or go on holiday. There is no minimum requirement for the amount of hours you need to spend playing Arma 3, and we will never reprimand you for being offline, so no pressure! Just jump on when you can (and when you want to) and we'll be right there when you need us. I know my way around Arma 3 now, what next? Once you know the basics, it's really just a matter of getting out as much as you put in. For example, if you want to specialise in a particular role such as CAS, armoured, artillery, etc. you will need to complete a more in-depth training course where you will learn more of the procedure. This is essentially a much more detailed version of the initial basic training. Once you have completed this training course your next step is to jump into #careers-office on our Discord server and ask around! Our NCOs and Officers will happily explain what each Corps gets up to and who to contact. I just want to be a grunt. No special training, no responsibilities... That's fine too. We all need to kick a door down from time to time, and if that's what you enjoy doing most then we'll be right behind you with extra ammunition (and spare boots). The Infantry are the backbone of every military force and everybody, no matter their rank or role, needs to be able to pick up a rifle and dig in when the situation requires it. Career Progression within The Black Order: This is a general overview of the steps you can take within our group. As mentioned earlier, you can put in as much as you want to get out, everybody has a place in our team and we'll never turn anyone away. Join the Discord server and introduce yourself. A member of the @recruitment team should give you a warm welcome and show you around. Phase 1 Alpha. Introductory training course to ensure you are familiar with the basics, and will take approximately 1-3 hours depending on previous experience. Completion of Phase 1 Alpha instantly allows you to join our live operations. Phase 1 Bravo. A longer and more detailed training course, usually held between large operations. Completion of Phase 1 Bravo opens up specialisations and career progression. Phase 2. Your Phase 2 training will be dictated by the role you choose. For example, Jets, CAS, Helicopters, Armoured, Medical, Artillery, Engineer, or Infantry. Note that you can change role at any time, you just need to be re-trained. Promotion to Corporal. As a fully trained soldier you could be offered promotion. This comes with responsibilities both on and off the battlefield. From there you are only limited by your attitude and your experience! Media: The Black Order - YouTube Callsign_Crossroads - YouTube The Black Order - Steam The Black Order ARMA 3 - Discord The Black Order - Discord Serious video with lots of time and effort put in: Less serious video because reasons:
  5. "Go for Broke!" 100th Battalion, 442nd Regiment Who are we? We're a new semi-realistic unit based on the most-decorated combat unit in the US Army during WW2, the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team (or Infantry Regiment). We aim to offer fun & realistic WW2 operations on Sundays, taking place throughout all fronts from Europe to the Pacific while also having one full campaign as the 442nd Regimental Combat Team! For now we follow a platoon-sized organization and we have plans to expand, we're also currently looking for passionate members who are willing to fill our ranks as; Grenadiers, medics, machine-gunners and of course as a Zeus for example. - We are not a "yes-sir, no-sir" unit. - We do also encourage new players to come and join in the fun, and we would be happy to have them in our ranks! Why join the 442nd? Our main goal as the 442nd, is to portray the 442nd as accurately as we can within the limits ARMA 3 can do, we'd like to say we are some-what unique by portraying a Japanese-majority American unit as far as we know it hasn't been done before. We're structured as an American combat unit dated around '44-'45, utilizing the tactics, uniforms & formations that were in use by the US Army. As mentioned before we aim to offer one full accurate campaign as the 442nd in the future alongside other side-operations as different units fighting in Europe, Africa or in the Pacific, in fronts such as the Sino-Japanese War. So, if you'd like to be part of a growing unit with a unique background as the 442nd with a varied operation plan, we encourage you to give us chance as your ARMA 3 unit! Our Schedule We run our operations every Sunday at 18:00 +0 UTC/GMT ICELANDIC TIME or 1PM EST, and they're all not mandatory but we do encourage people to attend and posting reasons for absence in LOA. Available Roles We follow a US Army infantry orgs dating back to '44-'45, allowing us to offer: Weapons Specialists, such as Mortarmen, Anti-Tank soldiers or LMG specialists. Infantry Squad Specialists, such as Automatic Riflemen or Grenadiers. Medical Platoon, for those medical enthusiasts. Command, for those who have interest in leadership positions. Technical, for members who want to help in roles such as recruitment. Zeus, for those who have an interest on making missions or directing battles. - Just a few examples, we do plan to branch out more as we grow. A few requirements to join Required age to join is 16+, any lower may be overlooked if the applicant shows levels of maturity. We require our members to have Teamspeak 3 and TFAR. We require our members to have a legal copy of ARMA 3. Our Contact, Media and Mod-pack Our Discord - https://discord.gg/suk3VDaEaS Unit Gallery (Before our unit became the 442nd) - https://imgur.com/a/y5045xd Our mod-pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1873336611&savesuccess=1
  6. Long Range Strategic Strike Group - Task Force 036 "Rho Aias" ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Who are we? LRSSG is based from a flight squadron from the game called "ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN". We as Task Force 036 "Rho Aias" provides a 'what if' scenarios as an SF Airborne/Air Assault focused unit to provide a sense of perspective from how the ground forces would be like when playing AC7 and we give you just that. We are currently a new unit with less than 10 members, so we're seeking every type of people from experienced to non-experienced. We are a semi-realism unit, trying to provide as much authenticity to how SF unit works but in a fictional world. We do not offer a very realistic theme from how IRL SF units work from SOP or anything like that, so everything here will be a more casual no in-depth stuff but still maintaining that semi-realism feel during ops and trainings to make sure everyone enjoys them at the end of the day. Who we're looking for specifically? Currently the list are as follows: Active Zeus Fixed/Rotary Wing Pilots Operators/Assaulters We have a variety of roles on fellow operators/assaulters from Basic Rifleman (which you'll be assigned to if you have no interest in other roles), MG-Autorifleman, AT/AA Specialist, Medic, Engineer, and so on. How to join? Simply head on to our Discord and fill in the application form, it's that easy. After your application has been accepted, you will go through a short interview mostly reviewing your application and about your experience in Arma. Then you'll be assigned to your desired roles, there will be no mandatory training however if you're new to Arma, we'll gladly help you out and show you the ropes of how the game and our mods work. Schedule and Attendance? As of right now, we're still undecided for what's the best schedule is at but right now we're looking to prefer at these times: Monday - Possible Side Ops/Trainings/Liberation @ 6 / 8 PM ICT (UTC+7) Tuesday - Possible Side Ops/Trainings/Liberation @ 6 / 8 PM ICT (UTC+7) Wednesday - Possible Side Ops/Trainings/Liberation @ 6 / 8 PM ICT (UTC+7) Thursday - Possible Side Ops/Trainings/Liberation @ 6 / 8 PM ICT (UTC+7) Friday - Possible Side Ops/Trainings/Liberation @ 6 / 8 PM ICT (UTC+7) Saturday - Main Trainings @ 6 / 8 PM ICT (UTC+7) Sunday - Main Operations @ 6 / 8 PM ICT (UTC+7) For attendance, we currently do not enforce any attendance but once our unit grows we'd like to have a more organized unit and we'll be asking you of your time in our unit to help us grow. Of course IRL is important and takes priority more than Arma, you can take your leave whenever you want. Modpack? We have 82 mods as of now, ranging from RHS, 3CB Factions, ALiVE, ACRE2, VSM, BJC, and many more to give a sense of variety though with some small restrictions but still not limiting much of the freedom of your playstyle. We also use the Ghost Recon 3rd Person mod so we also allow 3rd person for those who prefer that playstyle. Remarks We'd hope to see you join us, we'll be gladly to hear your comments, concerns, and suggestions when you join our unit to help further build and grow the unit with your help. Thank you for your time. ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Unit Name: LRSSG Task Force 036 "Rho Aias" Timezone & Location: ICT/Indochina Time (UTC+7), South East Asia. Discord: https://discord.gg/66bKW7QBfG Language: English
  7. The 4th Special Forces Group is a unit of ArmA III players. Our missions are weighted towards Special Forces and Special Missions Units from a variety of time periods from OSS missions during WW2, MAC-V SOG operations into Vietnam and the Cold War through the 1980's and 1990's until the modern day, running high tier operations all the way down to a basic foot or mounted patrol. We use ALiVE to bring a large amount of intelligent AI in a living war zone, having minimal frame impact. We play ArmA III primarily but our community is very close and plays a variety of other games, so if you're looking for a place to call home you're in the right place. We've been around for several years and are always willing to train/welcome in new players, and also have internal mod developers working with the unit. One of our goals is to keep realism at a level where it enhances immersion but does not take away from the game play, so we are a semi-realism / Tactical group rather than a hard Milsim unit. Don't expect to be doing push ups and calling everyone Sir, but instead expect intense combat, deep recon and entertaining ALiVE missions. For more information contact myself on Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081560124/ or have a quick skim through the Unit Guide on Steam for some more details- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515702370
  8. A Company Scottish Rifles A Company Scottish Rifles is a semi realistic ArmA 3 MilSim. We semi-replicate the actual A Coy SCOTS, however in a way that keep it fun for players and enjoyable to be in when in down time. We are currently expanding our horizons with fixed wing, rotary, as well as tracked and much more other specialised trainings. Our main language is English and we operate on the GMT/BST time zones with current operations being 8pm GMT and trainings being held when needed (though training isn't needed to join an op if one isn't being held). Within the MilSim we have people from multiple stages of experience from brand new to veteran, this gives us multiple opportunities for trainings and as the unit grows and expands may give you high chances to gain harder to access trainings and possible special forces! Our training covers the basics from formations (of course) as well as CQB, BCA, Bounding, Rules of engagement, as well as much more which will be seen during training. The unit is currently based in Norway where we came from the Mull of Kintyre, as well as Takistan. Our mission in Norway is to defend against Russian armed forces invading Norway until we can get more support from the Norwegian to repel the invading forces. Our main sections in missions typically aid in defence from foreign invaders, resource securing/ capturing, counter terrorism, hostage rescue, as well as much more. ArmA 3 Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/acoysr Discord: https://discord.gg/tmJPtmr
  9. [104TH] Timberwolves Server requirements - The [104th] Timberwolves Modpack: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/587094903834804245/757185447737819237/Arma_3_Preset_Timberwolves_104th_Standard.html - Discord - Teamspeak 3 General Description The 104th Timberwolves is a Semi-realism Arma 3 unit. It was made by a close-knit group of friends spanning over a decade. Our aim is to provide an interactive story in a militaristic environment. Campaigns and scenarios written by the players themselves and the choices made by squads in the heat of battle. We run a few mods to make Arma 3 more immersive and enjoyable to play. Several of which are aimed at promoting the idea of Semi-Realism. Such as things like ACE Medical, slightly altered to make it much more tolerant and forgiving. ACE Ballistics, to put more depth and enjoyment into sniping/marksman and add the fundamentals of actual spotters. TFAR, for the use of functional radios through Teamspeak 3. Occasionally we use Discord voice for our non-primary operations. But, TFAR is used more often than not. Our goal is to make our operations as immersive as possible without impeding on the stress-free environment we strive so hard to maintain. We do expect every player to think of a primary role in a unit, as well as a secondary role to be played consistently. We do however promote the idea of people learning to focus on as many roles as they’d like, so that roles can be filled at any point depending on what is needed for any operation run on the server. Although, anything other than the two is completely up to the player themselves. Campaign events are generally held every Sunday afternoon at 5 PM Eastern Time. As well as several events throughout the week at 9 PM Eastern Time such as, but not limited to: combat patrols, unit training, individual training, custom events, et cetera. Our aim is to have a wide array of options on varying days of the week to ensure that we can fit most if not all of everyone’s schedules. Attendance is never mandatory, but is always appreciated. We put as much thought into how we get into the AO as we do in the operations themselves. Generally believing the fun is just as much in the journey we take together as the destination we reach. Our goal is to simply play a game with a bunch of friends, enjoy the story and develop a growing community of close friends to enjoy it together with us. Because the goal of a game at the end of the day is to always have fun. If you aren’t having fun, then it’s not a game. So please, come join us on The 104th Timberwolves server and have fun with us. We would love to have you. Photographs from the [104th] Timberwolves server Contact Information Discord link: https://discord.gg/NA7Q27z
  10. Special Operations Task Force Spartan is made up of four military units which were selected by the unit creators. These units are as follows: DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6), 75th Rangers, 160th SOAR (Special Operations Air Regiment), and SARC. With each unit comes with unique training and tactics. We believe within TFS that this will bring some unique game play to Arma with the diversity of our Arma Unit. Now, very much like joining any Arma unit, your division or military unit is not set in stone and you can change. 75th Rangers - 75th Ranger Regiment is our main force. These guys are in their own right special forces as well, trained for direct action raids, HVT takedowns, special recon, airfield seizures, personnel recovery, and site exploration. The Rangers work closely with DEVGRU to secure HVT packages and provide security during hostage rescue missions. Sometimes the two teams will even work together on performing any kind of recon. SARC - SARC or Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman is our special forces medical division. Here members learn the advance medical system through ACE and go through their own specialized training to help all our corpsmen survive out on the field. After their individual training, a corpsman assigned is assigned to a specific squad within each of the three other units to provide medical aid while on the field of combat. "Corpsman first, operator second" DEVGRU - DEVGRU is our Tier One Special Forces division within Spartan. Their goal is to perform HVT captures, assassinations, recon, hostage rescue, counter terrorism, and much more. Working along side the rest of the task force, DEVGRU will sometimes blend in with the Rangers and work together in order to secure any objectives given to them. 160th SOAR - The 160th SOAR or Special Operations Air Regiment is responsible for all forms of air deployment for the other divisions. Members of this division are able to fly anything from an old heuy all the way up to even the experimental ghost hawk. Not only are the 160th responsible for transport, but also are responsible for aerial drone reconnaissance to provide our ground forces with ISR or Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. This is to help our units with extremely delicate missions such as hostage rescue or HVT takedowns. Last but not least, 160th may be required to provide CAS in the form of a light attack helicopter or with a drone. https://units.arma3.com/unit/specialoperationstaskforcespartan Here are two of the best ways to join Task Force Spartan: Discord: https://discord.gg/XfsQK7G Teamspeak: taskforcespartan.teamspeak3.com
  11. REA [Redeploying Engage and Annex] 🔹 Very Friendly Community - 8 Units, One Objective a week. 🔹 We teach Newcomers how to play all the time. 🔹 Current map: Clafghan. 🔹 Current enemy: Taliban. 🔹 Next map: Lingor. 🔹 Next enemy: Russians. 🔹 No attendance required, but always helpful. 🔹 15+ Player Operations and growing. REQUIREMENTS Working mic is HIGHLY recommended Must be able to speak, understand, and type in English. Must be willing to contribute to the unit. Whether it's helping staff or showing up for ops, we like it when our members are a little more hands on. WHAT WE OFFER A friendly community of like-minded individuals who are teammates on the field and friends off of it. An environment where Quality of members is more focused on than Quantity. We like it when a lot of members join our operations, but do not like it when members start ruining the fun of everyone else. DIVISIONS/ROLES 164th Infantry Company - The main attacking force of REA. Typically composed of those that have a thirst for action. 62nd Force Recon Company - Secondary attacking force of REA, also specializes in Recon, and works closely with the 164th. 10th Mountain Division - Main Recon unit, typically located on mountain sides, not sky-lining. Primarily keeps over watch for other divisions. Can consist of a few Snipers/Spotters. 82nd Para Infantry - Airborne Unit, Focuses on jumping out of aircraft near combat areas/behind enemy lines via. C-130 or CH-47. Able to survive using limited resources. 300th Menewa Waya - A special unit that specializes in CQB, commonly clearing buildings and extracting subjects and/or hostages. 16th Air Cav - Specializes in anything air related. Redeployment, insertion/extraction, gun runs and more. 9th Armored Division - This division specializes with anything armored, aka tanks. 195th Artillery Detachment - This division supports from the ground, whether it be self-propelled artillery vehicles, or via. ground mortars. SCHEDULE ➤ SUNDAY: Post-op training ➤ MONDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ TUESDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ WEDNESDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ THURSDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ FRIDAY: Recruiting/Pre-op training ➤ SATURDAY: Main Op 4:30pm EST If Saturday is unavailable, then it will be pushed to Sunday. INTERESTED? If you are interested in joining us or coming in for a chat, please join our discord or our teamspeak. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mT7mJ3y TeamSpeak IP:
  12. Squad name:- 16th Mobile Infantry Regiment Timezone/location : Central Standard Time (UTC -6:00)/North America Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop Contact email: See Website Website address: https://units.arma3.com/unit/16mir Short description: We are the 16th Mobile Infantry Regiment. Our unit is based off of Starship Troopers. Language: English
  13. Hello, my name is Jeremy and i am one of the admins of Arma nelsons server. We are a Semi-realism unit that specializes in Roleplay and fun gameplay experiences. Of course we fuck around and have fun but we also basic our gameplay in realism. if you this that Arma Nelsons is the group for you PM me, join the discord server ( https://discord.gg/ZMk8SZn ) just swing on by the *wolfs legacy* server.
  14. The 72nd Airborne Division has been part of the Arma 3 community for over 6 years and is comprised of 65-75 members spread across 3 detachments: Airborne, Aviation, and Special Operations. We foster a semi-realism attitude that brings structure, standard operating procedures, and tactics to a relaxed environment. We value all our members as they're the driving force to improving our image, performance, and enjoyment. We're a 'quality' over 'quantity' community that seeks to better improve the quality and enjoyment of the day-to-day rather than focus on community size. Here's what we offer: Dynamic Campaigns | Command Structure | Weekly Operations | Custom Equipment | A Relaxed Environment | Community-led Events | Firm Handshakes | Opportunities to Grow and Develop the Community Requirements: 17+ (16 with a waiver) | Arma 3 (w/ Apex DLC) | Microphone | Ability to be self-reliant and think critically Contact Us: Teamspeak: 72ndairborne.tsservers.com Website:http://72ndairborne.com Timezone: [NA] Central Standard Time *Teamspeak is the best way to reach us and get a feel for the community. Mobile website is inaccessible to non-community members, please connect to our website via desktop.
  15. The JTF-218 Venatores Aeternam is a small group of people that simply enjoy playing arma. They may not be too great at it, but they have fun while playing. We're starting to expand our small group and are looking for people of all skill levels. We're a Semi-Realistic group, meaning sometimes we'll be doing serious things, other times we'll just be goofing around. Requirements For Joining - Must be at least 16 or older. -That's about it really. <======================================================================================================================================================================================================> Now you may be asking, "What Kind of stuff do you guys do?" Well, we don't exactly stick to one "era". We do whatever we wish to really, one day it could be modern, the next it could be World War 2. Mod Requirements? No Mod Requirements, due to the fact we use multiple mod lists depending on what we're feeling up for doing. Mod lists are provided on our discord. "Is there some kind of join process?" No, Not really. Just join the discord and wait for someone to host an op and just enjoy yourself. Operations are hosted randomly, there is no time table. Though we do try to do it around 4PM EST. If you decide to join, great. I can't wait to see you in our discord.
  16. Fireteam raven founded by veteran players looking to create a welcoming environment for new players as well as explore a vast variety of game modes in a relaxing mil-sim style with out pointless walls like signups and bcts Our Discord: https://discord.gg/N3xswQk Teamspeak will be provided when you join!
  17. We welcome anyone here. An Arma veteran and new players. We are a Milsim unit under the flag of the Bladenode Federation gaming community. We are running Hearts and Minds Lythium Modded. Anyone is free to join. Join our Teamspeak which will be provided. Teamspeak: ts.bladenode.org Here is a copy of our current roster as of 2/1/19 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1su0aNZkxpjldzBte3-gqXrEkPq4CJRNy4rvMylKxDpE/edit?usp=sharing As well as the loadout of our unit. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QsNYDV_q39IVlMCTu9oUQ4p8GoDvyO8I-UDRFGzhsx0/edit?usp=sharing If you have an questions, send an email to 145thbar@gmail.com. Unit page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/145thbar Schedule and Ranking As our schedule, we do patrolling almost everyday as a recreational play style. Every Saturday we have an official operation, and scheduled "mini-ops" are announced throughout the week. It's a very flexible schedule meaning it doesn't matter how tight your schedule is, you would still be able to play with us. The ranking system is done by points. Each operation/mini-op will add points to your profile and thus will determine your rank. It's not always determined by rank, higher ups will always go to your TL or SL for their input on a promotion.
  18. Hello! My name is ranger and I'd like to tell you about my milsm that i am currently involved with. We are a semi-realism armored regiment with lots of experience in leading and operations. We like to keep things serious on the game, but like to mess around and be friends in regular times like not in game or game intermission. We'd like to invite you into a new player friendly community and are willing to teach you the ropes. We currently have about 10 common players in the unit, but we are determined to grow further and make a great community. We have scheduled operations weekly, we also like to make small missions daily if anyone is on. Our Teamspeak is: ts.bladenode.org if you have any questions or would like to know more about this unit. You can also visit this if you would like to submit a join response.
  19. 96th Kharonian Strikeforce [XCVI] +++SUMMARY+++ The 96th Kharonian Strikeforce is a multinational, English speaking Arma 3 unit with a semi realistic attitude to gameplay. Our activities primarily consist of Zeus and Warlords gamemodes, as well as frequent events and operations with other units. The unit itself is part of a larger multigaming community named Ordo Kharon, membership within which is optional. ++++++ +++MEMBERSHIP CONDITIONS+++ The following is a list of requirements and conditions that must be met in order to become and stay a member of the 96th Kharonian Strikeforce. Functional microphone Ability to speak English Mature and respectful attitude Discipline and motivation Activity Ability to adapt and resourcefulness ++++++ +++MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS+++ The following is a list of benefits and qualities that can be experienced within our community environment. Bootcamp sessions led by experienced individuals Strong incentive for individual improvement and teamplay Hospitality and respect towards recruits ++++++ +++OTHER+++ Our active hours are from 1600 - 0000 UTC Voice Software - Teamspeak for ingame, Discord for basic communication, arrangement and organization. +++MEMBERSHIP INITIATION+++ In order to sign up as a recruit, you must: Meet the membership conditions and acknowledge all of the information listed above. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/xqFWbTT +++ OR +++ contact me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035141606 Declare the purpose of your entry on the server in the #admission channel, which, in this context, would be your membership initiation. +++OUR INSIGNIA+++
  20. RATS NEED YOU! ----------------------- "Rats, we're rats. We're the rats..." ARMA 3's, RATS PACK is a new Unit/Squad I, the Rat King, have created for two things. Fun and Strategy, but mainly the first. Right now we have two members including myself and my best friend but we're looking to expand and need YOUR HELP to do this. What we're looking for are semi-serious people who can work well in a team, have good ears for following instruction, and are good at having a good time above all else. YOU MUST BE OLDER THAN 16 YEARS OLD AND MUST OWN A DECENT-ISH MIC. CONTACT INFO vvvvvvvvvvvvvv Steam:https://steamcommunity.com/id/bymylifeandmyloveofit/ Discord: Rat King#9017 Email: sheridanvarn@gmail.com
  21. 292nd Parachute Regiment "Lion's Fury" Created recently (Sept. 2018), the 292nd PR is a modern, German Fallschirmjäger unit. While themed as paratroopers, the 292nd does offer a variety of roles within infantry, vehicles, and a small air group. If you're looking for a unit that's on that line of casual and semi-realism, we're it! Website: https://292lf.enjin.com/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/JT8dggd When: Operations currently on Saturdays at 3pm US Eastern (second op day in the works) Language: English Ages: 16+ What We're Looking For People that want to have fun playing Arma 3 in a semi-realism environment that appreciate detailed and engaging storylines. What We Offer Story driven campaigns and operations, where just about anyone can run their own campaign as a Zeus as a part of the unit on our dedicated server. Training on a more personal level (not huge classes), scheduled with your own instructor for a variety of ribbons and certifications. Operational roles as infantry, ground vehicle crew, or as a pilot (pending operational needs). Avenues for advancement that directly help run the unit.
  22. Group: 23rd Star Company Branch: Semi-Realism/Milsm Main Language: English Timezone: Eastern Operation Times: TBD Operation Type: All Other Essential Info: The 23rd Star Company Unit is a Semi-Realism, Milsm group. This is a totally made up regiment, and we would like to invite any skill level to come and join us. We do operations at least 1 time a weak, but usually more. We like to have fun but keep is serious during operations. We go off of US Military ranking system with a little twist to make it more player friendly. You can be in multiple units with this unit as long as you show up to some of our operations that we host. If you are interested in joining message a recruiter or join our Discord: Discord: https://discord.gg/NDPNdJH Website: https://units.arma3.com/unit/23starcompany
  23. Who are we? Number 2 Company of the Coldstream Guards was created on the 2nd of April, 2018. We are a semi-realistic British milsim unit that operates in modern times. Since the Coldstream Guards are a Light Infantry unit, most of our events consist of maneuvers on foot at a Section-level although if we need to cross long distances or get somewhere quickly, we utilize lightly-armoured vehicles for transport such as Coyotes, Jackals and MRAPs. Event Information We conduct 4 types of events in No. 2 Coy, C. GDS. These are: Field Training Exercises (FTXs) Trainings Standalone Operations Campaign Operations Our events start at 7PM EST and can last anywhere from 1 hour - 3 hours depending on the type of event. We will give appropriate notice if the event will last a while. Structure of the Unit The Coldstream Guards are one of the Foot Guard Regiments of the British Army and is the oldest regiment in the Regular Army that is still in active service. Although we are technically underneath 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards, in reality there is only a single battalion anyways so we took that out of the equation when naming our unit. Our long-term goal is to grow and fill up an entire company and have linked support assets working alongside our guys on the ground. Although it may take a while to ever get to that stage, we are confident that with the right people helping organise and lead the unit, we can get there. Everyone has a part to play! Available Roles Since we are a brand new unit, we doubt they'll be pilot slots or sniper positions opening up anytime soon. That being said, there are plenty of infantry-based roles that might interest you: Rifleman Grenadier (Underslung Grenade Launcher) Pointman (CQB) Marksman (7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle) Light Machine Gunner (5.56mm belt-fed Machine Gun) Medium Machine Gunner (7.62mm belt-fed Machine Gun) Junior NCO Positions (Cpl. and below) Senior NCO Positions (Sgt. and above) Signaller (Communications) Medic For those of you that enjoy helping units stay organised and would like to get into the admin side of things, once you've been in the unit for a couple weeks and have shown a good level of commitment and loyalty, we can look into getting you incorporated into our admin staff. Recruitment Process If you would like to join the unit, please contact one of our Recruitment Officers or comment below and we'll get in touch with you ASAP. (Please see bottom of the post for a list of our Command Staff and Recruitment Staff) Once contact has been made, we will answer any questions you might have and get you to fill out an application form. This gives us a good basis of what kind of person you are. After that, you will go through a quick 2-3 minute interview where we will ask you some standard questions and all you have to do is answer them to the best of your ability. Finally, you'll be tagged up on Steam, asked to start getting the mods downloaded, invited to the Steam group and voila, you're now a member of Number 2 Company of the Coldstream Guards! Command Staff & Recruitment Officers LSgt. L. Martin - Command Staff Section IC of 1 Section, 1 Platoon Steam Link | http://steamcommunity.com/id/BritanniaRulesTheWaves/ LCpl. H. MacLean - Command Staff Section 2IC of 1 Section, 1 Platoon Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/Hekkie/ Gdsm. O. Drakard - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/Rainbow_Hedgehog_Guy_FCNR/ Gdsm. M. Moore - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mayze6/ Gdsm. A. Handley - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/sonicwildcatz/ Gdsm. D. Weeber - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015369964/ Additional Information Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/no2coycgds TeamSpeak 3 IP - Thank you for reading, we hope to see you soon!
  24. https://units.arma3.com/unit/arma-friday What Platoon > Squad > Fire-team based. Combined-arms if numbers permit. No set roles; could be different every week based on sign-up and preference. High focus on disciplined team-based fun. No solo "survival" rambos welcome. We avoid optics as much as possible to ensure more interesting firefights Well Zeus'd missions. Often interactive with the players. Opportunity to participate in narrative campaigns that stretch across several Fridays. We use RHS and TFR mods. Having a good time on Fridays are all we're about. When We play every Friday from 0730 PM EST until 1100 PM EST. Where We have a discord server for organizing every week's session. We have a Teamspeak server for TFR purposes only. We have a dedicated ARMA III server for Friday night's session only. Our missions are streamed on the TypicalPhineas twitch channel from the Zeus perspective. Who You are 18 years of age or older and an emotionally stable and mature individual. You enjoy the feeling of being part of something bigger than just yourself. You are able to compromise. You are able to enjoy disciplined fun. You've never been kicked from clans, guilds or other ARMA units. You are able to join ARMA Friday sessions at least once a month. You are interested to be a fire-team member, or lead one. You understand ARMA Friday is not about you as the main actor, but a symphony in which you play your part. If you feel we are the right fit for you, join us on discord here and introduce yourself in the public channel: https://discord.gg/KQa9ENf
  25. "Tactical Shenanigans" If we were a milsim group, our backstory would be all the best morons in the military put into one place. Our ratio for war crimes to successful operations leaves generals shaking their head as they sign our court marshals. Fortunately, we dont really care about all that BS and we just play Arma 3 like normal people. We shoot shit while shooting the shit, and occaionally pull off actual tactics and kick ass. What should you expect? We are an Arma 3 co-op community that plays weekly sessions on Saturday at 1800 GMT. We have a strongly committed core group of players and we're always looking to expand. Our gaming sessions are split into two types of weekly sessions: Campaign and Intermission. During campaigns, we play a series of story-connected missions over the course of many game sessions (our standard is ten missions). Each mission’s outcome affects the campaign in some way, big or small. Roles among the players are locked-in for the campaign so each player can really hon in on their role for the entirety of a campaign. Outside of campaigns, we explore any updates that Arma has undergone and iron out any mod kinks that may have arisen, as well as allow less experienced mission makers to have a chance to test their abilities with the full group. We can also try fun mission ideas that wouldn’t suit the campaign format. Here at Worthy Platoon, we offer a wide range of options for our players. However, we focus primarily on the infantry aspect. Whatever suits the missions is what we have. We don’t have dedicated pilots, but there will be opportunities to fly as missions require it. We provide training so that each member is versed in what mods we use and how we operate, and by training we mean we'll complain that we have to show you shit while the terrorists are shooting at us, but will nonetheless give you the run down, even if we die in the process. So, not like real training. We're down with trial by fire. Seriously, though, we like to maintain a bit of professionalism and maybe a bit of roleplay here and there during our missions, but we are by no means a milsim group. Many come to Arma looking for a real tactical experience, and we try to deliver on that without bogging down the fun with the need for things that other people enjoy about milsim communities, such as climbing the ranks and being placed into niche areas in the unit. If you are interested in Worthy Platoon, we can say that you will find a group of lovable idiots. We are not politically correct, work safe, or child safe. Weekly sessions are only cancelled if there is absolutely no way for us to play that week, and we have a team of administrations that ensure everything is working as it should (which is usually still slightly broken). In short, we are committed to playing every week, and the only real requirement for joining Worthy Platoon is your commitment to attend, and that you are eighteen or older. Worthy Platoon is an English-speaking international community. Come play Arma 3 with us and see why there is no other unit like Worthy Platoon. Website: www.worthyplatoon.com [Recruitment Page] TS3: ts3.worthyplatoon.com Discord: https://discord.gg/VXXJEnd Interested in contacting me for more info? This site is not the best way. Enjin private messages and Discord are the easiest methods.