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  1. All information can be found at: SITE: www.2ndrengersbattalion.simplesite.com GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2ndbattalion75thrangerregiment TEAMSPEAK: More information add me on steam.
  2. Red Ember Clan [=REC=]

    RED EMBER CLAN [=REC=] ABOUT US: We mix serious and play as much as possible and look for people who can communicate and think. Our core group has been around since 2010, mostly focusing on military and team tactical games. Large group tactics is our familiarity as we operate groups in various military tactical genres. We have jobs or go to school and don't want to see gaming as another chore to get done, so don't expect rules that will kick you out based on attendance. WHAT DO WE DO?: Some of our main games are Arma, DayZ, and Squad, but we are not limited to just military games. Join up and play with us on other games if you want! We play PubG, CounterStrike, Elite Dangerous, MOBAs (LoL, DOTA, ), RPGs, E-Sports, etc. REQUIREMENTS: Maturity, Headset/Microphone, and Teamspeak. DO NOT BEG FOR MONEY!! we are generous to our members, but beggars will be removed. We expect members to respect other REC members and to have the ability to communicate wants/needs/problems/issues. COMMS: TeamSpeak - redembergaming.teamspeak3.com (PRIMARY) Discord - https://discord.gg/M5533Hp (Secondary/Back Up) HOW TO JOIN: Join our teamspeak and talk with one of our recruiters, moderators, or admins.
  3. We are a brand new platoon, mainly focussed on Battlefield (4) games, besides we play games such as: PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, Arma 3 and much more! As i said this platoon is brand new, only a few days old. We are currently still discussing a original and mature name for our platoon, if you join right now you'll have a vote for this new name! Our goal is to become a succesfull laid back and mature platoon with active players from all over Europe. During casual game nights it will all be about having a good time with the other members of our platoon. When we have wars we tend to be more serious and a little try hard, we will play in squads with someone from higher command as leader. We will have one event per week and one or two trainings. Events such as: Promotions, wars with other platoons, medals, challenges for MVP in game, video edit skills or most recruited last week. In the trainings we will help you with improving your general skills for a certain game, think about map knowledge, weapon load out and tips and tricks. We have created our own ranking system within our guild, so we have a strong leading group who have each their own task. For example: Recruitment officer, Event hoster, Social media moderator, Trust person etc. From highest to lowest the ranks are: - Admin. - General. - Colonel. - Captain. - Lieutenant. - Member. - Recruit. - Ghost. Requirements for joining our platoon: - 18+ - A good mic. - Speak decent english. - Be relative active. (You will start as a recruit, in a period of a 3 weeks time we will see if you fit within our guild and are active). Are you intrested, and do you wish to join? Feel free to join our - Discord - and have a chat with one of us! Thank you for your time, and hope to see you soon on the battlefield! The Lazy Goat, Admin.
  4. Welcome! We the Comando Spectre are a simulation clan of ARMA III that has an organizational chart and military equipment based on the Spanish army. Currently we are 38 people. The clan focuses on the simulation in Arma III, however we also play other games without the need for simulation in these. If you are interested, follow these steps: -1st You must speak spanish, becouse this is a spanish clan. - 2nd Read the regulations. It is clear, simple and logical ... but in all places there must be regulations: http://comandospectre.com/normativa/ - 3rd. If you are satisfied with the regulations, fill out the form on the web: http://comandospectre.com/alistate/ These data come to us to a recruitment mail from where we can get in touch with you. - 4th. Register in our forum and create a theme in PRESENTATION to let you know and we have you in mind. http://comandospectre.com/foro/ - 5th. Last but not least, enter our TS3 and contact any member of our command staff and they will gladly assist you: ts130.nitrado.net:10200 Welcome to the clan, this is a simulation clan, but more important is that we are a great family and we want you to be part of it. Our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComandoSpectreESP/ Clan presentation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYDJKF1MuZM&t=
  5. Hello everyone, I participated in setting up a new Wasteland server, entitled ScotishSpecialForces (SSF) Wasteland. The server has everything one can wish for, including extended basebuilding and the admin is very open to suggestions. Now we're a group of 4 and were looking for a skilled set of enemy players to challenge us in the gameplay. Strategic thinking, patience and skill are very welcome. Please post here if you feel up to it.
  6. Reality Gaming ARMA 3 Mature Tactical Realism Community VETERAN ARMA 3 TASKFORCE Reality Gaming is now recruiting for ARMA 3: RG (Reality Gaming) is an international ARMA Community made up of ex-forces and senior professionals. We are an 18+ mature tactical community with decades of experience conducting large scale operations and campaigns. Our group has been playing the ARMA series since 2007 and have a structured mission building team dedicated to creating realistic senarios for our highly trained members. Our community uses military rank and allows you to qualify and earn specialist roles within our Task Force. We use a highly edited customised version of ARMA for all our missions development alongside scheduled training every week. Our community is designed to connect genuine adult gamers into an organised on-line Military Task force. We are a gaming community with decades of experience creating simulations in a realistic way. Our team create custom scenarios supported by role play. This combined with our first hand knowledge of military tactics and procedures, helps our team create and organise advanced large scale co-op campaigns and PvP battles. We provide our service for those whom seek to do the same. We are always looking for new volunteers and dedicated members. Our Community offers you: The chance to chat with others on our Teamspeak (3) server. Win Games & Prizes Exchange game experiences on our forum. Post new game video's within our YouTube channel. Play on our high performance dedicated Servers and Participate in our gaming events. The chance to gain experience and develop leadership skills. Training in ACRE and ARMA systems. (mods) First hand training from real soldiers. Our spirit and friendship developed over several years. ESTABLISHED 2007 CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW
  7. Hello everyone, this post is strictly just to advertise and recruit for the 75th Ranger Regiment MILSIM currently as of 11/14/17 headed by J. Romo. I am one of our recruiters M. Polack and I just want to give you all a basic overview of the unit and give everyone a basic idea of what we're about and what we do. Who are we? We are a more -lax MILSIM unit on Arma 3 We are a community of players and friends with common ideas and interests We are a representation of the United States Army's 75th Ranger Regiment currently in the United States Special Operations Command What is our goal? We want to create a large community of people who enjoy to take part in realistic operations on Arma 3 Create large-scale operations including many different assets TACP, Aviation, Artillery, etc. What do we offer? We offer slots in US Army Infantry postions; Airforce TACP slots, and Aviator slots A fun experience uncomparable to other units A friendly environment to all current and prospective members How do I join/Further information Simply follow this link http://75thrangerregiment.shivtr.com/ and visit our website. Just simply apply on the website and if you're interested but not convinced just contact me on my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061438576/ or contact J. Romo on his steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/taleoffear
  8. Who are we? We enjoy playing ArmA3 in a tactical and professional way and ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to operate in the ArmA 3 platform effectively. Unlike most of the clans out there we do not play as the same army/faction all of the time. Our mission designers are given creative freedom which means in one campaign you may be playing as the Russian Army and then in the next you might be playing as the German Army. The creative freedom also extends to different era's and we have played a number of World War 2 and Vietnam campaigns. What do we offer? * Tactical CO-OP Game Play (No "yes sir") * Rank Structure * A variety of roles available -> * Forward Air Controller [Radio Operator] * Rifleman [Anti-vehicle Weaponry] * Grenadier [Support Role] * Assistant Gunner [Medic] * Automatic Rifleman [Heavy Gunner] * Pilot [Transport, CAS] * Training Sessions/Missions every Tuesday @ 1800 UTC and main operations/campaigns every Saturday @ 1800 UTC * Awards & Qualifications * Fun, Experience and Friendship What are our requirements? * Own a Microphone * Speak English * Age: 16+ * Must own ArmA 3 with APEX DLC What mods do we use? * ACE3 * TFR * RHS * All CUP content * In house mods Application Process Submit an application here -> http://www.gol-clan.co.uk/application We will review your application and then contact you via Steam. Questions? Add me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/R4IDER-86 or you can join our teamspeak server using teamspeak.gol-clan.co.uk Our History Guerillas of Liberation was founded by a small group of people in 2003 in the game Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis. It originally did not have a set purpose or goal other than to enjoy the sessions we just so happened to play. However after about a year the attitude of GOL began to change to a more casual co-op focused style clan and then eventually to a serious tactical co-op clan. Since then GOL has been constantly improving itself over the years and when Armed Assault came around in 2006 the clan was far different from its original OFP days. GOL fell in love with the superb mod for Armed Assault, Advanced Combat Environment. This increased the realism of the game tenfold while making the game much more challenging. In the summer of 2009 BIS launched their third instalment of the game called ArmA II. The game has brought new challenges to the clan with a huge surge of new recruits and members. Therefore we have had to change the way to operate the clan in and out of game. ArmA2's time period allowed us to keep working on new ideas and new systems to allow the clan to operate more and more effectively. Complete with our ups and downs this clan has grown into something which was never expected back when the clan was first founded and has really impressed the masses with its very long and established history. The clan over many years has prided itself with its willingness to help others within and outside the clan regardless of who they are because the clan has a strong belief in good relations with everyone which in result makes just a better community for the thousands of players in it. Now with the arrival ArmA3 we continue to adapt to the changes and build upon the success of the clan the clan is now of well-oiled machine with excellent administration and great leadership in game. http://www.gol-clan.co.uk/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAJ4By-sLBY
  9. Squad name: 45th Commando Royal Marines Timezone/location : World Wide No Specific Time Zone Requirements Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP/Milsim mission packs Contact email: 45thcommandos@gmail.com Website address: N/AShort description: We are the 45th commando regiment, we would like to appeal to the community for places to be taken up for more information visit our Teamspeak: tangodown.ddns.netLanguage: English [ONLY]
  10. This its a preety straight foward question. I am an officer in a arma 2 CO clan and we are at a point that we are bigger than a squad but not enough for a platoon so we decided to try the implementation of a PJ unit so to make it more realistic more serious injuries have to be treaten of the battlefield and the casualties have to be transported out (we use ACE and ACRE) so does anyone here have any tips for such an implementation?
  11. The Opposition Force (OP4) is a Synergy - Focused CLAN with a strong foundation in discipline. We Currently Play: Planetside 2, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, Battlefield 1,Squad, and Black Desert Online. We have a Command Structure/Hierarchy, 'regulation' infantry behaviors, and rules that are strict by most Clan’s standards. We are a Clan/Family before anything else and would love for you to be a part of it. We're looking for members who're here to join our gaming family and not just the game we're currently playing. We make the decision to play/focus on a game, as a clan and we suggest you join with an “i'll play whatever the group plays” attitude/willingness to try new games. The way we communicate and conduct ourselves is with the fullest intent to win. We are forgiving and accepting of new players with honest and an enthusiastic interest in the clan,it's members and it's activities. We DO NOT tolerate insubordination, that will result in a ban or exclusion from Clan activities. Our main hours of operations are 9 PM – 12 AM EST or longer. We use the GroupMe mobile app to coordinate meetings and speak to each other throughout the day. We offer Training, an understanding environment , a mature environment, objective based gameplay, tactical precision, and lols....lots of lols. Mature individuals, 18+ No Exceptions You must be willing to take on our structure. You must be an Individuals with thick skin. You must have a willingness to play needed roles and classes, and in squads with more than 4 members In OP4 you must follow the Squad Leader’s orders, no matter what. They are never to be second guessed. We have an after action for that. Discord and willingness to communicate are MANDATORY. You must have time in your schedule; please do not join OP4 if you know you have a 3 month vacation coming soon. We prefer for our players to be active. You must be willing to hangout and communicate when you are online, This may entail analyzing video clips simultaneously as a clan and providing constructive criticism. Created in 2010, The Opposition Force prides itself as a mature community with both semi and fully-active gamers, spanning multiple games. We own our own Private Subreddit to relay information quickly, and host our own Teamspeak server. OP4 schedules daily events including training, and we have several videos to guide recruits along. Saturdays are always a free social day. The Opposition Force is not an elitist outfit. Rude and unbecoming behavior (racism, name-calling, threats, etc)are not tolerated here and never will be. Respect for one's opponent is just as important as respect for one's team. In OP4, we have our faults, and we focus our energy on learning from those faults to better ourselves and give us the edge in combat. -Forsosh, Leader of OP4 JOIN OUR DISCORD IF YOU'RE INTERESTED (Recruiters will be on after 9PM) : https://discord.gg/x4uB7Hx
  12. About The 7th Ranger Regiment Being one of the largest ArmA3 communities, we provide a wide range of experience in tactical play and organised team play. We only use military procedures, techniques and tactics where it benefits the experience and performance. In summary our conglomerate is about providing "serious fun" and playing together in a tactical manner. Taking the mission as a challenge and overcoming it. Never giving up and continue fighting whatever it takes in the processes and procedures that we have been trained in. At the same time always keep a positive player experience in mind. We try to offer an immersive experience, and always look for feedback and suggestions. CAMPAIGNS AND EXERCISES CAMPAIGNS / OPERATIONS Campaigns are multiple Operations and Combat Missions connected to each-other. These Operations are made in a realistic way with official briefings being given in advance. Operations involve all parts of the unit and last for several hours. Operations take place in a organised and formal environment. FIELD TRAINING EXERCISES A Field Training Exercise (FTX) describes a coordinated exercise conducted by a squad or a platoon for training purposes. Our Operations are individually scripted and controlled by Zeus. We take pride in our ability to host and continue a story line and theme for events. We use a wide range of mods within our own custom made mod pack. SQUAD PRACTICE All Rangers assigned to a squad are required to attend one training a week. If you can't attend due to work or real life difficulties, the squad leader must be informed as soon as possible. MOS TRAINING MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) Training is something you can take on the side as a fully enlisted member of the unit. These trainings qualify you for different positions all around the unit. What we are looking for: Mature and respectful individuals. People who are willing to learn and improve. We do not have activity requirements, once you have proven to be a valuable member, we are always happy to play with you. We expect our members to learn things themselves or ask those who know to teach them. We obviously offer mentorship for those who are new. Requirements to join the unit. When applying to the 7th Ranger Regiment, make sure you fit all the requirements for the unit: Each member of the 7th Ranger Regiment will need a legit and working copy of ArmA3. You will need a working microphone to apply and play in the unit. Teamspeak3 is the 7th Ranger Regiment main communication program, all operations, meetings and organisation will take place on Teamspeak 3. You will need to have at-least 4-5 hours a week ready to spend around the weekend for the unit. Our Schedule can be found under unit schedule and the operations centre. Maturity and self-discipline is needed when applying to the unit, everyone acting immature during official operations will be removed from the unit. How to join us: Make an Application and do not be shy to contact me, officers or moderators of our Steam Group More Information: Visit our Website Teamspeak will be provided upon interest in the unit. We have our own Mod Repository (Arma3Sync) and our own in-house Custom Mods. Feel free to contact me on Steam, if you have any further questions!
  13. Welcome, to Viper Unit.This clan is a tactical realism unit for the soul purpose of immersion. Loads of people want a true gaming experience with order and precision. Thats what we are here for! Our Admin team will ensure a top of the line gaming realisim experience. That doesnt mean we cant have fun or joke around though, we encourage it in fact. But when it's time to go to work we expect you to be 100% serious and professional. We play a variety of games such as Arma, Ark, and Squad. Our main game however is Arma 3, a military simulator at its best. I hope this gave you an idea of what we are and i will see you, on the battlefield!!Some of the military terms we will be using:FUBAR - F* Up Beyond All Repair: A description of many differing items and peopleMarine Corps socket set - An adjustable wrenchWingnut - A member of the US Air ForceSquid/squidee/swabbie/swab jockey - Affectionate terms used by members of other service branches to describe members of the US Navy.Bravo Sierra (BS) - Initials for the word "♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t"First Shirt - First Sergeant (Usually the senior NCO within a military unit)Ground Pounder - A term used to describe a military member in the armed forces whose primary job is being an infantry member.Rack - Navy/Marine Corps: A bed (particularly on a ship)Rack time - Sleeping (See also rack)Outstanding - A superlative used by members of USMC to describe most things.Unsat - Short for "Unsatisfactory": Used by members of the USMC to describe anything )people,facilities,etc) which are not up to par.ect...Rules:1: Read the rules.2: When in a combat situation follow all commanding officers commands.3: Act professional when the time comes.4: Have fun5: Do not disobey orders.6: Every sunday at 8pm EST there will be training, you MUST attend. (Speak with admin if you have IRL problems to handle)7: Help your squad and play your role.8: Dont be a ♥♥♥♥9: Play nice ladies10: Admins word is final, no exeptions.Ages 18+We have a discord, no TS. Message for invite if you wish to have a try-out.
  14. Welcome to the forum post for the arma 3 unit, 1st Marine Division. We are a milsim unit looking for members, we do training weekly and operations weekly and unlike many other milsim units we accept all ages, but you can get kicked for being immature or disrespectful. What do we offer - Weekly training and operations - Respectful members - Real marine ranking system - occasional PVP events - Real marine platoon, company, battalion Ranks! We use real Marine Ranks Marine Corps Enlisted Junior Ranks E - 1 PVT E - 2 PFC E - 3 LCPL Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Ranks E - 4 CPL E - 5 SGT Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Rank E - 6 SSGT E - 7 GySGT E - 8 1stSgt / MSgt E - 9 MGySgt / SgtMaj E - 9s Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps What Role Can You Take On! We use real Marine Roles Ground Combat Element Rifleman Machine Gunner Mortar Man Assault Marine LAV Marine LAV Driver LAV Gunner LAV Commander Scout Sniper Spotter Sniper Specialties in Artillery Fire Support Marine Artillery Meteorological Marine High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Operator AAV Marines AAV Rear Marines AAV Driver AAV Commander Armor Marine Tank Driver Tank Gunner Tank Commander Specialties in Engineering Combat Engineer Engineer Equipment Operator Engineer Assistant Field Artillery Officer Infantry Officer Tank Officer Enlisted Aircrew Aerial Observer/Gunner Helicopter Crew Chief Presidential helicopter Crew Chief Aviation Logistics Aviation Supply Specialists Aviation Logistics Information Management and Support Specialist Aviation Supply Officer Fixed-Wing Pilot Naval Flight Officer Rotary/Tilt Rotor Pilot Specialties in Communications Field Radio Operator Specialties in Logistics Embarkation Specialist Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist Landing Support Specialist Specialties in Transportation Motor Vehicle Operator Specialties in Ground Ordnance/Ammunition and EOD EOD technician Combat Engineer Officer Communications Officer Ground Supply Officer Logistics Officer Military Police Officer Signals Intelligence Officer Requirements - Working microphone - Respect to higher ups and everyone else - Willing to participate in training at least every two weeks and events every two weeks - Dedication Link to Website https://units.arma3.com/unit/my-unit1marinedivision
  15. Raiders International is a community of players who play a variety of mil-sim games in a team-work driven mindset. We find that playing with a group who communicates and works together, a more exciting experience for everyone. We play Squad, Escape from Tarkov, Arma 3, DCS, and others. From a family-fun adventure of Genital Jousting to a tactical loot run in Escape from Tarkov we do it all. We provide a resource-rich environment with our own public and private servers for the unit to play on, even if you can only participate for an hour in the week there is always something to play. We have a few requirements for our players. Some games may require mods, and we require you to have a mic for our Teamspeak Server. Players from all over the globe are joining up to play in kick-ass communities. Our clan is a relaxed mil-sim unit. Based on America's elite operating forces. We meet every weekend for gaming and other various operations in one of many games. Most of our members are veterans or active duty, while some are dedicated gamers. TL;DR Realism Unit Requires Mods Multiple Games Private and Public Servers Meets every week 18+ (younger requires unanimous vote) Check our website out. You know you want to.. raiders.damnserver.com You can also join our teamspeak at our.damnserver.com Or our discord server at https://discord.gg/6Rsdxeg
  16. Flying Monkeys In Space Who are we? Flying Monkeys In Space is the next generation in Arma III Milsim. We aim to host missions for those whom seek the desire to play Arma to it's full extent. Our end goal is to make the most immersive and exciting gaming experience possible without all the 'Yes Sir' 'No Sir' BS. Our group aims to host amazingly fun and enjoyble operations weekly. What Do We Do? Flying Monkeys In Space currently employs the use of the new and improved 3DEN editor for Arma III. Working alongside the 3DEN editor our talented mission makers create tailored in house missions to suit our Milsim needs. These missions can consist of killing an officer, combined arms assault on a town or city, capturing an officer, finding intel etc. As well as Relaxed Milsim operations we will also conduct training days throughout the week to bring new players and old players alike up to speed with new mods or just the basics of Arma. Flying Monkeys In Space has around 20 active members on most nights and we also converge with other clans and take part in massive 30 - 40 player operations aswell. Requirements In order to take part in FMIS activities you will need: Working Mic Teamspeak 3 16+ The will to download mods Are free on atleast one of the op days Arma3 Sync A level of maturity Mission Days We do not force you to come on specific days however it is highly encouraged to be active within the community and join for atleast one large operation per week. Below, will list the current active mission days: Wednesday (Small Op) Friday (Large Op Saturday (Joint Op w/ TFD, 40-50 player ops) Sunday (Large Op) So, if this group sounds like the group for you, you can either comment down below, send myself a message on steam or head over to the Arma3 Units page and apply there. Once again, thank you for reading. Arma3 Units Page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/flyingmonkeysa3 Teamspeak Server: ts.fmisgaming.com Group Media: ​​​Operation Hell Raiser | Snapshot ​ Operation Crop Duster | Snapshot
  17. Clan Insignias in Arma

    I had to deal with the new Units in compare to the old squad.xml. So while I tried to learn more about the systems I found this Insignia function in the BI Wiki. If I remember right I saw a Strider with a so called clan Insignia on its front, once I was playing epoch. Too bad we ended up in a firefight, so I could not ask them how they managed that. Do I have any chance to these functions anywhere like the squad.xml as long I am not the server owner (like in Epoch, Exile, KotH and so on)
  18. Falcon Security Services Falcon Security Services is a semi milsim Arma 3 group but we are more focused on fun rather than realism. Our gametime will mostly consist of Zues coop and TvT events but we will always try new things. We do NOT do training as this is a video game and we expect that you know how to play. Our main strength is our progression bar (unlock tree) that will allow members to customize their kit. How this works? Participate in the OP. receive money after completion. Use money to buy new kit. We have ranks ingame (Squad lead, 2nd lead) but outside of game we are all the same. Ranks are non persistent and anyone can lead just ask. If you are interested please contact Nickolas the Clown on steam.
  19. Who are we?: We are a NATO, Arma 3, Special Forces realism unit. We are a British clan but all nationalities are welcome (as long as you can speak fluent English and attend most events). We focus mainly on the coop side of Arma 3. What is different about our clan: We make our missions and training's as realistic as possible whilst still having a bucket load of fun! We also don't just go to a town and kill people, we have HVT missions, hostages, campaigns, night missions etc etc. Times & Events: We have a training session on Fridays from 8:00pm GMT and a main mission on Saturdays from 8:00pm GMT. Mods: We use multiple mods to make our events realistic (all can be found on the website). Most of our mods are downloaded through the steam workshop, making it easier for you to download our mods. TS3: uk.streamlinegames.com:9074 How do I apply?: Head over to our website and see if you are eligible to apply and if so, how to! Our Website https://www.stowmarines.com Our Arma 3 Unit Page: https://units.arma3.com/unit/stowmarines Email: smbjsgaming@gmail.com We hope to see you in the field soon!
  20. 17th Airborne Division is recruiting!! Who are we? The 17th Airborne Division (17AD)is a multinational ARMA 3 ‘milsim’ group which takes its name from a real US Army unit, disbanded after WWII. We have members based in the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East. We aim to create a relaxed but realistic environment without all of the “yes sir – no sir†nonsense that seems the norm with most milsim units. This is a game at the end of the day and although we formed 17AD to create a more structured and realistic environment to enjoy the game we try not to take the game or ourselves too seriously. That said, once our boots are on the battlefield and the bullets start to fly we maintain unit discipline, know our roles and focus on the task at hand. Structure 17AD employs a ranking system based on traditional military structures (Private, Corporal, Sergeant etc..) however these ranks are merit based and earned by showing leadership, aptitude, initiative and a willingness to get involved. Factors like length of service, your age, who you are friends with in the group or the quality of your jokes bear no relation to your opportunities for promotion. We encourage our members of all ranks to lead squads if they want to and we operate a fairly flexible approach to roles within the team. 17AD is quite a young group and we are still going through the process of assessing each member’s strengths and weaknesses and we will introduce more structured team roles going forward but if you have a particular preference and/or aptitude for a certain area or role that will be taken into account. 17AD Server 17AD have their own ARMA 3 public server which currently runs a custom version of Invade and Annex(Altis) and is open for anyone to join. We try to use realistic communication protocols when in the field and aim to employ realistic combat tactics as much as possible. To achieve this, we use Task Force Radio (TFR) which works through Teamspeak 3. TFR is compulsory for anyone wishing to join the public server, it is our means of communication and without it you can’t talk to us or hear what is being said. It’s a great mod and really adds to the whole experience so it’s worth the effort to install it. A link to a TFR installation guide is available below. We also run a couple of mods to enhance the realism of the battlefield experience, JSRS sound mod and Blastcore FX mod both of which are optional. 17AD may add mods to the server in time to enrich and broaden our field of operations however these will be clearly communicated through our community sites before they go live. We aim to have an additional server for our ‘17AD group members’ up and running in the near future which will host our scheduled sessions, operations & training. More news on that to follow. Requirements · To be over 16 yrs old (exceptions can be made for outstanding candidates) · Own a legitimate copy of ARMA 3 (Apex and DLC content is ideal) · Have access to Teamspeak 3 · To download and correctly setup TFR (link to guide below) · A functional microphone · To be able to speak the English language to at least a basic level · To have a good attitude and be willing to work as part of a team · To be respectful to our members and other public server players · To be an active member of the team How to join Probably the best way to find out more about 17AD is to join us on our public server, run some ops with us and become familiar with the members and the way we play. You can also jump onto our Teamspeak server to ask us any questions you may have, leave a message in this thread, ask a question on our steam community page or get in touch using the contact details below. Details TS server address - ts3.woodsy310.co.uk 17AD server name - 17th Airborne Division Invade and Annex (find us on the server browser) Group page - https://units.arma3.com/unit/17thairbornedivision Task Force Radio installation guide We look forward to meeting you!
  21. USSOCOM is now recruiting! About Us When USSOCOM was first created, we held a top 10 spot in most views in the ArmA 3 squad pages area, We had 150+ members, Multiple servers and operations each week run at different times for those who were in school, work, timezones and the like. The leadership has not changed as we are some of the most experienced and mature in the milsim world. We avoid drama, constantly admin our TS, Forum and servers to get rid of those who would troll our members. What We Offer Dedicated Server Team Speak 3 Forum Multiple Missions Public Operations Member Only Operations Weekly training Weekly Operations* Experienced Members Positions Open 75th Ranger Regiment 11B - Infantry 68W - Medic (ACE Mod) 25C - Radio Specialist (Task Force Radio) 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment 15P - Pilot 15T - Crew Chief Non-Combat MOS's 79R - Recruiter 31B - Military Police (MP) 42A - Human Resources Specialist 18K - Special Operations Instructor 35L - Counter Intelligence Training Training will be provided to you by instructors who have met the minimum requirements to teach that course. We will never give you inexperienced instructors who have not gone through the course themselves. Below is a list of training that will be provided to you, depending on the MOS you have chosen. Warrior Leadership Course (WLC) Combat Medic Course (CMC) Advanced Leadership Development & Assessment Course (ALDAC) Requirements To Apply Working Microphone Team Speak 3 APEX DLC Be active Be dedicated Be at least 16 years of age Be mature Our requirements are simple. In the past, we used to have an age limit. We feel as if we might have kept great, mature young men and women from joining because of their age. This time, we are taking a different approach and measuring you from your maturity level. Our rules are common sense. Treat others the way you want to be treated and you will do great things here. Contact Information Website: http://www.ussocomarma.com Team Speak: http://ts3server://ts3.ussocomarma.com:9987 (Click to connect) Forum: http://www.ussocomarma.com/forum
  22. Unsere Webseite Grüsse ArmA Community Wir, die Mitglieder der im September 2014 gegründeten 1st Combined Arms Tactical Division, kurz 1st CATD, suchen noch Mitglieder für koordinierte, taktische ArmA-Events. Gespielt werden alle möglichen Einsatzszenarien von Spec-ops über Mechanisierte Infanterie bis zum Gefecht mit verbundenen [lexicon]Waffen[/lexicon]. Wir spielen dabei hauptsächlich fiktive Einsätze der NATO Streitkräfte. Jedoch schrecken wir nicht davor zurück auch als russischer Bär den Amerikanern die Stirn zu bieten. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt dabei auf einem möglichst realistischen und authentischen Umfeld. Um diese Ziel zu erreichen benutzen wir eine Vielzahl von [lexicon]Mods[/lexicon], die über ein einfach zu bedienendes Updatesytem verteilt werden. Unsere Community ist offen für blutige Anfänger die gerade angefangen haben in der taktischen Szene herumzustochern, als auch für erfahrene Spieler die Herausforderungen und Anspruch suchen. Wir bieten für beide Spielergruppen ein eigenes Aus- und Weiterbildungsprogramm an, wo unsere altgedienten Mitglieder ihren Erfahrungsschatz an die Neulinge weitergeben. In unserer Community werden die meisten Entscheidungen demokratisch getroffen. Jedes Mitglied und jeder Anwärter hat bei uns ein Mitspracherecht. Zusammengefasst: Wir bieten: Ein Taktisches und authentisches Spielerlebnis Eine Vielfalt an Einsatzszenarien Eine offene und freundliche Community Selbstgebaute Missionen Regelmäßige, organisierte Events (Freitag/Samstag) Viele Missionen die unter der Woche gespielt werden Funktionierende Infrastruktur (Teamspeak/Webseite/Gameserver/Updatesystem) Was solltest du mitbringen: Du bist teamorientiert Du bist mindestens 18 Jahre alt Du besitzt ArmA 3 & APEX im Original Ein funktionierendes Headset oder Mikrofon Hast Interesse an militärischen Taktiken Du bist in der Lage dich Rollenspieltechinsch auf eine Situation einzulassen. Erreichen könnt ihr uns auf unserer Webseite oder ihr schickt eine Mail an info@1stcatd.de Wir freuen uns auf Dich. Die 1st CATD
  23. Frag Platoon is a fairly small tight knit group (of about 12 people currently) which has been around for over a year, however switched to Arma 3 on new years from Arma 2 so we are some could say "new" to arma 3. We are hoping to reach a stable 20-25 players regularly. We feel a small group that plays well together is better than 30+ player counts where you don't really know everyone. That and easier to make missions. Our focus is on on fun and semi realistic play style. Meaning that our missions have a realistic role selection (squad lead, squad medic, fireteam 1, ect) without all the "proper" drills or requirements to be in certain slots its first come first serve for roles. You are not locked to any role for example you can be a rifleman one game and a pilot the next (we do ask you do know how to fly though and not take it and crash instantly). Missions we play vary wildly. Coops, TVT's, Zues missions and gimmick missions (take it easy missions like car races ect) usually played at the end of session. The mod's that we use are in our Arma 3 sync repo. Consisting of: ACE3, Acre, CBA3, Cup terrains, Standalone F-15, John's SU-35, both RHS packs and Shacktac's hud. With Unsung's update in the future Our sessions are at 8pm EST as due to our international members this works best for the majority so anyone is welcome to join. We do not have any "session requirements" meaning we are not forcing you to play with us join us whenever you can. We are even fine if you multi-clan. We do ask to please let any admins know if you cant make it for courtesy sake as sometimes we plan missions based on estimated player count. Requirements to join are fairly simple. Must be respectful, mature, have a good sense of humor and willing to play as a team. No lone wolfing. Must be at least 17 years to join. Sorry no exceptions on this one To join is there is 2 ways: one join our teamspeak and talk to Shazer (me) Ewarrior or Wally the Walrus. or two apply to our group on steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fragplatoon Hope this peaks some people's interest!
  24. We are a new Invasion 1944 division for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and currently looking for new members, our missions consist of a PvE AI Campaign which is currently in production, and PvP missions against other divisions in our new community. Go ahead and add this account on Steam if you are interested, and talk with the commanding officer: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Siegfox/ Teamspeak 3 Server:
  25. [CLAN GESCHLOSSEN] Wir sind die 1848´ger. Wer wir sind und wie wir Funktionieren: Wir sind eine recht heterogene Truppe bestehend aus Veteranen (die seit ArmA 1 dabei sind) und Frischlingen die erst mit ArmA 3 zu uns gefunden haben. Demnach sind wir auf der Suche nach entspannten Mitgliedern aus allen Erfahrungsschichten. Unser Schwerpunkt liegt ganz klar auf dem Spielspaß der gesamten Gruppe was bedeutet das ihr zwar unsere Vision einer authentisch ausgerüsteten organisierten Truppe teilen solltet, aber dennoch nicht damit rechnen müsst das wir euch durch etliche unnötige Lehrgänge quetschen wollen, die in ArmA 3 keinerlei Rolle spielen. Wenn ihr etwas von unseren Veteranen lernen wollt, können wir gerne Trainings auf Anfrage organisieren, bei uns wird jedoch nicht jeder unter generalverdacht gestellt ein Idiot zu sein und muss bei uns eine Grundausbildung durchlaufen wie das bei vielen BW Fanatikern der Fall ist. Bei uns ist außerdem Jeder willkommen, solange er verständliches Deutsch spricht und sich entsprechend benehmen kann. Wir sehen uns ganz klar als Freizeitverein und Schikanen sowie qualvolle angesetzte Trainings die zur Demütigung gedacht sind wird es bei uns nicht geben. Wir sind durchdacht strukturiert und legen Wert darauf dass sich unsere Mitglieder selbstständig organisieren und über unsere Steamsite auf dem Laufenden halten. Wer mehr wünscht kann bei uns Problemlos mehr organisieren, unser Server läuft 24/7 ganz klar vorab haben wir allerdings meistens ein Event pro Wochenende (aufgrund von Familie/Arbeit/andere Hobbys). Das bedeutet allerdings nicht dass bei uns unter der Woche Garnichts los ist. Finanziert wird das Ganze von 2 Personen, organisiert von 4 Freiwilligen und da es bei uns locker zwanglos und unentgeltlich zugeht besitzen wir ein absolut entspanntes Klima auf das wir sehr, sehr viel Wert legen. Dies gilt natürlich in der Regel auch für das Rollenspiel untereinander, da wir eine Einheit bilden, ein Team. Was wir Spielen und wie: In den meisten Fällen spielen wir Infanterieszenarien (oftmals inkl. Unterstützung) in unserer „Theme“ (PMC = Private Military Company = Privatarmee), also eine fiktive elitäre Privatarmee die sich niemals zu schade ist die Hände schmutzig zu machen. Innerhalb dieses Scenarios spielen verkörpern wir die Söldner und Frontschweine die sich für gutes Geld beschießen lassen, unser Roleplay ist allerdings vergleichsweise locker und Einsteigerfreundlich (wir halten alles andere für Ungesund) und soll nur der Immersion dienen. Natürlich gibt es bei uns auch Ausnahmen und andere „Themes“, zurzeit ist bei uns das Vietnamkriegsscenario (Vietcong gegen USA) sehr beliebt, wir verkörpern also nicht nur eine Privatarmee. Unsere Missionen reichen von Special Forces Einsätzen bis hin zu regulären Infanterieszenarien. Natürlich gibt es Ausnahmen doch diese bilden nicht die Regel. Abgesehen davon sind unsere Missionen alle äußerst authentisch, spielerisch sind sie zwar Machbar, jedoch absolut Vergebungslos. In 95% der von uns gespielten Szenarios besteht kein Respawn und wenn ihr nach einer Granate die euch in unserem erweiterten realistischen Modus noch aus 12 Metern ein Schrapnell zerrissen hat und kein Medic in Reichweite ist werdet ihr ohnmächtig und verblutet. Das war es dann für den Rest des Abends. Bei uns gilt also volle Spannung aber auch volle Konzentration. Wer also die Auffassungsgabe eines Goldfisches hat oder Grundsätzlich unter anderen geistigen Defiziten leidet ist bei uns Falsch. Ich kann euch vorab schon sagen: Das wird euch keinen Spaß machen, dafür ist unser Modus zu authentisch/realistisch. Und genau deshalb ist das richtige Sozialverhalten absolut essentiell. Was wir euch bieten: Angenehme offene Atmosphäre und familiäre Stimmung (Bei uns braucht man keine Angst haben die Admins anzusprechen) „Immersive Gameplay“ (innerhalb des Spiels Roleplay der jeweiligen Rolle) Erlesene und realistische Mod-Sammlung (TFAR, RHS, ACE3) und extrem einfache Installation Spannende authentische Missionen dank erfahrener Missionbauer (seit ArmA 1 aktiv) für jeden Erfahrungsgrad Unseren eigenen TS3 + Gameserver (von euch wird keinerlei Beitrag verlangt) Rationale entspannte Organisation (kollidiert das Reallife mit einem Spieltermin ist das okay, nur bitte abmelden wenn möglich) Da wir noch im Aufbau sind, sind leitende Funktionen verfügbar! Zurzeit suchen wir noch einen zusätzlichen Missionbauer und Personen mit Führungserfahrungen Regelmäßige Events an den Wochenenden zu „normalen“ Zeiten (16-21 Uhr) an denen wir eigens für uns erstellte Szenarien bei maximal Performance (hohe Framerates) Spielen. Unsere Mods besitzen alle eine gewisse Qualität dank Qualitätskontrolle (Bug-,Lag- und Suckfrei) Was wir von euch wünschen: Aktive Mitglieder im Alter von mindestens 18 Jahren oder entsprechender geistiger Reife (85% der unter 18 Jährigen Bewerber fliegen wieder raus, verschwendet nicht unsere Zeit wenn ihr Infantil seit) ArmA 3 wenn möglich mit allen DLCs und funktionierendem gutem Headset Ob Veteran oder Anfänger, wir erwarten Lernbereitschaft innerhalb des Spiels um uns stetig zu verbessern und uns einander anzupassen Adäquates Sozialverhalten (egal wie viele nützliche Fähigkeiten ihr mitbringt, könnt ihr euch nicht benehmen fliegt ihr) Bereitschaft sich mit dem einfachen Programm "Play with Six" auseinander zu setzen. Um die Mods zu installieren Mindestens 2 mal die Woche die News abzuchecken und sich ggf. die Events anzusehen (wer die News nicht liest verpasst in der Regel Event´s oder wichtige Informationen und verendet in unorganisierter Inaktivität und fliegt sowieso) Bewerbt euch in unserem Steam Forum: Link zum Forum Oder meldet euch bitte an folgende E-Mail Adresse: insane.1991@freenet.de (Aufgrund des extremen Andrangs an Interessenten ist keine direkte Bewerbung mehr möglich. Wir bearbeiten eurer Schreiben so schnell wie möglich, also in der Regel innerhalb eines Tages. Die Masse an Anfragen hat unseren Spielbetrieb bereits behindert weshalb wir uns zu diesem Schritt entschlossen haben) Die E-Mail bitte in folgender Form: Alter: Spielerfahrung: (Was habt ihr bereits gespielt? Wie und Wo?) Warum ich zu euch will: (Was für eine Spielerfahrung sucht ihr bei uns?) Kenntnisse außerhalb des Spiels: (Seid ihr Missionmaker? Modder?) Sonstige Bemerkungen: (Fragen eurerseits, oder ggf. Bemerkungen) Die neusten Screenshots aus unserer letzten Vietnam Mission: Hier die Bilder vergangener Sessions: