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Found 32 results

  1. Discord bot to notify you when your server mods get updated on the workshop. Commands Integrated with Discord Slash commands! Links GitHub: https://github.com/UrekD/Steam-Workshop-Monitor
  2. Hello, I got banned for a set amount of time from the Arma 3 Discord server for posting a unit advertisement that did not follow the rules on posting the advertisement, I completely understand that ban and i accept it. A few days later i get another ban which is permanent for the reason of "Ban Evasion", I never tried to ban evade nor am i able to, due to discord not allowing you to join servers on new accounts that you are banned from already. So what can i do realistically and can i be unbanned? My discord account is Chubbs#1001.
  3. sparrow35

    Arma Discord Unban Appeal

    Hi, my name on discord is Dezi#0702, and I was banned like 4 years back for an unexplained reason. As I would like to have access to those forums to continue my work on Arma projects, I am requesting an appeal to be unbanned.
  4. Vanderman

    [Closed]Discord Ban Appeal

  5. DoctorDoc

    Community Discord

    Basically, it's very hard to find servers to play on and be able to get yourself some proper teammates. So, are there any communities around organizing Argo games and such? Official Discord server has something like ~10 people on it. I'm from EU but even NA would work out for me in the end. If there ain't any - we should really start up some community around this game in order to be able to be able to organize some proper matches.
  6. Hello! i go by Yuri, my discord is CP-1821 Yuri#7835 i was banned from the Arma 3 discord due to spam, I fell short here, i didn't know what happened until it was too late. i clicked a link and i received malware from a user reading "Free CS:GO skins" i don't even play that game lust accidently clicked it and got malware from it. I was banned because my account was stolen and spammed that verry message in every channel. it didn't just ban me from the Arma 3 server it got me banned from a milsim i was with at the time, the R6 discord and phas discord both perm banned me. im here to tell you that the actions where in no way my fault and that my computer is clean and has been for a few months now.
  7. Hey if you are interesting in find someone to play with, sharing fun things that happen in game and such, there's a community here for you: The Flood Zone (discord community),There are some servers available in the community with cool admins, we are here welcome anyone join and chill.
  8. bulan555

    discord server

    is there by any chance an official minidayz discord if not one should be set up so we could show off our stats and chat about random stuff and other bullshit the ais have done(or you just shot em like me)
  9. This client mod allows you to set discord rich presence from your mission file. It's a very simple set up, no server mods required. 1st of September 2018: The extensions in this mod are BattlEye whitelisted. SteamWS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1493485159 Discord: https://discord.gg/DMkxetD
  10. Papa LingLing

    Discord community.

    Hello all! I've decided to make a dedicated discord server for anyone and everyone looking for a community of like minded individuals looking to team up and loot n' shoot your way across Norway. Here is the link for the server and I hope to see some friendly faces and new members soon! https://discord.gg/6EkHpSnqjy
  11. Welcome to The Graveyard Shift! About us: We are a casual ARMA 3 community made up of some friendly people from around the UK and Europe. Our group originates from the days of ARMA 2 and have close friendships at our core, but are looking to expand our community. We are not a mil-sim group, so there are no ranks, forced roles, or entry requirements. We aim to have a regular session every Tuesday and Saturday but often play throughout the week. Discord: Join us on our discord server: The Graveyard Shift https://discord.gg/WCe7VGg ARMA 3 Unit: Our ARMA 3 unit profile can be found at: https://units.arma3.com/unit/graveyardshift Steam Group: You can find our steam group here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/The_Graveyard_Shift Game Server: We have our own dedicated server, hosted in the UK, running a moderate selection of cherry-picked mods such as ACE, ACRE & RHS, etc. Search for [TheGraveyardShift] in the server browser. or direct connect with the IP address; See discord for full mods lists.
  12. How to convert Steam ID 64 to GUID I have developed a Discord Bot that allows you to do it very easily and quickly. Just Invite the Bot in your Discord Server BOT INVITE LINK SUPPORT DISCORD The bot has only read and write permissions. Command: -guid | -steam (id64) -guid <Number> Successful process Catch Error - Steam Id 64 Note: This post is with the intention of contributing to the community. I do not intend to create a bad environment. - Update v1.0.1: 06-05-2020 - Update v1.0.5: 27-08-2020 -help command | -online command | -ping command -serverinfo command -botinfo command -user command
  13. RozekPoland

    Community Platforms

    Up-to-date list of main OFP/ACWA community groups and chats on a number of different social platforms: Facebook VKontakte Discord OFP / CWA ARMA / End-Of-Life Steam OFPCWA - chat The Forums GOG For a complete database of OFP/ACWA community-related websites visit @faguss' OFP Websites List.
  14. ArmA 3 Discord Bot for "managing" mission files Ive wrote a simple Discord Bot last night to let my Clan members upload their missions via Discord. What it can do: list all pbos delete a pbo drag/drop a pbo in a Discord channel to upload it Readme This project is an early dev version and a hobby project, some basic knowledge is required for setup. You need to host the Bot yourself(own api token) and on the same machine as your gameserver is running ! currently only tested on windows !!! Permission setup may not be perfect, i take no responsibility if the Bot will break anything. How to install and FAQ https://github.com/Skullfox/discord-viper Discord https://discord.gg/bTBUVBB
  15. Ive created an ArmA Discord bot year ago, totally forgot to post it here 🙄 Sentinel is a hobby project so dont expect 24/7 up-time. Features: Display and subscribe to Arma News (Launcher) Query Gameserver (needs some rework 😜), Outputs Wiki commands or post the link based on page size Display your ArmA Unit from the Units page Steam workshop addons posting via ID How to subscribe to news: !news subscribe (only the serverowner can do it ) If you need help: !help !help command Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bTBUVBB Add Sentinel to your Discord server: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=434120898132574228&scope=bot&permissions=519232 Spoiler for screens
  16. Hello, I'd like to report that after a ban from -FM-#9165 for 30 days (i am not looking into why I consider it not fair and IMHO that should have never been given in the first place, I am however sorry to have brought up a difficult topic which may have heated up people, me included, that prevented me to express my thoughts more clearly and to accept that it was time to stop the discussion altogether as we were heading nowhere, and for that i am extremely sorry), after almost 2 months iit was not removed. The bot wrote: "ValkyrjaBOT18/04/2020 Hello! I regret to inform you, that you have been banned for 30 days on the ARMA server for the following reason: failure to follow moderator's instructions despite multiple warnings! End of Discussion, means End of Discussion!" The period is far over and yet (maybe the bot had a problem?) it was not removed, so I'm looking for further insights/help Thanks
  17. This bot has been discontinued and replaced with this one: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/231021-stans-server-monitor-bot/ Arma server monitor discord bot I recently made a discord bot that is able to monitor arma server to check if they go down. Additionally it also allows user to check the amount of players on server etc. There are other noteworthy features that are mentioned bellow. In this post I'm providing the source code for this bot so you can host your own bot doing this. Features Support for an unlimited amount of arma and teamspeak servers Pings given roles or users if one of those servers goes down The ability to turn those pings of for servers dynamically Logging for the number of players on those servers (can be turned on or off for every individual server) The ability to change how often the status of those servers should be checked The ability for users with certain roles to launch certain queries to those servers A 2 tier system for all bot commands (admin tier and normal users. Normal users can only run a limited amount of commands, admins can run every commend (see available commands) The ability to reread the config without having to restart the bot The ability to mute all down pings between 2 given hours (for scheduled restarts) The ability to upload missions to a server and change the default mission for a server The ability to launch and stop servers with this bot The bot is restricted to 1 channel A timeout between pings for the same server being down RSS reader support Uses discord embeds Available commands Usage This is simply source code, this is not a bot you can add to your server. You need to create your own bot and host this code. To create a bot I suggest googling 'how to create a discord bot', at the time of writing there are several very good tutorials available. To host the code; download the source from the link provided bellow, open the readme and read through it carefully, edit the config.json in the \config directory (there is a configExplenation.txt available in the same directory with some extra explanation on what each value is/does) and finally start the bot up using the commands provided in the readme. Requirements This bot requires node.js and a discord bot License This work is licensed under Apache License 2.0, full license included on the gitlab. Download - Bugs Please report bugs here or on the issue section of the above linked gitlab Planned features uploading missions via a link in addition to the traditional way Feel free to make suggestions though (but I make no promises about putting them in, all I promise is that I'll try) Updates
  18. Hey, you are 18 years old and want to play Arma III in a realism unit? You clicked on the right thread then ’cause I'm going to tell you about the 3rd MRB! We are a pretty new unit and are now looking for new recruits. Didn't get you at hey? Ok then here are some more reasons to join us : Modded game server. Scripted and thought out missions. Frequent mini Operations and training. A unit discord to chat and plan. A Teamspeak for the operations or just to chill on. A website. And you don't need to bring much : A headset. A legal copy of Arma III (duh). Teamspeak. Discord. The will to put in the effort and spend time making the unit great! If this awoke your interest then there are a few things you can do now... Ignore this anyways Add me on steam to get more information Add Capt. A. Cortez [3rdMRB] on steam Hop on the TS ( ts3.3dmrbmilsim.com ) Hop on the Discord ( https://discord.gg/r8BVGNm) I‘m looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  19. Greetings! The 122nd ODST Division is a new unit, looking for people who are active and are 17+ or older. The era the unit will be taking part in is the war with the Covenant (along with fighting insurrectionists as well) and the possibilities can range from dropping behind enemy lines, to supporting militias on occupied worlds or can range to planetary defense or invasion of an occupied world. we are also interested in playing with other units. Information The unit is a community between milsim and casual play, in-game during unit events, members are expected to play with a sense of realism from loading in and grabbing gear to the ending with a debrief. Campaigns will be 4 missions long (1 mission per week), Major Campaigns will be 6-8 missions long (1 1/2-2 months long) operations will be on Sundays at 6pm EST (5pm CST) and training will take place on Friday at 6pm EST (5pm CST). Campaigns will have different endings depending on the outcome of the previous missions before the final one, and can depict of moving the unit to another planet or retreating and changing the outcome of its position in the UNSC's fight against the covenant. Outside of operations members are encouraged to play games with each other in team speak and build a camaraderie between each other to build a tight understanding that can be used in operations without conflict arising. If interested please come join us on our discord is: https://discord.gg/PEw5eM


    Discord Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Ravage Discord. Join our Discord !
  21. Re-Activated December 28 2018 to counter the growing threat of CSAT and insurgents forces. All new recruits are to report to their nearest recruiting office for assignment. Recruiting Station https://discord.gg/NHzqFws Who Are We? -We are a Arma 3 tactical realism community for those who seek tactical team play, and others who want to relive that awesome military life with out the garrison customs and courtesy drama like cult thingy. Our community fosters new players and understands most have been playing fortnite, battlefield and Call of Duty their entire lives. We are here to help you transition from run n gun Rambo lone wolf solid snake American sniper tactics into awesome well oiled CSAT killing tactical machines. We also understand that sometimes a lot of what we teach doesn’t make sense to those accustomed to player revives with a dirty reused needle. So here we offer open membership to all our causal players to come and join us on our Dedicated Server and teamspeak channel to help us take some of these towns on the chaotic KP liberation mission. If you find out that you kinda like the team and some of the Official unit members then ask to officially join the unit. What do I have to do to join the Unit? -Good question! Most of that information can be found in that discord channel I posted in the beginning. But to give you a barnie style breakdown, you first need to attend the units basic training which is broken down into 3 30-60 minute sections Red, white and blue phase. The basic training will go over unit standards, tactics and all roles available for you to fill. After that there is specialized courses for various roles. You can specialize in one or be a jack of all trades, it’s up to you! When do you guys play? - the peak hours among the unit is around 1800 Gmt and we normally hold training on Tuesdays and Fridays, with unit operations on Saturdays. Any other days of the week are normally casual days so jump on and have fun. Can I be pilot? -Sure.....in casual gameplay, going to go ahead and assume you just downloaded the game. So if you want to be a unit pilot I’d prefer you practice, and learn to hurry up and wait. Because having planes blaze down an entire village before the troops get there is kinda a immersion killer. Can I fly Transport? -only if you can land Why do you only have slots for certain roles? -let’s put it this way, if your playing on a football team your likely not running the football if your a lineman and probably not catching the football if your the quarterback. Every position has a role and specific task and if one person is not sticking to their role the whole team fails. So in the 32nd ID we build our squads in a way where just about all tasks can be completed with the least amount of players. A Squad typically consists of about 9-12 players —ALPHA TEAM— Team leader Rifleman. (AT) Grenadier Automatic Rifleman --BRAVO TEAM— Team Leader Rifleman (SDM) Grenadier Automatic Rifleman —Command Elment— Squad leader Medic RTO/FO/JTAC Machine Gunner Other roles are planned for the future as the unit expands but for now we ask that players become familiar with the available roles. And fill them when needed. How to I get into the server or teamSpeak? - super easy, first join the discord and look in the appropriate channels or direct connect here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/32ndinfantry Hopefully you fill all warm and fuzzy inside about what we offer here, and muster up the courage to join. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either here, the discord or in game and will try are best to answers all reasonable questions. See you soon........
  22. Our Discord Server Join
  23. terror0151


  24. Hello. I am 25 years old. I created a discord server for ARMA 3. Discussions about coop missions, scripts and mission making. I looking only for adequate people and over 18 years. I also looking for people who made adequate coop missions and know a little bit about arma mission making in general. Who have some basics about arma 3 scripting. Please no newbies, who started play ARMA 3 few days ago. Expectations of this server: - Find people who have played ARMA series and operation flashpoint for many years. Newbies who have played long time in ARMA 3 are too welcome - Find people who want learn scripting. The goal is: If the user ask some question about how to do this and that - another users will not give him a ready solution. They will give him tips so that he thinks himself how to do it Expected users: - Mission Makers (Low scripting knowledge) - Modders - Scripters (Mission makers with high scripting knowledge) - Advanced players Thank you for your attention https://discord.gg/GRcKfyY
  25. Enables Rich Presence in Discord, https://discordapp.com/rich-presence Supports BattlEye Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326839989 No reported issues since March so I should probably make a more public release of it Shows current mission, world and elapsed time Current Supported Worlds: Abramia (IceBreakr) Altis (Arma 3) Beketov Chernarus (Arma 2) Desert Island (CWA) Dingor (IceBreakr) Everon (CWA) Esseker Intro (Arma 1) Isla Duala (IceBreakr) Kolgujev (CWA) Lingor (IceBreakr) Lythium Malden (Arma 3) Malden (CWA) Panthera (IceBreakr) Sahrani (Arma 1) Rosö (SFP) Southeast Angola 1974 (IceBreakr) Stratis (Arma 3) Sturkö (SFP) Takistan (Arma 2) Tanoa (Arma 3) Thirsk Thirsk Winter Utes (Arma 2) Wamako (SFP) Vidda Winthera (IceBreakr) VR (Virtual Arsenal / Virtual Garage) Additional worlds will be added as requested