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  1. Hm, thanks. Sometimes it's easier than expected... :3 thanks
  2. I use range 0-1 for positioning UI elements on screen. So I know that when x is 0.9, it's right on the screen. Like 90% right. Here: w = safeZoneW * 0.3; // this value h = safeZoneH * 0.478; // this value but I can't understand how it's to be done here: x = safeZoneX + ( safeZoneW / 2 ) - ( 256 * pixelW ); y = safeZoneY + ( safeZoneH / 2 ) - ( 256 * pixelH ); w = 512 * pixelW; h = 512 * pixelH; or here: x = safeZoneX + ( safeZoneW / 2 ) - ( pixelW * pixelGridNoUIScale * 5 ); y = safeZoneY + ( safeZoneH / 2 ) - ( pixelH * pixelGridNoUIScale * 5 ); w = pixelW * pixelGridNoUIScale * 10; h = pixelH * pixelGridNoUIScale * 10; I want to place the picture where I want on the screen with configuring the size of it. For example at x = 0.3 and y = 0.8. Or at x = 0.5 and y = 0.1. I thought it is maybe possible to have these value from 0 to 1, so you know where to place the picture on the screen. But, based on correct calculation. And, after correct calculation, I'll use that 0-1 range
  3. What is here actually the position on the screen? Or do I need to add it?
  4. @Larrow Thanks I'll try that. Will give then a feedback
  5. Hi. Anyone know how to make ST_PICTURE looks same on all resolutions..? Because on lower resolution or aspect ratio there is a little spaghettification (Well, depends on resolution actually. On very low it's big) Currently I use: w = safeZoneW * 0.3; h = safeZoneH * 0.478;
  6. I think they just understood me wrong. I needed only a rotation of a marker. Just the 'rotation', technical example. Later I just opened warfare mission. Just wanted to know how it's done. It was made through crutches Here is the script. Needed part is in that while loop Private ["_additionalErase","_direction","_expand","_markerColor","_markerMax","_markerMin","_markerName","_markerPosition","_markerSize","_markerType"]; _markerName = _this select 0; _markerPosition = _this select 1; _markerType = _this select 2; _markerSize = _this select 3; _markerColor = _this select 4; _markerMin = _this select 5; _markerMax = _this select 6; _additionalErase = ""; if (count _this > 7) then {_additionalErase = _this select 7}; deleteMarkerLocal _markerName; CreateMarkerLocal [_markerName,_markerPosition]; _markerName setMarkerTypeLocal _markerType; _markerName setMarkerColorLocal _markerColor; _markerName setMarkerSizeLocal [_markerSize,_markerSize]; _difference = (_markerMax - _markerMin)/10; _direction = 0; _expand = true; activeAnimMarker = true; if (_additionalErase != "") then { Private ["_pr"]; _pr = 'WFBE_PATROLRANGE' Call GetNamespace; createMarkerLocal [_additionalErase,_markerPosition]; _additionalErase setMarkerShapeLocal "Ellipse"; _additionalErase setMarkerColorLocal _markerColor; _additionalErase setMarkerSizeLocal [_pr,_pr]; }; while {activeAnimMarker} do { sleep 0.03; _direction = (_direction + 1) % 360; _markerName setMarkerDirLocal _direction; _markerName setMarkerSizeLocal [_markerSize,_markerSize]; if (_markerSize > _markerMax) then {_expand = false}; if (_markerSize < _markerMin) then {_expand = true}; if (_expand) then {_markerSize = _markerSize + _difference} else {_markerSize = _markerSize - _difference}; }; deleteMarkerLocal _markerName; if (_additionalErase != "") then {deleteMarkerLocal _additionalErase}; The only things were needed here for me: _markerName setMarkerDirLocal _direction; and delay of sleep, to have smooth rotation. But, actually, I need it for a picture rotation. ST_PICTURE. If you want test it, create a control in map display (12) with type 48 (ST_PICTURE). Maybe add eventhandler to make it only rotating if map is opened: _angle = 0; _angle spawn { _map = (finddisplay 12) displayCtrl NUMBER; while {visibleMap} do { if (_this > 359) then {_this = 0}; _map ctrlSetAngle [_this, 0.5, 0.5]; _this = _this + 2; sleep 0.03 }; }; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ctrlCreate
  7. (Coop 1-3) New Year's surprise

    Don't forget to leave feedback
  8. (Coop 1-3) New Year's surprise

    Thanks -) Yes. This is important mod :)
  9. Author: JTS Introduction Mission with advanced stealth mechanics. This mission was not planned, but I decided to create it before new year 2019. A little present for fans of stealth. This mission is the base for future stealth missions (I hope). This is the fastest mission I've ever done. But quality is present Description The fight for Thirsk island between insurgents and the Americans has been going on for a couple of years now. About a month ago, the Americans managed to capture the southern part of the island. In the Thirsk city americans placed their armored vehicles and containers with ammunition. This is a serious threat. A couple of hours before the new year, a special forces squad of insurgents got a task to arrange for the Americans true fireworks... Features - Small cutscene - 2 localizations: English & russian - Cold & frosty atmosphere - Dead body detection system - Factors influencing stealth (Reloading weapons, body stance, running / walking speed, body dragging, suspicious action, wearing a uniform, weapon's state (Lowered or not)) - Snowy weather - Possibility to drag dead bodies Notes - It is recommended to enable music in your game settings - Read briefing carefully - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ACE and other mods, which change the behaviour of AI (like ACE) - No JIP (Join in progress). To avoid arma bug with mission restart - choose the mission again from the mission list - Be sure you disable all not needed mods before you start the mission (Mission will be disabled if using prohibited mods) - To avoid problems, it is recommended to run the mods in a specific order (See steam workshop) - Recommended monitor settings: 1920x1080, 16:9 - Recommended In-Game UI settings: (UI Size: Normal) Credits & thanks Urban (Mission testing) ALIAScartoons (Snow storm script, JDAM bomb script) Screenshots Requirements - CBA A3 - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Weapons - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - PLP Containers - Footstep Sound Fix - Forests - Thirsk Island - Footstep Sound Fix - Thirsk Winter Download (Steam workshop) Download (Armaholic)
  10. Probably. But thats exactly that way I want to avoid...
  11. The problem is that if Host save the game, then load the game but with another slot selected, the slot he have taked first - will be occupied by AI. HandleDisconnect will not work, because it handles "disconnect". In case of Host, Host can't disconnect. In wiki it says this command does nothing in Arma 3. Let's say it's gonna work. I have an event now executed because I switched to another unit. The AI unit is still there. Im not sure if it even will count the "team switch" only because I selected another slot. I have also enableTeamSwitch = 0 in my description.ext
  12. Hello. How actually to delete AI occupied by player? Respawn = 0. I saved the game, then I load the game and take another slot and another me (AI) have his presence in the mission. Is there a way to delete him, but let the slot be available..? (I am host player). Or do I have it do aggressively and just run a code when game is loaded from save and delete him? (Probably he won't be available as slot anymore). You have any ideas..? (if it's even possible :3) in Description.ext AI is disabled. disabledAI = 1; respawn = 0;
  13. Ok, I catched it! But thats related to the "save" button. Now I have to test if this confirmation dialog differs from if I try it on "Save and exit" button. Here is technical example if anyone need it: // HERE I HAVE EVENTHANDLER SET ON SAVE BUTTON, IDC 103 [] spawn { uiSleep 0.2; if (!isNull (finddisplay 49)) then { _but = ((finddisplay 154) displayCtrl 1); _lb = ((finddisplay 154) displayCtrl 101); _but ctrlsettext 'GOT IT'; _lb ctrlEnable false; _lb lbSetcursel (lbSize _lb); _but ctrlSetEventhandler ['ButtonClick', ' [] spawn { uiSleep 0.5; systemchat format [""%1"", uiNamespace getVariable ""RscMsgBox""]; // Confirmation dialog IDC is 235 _ctr = uiNamespace getVariable ""RscMsgBox""; // get display hint format [""%1"", allControls _ctr]; // output all controls _b = _ctr displayCtrl 1; // catch OK button _b ctrlsettext ""YEP""; // Manipulate OK button } ']; } }
  14. The point is that I try to catch somehow that confirmation dialog is that I want to save data into profileNamespace when Host exit the game. In multiplayer there is a button "Save and exit" where the same dialog confirmation dialog appears (I think). In eden editor it's just "Return to eden editor", so I try to catch it though the save button. So if Host press "Save and exit" and then confirms "OK", the data must be saved. Override or disable original save button doesn't make sense, because it you can't control when Host exit the game. He can save the game, but after 10 mins leave the game (Save & exit button). So your data is actually outdated with saved game. I had also idea, where the data is saved while the game is being saved. I execute custom autosave and then close display 46, so that the mission ends. But it saves the closing of display too, even with little delay so if you load the game after save, the game will finish -). That means that the the time while saving is not stopped, the game is just freezing. So I try to catch that confirmation dialog and set an eventhandler on that "OK" button, so the data will be saved, while the game makes the save
  15. Well, if you know how manually make a 'save'... (No, I don't mean 'autosave') ю I also monitored all variables on that moment when this confirmation dialog appears. Here they are so far. Not all, game can't copy more to clipboard: But none of them seems to fit