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  1. jts_2009

    (Ravage) Virus X - Patient Zero

    @icebreakr There is no fix needed for that. It was just not made for dedicated server -) It is for host server to play with friends
  2. jts_2009

    (Ravage) Virus X - Patient Zero

    Singleplayer is now enabled guys. Have fun and leave feedback 🧑
  3. jts_2009

    (Ravage) Virus X - Patient Zero

    Thanks. This is also my first open world coop. So any suggestions are welcome -)
  4. Author: JTS Introduction Open world post-apocalyptic cooperative mission with a story line. This is the continuation of Virus X - Scientists & Virus X - Antidote. Search for food, ammo and weapons to survive. The nights are dark and the weather is hostile Description August 15, 2028. 5 years have passed since the last stalkers made their way to Chernarus to find their comrade who survived after being bitten by an infected. The survivor was rescued and successfully delivered to the military base of the Russian Federation, which is located near Chernorussia. Everyone hoped that he was an antidote that would help to destroy this aggressive virus. However, the blood of the survivor could not destroy the virus, but only weakened it. The military created a special fluid that was sprayed with helicopters all over the island. Now, most infected people are weak and move very slowly. But most importantly that this fluid destroyed the most dangerous type of infected - demons. So now at night you can move much safer. Not long time ago a group of soldiers on their special mission found secret documents about patient zero, who was the source of the virus. It revealed that patient zero was transported several times from hospital to hospital at the time of the outbreak. A group of experienced stalkers who work with the military and have been in infected Chernarus more than once have been tasked with finding a patient zero and taking blood samples for research as well as collecting all data about patient zero and leave Chernarus Features - Inventory (Virus X - Antidote, modified) - Dynamic weather - Day/Night cycle - Toxic rain, which depends on the weather - Story scenes - Extended car driving (Camera shake when driving. The strength depends on speed and what type of surface you drive) - Visual task-waiting function (Task starts when all players are in the task area) - Custom task system - Highly modified 'ravage' settings - Custom loot system (Virus X - Antidote, modified) - SP & MP compatible - Compatible with JIP - Save-game support - Push object function - Ability to drop an item from inventory (Virus X - Antidote) - Post-soviet color correction - 2 localizations: English & Russian - Random start-location Notes - Not working on dedicated server - In ARMA 3, loading mission from a save does not happen the way you think - Correct way to load saved game: Go to lobby (Here you see players in slots), go back to mission list (Here you can see and select island), select Virus X - Patient Zero and press 'Continue' button - Incorrect way to load saved game: Go to lobby (Here you see players in slots), press 'Continue' button - Use correct way to load the game from a save. Otherwise you may get the slots lost - Use J button to to open tasks - There are 2 actions when you loot objects: First is from ravage mod, called ' Search' and second is Virus X, called 'Inspect'. So don't forget to check if this action is available - It is recommended to enable music in your game settings - Read briefing carefully - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ACE and other mods, which change the behaviour of AI (like ACE) - Be sure you disable all not needed mods before you start the mission (Mission will be disabled if using prohibited mods) - To avoid problems, it is recommended to run the mods in a specific order (See steam workshop) - Recommended monitor settings: 1920x1080, 16:9 - Recommended In-Game UI settings: (UI Size: Normal) - Be careful when pushing objects. Arma doesn't like when you play with its physics - Don't forget to save the game before leaving the mission - If host-player die - the mission will be failed - If you're a client and you got killed, it is better to load saved game. Otherwise the slot is lost - You can't save the game when you , for example: Driving a car, in a story scene or toxic rain is in process - 3 players in cooperative mode - Sometimes, when you load the saved game - an error may appear. This is some kind of protection against the uknown wind bug that happen on Chernarus. Just follow the instructions and you're good to go Credits & thanks Urban (Mission testing) LinkinPunk (Script testing) ALIAScartoons (Monsoon script, Tornado script) Asaayu (Abandoned Roads script) Screenshots Requirements - CBA A3 - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Weapons - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - Ravage - PLP Containers - MrSanchez' Headlamps Download (Steam workshop) Download (Armaholic)
  5. jts_2009

    synchronize Overcast

    That will not solve the problem of desynced overcast
  6. jts_2009

    synchronize Overcast

    My weather changes every 300 seconds. 1 hour is not an option 🙂 The actual problem that I can't change overcast in a short period of time on the client side
  7. jts_2009

    synchronize Overcast

    Looks like it's a big trouble... 😔
  8. Hello. I tested now a weather-change in MP and got some problems. Im changing overcast and rain, but the problem is only overcast. time multiplier is 20. For example: Overcast of 0.9 should change to 0.1 in 300 seconds. _Delay = 300; _Delay setOvercast 0.1; simulWeatherSync; On server (Host) it changes much faster than on client. The difference of overcast between server and client ~0.4 What I tried: skipTime + 1;skipTime -1 - thats seems to work. But not always. After the overcast is changed, you have to wait ~10 seconds to get that skipTime-thing to work. Also I executed it in console, when overcast got out of sync Is there maybe some trick to sync the overcast? 300 seconds is fast with time multiplier of 20, yes. But thats how it should be. Thats ok
  9. jts_2009

    Wind bug (weird)

    I don't see a reason why it should not work 🙂 The bug seems to be appear on Chernarus. Im making a coop on chernarus. I tested the wind on Stratis and there was no problems. Looks like it happens on cup terrains (currently only chernarus tested)
  10. jts_2009

    Wind bug (weird)

    Sure. Otherwise I couldn't change it. It looks like that when you quit mission, its 'cache' or data or however it called - probably stuck in some memory. Like I said in first post - if you close the game and continue the mission, the bug doesn't appear after game is loaded. Probably it's just an arma 3 bug
  11. jts_2009

    Wind bug (weird)

    This have nothing to do with SQS. Sorry, but your comment is incompetent
  12. Hello. I have a problem. I made a script, which changes smoothly the wind. It's works, there are no problems. Here is that script: (I know it's SQS, but it was easier to write :D) ;SCRIPT BY JTS params ["_value","_coef","_delay"] private "_changeX"; ?(!isServer): exit ?(!isNil "wndChanger"): exit wndChanger = true _changeX = false #Check _windValueX = abs (wind #0) _windValueY = abs (wind #1) ?(_changeX): goto "ProcessY" #ProcessX ?(_windValueX < _value): _wX = (wind #0) + _coef;_isPlus = true ?(_windValueX > _value): _wX = (wind #0) - _coef;_isPlus = false setWind [abs _wX, (wind #1), true] ~_delay _windValueX = abs (wind #0) _windValueY = abs (wind #1) if (_isPlus) then {if (_windValueX >= _value) then {_ChangeX = true}} else {if (_windValueX <= _value) then {_ChangeX = true}} goto "Check" #ProcessY ?(_windValueY < _value): _wY = (wind #1) + _coef;_isPlus = true ?(_windValueY > _value): _wY = (wind #1) - _coef;_isPlus = false setWind [(wind #0), abs _wY, true] ~_delay _windValueX = abs (wind #0) _windValueY = abs (wind #1) if (_isPlus) then {if (_windValueY >= _value) then {goto "CHANGED"}} else {if (_windValueY <= _value) then {goto "CHANGED"}} goto "Check" #CHANGED systemChat "WIND CHANGED" wndChanger = nil exit There are problem when you save the game. Following (Happens in SP (Not eden editor). In MP I'll test if it works in SP): You save the game with autosave or with "Exit and save" button (not sure how its correct name on english). You then load the game from screnario list pressing the 'Continue' button. Then there are 2 situations that happens: 1. Loaded from save while script is running: - Wind values goes crazy and are changing very quickly to -100 or + 100 - There is no way to change the values even with setWind command. It doesn't work. Wind just changes to -100 or +100 2. Loaded from save when script is not running: - No problems at this moment. But as soon you start to change wind with setWind command - it goes crazy and changes very quickly like I said to -100 or +100. Sometimes it stuck on very low values like 8, 10. But not both values. It's x or y. I don't any idea why that happens. I also use my script to change the weather (overcast, rain). > Overcast is changed with simulWeatherSync command > timeMultiplier is also set to 10 (Tested it now. This is not a reason for that bug) > Bug happens if you load the game more than 2 or 3 times. But sometimes even on first load > Example: [8, 0.05, 0.2] exec "WindChanger.sqs" > For some reason this bug doesn't happen in editor > The bug doesn't appear when I closed the game, started it again and loaded from save
  13. That was my fault. Somewhere in script it was set to nil. lol. Sorry. False alarm 👀
  14. No it's not. Thats because Im surprised - why that doesn't work. Also the variable exist on client as long he is in the game
  15. 1. It runs on client. I debug all with systemchat. It also exist on client, as long he stay in the game 2. No, I had the same profile 3. No, there is no attribute set on 'Read only' in the file options. Also the script executes that way: ['inv_scripts\player_profile_saveVars.sqf'] remoteExec ['execVM', -2]; // On server it executes later, locally. I will try later to set 'true' option for setVariable. Maybe thats because of that 😞 profileNamespace setVariable ["vxpz_profile_stats", _Array, true]; saveProfileNamespace;