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  1. jts_2009

    Publisher - Error code 2

    However, I got an idea from you to create mobile hotspot and try to upload it. And it worked. It looks like there is some issue with router or ports. Will check it later
  2. jts_2009

    Publisher - Error code 2

    Since steam is working correctly and only the publisher from arma 3 have this problem - I don't think thats the issue.
  3. jts_2009

    Publisher - Error code 2

    Unfortunately not. If no one answers, then there is no solution, probably-) Or there is, but it is known only to experts I also installed Windows 10 before new year 2021 (25.12.2020). It doesn't works too. Still error code 2. Deeper research is needed
  4. jts_2009

    Publisher - Error code 2

    I found something. Error code 2 means invalid parameters, according to this page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Publisher Code 0x0002. What parameter could be wrong..?
  5. jts_2009

    Publisher - Error code 2

    Nothing of this helped. I also have done all this stuff before
  6. Hello. Im trying to publish a mod on steam workshop, but get this error: I don't had any VAC bans. Upload missions to the workshop also works. Here is some piece of log: Anyone knows why this error happens..?
  7. Wrong forum. Moved to BI Tools
  8. What does this have to do with AI and helicopters?
  9. @Harzach Yeah. I see that some values if you increase them over 50, you can't see the difference anymore. But im not sure about that: If you can't see the difference, then, maybe, if you increase some another value, which (probably) will affect another values - you'll now (probably) see the effect of the value you changed before. I have also read about attenuation and have put some 'careful' values 🐵
  10. I'm not sure about the maximum permissible values for some parameters. If you have experience and know whats the best value for x option (like constant, linear or quadratic...) - give me some info about that 🙂
  11. Please re-download. I forgot to change the Idcs of controls and because of that the color values were out of normal range
  12. Link added to the steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2112526691
  13. Virtual Light Generator Author: JTS Description: Virtual light generator for ARMA 3. Create your light sources and save them Features: - Create light source - Ability to save & load samples to / from profile - Move / Freeze the light source - Copy settings to clipboard - Changes are visible in real-time Installation / Usage: Download the example mission (after download it's located in \Steam\userdata\<longNumber>\ and choose it in singleplayer scenarios. Or get the .pbo file, extract it and place the extracted folder to your C:\Users\<yourName>\Documents\Arma 3\missions folder to open it in the editor Screenshots: Notes: - Required knowledges: > Basic editor knowledge > Basic game knowledge Credits & Thanks: - No one License: Respect copyrights! You are not allowed to modify and publish it Download (Steam)
  14. jts_2009

    Limit of light sources..?

    Ok, looks like you have right. I counted my light sources and it was exactly 32. Well... There is nothing to do about it... ☹️
  15. jts_2009

    Limit of light sources..?

    I can. It's not hardcoded -) Where do you got this info?