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  1. It's been a while so here is a brief update of some of the new things coming to Cytech. Enjoy Discord: https://discord.gg/AVCBkCh
  2. Here is a brief update on some recent work. Models: Textures/Decals: Video: Discord: https://discord.gg/AVCBkCh
  3. Seeing as our forum post has not been updated in a while, here are a small number of screenshots from the recent development. To keep fully updated, our discord is fully updated with information and screenshots, etc. Discord: https://discord.gg/AVCBkCh
  4. I think you might be confusing this project with Chernarus Redux That video shows nothing from this project. Some of us once worked on Chernarus Redux in the past but other than that, CHR and Cytech are not connected.
  5. Time for another brief development update. This includes Models - CCTV - Tunnels - Dead Body Textures - Light Beams - Road Texture/Decals - Key Card [Textures by NFC3SPECTRO] Models CCTV Tunnels Dead Body Textures: Light Beams Roads/Decals Key Card
  6. ArmA 3 - CYTECH INDUSTRIES - New Area [WIP
  7. Time for another brief development update. Here are a few new models I have been working on over the last week. This includes - New Electrical Props - Weapons Scanner - New Industrial Props - Keycard Points - Morgue - In-Game Screenshot Electrical Props Weapons Scanner Industrial Props Keycard Scanner Morgue In-Game Screenshot
  8. Thanks! I don't think it's possible for light sources to create shadows at night unless I'm mistaken.
  9. This is a brief development update. Unfortunately most of the team have been busy doing their final exams over the past few weeks, however, I have managed to get quite a lot done myself during this time. This includes - New models - New textures - Lighting/atmosphere - New underground area's (completed) New Models - [Lights-Windows-Electrical] Wall Textures New Underground - Screenshots
  10. We will be keeping the underground terrain sperate from the above ground terrain. As for how this will work in terms of our MP game-mode, We will be using the server transfer script made by KillzoneKid to teleport players between each map via the many entry and exit points made for each terrain. The front page has just been updated will the correct information regarding the above as it was somewhat unclear, for the reminder. AI pathing for the underground terrain is something that we will be looking into in the near future.
  11. That is also on the list along with something like this maybe?