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  1. H that did not work either its like the script doesnt run not sure if it should be triggered from the main mission init?
  2. What i have now is that does not work ...when i try in multiplayer...not sure if it is triggered from the main mission init. emp.sqf _AOE = _this select 0; _Drones = nearestObjects [_AOE , ["B_UAV_01_F", "I_UAV_01_F","O_UAV_01_F"], 150]; _DamageOFF = 0.95; _DamageON = 0.00; _Vehicles = nearestObjects [(getpos _AOE), ["Car", "UAV"], 150]; _CountLights = count _Lights; (_Lights select 0) say3D "electricity_loop"; sleep (floor(random 3) +2); for "_i" from 0 to _CountLights do //this will run 1 extra time //replace 0 with 1 or _CountLights with (_CountLights - 1) { if (getDammage (_Lights select _i) < 0.90) then { (_Lights select _i) setDamage _DamageOFF; sleep 0.1; (_Lights select _i) setDamage _DamageON; sleep 0.1; (_Lights select _i) setDamage _DamageOFF; sleep 0.1; }; }; { if (isEngineOn _x) then {_x setHit ["motor", 1]} } foreach _Vehicles; main mission init.sqf player addEventHandler ["Fired", { if (_this select 5 == "B_IR_Grenade") then { _this spawn { _bullet = _this select 6; _newpos = getPosATL _bullet; while {(_newpos select 2) > .1} do { _newpos = getPos _bullet; sleep 0.1; }; [_bullet] execVM "addons\scripts\emp.sqf"; }; }; }]; Any Help Appreciated Ant
  3. Hey guys still lost here H had a good idea about draining the fuel. I am still not sure how the parts of code tie together. Ant
  4. Thank You Mr. H for trying to help. Ant
  5. Sorry for the typo's earlier now i am way lost from your last post? I have not been able to find the demining drone class name.... i come up with the backpack in which you assemble the drone from so not sure. I know the class names for the regular drones i believe they are ["B_UAV_01_F", "I_UAV_01_F","O_UAV_01_F"] I guess if we could make it work for one of the regular drones then adding the class name later would be simple. Still not sure on your code reference and how that goes together... I am an extreme noob to coding and dont know all the snytax. Ant
  6. Hey Wogz thanks for taking time out of your day. Quick question is the code you provided be the entire script once the drone names are added or does it need to be added to the original script i provided? Sorry to ask I am not that good at coding but trying to figure it out. Any insight or appreciated Ant
  7. Little help If I can get it. Hey folks i am trying to put together an EMP Script that is assigned to the NATO I.R. Grenade. With little to no luck. Not sure if I am on the right track here at all. Maybe someone with more skill can help guide this to become something. Got Idea from HallyG's post The goal of the script is to toss a NATO IR grenade out to help combat the Drone Kiddies who sit with de-mining drones limiting everyone's ability to move anywhere on the map. I could not find the de-mining drone class name so not sure about that either. The script needs to work in a multi-player environment. So here goes. emp.sqf AOE = _this select 0; _Drones = nearestObjects [_AOE , ["B_UAV_01_F", "I_UAV_01_F","O_UAV_01_F"], 50]; _DamageOFF = 0.95; _DamageON = 0.00; _Vehicles = nearestObjects [(getpos _AOE), ["Car", "Drones"], 50]; _CountLights = count _Lights; (_Lights select 0) say3D "electricity_loop"; sleep (floor(random 3) +2); for "_i" from 0 to _CountLights do //this will run 1 extra time //replace 0 with 1 or _CountLights with (_CountLights - 1) { if (getDammage (_Lights select _i) < 0.90) then { (_Lights select _i) setDamage _DamageOFF; sleep 0.1; (_Lights select _i) setDamage _DamageON; sleep 0.1; (_Lights select _i) setDamage _DamageOFF; sleep 0.1; }; }; { if (isEngineOn _x) then {_x setHit ["motor", 1]} } foreach _Vehicles; main mission init.sqf player addEventHandler ["Fired", { if (_this select 5 == "B_IR_Grenade") then { _this spawn { _bullet = _this select 6; _newpos = getPosATL _bullet; while {(_newpos select 2) > .1} do { _newpos = getPos _bullet; sleep 0.1; }; [_bullet] execVM "addons\scripts\emp.sqf"; }; }; }]; Any Help Appreciated Ant
  8. Does anyone know of a script for a an EMP grenade that is associated to the IR grenade that would take out a demining drone flying above? Any ideas or suggestions appreciated Ant.
  9. Hey Rock thanks for responding. I have the @mod folders in the root server directory and the keys copied and pasted in the keys folder in the root directory. So not sure what i am doing wrong. The server is on 24/7 as well Ant
  10. Hello Arma3 TADST users. I have an issue running TADST with mods on a dedicated server. I would like to authorize the server for only three mods: JRS Sound Mod, War FX blast and Virtual Projectile Sound mod Thus far i can launch the server fine with TADST in Vanilla mode no mods If I put the mods on.... in order from them to work.... i have to take Verify Signatures Off.... which leads to hackers. So i don't want to do that. 1. What I have done thus far is copied each of the @<mod name> folders into the root Arma directory along with the server exe and TADST 2. I also copied the server key for each mod and the optional/allowed mods keys into the keys folder and turned on signing, in TADST. When i launch the game with TADST, with Verify Signatures on, the server launches fine, but no one can connect if you have the three mods selected in your Arma game. Its says these mods are not authorized and signed Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.
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  12. Antman2o1o

    [Event] 70v70 PvP Event

    Hey Anthrax, how is your PVP game recruitment going? Is there any additional information or updates. I have a small group who enjoys playing PVP. I also have a bunch of PVP maps that are super flushed out. Maybe between your group and ours we can coordinate some scrim matches that are open to the public to attract more people. Let me know what ya think.
  13. PIERRE, THANK YOU!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! I GOT IT TO WORK!!!!! and yes I am shouting with thankful praise for you. I could of never figured this out on my own and had no idea where to start so SUPER BIG Thank You for taking time out of your day to help me. I really appreciate it.
  14. Pierre again Thank You for your reply a little lost. Here is what i tried thus far with no success Created Flags.sqf with this code below MGI_stdFlags = [ ["OPF_F","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_CSAT_CO.paa"], ["OPF_T_F","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_CSAT_CO.paa"], ["IND_G_F","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_FIA_CO.paa"], ["OPF_G_F","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_FIA_CO.paa"], ["Guerilla","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_FIA_CO.paa"], ["IND_C_F","\A3\Data_F_Exp\Flags\flag_SYND_CO.paa"], ["IND_F","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_AAF_CO.paa"], ["BLU_CTRG_F","\A3\Data_F_Exp\Flags\flag_CTRG_CO.paa"], ["BLU_F","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa"], ["BLU_T_F","\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa"], ["BLU_GEN_F","\A3\Data_F_Exp\Flags\flag_GEN_CO.paa"] ]; lightMilitaryVehicles addEventHandler ["GetInMan", { params ["_veh","_role","_unit","_turret"]; if (_role == "driver") then { _faction = getText (configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> typeOf _unit >> "faction"); _flag = ""; _factions = MGI_stdFlags apply {_x #0}; _flags = MGI_stdFlags apply {_x #1}; _flagIdx = _factions findIf {faction _unit == _x}; if (_flagIdx >-1) then { _flag = _flags select _flagIdx; } else { call { if (side _unit == WEST) exitWith {_flag = "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_blue_CO.paa"}; if (side _unit == EAST) exitWith {_flag = "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_red_CO.paa"}; if (side _unit == INDEPENDENT) exitWith {_flag = "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_green_CO.paa"}; } }; _veh forceFlagTexture _flag}; }]; lightMilitaryVehicles addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", { params ["_veh","_role","_unit","_turret"]; if (_role == "driver") then {_veh forceFlagTexture ""}; }]; I ran the code above from my init.sqf with [] execVM "addons\scripts\flags.sqf"; For the instance above I am trying to effect the vehicles spawned via the wasteland code below //Light Military Vehicle List - Random Spawns lightMilitaryVehicles = [ ["I_G_Offroad_01_F", "I_G_Offroad_01_armed_F"] ]; I changed the code you provided from car1 to lightMilitaryVehicles to call that vehicle class. Nothing worked thus far. I even tried running the code from the initPlayerLocal. Any ideas?
  15. Pierre, Thank you for the reply several questions. 1. Looks like you are defining car1 as what the code will effect for a specific named vehicle. In Wasteland the vehicles are dynamically generated so how could you make car1 mean every vehicle?... I am not sure how you would make it work across all dynamically spawned wheeled vehicles. In the code below this is how the vehicles are spawned/generated in Wasteland. A3W_smallVehicles = [ "C_Quadbike_01_F", ["B_Quadbike_01_F", "O_Quadbike_01_F", "I_Quadbike_01_F", "I_G_Quadbike_01_F"] ]; //Civilian Vehicle List - Random Spawns civilianVehicles = [ "C_Hatchback_01_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_F", "C_SUV_01_F", "C_Offroad_01_F", ["C_Van_01_box_F", "C_Van_01_transport_F"] ]; //Light Military Vehicle List - Random Spawns lightMilitaryVehicles = [ ["I_G_Offroad_01_F", "I_G_Offroad_01_armed_F"] ]; //Medium Military Vehicle List - Random Spawns mediumMilitaryVehicles = [ "B_MRAP_01_F", "O_T_LSV_02_AT_F", "O_T_LSV_02_armed_F", "B_T_LSV_01_AT_F", "B_T_LSV_01_armed_F", "O_MRAP_02_F", "I_MRAP_03_F" ]; //Water Vehicles - Random Spawns waterVehicles = [ "C_Boat_Civil_01_F", "C_Boat_Civil_01_F", ["C_Boat_Civil_01_police_F", "C_Boat_Civil_01_rescue_F"], ["B_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F", "O_Boat_Armed_01_hmg_F", "I_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F"] ]; //Object List - Random Spawns. staticWeaponsList = [ "B_Mortar_01_F", "O_Mortar_01_F", "I_Mortar_01_F", "I_G_Mortar_01_F" ]; //Object List - Random Helis. staticHeliList = [ "C_Heli_Light_01_civil_F", "B_Heli_Light_01_F", "O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_F", "I_Heli_light_03_unarmed_F" // don't put cargo helicopters here, it doesn't make sense to find them in towns; they spawn in the CivHeli mission ]; //Object List - Random Planes. staticPlaneList = [ "I_Plane_Fighter_03_dynamicLoadout_F" ]; A3W_planeSpawnOdds = 0.25; // 0.0 to 1.0 //Random Weapon List - Change this to what you want to spawn in cars. vehicleWeapons = [ ["SMG_01_F" /*Vermin*/, "SMG_02_F" /*Sting*/, "hgun_PDW2000_F"], ["arifle_TRG20_F", "arifle_TRG21_F", "arifle_TRG21_GL_F"], ["arifle_Mk20C_F", "arifle_Mk20_F", "arifle_Mk20_GL_F"], ["arifle_Katiba_F", "arifle_Katiba_C_F", "arifle_Katiba_GL_F"], ["arifle_MXC_F", "arifle_MX_F", "arifle_MX_GL_F", "arifle_MXM_F"], ["srifle_EBR_F", "srifle_DMR_01_F"], ["arifle_MX_SW_F", "LMG_Mk200_F", "LMG_Zafir_F"] ]; vehicleAddition = [ "muzzle_snds_L", // 9mm "muzzle_snds_M", // 5.56mm "muzzle_snds_H", // 6.5mm "muzzle_snds_H_MG", // 6.5mm LMG "muzzle_snds_B", // 7.62mm "muzzle_snds_acp", // .45 ACP "optic_Arco", "optic_SOS", "optic_Hamr", "optic_Aco", "optic_ACO_grn", "optic_aco_smg", "optic_Holosight", "optic_Holosight_smg", "acc_flashlight", "acc_pointer_IR", "Medikit", "Medikit", "FirstAidKit", "ToolKit" ]; vehicleAddition2 = [ "Chemlight_blue", "Chemlight_green", "Chemlight_yellow", "Chemlight_red" ]; 2. Second question would i compile this code above into an sqf and call it from the missions init. Sorry new at coding and trying to figure this out. Once again Thank You! Any insight you have is highly appreciated.