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  1. Firewall233

    showGPS false

    Thank you Harzach! Your code works fine as it cover the minimap.GUI is a difficult part for me.I will spend some time on learning these codes.Try to cover the position and direction message as well.
  2. Firewall233

    showGPS false

    I've noticed this topic.Actually I can't completely understand what they are talking about.But your advice is very helpful.At least I can try to make a small rectangle on the screen. Thanks!!!
  3. Firewall233

    showGPS false

    I looked up this "enableInfoPanelComponent" command.Seems that it will prevent left or right panel to show up.But it's not exactly what I'm trying to do.My idea is that, your GPS will show up with correct information like you position and direciton at beginning. And suddenly it will display some incorrect info,such as wrong position and time,maybe with wrong minimap displaying.And sometimes later or when some conditions met your GPS will back to normal and show up correct information.You will always find out you do have a GPS item but it just don't work properly. After look up "GPS" as keyword in forum,I think maybe the only way to realize my idea is to configure some GUI to override GPS display.But I can't figure out how to do it.T_T Thanks for your suggestion anyway.^_^
  4. Firewall233

    showGPS false

    I 'm trying to do this lately.I find a function named BIS_fnc_customGPSVideo but the example will not work properly even I replaced the video path.Hope this will help (although didn't work for me).
  5. Firewall233

    Problems with Terrain Editing

    I will start all over again if I find out my work is completely a mess.lol.Thanks for your advices again!
  6. Firewall233

    Problems with Terrain Editing

    I mounted P drive with a .bat file as the pmc tutorial said.Actually I don't know exactly how to mount P drive via Arma3 tools. 😛 (I do believe this problem was caused by my incorrect way of mounting P drive.But I don't know which part was wrong.T_T) I don't think I was using Arma3 tools before using .bat file. I will check if this .paa file exists in P drive.Thank you for reminding me this!!!!!!!! I recently found another tutorial on ArmaDoc.I was trying to figure out how to create a new terrain by this way.Maybe I will try to combing both pmc and armadocs ways to find out if its going to work. Again,thanks for your reply.😀
  7. Firewall233

    Problems with Terrain Editing

    Unfortunately, I can't easily use discord .And yes,I did setup the P drive as the tutorial said. Anyway,thanks for reply^_^.
  8. Firewall233

    Making jumpscares in arma3

    Hi,I was thinking about that earlier.Maybe you should check out this command .I never tried it in my mission so no guarantees. 😄
  9. Firewall233

    Problems with Terrain Editing

    Any suggestion will be appreciated!
  10. Hi guys, I'm a new guy to Arma3 terrain building.I followed pmc terrain edit tutorial.Everything went fine until I tried to binarize my terrain folder with pboProject.It seems that some GDT files are missing(maybe other files are missing too).But I don't know how to solve it.I did exactly what tutorial tell me to do. Do you have any idea on this problem? Here's what "Dos window" said: scanning for pbos to make.... Processing \tut\tut_tutorial_terrain... <scanning files to pack> validating \tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\source\layers.cfg ok . <building a land class list from unbinarised wrp contents> </land_class> .......................... </endscan> Warning, a source\ folder has been moved, do not stop this process till finished using bis "binarize_x64.exe" for wrp, p3d or rtms removing stale files in temp (if any) <copying/crunching to temp> .......................... <rebuilding cfgworlds> . </end copy/crunch> <searching for cfgWorlds.tut_tutorial_terrain> <Bis Binarising...> </Bis binarise> stripping "P:\temp\tut_tutorial_terrain.bin.log" /endstrip Binarise found 'warnings'. View the binlog The source\ folder has been restored. It is now 'ok' to exit if you need to. <updating temp with prebinarised files (if any)> </prebinarised> <MakePbo...> ***warning***:PboPrefix.txt and $PBOPREFIX$ (no ext) have been deprecated Use $PBOPREFIX$.txt instead rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_000-000_L00.rvmat circa Line 81: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_000-000_L00.rvmat circa Line 86: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_co.paa rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_000-001_L00.rvmat circa Line 81: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_000-001_L00.rvmat circa Line 86: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_co.paa rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_001-000_L00.rvmat circa Line 81: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_001-000_L00.rvmat circa Line 86: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_co.paa rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_001-001_L00.rvmat circa Line 81: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\layers\P_001-001_L00.rvmat circa Line 86: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_co.paa rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\tut_grass_green.rvmat circa Line 13: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa P:\temp\tut\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\tut_grass_green.rvmat circa Line 26: a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_co.paa rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** rapWarning: **********missing file(s)*************** Missing File Summary P_000-000_L00.rvmat : a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa P_000-000_L00.rvmat : a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_co.paa missing file(s) </MakePbo> makepbo failed: missing file(s) tut_tutorial_terrain.pbo not produced due to error(s) Job(s) completed in 1secs on Wed Dec 22 01:54:09 2021
  11. Thank you so much for your advices and especially for basic trigger knowledge!!!!!!! I get your point and I will try to run my code by these ways.😁
  12. Hi,guys I want to create a trigger that can simply teleport someone whoever enters the trigger from some place to another place.Here is what I wrote in trigger's OnActivation: thisList select 0 execVM "teleport.sqf" And here's "teleport.sqf" _victim = _this; _index = round random 2; _range = 5; _dir = random 360; _posSphere_1 = getMarkerPos "marker_Sphere_1"; _posSphere_2 = getMarkerPos "marker_Sphere_2"; _posSphere_3 = getMarkerPos "marker_Sphere_3"; _pos = [_posSphere_1,_posSphere_2,_posSphere_3] select _index; _id = clientOwner; //maybe "clientOwner" returned 0 to "_id" so cutText executed on every client [["","BLACK OUT"]] remoteExec ["cutText",_id,false]; sleep 4; removeAllAssignedItems _victim; _victim unlinkItem "ItemGPS"; _victim unlinkItem "ItemMap"; _victim unlinkItem "ItemWatch"; _victim unlinkItem "ItemCompass"; removeAllWeapons _victim; removeAllItemsWithMagazines _victim; _victim setPos _pos; sleep 4; [["succeeded","BLACK IN",5]] remoteExec ["cutText",_id,false]; I tested this code with a friend (on a dedicated server) and it turned out "BLACK OUT" effect and "BLACK IN" effect worked not only on the client who activated the trigger but also the one who didn't. I didn't know how remoteExec works in this code so I try to find solutions in BI forums and I got nothing.I sincerely hope you can help me.