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  1. Hi,guys I want to create a trigger that can simply teleport someone whoever enters the trigger from some place to another place.Here is what I wrote in trigger's OnActivation: thisList select 0 execVM "teleport.sqf" And here's "teleport.sqf" _victim = _this; _index = round random 2; _range = 5; _dir = random 360; _posSphere_1 = getMarkerPos "marker_Sphere_1"; _posSphere_2 = getMarkerPos "marker_Sphere_2"; _posSphere_3 = getMarkerPos "marker_Sphere_3"; _pos = [_posSphere_1,_posSphere_2,_posSphere_3] select _index; _id = clientOwner; //maybe "clientOwner" returned 0 to "_id" so cutText executed on every client [["","BLACK OUT"]] remoteExec ["cutText",_id,false]; sleep 4; removeAllAssignedItems _victim; _victim unlinkItem "ItemGPS"; _victim unlinkItem "ItemMap"; _victim unlinkItem "ItemWatch"; _victim unlinkItem "ItemCompass"; removeAllWeapons _victim; removeAllItemsWithMagazines _victim; _victim setPos _pos; sleep 4; [["succeeded","BLACK IN",5]] remoteExec ["cutText",_id,false]; I tested this code with a friend (on a dedicated server) and it turned out "BLACK OUT" effect and "BLACK IN" effect worked not only on the client who activated the trigger but also the one who didn't. I didn't know how remoteExec works in this code so I try to find solutions in BI forums and I got nothing.I sincerely hope you can help me.