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  1. PMC 51km Desert

    Yes but not in the sense what you mean. I am no longer editing for arma2 but currently I'm working on PMC 51km Desert for arma3 instead. In fact it was almost exactly one year ago when I moved from arma2 to arma3. So yeah, no arma2 releases from PMC anymore. Sorry.
  2. Jets DLC Terrains

    All PMC Real World Data Terrain project terrains have now been released. You can find them from PMC Tactical ArmA 3 website, also read online manual: PMC Addons/Mods Online Manuals: Real World Data Terrains. Please keep seeding those torrents, if you're going to download these releases at least bare minimum seed to 1:1 ratio so you wont be a leech, thanks. And thank you for everyone who has been seeding, especially to Dscha who has been keeping up torrent/http mirror for PMC releases.
  3. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain

    Brand new re-written real world data terrain tutorial has been added! Note this uses the same link as the old one, so dont get confused if you see it as visited already. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Real World Data Terrain Tutorial Let me know if the images are too heavy or blurry, capturing them in 4k and getting to 1000 pixel web format is new to me heh.
  4. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain

    PMC websites were migrated to a new IP, so they might be down for some people until the DNS zone cache is distributed across the internet. Sites should be back in normal operation in a day or so. Just wanted to let everyone know. Edit: my own firefox cache/etc has been now updated and PMC Editing WIki as well as PMC Tactical is working normally. Hope they work for everyone else too.
  5. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain

    New PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Object Placement page added.
  6. Check out PMC Editing Wiki: Map Builder page for some basic user guide info.
  7. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Syria Damascus v0.1.2 has been released! - ocean depths -5m to -50m fixed - water creeping through land fixed This terrain is now phase 4 complete. BTW because I dont want to double post here, I'll post all news to PMC Tactical ArmA 3 and Official release topic, be sure to check them out if you want to keep up to date.
  8. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Iraq Tal Afar v0.1 has been released! - brand new 81km x 81km terrain Iraq army just announced victory over Daesh (ISIS) in city of Tal Afar, so naturally we had to include it in our arma3 terrain catalogue :)
  9. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Terrain Development footage of pretty much all of the CUP chernarus style vegetation objects using terrains which were made for phase 5. There are also village / city and military buildings placed. Normally you would not use shapefile areas to place buildings because its random placement and ugly, however for the scope of these large "fly boy" terrains it will work pretty nicely. Also this is developer video where I actually see and point out bugs and issues, this is not final product video. 4k video includes terrains from: balkans, europe, georgia, korea and ukraine. There are no title texts, no fine editing as I just used avidemux to merge all clips together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGXNavMhx6Y
  10. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain

    Many new edits since last post, but just now I added two new pages and files, well worth to check out: PMC Editing Wiki: Terrain Builder Template Libraries PMC Editing Wiki: Terrain Processor Templates Also worth to note that for some odd reason google is not indexing our Terrain Builder page which has tons of good information, so I would recommend doing search on PMC Editing Wiki instead of google if you cannot find some info.
  11. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Libya Sirte, Tripoli and Somalia Kismaayo v0.1.2 have been released! - ocean depths -5m to -50m fixed - water creeping through land fixed These terrains are now phase 4 complete.
  12. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Libya Msallata v0.1.2 has been released! - ocean depths -5m to -50m fixed - water creeping through land fixed This terrain is now phase 4 complete.
  13. Great job NeoArmageddon, very much appreciated, thank you!
  14. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Libya Benghazi v0.1.2 has been released! - ocean depths -5m to -50m fixed - water creeping through land fixed This terrain is now phase 4 complete.
  15. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Libya, Ajdabiya v0.1.2 has been released! Ocean depths set from -5m to -50m elevations, this terrain is now phase 4 completed. Yes. Are you local there? Maybe you could help me with some real life data, like how deep is the lake in average? Also could anyone translate Balkan terrain location / place names to english characters? If so please join https://discord.gg/arma and I can send CSV text file of the names. Satellite textures are 2 meters / pixel, which is good quality.