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  1. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Yemen Mocha v0.1 Join chat in Discord PMC Server. Download from PMC Tactical ArmA 3.
  2. Jets DLC Terrains

    I usually dont do these teaser things like now that uploaded video to youtube and release is scheduled more than week(s) away, but the good thing is that its all done and tested, it will be released when schedule permits. After you read the first post and understand the scope of this project, the answer is: all of them. I have changed my populated places object placement thinking a bit, I do not want to create those randomly placed buildings according to openstreetmap shapes anymore, I want to manually place buildings now. This was already done on very small part of Iraq Al Qaim city, the western end of the city has buildings, walls and decoration placed all by hand. Obviously having 100+ terrains and probably over thousand populated places, its impossible to manually place objects everywhere... but we'll see what happens in the future. Everyone of course is welcome to join and help me to place some objects, you dont need any tools or even much of skills, all it takes is eden mission editor and CUP and/or PMC Opteryx Objects addons :) Its been several months since I edited or played Damascus, but by default it should have roads, is it missing roads then? If there is something else wrong with the Damascus roads please let me know so I know what to look for.
  3. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Yemen Sanaa v0.1 Join chat in Discord PMC Server. Download from PMC Tactical ArmA 3.
  4. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Iraq Al Qaim v0.1 Join chat in Discord PMC Server. Download from PMC Tactical ArmA 3.
  5. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Yemen, Aden v0.1 Download from PMC Tactical ArmA 3.
  6. Jets DLC Terrains

    They are all playable, they work fine. However I assume you mean which one has most objects placed, well all have objects placed but the populated places like villages and cities are done with random placement which looks ugly. Also they are from openstreetmap shapes so some cities are lacking objects depending how good coverage the shapes are. But I would say ukraine terrains look real nice as they have a lot of pretty thick forests and the randomly placed chernarus objects for villages, cities and industrial areas. I could describe that ukraine terrains "look busy" regarding object placement. Check it out yourself from our youtube channel, there are videos featuring ukraine.
  7. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Terrain Development, new terrains: Yemen Aden https://youtu.be/eQEh1LQZiXs Iran Keshvar https://youtu.be/DJdlZJX336o Iran Kharg 15.3km https://youtu.be/9a90SBd3vAE Iran Strait of Hormuz 204km https://youtu.be/LSCdjBWeMcs Yemen Al Bayda https://youtu.be/uxyJUGO_jNg Yemen Sana'a https://youtu.be/wZpQ_37la2k Iraq Al Qaim Demo https://youtu.be/vDl8sTTqobg How objects are placed: Iraq Al Qaim Object Placement https://youtu.be/fs9gi5bufGo
  8. PMC Opteryx Objects v0.3 has been released! - geometry issues fixed (cannot pass through buildings anymore) - added eden mission editor preview images See PMC Addons/Mods Online Manuals for full changelog, download from PMC Tactical Arma 3 Downloads page.
  9. Jets DLC Terrains

    All of these terrains require PMC Terrain Data addon. Then some require PMC Opteryx Objects and CUP terrains core. By some I mean... I dont remember which heh, its listed on the terrains manual page. Everyone should have CUP as standard addon, so just grab PMC Opteryx Objects and you're all set.
  10. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Iran Jahrom v0.1 PMC Somalia Bosaso v0.1 Download from PMC Tactical ArmA 3.
  11. Jets DLC Terrains

    PMC Iran Jahrom 163km terrain (unreleased as of today) Also uploaded couple of other videos yesterday, check them out at https://www.youtube.com/user/pmcsince1984
  12. PMC 51km Desert

    Yes but not in the sense what you mean. I am no longer editing for arma2 but currently I'm working on PMC 51km Desert for arma3 instead. In fact it was almost exactly one year ago when I moved from arma2 to arma3. So yeah, no arma2 releases from PMC anymore. Sorry.
  13. Jets DLC Terrains

    All PMC Real World Data Terrain project terrains have now been released. You can find them from PMC Tactical ArmA 3 website, also read online manual: PMC Addons/Mods Online Manuals: Real World Data Terrains. Please keep seeding those torrents, if you're going to download these releases at least bare minimum seed to 1:1 ratio so you wont be a leech, thanks. And thank you for everyone who has been seeding, especially to Dscha who has been keeping up torrent/http mirror for PMC releases.
  14. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain

    Brand new re-written real world data terrain tutorial has been added! Note this uses the same link as the old one, so dont get confused if you see it as visited already. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Real World Data Terrain Tutorial Let me know if the images are too heavy or blurry, capturing them in 4k and getting to 1000 pixel web format is new to me heh.
  15. PMC Editing Wiki: ArmA 3 Terrain

    PMC websites were migrated to a new IP, so they might be down for some people until the DNS zone cache is distributed across the internet. Sites should be back in normal operation in a day or so. Just wanted to let everyone know. Edit: my own firefox cache/etc has been now updated and PMC Editing WIki as well as PMC Tactical is working normally. Hope they work for everyone else too.