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  1. Hello all. Even since last update were made around 2016 dec, Duala Conflict dedicated Mission Server is still getting strong each and evereday! However, since group is very focused on the mission, you need you to apply for membership for the Rockabilly Duala Server to get access. This is because the mission which is a progress of almost 10y of work needs only dedicated warriors. But also good news is to income. Whenever Bi Studios is going to VR-world, Duala Conflict is going to follow. And more but not less, we are going to follow Arma on 1.64 final update. Mr. Haz is going to help us on that a lot! Lol! Thank you all,and hope to see you in a future of Arma VR world next time ;) Maltti Rockabilly House Server
  2. maltti

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    Well, since VBS has already support for VR, there should not be any major reason why Arma wouldn´t have VR support as well. And for those who wonder how ever you could play Arma without keyboard and hundreds of different key combinations, think how things are done in real world. Use your hands/feet to do things, speech recognition (done already years ago by some mod makers) and so on. Sure, not everybody wants to get up on their feet, but then again, you can´t please everybody, ever. But, VR is here to stay, and its growing rapidly, with or without Arma. Maltti
  3. I'm afraid that neoarmageddon has abandoned us about this subject :( Maltti
  4. maltti

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Really cool! Waiting for the first releases :)
  5. Sure, but no doubt that Arma world would fit perfectly in to the VR world too. Onward has proven that already. Of course not all "themes" in Arma would not be perfect fit to VR, but then again.. since OFP times this game has been outstanding what becomes to open sandbox standards. BIS needs just to make VR core, and community will take care of the rest. Maltti Rockabilly House Server
  6. Seems that no updated news from BIS to this? Maltti
  7. Hello Icebreakr. Is there going to be vehicles/aircrafts included in some future versions what there is in A2 version? Maltti / Rockabilly House Server
  8. maltti

    Evolution 3

    Very nice! Maltti
  9. Guess not, official v1.62 needed. Maltti Rockabilly House Server
  10. Since Isla Duala for A3 is not yet completed, Rockabilly Houser Server will keep A2 version up 24h until then. Maltti Rockabilly House Server
  11. Well done so far Icy... Can we expect to see rest of the units (civs, angrymob) and vehicles in Near future releases as well? Classnames would be also nice to include, since there´s new units included. Maltti The Rockabilly House Server
  12. Excellent work Icebreakr! This has been a long waited release. You have deserved some holidays for this! Maltti Rockabilly House Server
  13. Up! Any new information about Duala for Arma3? If it seems to be far in future, that would be also good to know... Maltti Rockabilly House Server
  14. There was an firewall issue preventing some player to join Server. This has been fixed now, so once again, welcome. Maltti Rockabilly House Server
  15. Just to let you know, if there is any of those who hasn't gone for 1.63 Steam. Duala Conflict multiplayer mission is serving at address (port 2302) (been on-line since 2011). Using 1.62 official of Arma. Requirements: - Arma 2 & Arrowhead - Isla Duala addon (www.icebreakr.info) Maltti Rockabilly House Server