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  1. (vehicle player) animateSource ["beacons", 1]; (vehicle player) animateSource ["startbeaconlight", 1]; (vehicle player) switchLight "on"; Offroad Comms GEN ^ (vehicle player) animateSource ["beacons", 1]; Offroad GEN ^ Video showing how to find out the animateSource: If you wanted to override the standard action behaviour to not turn on the headlights (pointless as you can't see the orange beacon on the Offroad Comms if the headlights are not on): inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", " if (_this select 4 == 'Beacons On') then { _this select 0 animateSource ['beacons', 1]; _this select 0 animateSource ['startbeaconlight', 1]; true }; "];
  2. @Larrow - Can you share your version for all? Yours was a bit better. I remember you got the loop to work but couldn't figure out the JIP issue either. Possibly A3 limitation?
  3. Sorry. Been away and busy... Someone added me on Steam recently and informed me. Here is a new link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19VYYq5WXzUdU-MB22lLjEo95SQJldD1J/view?usp=sharing
  4. Reading my own comment regarding #include, I just remembered another thing though it's been a while so it's either Mikero Tools or another one but thought I'd share anyway. For some reason, in .hpp files (inside classes), using true or false keyword causes issues with packing. A simple fix is to either change to 1/0 or add the #define to the top of the file. #define true 1 #define false 0
  5. I don't think caps should be forced for script command usage but for radio messages either force to caps or at least fix the grammar haha. In the screenshot posted above by Miksuu11, it looks really odd. @Miksuu11 Are you running the modset for that server? I am aware there is one, I can't recall if it has any changes to font UI or not. I haven't never noticed it myself in the past. Haven't played the game for quite a while now though.
  6. HazJ

    Authority 20 player coop.

    When using CBA, the View Distance Settings action isn't added. For those that didn't know, here is how you open the VD UI. @kdjac 😋 These are the default keys. Feel free to change.
  7. You can override the scoring issues. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#HandleHandleScore
  8. HazJ

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Just to confirm, the force save button does not do anything as Tank said. It does however show a hint saying force saved. Disregard this. If you complete an airfield (auto saves) then half do a town and restart. The new town may not be the same. Future plans include half progression saving and possibly route as well. Copied from the original ticket:
  9. HazJ

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    This must of slipped past QA/Testing... Understandable as I could only reproduce once. 😋 https://i.imgur.com/uS6f6vn.jpg Been using custom FOV for well over a year. This doesn't look right... (POSSIBLE SPOILER: from Contact campaign) https://i.imgur.com/a1T76zE.jpg
  10. They do. Just not when packing with Mikero Tools...
  11. Hey @mikero - Having multiple #include in the description.ext file causes the mission to crash on server start, the issue is something to do with the way they are packed, not sure what exactly causes it. Maybe some formatting? When I use another PBO packer, no issues. The PBO is created without any errors. #include "Sounds\description.ext" //--- Header contains the mission tite. #include "Rsc\Header.hpp" //--- Styles #include "Rsc\Styles.hpp" //--- Parameters contains the mission parameters. #include "Rsc\Parameters.hpp" //--- Ressource contains the dialog ressources. #include "Rsc\Ressources.hpp" //--- Dialogs contain all the interfaces (dialogs). #include "Rsc\Dialogs.hpp" //--- Titles contains the titles (overlay). #include "Rsc\Titles.hpp" EDIT: Not my code. I guess there are strict rules when using MakePbo. #include "macros.hpp" #include "Configuration\Header.hpp" #include "Configuration\CfgSounds.hpp" //--- Header contains the mission tite. //--- Include Identities (OA/CO Only). #ifndef VANILLA #include "Configuration\Identities.hpp" #endif #include "Configuration\Parameters.hpp" //--- Styles #include "Rsc\Styles.hpp" //--- Parameters contains the mission parameters. //--- Ressource contains the dialog ressources. #include "Rsc\Resources.hpp" //--- Dialogs contain all the interfaces (dialogs). #include "Rsc\Dialogs.hpp" //--- Titles contains the titles (overlay). #include "Rsc\Titles.hpp" EDIT 2: I spoke too soon. Instant crashing. I get: ErrorMessage: Include file macros.hpp not found. The file exists, in root and in Configuration folder (just in case). Even though it isn't called from there.
  12. HazJ

    [RELEASE] Notification System

    Nice work. Looks great. Don't have to get around to re-writing mine now! Everyone can just use this. 🤣🤣🤣
  13. HazJ

    Can't save a .sqf file

    I use 0: 0 = [] 😁
  14. Damn! Thanks, knew it was something simple. Didn't bother to check type, just assumed. Always a bad idea to do so haha. Thanks.