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  1. What is the task name? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination ["yourTaskName", [getPos aircraftCarrier select 0, getPos aircraftCarrier select 1, (getPos aircraftCarrier select 2) - 50]] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; Where aircraftCarrier is the var name of it. Not sure how it gets the position. If it uses getPos and it still is positioned in the air then it is related to the box model I assume so you will have to offset it. Not tested!
  2. Warlords

    Or simply... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableRadio https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableSentences
  3. They see me rollin'... Authority, no mods.
  4. Warlords

    @Jezuro - Sector scan terminated! May want to get this one fixed... Official BI US server.
  5. Ravage Mod

    I can't really take credit. It is your script, I just tweaked/fixed a few simple things. Thanks though! Hehe.
  6. Glad you got it working. // Also important I think: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  7. Just gonna put this here: @Grumpy Old Man
  8. I'm famous now? We do not have mind reading powers though I do like to imagine. "brainboy" - I'd like to know what goes on in there hehe. As @Dedmen / @HazJ (lol - tag myself) said - Don't expect people to do it for you. You are coming across with a seriously bad attitude and that sh*t won't fly here pal. If your English is that bad then make a short video / show some useful screenshots. Good luck.
  9. Back again... No luck. @NeoArmageddon startLoadingScreen ["Authority mission is setting up. Please wait...", "rsc_loadingScreen"]; [missionNamespace, "BIS_fnc_playVideo_stopped", { diag_log ":::: Video stopped!"; // This isn't even being executed }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler; waitUntil {initserverfinished}; endLoadingScreen; Just to clarify... I am not just showing the video in-game at any time. It is specific to loading screen. See startLoadingScreen command. loops = 1; This doesn't actually loop. It is more show X times. class rsc_loadingScreen { idd = 12345; duration = 10e10; fadein = 0; fadeout = 0; class controlsBackground { class videoOverlay : RscVideo { idc = 3575; x = safezoneX; y = safezoneY; w = safezoneW; h = safezoneH; loops = 1; video = __EVAL(selectRandom ["\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_hub_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_in_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m02_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m03_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m04_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m05_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_out_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_hub01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m02_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m03_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m06_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_out2_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_ea_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_eb_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_in1_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_in2_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_m01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_m02_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_out1_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_in2_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m05_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m02_1_quotation.ogv"]); text = __EVAL(selectRandom ["\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_hub_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_in_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m02_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m03_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m04_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_m05_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_out_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_hub01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m02_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m03_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m06_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_out2_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_ea_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_eb_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_in1_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_in2_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_m01_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_m02_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\c_out1_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\a_in2_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m05_quotation.ogv", "\a3\missions_f_epa\video\b_m02_1_quotation.ogv"]); }; }; class controls { }; }; - ctrlSetText has no affect - BIS_fnc_playVideo doesn't affect the control itself and even then it doesn't work as intended (see video a few posts up) - Tried creating the whole thing again using ctrlCreate with no joy either EDIT: Looking over the Wiki again, I think I got the syntax mixed with BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler and BIS_fnc_playVideo? I think: missionNamespace "BIS_fnc_playVideo_started" [_video] missionNamespace "BIS_fnc_playVideo_stopped" [_video] Are specific to BIS_fnc_playVideo which isn't gonna help me either...
  10. [MP] co40 Domination!

    You are more likely get a reply in the Discord. @Gunter Severloh - Yes. The whole side mission changed. I believe the markers are still there except the naming has changed. I think you can pass some type to it. d_sm_steal - Something like this? Can't remember exactly as I do not really play it anymore nor edit with it. A bit bored of the repetitive thing. That and also I played it since A1. lol. Having fun working on and playing Authority.
  11. @Dedmen - Half trigger... See below. createHalfTrigger https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createHalfTrigger
  12. Alternative method would be just publicVariable/publicVariableClient the terminal variable, ditch the remoteExec and create addAction locally when joining (initPlayerLocal). All down to you, many possible ways for most things. Not all are best approach, depends for certain situations.