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  1. Very nice! Are you using RscMapControl with heavily modified base defines for squad radar?
  2. @Larrow - Pure genius!
  3. As I stated, it worked for me but I only tested in SP Eden so I guess it must be MP only related. Try this: player addEventHandler ["WeaponDisassembled", { params ["_unit", "_primaryBag", "_secondaryBag"]; deleteMarker format ["%1 (%2)", getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _primaryBag) >> "displayName"), (name _unit)]; hintSilent format ["Marker deleted: %1 (%2)", getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _primaryBag) >> "displayName"), (name _unit)]; }];
  4. Ah yes. Look: _ClearArea1A = "clearArea_2","clearArea_3","clearArea_4","clearArea_5","clearArea_6"; // Should be: _ClearArea1A = ["clearArea_2", "clearArea_3", "clearArea_4", "clearArea_5", "clearArea_6"]; {hideObjectGlobal _x;} forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _ClearArea1A),[],(getMarkerSize _ClearArea1A)select 0,false]; // Should be: { hideObjectGlobal _x; } forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _ClearArea1A select 0), [], (getMarkerSize _ClearArea1A select 0)]; // This will only use the first marker, I would just use one big marker... Try this: private _area = "areaMkr"; { _x allowDamage false; hideObjectGlobal _x; } forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _area), [], 200, false]; deleteMarker _area;
  5. @Drift_91 - Which objects aren't hiding and where about are they on the map? Altis/Stratis/etc?
  6. @mrempireman - NOTE: This method would require the player to be looking directly at the target, on the cursor. You could also try: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/targetKnowledge
  7. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/178184-playsound3d-and-vanilla-sound-list/?do=findComment&comment=3103702
  8. ai dive bomb in vtol

    I do not recommend using disableAI for obvious reasons. The setBehaviour command should do what you want. _crew setBehaviour "CARELESS"; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setBehaviour Enemy will still shoot at the VTOL. The VTOL will just fly around clueless, lol. Remember to change to COMBAT or whatever if you want it to engage targets again. To prevent enemy shooting at it, use setCaptive command: _pilot setCaptive true; // captive _pilot setCaptive false; // not captive
  9. You need to use nearestTerrainObjects for that. Example on Wiki. Ask if you get stuck or have any further questions. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearestTerrainObjects
  10. Solved! Not possible to do what I actually wanted: Convert STRING to GROUP I didn't actually need to use lbSetData or lbSetValue in the end in this case because I populate the listbox in order from added to array. I used lbCurSel: private _groupSelected = groups select (lbCurSel _groupList) select 1;
  11. Hm. Seems to work fine for me. Though then again, I have only tested with "Camp (Dome Tent)" type and in Eden SP, not MP. Can you provide more information please? If it the issue persists then you can probably use WeaponDisassembled EH with some code to delete the marker.
  12. I placed myself down in Eden with an AI named Bov. Then placed a basic weapons box near. In debug: box = (Bov nearObjects ["ReammoBox_F", 25]) select 0; boxContents = weaponCargo box; randomWeapon = boxContents select (random (count boxContents)); hintSilent format ["> %1", randomWeapon]; Bov action ["TakeWeapon", box, randomWeapon]; You can't put code inside by the way. Syntax is as followed: unit action ["TakeWeapon", vehicle, weaponName]; Vehicle is the object the weapon is being taken from, in this case it is: box
  13. Hi all, I am in the process of making my own group management but have come across an issue. I can't seem to get the group from lbData command. When I hint the data type it comes back as STRING instead of GROUP but when I do it with getVariable it shows fine. Here's a quick vidoe that I hope shows my problem: // Create test (DUMMY) group testGroup = createGroup blufor; testGroup setGroupIdGlobal ["Test Group"]; // Add the heroic and awesome "Bov" to the group Bov = testGroup createUnit ["B_RangeMaster_F", [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "FORM"]; // Add the above group data to the groups array groups = [["Test Group", testGroup]]; // Not full code, just a snippet... { _groupName = _x select 0; _group = _x select 1; _index = _groupList lbAdd format ["%1", _groupName]; _groupList lbSetData [_index, (format ["%1", _group])]; } forEach groups; // Another file, snippet code... private _groupSelected = _groupList lbData 0; // hintSilent format ["Group Selected > %1 || %2", _groupSelected, typeName (call compile _groupSelected)]; // The above is wrong, had that in the video example, my bad hintSilent format ["Group Selected > %1 || %2", _groupSelected, typeName _groupSelected]; [player] joinSilent (call compile _groupSelected); When I do this: ((player getVariable "groupData") select 1) Works, joins me to the group. typeName ((player getVariable "groupData") select 1) Data type returns GROUP as well.
  14. Deleting map markers

    Yeah, it is possible but not via scripting. I didn't bother to mention as you asked in the "Mission Editing & Scripting" section.
  15. Not dead, update is still coming. I decided to wait a little bit so I could focus on expanding this, etc... See below! Off the top of my head: - Fixed duplicate items in the list on the dialog - After pressing respawn on the button on the in-game Esc menu will show the respawn dialog - Added player name at the far right title bar in the dialog - Expanded and improved config options - Code cleanup and fixes