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  1. DAMN! Thank you @Larrow once again! Larrow'd... This works perfectly but when I open the door, the icon stays in the middle, is there a way to properly attach it so when the door opens, the icon moves with it?
  2. Hi, I am using the below code to draw an icon on a door. It works fine but there is a weird offset issue. Is there a fix for this or just a manual offset work-around? Maybe I could get position between Door_2_trigger and Door_2? See pictures below. // for quick testing drawIcon3D [MISSION_ROOT + "client\visual\unlocked.paa", [1, 1, 1, 1], [((warehouse modelToWorld (warehouse selectionPosition "Door_2_trigger")) select 0), ((warehouse modelToWorld (warehouse selectionPosition "Door_2_trigger")) select 1), ((warehouse modelToWorld (warehouse selectionPosition "Door_2_trigger")) select 2)], 1, 1, 0, "", 1, 0, "PuristaMedium"]; Door_2 Door_2_trigger
  3. Damn. Thought so. Guess I'll just use open vehicle instead.
  4. Hi, I have placed a Van (cargo) from the LoW DLC and attached a box inside. It doesn't show when I sit in the back or in the front, it does show when I look in the van mirror. Is there a work-around or fix for this? Any ideas? EDIT: Have side or back doors open fixes the issue however obviously I want it to stay like that when closed. Is there anyway to trick animation state so doors close but still read as closed?
  5. GUI on top

    If it is just a message like a hintSilent but custom then you can just use cutRsc command. Read the note from KK: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createDialog if you can share your code then we may be able to help you better.
  6. No problem. I have my own app that obfuscates the code. I then use Maverick's ObfuSQF tool to lock. https://armaservices.maverick-applications.com/Products/Obfuscator/ I forgot to mention that the .sqf files in server-side .pbo can only be called on server using execVM but if you make them into functions you can PV them to client for the to call/spawn or you can just use remoteExec command.
  7. Not possible. Put your files inside a .pbo and lock/obfuscate it.
  8. No, this isn't possible. You cannot directly execute a .sqf file located on a web server (at least to my knowledge). You can put the .sqf files server-side though. Why do you need to put them on a web server anyway?
  9. Read my post: "I had a similar issue not long ago but with vanilla as well" Backup your .vars which is located in your profile folder. Delete it and then try. Close the game before doing this.
  10. You can do the same for the others as well. author = $STR_author; onLoadName = $STR_onLoadName; onLoadMission = $STR_onLoadMission;
  11. Just keep banning if you are sure they are the same person. They will get bored of buying A3 game on new Steam account, or run out of money eventually lol!
  12. Does this only happen with mods? I had a similar issue not long ago but with vanilla as well. The solution was to restore .vars (or delete/create new one) as it corrupt somehow.
  13. You may be better using selectBestPlaces command for this instead. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectBestPlaces No need to create your own function. When you say all locations? Do you mean selects one of them? This command offers an expression parameter (argument) in which you can use for whatever you need.