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  1. You asked for "buying recruitment". I did that. I even added pricing support, etc. All you need to do is add in it. // this part... // will most likely use setVariable / getVariable // whatever that is just change the 1000 to player getVariable ["variableWhatever", 0] if (1000 < _unitPrice) exitWith { hintSilent "Insufficient funds. Purchase cancelled."; }: You also need to subtract the price from the total amount you had. private _unitPrice = lbValue [700, (lbCurSel 700)]; // use the variable above to get the price The kill reward can be added on top anyway. It is just a simple Killed EH with a few simple checks then finally setVariable. Current amount + kill reward price.
  2. You can edit the config.cpp to add UNSUNG or whichever classnames. You can also easily change this to add price. Changes below. Download and screenshot at bottom. You will need to implement your own money system if there isn't one setup in Ravage already. unitTypesWEST[] = { {"B_Soldier_SL_F", 125}, {"B_Soldier_A_F", 100}, {"B_Soldier_AR_F", 75}, {"B_Soldier_GL_F", 50}, {"B_Soldier_exp_F", 45}, {"B_Soldier_LAT_F", 35}, {"B_Soldier_AT_F", 25}, {"B_Soldier_AA_F", 15}, {"B_Medic_F", 10}, {"B_Engineer_F", 5} }; unitTypesEAST[] = { {"O_Soldier_SL_F", 125}, {"O_Soldier_A_F", 100}, {"O_Soldier_AR_F", 75}, {"O_Soldier_GL_F", 50}, {"O_Soldier_exp_F", 45}, {"O_Soldier_LAT_F", 35}, {"O_Soldier_AT_F", 25}, {"O_Soldier_AA_F", 15}, {"O_Medic_F", 10}, {"O_Engineer_F", 5} }; unitTypesGUER[] = { {"I_Soldier_SL_F", 125}, {"I_Soldier_A_F", 100}, {"I_Soldier_AR_F", 75}, {"I_Soldier_GL_F", 50}, {"I_Soldier_exp_F", 45}, {"I_Soldier_LAT_F", 35}, {"I_Soldier_AT_F", 25}, {"I_Soldier_AA_F", 15}, {"I_Medic_F", 10}, {"I_Engineer_F", 5} }; unitTypesCIV[] = { {"C_man_1", 1}, }; { private _unitType = _x select 0; private _unitPrice = _x select 1; private _displayName = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _unitType >> "displayName"); private _picture = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _unitType >> "picture"); if (count _unitTypes > 0) then { private _item = lbAdd [700, format ["%1", _displayName]]; (_display displayCtrl 700) lbSetTextRight [_item, format ["$%1", _unitPrice]]; // lbSetPicture [700, _item, _picture]; (_display displayCtrl 700) lbSetData [_forEachIndex, _unitType]; (_display displayCtrl 700) lbSetValue [_forEachIndex, _unitPrice]; lbSetCurSel [700, 0]; }; } forEach _unitTypes; private _unitType = lbData [700, (lbCurSel 700)]; private _unitPrice = lbValue [700, (lbCurSel 700)]; private _spawnType = uiNamespace getVariable ["spawnType", 0]; if (_currentAI > MAX_AI) exitWith { hintSilent "You have reached the maximum AI count."; }; if (1000 < _unitPrice) exitWith { hintSilent "Insufficient funds. Purchase cancelled."; }: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K2F24jrciWvG0orYGNvKw7CEVcN7GdCl
  3. Screenshots below! I got distracted but I'll share current 'working' build v0.1 - very early WIP version. You should be able to get some idea from it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tUg1XFvuCRY5GG8ils-5Rtv_ryRcQ0G0 I'll finish full version + Ravage version this week. Tomorrow and Friday evening I am out. Hopefully Thursday, should have time. It works as far as my tests go. Not very configurable for new users though. Some features such as AI loadout customisation is not done either, etc... Notes: fn_createAI.sqf #define MAX_AI 5 #define CHUTE_ALTITUDE 50 config_master.hpp unitTypesWEST[] = { "B_Soldier_SL_F", "B_Soldier_A_F", "B_Soldier_AR_F", "B_Soldier_GL_F", "B_Soldier_exp_F", "B_Soldier_LAT_F", "B_Soldier_AT_F", "B_Soldier_AA_F", "B_Medic_F", "B_Engineer_F" }; unitTypesEAST[] = { "O_Soldier_SL_F", "O_Soldier_A_F", "O_Soldier_AR_F", "O_Soldier_GL_F", "O_Soldier_exp_F", "O_Soldier_LAT_F", "O_Soldier_AT_F", "O_Soldier_AA_F", "O_Medic_F", "O_Engineer_F" }; unitTypesGUER[] = { "I_Soldier_SL_F", "I_Soldier_A_F", "I_Soldier_AR_F", "I_Soldier_GL_F", "I_Soldier_exp_F", "I_Soldier_LAT_F", "I_Soldier_AT_F", "I_Soldier_AA_F", "I_Medic_F", "I_Engineer_F" }; unitTypesCIV[] = { "C_man_1" }; To use: Add an action, key press or whatever. [] spawn Haz_fnc_initAIRecruitment;
  4. No. It is too embarrassing, lol. You can probably find it "somewhere" if you look. New one should be ready in an hour or so.
  5. Hehe. You actually motivated me to update a very old system for AI Recruitment I did. If you can wait a little. I'll make a separate version for Ravage as well.
  6. No worries, my bad anyway. I assume Ravage doesn't offer anything close to this feature then and that you wish to create it yourself? What is your scripting knowledge like?
  7. You might be better asking in the official related thread. Also, did you check here? http://ravage.wikia.com/wiki/Ravage_Wikia >>> http://ravage.wikia.com/wiki/Creating_a_safe_zone
  8. I was like "where are the notifications!?" Then you were like... Oh yeah. ArmA
  9. Weird. I don't ever use save so never notice this shit. I'll add that to next release. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I don't recall any sandbags with damage state model. You could create particles effect maybe though with HandleDamage. Though you would have it delete afterwards so not really what you want. Might be time consuming for something that may not be worth it.
  11. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    Even with 1. The main point was that you don't repeat your simple addXXXCargo(Global) over and over.
  12. Create mortar. Mark the target with say an object (invisible helipad). You can use marker even. There are a few ways of forcing fire. It all depends on how you set it up I guess. Check the Wiki! https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/commandArtilleryFire https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doFire https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceWeaponFire https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/fireAtTarget After fired. Create the explosion at real target using createVehicle. Adjust height and use setVelocity for the splash effect. Or you can properly set up the whole fire at target thing. Have a search on the forums. I think there are a few ready to use. You can look at those for ideas/inspiration too.
  13. Rank

    Sighhhh. Another one of these... "deleted" "failed" "stupid question" "was easy" "figured it out" "me no share" "me no care"
  14. You will be better asking here: https://www.altisliferpg.com/ To answer your question. Custom coding changes, etc. Nobody is going to do this for you. Your post has no detail what so ever. You haven't mentioned what you've tried and a load of other things missing. I especially don't help those who aren't going to try themselves / cba to learn. Good luck.
  15. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    You should use this regardless if you use random or not. Last time I looked at your code. You had unreal amount of code lines that was just repeating itself (except for the classname). Bad practice and completely unnecessary.