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  1. i think is best option: I don’t want infantry to swim in the ocean, but for some reason some spawn in the ocean. (better explained)
  2. Can you fix few thing and add? 1. Enemies do not spawn in the water, applies to all inf, light veh, heavy veh, static weapon. 2. light vehicles would also have infantry. (80% chance that there is an infantry ride)
  3. Casio91Fin

    Names of different cities

    😎 Works like a dream
  4. Casio91Fin

    Names of different cities

    now did not give an error, but also no name
  5. Casio91Fin

    Names of different cities

    _TownName = text (nearestLocations [_MissionPos, ["NameCity", "NameCityCapital", "NameVillage"], 200] #0); = "Any"? mission text ------------- (00007FF7B08441D0) ------------------- - -- - - - -- -
  6. Casio91Fin

    Names of different cities

    I do not get to work, even though I am very close to its success
  7. Casio91Fin

    Names of different cities

    Thanks for this, but it only gives me the coordinates. No village or city names. _TownName = nearestLocations [_Mission_Pos, ["NameCity", "NameCityCapital", "NameVillage"], 200]; //had to delete "text" when an error message was received why? mission text ......... ..... ..... ...... ([location namecity at 9188, 15948] = Agios Dionysios ) ..................
  8. Hey Question? how to make these three work so that there is no need to swap places with each other. _TownName = text nearestLocation [_Mission_Pos, "NameVillage"]; <<-------/NameCity / NameCityCapital / NameVillage [west, [localize "STR_CAS_Mission_Name_4", "Suomi Painaa Tehtävät"], [format [localize "STR_CAS_Mission_Text_4", _TownName], localize "STR_CAS_Mission_Name_4", ""], _Mission_Pos, true, 1, true, "danger", true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [localize "STR_CAS_Mission_Name_4", "ASSIGNED", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; SP_Mission_Pos_Residential =
  9. Hey. When I tried to try this arma 3 I got the message "Error when loading the scenario!" can you fix this? demo mission
  10. Casio91Fin

    Add a prize

    @gc8 Thank you. It works really well. initServer.sqf: addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; _killer setVariable ["numKilled", (_killer getVariable ["numKilled",0]) + 1 ]; if( (_killer getVariable ["numKilled",0]) >= 10 ) then { [_killer, 200] call HALs_money_fnc_addFunds; [_killer, +1] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; _killer setVariable ["numKilled", 0]; // Reset }; if ((_killed isKindOf "Man") and (!isPlayer _killed)) then { [_killer, 50] call HALs_money_fnc_addFunds; removeAllWeapons _killed; removeAllItems _killed; removeAllAssignedItems _killed; deleteVehicle (nearestObject [_killed, "WeaponHolderSimulated"]); }; }];
  11. How to add the prize if a player kills 10 AIs and the player gets one respawn ticket. I already have this kind of floor plan initServer.sqf: addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"]; if ((_killed isKindOf "Man") and (!isPlayer _killed)) then { [_killer, 100] call HALs_money_fnc_addFunds; removeAllWeapons _killed; removeAllItems _killed; removeAllAssignedItems _killed; deleteVehicle (nearestObject [_killed, "WeaponHolderSimulated"]); }; }];
  12. Casio91Fin

    [RELEASE] HALs Store v1.5

    Hey. @HallyG Is it possible to create a vehicle trader as well? And how about getting the items to the nearest box in the same way as to the nearest car? When an item is created in a box or vehicle. Could it also be that he who bought the object sees only what he has bought. And not the friend who might take a friend’s gun.
  13. hello. this look nice, but i dont get this working even i go step to step. Could you make a demo version? And can you make an addition to this? + after waves game comes to end. you do a good job. 👍
  14. Casio91Fin

    laptop tasks

    I try, but a few problems came up. 1. it stops downloading but no message.🙁
  15. Casio91Fin

    laptop tasks

    thank you @beno_83au helping.