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  1. Create Trigger Condition: True On Act: null=[thistrigger,50,50] execVM "RemoveGrass.sqf"; RemoveGrass.sqf _trig = _this select 0; _xpos = _this select 1; _ypos = _this select 2; _start = getpos _trig; waitUntil {not(isNil "BIS_fnc_init")}; // waits until functions are ready for "_x" from -_xpos to _xpos step 4 do { for "_i" from -_ypos to _ypos step 4 do { _newpos = [(_start select 0) + _x, (_start select 1) + _i, 0]; if ( [_trig, _newpos] call BIS_fnc_inTrigger) then { null = createVehicle ["Land_ClutterCutter_large_F", _newpos, [], 0, "can_collide"]; // creates the grass cutter }; }; };
  2. I don't know if this helps? Here are also a few extra things that you can use
  3. Casio91Fin

    Sling Load X vehicle

  4. Casio91Fin

    Sling Load X vehicle

    @pierremgi thx it working
  5. hi i need answers to this How would I make the vehicle move after touching the ground. And yes, I have looked at the forum pages for help, but others have had the same problem. here is my script I know that here there is no command for the vehicle to move to X location.
  6. Casio91Fin

    GF Missions Script

    @rainbow47 Here you can find what you need Github
  7. Casio91Fin

    Sector marker

    it's been a while since this was done, but I could ask for a small update. Can it be added that if there are an equal number of red and blue players in the same marker area, the color should be "ColorUNKNOWN". and maybe a progress bar, but not necessary (2 minute sector occupation time)🤔
  8. Emptying the boat onto the beach so that the infantry would be left on the beach to fight. the boat should not get stuck on the beach. Any ideas for boat commands? (Coop purpose similar to D-Day)
  9. Casio91Fin

    [Release] MIL_CAS

    this script is really good, but are other versions possible such as artillery and attack helicopter?
  10. Casio91Fin

    Heli shoot flares

    even i change it still it gives error.
  11. Casio91Fin

    Heli shoot flares

    this is the project where it all started
  12. Casio91Fin

    Heli shoot flares

    there was no help. There was always an error. _wp1 setWaypointStatements [ "true", "(vehicle this) LAND 'GET IN'; New_AI_Team leaveVehicle _Heli; waitUntil { ({!(alive _x) || _x in _Heli } count (units New_AI_Team)) == 0}; //after this does not work ??? [_Heli] spawn {for '_i' from 1 to (15 + (round random 10 + 5)) do {(vehicle (driver _Heli)) forceWeaponFire ['CMFlareLauncher', 'Burst']; sleep 1;}; }; "];
  13. Casio91Fin

    Heli shoot flares

    [] spawn { for '_i' from 1 to (15 + (round random 10 + 5)) do { (vehicle (driver _Heli)) forceWeaponFire ['CMFlareLauncher', 'Burst']; sleep 1; }; }; I don't know why this doesn't recognize _heli but gives an error this has been added _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true","xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"]; _Helicopter = [_SpawnHeliPosS, _dir, _SelectHelicopterType, west] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _Heli = _Helicopter select 0; is there any way to get help?
  14. There might be this � you need to remove.