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  1. Hey How to get (AI) machinegunner to shoot 30 shots after noticing the player or possibly shoot Suppressive Fire if the player is over 300 m It would be good if it is a function. Define.sqf GunsType = ["rhs_weap_pkm", "rhs_weap_mg42" ];
  2. Casio91Fin

    Pop up targets

    @sarogahtyp thank you, but the purpose is to scare the player. I found three different types of script, but with these I try to somehow get forward. But I'm trying to create something of these. If there are other ideas you can put on to come.
  3. Hey. Does anyone have any information on how to get pop up targets up, if the player is close enough. Of course, it would be good to be down at first. Is it possible to get the sound effects included. as an example: scream voice?
  4. Casio91Fin

    GF Missions Script

    (Opinion) I think that the EOS script is not working properly. Because it needs to start an enemy in a certain area right away, and does not expect that the task will come sometime after some time. - it works by somehow, but every time the task comes there will also be error messages. Is there anything to do with this? - I do not want to remove this script, because it creates excitement to the game.
  5. Casio91Fin

    GF Set Custom Loadout Script - Mod

    Question? How to lock an enemy vehicle so that a player can not taken. (Tank / APC / Armored car / plane / helicopter). AI drives that vehicle and AI can get back to that vehicle, but not the players. sry wrong page.......................................................................................................................
  6. Casio91Fin

    GF Missions Script

    # Dac is adding a different behaviour to the ai , and enchase the whole gameplay. # If you want to change your AI behavior a bit harder you should add a mission folder "Vcom AI script V3.1". I highly recommend testing the script. (you will not survive.)
  7. Casio91Fin

    GF Missions Script

    Now I can really be happy with what changes you've made, but I still wonder a few things. (1.) When all players die for some reason at the same time. And the task suddenly becomes a success and did not failed. [Is it right?] (2.) some eos script complains at the beginning of the game. (3.) some tasks are generated at the edge of the map (land tasks) (4.) Add more text to task info. for example "what to do in this task". And everything else really works well.
  8. Casio91Fin

    AI gear script for CTF

    I may do something wrong, I will try my best to find out where I do wrong. (at this minute)
  9. Casio91Fin

    AI gear script for CTF

    @HazJ I tried the script but somehow did not work at all. I'll try it again, at some point. Fortunately, there are many scripts of this type. It was great that you posted this website. That helped the future.
  10. Hello. Would be knowledge and skills. I do CTF multiplayer and AI should have the same equipment as the player. But here's the problem and how to get a functional entity. player gear (CBA_A3 and NIARms all in one) _this = player; _mag1 = selectRandom [7,9,11,13,17,21]; _mag2 = selectRandom [5,7,9,11,13]; removeAllWeapons _this; removeAllAssignedItems _this; removeAllContainers _this; removeGoggles _this; removeHeadgear _this; removeVest _this; removeUniform _this; //Clothing if (side player == east) then { _this addUniform "U_OG_Guerilla1_1"; _this addGoggles "G_Shades_Red"; _this addHeadgear "H_Booniehat_khk"; _this addVest "V_TacVest_camo"; _this addBackpack "B_TacticalPack_rgr"; _this addMagazine "SmokeShellRed"; if ((daytime < 7) or (daytime > 17)) then { _this addItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR"; _this assignItem "NVGoggles_OPFOR"; }; }; if (side player == west) then { _this addUniform "U_BG_Guerilla2_3"; _this addGoggles "G_Shades_Blue"; _this addHeadgear "H_Booniehat_oli"; _this addVest "V_TacVest_camo"; _this addBackpack "B_TacticalPack_rgr"; _this addMagazine "SmokeShellBlue"; if ((daytime < 7) or (daytime > 17)) then { _this addItem "NVGoggles"; _this assignItem "NVGoggles"; }; }; //Items _this addWeapon "ItemMap"; _this addWeapon "ItemCompass"; _this addWeapon "ItemRadio"; _this addWeapon "ItemWatch"; _this addWeapon "ItemGPS"; _this addItem "FirstAidKit"; _this addItem "FirstAidKit"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {_this addItemToBackpack "HandGrenade";}; private _weapon1 = selectRandom [ //Assault Rifles "Weapon_hlc_rifle_bcmblackjack", "hlc_rifle_honeybadger", "hlc_rifleACR_SBR_cliffhanger", "hlc_rifle_aek971", "hlc_rifle_ak47", "hlc_rifle_ak74", "hlc_rifle_akm", "hlc_rifle_aks74", "hlc_rifle_aks74u", "hlc_rifle_vendimus", "hlc_rifle_RU5562", "hlc_rifle_RU556", "hlc_rifle_auga3_b", "hlc_rifle_auga3_bl", "hlc_rifle_auga3", "hlc_rifle_bcmjack", "hlc_rifle_Bushmaster300", "hlc_rifle_M4a1carryhandle", "hlc_rifle_FAL5061Rail", "hlc_rifle_hk51", "hlc_rifle_G36C", "hlc_rifle_hk53", "hlc_rifle_416D10_ptato", "hlc_rifle_416D10_RAHG", "hlc_rifle_416D10_geissele", "hlc_rifle_416D145_wdl", "hlc_rifle_416D145_tan", "hlc_rifle_SAMR", "hlc_rifle_samr2", "hlc_rifle_M14_Rail", "hlc_rifle_RK62", "hlc_rifle_m14sopmod", "hlc_rifle_slr107u", "hlc_rifle_BAB", "hlc_rifle_416C", //Light Machine Guns "hlc_rifle_rpk", "hlc_rifle_rpk74n", "hlc_lmg_MG3", "hlc_lmg_MG42", "hlc_lmg_m60", //SMG "hlc_smg_mp510", "hlc_smg_mp5a3", "hlc_smg_mp5k_PDW", "hlc_smg_MP5N", //Sniper Rifleman "hlc_rifle_M1903A1", "hlc_rifle_M1903A1OMR", //Shotgun "hlc_rifle_saiga12k" ]; [_this,_weapon1,_mag1] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; sleep 2; //pistols private _weapon2 = selectRandom ["hlc_Pistol_M11","hlc_pistol_Mk25","hlc_pistol_P226WestGerman","hlc_Pistol_P228","hlc_Pistol_M11A1","hlc_Pistol_M11A1D","hlc_pistol_Mk25D","hlc_Pistol_mk25RX","hlc_pistol_Mk25TR","hlc_pistol_P226US","hlc_pistol_P226R","hlc_pistol_P226R_Combat","hlc_pistol_P226R_357Combat","hlc_pistol_P226R_40Combat","hlc_pistol_P226R_Elite","hlc_pistol_P226R_357Elite","hlc_pistol_P226R_40Elite","hlc_pistol_P226R_40Enox","hlc_pistol_P226R_Stainless","hlc_pistol_P226R_357","hlc_pistol_P226R_40","hlc_pistol_P229R","hlc_pistol_P229R_Combat","hlc_pistol_P229R_357Combat","hlc_pistol_P229R_40Combat","hlc_pistol_P229R_40Enox","hlc_pistol_P229R_357Stainless","hlc_pistol_P229R_357","hlc_pistol_P229R_40","hlc_pistol_P229R_Elite","hlc_pistol_P229R_357Elite","hlc_pistol_P229R_40Elite","hlc_pistol_P239","hlc_pistol_P239_357","hlc_pistol_P239_40"]; [_this,_weapon2,_mag2] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon;
  11. @HazJ This would be a model script, because it is CTF. It is quite good but not suitable for this this time. mainly I wonder how to get the hours visible. END_TIME = timelimit; //When mission should end in seconds. ELAPSED_TIME = 0; if (isServer) then { [] spawn { START_TIME = diag_tickTime; while {ELAPSED_TIME < END_TIME} do { ELAPSED_TIME = diag_tickTime - START_TIME; publicVariable "ELAPSED_TIME"; sleep 1; }; }; }; if!(isDedicated) then { [] spawn { while{ELAPSED_TIME < END_TIME} do { _time = END_TIME - ELAPSED_TIME; _finish_time_minutes = floor(_time / 60); _finish_time_seconds = floor(_time) - (60 * _finish_time_minutes); if(_finish_time_seconds < 10) then { _finish_time_seconds = format ["0%1", _finish_time_seconds]; }; if(_finish_time_minutes < 10) then { _finish_time_minutes = format ["0%1", _finish_time_minutes]; }; formatted_time = format ["%1:%2", _finish_time_minutes, _finish_time_seconds]; publicVariable "formatted_time"; sleep 1; }; }; };
  12. Hey. I've been pondering how could get exchanged via the flag textures parameters? example description: Description.ext class Params class Team_Blue_Flag { title = "BLUE: Replace the flag image"; values[] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}; texts[] = {"BLUE","Argentina","Australia","Austria","Belgium","Brazil","Canada","Chile","China"}; default = 2; }; class Team_Red_Flag { title = "RED: Replace the flag image"; values[] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}; texts[] = {"RED","Argentina","Australia","Austria","Belgium","Brazil","Canada","Chile","China"}; default = 5; }; This is what I could do, but how it are changed picture the flag?
  13. @mindstorm Hi, is this possible also to make hours?
  14. Casio91Fin

    Random weapon

    @Harzach Thanks for clearing it @Beerkan Thanks also to you. Oh God how long is it? I could not read it all at once. I'm going to study the script at some point.
  15. Casio91Fin

    Random weapon

    @Belbo 1. Yes this was a question. 2. I did not get it right to work properly, even with Arma's own original weapons 3. _this addWeapon "ItemGPS"; _this addItem "FirstAidKit"; _this addItem "FirstAidKit"; private _weapon = selectRandom ["Weapon_arifle_TRG20_F","Weapon_arifle_TRG21_F","Weapon_arifle_Mk20_plain_F","Weapon_arifle_Katiba_F","Weapon_arifle_Katiba_C_F","Weapon_LMG_Mk200_F","Weapon_arifle_MX_SW_F","Weapon_arifle_MX_SW_Black_F","Weapon_LMG_Zafir_F","Weapon_srifle_EBR_F","Weapon_srifle_DMR_01_F"]; [_this,_weapon,5] call BIS_fnc_addWeapon; /* Vanilla Weapon_arifle_TRG20_F Weapon_arifle_TRG21_F Weapon_arifle_Mk20_plain_F Weapon_arifle_Katiba_F Weapon_arifle_Katiba_C_F Weapon_LMG_Mk200_F Weapon_arifle_MX_SW_F Weapon_arifle_MX_SW_Black_F Weapon_LMG_Zafir_F Weapon_srifle_EBR_F Weapon_srifle_DMR_01_F */ I use this mod if I get to work (CBA_A3 and NIArms All in one) /* NIArms All in one Weapon_hlc_rifle_RK62 Weapon_hlc_rifle_ak47 Weapon_hlc_rifle_M4a1carryhandle Weapon_hlc_rifle_auga3 Weapon_hlc_rifle_awmagnu */