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  1. @HallyG I want to make sure, because I was unable to do this by myself: is it possible to buy (and optionally sell) vehicles with your script? I'm trying to add the vanilla quad bike with same structure as a gun, but it doesn't even show up. Anyway it is one of the most decent works I have ever seen within Arma 3 community, great work and I'm hoping you'll develop more things in your free (or paid) time. 🙂
  2. "OPFOR not expected" Mods: Uzbin Valley, RHS, CUP, POLPOX Artwork Supporter, Whiplash Static Animations, DIREONE's Relax and no combat poses
  3. GLOBAL GAMING GROUP THAT'S HOW MILSIM WORKS. > OUR DISCORD < / > OUR WEBSITE < -------------------- 3G IN A PILL---------------------- Name: Global Gaming Group Timezone: GMT+2 DST or GMT+1 Mission types: COOP and Joint Op Session times: Fri-Sun 6PM-10PM Requirements: Arma 3 and microphone How to join: discord.gg/7KkkXYE --------------------------- END ---------------------------- WHO WE ARE? Global Gaming Group (or simply 3G) is an international unit connecting both veterans and newcomers of ArmA series, military simulators' fans and gamers. We are the descendants of one of the biggest Polish ArmA 3 community that was founded in 2017. In our unit, we respect three main rules: ArmA is considered as a game, not a second life Being a unit is not a challenge, every clan is a friend of ours There's no place for any kind of toxicity 3G existence started since June 2020, yet our several years of experience allowed us not to start from a scratch. We started as a Polish unit, but we're international and everybody speaking English is welcomed to the clan. So far we have over 100 members and at least 20 regular scenarios attendants. More to add, we are not limited to ArmA series, we play many games that require cooperation and teamwork skills - Post Scriptum, Squad, Hell Let Loose, War Thunder, Foxhole, Barotrauma, DCS, Escape from Tarkov and more, but only Arma 3 is our main branch to be fair. HOW WE PLAY? Global Gaming Group can be described as a semi-milsim unit focused on heavily role-played COOP scenarios with active Zeuses and without universe limits. You can play any setting - from WW2, through present day conflicts, to future warfare like WH40k or any other Sci-Fi. On each scenario there's plenty of roles to choose and you aren't limited to any. Our mission makers develop their own modset basing on our framework, so each scenario differs in tasking and execution. Some missions are separate, some are a parts of bigger campaigns. Some are PvE, some - PvP. That's how milsim works. We also create and join Joint Operations with units from the whole globe, no matter what we do - it can be a simple PvE or a well-organized combined arms scenario. 3G plays mainly from Friday to Sunday 6PM-10PM (GMT+2 DST/ GMT+1, Polish timezone), sometimes there are smaller scenarios during the week. We also have few persistent modes available 24/7 like DRO, Escape, Liberation, Vindicta, Antistasi, OPEX, custom Patrol Ops etc. OUR REQUIREMENTS We are not a milsim unit nor a task force. We do not have any type of military hierarchy. You do not rank up from Private to Corporal. You are not limited to any specialization or a role. You don't have to pay us for a membership. You don't have to know anything about milsim/military. You don't have to attend every scenario to play or leave a LOA to live your life. All we care about are: a good teamplay, fun scenarios and many people during Arma 3 sessions. If you care about that too, than Global Gaming Group is for you. We require from you only a few things: own a legal Arma 3 copy and a working microphone play at least once per month, either COOP or Joint Op do not roster if you cannot attend try to be friendly be eager to learn new things and polish obtained skills check mentions on Discord to be up-to-date HOW TO JOIN? Joining 3G is very easy. Just follow these steps: Come to our Discord: discord.gg/7KkkXYE - It is our main community center, where you can find all info about our scenarios, server details and much more. You don't have to download an app, Discord also works from a web browser. Read the rules and verify yourself - upon joining you will be asked to read our community rules. It's a 5 minutes read and requires nearly no brains to be verified. Everything is clearly written. Pass our Mandatory Basic Training - every member of 3G gets a Recruit rank, so we can know that you are new to 3G. Our MBT covers basics of ArmA, basics of mods we use, some mandatory knowledge about milsim and a lot of info about our group and how does everything work. It's the best time to ask us any questions. Add yourself to Google Group and Arma 3 Units - access to rosters and modset is managed by our Google Group, so you need to be a part of it to be able to play. Also we require using our unit patch, especially during Joint Ops, so joining the A3Unit is mandatory. You'll be asked to do that right after the MBT. Join your first mission - and voila, now you have all access required to deploy yourself. MISSION MAKING AND TRAININGS Apart from the Mandatory Basic Training, we organize optional Specialized Trainings (called "Trainings") focused on 15 branches of Arma and military simulations: all kinds of tactis, medical knowledge, marksmanship, mission making and more. They are not required to play role on our scenarios, but they can provide you some good knowledge, so you can perform better as a desired soldier. These trainings are mostly theoretical and are a part of our Field Training Excercises (FTX), that are some kind of a practical test of more than two trainings combined. They formally look like a normal scenario, but players are assisted by our instructors to have a better view of everything that's happening. If you're interested in mission making, we can give you knowledge so you can provide us a scenario. You are not limited to any mods, just be sure that they are downloadable through Steam Workshop or available locally on our disk. Write a briefing, make an ORBAT and send us a proper announcement, and that's all. The better your scenario is, the more players will come. STILL INTERESTED? If so, then feel free to join Global Gaming Group through Discord or PM me for any details. If you want to invite us to your Joint Op, also feel free to join Discord or PM me. See you on the battlefield!
  4. Squad name: 3G / Global Gaming Group Timezone/location: GMT+2 DST, otherwise GMT+1 (Europe) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: hq@3g.wtf Website address: https://3g.wtf (Discord: discord.gg/7KkkXYE) Short description: Global Gaming Group is a multinational Arma 3 unit that plays semi-milsim PvE scenarios with a huge dose of role-play and active Zeuses. We also host and frequently join Joint Operations with units from the whole group. We do not require any money, frequent attending, there are no military ranks in 3G and there's no need to have a military/milsim experience. All we want from you is a working microphone, play at least 1 Op per month and be eager to learn new skills and polish those you already know. We are mainly Polish group but we have a non-Polish playerbase so everybody speaking English is welcomed. Language: Polish
  5. I'm going to post it here in case somebody has also encountered that problem and might have a solution for it. So basically everytime I use CFP in my scenarios (usually including RHS, CUP, NIArms, Zeus Enhanced) there's a problem with this mod's units. They respawn naked, either all of them or few that are not within dynamic simulation range of players on the mission start. CFP units placed in vehicles (like MTLB with Taliban inside that you can place in 3den) spawn as CSAT and/or are naked. Units do not react to dynamic simulation no matter what distance of it is set up. They do not regroup into a formation instantly, but spawn as a blob and after some time they try to do the formation or just stay like that until Zeus moves them. I have no clue how and why does it happen to me, I made two missions with CFP so far (IDF in Reshmaan and Taliban in Sangin as opposing forces) and each time I encountered the issues mentioned above or they caused massive server lag due to anything that could happen. If there is anybody that ever had a problem like I have right now, I could really use some help. Maybe someone has a working mission with CFP and would like to share it so I can check if it is some kind of dependency bug, or my Arma/my dedicated server.
  6. Hey, is it possible to not only choose which side's radios will be affected, but define specific radio devices? I would like to adapt the script so it would jam, as example, only blufor long-range radio XYZ, other long ranges and short ranges would work properly. I'm not a programmer and I have a minimal knowledge about such things, that's why I ask.