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  1. Radius Mods: Namalsk, EO GM GEAR, Stl-Generic Retextures-GM, TCGM_Divinities_2.0, Gliese Objects, CUP Terrains - Core, O&T Expansion Eden, Whiplash Static Animations, Enhanced Artwork Supporter And GlobMob cDLC
  2. Don't ask for updates, it is impolite and discourteous, not to mention that if you have checked author's profile you would see he's been gone since 2017. What do you need the FHQ debug for? You can use any mod that gives you access to debug console, there are dozens of them on Workshop with Simple Single Player Cheat Menu being the most popular. Download it and start the campaign with it, paste the code into the debug menu shown in Esc menu and done.
  3. If you have overriden your files and shutdown your PC in the meantime - no, you can't recover it. At least now you'll know you have to do backups if you want to replace files, although in this case replacing mission.sqm was not necessary since script literally uses two sqf files and needs only them. And give some stuff a read instead of blindly copying stuff without reading all the text and searching for things you don't understand. Code shown in OPs post shows two lines of code, one line is for hostage, second for HVT. There are also two scripts, one SQF for hostage, another SQF for HVT. Make a new mission, place player and the HVT dude named obj_HVT, save it. Go to your mission folder, put the Hvt_setup.sqf file in the same place where your mission.sqm file is. Create the init.sqf file and inside it put the line of code for obj_HVT, save it. Now in-game load your mission again (in Editor click on Open and select the mission you've been just editing), preview, it should work. If it doesn't you either didn't follow this guide to the word or script requires more editing, in this case get a cool code editor and give a read to scripting guides.
  4. honger


    Two questions. 1. Why does AI (within and outside player squad) have to wait until zombie is shot or it hits a "living" entity to engage them? If zeds are just running around, AI will observe them and change body direction but will not shoot unless they get hit, another AI/player gets hit or player kills a zombie. 2. Zombies seem to spawn only near the "main" road but ignore the smaller paths as shown on the screenshot. Since the map (Kholm) I'm making a scenario on has most of its paths made of these "brown" road types I'd like zeds to spawn there too in the same numbers. Can I do that without making a patch mod?
  5. honger


    Wrong Ravage thread lol, sorry.
  6. Hard to figure out if you don't provide a mod list you're using. And you probably haven't read previous answers as there is at least one giving a reason to this behaviour.
  7. Does it work with both versions of Gulfcoast Island? There is the CUP one and V2 that replaces modded buildings with vanilla.
  8. These are English forums so write in English (use Google Translate or Yandex if you need help with that). If your game freezes when you are loading with mods, it's these mods fault most of the time. Make sure the server actually allows you to join with your mods, check if they actually work. We can't help more because there is more than 5 mods out there, it is also hard to telepathically learn what someone is using.
  9. Mods: Kholm, Nolosha Pack Western, IFA3 AIO, Libertad AIO, Ravage
  10. It does add new content - it alters sounds. It is a clientside mode because it works without having to be implemented without mission, but it overrides sounds, just like JSRS or Dyna - and they too cause dependency issues. Don't use clientside mods for mission making because they are for clients, obviously. And it is far from being an issue.
  11. Small update to my issue Today I reinstalled Windows (reverted it to the day 1 state without deleting personal files and apps), so I assume all drivers and anything system-related got purged or at least Windows does not read it anymore. Now when driving tanks or other vehicles on Altis and Altis-vegetation-populated maps I do not get the popping sound, or at least it is not as loud as it was before. On Livonia it stopped happening when driving, sometimes can be heard when walking on different ground types (switching from road ground type to forest ground type), and almost always happens when I teleport between the "biomes" (out of 20 tries, two teleports did not cause the pop or weren't louder than environmental sound). Still no clue what is the issue but now it's more bearable. I'm not gonna install new drivers, right now I am on whatever Windows requires in its newest version + files coming with Arma 3. If it gets worse, I'll do a revert with deletion of everything on PC.
  12. honger

    Standard-Profile name

    iirc Arma 3 picks your PC/admin name as the default one, maybe from registry since changing PC or admin name doesn't change the in-game name on reinstall. So no, you can't delete that profile or change it. In main menu just create a new profile and use it from now on.
  13. honger

    Formula Arma

    When it's done - this goes for all mods and you are far from doing anything good when you're bothering people about stuff. Author's last post here was in 2019, last visit in Feb 20. A bit of courtesy wouldn't hurt.
  14. All these animations are available in vanilla so you can just use them through scripts. If you dont' want to, R3vo's 3den Enhanced has similar feature of adding ambient animations to units and they use the same set of anims.