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  1. Mods: Western Sahara DLC, Artwork Supporter + several static animation mods, African Union Police
  2. Mods: Western Sahara DLC, Artwork Supporter + several static animation mods, Argana Security Agencies
  3. Mods: Western Sahara DLC, Artwork Supporter + several static animation mods, Argana Security Agencies
  4. Mods: Western Sahara DLC, Artwork Supporter + several static animation mods, Argana Security Agencies
  5. guyfawkestom

    Community Texture Templates.

    Hello, I was not able to find a Marid template, so I did one - hope this is not redudant ! (Feel free to reuse, adapt, etc...) https://www.dropbox.com/s/rq8rsu0chxl9uh3/gft_templates_MARID.zip?dl=0 Cheers - GFT
  6. guyfawkestom

    [GFT] GuyFawkesTom Development thread

    Greetings ! Throughout the Arma 3 Photography thread, There are screenshot of a fictional Malden Civil War. As I previously mentioned, those screenshots have been an inspiration for my work on Malden Security forces (the Gardja, above). In particular, there are several depicting of the Malden Special Internal Security Forces, AKA "Death Division". Below are some prototypes reinterpretations of a personal vision of the SISF (it will be in my mod, distinct from the Gardja) SISF are elite force, while Gardja is the bulk of Malden Security forces. I retextured the Nato uniforms, the LDF vest and helmets, and I ported the XM8 from A2. I plan also to develop a classic version as the one presented in the original screenshots. Enjoy the below screenshots ! Cheers, GFT
  7. Greetings Arma people ! Alongside other projects showcased here: I have started to work on the next update of the Altis Parachute Rgt for GM. After a request from the workshop, I will add british dpm textures: Cheers, GFT
  8. guyfawkestom

    [GFT] GuyFawkesTom Development thread

    Few projects I am working on. The ETA is undetermined 🙂 Altis Parachute Regiment for GM update See the release thread! Altis Parachute Regiment 2030s I am currently working on a mini mod describing the paratroopers in 2030s version. Below is a first draft of the base paratrooper. I will probably retexture the vest for better readability. I plan also to retexture some vehicles to go along. As always I want to avoid dependencies to other mods, but will use material from DLCs and expansion. Armaverse security agencies and paramilitary organizations: Since a couple of years, I am trying to develop a series of factions representing my take on armaverse security forces. Several mods already exist but I wanted to contribute and add my vision. The mod is quite ambitious (for my skills and the time I can dedicate) and I will certainly release the content by waves, at my pace. The content (artistic license !!!) will include uniform retextures (inspired from existing urban pattern or new fictional proposals), new gear/weapons (retexture, ported from A2/or new models) and vehicles (retexture, not sure about ports). In the future, although I tried to avoid dependencies, I might develop separate mini-mods retexturing other big mods assets (naturally with agreement of the mod owners). The first faction I am developing is the Malden "Gardja", which I would describe as a gendarmerie organization. Malden does not maintain an army, therefore the mission of the Gardja is to maintain order, public security, and possibly defense of the island in case of invasion (law enforcement being Malden Police competence), although Malden has an history of hosting -more ore less willingly foreign military forces. I was quite inspired by the screenshot of the Malden Civil war in the war photography section of the forum and wanted to develop the faction with this storyline in mind.
  9. guyfawkestom

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Greetings Aegis team, and many thanks for this massive expansion of the beloved Armaverse. I would like to report an issue I have when I load both my mod under development and Aegis are loaded (only these two). Note that my mod function properly without Aegis and vice versa. It seems the chassis selection or the Zamak truk (retextured in my mod) is hidden when Aegis is there (no impact on other truck, as exemplified below). Here is my code, as you see I simply inherit from the basegame class C_truck_02_covered_F - Does Aegis modify it somehow? class C_Truck_02_covered_F; class GFT_mymod_truck_covered: C_Truck_02_covered_F { scope=2; side=2; scopeCurator=0; editorSubcategory="gft_mymod_veh_subcat"; faction="gft_sec_mymod_F"; displayName="[GFT] mymod transport truck"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\gft_mymod\truck\truck_02_kab_CO.paa", "\gft_mymod\truck\truck_02_kuz_CO.paa", "\a3\soft_f_beta\truck_02\data\truck_02_int_co.paa" }; }; I am not sure if this is a known issue - I wanted to check and report it anyway (and see if I have to implement a fix. Thanks in advance Cheers, GFT
  10. Hello, Update to inform those interested that I posted the source files (please check my initial post) Cheers, GFT
  11. Got the same issue of missing dll. I tried to copy the dll folders (x86 and x64) from Arma3 folder in the dll folder of object builder, RESTaRT computer and it seems to work now Cheers, GFT
  12. Hello Scimitar - if you are looking for exhaustiveness, kindly note I have released a GM related mod this week. Feel free to add if you think it does fit your collection! Note this is standalone (besides GM) - no need for RHS or CUP etc... Cheers! GFT
  13. Hello ArmA folks, I have posted a zip archive for those who prefers no to use the workshop; if someone has a suggestion of better repository, I am interested... thanks in advance! I have also updated the mod with an hotfix to add vehicles (and some SAS) to Zeus. Please use this thread or the one on steam workshop to report the bugs (also suggestions or other remarks). In the meantime, I am preparing the source files Cheers ! GFT
  14. Greetings ArmA Fellows ! Today I release the fisrt version of the Altis Parachute Regiment - for Global Mobilization (development thread here) Please read the info below and I hope you will enjoy it ! Cheers, GFT STEAM Item: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2066249929 7-Zip Archive (V1.01): https://we.tl/t-HW43FygtfP How to install: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Install-Non-workshop-Mods-With-the-ARMA-3-L/ NEW - Source files: Changelog: The Altis Parachute Regiment is a new faction for Global Mobilization adding troops from the airborne units (Paratroopers and SAS squadron) of the Altian armed forces during the colonial time and the cold war era (1980’s). Background: Pictures: Features: One new faction (NATO side), including Altian airborne forces and SAS squadron men Retextured Global Mobilization & A3 base game uniforms & equipment, in Fictional DPM and Brushstroke pattern, adapted from AAF camo palette New assets ported from A2: Headgear (helmets), Weapons (FAL, GPMG-like machine gun, MP5sd) Retextured Vehicles (two pattern, Altis camouflage & plain green), and new markings Static line parachute (see Credits and Acknowledgements) and scripted drop system waypoints Credits & Acknowledgments: BI Studio for the A2 source files GM team for the templates of their assets toadie2k for the FAL animation (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/163106-toadies-smallarms-and-animations-for-arma3/) Deltagamer for the Static line Parachute model and animation (see https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/181542-static-line-parachute-mod/) Killzonekid for his Paradrop functions (adapted from http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-epic-armour-drop/) IndeedPete for his templates (which I adapted ) CUP for allowing to unpack their PBOs, which allowed me to learn how to code (but I did NOT use their assets) Drongo, for his config creator Skiddy, yevgeni89 from the BI forums for their suggestions The ARMA community for collecting and sharing the documentation on modding Disclaimer: To be used at your own risks! I don' take responsibility in case of unexpected damage to your system I don't play MP, so if you encounter bug, please report and I'll try to fix it Compatibility with other mods (Alive, ACE): Not tested yet Compatibility with ZEUS: Normally yes, but not tested No other dependencies than Marksman and GM DLCs; otherwise this is standalone Known bugs/Future Plans: This is not supposed to be ultra-realistic and honestly there could be some anachronisms, but it gives my vision of a fictional unit using available assets. It is limited by my skills and the time I can spend on it, so you could probably find higher quality mods or models - still, I don't think this is redundant with existing materials. I tried however to make as neat and smooth as possible, this is the least of courtesy to the potential users. If there are any bugs to report - please let me know, and I'll try to fix it (it will be an opportunity for me to learn something new). The code of the config could probably be optimized - I have not seen any bugs, missing relationship popping up on my system, but it is always, so please let me now No Groups yet - to come in subsequent update No plans for future assets, but that could come ! I will release the source files (texture templates, ported 3d model etc...) License: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) https://i.imgur.com/wEXj2g0.png https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Please consider extra requirements if you want to reuse the Static Line Parachute (see https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/181542-static-line-parachute-mod)