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Found 16 results

  1. AveryTheKitty

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Developed in partnership with the 2035: Russian Armed Forces mod. Check them out here! Art by Mr.Mustache Steam Workshop Discord Patreon Made possible thanks to the support of my wonderful patrons. ❤️ Heliotrope, Bran Flakes, Renegade_Jonesy, Slav_Man_Shae, GeneralKong David - Mustache, CommanderCharms, Andrew Dietz, Scott Reijnders Ezzy, Florian Noé, Spess Mehreen, Pheasant-One, Krijn Lakeman, YonV Ravenholme, Buttista, Takaostar, Schuyler P Jarrett, Krytera, coolscout09 Corvid, Itsme M, Elliot Taylor
  2. So I've been working on this mission where a team gets dropped off onto a beach by a VTOL (modded MV-22 Osprey) and then it flies away into the horizon to get deleted. But the issue I keep running into is that the aircraft always flies over the landing zone (Transport Unload WP on an empty Helipad object in this case) and then suddenly stops and realises "Oh dang, I was meant to land" and then double backs and lands. Spent the past couple of days trying to figure out how to make it not do that, because it looks silly, and make it land right away. So far I've tried various combinations with waypoint timers and forcespeed, and putting the AI to careless, all to no real avail. Beyond not making it land at all and just orbit and then bump into some trees. I want to add that I don't want to use unitcapture because flying those things is an absolute pain, so is there some way to pull it off scriptwise?
  3. I am having an issue, I tried modifying Y-31 CSAT VTOL. Editing some coef, but mainly adding AWS capatibility as well as giving it a lot more munitions. Issue I ran into is this: Open Ramp option is no longer there, as well as more importantly, the radar is gone. Here is the code:
  4. In the VTOL Presentation have the CSAT with regular troops a direct confrontation with NATO expedition troops on the 10th June 2035. In APEX Protocol, was the first contact of NATO/CTRG troops with CSAT/Viper on the 13th August 2035.
  5. This bug exists since the introduction of the loiter waypoint. It makes the VTOL Gunship unusable with an AI pilot and maybe also affects Drones: The Loiter Waypoint has a setting for height, that sets height above sea level for the loiter. This works however only in the Eden Editor preview. As soon as you save/load the mission, the waypoint height value is reset to -1 and therefore disabled. The aircraft will then fly very low and copy the ground. All the scripting commands to change flightheight do not work for loiter action. This makes it impossible to use the gunship without a human pilot! I think this bug might also be related to UAVs copying ground while loitering, when being comamnded from the UAV terminal: While the UAV accepts the height you set for it in the UAV terminal, it still copies terrain even when set to 200 or 500 meters, where copying terrain is very annoying, becaue it shakes up the camera so much. I noticed, that there is also no script command for setting the loiter waypoint height, while there are commands to set loiter direction and loiter radius. I suspect, that this missing command has soemthing to do with the problem of the height not correctly registering when setting it in eden waypoint options. If you know a workaround to get a loiter with fixed height ASL, please let me know! I've again wasted countless hours to get this working, but without success... Thanks.
  6. Have you ever wanted to be able to control Flaps and VTOL angle separately without having to touch the Auto Vectoring button? Well now you can! This mod adds separate keystrokes to your in-game controls menu for Flaps Up, Flaps Down, VTOL Up and VTOL Down. The keyboard commands can then be mapped to a joystick or throttle (HOTAS) if you want. Turning "Auto Vectoring" on and off is no longer required! Instructions: Open your Controls Menu Click on Configure Addons Select "VTOL/FLAPS Controls Mod" Assign the keys OPTIONAL: You can then unmap the Vanilla FLAPS UP and FLAPS DOWN controls Keep "Auto Vectoring" mapped if you plan to use the F35 from C.U.P. so you can close the flight surfaces When you want to lower or raise flaps, hit those keys. When you want to raise or lower the VTOL angle, hit those keys. You no longer have to hit Auto Vectoring On/Off. This changes automatically. Regular (non-VTOL) planes function normally For VTOL angle to function, aircraft engine must be ON Features: Works on all vanilla planes and VTOL aircraft and CUP VTOL aircraft VTOL and FLAPS controls separated into 4 separate keypresses so you can map to separate controls on your HOTAS Very small addon (0.1 MB) customizable controls via Configure Addons menu (CBA) Future Plans: Once BI implements a command to measure VTOL angle percentage, I can probably eliminate the need for the Auto Vectoring button when using the F35. Once BI implements some way of checking if an aircraft is a VTOL aircraft such as "isVTOL", then I can make this work with all mods automatically. NOTE TO MOD MAKERS: If you have a VTOL aircraft that you'd like me to include in this mod, PM me the classname(s) of those VTOL aircraft. Dependencies: CBA_A3 Bugs: NONE Bikey: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByQshG747KqKWUNEMjRLMVRFTjg/view?usp=sharing Credits: All credits to me. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any unauthorized modification of the released files is strictly prohibited without written permission by the author(s) except in the case of fair use for the purposes of learning. In those cases, the modified files can not be released to the public. You are using these files at your own risk. Author(s) of these files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by usage of these files. Usage of these files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to usage on monetized servers. SUBSCRIBE ON STEAM HERE
  7. Don't know if anyone noticed, but the handling on the VTOL's changed. Sure, the new thrust control is awesome but you can't land a VTOL vertically down anymore. (Landing with vectoring on doesnt work anymore). Now having to land like an airplane defeats the purpose of even having a VTOL in-game. Please can you fix the vectoring when landing a VTOL. Thanks in advance. Regards L0N3_W0LF
  8. I noticed the little bird is much harder to fly after the last update (1.70), it seems underpowered and very fragile. If you go in a steep climb the rotor RPM decreases rapidly. Helo damages easily or loses power with fast manoeuvres. Max speed seems decreased. Max speed seem to be decreased for VTOLS as well. I have a lot of experience flying helo's in Arma, I try to fly the helo's and VTOLS in a realistic manner. Advanced flight model and HOTAS. - Am I right that things have changed in this regard with the last update? - Are these features or bugs? - Does it have to do with my throttle setup? (engine power range seems normal, goes from 0-100, engine mapped to both throttle axes +/-) Thanks for any enlightenment.
  9. Hello, I am currently working with Blender to create my first ever model, and mod for Arma 3. I found that with the additional CSAT VTOL in the Tanoa DLC, CSAT has an aircraft that NATO does not, a fast aircraft capable of transporting a squad of infantry at high-speeds. The only thing with similar characteristics would be the Blackfish, and we all know how sluggish and doggish it can be in its landings. Currently I am working on two variants, one of which has a custom skin I made through Photoshop. There will be two variants, one that can carry the squad and one that uses the same airframe but is slimlined, and configured to be a gunship, both will exceed speeds of 360mph. What I am looking for are ideas or any assistance from people that know what steps it takes to build a config for the various features of the aircraft. As I mentioned, this is my first time doing 3D models, textures, or animations.
  10. EDIT: Was named JETS DLC Breaks VTOLs. Upon further investigation (Thanks, Greenfist ) I discovered that my problem resides in the fact that when TV is on, the "flaps" now controls the prop/nozzle position. I'm glad we're still in dev branch because this should be renamed. We aren't in A2 anymore and launching as it is in its current state would be unacceptable. My recommendation, change the name of the function in TV mode from "Flaps Down/Up" to "Thrust Down/Forward". Nice and unambiguous, makes it real easy to understand for new pilots seeing as jets will bring in a bunch of fresh butter-bars to crash all our stuff. Honestly, the new system makes flaps irrelevant anyhow, so I question whether we should just add new control functions for Thrust Down/Forwards and get rid of the "mode," keeping flaps for those of us who still want and like them. Playing with it more, the VTOLS could use some airbrakes but otherwise just needs Virtual Arsenal practice. A lot of it For those of you who got got like me: FLAPS IN VTOL NOW CONTROLS NOZZLE/PROP ANGLE, Flaps DOWN moves the thrust more VERTICALLY, Flaps UP moves the thrust more HORIZONTALLY, if you think of how flaps work, this makes perfect sense, though you wouldn't notice it on the ground or even in the air until someone points it out to you. Tip: Never go below 34% throttle unless you need to bleed altitude FAST, and then be prepared to go full power and pull up hard. FOLLOWING IS ORIGINAL POST. IT IS IRRELEVANT BUT HAS BEEN LEFT IN FOR DOCUMANTATION AND ONLINE ARCHIVING. I HAVE NO SHAME IN BEING A DUMBASS, SH*T HAPPENS, LIVE AND LEARN It appears that with the new throttle mechanics and flight characteristics introduced in JETS, VTOLS do not seem to function as intended anymore. Both the V-44 and Y-32 seem to roll forwards at least 30m before actually lifting off, and getting the thing to transition back to hovering from level flight is basically impossible since the thrusters/props do not seem to actually rotate downward again, even if you stall them in a zoom climb, essentially turning them into glorified planes. As far as I can tell, the only way to get the things to hover from level flight is to turn on invincibility (such as in VA), crash the things into the ground, use the new brakes function to being them to a stop, and then, only then will the Y-32 nozzles or V-44 props redirect their thrust. Not to mention them being difficult to land in level flight already, now whenever you do land you can't bring it down easy either way and it breaks the landing gear. Oh yeah, and even when you are in hover mode, the things don't actually hover no matter what you do, they'll either lurch forwards from black magic thrust or you reverse your direction from trying to get the thing to stop moving by pitching up and crash. With release in may, I really hope that the devs look really hard at the VTOLs and find a way to get them to work as intended
  11. Ok i want to animate my vtol's engines to a certain position when VTOL mode is activated and or a certain speed is reached like the Apex vtol Any help is appreciated i don't know how difficult this is going to be to achieve. On a side note are the Apex assets and configs accessible as a sample at all ? Thanks -Irish
  12. Beta-testers and cannon fodder are needed for a new Team vs.Team Sector Control scenario that is currently being developed for APEX Tanoa! Currently, we are stable with 5 Island Sectors, but wish to expand this to 7, 9, and 11 Sectors provided we have enough players to test the flow and ebb of the gameplay. Upon the stable release of APEX, we will be hosting Island Hopping on a dedicated server at http://themedicstation.net/ If you like tactical military gameplay please help us get this scenario finished by playing it through for us so we can make the appropriate edits. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=720699276
  13. Why: - Why was this removed in the first place????? - Being able to open the ramp adds immersion to the game, which is to my knowledge something BI is still going for Seriously BI, why did you guys remove this, i get that there is no fancy loading animation (and i know why not), but that doesnt mean a feature should simply be removed for no good reason. So i hope you guys could atleast explain this.
  14. Due to the confusion i am getting trying to relearn the Vtol controls Since the last update on sneak preview I have this to say. While using Advanced Flight Model due directly to the recent changes i have a simple request/solution. Under planes controls please add Vtol vector increase VTOL vector decrease for VTOL enabled platforms. This way users can combine their own key commands or hotas inputs for better control of these new aircraft without the need to go back to mouse and keyboard or break out the boring scroll wheel options. Thanks
  15. I have a feature suggestion/request for aircraft (I have in mind the VTOL's from Apex, but perhaps others too) — sufficiently advanced aircraft should be able to activate the "Autopilot Landing" feature on pilot (and co-pilot) death. The logic here is quite simple; this would save the passenger, cargo, and craft. Obviously this hasn't been necessary in the past, because the pilot of a moving aircraft is not going to be killed without the aircraft itself being damaged/destroyed. However, with Apex, we have VTOLs that have the ability to hover in place, and carry crew+cargo. It is now a plausible scenario that the pilot+gunner of the Y-32 be killed without destroying the vehicle — at this point, the Autopilot landing should kick in, rather than have a futuristic craft drop like a rock, which is the current behaviour - even if the autopilot landing is active when the crew is killed. It does not seem unreasonable that an advanced aircraft like this could monitor crew vitals, and if they flatline, prompt for input. If none is given, assume the crew is unresponsive, activate autopilot landing and RTB. I'm not sure how the autopilot landing functions exactly (I only became aware of it recently; never really used Arma jets before) but if it only lands the plane at the nearest airfield (my experience so far) it would be very cool from a mission-making perspective if a home base or preferred airfield could be defined for the unit. Otherwise you might get sniped over the AO only for the autopilot to land you right at the enemies doorstep. Perhaps a whitelist/blacklist for airfields per unit would both make sense. Or even more advanced, if you could define an onCrewDeath marker, so in the eventuality the dead man's switch is tripped, the craft returns to a certain marker, then performs an action (activate autopilot landing). So, thoughts? Should a similar function exist (perhaps simplified) for UAV's (darter, new NATO autonomous heli) when their UAV connection is lost (but perhaps not on operator death)? I imagine you could simply enter autohover and slowly descend, and hope that you're in a clear area for it to be recovered.
  16. _vcl = _this select 0 _aID = _this Select 2 _vcl RemoveAction _aID _vtolOnID = _this Select 2 _vtolOffID = _this select 0 _vcl removeAction _vtolOnID _helpmsg = Format["HOW TO USE vtol\nIn options the keyboard keys which control the following moves will control vtol.\nMOVEUP - THRUST +\nMOVEDOWN- THRUST -\nMOVELEFT - ROTATE L\nMOVERIGHT - ROTATE R\nMOVEBACK - STOL BRAKE\nMOVEFAST - STOL TURBO"] _max = 15 karr_maxvtolSpeed = 200 ;;#vtolInit ?karr_vtol : karr_vtol = FALSE; PSOn = 0; _vtolOnID = _vcl addAction ["ACTIVATE VTOL","karr-vtol-On.sqs"]; _vtolOnID = _vtolOnID; exit ?!karr_vtol : karr_vtol = TRUE; PSOn = 1; hint _helpmsg; _vtolOffID = _vcl addAction ["DEACTIVATE VTOL","karr-vtol-On.sqs"] ;;#Waitforvtol ~0.1 ?IsNull Driver _vcl OR !Alive _vcl OR !Alive Driver _vcl : Goto "Finish" ;;hint "vtol on" #vtolLoop ;;hint format [" ProSphere Controller Lite\n\n X-Axis %1\n Y-Axis %2\n Z-Axis %3\n A-Axis %4\n B-Axis %5\n C-Axis %6\n\nTurbo?: %7\n\nPSOn: %8", PS select 0, PS select 1, PS select 2, PS select 3, PS select 4, PS select 5,vtolturbo,PSOn] ~.001 _x = PS Select 0 _y = PS Select 1 _z = PS Select 2 _a = PS Select 3 _b = PS Select 4 _c = PS Select 5 _xThrust = (velocity _vcl select 0) _yThrust = (velocity _vcl select 1) _zThrust = _max * _z #Lateral Thrust ?_x > 0 && _xThrust < +10 && _yThrust < +10 && Speed _vcl < +20 && Speed _vcl > -20 : _factor = _x*.1; _dir = GetDir _vcl; _xThrust = (_factor*(cos _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 0); _yThrust = (_factor*(sin _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 1); ?_x < 0 && _xThrust > -10 && _yThrust > -10 && Speed _vcl < +20 && Speed _vcl > -20 : _factor = _x*.1; _dir = GetDir _vcl; _xThrust = (_factor*(cos _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 0); _yThrust = (_factor*(sin _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 1); ;;hint Format["XThrust: %1\nYThrust: %2\nZThrust: %3",_xthrust,_ythrust,_zthrust] #Vertical Thrust ?_zThrust == 0 : _zThrust = -.30 #Rotation _rotation = 0 ?_c > 0 : _rotation = .4 ?_c < 0 : _rotation = -.4 _speed = [_xThrust,_yThrust,_zThrust] #STOL Turbo Brake ?_y < 0 AND Speed _vcl > 0 : _xThrust = (-.2*(sin getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 0); _yThrust = (-.02*(cos getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 1); _speed = [_xThrust,_yThrust,_zThrust] ?_y < 0 AND Speed _vcl <= 0 : _speed = [0,0,Velocity _vcl Select 2] ?!karr_vtol OR !Alive _vcl OR IsNull Driver _vcl : goto "vtolOff" ?(speed _vcl) < karr_maxvtolspeed AND (Fuel _vcl) > 0 : _vcl SetVelocity _speed ?(speed _vcl) < 80 : _vcl SetDir (GetDir _vcl) + _rotation ?jm_vtolturbo AND (Fuel _vcl) > 0 : Goto "vtolTurbo" Goto "vtolLoop" #vtolTurbo ~.001 ?(Fuel _vcl) > 0 AND (jm_vtolturbo) : _vcl SetVelocity _speed; _vcl SetFuel (Fuel _vcl) - .0003 ?(Fuel _vcl) > 0 AND (_z > 0) AND (Getpos _vcl Select 2 < 1) AND Speed _vcl > 10 : _vcl setvelocity [(velocity _vcl select 0),(velocity _vcl select 1),(velocity _vcl select 2) + _height];_wait = 3; _vcl SetFuel (Fuel _vcl) - .1 ?!jm_vtolturbo AND Alive _vcl AND !IsNull Driver _vcl : Goto "vtolLoop" ?!Alive _vcl || IsNull Driver _vcl || !Alive Driver _vcl || !karr_vtol : Goto "vtolOff" _fuelfactor = 0 _factor = .11 ?Speed _vcl > 300 : _factor = .35; _fuelfactor = .001 _xThrust = (_factor*(sin getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 0) _yThrust = (_factor*(cos getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 1) _zThrust = (Velocity _vcl Select 2) + .15 ?(Getpos _vcl Select 2) < 2 : _zThrust = Velocity _vcl Select 2 hint format["%1",_factor] _speed = [_xThrust,_yThrust,_zThrust] ?(Fuel _vcl > 0) : _vcl SetVelocity _speed; _vcl SetFuel (Fuel _vcl) - _fuelfactor Goto "vtolTurbo" #vtolOff PSOn = 0 karr_vtol = FALSE jm_vtolturbo = FALSE ?isNull _vcl || !Alive Driver _vcl : Goto "Finish" Exit #Finish _vtolOnID = FALSE _vtolOffID = FALSE Exit