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  1. Apparently, when I go to Addons, and press install, select a zip file and it tells me: "Modules Installed () from 'C:\\Users\\admin\\Downloads\\ArmAToolbox-master.zip' into 'C:\\Users\\admin\\AppData\\Roaming\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\4.0\\scripts\\addons'" But no Arma Toolbox appears in addins window to enable.
  2. marki980908

    Hyuga Class DDH

    Looking good. ARMA discord is helpful
  3. marki980908

    SPIE Addon

    I saw some people comment how to make this into a fulton/skyhook, however I have better idea. I know its better cuz I even could code it and I suck. Make a drone deploy a rope, spawn a balloon object onto a drone (just shitty 3d model off the net, no collision). Drone go to X altitude. Than it runs a check to see if compatible vehicle is in the area. Once the vehicle is within lets say 10m away from the drone, Attachto command attaches the drone to the aircraft and deletes the balloon. (drone should be invisible and without sound, you can make it invisible by setting its global texture to "" (as in blank). Obviously you dont have to use a drone, thats just probably the easiest way I can think of to do it. Probably just spawning an object and increasing its altitude to lets say 50m could be easier instead of using a drone vehicle (i dont know how you made the whole rope thing, so thats why I am speculating). Hope this helps
  4. marki980908

    Hyuga Class DDH

    Split second log into 2 lods?
  5. marki980908

    Hover Tank: Mephisto

    I would like files aswell
  6. marki980908

    Type 22 Manta UGV

    Is there a link I can download this mod from? Current one doesnt work
  7. marki980908

    Hyuga Class DDH

    Understood, good luck, cant wait to have a new ship in arma
  8. marki980908

    [WIP] Greatcoat WW2

    Whats up with people abandoning their work
  9. I am trying to turn this into a script that I could just execute in vehicle init in Zeus Enhanced, but I am having "error invalid number in expression" error
  10. marki980908

    Hyuga Class DDH

    if you will at any point will think of abandoning the project I would suggest posting it, before than so people could either improve on it or find ways to still enjoy it. There are already too many abandoned projects with no links on this forum
  11. I am having an issue, I tried modifying Y-31 CSAT VTOL. Editing some coef, but mainly adding AWS capatibility as well as giving it a lot more munitions. Issue I ran into is this: Open Ramp option is no longer there, as well as more importantly, the radar is gone. Here is the code:
  12. Essentially, when I have a specific NVG equipped I want to get an option in ACE Self Interact to be able to replace my NVG with a different NVG class Ace_Mf_Divisiontech_Category_Main_Red_NVG { displayName = "Division Tech"; condition = "count (['MF_Division_Beacon_Red_1_NVG', 'MF_Division_Beacon_Red_2_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_3_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_4_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_5_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_6_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_7_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_8_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_9_NVG','MF_Division_Beacon_Red_10_NVG'] arrayIntersect assignedItems _player) > 0;" icon = "DivisionBeacon\data\beacon_categories_red.paa"; class Ace_Mf_Divisiontech_Category_Red_1_NVG { displayName = "Adjust Strap (1)"; condition = assignedItems player in ["MF_Division_Beacon_Red_1_NVG", "MF_Division_Beacon_Red_2_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_3_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_4_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_5_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_6_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_7_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_8_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_9_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_10_NVG"]; exceptions[] = {}; statement = "params ['_target','_player','_actionParams']; _player addItem 'MF_Division_Beacon_Orange_1_NVG'; _player assignItem 'MF_Division_Beacon_Orange_1_NVG';" icon = "DivisionBeacon\data\beacon_categories_red.paa"; }; class Ace_Mf_Divisiontech_Category_Red_2_NVG { displayName = "Adjust Strap (2)"; condition = assignedItems player in ["MF_Division_Beacon_Red_1_NVG", "MF_Division_Beacon_Red_2_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_3_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_4_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_5_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_6_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_7_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_8_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_9_NVG","MF_Division_Beacon_Red_10_NVG"]; exceptions[] = {}; statement = " params ['_target','_player','_actionParams']; _player addItem 'MF_Division_Beacon_Orange_2_NVG'; _player assignItem 'MF_Division_Beacon_Orange_2_NVG';" icon = "DivisionBeacon\data\beacon_categories_red.paa"; }; ... the reason why conditions are different for Ace_Mf_Divisiontech_Category_Main_Red_NVG and Ace_Mf_Division_Category_Red_1_NVG is because I was testing to see if any of those 2 conditions work and none did. Right now I can equip MF_DIvision_Beacon_Red_1_NVG, but nothing shows up in ACE Interact Also I get this error while ingame:
  13. Is it just me or ACE 3 Extension (Animations and Actions) does not work on servers? It prevents missions from loading.
  14. marki980908

    JBOY Giant v1

    It is fine, I noticed some other dudes might have an answer in this thread, so thats why I asked