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  1. marki980908

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    I have heard and seen models of Galac-Tac armor uploaded by you guys. My question is, I know you do not reveal release dates. However, are you planning on releasing it in any upcoming updates, like 0.9.0 etc. Or you are not yet planing on adding it at all so far?
  2. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    Fair enough I will test it with one of the members
  3. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    I will try, will this work in multiplayer enviroment, seeing that this is local execute?
  4. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    I executed smoke using global and tried deleting it using global
  5. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    I am sorry for being an idiot again, but deleteVehicle _smoke; doesnt seem to be working, no matter how I execute it
  6. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    I am an idiot, I placed an object named m1
  7. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    I think I am doing something wrong, I put the code into the init and executing _smoke= thingy in execute module and object init and none of them seem to work. Am I high or smth?
  8. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    Performance issues are not a problem to me. I want to build a scene of a wrecked plane. However Zeus Enhanced smoke looks weak. And the one from T72 Looks awesome and is maybe by magnetude of a 100x bigger, but I got no way to do it. (Well I might have now, I havent had time to test Rydygier's posted stuff yet What I would do alternatively I would destroy a vehicle, and teleport it under the map to have smoke effect, but smoke from wrecks only lasts limited amount of time.
  9. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    Ye, but that one sucks and it is actually not that big
  10. marki980908

    How to spawn Big Smoke Pillars?

    Thanks, the easy way is the same size and Zeus Enhanced smoke, which is pretty damn small I am trying to figure out the rocket science way, and it is difficult. If anyone got any examples that I could edit let me know etc
  11. I was making a mission and I noticed that smoke from destroyed vehicles is completely different than the one you can spawn. I currently am using Zeus Enhanced. It has a module that allows you to use most if not all smoke from Arma FX wiki page. However compared to destroyed vehicle smoke it is almost nothing. Anyone got any ideas how to spawn smoke on the rigth? No. 1 Is the biggest smoke you can spawn in Zeus Enhanced. No. 2 Is destroyed T-72 from RHS. Is there a way to spawn smoke on the right on an objects like a smoke pillar?
  12. marki980908


    I tried it like couple months ago on our decicated server, I am pretty sure it didnt hook. Took a while to find the action, after the ballon was deployed I am pretty sure it didnt hook
  13. marki980908

    Cant publish a mod

    I am having trouble publishing a mod, I keep getting this error, any ideas? Edit: Okay, so I own multiple Steam accounts, I tried uploading the mod on one of them (my first one) and it worked, however when I try doing that on my second one, it doesnt, givesme that error ^ I am still trying to figure how to to fix it. Why I dont want to upload this mod on first steam account?, because I use different steam accounts for different communities (gaming groups require you to have different steam names, some with ranks in them, etc so one account I got for FiveM (the one where I can upload) other for ArmA (where I cant upload)) Anyone got any solutions?
  14. marki980908

    JBOY Giant v1

    Just make your wife play arma with you, host a mission where she will be chased by 10 clothingless, 15 meter men. I bet it will be all good.
  15. I was wondering, is it possible to use publisher tool on an account that does not own arma itself? I was looking to publish a mod, but instead of doing it on my own account I would like to create arma units account and publish it there, however because the account does not have arma owned on it, it doesnt seem to let me launch the BI Tool, any workarounds?