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  1. Yes one problem solved and now on to another... Go to host a multiplayer game, change it from LAN to Internet, put my password in, change to 4 players, and check UnPn (or whatever it is) and then click "Host server" ... Nothing.. Game freezes to where you have to Clt Alt Del out of the game. There is not issue with a LAN game, but really want the Internet to work. I do not have port fowarding setup as never needed it before. Haven't been able to play an Internet MP game since.. yep, the 64bit update (same as other post).... I marked all Arma 3 files Allow on the firewall... Do I really need to setup up port fowarding for Arma and Steam?? Thank you !!!!
  2. Hi, I am writing this topic to find some help about a Strange problem that I have since approximately 5 months I used to run a private server between me and my friends to have fun but now I can't … I run the server like Always but none of my friends can see my server… So I am searching why I can't make a server anymore like before. I let you some screens to show you how I was Always hosting my server. Thanks for your help, Dr.Jeff.
  3. Hey guys, I have a question... I was experimenting with fighter jets (Black Wasp, Shirka, etc.) playing the different available scenarios, mods, and some editor experimentation. In videos I've seen it was mentioned that upon locking onto a moving target (with the radar turned on) a Target Lead Indicator should appear to show where the pilot needs to aim to hit the target. But every time I tried doing so I can't seem to see the TLI. I've tried approaching at different angles and speeds, tried different planes, but so far I've yet to understand how it is supposed to work. I do see the large circle with the dot in its center, and I thought that was supposed to lead the target, but when whenever I see it, it always seems to be trailing slightly behind the target... Any tips, ideas, or even a link to a more comprehensive guide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. So im just trying to create a menu that uses a combo-list to pick and spawn vehicles, At the moment i use an addaction to open the menu but when i do i only see the RscListbox and the RscPicture, but it doesn't not show me my buttons or the frame. So my question is what have i done wrong in the code to stop the buttons from showing but other things show.? Dialog.hpp class Train_Menu_Dialog { idd = 9999; movingEnabled = false; class controls { //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // GUI EDITOR OUTPUT START (by Luke, v1.063, #Hefeja) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class RscFrame_1800: RscFrame { idc = 1800; x = 12 * GUI_GRID_W + GUI_GRID_X; y = 3 * GUI_GRID_H + GUI_GRID_Y; w = 16 * GUI_GRID_W; h = 16 * GUI_GRID_H; }; class textbox: RscText { idc = 1000; text = "Pick Your Train"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 17 * GUI_GRID_W + GUI_GRID_X; y = 3 * GUI_GRID_H + GUI_GRID_Y; w = 6.5 * GUI_GRID_W; h = 1.5 * GUI_GRID_H; }; class spawnbut: RscButton { idc = 1600; text = "Spawn"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 24 * GUI_GRID_W + GUI_GRID_X; y = 16.5 * GUI_GRID_H + GUI_GRID_Y; w = 4 * GUI_GRID_W; h = 2.5 * GUI_GRID_H; }; class Exit: RscButton { idc = 1601; text = "Exit"; //--- ToDo: Localize; colorText[] = {0,0,0,0}; sizeEx = 0.02; style = 2; x = 12 * GUI_GRID_W + GUI_GRID_X; y = 16.5 * GUI_GRID_H + GUI_GRID_Y; w = 4 * GUI_GRID_W; h = 2.5 * GUI_GRID_H; action = "closeDialog 0"; }; class list: RscListbox { idc = 1500; text = "Pick Train"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.375; y = 0.18; w = 0.25; h = 0.22; }; class RscPicture_1200: RscPicture { idc = 1200; text = "#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,1,1,1)"; x = 0.375; y = 0.44; w = 0.25; h = 0.2; }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // GUI EDITOR OUTPUT END //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// }; }; Addaction to create dialog with stuff in the list disableSerialization; _shopItems = ["Test","TEST1"]; createDialog "Train_Menu_Dialog"; waitUntil {!isNull(findDisplay 9999);}; _ctrl = (findDisplay 9999) displayCtrl 1500; { _ctrl lbAdd _x; } forEach _shopItems; Defines.hpp
  5. So I got a problem with my server. I'm renting through Host Havoc and we are trying to set up an Antistasi server. When I put the Antistasi pbo file into the mpmissions and type in that I want to run it, it doesnt work. So we tryed something else and went to the Antistasi server and tryed doing some copy and paste fun...... Well we got the game to run the base Antistasi but vehicles don't spawn now and when you go to buy vehicles it doesn't work? With that being said we haven't added the RHS mods yet not sure if Antistasi needs it or not? Lastly does anyone know a better server renting site that is easier to use than host havoc? Thanks all who respond
  6. I need help with a few basic things. First, I have a set of 6 AI marksmen set to spawn in a Pawnee helicopter that is controlled by me. I want them to get out of the helicopter one by one at certain zones. For example: AI#1 would get dropped off on top of a hill, AI#2 would get dropped off at the bottom of a crane, etc. I also want to be able to pick up different AI at a few of those drop off locations. This missions purpose is to help with landing and taking off at different locations with a live crew. Next, I need to put writing on a few signs as distance markers. I also have a couple rules, tips and challenges I want written out on a blackboard or sign as well. I looked at a few forums but they were pretty outdated and I was hoping to find the answer here. Almost done, I was playing a scenario that had a laptop at the spawn area that allowed the player to reset the dead AI and markings on the targets. I'd appreciate it if someone could point in the right direction with how to get that done. And lastly, I downloaded another scenario that tracks a bullets path and where it hits a target and I was wondering if that were possible to do somewhat simply. If not I am willing to learn it from a video or whoever can help me. If you'd be willing to get into closer contact so we can speed up the process I'd really appreciate it. I've been working on a few projects and these are the things I've been putting off the most so I hope someone can help me. :) Thanks for the read and have a great day!
  7. My buddy recently got arma 3, and started playing the exile mode with me. The first day he got it, it was working fine. The following days to come he is only able to play for 5-10 minutes before being kicked. No error messages come up, only thing that shows up while ingame is "Exile Dixie Normous has been kicked" And it does this for every server he joins Things tried: Reinstalling arma 3 Reinstaling a3 launcher Reinstalling Exile Reinstalling Hvp Reinstalling battleeye Making a new profile Verifying integrity Reinstalling several mods Please help. Also, i had him pull his RTP knowing some people want that to look at http://pasted.co/617872f2
  8. Hello There! I've been playing with the Object Builder for a while and had the great idea to make my own car :) (why... couldn't just mind my own business?) I've followed a tutorial on yt (probably you will all know the guy with the delorean) and all went smooth up until I realize that in game the wheels do not spin nor turn. The base 3d model came from the darkweb on sketchup, I've cleaned it a bit in C4D and exported with baked texture in paa to Obnoxius Builder. Side note I'm having issues with trasparency and texture but will fix next time around, this is just a test to know how to process, you will see even the memory points are not really aligned... I'll upload a zip with all the files: -The main P3D (can be opened in Obsure Builder) -Texture (not useful but hey!) -2 CFGs (one from the base testvehicle in arma, one from a car I copied somewhere long time ago, both adapted to work with the car) -Model.cfg (I think here is where the devil is) I've tried multiple ways, naming, weights and bones with no luck, if someone can explain me how cfgs work, at what they point i the LODs, if bones are needed I would be really graceful, I'm not the guy who wants the answer cooked but can be really stubborn to understand things. You can contact me ofc here but also on Steam, Skype, Teamspeak, Discord even Whatsapp. Thanks in advance! I would really like to import this car as is my daily driver and I'm attached to her :P FIxed :D Dont know how to close
  9. Like the title says when driver turnsout im getting a black screen in first person? Why am I getting this ?
  10. I am trying to make a static object that blinks, it's basically a shape with a high emissive rvmat assign and another shape that is behind the high emissive shape that only has a simple texture. My goal is to hide and unhide every X seconds/frame the high emissive shape in other to make a blinking "light". My p3d is composed by one resolution lod, with 2 named selections that are light_base (non emissive surface) and light (high emissive surface); and another geometry lod with mass and components set The model itself works, only the hide and unhide part is missing. model.cfg config.cpp
  11. Making this skidoo and have it all working but having and issue with the model sitting around 1 1/2 meters off the ground after adding arma3 default ATV wheels to have it move. Had a look online and couldn't find anything that could help me with this issue. Here's a picture of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/KOvMTwq Any help or suggestions would be great ! Cheers
  12. I'm trying to get the class name of a weapon that I currently have and copying it to my clipboard or in the extended debug console.
  13. I am trying to start Buldozer from Terrain builder, but i am getting the error as shown below: I already tried: This tutorial: Using arma3p Reinstalling Arma 3 Tools Restarting computer Following youtube videos Buldozer Configurator PMC Wiki arma3.exe instead of buldozer.exe Changing command-line args x64 version of buldozer I didn't try: Object Builder PS: Starting buldozer directly doesn't work as well, but starting arma3.exe directly in buldozer mode works, but arma3.exe gives the same error when i try to set it up on terrain builder, even copying the same arguments and the correct path. I am using latest Windows 10 build, and the latest version of Arma 3 tools My current Terrain Builder config regarding Buldozer is: Exe file path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe Launch Parameters: -buldozer -window -exThreads=0 -mod= -noAsserts -nologs -profiles=P:\Buldozer -cfg=P:\Buldozer.cfg -name=Buldozer Data directory: P:\ The P:\Buldozer.cfg file exists and was generated by Buldozer Configurator, i already checked the file and seems ok Any thoughts or ideas?
  14. I need help i play on a server on multiplayer and he give me this error awg/cargovehicle.sqf and i dont have ideea !Please help me i want to play with my frends and i dont can please help faster!!
  15. And here is my config.cpp #include "basicdefines_A3.hpp" class DefaultEventhandlers; #include "CfgPatches.hpp" class WeaponFireGun; class WeaponCloudsGun; class WeaponFireMGun; class WeaponCloudsMGun; class CfgVehicles { class Car; class Car_F: Car { class HitPoints /// we want to use hitpoints predefined for all cars { class HitEngine; class HitGlass1; }; class EventHandlers; class CargoTurret; }; class WWM_SnowDoo: Car_F { cargoProxyIndexes[] = {1}; driverCompartments = "Compartment1"; cargoCompartments[] = {"Compartment2"}; class Turrets { class CargoTurret_01: CargoTurret { gunnerGetInAction = "GetInLOW"; gunnerGetOutAction = "GetOutLOW"; gunnerAction = "passenger_inside_1"; gunnerCompartments = "Compartment2"; memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos cargo"; memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos cargo dir"; gunnerName = "Gunner (Passenger)"; proxyIndex = 1; initElev = 0; maxElev = 15; minElev = -5; initTurn = 0; maxTurn = 360; minTurn = 0; isPersonTurret = 1; ejectDeadGunner = 1; }; }; author = "BlackOps & Duck"; model = "\WWM_SnowDoo\objects\SkiDoo.p3d"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F\Data\placeholder_co.paa"; Icon = "\A3\Weapons_F\Data\placeholder_co.paa"; displayName = "Skidoo"; /// displayed in Editor hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1"}; ///we want to allow changing the color of this selection terrainCoef = 0; /// different surface affects this car more, stick to tarmac turnCoef = 2.5; /// should match the wheel turn radius precision = 10; /// how much freedom has the AI for its internal waypoints - lower number means more precise but slower approach to way brakeDistance = 3.0; /// how many internal waypoints should the AI plan braking in advance acceleration = 15; /// how fast acceleration does the AI think the car has fireResistance = 5; /// lesser protection against fire than tanks armor = 32; /// just some protection against missiles, collisions and explosions cost = 50000; /// how likely is the enemy going to target this vehicle transportMaxBackpacks = 3; /// just some backpacks fit the trunk by default transportSoldier = 1; /// number of cargo except driver /// some values from parent class to show how to set them up wheelDamageRadiusCoef = 0.9; /// for precision tweaking of damaged wheel size wheelDestroyRadiusCoef = 0.4; /// for tweaking of rims size to fit ground maxFordingDepth = 0.5; /// how high water would damage the engine of the car waterResistance = 1; /// if the depth of water is bigger than maxFordingDepth it starts to damage the engine after this time crewCrashProtection = 0.25; /// multiplier of damage to crew of the vehicle => low number means better protection driverLeftHandAnimName = "drivewheel"; /// according to what bone in model of car does hand move driverRightHandAnimName = "drivewheel"; /// beware, non-existent bones may cause game crashes (even if the bones are hidden during play) class TransportItems /// some first aid kits in trunk according to safety regulations { item_xx(FirstAidKit,1); }; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitEngine {armor=0.50; material=-1; name="engine"; visual=""; passThrough=0.2;}; class HitGlass1: HitGlass1 {armor=0.25;}; /// it is pretty easy to puncture the glass but not so easy to remove it }; driverAction = "driver_quadbike"; getInAction = "GetInQuadbike"; getOutAction = "GetOutLow"; //cargoAction[] = {"passenger_quadbike"}; //cargoGetInAction[] = {"GetInQuadbike_cargo"}; //cargoGetOutAction[] = {"GetOutLow"}; #include "sounds.hpp" /// sounds are in a separate file to make this one simple #include "physx.hpp" /// PhysX settings are in a separate file to make this one simple class PlayerSteeringCoefficients /// steering sensitivity configuration { turnIncreaseConst = 0.3; // basic sensitivity value, higher value = faster steering turnIncreaseLinear = 1.0; // higher value means less sensitive steering in higher speed, more sensitive in lower speeds turnIncreaseTime = 1.0; // higher value means smoother steering around the center and more sensitive when the actual steering angle gets closer to the max. steering angle turnDecreaseConst = 5.0; // basic caster effect value, higher value = the faster the wheels align in the direction of travel turnDecreaseLinear = 3.0; // higher value means faster wheel re-centering in higher speed, slower in lower speeds turnDecreaseTime = 0.0; // higher value means stronger caster effect at the max. steering angle and weaker once the wheels are closer to centered position maxTurnHundred = 0.7; // coefficient of the maximum turning angle @ 100km/h; limit goes linearly to the default max. turn. angle @ 0km/h }; /// memory points where do tracks of the wheel appear // front left track, left offset memoryPointTrackFLL = "TrackFLL"; // front left track, right offset memoryPointTrackFLR = "TrackFLR"; // back left track, left offset memoryPointTrackBLL = "TrackBLL"; // back left track, right offset memoryPointTrackBLR = "TrackBLR"; // front right track, left offset memoryPointTrackFRL = "TrackFRL"; // front right track, right offset memoryPointTrackFRR = "TrackFRR"; // back right track, left offset memoryPointTrackBRL = "TrackBRL"; // back right track, right offset memoryPointTrackBRR = "TrackBRR"; class Damage /// damage changes material in specific places (visual in hitPoint) { tex[]={}; mat[]= { "A3\data_f\glass_veh_int.rvmat", /// material mapped in model "A3\data_f\Glass_veh_damage.rvmat", /// changes to this one once damage of the part reaches 0.5 "A3\data_f\Glass_veh_damage.rvmat", /// changes to this one once damage of the part reaches 1 "A3\data_f\glass_veh.rvmat", /// another material "A3\data_f\Glass_veh_damage.rvmat", /// changes into different ones "A3\data_f\Glass_veh_damage.rvmat" }; }; class Exhausts /// specific exhaust effects for the car { class Exhaust1 /// the car has two exhausts - each on one side { position = "exhaust"; /// name of initial memory point direction = "exhaust_dir"; /// name of memory point for exhaust direction effect = "ExhaustsEffect"; /// what particle effect is it going to use }; }; class Reflectors /// only front lights are considered to be reflectors to save CPU { class LightCarHeadL01 /// lights on each side consist of two bulbs with different flares { color[] = {1900, 1800, 1700}; /// approximate colour of standard lights ambient[] = {5, 5, 5}; /// nearly a white one position = "LightCarHeadL01"; /// memory point for start of the light and flare direction = "LightCarHeadL01_end"; /// memory point for the light direction hitpoint = "Light_L"; /// point(s) in hitpoint lod for the light (hitPoints are created by engine) selection = "Light_L"; /// selection for artificial glow around the bulb, not much used any more size = 1; /// size of the light point seen from distance innerAngle = 100; /// angle of full light outerAngle = 179; /// angle of some light coneFadeCoef = 10; /// attenuation of light between the above angles intensity = 1; /// strength of the light useFlare = true; /// does the light use flare? dayLight = false; /// switching light off during day saves CPU a lot flareSize = 1.0; /// how big is the flare class Attenuation { start = 1.0; constant = 0; linear = 0; quadratic = 0.25; hardLimitStart = 30; /// it is good to have some limit otherwise the light would shine to infinite distance hardLimitEnd = 60; /// this allows adding more lights into scene }; }; class LightCarHeadL02: LightCarHeadL01 { position = "LightCarHeadL02"; direction = "LightCarHeadL02_end"; FlareSize = 0.5; /// side bulbs aren't that strong }; class LightCarHeadR01: LightCarHeadL01 { position = "LightCarHeadR01"; direction = "LightCarHeadR01_end"; hitpoint = "Light_R"; selection = "Light_R"; }; class LightCarHeadR02: LightCarHeadR01 { position = "LightCarHeadR02"; direction = "LightCarHeadR02_end"; FlareSize = 0.5; }; }; aggregateReflectors[] = {{"LightCarHeadL01", "LightCarHeadL02"}, {"LightCarHeadR01", "LightCarHeadR02"}}; class EventHandlers {}; class textureSources {}; }; class cfgSkeletons { class WWM_SnowDoo_Skeleton { isDiscrete=1; skeletonInherit=""; skeletonBones[]= { "drivewheel","", "wheelL","wheelR" }; }; }; class cfgModels { class WWM_SnowDoo { sectionsInherit=""; sections[]= { "drivewheel","", "wheelL","wheelR" }; skeletonName="WWM_SnowDoo_Skeleton"; class Animations { class DriveWheel { type="rotationY"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="drivewheel"; axis="drivewheel_axis"; memory=1; minValue="rad -90"; maxValue="rad +90"; angle0=1.047198; angle1=-1.047198; }; class wheelL { type="rotationY"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="wheel_1_1"; axis="wheel_1_1_axis"; memory=1; minValue="rad -90"; maxValue="rad +90"; angle0=1.047198; angle1=-1.047198; }; class wheelR: wheelL { selection="wheel_2_1"; axis="wheel_2_1_axis"; angle0=1.047198; angle1=-1.047198; }; }; }; }; class WWM_SnowDoo_White: WWM_SnowDoo { scope = 2; /// makes the car visible in editor scopeCurator=2; // scope 2 means it's available in Zeus mode (0 means hidden) crew = "C_Driver_3_F"; /// we need someone to fit into the car side = 3; /// civilian car should be on civilian side faction = CIV_F; /// and with civilian faction displayName = "WWM SnowDoo (White)"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {}; }; }; currently running this in config.cpp for testing Is there a simple issue here to why my wheels wont turn? any help would be amazing. First model so once I got this sorted I'm away in the future ;) Cheers
  16. Interesting problem I know. It probably is something quite simple but I can't figure it out. Now, I'm fairly new to scripting (about six months) so I'm not 100% sure what I should do. The basic premise is that the player has a UAV with an M136 launcher on it. The drone then fires that launcher. Got that part down. I've even got it so that the drone rearms when it goes back to "Home". Now, what I'd like to do is to have the players rearm it in the field. They can have a launcher on their back, bring the drone to them and then attach the launcher onto the drone. The drone has a new launcher and the player looses theirs. Here is the code that I have so far. I know that it must be very simple but any help is very much welcome in advance. For you're consideration, I'm using ACE, CBA, RHS (All four modules) and more quality of life mods. Nothing that would effect scripting in any way.
  17. Heads config.cpp: class CfgPatches { class WWM_Heads { author = "BlackOps"; hideName = 0; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Characters_F","A3_Characters_F_beta","A3_Characters_F_epa","A3_Characters_F_epb","A3_Characters_F_epc","A3_Characters_F_exp"}; }; }; class CfgFaces { class Default { class Custom; }; class Man_A3: Default { class Default; class AsianHead_A3_01; class Custom { material = "WWM_Heads\data\Custom.rvmat"; }; class WWMHead_KOR_A3: AsianHead_A3_01 { author = "BlackOps"; displayname = "KOR Special Forces"; identityTypes[] = {"Head_Asian"}; head = "AsianHead_A3"; texture = "WWM_Heads\data\KOR_co.paa"; material = "WWM_Heads\data\KOR.rvmat"; materialWounded1 = "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\m_Asian_03_injury.rvmat"; materialWounded2 = "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\m_Asian_03_injury.rvmat"; }; }; }; Now on my custom unit I'm using: class KOR_Special_Unit: B_soldier_F { author = "BlackOps"; _generalMacro = "B_soldier_F"; scope = 2; displayName = "KOR Special Forces"; identityTypes[] = {"WWMHead_KOR_A3"}; genericNames = "AsianMen"; faction = "KOR_Faction"; model = "\A3\characters_f_beta\INDEP\ia_soldier_01.p3d"; //Default NATO uniformClass = "WWM_U_B_PCUHsW9"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo","Insignia"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {}; hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = {}; weapons[] = {"Throw","Put"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"Throw","Put"}; magazines[] = {"HandGrenade","HandGrenade","SmokeShell","SmokeShellGreen","Chemlight_green","Chemlight_green"}; respawnMagazines[] = {"HandGrenade","HandGrenade","SmokeShell","SmokeShellGreen","Chemlight_green","Chemlight_green"}; linkedItems[] = {"ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio"}; respawnLinkedItems[] = {"ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio"}; }; So the issue is identityTypes[] = {"WWMHead_KOR_A3"}; is wrong and giving me a random face instead. Also does anyone know of the Asain default voices to add to: identityTypes. If not Ill have to look in the config Any help would be amazing ! cheers
  18. For some reason, sometimes the squad leader is on point while sometimes he is in the back corner. What controls this and can I change this? (mods don't affect it, this seems to happen whether I'm using mods or not)
  19. I was wondering if its possible to create a certain dust effect for my model to use? If so how would I introduce the effect. ie leftDustEffect = "My_Custom_Effect"; rightDustEffect = "My_Custom_Effect";
  20. Let me provide a little background about myself. I have logged approximately 150 hours in Arma 2 CO since late last year. I had the opportunity to play all the classic A2 mods: ACE, ASR, Celle, I44, and many more. However, recently I had been testing A3 and realized how much more it offers, in terms of modularity, editing, and simulation (though ACE should really consider adding advanced artillery, which was a great feature in ACE2). Anyways, I would love to learn the new and improved ACE3, and I was hoping someone with experience could help me out. As I said, I already understand how ACE2 works, so ACE3 shouldn’t be too hard of a transition.
  21. _casSpawn = "B_RangeMaster_F" createUnit [_casPos, _casGroup]; So i have got the range master to spawn to the group civilian, I need to be able to use setDamage but i have nothing to assign the spawned range master to, there is no variable for the spawned ai, so I need your help to set damage and get a variable so I can also use other scripts on the spawned range master. felipe.
  22. Hi, I've just started to get in the modding scene for Arma 3. I'm starting off with the basics like config modifications. And I've made a lot of progress so far. However, I've been working on a new type of ammo that is roughly equivalent to artillery in power. Due to this I was hoping to have the same visual and sound effects of the 230 mm Rockets from the M5 Sandstorm MLRS play when the new round i'm working on impacts a surface/target. But I'm at a bit of loss of how to go about implementing that. Any advice or suggestions would greatly appreciated, thank you!
  23. Last content update: 6/13/2018 showing how to use the radius for addAction, using params instead of select, adding to arrays with various commands, altering arrays with various commands, get/setUnitLoadout Last content update: 6/10/2018 going through config files and getting details to sort what you want, using radius with addAction, params, and altering arrays with resize, pushBack, pushBackUnique, set, and append and going over to assist with resize count. Last content update: 5/27/2018 added GUI tutorial for how to make a weapon selector using cfgWeapon Last content update: 5/24/2018 added sector control tutorial Last content update: 5/21/2018 This is my arma 3 scripting tutorial series which is aimed to help both people getting into making their own scripts with fairly detailed simple tutorials as well as for the intermediate person looking to create their own features for their missions. The plans for this series is to almost fully cover everything behind the arma 3 missions that people play on a daily basis and have enough content provided in the videos where people can go off and make their own vision for their mission with the knowledge gained. Most of these videos are made on the fly at 1AM-4AM without any pretesting which should give someone the idea of what goes into finding syntax errors and narrowing down a bug that's causing your feature to not function properly. It is also an excuse for you to cut me some slack if you see mistakes :) . A lot of these tutorials are made with multiplayer in mind since I think most people want to play their missions online with their friends(which is why publicVariable has been utilized so much so new people can get a good grasp on the power those commands have). New videos are added to the playlist almost every day so if your stuck with something, maybe it has been covered in a video. If you have any requests on what you would like to see made then please suggest it here. topics covered so far Scripting tutorial playlist Database tutorials with INIDBI2 playlist GUI/Dialog tutorials playlist
  24. Hey, I am using CBA on my mission, I am getting this error below. I have no idea why it is doing it I have established that it's not the Mods for the server its something to do with the server its self. As I broke the DB for the server yesterday and All the mods worked including CBA and TFAR so Im not sure why CBA is not working correctly for this. I have tried multiple versions of CBA and still no luck, I am honestly baffled, I have also reinstalled the server and still no luck If you require the RPT then let me to know but the error spawn from CBA is clearly the issue. I have tried to get this to work for about 3 days now. Error position: <allVariables cba_events_eventNamespaceJI> Error Generic error in expression File x\cba\addons\events\XEH_postInit.sqf, line 12 Error in expression <all CBA_fnc_localEvent; }; }; } forEach allVariables cba_events_eventNamespaceJI> That's all it gives you then spams the same error over and Over again.
  25. All is working fine apart from when I place the uniform on the ground I'm getting this in-game error? How do I get those nice mothers folded clothes? Also where is the location of the folded clothes paa files? Here is a screen shot of the error: https://imgur.com/a/O8D2Hte Any help would be amazing ! Cheers