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  1. hi folks i was making a scenario and rewrote an old patrol function that i had. it made arma 3 crash! so i tried isolating the function in a test scenario and while arma didn't crash the function did absolutely nothing. i've been staring at this for over an hour now trying to see what really stupid thing i've done wrong... anyone help? what the function is supposed to do: if no enemies are detected move either to random position or random building position. if there are enemies present group should move to intercept. In a loop. to test, create a new mission and place an AI group near any town. create an init.sqf and paste in: EDITED now working: hopefully someone can see what i'm missing here...
  2. Here the talking is about a script originally used in Dynamic Combat Ops missions by Dear mr. mbrdmn update: Dear scripters please help) I've took some folders with scripts from original DRO mission with sunday revive system, but faced another problem.. ma.ybe I took something wrong or run it not at proper manner, I've already broke my head :( Script only works fine at singleplayer/editor and only for me in multiplayer as I am a host, my friends cant revive anybody (not AI not me), but I can revive everyone, even friends. so I get stucked...... The problem is how to run this script properly when I host game with my friends so the script sohuld work perfect for everybody. so both my test mission and original from wehere I got the script is here in google drive Any help will be appreciated, thanks guys
  3. The title basically explains everything. I recently got back into playing the arma 2 campaign, and as of now i'm on manhattan, but there's one big problem i'm having; when i'm driving around in my humvee my character will randomly tell the gunner to shoot at anything close. It started out with sheep and cows, but during the mission he all of a sudden targeted a civilian and later on a cdf officer which made everyone turn on me. I really don't know what's going on or how to fix it and would appreciate any help.
  4. Hello friends! A couple of days ago I've ran into some trouble I couldn't solve myself, and I found help here very fast. Right now, I'm at the point where I'm unable to find a solution for some sort of problem, again. What I'm trying to achive, is to spawn a vehicle - the AWC 302 Nyx (Wiesel), to be exactly - with alternate, official texture. The Nyx features the standard AAF-Camo, and alternatively an simple Olive-Camo. Since I'm making a own verison of DUWS - many of you will know what this is -, you will also know how those vehicles do spawn: Go to the headquarters, talk to the officer, choose the vehicle, spend the credits, and the vehicle will spawn outside of the HQ. Heres a little insight of how I try to spawn this vehicle with the alternate Olive-Camo: case 18: { if (commandpointsblu1 >= 28) then { hint "Vehicle ready !"; commandpointsblu1 = commandpointsblu1 - 28; ctrlSetText [1000, format["%1",commandpointsblu1]]; _vehic = "I_LT_01_AA_F" createVehicle _spawnPos; _vehic setObjectTexture [0,"Indep_Olive"]; _vehic setObjectTexture [1,"Indep_Olive"]; _vehic setObjectTexture [2,"Indep_Olive"]; _vehic animate ["showTools", 1]; _vehic animate ["showCamonetHull", 1]; _vehic animate ["showBags", 1]; _vehic animate ["showSLATHull", 0]; } else { hint "Not enough command points"; }; }; If I do place the vehicle in 3den-Editor, change it's visuals like the camo, SLAT-Armour, camonet etc., and then export it, copy paste it somewhere, the Olive-Camo is defined as "Indep_Olive", like above. Exported stuff looks like this: _veh = createVehicle ["I_LT_01_AA_F",position player,[],0,"NONE"]; [ _veh, ["Indep_Olive",1], ["showTools",1,"showCamonetHull",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; Of course I already found out that this won't work with SetObjectTexture, unfortunately. The vehicle does spawn with all the extras like SLAT-Armour, tools, but with missing textures (At least this showed me, that it somehow works). I then tried different things to achive my goal, changed something here and there, tried to find the path to those textures, etc. Funny enough: It's possible to use this code instead of the old one, and spawn the vehicle with all the extras and the correct textures. Bad thing is, It's spawn behaviour is totally different and all over the place - sometimes even glitches into the HQ. Results in apocalypse. If I'd use the new code instead of the old one, it'd look like this: case 18: { if (commandpointsblu1 >= 28) then { hint "Vehicle ready !"; commandpointsblu1 = commandpointsblu1 - 28; ctrlSetText [1000, format["%1",commandpointsblu1]]; _veh = createVehicle ["I_LT_01_AA_F",position player,[],25,"NONE"]; [ _veh, ["Indep_Olive",1], ["showTools",1,"showCamonetHull",1,"showBags",1,"showSLATHull",0] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; } else { hint "Not enough command points"; }; }; It's a long and already ungrateful journey, and I don't know where else to look, what else to do. If there would be someone to point me in the right direction, or is able to make a functioning code of the examples above - old code or new one, doesn't matter as long as it works and the spawn behaviour is correct and identical to the old one, I'd - again - be more than very thankful. Hope to hear from you folks, enjoy your time! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  5. Hey! I've been trying to adapt the ambient civilian module released by BI to allow modded factions. So far the only way I've found this doable is by adding some code on unit created. _civs = [ "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_06", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_08", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_07", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_05", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_01", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_10", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_02", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_09", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_11", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_12", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_04", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_14", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_13", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_16", "LOP_Tak_Civ_Man_15" ]; _loadOut = selectRandom (getUnitLoadOut _civs); _this setUnitLoadout _loadOut As you can probably tell I'm using PO4 and want to make generic desert-y civlians. I haven't tested the code but it should be working. Now the only problem is the civies all look like John Wayne dressed up in taki wear. They speak greek/french too which is an issue as well as their names being Gorkhus Thanos and shit. Is there any way to impliment this somehow? identityTypes "LanguagePER_F", "Head_TK", "G_IRAN_default" faceType "Man_A3" genericNames "TakistaniMen" I want the language, heads and names fitting for the environment (far west asia) assigned to the civies. I haven't found a way of doing so without creating hundreds of versions of custom identities in the description.ext. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :)
  6. Hey! I've been trying to make a mission where you do some navy seal shit and surface from the water to take down two guards on a pier. Problem is, the gun won't fire unless you aim almost straight into the air. Does anyone know any way to fix this in the mission file without having to modify the game? The SDAR is an option that I've played around with but I'd prefer an HK.
  7. Hello mates, I hope this is the right place to come to, cause I'm about to get chronical headaches from trying to solve this problem by myself. The last couple of days I'm spending some of my time overhaulin' a version of DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System), and most of the time everything worked like a charm. But right now I'm not able to find a solution for this problem I've ran into. To make my issue more clear, I'd like to be a little bit more specific, so maybe my helping hand is able to fully understand. In DUWS - I guess many of you know this mission - you are able to buy vehicles, units, squads etc. Since I'm reworking some parts of DUWS Unofficial from scratch - esspecially the units, vehicles and squads -, the one who made it in the first place delivered a very nice template for the things I wanted to do. The unofficial version of DUWS has build in mod support, like for RHS Escalation, etc. I have expanded this, by adding in support for some other mods like "Global Mobilization", "BWMod" and "FFAA" . You can play it vanilla, or with those mods. If you have the mods, you can buy the units and vehicles of those factions, if not, a little hint will pop up, telling you that the mod is missing - this is done by checking if the requested unit is available in the first place. Here is a little insight of how it looks for requested foot soldiers: The same goes for vehicles, of course... BUT... here comes my problem: I'm not able to get it to work for requested mod squads - like a fireteam, or a tank platoon. I mean I'm able to get the mod squads working of course, I can buy them and they are fully functional, but I want the game to check if this squad is available in the first place. Otherwise you will pay credits for nothing if the needed mod isn't installed. And since I'm planning to release this version someday, I really want to get this fixed and implemented. And here is a little insight of how it is defined for squads: (Original, only changed the squad and the faction) It's really driving me crazy. I'm no professional programmer, sure, I've learned and catched many things by myself, and I already tried to solve it by myself, but after many failed attempts I can't think of anything else then asking for help, cause I'm running out of ideas. If some mighty coding paladin would be so kind to point me in the right direction, or even take this template above me and make it functioning, I'd really, really appreciate it. I just want it to work like it works for units and vehicles, and I'm sure this is possible. But I can't figure it out. Well, enough said. Have a nice day folks, hope to hear from you! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  8. Hello, I have been directed to the forums here for this type of help. I need the developers to allow me another try on the Dayz free trial since I got it exactly at the time when the Xbox servers were down on the 4th of September, so I never got to try it and now i DON'T know if to get it or not. My gamertag on Xbox is IIIErosionIII, please allow me another free trial, it is not fair that i didn't get to play the game at all. BTW - Xbox directed me here, they could not do anything themselves, so I'm really expecting you to help me on this.
  9. Last content update: 6/13/2018 showing how to use the radius for addAction, using params instead of select, adding to arrays with various commands, altering arrays with various commands, get/setUnitLoadout Last content update: 6/10/2018 going through config files and getting details to sort what you want, using radius with addAction, params, and altering arrays with resize, pushBack, pushBackUnique, set, and append and going over to assist with resize count. Last content update: 5/27/2018 added GUI tutorial for how to make a weapon selector using cfgWeapon Last content update: 5/24/2018 added sector control tutorial Last content update: 5/21/2018 This is my arma 3 scripting tutorial series which is aimed to help both people getting into making their own scripts with fairly detailed simple tutorials as well as for the intermediate person looking to create their own features for their missions. The plans for this series is to almost fully cover everything behind the arma 3 missions that people play on a daily basis and have enough content provided in the videos where people can go off and make their own vision for their mission with the knowledge gained. Most of these videos are made on the fly at 1AM-4AM without any pretesting which should give someone the idea of what goes into finding syntax errors and narrowing down a bug that's causing your feature to not function properly. It is also an excuse for you to cut me some slack if you see mistakes :) . A lot of these tutorials are made with multiplayer in mind since I think most people want to play their missions online with their friends(which is why publicVariable has been utilized so much so new people can get a good grasp on the power those commands have). New videos are added to the playlist almost every day so if your stuck with something, maybe it has been covered in a video. If you have any requests on what you would like to see made then please suggest it here. topics covered so far Scripting tutorial playlist Database tutorials with INIDBI2 playlist GUI/Dialog tutorials playlist
  10. I'm looking for a way to stop a specific vehicle from being able to be blown up. I want the hull and engine to be invincible, so that the vehicle won't explode when hit, but the wheels should still be vulnerable so that it can still be disabled, just not destroyed/blown up. I'm looking for this to be achieved within the vehicles init field, or via an external script. The reason I want this to be possible is because I don't want a simple vehicle respawn in my mission like I have now. I want to punish players for getting a vehicle blown up, making them have to airlift the damaged vehicle back to base where it can be repaired (I don't need help with the airlift or repairs I've got that covered, just need help on making the vehicles hull and engine invulnerable.) Are there any scripts out there which can help me a achieve this? I was looking into the "SetHit" functionality etc but I am a total noob when it comes to scripting. To be completely honest with you I'd love for someone to figure this out for me as I really don't have a lot of time to dedicate to testing and playing about with things myself
  11. Hey people, I am having some issues with the GUI message function with a script I am making, I have the script below and I was wondering if you can help me correct the issue. It gives me the error "Generic error in expression" params["_target","_question"]; _question = ["You have been offered a job with the EMS Department do you accept?"] spawn BIS_fnc_guiMessage; waitUntil {!isNil "_question"}; if (_question) then { ["Status", "You have accepted the job offer to work at the EMS Department.", "amber"] call APX_fnc_show; ems = true; } else { ["Status", "You declined to work in the EMS Department", "amber"] call APX_fnc_show; ems = false; };
  12. I'm looking for a way to stop a specific vehicle from being able to be blown up. I want the hull and engine to be invincible, so that the vehicle won't explode when hit, but the wheels should still be vulnerable so that it can still be disabled, just not destroyed/blown up. I'm looking for this to be achieved within the vehicles init field, or via an external script. The reason I want this to be possible is because I don't want a simple vehicle respawn in my mission like I have now. I want to punish players for getting a vehicle blown up, making them have to airlift the damaged vehicle back to base where it can be repaired (I don't need help with the airlift or repairs I've got that covered, just need help on making the vehicles hull and engine invulnerable.) Are there any scripts out there which can help me a achieve this? I was looking into the "SetHit" functionality etc but I am a total noob when it comes to scripting. To be completely honest with you I'd love for someone to figure this out for me as I really don't have a lot of time to dedicate to testing and playing about with things myself
  13. I just ordered a PC strictly for arma 3, because i have played arma 2 dry on an old laptop (over a few thousand hours), but it seemed much easier to get dlc on arma 2, just one bundle and i had it all. Im wondering if theres also any kind of bundle like that for arma 3, all available dlc at once, because i cant seem to find anything like that. Anyone can tell me whats the best to buy via steam or any other worthy site? Thanks :)
  14. My computer Freezes or restarts after 1min-1hr of playtime in Arma 3 using no Mods. I play on HostileTakeover.co -King Of The Hill - US #2 - Infantry. I'm not sure if it does it only for this server or not, but I have hosted a server using port forwarding and was able to play for +2hrs without crashing with my friends. My system specs: https://pastebin.com/vHictppN RPT crash report: https://pastebin.com/qHYUi5ng One more RPT log: https://pastebin.com/Qq7brEci Paramaters:
  15. Hey! I've been trying to make a IED script that uses a triggerman instead of the commonly found pressure plate. So far it's early in "development" but eventually I'm aiming for it to become dynamic and able to spawn random death traps all over the chosen map. The problem I've encountered and need help with is that my local variable doesn't work in a trigger. // Pick a spawnpoint _spawnPoint = selectRandom [ "spawn_garage", "spawn_hotel", "spawn_hotel_2", "spawn_shop", "spawn_office", "spawn_binocular", "spawn_suicide", "spawn_minaret", "spawn_wall" ]; // Spawn IED man _bomberGroup = createGroup [East, True]; _bomber = _bomberGroup createUnit ["LOP_AM_OPF_Infantry_Engineer", getMarkerPos _spawnPoint, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _bomberGroup setBehaviour "careless"; //removeAllWeapons _bomber; _bomber setCaptive true; _bomber disableAI "MOVE"; _bomber setUnitPos "UP"; _bomber_weapon = currentWeapon _bomber; // Custom scripts depending on which spawnpoint is chosen switch (_spawnPoint) do { case "spawn_garage": { hint "GARAGE"; _bomber setPos [getPos _bomber select 0, getPos _bomber select 1, 4.040]; }; case "spawn_hotel": { hint "HOTEL"; _bomber setPos [getPos _bomber select 0, getPos _bomber select 1, 3.798]; }; case "spawn_shop": { hint "SHOP"; _bomber setPos [getPos _bomber select 0, getPos _bomber select 1, 4.292]; }; case "spawn_office": { hint "OFFICE"; _bomber setPos [getPos _bomber select 0, getPos _bomber select 1, 5.787]; }; case "spawn_binocular": { hint "BINOCULAR"; _bomber setPos [getPos _bomber select 0, getPos _bomber select 1, 3.403]; }; case "spawn_suicide": { hint "SUICIDE"; }; case "spawn_minaret": { hint "MINARET"; _bomber setPos [getPos _bomber select 0, getPos _bomber select 1, 19.424]; }; case "spawn_hotel_2": { hint "HOTEL_2"; }; case "spawn_wall": { hint "WALL"; }; default { hint "ERROR! No spawnpoint chosen"; }; }; // Make bomber face IED _dir = _bomber getDir IED_L; _bomber setDir _dir; _bomber setFormDir _dir; // Spawn weapon next to bomber //_wh = "WeaponHolderSimulated" createVehicle position _bomber; //_wh addWeaponCargoGlobal ["rhs_weap_akm",1]; //_wh addMagazineCargoGlobal ["rhs_30Rnd_762x39mm",1]; //_wh setPos (getpos _bomber); _wh = "GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted" createVehicle position _bomber; _wh setPosAtl (getPosATL _bomber); _bomber action ["DropWeapon", _wh, _bomber_weapon]; // Create a trigger on triggermans position to make him combat any player that gets close // ###THIS IS WHERE IT GETS FUCKY### _trgr_bomber_1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos _bomber, true]; _trgr_bomber_1 setTriggerArea [10, 10, 0, false]; _trgr_bomber_1 setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", false]; _trgr_bomber_1 setTriggerStatements ["this", "hint 'trigger start'; _bomber selectWeapon '_bomber_weapon'; _bomber enableAI 'MOVE'; _bomber setUnitPos 'AUTO'; _bomberGroup setbehaviour 'COMBAT'; _bomber setCaptive false;", "hint 'trigger end'"]; // Testing to see if set to careless because he kept on throwing grenades // Somehow AI still do that in careless I guess? sleep 5; _b = behaviour _bomber; hint format ["%1", _b]; /* ACE Detonation Needs to be fixed No clue how to use this at all // Connect explosives to bomber [_bomber, IED_L, "Cellphone"] call ace_explosives_fnc_connectExplosive; sleep 30; // Boom? [{ ["_bomber", "3000", "IED_L", "0", "Cellphone"]; true }] call ace_explosives_fnc_addDetonateHandler; */ Basically, if you can understand my mess, I have two issues 1: the "_trgr_bomber_1" doesn't know what "_bomber" is so it can't make him pickup a gun and activate standard AI combat. 2: AI still throw grenades at me like 17th century grenadiers even though they're set to "CARELESS". Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm pretty sure it's an easy fix for anyone who's actually a coder.
  16. VBS3 Scripting editor help needed

    Hello everybody! I am a research student working on his final thesis on a Helicopter Simulator implemented in VBS3. I would need to do some script in order to create a training field in VBS3, something like targets appearing that responde when you pass throught. I was used working with unity and there it´s easy to access the editor and code there. Here in VBS3 I think it´s different, I have seen that there is the possibility of writing and external function and name it with .sqf extension and then call it, but where do I call it in VBS3? Isn´t is possible to write some code directly inside VBS3? Are there any other ways of creating interaction between things without scripting? I wish a good day to all of you, Marco Gotelli
  17. I'm creating a script that makes the door of the vehicle open when someone tries to get in. inGameUISetEventHandler [ "Action", " if ((_this select 3) == 'GetOut') then { [] spawn { _player = player; _target = (vehicle player); _target animate ['Door_1_1', 1]; uiSleep 1; _player action ['GetOut', _target]; uiSleep 1; _target animate ['Door_1_1', 0]; }; true; }; if ((_this select 3) == 'GetInDriver') then { [] spawn { _player = player; _target = cursorObject; _target animate ['Door_1_1', 1]; uiSleep 1; _player action ['GetInDriver', _target]; uiSleep 1; (vehicle player) animate ['Door_1_1', 0]; }; true; }; " ]; While GetInDriver action is working as intended (the door opens, player gets in, the door closes), GetOut action, more specifically: _player action ['GetOut', _target]; Ignores uiSleep and plays just as the action is pressed. I'm struggling to understand why this is happening. I'd be glad if someone helped me out. Thanks.
  18. Before i start explaining my issue, I DO HAVE MODS INSTALLED. Modlist will be attached to the post. So on to my issue, when i try to host a server with my milsim unit, everyone can connect and pick their roles and begin loading in. Right after they get to about 80% done with the loading they start to hear game sounds, and they can even walk around while the loading screen is stuck on their monitor. Does anyone know why this is, or if any mods are incompatible in some way? Thanks in advance. CBA_A3 CUP Weapons Advanced Rappelling RHSUSAF RHSAFRF CUP Units NIArms Core CUP Vehicles JSRS SOUNDMOD RHSGREF Advanced Urban Rappelling RHSSAF Burnes Armories - Foxhound LPPV ace NIArms AR15 Rifles WMO - Walkable Moving Objects Spec4Gear.v4.6 Oshkosh M-ATV by Burnes Armouries ( matv ) FFAA MOD FA-18 Super Hornet ZEC - Zeus and Eden Templates / Building Compositions Rested Weapon Movement JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS AFRF Mod Pack Sound Support task_force_radio CUP L118 Light Gun NIArms G36 Rifles ShackTac User Interface NIArms P226 Pistols BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading ACE Compat - RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces ACE Compat - RHS: GREF Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook ACE 3 Extension (Animations and Actions) Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons Eden Objects FHQ_Accessories GEARSOC - Phoenix Project Immersion Cigs Incon Effects Mod Medium Utility Helicopters Military Ranks and Insignias mod Mil-Spec Monkey Pinup Patch Pack NIArms All in One Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Tactical Weapon Swap Complementary Police Weapons dzn Vehicle on Fire Fluid/incremental door opening KA Virtual Arsenal Anywhere Tactical Position Ready Tactical Hand Signals (THS) Community Factions Project (CFP) Complementary Special Weapons Achilles ACEX ACE Interaction Menu Expansion Lesh's Towing Mod BackpackOnChest Callsign Patch Pack 1 XENO - Taru Pod Mod Realistic Units Ragdoll No Weapon Sway TF47 Launchers 9Liners & Notepad dzn Extended Jamming Splendid Smoke ILBE Assault Pack (TFAR) BDF parachutes vanilla HEBONTES MILITARY TRAINING GROUND DCON's Multiplayer Vehicle Spawner ACE Compat - VSM VSM All-In-One Collection Enhanced Movement
  19. [ mcom, // Object "Arm Mcom", // Title of Action "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Icon "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Icon "_this distance _target < 5 && playerSide == WEST", // Condition for Action to be shown "_caller distance _target , 5", // Condition for Action to Progress {hint "Action Started"}, // Code executed when action starts. {}, // Code executed on every progress tick {hint "Action completed", execVM "addMcomDefuse.sqf";}, // Code executed on Completion {hint "Action interupted"}, // Code executed on interuption [], // Arguments passed to the scripts as _this select 3 5, // Action duration 0, // Priotiry true, // Remove on Completion false // Show in unconcious state ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, mcom]; This is the script I am using to add the action. It successfully adds the action though when I begin the action I get the following error: https://gyazo.com/3b65011669795dc78e71fd3f9cc6dc10 anyone know how to fix this? Thanks, Soapy
  20. This is not my code but needing the string output to be as mentioned below. Any help would be amazing ! Cheers Code to function: initiated = false; posdistance = 10; posrotation = true; Objlist = []; lootPosition = [0,0,0]; dump = []; buildingcategory = ""; poslist = []; surdistance = 0.1; if (!isNil "started") exitWith {}; started = true; waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46);}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp','_this call keybinder']; //TP function ["teleportSelf","onMapSingleClick",{vehicle player setPos [_pos select 0, _pos select 1,0];}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; //Add line to file dumpline = { dump = dump + [[_this,tostring[13]]Joinstring ""]; }; //Create file header catList = [ "Civillian", "Commercial", "Mechanical", "Industrial", "Medical", "Military" ]; _line = ""; _line = [tostring[47,47],"Loot positions created with @Lootpos by SLIdeCLAN"]Joinstring ""; _line call dumpline; { _line = [ tostring[13,9],"class ",_x," {", tostring[13,9,9],"table = ",tostring[34],_x,tostring[34],";", tostring[13,9],"};" ]Joinstring ""; _line call dumpline; }foreach catList; popupclose = { _combobox = (findDisplay 983475) displayCtrl 2100; _sel = lbCurSel _combobox; buildingcategory = _combobox lbText _sel; _line = [tostring[9],"class ",buildingClass,": ",buildingcategory,tostring[13],tostring[9],"{"]joinstring ""; _line call dumpline; systemChat Format["LootPos initiated on %1: %2",buildingClass,buildingcategory]; initiated = true; }; //Visual Ball Ball = createVehicle ["Sign_Sphere25cm_F",[0,0,0],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; [ "visualeffect", "onEachFrame", { _intersection = lineIntersectsSurfaces [AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld [0,0,0],AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld [0,0,posdistance] ,player,objNull,true,1,"GEOM","NONE"]; if (count(_intersection) == 0) then { lootPosition = ASLtoATL(AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld [0,0,posdistance]); buildingtemp = ObjNull; buildingClasstemp = ""; } else { lootPosition = ASLtoATL(_intersection select 0 select 0); _vector = (_intersection select 0 select 1); lootPosition = lootPosition vectorAdd (_vector vectormultiply surdistance); buildingtemp = _intersection select 0 select 2; buildingClasstemp = typeOf buildingtemp; }; Ball setpos lootPosition; hint format["%1",buildingClasstemp]; } ] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; completeEntry = { _formatedDump = [([tostring[9,9],"positions[] =",tostring[13,9,9],"{",tostring[13]]joinstring "")]; _last = (count poslist)-1; { if (_foreachindex == _last) then { _formatedDump = _formatedDump + [([tostring[9,9,9],"{",_x select 0,tostring[44], _x select 1,tostring[44], _x select 2,"}",tostring[13]]joinstring "")]; } else { _formatedDump = _formatedDump + [([tostring[9,9,9],"{",_x select 0,tostring[44], _x select 1,tostring[44], _x select 2,"}",tostring[44],tostring[13]]joinstring "")]; }; }forEach poslist; _formatedDump = _formatedDump + [([tostring[9,9],"};",tostring[13,9],"};",tostring[13]]joinstring "")]; _line = (_formatedDump joinstring ""); _line call dumpline; poslist = []; building = ObjNull; buildingClass = ""; { deleteVehicle _x; }foreach Objlist; Objlist = []; initiated = false; }; createFile = { _dumpstring = dump joinstring ""; copyToClipboard _dumpstring; "make_file" callExtension ("lootpositions.hpp" + "|" + _dumpstring); systemChat "Data copied to clipboard and file create if make_file.dll was present and lootpositions.hpp not already created"; }; keybinder = { //9 Instructions if ((_this select 1) == 0x0A) then { systemChat "Make sure you have debug_console.dll in your Arma 3 directory"; systemChat "1. Point a building and press 1 to initiate lootpos creation"; systemChat "2. Move around the building and press 2 to create a position at the position you are pointing at."; systemChat "3. Press 3 to auto-generate current building"; systemChat "4. Press 4 to complete the building loot position definition"; systemChat "5. Press 5 to create file with make_file.dll and to copy to clipboard"; systemChat "7. Press 7 to auto-generate the full map"; systemChat "- Press Page Up to push the position"; systemChat "- Press Page Down to pull the position"; systemChat "- Press Home to increase the surface distance"; systemChat "- Press End to decrease the surface distance"; }; //1 Init if ((_this select 1) == 0x02) then { if (initiated) then { systemChat Format["Already initiated on %1",buildingClass]; } else { if (buildingClasstemp == "") then { systemChat "No building captured"; } else { buildingcategory = ""; building = buildingtemp; buildingClass = buildingClasstemp; _ok = createDialog "popup"; _combobox = (findDisplay 983475) displayCtrl 2100; {_combobox lbAdd _x} forEach catList; }; }; }; //2 Place loot position on target if ((_this select 1) == 0x03) then { if (initiated) then { _spotObj = createVehicle ["Sign_Sphere25cm_F",lootPosition,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; Objlist = Objlist + [_spotObj]; _spotPos = building worldToModel (getPosATL _spotObj); poslist = poslist + [_spotPos]; systemChat Format["Position Created at %1",_spotPos]; } else { systemChat "Not initiated, use 1 on a building to initiate"; }; }; //3 Autogenerate current if ((_this select 1) == 0x04) then { if (initiated) then { _positions = []; _positions = building call BIS_fnc_buildingPositions; { _spotObj = createVehicle ["Sign_Sphere25cm_F",_x,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; Objlist = Objlist + [_spotObj]; _spotPos = building worldToModel _x; poslist = poslist + [_spotPos]; systemChat Format["Position Created at %1",_spotPos]; }foreach _positions; systemChat Format[" %1 Positions Created at",count _positions]; } else { systemChat "Not initiated, use 1 on a building to initiate"; }; }; //4 Complete if ((_this select 1) == 0x05) then { if (initiated) then { call completeEntry; systemChat "class Creation completed"; }; }; //5 make file if ((_this select 1) == 0x06) then { if (initiated) then { systemChat "Press 3 to complete class before exporting file"; } else { call createFile; }; }; //7 auto-generate full map if ((_this select 1) == 0x08) then { if (initiated) then { systemChat "DO NOT INITIATE BEFORE GENERATING FULL MAP"; } else { //Create array with all buildings _allBuildings = []; _allBuildings = [12000,12000] nearObjects ["House",12000]; //array of all valid buidling classes _allBuildingClasses = []; { _buildingClass = (typeof _x); _buildingObj = _x; if (((_allBuildingClasses find _buildingClass) < 0) and (count(_x call BIS_fnc_buildingPositions) > 0)) then { _allBuildingClasses = _allBuildingClasses + [(typeof _x)]; _positions = []; _positions = _buildingObj call BIS_fnc_buildingPositions; { _spotObj = createVehicle ["Sign_Sphere25cm_F",_x,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; Objlist = Objlist + [_spotObj]; _spotPos = _buildingObj worldToModel _x; poslist = poslist + [_spotPos]; }foreach _positions; _line = [tostring[9],"class ",_buildingClass,": ","ReplaceMe",tostring[13],tostring[9],"{"]joinstring ""; _line call dumpline; call completeEntry; }; }foreach _allBuildings; call createFile; systemChat Format[" %1 Building Generated",count _allBuildingClasses]; }; }; //pull PGDN if ((_this select 1) == 0xD1) then { posdistance = posdistance - 1; systemChat format["Loot position distance = %1",posdistance]; }; //push PGUP if ((_this select 1) == 0xC9) then { posdistance = posdistance + 1; systemChat format["Loot position distance = %1",posdistance]; }; //increase distance to surface HOME if ((_this select 1) == 0xC7) then { surdistance = surdistance + 0.1; systemChat format["Loot position distance to surface = %1",surdistance]; }; //decrease distance to surface END if ((_this select 1) == 0xCF) then { surdistance = surdistance - 0.1; systemChat format["Loot position distance to surface = %1",surdistance]; }; }; original output: lass Land_sz_Tent_East: Military { positions[] = { {2.90234,-2.14453,-1.65378}, {2.33789,1.27441,-1.65509}, {0.192383,0.954102,-1.65564}, {-2.89746,1.77637,-1.65616}, {-2.23291,-1.2002,-1.65613}, {-3.39648,-1.97852,-1.65533}, {-3.20898,-0.0351563,-1.6561}, {1.50439,-0.712891,-1.65558} }; }; Needed output: class Land_sz_Tent_East { table = "Military"; positions[] = { {2.90234,-2.14453,-1.65378}, {2.33789,1.27441,-1.65509}, {0.192383,0.954102,-1.65564}, {-2.89746,1.77637,-1.65616}, {-2.23291,-1.2002,-1.65613}, {-3.39648,-1.97852,-1.65533}, {-3.20898,-0.0351563,-1.6561}, {1.50439,-0.712891,-1.65558} }; };
  21. Hello Arma 3 community, ive been back to arma 3 lately since its fun when its heavily modified. so from reading and watching stuff on how to get better performance for arma 3, ive managed to get my game running smooth and looking good. there´s only one problem left, and that is bullets! to be more precise i can barely see bullets landing/hitting something and even with tracers i cant really see bullets flying. im wondering if there´s any fixes in settings or maybe over mods for this problems. also, whats your experience with bullets? greetz weedo
  22. Hi, I am writing this topic to find some help about a Strange problem that I have since approximately 5 months I used to run a private server between me and my friends to have fun but now I can't … I run the server like Always but none of my friends can see my server… So I am searching why I can't make a server anymore like before. I let you some screens to show you how I was Always hosting my server. Thanks for your help, Dr.Jeff.
  23. Hello, i am looking for how i can make an item full healer a player by interacting with it, ie: when our team members get med evac'd they can go to a tent, with a defibrillator, scroll and get the option to fully heal, allowing them to be ready for combat again.
  24. Alright, so here's my issue. Im using Eden Editor to try and make a Player controlled, zeus based mission. 1st portion of my time was spent making the Home Base that I will run my ops out of. Got everything set up for the most part and then tried to do a multiplayer play test Everything worked great for the most part, respawning was fine etc But then we tried to get into a vehicle together to leave the home base, for some reason We can't get into the vehicle at the same time It was an empty vehicle and we were on the same team. I googled this issue and didn't find much of substance till I came across about Player Ratings It stated that If a user team kills, or kills civilians that they wont be counted as being in the "Same team" anymore. Thus not letting them get into vehicles with their other BLUFOR members It makes sense, But is there anyway to bypass this or get rid of player rating entirely I dont want to have missions that are unable to be completed because of "Accidental" team killing Thank you for your time!
  25. Hello, I've looked through all the topics in the forum and I haven't founded what I wanted. I'm trying to make a Vest and Helmet mod basically for a unit I'm in. I retextured some of VSM Vests and Helmets, Military Gear Pack vests and 75th Rangers Helmets. I'm just trying to get a Idea on what I need to do to make them a separate standalone mod. and have them in-game as there own class/mod I tried making a config, but it always didn't work. So if someone could help me get started with this that would be great. I'm stumped The configs I tried were all out of date too so there were a shit load of errors. Couldn't find a up-to-date one