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  1. Hey! I'm trying to make a little "side mission" where you destroy an IED factory. So far it's *mostly* working fine. My biggest issue is sometimes the script decides to pick a previously destroyed building twice. I'm assuming this is because the classname remains the same even after the building is "destroyed". It's worth mentioning I'm using CUP core buildings. Here's my code: If you ignore the terrible code and butcheredness due to me trying to fix this problem. You can see it very simply just choose a building on the map, marks it out and waits for you to destroy it. BUT! If I run the code again after completing my last mission it might pick the same building twice. This will mean my team will drive out to destroy an already wrecked building. My question is: Is there any way to figure out if the building has previously been destroyed? I've tried checking if the building is damaged after being destroyed, which it apparently is not. I'm assuming this is because after being destroyed a building keeps its classname but changes state. When the state is changed the "Damage", etc is reset. That's all speculation however.
  2. Here the talking is about a script originally used in Dynamic Combat Ops missions by Dear mr. mbrdmn Dear scripters please help) I've took some folders with scripts from original DRO mission with sunday revive system, but faced another problem.. ma.ybe I took something wrong or run it not at proper manner, I've already broke my head :( Script only works fine at singleplayer/editor and only for me in multiplayer as I am a host, my friends cant revive anybody (not AI not me), but I can revive everyone, even friends. so I get stucked...... The problem is how to run this script properly when I host game with my friends so the script sohuld work perfect for everybody. so both my test mission and original from wehere I got the script is here in google drive Any help will be appreciated, thanks guys update 30.09.2018 So as additional to GEORGE FLOROS's reply above I wish to confirm what we have the situation where: Sunday revive script from Mark Boardman's DRO missions works perfect from mission starts in Singpleplayer; in Multiplayer when player joins in local host game the script just goes mad and everyone starts dying the first time and then the script is working again. But looks like Ais still diyng even after been respawned, so script is working randomly for Ais. Only works stable for players after they got one respawns previously, players don't die and always can be revived as should be. So to clarify, I don't need the respawn feature in missions, won't be using it, need only the revive ability as it works in SP - no one dies, no respawns, only gets incapacitated and revives. in other words - just need that script to work for MP such good as it works for SP. So guys any help will be appriciated. Thank you. also I've made a video to the recent mission edit, that may help to understand the problem from my eyes update 04.10.18 GEORGE made few improvements. so our recent version is here - https://ufile.io/ixgy5 changes: script works from start and nobody dies! but joined players still can't revive, their ability activates for person that force/respawned, as previous. the one thing left is to give the ability to revive from start for joined players as the host has.
  3. Hey! Is there any way to return the "turret" of a vehicle like "gunner", "commander", or "driver"? IE: driver _vehicle == _player || turret _vehicle == _player Alternatively a way to use "cargo"? IE: cargo _vehicle != _player I'm trying to prevent people from getting into co-pilot or gunner seats of vehicles.
  4. How does making an rvmat work? Is there any tutorials or videos? How would i go about adding normals, bumps, specs, illum(meaning light functions) and gloss(also how to adjust it). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello !! First of all i read this topic: And i creat this topic in a french forum but nobody can help me after 3 days: https://altisdev.com/topic/13345/terrain-builder-s_000_000_lco-paa I write now in this forum because i think, you are more qualified :P So i have the same probleme and i can't solved :( I have some screen like: https://www.casimages.com/i/181021073223407977.png.html and https://www.casimages.com/i/181021073225241112.png.html Thank's for reading me :) I have a little gift for my hero ! Have Fun !!
  6. So I've been trying to search all over to see if there is any step by step tutorial for adding a complete new uniform to Arma 3 including processes that prep blender models to object builder, then from adding final touches in object builder to creating configs and lastly transferring the complete work to be packed into a .pbo. Im open to all suggestions. It also doesn't have to be in one video(or a video for that matter), but its hard to even find anything on the subject of making complete new uniforms from scratch. (For those who help, you will be listed under credits for the addon im making)
  7. No Encounter Sites

    Is there no encounter sites showing up for a reason? Because mine is all grayed out. Is this just for me or for everyone? If there is a way to fix it if it's a bug or glitch on my end please tell me what I need to do to fix it ??
  8. PLAYER 1 Profile bug

    Hello! I recently reinstalled arma 3 and when I got into the game it was all weird, the resolution and the hud was so big and my profiles was gone (I have fixed the resolution problem). When I go into the profile tab and try to create a new profile it says that the name is PLAYER 1 and I cant change it, even if I create 10 profiles then name is still PLAYER 1. Note that I have checked my documents for my profiles and they are still there and when I go into the parameters in the Arma launcher I can launch as my old profiles but it still doesn't work. I troubleshooted arma 3 and everything was looking good except one thing and it said ''Cannot access My documents'', I think this has something to do with the problem but any help would have been appreciated. I want help with getting my old profiles back into Arma 3 so I can chose them and/or get the ability to create a new profile that saves and that I can change the name of.
  9. Hey guys, I am new to Arma 3 modding. I was following along with this tutorial today and spent about 8 hours trying to get this "pie" into the game. I went through the tutorial twice to make sure that I followed his steps correctly. At first I got an error that I figured out myself, it was due to incorrect directory listings in the config.cpp file. However after I fixed this the item would still not show up in game when I ran player addItem "big_pie" in the Arma 3 editor. It popped up with no errors either leading me to think I am dealing with a texture issue of some sorts. https://pastebin.com/yvRWAqKT The above pastebin contains my pie.pbo log file from the @pie mod folder in my main Arma 3 directory. https://pastebin.com/gmsT0EqZ The above pastebin is a link to my config.cpp file and its contents. Can anybody please help me with this issue. My main goal is to get familiar with Arma 3 modding so that I can start modding DayZ SA as I was told the process is and will be similar.
  10. Hello guys, My first problem was that Arma wasn't able to see my joystick without any reason. So after some hours of troubleshooting there was thread about deleting the joystick from the Arma3Profile file in the documents directory. So I tried that out and it didn't work. So my idea was to delete my other controllers and thought the game would then scann for joysticks again. But now Arma 3 wont even start again. I can still access the launcher but as soon as i want to start it, the game crashes :/. So i tried to reinstall everything, but the reinstallation doesn't affect the Arma folder in my documents directory. Has anyone had this kind of problem yet ? If anybody could help me that would be awesome :) My joystick is a T.Flight Hostas X I am sorry for my bad writing and thanks already :D
  11. Hey! I'm trying to make a whitelist that's able to be updated whilst the server's running. So far I have this: It works in single player but on the server it won't define "adminUID" etc etc. Even if I use the debug on the server and do something like: call compile preprocessfileLineNumbers "\whitelist.txt"; hint format ["%1", adminUID]; It won't work on the server. I've got -filePatching on the server too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I know the code isn't the greatest I'll optimise it when I get it working. It just won't work for now and I'm trying to make it as simple as possible. Also worth noting that I'm not a coder lol EDIT2: It seems like the path is wrong. Is there anyway to check the logs for WHERE the game searches for "whitelist.txt"?
  12. Any one know how to remove the hud of all air vehicles using a debug script? i've tried showHUD [true,true,false,false,true,true,true,true]; but it doesn't seem to disable the ingame radar
  13. I'm having a bit of difficulty adding in the gloss effect to help create reflections on metal and visor in object builder. I also do have normal maps that I need to implement. Is there any simple methods and or videos on such topic? How would I go about the RVMAT for the models i have(its for a playermodel I plan on adding in as a mod). Any help with this and you will be credited for the help with every mod release. Thanks!
  14. I've been scouring the forms for the past couple days and can't for the life of me figure out how to create an Addon that runs a script whenever a player character spawns or respawns. The code in question is: // Loop through all players (SP and MP) { // Establish player plyCh = _x; // Set Death Handler plyCh addEventHandler["killed",{ // Check if trigger backpack is equipped if(typeOf(unitBackpack plyCh) == "B_FieldPack_oucamo") then { // Detonate player bomb = "DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo_Scripted" createVehicle (getPos plyCh); bomb setDamage 1; }; }]; } forEach allPlayers; This code works great inside of the "init" box for a specific mission, but I would like to convert it into an Addon that applies this handler in all cases to be run on a dedicated server. Any pointers or general assistance would be great as it turns out Arma 3 modding is actually way more difficult than originally thought.
  15. Evening people So I'm currently in the process of making a missions which is coming along rather well but I've now ran into a problem (which I was aware would happen), and I'm unsure how to go about it. Context: Upon spawning there two sides "west" & "civilian" When the CivPop players spawn I wish for one of them at random to be selected to have a certain option and also be hinted they are the chosen player. The option I wish for them to have is an "AddAction" which when activated will execute a script.In that script I wish for it to force that unit to switch Side to "east", change their loadout, play a sound file, hint to "west", and then remove action. Currently I have a onPlayerRespawn.sqf file with the following (Var shooter is currently on "east" side) sleep 5; shooteraction = shooter addAction [ "<t color='#C00000'>BEGIN CARNAGE</t>", "shooter.sqf" ]; Within the shooter.sqf is the following shooter say3d ["pumped", 25, 1]; shooter removeAction shooteraction; All of the above code works fine, it's quite simple, I've got the sound file to play fine and the action to be removed; but now how would I go about the rest. Upon spawning: Choosing random CivPop player to have said option and hint informing them upon spawning When activated: Forcing chosen player to side "east" Forcing chosen player to change loadout to what I list To play the above sound file and finally remove action Any help would be great. I'm still quite Amature to development for Arma but I have a passion to learn. Sadly I'm stumped .
  16. I just created a car from scratch and completed it, I have the glass working but it wont change texture? After a while of shooting it, it just disappears. Also when I spawn my car and another it tells me the other car might not work properly because of my car.# "10:28:23 Warning Message: Embedded skeleton civil_car in 'rogue_300c\300c.p3d' has different [ bones count ] in different p3d files. Skeleton/model 'fordmustangpd\mustangpd.p3d' will probably not work correctly." model.cpp - https://pastebin.com/mZW2KSMc config.cpp - https://pastebin.com/8Qd7Jyru Thanks for any help you can provide :)
  17. Evening all, I am creating some uniforms, headgear, vests and such for my group of friends but I cannot get the file to covert to a PBO because of config errors. I've been through the config a couple of times looking for errors and I'm at my wit's end. Any assistance would be appreciated. Following below is the config. class cfgPatches { class My_Mod_Config { units[]= { "ARC" }; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Characters_F" }; }; }; // Factions class cfgFactionClasses { class ARC_Faction { displayName="Normanland Defence Force"; priority=3; side=1; icon=""; }; }; class cfgUnitInsignia { class Custom_Insignia { displayName="Advance Recon Commandos"; author="Raven"; texture="\ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\UI\Icon Patch.paa"; textureVehicle=""; }; }; class UnifromSlotInfo { slotType=0; linkProxy="-"; }; class cfgVehicles { class B_Soldier_F; class ARC_Uniform: B_Soldier_F { author="Raven"; scope=2; displayName="Rifleman"; identityTypes[]= { "Head_NATO", "G_NATO_default" }; genericNames="NATOMen"; faction="ARC_Faction"; model="\A3\characters_f_beta\INDEP\ia_soldier_01.p3d"; uniformClass="ARC_Uniform"; hiddenSelections[]= { "Head_NATO", "G_NATO_default", }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\Data\blue_digi_co.paa" }; respawnWeapons[]= { "arifle_TRG20_ACO_Flash_F", "Throw", "Put" }; magazines[]= { "HandGrenade", "HandGrenade", "SmokeShell", "SmokeShellGreen", "Chemlight_green", "Chemlight_green" }; respawnMagazines[]= { "HandGrenade", "HandGrenade", "SmokeShell", "SmokeShellGreen", "Chemlight_green", "Chemlight_green" }; linkedItems[]= { "ARC_Vest1", "ARC_Helmet1", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; respawnLinkedItems[]= { "ARC_Vest1", "ARC_Helmet1", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class UniformItem; class Uniform_Base; { class ItemInfo; }; class ARC_Blue_Uniform_1: Uniform_Base { scope= 2; displayName= "Combat Uniform (Blue Digis)"; picture= "-"; model= "\A3\characters_f_beta\INDEP\ia_soldier_01.p3d"; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformClass= "ARC_Uniform"; containerClass= "Supply50"; mass= 50; }; }; }; // Vests class VestItem; class Vest_Camo_Base; { class ItemInfo; {; class ARC_Vest1: Vest_Camo_Base { scope=2; displayName="Carrier Rig (Blue Digi)"; picture="-"; model="A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_Vest01"; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures { "\ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\Data\blue_digi_co.paa" }; class ItemInfo: VestItem { uniformModel="A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_Vest01.p3d"; containerClass="Supply120"; mass=80; armor="5"; passThrough=0.3; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; }; } // Headgear class H_HelmetB: ItemCore { class ItemInfo; }; class ARC_Helmet1: H_HelmetB { scope=2; picture=""; displayName="Enhanced Combat Helmet (Blue Digi)"; model="\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\Data\blue_helmet_co.paa" }; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=15; allowedSlots[]={901,605); uniformModel="\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; modelSides[]={1,2,3}; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; armor="3*0.3"; passThrough=0.75; }; }; }; }; };
  18. hi there i'm lost trying to do my first addon. could anybody help me, to make it work? short: i would like to create a dynamic airport addon, which i described in this post: now i would like to copy the original class "DynamicAirport_01_F" from "Jets DLC" which is the carrier runway for planes with landing hook. but i want a runway with value "isCarrier = 0;" for all planes landable without landing hook. i've read some config threads, read the guides, viewed some other configs... but my addon will not work and i can't find it in arma3 config viewer. i've written the config.cpp , packed it in my "DynamicAirport22.pbo", into an "addon" folder inside an "@DynamicAirport22" folder. aktivated in the Launcher. my config.cpp: class CfgVehicles { class All; class Static; class Building; class NonStrategic; class AirportBase; class DynamicAirport_01_F; class DynamicAirport_22_F : DynamicAirport_01_F { scope = 1; displayName = "Dynamic Airport 22"; // 22 just for using an unused name DLC = "Jets"; isCarrier = 0; }; }; a gamelogic with init > "dynamicAirport1 = "DynamicAirport_01_F" createVehicle position this;" works fine and an f/a-181 land lands there with init > "this landAt dynamicAirport1;" ...also the runway is visible in map view. same testmission with my "DynamicAirport_22_F" doesn't work. no plane landing and no visible runway in map view. i have no idea, what i'm doing wrong. sorry for being a noob. thanks for any help!!!
  19. Hello, I'm trying to use inidbi2 to save the progress of my server, because the mission I'm doing is very long (domination by xeno), and I have no way to leave the server on all the time, but I'm very inexperienced creating servers, so I do not understand how to put this tool on my server, could someone help me? inidbi2:
  20. Hey! If I want to add eventHandlers to: EDIT: class CfgVehicles { class Man; class CAManBase: Man { class EventHandlers { addEventHandler ["GetInMan", {[player] call Salmon_fnc_function}]; addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", {[player] call Salmon_fnc_function}] }; }; }; How would I go about doing that? I want to call a function every time a player with the mod loaded gets in or out of a vehicle.
  21. Hello, I have a problem with my animations which do not appear to rotate around the right axis, but only in game. Here are the rendered animations in O2 : In red you will see the axis, in green the rotating bones. Here in arma 3 : Looks like the rotation center is the center of the player. class CfgSkeletons { class MY_SPLENDID_WEAPON { pivotsModel=""; isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = { "trigger", "", "bolt", "", "bolthandle", "bolt", "ejector", "bolt", "firepin", "bolt", "magazine", "", "bullets", "", "safety", "", "muzzleFlash", "", "foresight_unhide", "", "Sight", "foresight_unhide", "foresight_hide", "", "BackSight", "", "fireselector", "" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class MY_SPLENDID_WEAPON { htMin=0; htMax=0; afMax=0; mfMax=0; mFact=0; tBody=0; skeletonName = "MY_SPLENDID_WEAPON"; sectionsInherit = ""; sections[] = {"muzzleFlash"}; class Animations { /* class safety_mode_rot { type = "rotation"; source = "weaponMode"; selection = "safety"; axis = "safety_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 0; angle0 = "rad 180"; angle1 = "rad 0"; }; */ class trigger { type = "rotation"; source = "reload"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; selection = "trigger"; axis = "trigger_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 0.05; angle0 = "0"; angle1 = "rad 15"; }; class firepin { type = "translation"; source = "reload"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; selection = "firepin"; axis = "firepin_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 0.06; minPhase = 0; maxPhase = 0.06; offset0 = -0.5; offset1 = 0; }; class bolt_reload_move_1 { type = "rotation"; source = "reload"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; selection = "bolt"; axis = "bolt_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0.2; maxValue = 0.3; angle0 = "rad 0"; angle1 = "rad 80"; }; class bolt_reload_move_2 { type = "translation"; source = "reload"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; axis = "bolt_axis"; selection = "bolt"; minValue = 0.30001; maxValue = 0.4; offset0 = 0; offset1 = -1; }; class bolt_reloadmagazine_move_1 { type = "rotation"; source = "reloadMagazine"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; selection = "bolt"; axis = "bolt_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0.05; maxValue = 0.1; angle0 = "rad 0"; angle1 = "rad 80"; }; class bolt_reloadmagazine_move_2 { type = "translation"; source = "reloadMagazine"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; axis = "bolt_axis"; selection = "bolt"; minValue = 0.10001; maxValue = 0.2; offset0 = 0; offset1 = -1; }; class magazine_unhide { type = "hide"; source = "reloadMagazine"; selection = "magazine"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; unhideValue = 0.55001; hideValue = 0.602; }; class magazine_hide: magazine_unhide { hideValue = 0; unhideValue = 0.550; }; class magazine_reload_move_1 { type = "translation"; source = "reloadMagazine"; selection = "magazine"; axis = "magazine_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0.55001; maxValue = 0.602; offset0 = 0; offset1 = -1; }; class bolt_reloadmagazine_move_3 { type = "translation"; source = "reloadMagazine"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; axis = "bolt_axis"; selection = "bolt"; minValue = 0.7; maxValue = 0.8; offset0 = 0; offset1 = 1; }; class bolt_reloadmagazine_move_4 { type = "rotation"; source = "reloadMagazine"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; selection = "bolt"; axis = "bolt_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0.80001; maxValue = 0.9; angle0 = "rad 0"; angle1 = "rad -80"; }; class bullets_hide: magazine_unhide { source = "isEmpty"; selection = "bullets"; hideValue = 1; unhideValue = 0; }; class raise_frontsight { type = "rotation"; source = "zeroing1"; selection = "foresight_unhide"; axis = "foresight_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 0.2; angle0 = 0; angle1 = "rad -90"; }; class zeroing { type = "translation"; source = "zeroing1"; sourceAddress = "clamp"; selection = "Sight"; axis = "sight_axis"; memory = 1; minValue = 0.2; maxValue = 1; offset0 = 0; offset1 = 1; }; class muzzleFlashROT { type="rotationX"; source="ammoRandom"; sourceAddress="loop"; selection="muzzleFlash"; axis=""; memory = 0; centerFirstVertex=true; minValue=0; maxValue=4; angle0="rad 0"; angle1="rad 360"; }; class foresight_hide { type = "hide"; source = "hasOptics"; selection = "foresight_hide"; memory = 0; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hideValue = 0; unHideValue = 1; }; class foresight_unhide: foresight_hide { selection = "foresight_unhide"; hideValue = 0.9; unHideValue = 0; }; }; }; }; The animated bones are "foresight_unhide" and "bolt". The classnames of the animations are "raise_frontsight", "zeroing", "bolt_reload_move_1" and "bolt_reloadmagazine_move_1" / "bolt_reloadmagazine_move_4".
  22. Hey! I've been trying to modify the civilian presence module by BIS to be used on community ported maps like Chernarus. I've got this code working so far (Put in "Code On Unit Created"): // Set clothes _civs = [ // Factory "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_04", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_01", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_02", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_06", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_05", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_07", // Forest "LOP_CHR_Civ_Woodlander_06", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Woodlander_05", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Woodlander_01", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Woodlander_02", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Woodlander_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Woodlander_04", // Town "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_06", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_05", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_07", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_04", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_02", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_01", // City "LOP_CHR_Civ_Profiteer_04", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Profiteer_01", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Profiteer_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Profiteer_02", // Gay "LOP_CHR_Civ_Rocker_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Rocker_01", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Rocker_04", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Rocker_02", // Village "LOP_CHR_Civ_Villager_01", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Villager_04", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Villager_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Villager_02" ]; _loadOut = getUnitLoadOut (selectRandom _civs); _this setUnitLoadout _loadOut; // SetFace _num = round Random 23; _face = ["whiteHead_", _num] joinString ""; if (isServer) then {[_this, _face] remoteExec ["setFace", 0, _this]}; // SetName However their names are still greek. Since Bohemia didn't allow us to select a faction but rather "Auto detects" whether we're on Tanoa or Altis using this module in a community made map is 99% of the time going to be a pain. Is there anyway to use #include "rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_troops\identities.hpp" and grab names from identities.hpp files like you do in mods? Use use setName to turn Garkos Kortas into Roman Bytchok?
  23. Hey! I've been trying to make a mission which requires a certain slot to be selected. I can't figure out a smart way to check if there's a player present in the slot. What I want is for the mission to end if there's no one in the team leader slot. if (isNull EOD_TL) then {endmission "end7"}; _playerList = []; {_playerList pushBack _x;} forEach allPlayers; if !(EOD_TL in _playerList) then {endMission "end7"}; I've tried a few things like that but nothing works. It just says EOD_TL is an undefined object. The fix isn't as easy as to add quotations around it neither.
  24. hi folks i was making a scenario and rewrote an old patrol function that i had. it made arma 3 crash! so i tried isolating the function in a test scenario and while arma didn't crash the function did absolutely nothing. i've been staring at this for over an hour now trying to see what really stupid thing i've done wrong... anyone help? what the function is supposed to do: if no enemies are detected move either to random position or random building position. if there are enemies present group should move to intercept. In a loop. to test, create a new mission and place an AI group near any town. create an init.sqf and paste in: EDITED now working: hopefully someone can see what i'm missing here...
  25. The title basically explains everything. I recently got back into playing the arma 2 campaign, and as of now i'm on manhattan, but there's one big problem i'm having; when i'm driving around in my humvee my character will randomly tell the gunner to shoot at anything close. It started out with sheep and cows, but during the mission he all of a sudden targeted a civilian and later on a cdf officer which made everyone turn on me. I really don't know what's going on or how to fix it and would appreciate any help.