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  1. I'd like to host a server in-game for myself and some friends to play on with the vanilla radio system. However, the vanilla radio system has a default VON quality level of 3, 1/10th of the possible quality. So my question is how would I be able to pass "VonCodecQuality=15;" to a non-dedicated server that is run through the main menu server browser? I found a total of one source on reddit of a guy who asked the same question, and the answer he got was "just run a dedicated server lol." I'm really hoping this isn't the only possible answer.
  2. NOTE: 2.10. PROF/PERF up! you don't need a new client on the PERF/PROF server! there is a branch on steam you may use, but beware that sometimes data on dropbox are newer due to manual build e.g. on weekend: Servers (down, up only if needed): PERF = STABLE branch compatible, no debug layer, no #captureFrame nor diag_captureFrame PROF = STABLE branch compatible, with debug layer, with #captureFrame / diag_captureFrame possible server fps increases and clients may experience higher fps too downloads
  3. I've enjoyed playing some custom missions with my friends, but i was always the one that made the missions and hosted them. But since a month or so (Tank DLC) my friends can't see my server anymore and we've tried all possible ways to join: "Join friend", "Direct Connect" "Friends" "Recent" "Filter by host" "Filter by mission". We've even got so far to try to join with the launcher browser. When we tried that they see my server name and can enter the password but they crash when the game starts. My brother is able to join, proberaly since we live in the same house. I didn't touch any router settings and my firewall isn't blocking the network. Any ideas?
  4. You can add MODID/ urls from the workshop, HTML exported from the launcher, IDS copied from the clip, local modules and so on to identify and download (using Steamcmd). Automatically configure the BE anti-cheat basic rules, configure the basic BE rules about create, kill, teleport, etc. Automatically configure the RCON password and port Provides BattlEye RCon V2 protocol based integrated management, T people B people and other full series of functions. You can manage multiple servers at the same time. You do not need to copy the server directory to another server directory to start the service. Support server query, automatically query all servers and update the list Have a plugin marketplace where you can subscribe to a variety of utility plug-ins for your server, such as Unlimited Endurance (in development). Chart statistics, provide record server data, server performance, memory monitoring, CPU monitoring, as well as the number of monitoring report statistics (under development). Automatic restart (hard restart Quartz CRON)+ Script restart + fixed-point restart. Cover ARAM3 server basic Settings, security Settings, network Settings, task Settings, module Settings, difficulty Settings, performance Settings, log Settings. UI layout ADAPTS automatically, which is suitable for managing the small screen when the mobile phone connects to the server. Powerful prompt to inform you of the function of each parameter option Install the tutorial Ensure that.NET CORE,.NET Framework 4.8, and DirectX have been installed Run Arma3ServerTools. Exe RCON Download address: Download notice: This version is a development beta, there may be a lot of bugs, if you find bugs, please submit here: https://gitee.com/elstp_1_elstpserver/DestinyArma3Tools/issues
  5. Tophes Arma Dedicated Server Tool (TADST) v3.1.0 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops [oops] >>>DOWNLOAD FROM ARMAHOLIC<<< ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK: HERE =============================================== 1 MINUTE HOW-TO QUICK GUIDE TADST v3.1.0 The Armed Assault series allows an amazing array of settings to freely customize dedicated servers. This means you will have to edit quite a few config files to get it running the way you like. TADST is a tool that will greatly simplify this. All you need to do is to choose the settings you like. Then the application will create all necessary files according to your settings and start the server with the appropriate arguments. All necessary files will be created in a folder called 'TADST'. You can save different profiles to easily switch between server setups. In the folder TADST a new folder for each profile will be created. This folder contains all files associated to the profile. INSTALLATION ============= Copy the file 'TADST.exe' to your Arma game folder. * Note that it's important that the file is in the game root folder i.e. C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 * If you are upgrading from an earlier version of TADST you should delete your old TADST folder so the program can create new settings files. You also need to have .NET installed. QUICK START ============= Set up your firewall. To run a dedicated server you must make sure you have set port forwarding correctly in your firewall/router. Normally you need the ports 2302-2305 to be open. Click the port info button to get info on your selected ports. Set Server Name and Server File TADST is set to start the server with default settings so the only two things you need to set to get a server up and running is Server Name and Server File. If you double click the text fields, TADST will try and set appropriate values. FUTURE PLANS ============= Options for allowedFileExtensions, allowedPreprocessFileExtensions, allowedHTMLLoadExtensions, allowedHTMLLoadURIs Options to launch headless clients Steam server update thingy Individual difficulty settings on missions System for setting Mission Parameters. Start as service. Process monitoring, restart server on crash. Remote server/client protocol (probably wont't happen, but hey) SUPPORT TADST ================== I'm doing this for fun and for love to the community, but if you like TADST you can support me by donating some coffee-money. You can also follow my music project Meadows on facebook. That would make me equally happy! THANKS ============= To Bohemia for keeping it real To Australian Tactical Combat League, Rune "TheFlyingCorpse" Darrud, Dave, Bill, Krijn and Rafael for generous donations To Baconeo and James Kingsley for code contribution To The Arma community for everything Östgöta Ops for testing, playing and supporting VERSION HISTORY ================ v3.1.0 - 2017.09.23 (Thanks to Bradon Hall) Fixed: Include 64 bit server exe in file list Fixed: Open RPT for 64 bit server Improved: Add empty allowedVoteCmds when voting disabled v3.0.0 - 2016.06.12 New: Settings for Max Ping, Max Desync, Max Packet Loss, Max Disconnect timeout and Kick Clients On Slow Network. Improved: Updated some tooltips v2.96 - 2016.05.08 Fixed: Critical dependency error where a tiny line made the whole universe implode. Crash fixed. (Thank you sergistark and baconeo for helping me debug). v2.95 - 2016.05.08 New: Added support for autoinit with persistent battlefield Improved: Some minor text errors Fixed: Setting default difficulty now puts correct value in profile v2.91 - 2016.05.07 Fixed: Difficulty bug, causing crash v2.9 - 2016.05.06 New: loopback settings added Fixed: Difficulty settings now reflect the correct properties Improved: Cleaned up UI from unsused difficulty settings v2.8 - 2016.05.02 Fixed: Difficulty system overhaul (Thanks to Baconeo) v2.7 - 2016.01.03 New: Added serverCommandPassword New: Information about which ports to open New: Checkbox to enable Upnp. New: Allowed File Pathing selection New: Headless client settings now have settings for localClient as well. Fixed: Bunch of minor bugs Fixed: HeadlessClient config entries was a bit messed up Removed: Required Secure ID, not used anymore Removed: Steamport settings, not used anymore. Hardcoded from gameport. (expand spoiler for complete history) Please report any bugs, problems, ideas, suggestions, smoothie recipes etc. in this thread
  6. Hello competent problem solvers, one of our guys of our pretty small Battle Royale community has massive problems with the servers, gets various kick messages. E.g.: Wrong signature for file C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma3\tank\addons\languagemissions_f_tank:pbo Wrong signature for file addons\modules_f_epb.pbo Wrong signature for file a3\rocks_f\sharpstone.... He gets different error messages with his server kicks. What I did was already via Teamviewer delete his old installation, checked manually for residues (missions, document, Battle Royale mods, etc.) and did a complete new Arma 3 installation from ground up. Then subscribed to Battle Royale again and its 20 dependancies. Didnt unfortunately solve the issue, he still got kicked after different times on the BR servers, sometimes right ahead, sometimes after couple minutes. We guys are clueless at this point. Does it maybe have to do with a firewall? Do you need the full rpt. - log in order to help? The one from a BR server too? Please reach out, wanna help him solve it. Thx in andvance
  7. It's a very strange thing on my server. If a player join my server without any mods, after they join few minutes,they will auto kicked due to worng signature.(Wrong singature for file rhsafrf\addons\rhs t72b a.p3d) My server enabled the singature verifcation for few mods,but it shoud not kick players who join without any mods right? Those players who using mods are not faceing this issue.
  8. I play PvE version of Conflict on my server. I confirmed profile pass and existence of savedata json in the .save directry. but every time when I restart the server I lose progression of scenario. so I checked the log and found this. SCRIPT : RequestSave: $profile:.backend\campaign.json BACKEND (W): JsonApiStruct :: Object name="m_EditorStruct", not initialized!!! if somebody know what should I do please tell me how to solve this issue.
  9. Someone pls halp, I am hosting one of the only populated servers in the game right now and I have been racking my brain trying to implement a custom scenario/map. I have applied the proper formatting for the mod in my config JSON file to no avail. "mods": [ { "modId": "5A54BB9103829754", "name": "BARZAN", "version": "1.3.0" }, What am I doing wrong? Right now, I suspect it is not possible at the moment but I am persistent and want to deliver a fresh experience for my community. Thank you for any clarification.
  10. Hello everyone, I currently have the problem that my server is deleting save games of any type of scenario or mission as soon as I turn off the server. I'm currently using AWS (Amazon Web Services) as server provider. Did anybody have the same problem with this provider or maybe other providers aswell and can help me out? Thanks in advance
  11. Looking for a good survival server Hello all, I'm looking for a good modded Arma 3 server to play on. I've played the game before but am now getting back into it. Prefered features are: 1. Not too much loot, but not too scarce either. Lower tier loot can be somewhat common with better loot being very hard to find. 2. Roving AI that hunt you; infantry at the minimum, ground vehicles are better, boat and aircraft patrols would be great! 3. Prefer militarized, with only civilian gear, weapons, and equipment available at traders; must search and scavenge for the good stuff. Or, perhaps, military being very expensive and require high respect/xp/whatever to purchase. 4. PvPvE, but if a PvE only server is good enough I'll consider it. Maybe even have PvP at night only? 5. AI survivable, but able to take you out in numbers if you're not careful. 6. Zombies: take 'em or leave 'em, I'm not particular, as long as there are enough AI to keep me on my toes. 7. A friendly and active player base who are down for some RP rather than shoot on sight all the time. 8. Missions, with a variety of difficulty levels for different skilled players. 9. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, rad storms, etc. 10. And of course, the most basic survival aspects: food, water, thirst, fatigue, and body temps. 11. Base building! 12. Day/night cycle with decent length nights. 13. Sneaking/stealth; ability to avoid zombies and AI if you stay low and slow. 14. Not picky about any particular map, just needs to be a big one. 15. ... Probably more stuff, but that's just off the top of my head. If you think I might like your server, please let me know. Even if it doesn't have everything on my wish list, if it's fun enough otherwise, I might just give it a go. :)
  12. Discord bot to notify you when your server mods get updated on the workshop. Commands Integrated with Discord Slash commands! Links GitHub: https://github.com/UrekD/Steam-Workshop-Monitor
  13. Hello there! I've recently set up a dedicated server to play Reforger with my group in a private setting. The server runs and seemingly operates as it should, (no unusual errors in server logs) and everyone can connect and play on the server without issues, except for myself. When I set "gameHostRegisterBindAddress" to my public IP, it prevents me from not only connecting to my server, but seeing any other Reforger servers available in the server browser. Leaving this form blank, (defaulting to allows me to connect and play no issues, but for everyone else trying to connect, the server displays a ping of 999+ and rejects their connections. I wouldn't consider myself an expert of hosting/managing servers, especially dedicated ones like this, but am I missing something to enable connections both locally and externally, or is this just not possible with Reforger's current state? If anyone has any recommendations, I would be grateful for any and all of them! If I can provide any additional information which could help solve my issue, I would be happy to provide it! Reforger is a fantastic platform so far and I'm just really excited to play the next generation of Arma as soon as possible :P
  14. Intro After using Arma for a long time and having my own dedicated server, I always found very hard to keep my mods up to date. So I used Flax's tool (FAST) to make the whole thing work but there was some issues. The software tend to be quite slow sometimes, some menus are not working completely and the command output was a bit weird. I ended up building my own version of his tool, since it is not maintained anymore, by translating the entire code into something more recent, fixed the issues I found and reworked the code behind. Download You can find the latest release below : 64 bits Version 32 bits is not supported for now. If you require a 32 bits version, contact the developer directly Extract the files somewhere on your computer and run FASTER.exe. I recommend creating a shortcut to avoid the hassle of having to find the program. Features General Features Improved UI from FAST Improved stability from FAST2 Easy to read and share config files SteamCMD Automation Install and update Arma 3 Server (Stable, Dev and Performance versions) Install, update and manage Arma 3 Workshop mods Supports Steam Guard and Mobile Authentification Import mod presets from Arma 3 Launcher Check for mod updates on app launch Multiple Server Profiles Save and load multiple server presets Supports all server config options Supports all server command line options Custom mission params Custom difficulty Headless Client support and auto launch Correctly displays mods in Server Browser Local Mod Support Reads local mods from server folder Include additional folders to search Automatic Updates Server status and performance viewer F.A.Q. For any question, please contact me on Twitter @FoxliderAtom or on Discord. Why ? FAST was already being reworked on with FAST2 but the project stopped since January 2019. I decided to create a rework myself. There is something wrong when ... Please create a GitHub issue ! It help me keep track of what happened and when it was fixed. It might also help others who have issues as well. Can you please add ... Uh yeah, maybe ! Create an issue on GitHub and I'll see if it's possible. Feedback Please report any issue you encounter while using FASTER on the GitHub Issue Page. Screenshots Notes Thanks to Flax for creating a really awesome tool for our Arma Servers. Thanks to BI for creating that game we all spend hours on.
  15. Hello, A server owner has tasked me with creating a script to teleport him and his group of admins to a position on the map determined by a mouse click. We're doing this via "player addAction" and he already has a trigger set up to "removeAllActions player" when done. The owner needs the action to first open the map, where he will LeftAlt-LMB click on a position, and the script to teleport him and his group to that position without breaking formation. For the sake of simplicity, could the addAction possibly be put in the Init field of a playable character which execVM's a squiff? I also found this elsewhere on the forum: fnc_teleportGroup = { params ["_group", "_position"]; private _leader = leader _group; { private _dir = _leader getDir _x; private _dist = _x distance2D _leader; _x setPos (_position getPos [_dist, _dir]); } forEach units _group - [_leader]; _leader setPos (_position getPos [0, 0]); }; [group player, [x,y,z]] call fnc_teleportGroup; How can this be modified to both open the map on the addAction's activation and close it after the teleport is done? I want the xyz to be replaced with the leader's relative coords. Like a translation of a shape whose vertices are members of the group, except done with a script. I used to be able to do this but in the years since 2015 I have lost my ability and patience to write scripts myself. Big, ginormous thanks in advance.
  16. Since the update where the Official and Community servers were put into separate tabs, player count on Community servers has dropped dramatically. Many Xbox players I’ve spoken to have said they did not even realize there were now separate tabs, so they’ve only been playing on Official servers since. With all due respect, people are no longer going to keep playing this for official 32 player Conflict servers. If you don’t highlight Community servers with modded content, the game will absolutely continue to die. I have been trying to run a Community server for a couple of months. At first, before the browser tabs were separated, my server would fill up every night. Now, with the tabs separated, I can sit on my server all day and don’t get a single organic player joining. This is not due to overall lower player base however, they are just simply all going to a few Official Conflict servers instead now. RECOMBINE THE TABS, make it as little work as possible to find Community servers. WE (people running Community servers) are the ONLY people trying to help you guys get more of a player base in this game. If you don’t help us, we can no longer help you.
  17. The RwG Addon "Basebuilding Exile" is now available. Steam Community Link This contains new objects and structures for the Exilemod. So far only wood elements are available and their upgraded versions. These can be crafted as frames, placed as usual in Exile and can then be upgraded with the Wood Planks Upgrade Kit (needs a hammer) and with the Exile Fortification Upgrade Kit reinforced with metal. Item-List Features/Contains - A big gate for transporters. - Different door variants. - An elevator that can lift vehicles and people. - More snappoints - Compatible with Exile objects - 3 Custom/Shadow Lods, different texture resolutions, View Geometry and Phys Geometry - Items Electric Engine, Box Of Nails, Wood Planks Upgrade-Kit, Furnace Kit, Anvil Kit, Workbench Kit - and much more Exile Vanilla If you want to use the objects without frames, you don't need to change anything in the config. Use recipes which create a full wall. CustomCodes Old (Only WoodPlanks-Upgrade) New El'Rabito-WIP (WoodPlank-Upgrade + MetalGrid-Upgrade) If you want to use this variant, then use the attached recipes and customcodes. To upgrade a frame, you will need the Wood Planks Upgrade Kit and a Hammer. Update 1.01 Update 1.01a Update 1.0.2 CraftingRecipes vers.2 CfgInteractionModels WARNING This mod is still under development. There may be errors, which are not intended by the creator. Please report bugs in the Discord "Bugs" Channel If you use Enhanced Movement, write the objects of the RwG Addon in the blacklist, otherwise locked doors can be opened by everyone. The elevator does not write coordinates of players and vehicles in the database. So move/drive before log-out. This mod is an extension for the Exilemod and therefore not functional without it. This mod may not be modified and reuploaded without the permission of the creator. This violate the Steam EULA 6D. Reuploads will be removed without warning via DMCA Notice.
  18. Hello all. I had made a script for saving player information on the server's profile. if (isServer) then { addMissionEventHandler["HandleDisconnect",{ //params ["_unit", "_id", "_uid", "_name"]; _unit = _this select 0; _uid = _this select 2; diag_log format["%1 %2 %3",_name, _unit, _uid]; profileNamespace setVariable[_uid,[(getPosATL _unit),(getDammage _unit),(getFatigue _unit),(getStamina _unit),(_unit getUnitTrait "Medic"),(_unit getUnitTrait "Engineer"),(getAllOwnedMines _unit)]]; saveProfileNamespace; diag_log (profileNamespace getVariable _uid); }]; ["CH","onPlayerConnected",{ //params ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_jip", "_owner"]; _uid = _this select 1; diag_log format["%1 has connected",_uid]; { if( (getPlayerUID _x) == _uid ) exitWith { diag_log 'OK'; private _variable = (profileNamespace getVariable _uid); _x setPos (_variable select 0); _x setDamage (_variable select 1); _x setFatigue (_variable select 2); _x setStamina (_variable select 3); if(_variable select 4) then {_x setUnitTrait["Medic",true];}; if(_variable select 5) then {_x setUnitTrait["Engineer",true];}; }; } forEach allPlayers; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; }; currently the only thing that works is the save whilst the server has not restarted. once the server restarts, then it's irretrievable. Even though the variable is still stored in the server profile vars. here is the rpt: Dropbox - Rpt File Any help on this?
  19. Is there a way to shutdown/reboot a reforger server in a way to allow the game state to be saved for nest time? I play on a private server with a few friends, but we'd like to save any progress we make in the game so we can resume from the same point at the next session? The alternative is to keep the server running full time but that is getting a bit expensive.
  20. Hello, A persistent war with several servers split into several regions like the foxhole game would be cool. Or either have smaller wars with fewer servers and not have a single unique and big server No need to do everything like foxhole, including creating weapons in factories. Players refuel for example from the ports dock or either by sky drops. For the maps we could keep islands, it would not be disturbing and it would favor naval combat and logistics Bohemia interactive could boast of having the most advanced war simulation game and I think it would be the logical sequel for arma 4. (Alongside other known and loved game modes on arma 3) I don't expect this feature to be added but I find it quite interesting especially since there is no game like foxhole in first person view. Thanks for reading and sorry if I made any mistakes, I'm not very good in English https://steamcommunity.com/app/1874880/discussions/0/3419934180321324256/
  21. I dont know what im doing wrong here, i followed a video step by step and can't get it to read the CONFIG file, the .bat works and launches the server but thats as far as i can get. Heres the 2 files i have. (the mods that are there are just there for testing) "arma 3 server.bat" @echo off "E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\arma3server_x64.exe" "-profiles=E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server" "mod=@CBA_A3;@CUP Units;@CUP Weapons;" -congfig="E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\CONFIG_server.cfg" -port=2302 -world=empty "CONFIG_server.cfg" // // server.cfg // // comments are written with "//" in front of them. // NOTE: More parameters and details are available at http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg // STEAM PORTS (not needed anymore, it is +1 +2 to gameport) // steamPort = 8766; // default 8766, needs to be unique if multiple servers are on the same box // steamQueryPort = 27015; // default 27016, needs to be unique if multiple servers are on the same box // GENERAL SETTINGS hostname = "Omega stuff"; // Name of the server displayed in the public server list password = "8520"; // Password required to join the server (remove // at start of line to enable) passwordAdmin = "Admin"; // Password to login as admin. Open the chat and type: #login password maxPlayers = 10; // Maximum amount of players, including headless clients. Anybody who joins the server is considered a player, regardless of their role or team. persistent = 1; // If set to 1, missions will continue to run after all players have disconnected; required if you want to use the -autoInit startup parameter upnp = 1; // upnp // VOICE CHAT disableVoN = 0; // If set to 1, voice chat will be disabled vonCodecQuality = 10; // Supports range 1-30, the higher the better sound quality, the more bandwidth consumption: // 1-10 is 8kHz (narrowband) // 11-20 is 16kHz (wideband) // 21-30 is 32kHz (ultrawideband) // VOTING voteMissionPlayers = 1; // Minimum number of players required before displaying the mission selection screen, if you have not already selected a mission in this config voteThreshold = 0.33; // Percentage (0.00 to 1.00) of players needed to vote something into effect, for example an admin or a new mission. Set to 9999 to disable voting. allowedVoteCmds[] = // Voting commands allowed to players { // {command, preinit, postinit, threshold} - specifying a threshold value will override "voteThreshold" for that command {"admin", false, false}, // vote admin {"kick", false, true, 0.51}, // vote kick {"missions", false, false}, // mission change {"mission", false, false}, // mission selection {"restart", false, false}, // mission restart {"reassign", false, false} // mission restart with roles unassigned }; // WELCOME MESSAGE ("message of the day") // It can be several lines, separated by comma // Empty messages "" will not be displayed, but can be used to increase the delay before other messages motd[] = { "Welcome to My Arma 3 Server", "Discord: discord.somewhere.com", "TeamSpeak: ts.somewhere.com", "Website: www.example.com" }; motdInterval = 5; // Number of seconds between each message // LOGGING timeStampFormat = "short"; // Timestamp format used in the server RPT logs. Possible values are "none" (default), "short", "full" logFile = "server_console.log"; // Server console output filename // SECURITY BattlEye = 1; // If set to 1, BattlEye Anti-Cheat will be enabled on the server (default: 1, recommended: 1) verifySignatures = 2; // If set to 2, players with unknown or unsigned mods won't be allowed join (default: 0, recommended: 2) kickDuplicate = 1; // If set to 1, players with an ID that is identical to another player will be kicked (recommended: 1) allowedFilePatching = 1; // Prevents clients with filePatching enabled from joining the server // (0 = block filePatching, 1 = allow headless clients, 2 = allow all) (default: 0, recommended: 1) // FILE EXTENSIONS // only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via loadFile command (since Arma 3 v1.20) allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; // only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via preprocessFile / preprocessFileLineNumbers commands (since Arma 3 v1.20) allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; // only allow files and URLs with those extensions to be loaded via htmlLoad command (since Arma 3 v1.28) allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[] = {"htm","html","php","xml","txt"}; // EVENT SCRIPTS - see http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Server_Side_Scripting onUserConnected = ""; // command to run when a player connects onUserDisconnected = ""; // command to run when a player disconnects doubleIdDetected = ""; // command to run if a player has the same ID as another player in the server onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // command to run if a player has unsigned files onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // command to run if a player has tampered files // HEADLESS CLIENT headlessClients[] = {""}; // list of IP addresses allowed to connect using headless clients; example: {"", ""}; localClient[] = {""}; // list of IP addresses to which are granted unlimited bandwidth; example: {"", ""};
  22. Hey, i just enabled BattlEye on our linux dedicated server for the first time and have some questions. BattlEye seems to run properly: It gets updated, is executing filters and scripts.txt, is writing logs and the remote console works. BUT: Clients with disabled BattlEye are still able to join that server. Why is that? Do i have to add some special filter-line for kicking them? Thanks for any hint.
  23. Hi everyone, I've created this script to create a random weather and random forecasts each time you start a mission. It automatically passes all weather data to clients. The script is able to filter different kinds of weather based on supported terrain position: - Mediterranean islands; - Europe; - Middle east; Just put the script in the mission directory with the name you prefer and call it from the init.sqf file with the following. init.sqf if (isServer) then { [] execVM "nameYouPrefer.sqf"; }; Hope you enjoy. randomWeather.sqf /* Sets random weather and forecasts based on "real" world positioning. It supports add-ons maps. * Ombra 12/06/2020 * latest update 18/02/2022 */ CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL = 0.6; //To avoid fps issues CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL = 0.6; //To prevent annoying fog _currentMap = worldName; _probabilityFog = random[0,0.5,1]; _probabilityRain = random[0,0.5,1]; //Declaring variables _currentOvercastCoef = 0; _forecastOvercastCoef = 0; _currentRainCoef = 0; _forecastRainCoef = 0; _currentFogCoef = 0; _forecastFogCoef = 0; _windSpeedN = 0; _windSpeedE = 0; _windDirection = 0; switch (_currentMap) do { //Calculating weather for desert terrains case "MCN_Aliabad"; case "takistan"; case "zargabad"; case "Mountains_ACR"; case "fallujah"; case "kunduz"; case "Shapur_BAF": { //Probability of 30% for deserts to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.7) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; //Current rain only if overcast > 0.6 if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.6) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; _currentFogCoef = 0; _forecastFogCoef = 0; //Some wind like sandstorms _windSpeedN = random[0,10,30]; _windSpeedE = random[0,10,30]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; //Calculating weather for european terrains (Vanilla and CUP) case "Bootcamp_ACR"; case "Woodland_ACR"; case "chernarus"; case "chernarus_summer"; case "Chernarus_Winter"; case "ProvingGrounds_PMC"; case "Enoch": { //Probability of 60% for northern EU to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.4) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.6) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; //Probability of 30% for northern EU to encounter fog if (_probabilityFog > 0.7) then { _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; } else { _currentFogCoef = 0; }; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; //Not much wind in continental land _windSpeedN = random[0,10,20]; _windSpeedE = random[0,10,20]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; //Calculating weather for mediterranean terrains case "Stratis"; case "Altis"; case "Malden": { //Probability of 50% for northern EU to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.5) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.6) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; //Islands are windy _windSpeedN = random[0,20,40]; _windSpeedE = random[0,20,40]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; case "Tanoa": { //Probability of 80% for jungle areas to encounter overcast (and therefore rain) if (_probabilityRain > 0.2) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.5) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; //Probability of 20% for jungle areas to encounter fog if (_probabilityFog > 0.8) then { _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; } else { _currentFogCoef = 0; }; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; //Islands are windy _windSpeedN = random[0,20,40]; _windSpeedE = random[0,20,40]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; default { //Probability of 50% as default if (_probabilityRain > 0.5) then { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; } else { _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.2,0.5]; }; _currentOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; _forecastOvercastCoef = random[0,0.5,1]; if (_currentOvercastCoef > 0.5) then { _currentRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; } else { _currentRainCoef = 0; }; _forecastRainCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_RAIN_LEVEL]; //Probability of 30% to encounter fog if (_probabilityFog > 0.7) then { _currentFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; } else { _currentFogCoef = 0; }; _forecastFogCoef = random[0, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL/2, CONST_MAX_FOG_LEVEL]; _windSpeedN = random[0,10,20]; _windSpeedE = random[0,10,20]; _windDirection = random[0, 180, 360]; }; }; //Setting weather 0 setOvercast _currentOvercastCoef; 0 setRain _currentRainCoef; 0 setFog _currentFogCoef; setWind [_windSpeedN, _windSpeedE, false]; 0 setWindDir _windDirection; forceWeatherChange; //Setting forecast 3600 setOvercast _forecastOvercastCoef; 3600 setRain _forecastRainCoef; 3600 setFog _forecastFogCoef; Up here it is posted as script but it can also be used as function: [] spawn YourTAG_fnc_randomWeather; Call the script file fn_randomWeather.sqf and place it in a scenario subfolder names functions. Then edit the description.ext file by putting standard function declaring: description.ext class CfgFunctions { class YourTAG { tag = "YourTAG"; class functions { file = "functions"; class randomWeather {}; }; }; }; If you use it in a function way you MUST call it from init.sqf in this way: if (isServer) then { [] spawn OFF_fnc_randomWeather; };
  24. As title states. Can't join a single server for more than a moment keep getting disconnected either as I am joining or moments after joining. I did get into one server to play but when I went back later it wouldn't let me in. Anyone know of a fix or is purely in BI's court? I have closed Steam completely and restarted it but it had no effect.
  25. Hey everyone, we have released a first iteration of the Linux Dedicated Server as reported in SITREP #38. It's still a little bit experimental so we would very much appreciate your feedback and experience running it. Please report any bugs to our Feedback tracker (use the fields Platform, OS and OS Version to describe you distro as best as you can) while general feedback should go directly into this thread. There are some known issues so be aware of them when you run the server: Also note that java version 7 is required to run the server (even though it's disabled in-game) so you will have to set path to 'libjvm.so' correctly for your distro. Example usage on my debian: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386/jre/lib/i386/jamvm ./arma3server -netlog -config=Arma3_Server.cfg Enjoy!